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Love Contracts And Racist Dolphins: 10 Times Chappelle’s Show Predicted The Future

April 16th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since Chappelle’s Show first aired. With its crazy cast of characters and skits, including Prince and his love of basketball and pancakes, Chappelle’s Show instantly became one of the most quotable shows of all time.

The commentary was so light-years ahead of its time that it blessed us with some psychic-like insight.

As Dave Chappelle continues to make a strong comeback, let us take a look back at the 10 times Chappelle’s Show predicted the future.

What Happens When A White Man Throws A Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle?

March 31st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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A White Man Throws A Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle


There’s this cultural assumption that Black men pose the biggest threat when it comes to safety. But if you ask me, a Black woman, drunk White men are pretty terrifying. You just never know what’s going to happen. Don’t believe me? Just ask comedian Dave Chappelle who was hit with a banana peel last night.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to TMZ, during his show in Santa Fe, New Mexico, an audience member threw a banana peel at Dave Chappelle.

The guy, Christian Englander, who appeared drunk to police (and appeared White to me), confessed to the racist act.

Englander told the police that he was upset that Chappelle singled out his friend for drawing in a comic book during the show. The jokes got increasingly worse once Englander’s friend identified himself as “Johnny Appleseed.” Englander says he thought Chappelle was being racist and just so happened to have a banana to retaliate.

Englander was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct.

So, Chappelle being the consummate entertainer that he is, we have to know how he responded to this outrageous incident.

See what he had to say.

“Hey, who just threw a banana peel? Hey, would you guys like to see your favorite comedian beat the shit out of somebody?

First of all, I am not going to let White people ruin bananas for me *^&%&%*& they’re a good source of potassium. And I know my man– I see Corey just jumped off the stage. Corey is one of my Black friends from Harlem. Corey when you find that muthafucka, do not throw him out, bring him to me. First, I’m going to kill him with my comedy and then I’m going to kick him in his fucking face.

I can’t believe not only that someone threw a banana on stage; I can’t believe that they had a banana on them, this entire time. And he thought, ‘I’ll just throw the peel at Dave Chappelle.’ He knows I’m going to be mad. ‘Je’ suis Charlie.’ That’s what he said when he threw the banana peel. ‘Je suis Charlie Nigger. What a guy can’t draw a cartoon?’ …What a bitch.”


If there was anyone who would know how to handle this ridiculously racist incident, it would be the incomparable Dave Chappelle. He does this.

You can listen to the audio in the video below.

And by the way, if you’re interested in seeing what a person who would throw a banana peel looks like, you can peep his mug shot here.

Curtain Call: 10 Stars Who Left Hollywood Behind To Raise A Family

January 29th, 2015 - By Asha Boston
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According to Jay-Z, Hollywood is the most addictive drug in the world. If that’s true, we know a few stars who have gone cold turkey. We’ve told you in the past about stars leaving the entertainment industry behind for an education, and for Jesus, but the 10 individuals on this list left to raise their families and give their children a life outside of the Hollywood hills.


Kellie Shanygne Jackson (Williams)

After nine years of playing Laura on “Family Matters,” Kellie Williams decided to leave the glitz and glam of Hollywood behind to raise a family. It must feel good to be away from Urkel for good! *winks*

Every now and then she takes on acting work, but Kellie seems extremely happy with her husband and very adorable kids.

Hotness Or Hot Mess: Who’s The Finest Comedian Around?

September 2nd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Monday is here which means it’s time for another episode of Hotness or Hot Mess. Today’s potential #ManCrushMonday is going out to one of these funnymen — Mike Epps, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, or Lil Duval — but that all depends on whether the ladies in the video above deem them hotness or a hot mess. Check out the video and weigh in in the comments section.

Dave Chappelle Says He Always Knew Kanye West Would Be A Star…And The Most Arrogant Rapper Of All Time

June 14th, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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dave chappelle says kanye west was always arrogant


Dave Chappelle appeared on the Tonight Show recently and pulled everyone’s cards from Common to Talib Kweli. He also talked about linking Jimmy Fallon to The Roots, being mistaken for a “lost Root” earlier in his career, and the one phone call that proved a then unknown Kanye West was destined for greatness and a long career of feeling himself.

Why are we not surprised that Kanye believed he was star before he was technically a star? I guess he’s living proof of if you believe it you can be it. Dave Chappelle is a fool as always. Peep the comedy below:

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: 10 Super Reclusive Celebs Who Like To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

June 4th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you’re looking for them, many of the people on this list can’t be found on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. They’re reclusive. They don’t like to talk a whole lot and they don’t like to come out of the house for the parties, dinners and things that many of your current favorites put on designer threads for. These uber-talented people like to live privately, keeping their business on the low low and allowing their art to speak for them. Maybe that’s why we like them so much? Here are 10 famous folks known for being reclusive.




