“It Wasn’t Fun Anymore” Cam’Ron Explains Why He And JuJu Broke Up

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We were surprised to learn and then report that Cam’Ron and JuJu broke up after 10 years. After a decade together, we need some answers. Today we got some. Earlier this morning, Cam’Ron sat down with Charlamagne and Angela Yee on “The Breakfast Club.” During the interview, he spoke about everything from the Diplomats reuniting, his beef with Ma$e and then some.

But what piqued our interest was him talking about why the 10-year relationship with Ju Ju C. ended. See what he had to say and the woman who claimed she was sleeping with him.

Yeah but you know basically it was just like kinda mutual. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore, I met JuJu in 2002, she was my friend before we started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. But for me, once Instagram came out, I’m the one promoting her on Instagram, marketing her, showing her body, showing people how beautiful she is, saying look, I got a gorgeous woman, without being too distasteful about it—but basically, it stopped being fun.

When Instagram came out, it started getting serious. ‘Why you following her?!’ ‘Why you liking this person picture?!’ And I’m like, ‘Yo, you got to be my best friend still.’ That’s what I’m in it for. That was my best friend for years and I think she felt that way too.

We’ve been broke up for about six months now. We didn’t have any problems with each other. I didn’t think it needed to be publicized on “Love and Hip Hop” though.

The new girl who was going back and forth with JuJu. Angela Yee asked if that was his new girlfriend.

Hell no. That’s my homegirl. That’s a friend of mine. Word to my son, I’ve never touched her, kissed her, nothing. What happened was this, I have a coworker, she’s White, her name is Cole and we go out together. She books all these Mountain Dews and Pepsis. She does a lot of work with me. We go out all the time together. So people started putting on the blogs, ‘This is who Cam left Juju for.’ So JuJu’s sister gets in the comments and is like, ‘If Cam like them Meth heads, that’s what he likes. JuJu’s too good for him anyway.’ And that kind of hurt me because her sister was like my sister. Her family treated me great. That’s like my family. Her sister, her sister’s husband, her mother, her nephew, I’m cool with the dog.

So basically, one of my friends came at JuJu’s sister, this is all on social media, then JuJu came at my friend, then Roxi, which is one of my homegirls, was riling JuJu up, acting like we f*ckin to get JuJu more mad.

So I had called JuJu like ‘Yo, we both have the power to fix this. Let’s just fix it.’ She was already mad at that point so she had an attitude but I’m not getting in the middle of comments when it’s all girls. The girls gon’ figure this out. Everybody was like ‘Cam say something.’ This is a girl fighting on Instagram. I’m not…

Everybody knows I’m not f*ckin Roxi, JuJu knows I’m not f*ckin Roxi. But Roxi and JuJu was going at it so she was probably just saying the most hurtful thing to hurt JuJu.

A couple of days later, we spoke again and she was like, ‘Cam, I apologize. I wished we could have squashed this when you told me to but I was in my feelings.’ I was like ‘Don’t worry about it.’ Because JuJu knows the truth, she know I didn’t f*ck that girl.

I’m going to be totally honest with you, whoever ends up with JuJu, is going to have the best girl in the world, she’s loyal, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s charismatic, she has a bunch of different businesses she’s doing…

Charlamagne: So why not be with her?

Cam’Ron: Because it’s not fun no more for me. I would love to have the ’09 JuJu, the 2010. But we just got to a point…

Charlamagne: Why you make her sound like a car?

Cam’Ron: Laughs Don’t do that. I love JuJu. I don’t mean it…

Angela Yee: Part of it is her being in the spotlight and caring what people think and when all that started happening, she started changing and being too cautious.

You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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