10 Ways to Cope With a Job You Hate

July 26, 2011 ‐ By Toya Sharee

I’m grateful to have had some kind of steady employment since the age of sixteen, and with the job scarcity that exists in the present day of this country, people no longer have the luxury of jumping from one job to the other. For this reason, thousands of Americans are overworked, underpaid and filled with a daily anxiety of having to report to a job that they truly despise just to maintain their lifestyles. Hopefully a few small changes can make the difference between you getting your bills paid and not losing your mind. Check out a few ways to cope with a job you can’t stand.

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  • cindy

    That is one of the worst feelings is to be stuck on a job that you really dislike. I have a job that I truely enjoy because I enjoy helping others. on theother hand I dislike the way the bosses talk down to the employees mainly because they can get away with it. it sadens me when coworkers are stressed and cannot leave because they need their job right now. To those of you that suffer through this remain prayful, stay strong. Try not to take you job home with you. Brush it off your shoulder like rapper JZ says. Remember, when you can, leave the job!. As far as your bosses that are cruel with you in any way. Receprosity is very real and they are not immune. take care. love cindy

  • All I can say is that we have choices…before you leave any job you should have a plan B or even if you have a job…some people like to get a job meaning exchange your precious time for a salary..most of the time you're overworked, miserable and underpaid…forget about the BS..if you're a Christian you must put it in your mind that you're wprking for Gold and not man or you'll go insane…do what you love and you'll be a happy camper…Your life should be a continuous advernture…if you're constantly stressed that leads to illnesses and it's not worth it…Yvonne

  • Tabitha

    Great advice! I will email this to myself so my next job I can go back and reread if I need too!

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  • Nic

    Thanks for this article I have been thinking about quitting for months. Today was again a day I really was going to pack my stuff and go but I recieved a better perspective when reading this article.

    I truly appreciate it.

    • Toya Sharee

      I was right in the same boat, Nic, when I worked during undergrad. Sometimes you just have to step back and try to find the positive and trust that you are paying your dues and on the path to something greater. Glad I could help.

  • Nottelling

    I recently left a job that I hated. Leadership focused only on the profit and consequently made decisions that worked people into the ground. What helped me cope (and my advice) is to focus on developing and/or maintaining positive professional relations. I supervised a great team of people who took their jobs seriously and worked very hard. I also formed relationships with other executives of like mind. We all pulled together to find solutions and sometimes just vent. We had each others' backs. Now that I gone, I rountinely send them information on job openings with my new company and via my professional network. I found my new job via my professional network, so clearly, you get back what you put out, so stay positive.

  • Mello

    Great advice!

  • Hillari

    Maintain what lifestyle? I've been working part-time since I was laid off three years ago. Part-time jobs appear to be more plentiful than full-time jobs these days. However, it is very hard to find a second part-time job to fit in around a first part-time job and personal/family obligations because the hours aren't good. I'm just hanging on by the thinnest of threads.

    • Toya Sharee

      Hi Hillari! Trust me, I feel your pain and for most of my adult life instead of working one F/T job, I've worked several part-time ones. Lately I'm finding that by doing that, in case you are ever laid off from one job, you'll always have a little something to fall back on. But be patient and I promise you will make it through! I understand it can be difficult with family obligations, but if you can try to find jobs that don't require you be in one spot all day (avoid reporting to an office or working in a retail store) you may have some flexibility with your schedule or try finding something you don't necessarily work on a regular basis (One of my part-time gigs is consulting) so that you have more control over your schedule. You may not get a humungous paycheck every two weeks, but I find that sometimes the less often you are paid, the easier it to save your money or put it towards the things you need most. As for that thin thread, I am hanging on and hustling right with you. Good luck!

  • Sandy

    I had a job that I hated with a boss whom I loathed years ago that paid very well. I focused on that fat paycheck. That is how I coped…LoL!