15 Year Old Girl Accepted to Harvard

May 6, 2011  |  

We all know some smart kids. Maybe even some smart, athletic kids. But it’s safe to assume that not many of us know 15 year olds who’ve not only been accepted to several colleges across the nation, but will be attending Harvard University.

Now you do know of someone with those impressive credentials? This is the story of Saheela Ibraheem, a Piscataway, New Jersey resident and  the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. In an interview with the Star Ledger, the teen noted that she was applied to 14 colleges and was accepted to 13 (including six Ivy League schools). In case you were wondering, Yale was the school that rejected her. Saheela’s parents think it was because of her age.

The soon-to-be 16 year old skipped sixth-grade and 9th grade.  But get this, babygirl is not just some bookworm. She is a three-sport athlete (swimming, softball and soccer).  Saheela’s grades are phenomenal, she scored a perfect score on the math section of the SAT and she’s all types of cute too.

Her parents are doing something right!  We wish Saheela the best. Her story says something about expectations and resources, but also about personality and maturity. Experiencing college at 15/16 years old is very different than being 18 or 19 and something most kids her age probably could not do successfully on a social level regardless of grades. How young is too young to start college?


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  • Lilly

    That’s super awesome! Way to go girl!!! 🙂

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  • Muslim

    Mashallah what a great Muslim girl. Makes me proud to be Muslim.

  • The Ghetto Saint

    But she is MUSLIM first and what ever ethnic second!!!!!! Peep Game:Muslim Women Gain Higher Profile in U.S.
    By: Brian Knowlton
    New York Times* –
    “Yet in their quest to break stereotypes, America's Muslim women have advantages. They are better educated than counterparts in Western Europe, and also than the average American, according to a Gallup survey in March 2009. In contrast to their sisters in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, they are just as likely as their men folk to attend religious services, which equates to greater influence. And Gallup found that Muslim American women, often entrepreneurial, come closer than women of any other faith to earning what their men folk do.”

  • As a young Black, Nigerian woman, I am utterly disappointed and embarrassed with what this young woman's achievements have become associated with, the perpetuation of the division between Black people. How tragic is that? Given the history of Black people in the diaspora especially America, knowledgeable people know that their growth as a people was clearly stifled in a way that Africans on the continent avoided. Africans have been able to cultivate a culture which yes values education because we lacked certain societal oppression that Black people in America faced profoundly and to be make a mockery of that is sad. So I apologize on behalf of Nigerian girl because clearly she is very ignorant. She may be academically educated but she lacks much knowledge as with many Africans.

  • AnotherGuest

    I wish they had mentioned that she had a perfect 800 score on the math section of the SAT. Way to go, kid.

    • AnotherGuest

      Oh wait. They did mention it. …Scrolled through story on phone and didn't see. I see it now. Yeah!

  • GK1

    i was also 15 when admitted to US college and finished at 18.. its all about upbringing and focus on education

  • Kassy

    Nigerian Girl, you have every right to be proud of your heritage and where you come from. You do not, however, have the right to be hateful and racist. And that's exactly how you sound. No better than an ignorant old white man using the N word. Get out of here with that nasty mess and try to get rid of some of that hate in your heart before it kills your soul.

  • julia

    I am from Monterey, Ca. I met a young man from Nigerian ,Actually he is a member of my church[baptist].This young man came to America join the army married and American had a son and divorced the American.He went back tonigerian married a young girl.He is a registered nurse. He has bought two homes in the monterey county area.He has five kids.Yes his wife works as a LVN.I found out from him NIGERIAN is a very poor country.He goes back every year to take supplies for diabetes.By the way people God is getting tired of so much hatred in the world.Japan.American cities being destroyed by tornadoes There will be more and worst.Education do not make you a GOD.God is still in control.

  • peaceful human

    Hey Nigerian Girl, if your Nigerian men are so amazing, then how the F do you explain this soulless crap… http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110601/wl_africa_af

  • Albertasbread

    I think it's wonderful how brilliant the young girl is. If a person is smart enough to attend college @ the age of 10 then so be it. Don't hold them back.

  • danny

    I wonder if those schools even looked at her school records or just say that since she was darkskinned and an immigrany that was the only requirement that they needed to get reimbursed by the taxpayers for her education.