Only D’Angelo could step out of the spotlight after releasing his classic debut album, Brown Sugar, come back with the tightest set of abs for Voodoo, step back out and gain a smooth 100 pounds (which we only found out because he got arrested), drop the weight, and return as if all of this never happened. D’Angelo did some touring last year and talked about his music in Brooklyn last month for the Red Bull Music Academy, but for the most part, he weaves in and out of the spotlight, leaving fans in suspense about his next move (like when a third album is coming out!).

Down But Not Out: Celebrities Who Made A Comeback After Legal Issues

October 8th, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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Being a famous celebrity isn’t always about popularity and fortune. Sometimes, it entails battles with the law over money, criminal allegations and scandal. Bouncing back from these legal issues, these celebrities have made a significant career strides after problems that could’ve shelved their careers for good.

Dave Chappelle Can Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Success

September 19th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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What with the onstage freak outs during his new 15-city tour and his previous unceremonious exit from The Dave Chappelle Show, you might not think there is much to learn career wise from the seemingly volatile comedian. Think again. According to the The Huffington Post, there are some positive things everyone can take from Chappelle on how to deal with success.

1. Have a healthy distrust of fame.  “Fame for me is like a place, a country I’m taking a tour through,” Chappelle said in an interview with Esquire magazine in 2006.

2. Be prepared for criticism. When Chappelle’s Hartford, Connecticut show was being disrupted by hecklers recently he decided not to continue. Despite the anticipated criticism, Chappelle stuck to his decision and stopped the show.

3. Don’t change your values to go mass market.  In 2005, Chappelle famously passed on a reported $50 million contract with Comedy Central saying he was uncomfortable with the response to his racially-charged humor from white audiences. “I want to make sure I’m dancing and not shuffling,” he told Time magazine.

4. Maintain a sense of mystery even this age of overexposure. Chappelle may be on the comeback trail, but he maintains his distance. He lives in rural Ohio with his wife and children, doesn’t have a web site, joined Twitter last year, and then quit after just 11 tweets.

5. Keep it real. Chappelle started his career on the comedy club circuit while still in high school and keeps close ties to these roots. He drops in on comedy clubs often, usually in surprise appearances that only generate more buzz about a comeback, reports the HuffPo.

6. Simple is best. He has gotten rid of all the flash–no elaborate sets or costumes, no entourage. He doesn’t even have an assistant. Jason Zinoman in The New York Times noted Chappelle “only needs a microphone and a stage to lay claim to greatness.”

7. Don’t believe the hype.  If you start believing all the praise you fail to be self-critical. As the HuffPo reports,  when people congratulated Chappelle on leaving TV with his integrity intact, Chappelle responded, “That’s great: I’m going to go home and make my kids some integrity sandwiches.”

Dave Chappelle & Why Entertainers Shouldn’t Walk Off Stage

September 6th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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"Dave Chappelle pf"

So Dave Chappelle’s has barked back at hecklers and in the process, denounced the entire city of Hartford.

During the Chicago stop on the Funny or Die comedy tour, Chappelle took a moment to lampoon his controversial performance in Connecticut, calling the crowd evil and full of young white alcoholics. He also said that he wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all “crackers” but didn’t want it to be on YouTube. Said Chappelle:

I would never go back. I wouldn’t even go to Hartford for gas. I don’t want anything bad to happen to the United States, but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut.”

I made it no secret that Dave Chappelle is probably one of my most favorite comedians of all times (I have quoted enough of his material in my pieces that there should be no doubt of my love otherwise). I followed his comedy for years, before he got the “Chappelle Show.” At a time when his audience was mostly comprised of college frat, Half-Baked white boys. Back then, I always wondered how he managed to perform such racially loaded material in front of those audiences without calling any of them “crackers.” And then the whole “Chappelle Show,” “I’m going to Africa to clear my mind”- thing happened and then I realized that actually no, he actually does know how to deal. But yet and still he finds himself, voluntarily, in front of these same sort of homogenous crowds again. I don’t know why he keeps putting himself in that position – other than the love for it. But if it is purely out of the love of it than he could just do his passion in some homogenous black venues, where white folks would be forced to be on their best behaviors. Of course, “black Isht” always comes with a pay-cut and unique sets of problems of its own. Perhaps the Funny or Die people offered him lots of dough, which helps take the sting out of feeling like a minstrel? If so, there is no judgment in that as everybody has to eat.

