Family By The Ton’s Naomi Anderson Says Boyfriend Dumped Her Because Of Her Weight Loss

February 14, 2018  |  

Naomi Anderson Family by the Ton


If you’ve been following TLC’s Family by the Ton like we have, then you probably know that tonight is the show’s season finale. In the conclusion, we’re getting some sad news. Naomi Anderson and her boyfriend Mike have gone their separate ways, and for a surprising reason. Despite standing with her throughout her preparation for weight-loss surgery, and even encouraging her to do better when she was hiding candy in their freezer, Mike was intimidated by the actual weight-loss progress that she was making after the fact.

When we find out this news, Anderson is sharing the information with her stunned girlfriends and admits that the breakup has impacted her diet.

“Lately, I won’t lie, I have been emotionally eating,” she said in the exclusive clip obtained by PEOPLE. “Mike broke up with me. In the beginning, when I decided I was going to have this surgery, Mike was actually super, super supportive and said, ‘Whatever you decide to do, I love you regardless, do what you want to do, make the best decision for yourself.’ So obviously, I went forward with it and he was super supportive the whole entire time. I had the surgery, and he was super supportive, until we came home. People were in his ear. Even he was saying, I’m going to lose weight and ‘you’re probably going to end up leaving me anyway.’ Y’all know me. I wouldn’t have left him.”

In a confessional, Anderson said that Mike basically told her “had you never had this surgery, we would still be together.” The way that he flipped on her following such a life-changing event has obviously left the 30-year-old very confused.

“You’re like, ‘Ok, this person loves me. He doesn’t care. Of course he doesn’t! Because he knows you’re not going to go anywhere. Because he knows you,'” she said. “Mike will tell you that he knows me better than anybody in this world and I truly do believe him. And that’s scary because that means if you know me better than anybody in this world, you chose to hurt me the way that you did. You knew what it would do to me.”

When asked by her friends how she was feeling after their split, Anderson said she was a blend of feeling “angry, played and relieved.” The feeling of relief comes from the fact that she finally learned the real reason he was treating her differently at the end of their relationship, and it had nothing to truly do with her.

“I’ve been beating myself up about it trying to wrap my head around like, what is it?” she said. “You’re blaming me and it’s not making sense. And I don’t understand. Because when somebody keeps making you feel like it’s your fault, like you did something to them, like you caused it, you beat yourself up. And in your brain, you try to fix it. But it’s really manipulative. It’s like a tactic.”

Anderson said she’s trying to pick up the pieces and not go back her ways of emotional eating, which could reverse her progress, but it hasn’t been easy.

“It did definitely affect my weight loss. I won’t lie,” she said in a confessional. “Because sometimes, I’m an emotional person. I literally just halted everything and I let it kind of take over me. When you’re an emotional eater, your food is filing that void for a second. It gives you like a temporary high that everything is ok, and then it goes away. And then you feel like sh-t.”

Check out her thoughts on the split and her conversation with friends below:


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