    • Blambo

      African-Born Residents of the U.S. Are the Most
      Highly Educated Group in American Society
      Percentage of the adult population that has
      achieved the designated education level or higher*
      Immigrants to High School College Doctoral
      the U.S. From Graduate Graduate Degree
      Africa 87.9% 47.1 % 4.1%
      Germany 73.9 19.1 1.9
      Japan 86.4 35.0 2.1
      United Kingdom 81.4 23.1 2.8
      All U.S. Citizens
      White 81.5 22.6 0.9
      Black 70.4 12.2 0.3
      *Figures are for persons ages 25 and over. Figurev for immigrant5 are for the
      year 1990. Figures for U.S. citizens are for the year 1993.

  • AS12312

    Actually, that was the Greeks, and then the Romans.

    Read a book.

  • james

    Everyone thats hating are hating because they couldn't get into an ivy league school. Online Racists are only safe behind a computer when they don't have to be face to face with the people they are degrading. Just sad pathetic people. And by the way I'm white and doesn't matter if she came to america to go to an ivy league school. Very smart girl who is way smarter then all of us lol.

  • roscoe2000

    I’m sure she will do fine….I would suspect that one of her parents will be close by to help with her adjustment. The fact is that her parents…have been behind her all the time. Let face it, she it not going to Harvard to socialize but to learn.

  • guest

    hah, saheela may be going to harvard, but the person who wrote that story sounds like a first grader.

  • nene

    Only weak people hide behind words and that is what you are doing. Get a life 'Nigerian gir'!

  • African girl

    As a fellow African, you should be ashamed of your comments! Nigerian or not we are all black and are proud to have someone young and hardworking willing to improve herself. That is why we come to the US, and probably for the same reasons you did(if you are in fact in the US). We should be working together not against each other and that's why Africa is still poverty stricken, because our leaders are selfish…This story is about a girl who is being recognized as an overachiever and that's what we should be talking about.

  • baj

    Nigerian Girl, there is some truth in what you said, but for saying it the way you did, I think you should have your head examined….one more thing, at what age did you go into college, assuming you went?

  • Baj

    @Just Human, you are as ignorant as my dear Nigerian Girl. You are now using her as a standard to judge the whole 160 million Nigerians.

  • akbar

    you are on point sister !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maureen

    I knew if I read the blog after this heart-warming story, there would be comments from jealous wanna bees who can't spell or write but are good at spewing hatred and can't be happy for anyone else's good fortune and hard work. I wasn't disappointed.

  • FrankW

    I wonder why 'just' being a bookworm is exciting enough. And talk about reinforcing gender roles, she's even "cute" too! Oh, and to all those (probably trolls) saying that she got in because of her race, religion, or gender, how many of you scored a perfect 800 on your math SAT?

  • Bazyan

    What is all this hate going around here.. this is supposed to be a happy story.. people can look at this as a little 15 year old girl who made it into college.. forget black, nigerian black or american balck, white.. and all that BS going around..
    ignore the trolls and let them say what they want.. This girl is greatt and done things already that many of us won't even get close to achieving.
    Nigerian girl, your posts are shocking, and way out of place. you are a racist to a different degree.

  • RunTheWorld

    Thanks for your input, as I know very little of Nigerian culture, and there's been a ridiculous amount of ignorant nationalism and straight up racism on this post. On a tangent, it would be appreciated if you would set it in your mind that "Chinese" and "Asian" are not equal and can't be interchanged.

  • accountant 2011

    Good for her! I have three children. My oldest has a birthday in the summer and turned 18 before his first year of college. The only time he regretted being the youngest in his class in high school was when he was in wrestling. When he finished five years of college with his master's degree, he thanked me a lot for starting him in school young! My youngest graduated a year early and was in college a whole year before turning 18 in August. She, too, loves being able to get her college out of the way while she is still very young. My middle child has a birthday in the fall so is the average age for her class. She is very bright and ambitious and I see no reason that she had to wait to start school just because of her age or birthday. Anyone who is able to do the work should be able to work at their own pace, as far as I am concerned.

  • Dan

    wow, what a LOT of morons log comments!

