If You Were Kandi, Would You Be Ready To Forgive Porsha?

December 5, 2017  |  

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Last season “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans were in for a shock when, during the reunion, we learned that Phaedra had fabricated the rumor about Kandi having a sex dungeon and drugging people in an attempt to sleep with them.

It was a rumor that Porsha actively spread, not realizing Phaedra was the one who created it. Still, the ramifications of it, alleging someone was behaving both immorally and illegally was nothing to take lightly. As a result, Phaedra lost her peach. Kandi vowed she was done with her and the relationship between her and Porsha has been strained ever since.

But that was last season. And there are some fans who are under the assumption that Kandi should have gotten over being associated with some extremely heinous actions.

In a recent Instagram post, Burruss admitted that she’s just not there yet.



She didn’t have to explain that to me. Honestly, I’m surprised people are asking this of her. Being lied on, and in a public forum is particularly damaging when you’re a public figure. And as many jobs and hats that Kandi wears, that fabricated story could have cost her some real money.

There are people we’ve cut out of our lives for far less. Thing is, being that both ladies are still a part of the show, she can’t even exercise the type of distance many of us would choose for our lives. She still has to interact with the woman who was manipulated in spreading lies about her.

Not to mention, this is not the first time someone has attempted to lie on Kandi, about her sexuality specifically. Her group member Tamika Scott was iced out of her life for years because she got on the radio and said Kandi had slept with someone she had not. It was malicious. And as close as Kandi and Tamika were during their Xscape days, Kandi is still not entirely over the offense. You can see it virtually any time the women have to speak about the unity of the group.

The fact that Kandi is having the deal with not one but two women who spread lies about her at the same time, I would say she’s handling all of rather well. It couldn’t be me. I can forgive you and never, ever associate with you again in life. I’d just have to wish you well from afar.

If you were in Kandi’s shoes, do you believe you would be ready and willing to not only forgive Porsha but to be friendly with her as well?

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