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As we told you recently, producer Jermaine Dupri shared a pretty disturbing story about a time when he was in the studio with Lil Kim and the Notorious BIG as she recorded  a verse for the Usher song, “Just Like Me.” When Kim and BIG’s personal squabbles found their way into the studio (Dupri said he’d heard that BIG slept with her sister), an argument between them got so heated that the late rapper pulled a gun on her.

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That was the story, but was it factual?

On Ebro in the Morning, Lil Kim addressed it and admitted that it was true. She said her relationship with BIG had been violent, but she believes good times outweighed the bad. I’ll let her words speak for her:

Ain’t nothing wrong with him telling the story, it’s a part of history. Of course I remember that day. That’s not the first time he’s told that story. He told that story on VH1 Driven. And you know…it happened. The story is not exactly how he said but it’s very close to the truth. And you know, we did have a very violent relationship. I hate that for a while that was like all I attracted was violent — yeah. It is what it is. He was everything.

You know how it is when you’re in the industry and the guys can do whatever they want and you can’t do sh-t. You can’t do nothing. First of all, when I was going to do the song with Jermaine, they contacted [Lance ‘Un’ Rivera]. Biggie wasn’t even involved in that. He put himself there. He came because he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to have any eyes for Usher or Jermaine [laughs]. So he put himself there…But when we were together, it always turned into a lover’s quarrel or a lover’s nest. Although I wanted him to be there to make sure my sh-t was tight, my music, everything got to be tight, but a lot of times, it wasn’t the best thing. And that day was one of the days where it probably wasn’t the best thing. Ain’t nobody tell him to bring his behind there neither [laughs]. But when he got there and all of this stuff came out, that is a true story. He did try to sleep with — there was a girl, she was actually on my Countdown to Lockdown show and she’s like my family. That story is all true. C’mon. And he said something to the effect of, “Here’s the thing. She asked me for $400. I told her, what she going to do for that $400?” I’m like, so that was ok? I think though, he was trying to expose the fact that he didn’t think she was my real friend even as a family member.

A lot of us are not proud of certain parts of our past and the way we might have handled things. A lot of us aren’t proud of how we may have handled a certain situation back in the day or how we used to be. Now I’m going to tell you, BIG was a Gemini. All I know is Geminis. I’ve learned how to really deal with Geminis, and Geminis really are two people. They’re good people too but when they turn into that other person, it’s so hard to identify who that other person is. Biggie was like that. He’d love you to death. I know he loved me to death. But he was in between thinking he had to be some way sometimes and being who he really was. The Biggie I knew was the freaking teddy bear at night when we were in bed and pillow talk and he would come and say, “Look what I bought you today, Mook,” because that was my nickname for him. It might be a $7500 Fendi bag or whatever it was or some diamond jewelry. That would just be a beautiful moment. Or him making fish and spaghetti. “You hungry?” I remember one time I was starving and I was working. I was like, “I’m so hungry, let’s order something.” He was like, “Order something? I’m about to cook you some sh-t.” I’m like, “Aight, what you gonna cook?” That was the first time I ever tasted his cooking, and that sh-t was fiiiiiire [laughs]. It was so good. I’d never had fish and spaghetti and he made it and it was so good. I was like, “Dang. I should have known with that big ol’ belly he’d know how to cook.” He made it because I was hungry. Not because he wanted it, he made it because I was hungry. Those little sweet things, you know? So…

As we said before, Kim has been open in the past about her violent encounters with the rapper, and as she said, she’s been in quite a few abusive relationships. But when it comes to BIG, focusing on the more positive memories of him is her preferred way to go.

Check out the conversation, starting at the 10:15 mark:

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