  • Manny

    I saw the article about the 15 year old being admitted to Harvard and was going to write about my own experience entering a good university (not Harvard) days after my16ht birthday. For me, it was a mistake because I was socially immature. But after reading these absurd, racist posts by Nigerian girl I am writing to express my utter contempt for her as a human being. Not only is her pure racism repugnant to any who believe in eguality of all humankind, but she is alsoa terrible sexist. Her idea that a woman is totally defined through marriage is worse than absurd. It is an insult to the intelligence and ability of her entire gender.

  • Miles2go

    I don't know with what race you affiliate yourself, however based on your own reasoning, you are either stupid and black or stupid and white. You choose.

  • Roger Smith

    I have been through similar situation with faster admission to college. I am not happy with it because my knowledge was far beyond 15 years old but my physical age was not similar to my classmates. They spoke to picking up girls and having drunk parties with naked girls but I was interest in MC square. They spoke about humanity and love I was interested to discuss evaluation of human race much different in thinking because of age and knowledge level. It is never good to be in a call with older kids I paid a price and I will not allow this to my childrens even my 6 year old just got selected to be in the special program for advanced kids. I think kids should be kids and not pretend to be adults. Sorry my rush in the train and with not so smarth phone in my hand.

    • Miles2go

      don't keep opportunities from your children just because many children have more different morals. When we see education as 'going to a school' and 'earning a certain grade in that school', we miss the most important point. We need to see education, as the Lifelong Attainment of Wisdom and Knowledge, not as the common concept that our 'children need to prove themselves to a teacher so that they can have a job one day'.
      When we parents make that mental switch, then a whole new world opens up. Your child does not need to go to MIT or an Harvard in order to lift herself/himself above the typical community college standards. The top Universities provide free access to more and more of their courses online….. continued….

      • Miles2go

        CONTINUATION…. No, not every parent is able to homeschool their children during the day. However, all families can reframe Education from being the responsibility of the people in a school building, to being a Family Household Responsibility. I used to tell my children that what their teachers teach them is just a 'suggestion'. It is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just a glimpse of a huge exciting world.
        No child should ever be limited to what another human being stands in front of them in and tells them they need to learn. Children need to learn that a schools and teachers are just some of many tools for learning. There are many other resources out there.
        NOTE: For parents who homeschool:… Homeschooled children still have a right to public school resources such as labs, orchestra, band, sports, individual classes etc. Contact [www.hslda.org] if you have any problems.

  • Ricky

    You people and your useless comments on the true origins of people……. are you kidding me?? Do you know the history of your damn country???? There is no such thing as an AMERICAN (apart from the native americans), you are all frikin immigrants…. thats what America is about….

  • Xela

    Wow, thanks Nigerian Girl – this is the frist time I've heard black blood being used to dispargerage black blood. We must evolving. Let me remind you that a whole lot of 16 year old white girls aint' making it to Harvard either.

  • Queen

    I have noticed that the most talented people are either very young or much older.

  • Goddess

    U forgot to put A.I.D.S on the map and who has the biggest epidemic of that stuppid, (hint it's not America), you sit and talk about Nigeria but what's this?? Man hangs self in Yola over HIV status Sunday, 22 May 2011 00:00 Ibrahim Abdul’Aziz, Yola

    Man hangs Himself in Yola
    As residents of Yola, Adamawa state capital and its environs are recovering from shock after a startling revelation contained in a letter addressed to a radio station in the state capital, Radio Gotel, by a lady who claimed to be an undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology, Yola (FUTY),claiming that she contracted the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) from her student boyfriend and has, in vengeance, willfully slept with some 124 students and lecturers at the school, another gory incident struck again in the area.

  • Goddess

    Who cares who you date, but to try and degrade another race or culture is ignorant and disrespectful. What the he11 are you talking about, if that's how you feel stay your ignorant azz in Nigeria and don't come here to the United States. Yes some Nigerian men do stick around to raise there children but so do alot of other races. Further more we don't have to beg anyone for love or money alot of us African American women provide that for ourselve we don't have to lower ourselves to look for men in so-called prominent families or rich Nigerian's (we call that gold-diggers) we can provide all the riches our kids need. Nigerian men come to America to marry us and life our lives here in American. STFU!!

