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Back in August, Karrueche Tran posted a picture of herself in a revealing thong bikini while in character as Virginia from her hit TNT show, Claws. The image caught a lot of attention, and as usual, a lot of flack. People were critical of her body, saying she was shaped like a boy, and in response, she took to Twitter to set everyone straight, pointing out the fact that “Ya’ll shame natural bodies but praise fake ones.”

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But the boy body comments aren’t new to the 29-year-old actress. In a podcast chat with Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss recently, Tran opened up about how she used to be insecure and even depressed about it because, as she said on Twitter, “I was considered to have the body of a 14 yr old boy.” So while some consider her petite and skinny and believe that’s a look the mainstream prefers, Tran made it clear that her body type isn’t widely embraced.

“I was recently in Miami and I always go to the beach, and they take pictures of me on the beach,” she said. “So, somebody posted a meme of me and somebody posted, ‘This is goals.’ And then somebody else reposted, ‘Skinny girls are always saying this as if their body type isn’t accepted worldwide.’ And I reposted it and said, ‘Actually, my body type isn’t. I’ve been extremely insecure and extremely depressed about my body before.’ Just because I’m small and not a different size doesn’t mean — you can’t just strip me of my emotions or my insecurities. The thing is, there are a lot of females that have my body type and that have what we go through or what I go through. It’s just really messed up. I don’t know, it’s just weird. It’s like, if you’re natural, people say something about it. If you’re fake, people say something about it.”

And while she pondered the idea of getting work done, she decided to stay natural to help send the right message to other young women who might get criticized over the bodies they were given.

“I have a young female fan base, or followers, so I try to be as real and genuine as possible,” Tran continued. “I wanted to get my boobs done before, but then I was like, ‘No.’ I haven’t because, for what? We’re not perfect, you don’t need to be perfect. This is the way God created us. And for some reason, there is this perception online that we have to be a certain way and people aren’t accepting of who they are and what they look like.  I think it’s important, especially when you have a platform, to let girls know that you don’t need to do the botox and the this and the that. Do what you want with your own body, but you have to portray a realistic image, otherwise you’re just messing up these girls’ heads and that is what social media’s kind of doing.”

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