However, it feels like we are hearing more stories nowadays about entertainers, who have basically walked off or threatened to walk off a performance, just because they didn’t like the audience. Just recently, R&B singer Brandy walked off a stage in South Africa, after only 40 people – out of the 90,000-capacity stadium – stayed to see her perform during Nelson Mandela’s Sport and Culture Day. Although he didn’t walk off his gig, earlier in this year Lupe Fiasco had to physically be removed from the stage after he decided to buck his audience and perform the same anti-war song for 30 minutes straight during a ticketed Obama reelection party. And of course, there is the great and legendary Lauryn Hill, who has become rather infamous for showing up to concerts late (sometimes in excess of three hours) and then telling understandably agitated fans that they can leave if they feel she’s not worth the wait.

Back in the day, I used to cheer on these sort of acts of resistance and be like, yeah fight the power that be! But now the older I get, the more my time – and more importantly my dollars – become extremely valuable to me. And I can’t help to sympathize with those folks, who too were in those audiences and were well-behaved, appreciative and supporter of the artists. Those folks, who scrapped and saved up enough dollars to cover the ticket price to see the performance plus the price of parking, drinks and other incidentals for the evening. Those folks, who sat in their seats and didn’t hurl obscenity or otherwise heckle the stage act. Those folks, who came on time but because their performer didn’t, had to leave because they only had a babysitter for a few hours. I can’t imagine having sat there for hours to see Brandy sing “Angel in Disguise” (which is my favorite Brandy song), only for her to decide quit because she was unhappy with the audience numbers. Nor could I imagine being another black (or even apathetic white person) person, having sat along side these suburban young white alcoholic torturers, just for the honor of seeing my favorite comedian, give in to the negative cat calls and barracking, and throw his middle finger up at the rest of the performance. While I certainly understand that performers want to be respected I also wonder in earnest, what sort of obligation of respect does the performer have to its audience?

Granted, I am not an performer. I don’t know what it is like to stand in front of crowds, sometimes extremely big ones, of finicky people and entertain them. I imagine that some days are better than others. If it is any relevancy, I do know what it is like to deal with backlash from some of the wonderful ladies and gentlemen of MadameNoire – most of which comes by way of the comment sections. Through that, I have come to learn that in order to put yourself out there for public consumption, you do have to develop a tougher outer shell.

But then again, sometimes the customer is not always right. And in spite of your best aim to maintain professionalism, you just can’t help to air folks out once in a while. Like how not too long ago, I’d seen Mike Tyson, former heavyweight champion of the world, perform in his one-man show, when it was here in town. During the performance, Tyson would struggle and stumble a bit over his script. It was noticeable but not all that distracting. However every time it happened, some folks, mostly white, would take that opportunity to yell out “words of encouragement,” which were more distracting than his actual flub. And at one point during the show, when he again flubbed over yet another line, one of those “encouraging” audience hecklers decided to yell out, “Take your time Mike!” To which Tyson grimaced and barked, “Yo dude, shut the Fawk up!” I imagine that Tyson might have wanted to quit the show plenty of times that night. However he didn’t and instead, those impromptu roast of the audience members were some of the funniest part of the entire evening.

This Can’t Be Good: Dave Chappelle Walks Off Stage After Being Heckled During Set!

August 31st, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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For all the Dave Chappelle fans, let us all just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Chappelle took his talents to Hartford, CT Thursday night for the Comedy & Curiosity Festival and it seems that not everyone was happy to see him.

According to reports gathered by USA Today, Dave hopped on stage for his set and received a mixed reception of both cheers and jeers. Audience members say he was doing “fine” for the first 10 minutes but as people would heckle him, Dave would just get annoyed and say little things back to the audience. Finally, he decided to sit on a stool and smoke a cigarette until it was time for him to get off stage.

But that was only about 25 minutes because according to the Associated Press, that was the minimum amount of time Dave Chappelle needed to be on stage in order to get paid.

In a video clip, you can see Dave moving the stool out the way, picking up his water and saying: “Alright you guys, I  like some of you, I hate some of you. I forgive some of you but I don’t forgive all of you.  You guys have totally ruined my chances for running for Congress or something. Thank you, good night.”

As the boos increased, Dave walked off the stage to Kanye West’s “Black Skinheads.”

Well, that’s unfortunate. There are other random reports that the crowd wasn’t “that bad” and Dave “brought it on himself.”

Perhaps at his next stops, the crowd will be a little more forgiving so Dave Chappelle can perform because clearly, he is not about that being heckled life.

Do you think Dave Chappelle should even make a “full return” to comedy or should he just chill?