  • Cinti

    What you have said here is just plain ignorant!

  • Judith

    I know TWO. OK, they were not 15 but 16 when my twin sons were accepted to the college of their choice. One went to Harvard, one to MIT. For those who care about race: Puerto Ricans. bwahahahahaha

  • UmQasim

    Congratulations to Saheela Ibraheem! I'm really proud of you sister in Islam. You represent the smart Muslim girls really well. As a Muslima myself (and I'm not black) when I see her all I see is a Smart beautiful Muslim girl….but most of you who are not Muslim see only the color of her skin…how pitiful.

  • jenna

    Getting into 12 ivy league colleges is extraordinary, I commend this young woman. What I cannot comprehend are these responses….statistics should be used by statisticians and I see a lot of responses with logical fallacies….can’t we give credit where it’s due?

    • ummm….

      only 8 ivy league universities even exist, and she was accepted to 6 of them >.>…

  • Phil

    Her high school costs $30,000 per year. And Harvard is $55,000 per year. I am wondering where equally talented Americans can emigrate to and get a free prep school and university education? Or do we as Americans only bankroll other countries, despite their complete lack of appreciation for it?

    • Ashley

      What makes you think her education was free? because shes black? i'm actually her classmate and I can assure you her tuition is not free…

  • Smellbad2

    negroes see race in everything.Being negro did help her get into the school???

    • Guest

      you must be kidding me. Other races do the same thing also.Donald Trump said the very exact thing that Obama got in college becuase of his race.

  • Dannie

    This is awesome!!!! I went to college at 16 and I had trouble adjusting. I wish her all the best and an easy transition!

  • Sad

    You just let your ignorance show by lumping Nigerians "how out of touch Nigeria really must be…" into one because of another ignorant comment by someone claiming to be Nigerian. And this Nigerian doesn't appreciate it. I doubt the " Nigerian Girl" is actually Nigerian and she sounds unaware of my country's plight.

  • BeBe

    You can't even spell correctly, which kind of dispels all of the ridiculous propaganda you just spewed.

  • scir91onyoutube

    being african or japanese or whatever has nothing to do with her getting in. the kid has sharp grades and is clearly talented. if you are talking about beauty, the nose is too wide as the lips are too large. the distance of the nose from the eyes to base near the lips is also too short. opinion? nope. just simple golden ratio application at work. the distance of the eyes and the small chin are the only two attractive features that make it a beautiful face, but then again, how many models actually go to college? look around your course seating and nearly everyone is a joe shmo average in beauty, not a fashion or face model.

  • The Real African

    It just goes to show you…..this girl is keeping it real!…You go Nigerian Girl!..Go get what you have earned!..
    that's right, earned!…..At least you are not some parasitic, self entitled hood chicken head rat…who needs dna tests to prove who her cjhildren's father is so she can live off the state

  • amy

    Why does she have little "69's" all over her headscarf? Just sayin

  • Samantha

    Congrats young lady!

    And please do not respond to trollish comments. They run out of gas when ignored.

  • john

    "Nigerian Girl" is what you call a "troll." She may or may not be Nigerian (or a girl), but n.g. is definitely a troll. You probably don't want to feed her with your response.

  • Mark Farnsworth

    The article seems deliberately deceptive. She will be 16 when she begins college (the article implies 15). Many students start college at age 17 (as I did) so 16 is not that much of a stretch, especially since she spent 3 full years in grades 10-12.

  • sade

    nigerians in the house

  • guest

    Hate to break it to people, but any child of an immigrant who does NOT score a perfect score on the math section of the SATs is usually considered an embarrassment – US math skills are so bad relative to the rest of the world our college entrance exam is unable to distinguish between the math skill levels of anyone exposed to a foreign educational system. This is a great achievement for this girl, but a 16 year old getting into college is not really news (and Yale had a 13 year old enrolled while I was there, so I doubt they rejected her for her age).

  • tyrone sanders

    I am truly proud of the young lady of what she has achieved,no matter where she's from.Miss Nigerian what funny is you don't talk about your accompliment.you just talk aboout you date men from wealth family's why haven't they married you ,sound like somebody's BOOTY call

  • Lala

    uhm. most people is prison are black. there arent many black college students.

