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I don’t know…perhaps it’s time we stop extending invitations to the cookout. Because far too often the invitees end up showing their entire asses. Gary Owens has always been exceptionally obnoxious. But when he felt it his place to “check” another Black woman, that’s when I knew he’d taken things too far.

You may recall, Gary Owens, in defense of his friend Will Packer, went out of his way to chastise Mo’Nique in her campaign for equal pay and representation on Netflix. We can argue that Owens was licking Will Packer’s balls in order to get more career opportunities. Still, a conversation about Black women being mistreated in Hollywood, is not the place for a White man to insert himself.

I was done with him then.

And his most recent antic, with an assist from his wife, has confirmed that I made the right decision.

Owens and fellow comedian Michael Blackson have been going back and forth, taking jabs at one another on Instagram. In his latest video, Blackson dared Owens to say the N-word. As you know, because he tells us all the time, Owens is married to a Black woman.

And in response to Blackson’s challenge, he had her fill in the word during Owens’ tirade.

You can watch it below.

Listen, it’s great that Owens didn’t play himself and say the word. Still, I have questions about why he would choose to use his wife in this way. And also wonder why this was an activity she was willing to participate in. I wouldn’t use my Black privilege in that way, aiding a White man in calling another Black person the N word.

I know they’re joking. I know it’s all fun and games and wasn’t said with any ill intent. Still, I feel like someone who was more skilled, more clever with their words would have been able to issue a response to Blackson, without even evoking a racial slur, with a history of White men hurling it at Black folks.

Sadly, for all of his passes and invitations to imaginary cookouts, Gary Owens wasn’t able to do that.

But maybe I’m tripping and it’s just jokes.

What do you make of Owens tagging his wife in to use the N word? Is it cool because he used his wife or does it make you feel a way?


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