    • acually i use to be a gaurd in oklahoma and it was about 60% black and 40% white

    • RunTheWorld

      ..and you know this from experience? as for the comment on college attendance, while proportionally (respective to their races) there are more whites in college, there's still a large population of educated black Americans.

  • ADF

    I'm proud of this girl and all others that have managed to achieve, despite the lunacy that comes from society on a regular basis (the hateful comments posted here, case in point).
    Nigerian girl, it sounds as if your trying to convince yourself of what your saying. You are exceedingly ignorant and an embarrassment to us Africans.
    AJ, your equally ignorant. Affirmative Action is not to be credited for this girl's accomplishments. idiot.

  • DK

    Bunch of haters here… you can tell they’re all americans commenting here.. bye.

    • Guest

      most of them are commenting about the Nigerian girls ignorant comment not girl in the Article

  • 123

    how about commenting on the article instead of ranting about your life..

  • Guest

    AOL made this a race issue when they created a racist webpage called "black voices".

  • Voice of reason

    Don't feed the trolls.

  • A.J. Sandman

    This girl only got into Harvard Univeristy becouse she Black and a Muslim. All American Colleges have to let a certian percentage of Blacks and Muslims and Forgieners into Thier Schools to get Funding from the government- evenone knows that Fact.

    • a.j u realy have n idea i dont know where u are from are get your infomation. but she got it cuz of her grades and test scores and i am proad i am a white male by the way and all of the people that are saying things about race are all racist tham self. cuz i grow up in the south and midwest of the usa and i know for the fact that for the most part we dont think that way as americans

    • Lady

      Doesn't explain the early graduation with excellent marks, Sandman.

    • Bass

      you… are an idiot

    • Katidid

      Why don't you check the regulations? There are no quotas in US colleges. We have affirmative action only for groups that have been denied admission in the past on account of racism.

      There is not affirmative action for foreign students. Universities like them because they pay about 3 times the amount of tuition in -state students pay. They help the universities bottom line and help our trade balance.

      No one gets into Harvard solely through affirmative action, particularly not at age 15. Do you have any idea of the thousand of applicants that private university gets every year — they are free to pick the best of the best regardless of race, creed or religion. That kid is abviously a genius. Do you have any idea of how almost no students get 100% right on their math SATs?! Take a look at a sample SAT math question and then speak about "facts".

      If you already took the SAT and scored average, don't feel bad, you don't have to compete with genuises.

    • Blambo

      SO what are you implying? From what I read above, the girl has impeccable credentials. I would welcome "quotas" that produce students of this ilk! Genius knows no color and, if allowed to flourish, will sprout wherever humans live.
      Another thing. If you are so sure that gifted African Blacks are "Affirmative Action" babies, think again. Blacks in Britain are the most educated group in that bastion of whiteness.

    • bfry

      Does your opinion help you to feel superior? Most people know that racists have low self-esteem and few real accomplishments. They need their scapegoats. Your lack of writing skills and failure to understand this girl's value show how well you fit that description.

  • american boy

    Nigeria Girl, You must be very very young in the mind and don't know much about the history of nigeria or america. I'll pray for you. sounds like you got some demons to exorcise. as an american born black man who has lived in both nigeria and america and who is married to a half nigerian half black american woman, I must say that you are misled. I was just in africa last year, and many of the youngsters out there are now calling each other n#gga and referring to african ladies as B#t#ches just like the black americans in "da hood" as you say. it's obvious that for better or for worst, the black people of america are the trend setters, our african brothers and sisters throughout the rest of the have always followed our lead, just as many of us who became conscious in the 50s and 60s begin to help fight for the liberation of the african continent as we faught for our civil rights at home.

  • Balldo

    And now, if only she would show us her hair….
    That would allow a few more to judge her…….

  • Human

    Like Lala said, I doubt the person is Nigerian… No one is lightly to go on that long f they aren't trying to hit a nerve. Getting kicks from the responses and all..

  • Well… That was petty and uncalled for.
    Her abilities are not based on her culture, or the fact that she is nigerian. She was raised in America, thus she is culturally American. Thus this can be credited to her parents and the influencing factors of Americans.

    And @Ninja Bob, I do not know if white people still refer to blacks as monkeys or apes, or still do so in large amounts, it is otherwise petty and ignorant.

    The world is becoming or has become a global village, there really is nothing that is fully Nigerian, Ghanian, Indian, or American…
    @Danni really has said it all. I am Nigerian, and I would not attribute this achievement to her being Nigerian, but her as an individual.

    • Yaay

      Another Nigerian agreeing. We were raised better than the fraud claiming to be Nigeria. "Green White Green" 😀

    • not true

      i'd actually be willing to bet a little that she isn't american. i know tons of immigrant kids who came to the us as infants, toddlers or small children and were deported as soon as they turned 18 and weren't on their parents' visas, without any chance of returning. she most likely won't be deported, since she's going to harvard, but don't count on it. if you aren't born in the us, you're trash, and can leave (according to most americans and the legal system) despite being "culturally american". but those who are born in the us and leave as infants or toddlers can be raised as anti-americans in faraway countries and be welcomed back with open arms.

  • Lala

    Umm, how do you all know that the "Nigerian Girl" user is even Nigerian? COuld have easily been someone who just wanted to rile people up. Looks like it worked.

  • Jason

    "Don't feed the trolls." This statement was obviously to get a reaction.

  • momof4

    How incredibly sad that the comments have turned to this. Why make it about race? I'm white. (Imagine that) and I'm happy for her. She's smart and pretty and she will go far. Kudo's to her. Be happy for her because she is a smart, young woman.


  • AFRICANS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DAVID


    • Bass

      PEOPLE EVERYWHERE UNITE… your all racists out here… every single comment is bias and opinionated… the story is a 15 year old girl got into Harvard. Congrats to that… why does her ethnicity or color matter at all?!

    • vato loco

      Autobots, transform and roll out!

  • Hey Mami

    I am happy to hear stories like this. Congrats… If you from or live in Philly (or Tri-State area NY& NJ) Check out this article http://www.examiner.com/women-s-relationship-in-p

  • Curry

    That's interesting, I'm Indian and married to a Nigerian man. Actually a lot of nigerians date out especially when they come to school. Nothing wrong with that, we,re all one people 🙂

  • Danni

    Wow nigerian girl that was the most ignorant comment I have ever heard. For you information most black people go to prestigious schools such as howard, spellman, morgan, and morehouse.Its not that us american black people can't get into harvard its that we don't all want to go there. Everyone doesnt want to go to an ivy league school. I am glad that you are a proud nigerian but you dont have to put others down to make yourself feel good. The mind isnt about color its about what you can do with that mind you can choose to waste it or make use of it Last I check it is much worse being in you own country and still be under people's rule. I admit we have alot of issues in the black community but we can be what we want to be. also there is an issue with africans putting down black people who were not born in africa. That is hatred right there. I wish we as people would be proud of their heritage and also respect others as well. I have a few good friends that are from africa one is from Nigeria and the other is from central africa republic and they are awsome. Can't we applaud someone without making it about race.

  • Ninja Bob

    No one started with the insults but the poster calling herself "Nigerian Girl". She started it with a drive-by diss and I decided to respond because I've had enough of these "internet Africans" always putting down black Americans. Of course we applaud the young lady mentioned in the article and wish her nothing but success but "Nigerian Girl" can go straight to hell.

    But let me tell you that I've seen it with my own eyes and plenty of people have also and those nigerian cats chase white women like no other brothers on the planet. Perhaps they don't marry them but they sure do chase them before they settle down.



  • Ninja Bob

    April, I've been to Africa(Egypt) and my friend was in Nigeria for a couple of years. Plenty of those African cats made it crystal clear that they were looking for white women and white women only when we were out in social settings. Somehow, they didn't catch any flack but if a brother from America tried to roll like that, he get called everything but a child of God.

  • Ninja Bob

    Quoting white generated sterotypes and stats while ignoring the most obvious one: WHITE MEN STILL THINK THAT YOU'RE A MONKEY. Because we all know that white men LOVE Africans and hate American blacks right? IDIOT.

    "Most race on death row." MORON. Your english, by the way, is ATROCIOUS and for someone who supposedly LOVES the white man, you sure have trouble communicating in his native tongue.


    • I take offense to your repetition of the name-calling. She doesn't deserve that, no matter how ignorant she shows herself to be; when you say it to her, you are also saying it to me, as I am Black American, so I would caution against your repetition of that phrase.

  • Beautifully backward

    All this hatered, on a post that brings positivity. No matter how the chips fall we all bleed at the end of the day. You can’t classify a whole race by the actions of some. The way that you guys are portraying yourselves are of ignorance and arrogance. I congratulate this young woman for her achievements and hope that she will continue to succeed in life.

  • Real Talk

    She's wonderful. She focused on her books not weaves or getting her nails done. She's a role model for sure. She's got a great future ahead of her. I bet her mother doesn't wear a weave either. Black women can accomplish a lot if they put those weaves down.

    • Karen

      That girl is getting into Harvard because of what's IN her head, not what is or is not ON her head. Some people really need to learn how to make a logically sound argument. One has nothing to do with the other! How absurd!!

      • Real Talk

        The books are in her HEAD. That's why she's focused. Those weaves on our hair don't help us focus. Too much time and attention being paid to physical appearance. You see what's on her head – a scarf that symbolizes respect and modesty. You need critical reading and thinking skills.

  • Nigerian Girl

    HA HA HA HA but no one wants to marry black American women….they all want '' becky's and kim kardashian types. Nigerian women are beautiful, that is why the richest black person in the whole world is MARRIED to a nigerian woman. Black american women are ugly, that is why mixed race women get more attention. I would rather date a white man than a slave. Africans will only date African men, or at least a white man – anything but a filthy slave from crenshaw hood.

    You are very ghetto. Everything you have just said about Nigerian mne chasing only white women, me being a coon, slef hating, white man loving ugly, ape who cant get any man to marry me; and is uglier than the women who have the most out of wedlock kids in the usa. Sounds just like the worlds description of YOU – BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN / MEN. LOL. A 15 year pure black Nigerian girl got into harvard. No violence. No beating up people on youtube. No babydaddy. No non black blood. Just pure, proud, slave free havard bounds. YOU LOSE! As does all the black men rotting JAIL – WHERE U BELONG! With your down low aids!

  • Nigerian Girl

    Nigerian men marry Nigerian women. Our population is 130 million and climbing. Our men do not call us monkey's. Or THE B word or a hoe. Nigerian men are not on a quest to have kids with light skin and blue eyes – like your men. And I will marry no one BUT a Nigerian man. I am not ugly, as African women have the genetics, many races aspire to. In Nigeria, my beauty is the dominant beauty – unlike in America, where your ' beauty ' is seen as the ugliest to all races – including black men.

    A 15 year old Nigerian girl got into all the top ivy league schools. PERIOD! You lose!

    • Ninja Bob

      YOUR NIGERIAN MEN are known to be some real thirsty cats and will walk through hell in a gasoline suit to get to white women. YOU LOSE, you white man loving, self-hating "black woman". I doubt that you're beautiful. You're probably as ugly as the day is long and twice as stupid as you are ugly. You'll probably need your family to put up a very large dowry to get some poor sap to even look at you. Ain't no way YOU could attract a man. Here's hoping your family has a large herd of cattle, a diamond mine and some oil wells to help get you a husband. Lord knows your looks won't help you–UGLY.

      "In Nigeria my beauty is the dominant beauty." HA!! YOU AIN'T FINE. African-American women are some of the finest sisters on the planet–BAR NONE and there are plenty of sisters of various shades from Tichina Arnold to Misty Copeland who are world class fine and only a fool would say otherwise. My homeboy was in Nigeria for three years and he said that there ain't a lot of dimes over there. THERE ARE MILLIONS FINE BLACK WOMEN IN AMERICA, so again, YOU LOSE UGLY.

    • Nigerians

      Ever heard of the "Nigerian Scam"? http://www.snopes.com/fraud/advancefee/nigeria.as… I absolutely despise Nigerians. In my experience, they all just want your money and cannot be trusted, unless you're also Nigerians (they look out for their own). If they act like they want to be friends, chances are it's because they're looking to gain from a one-sided relationship. I don't doubt that this 15-year-old girl is smart, but when I found out she was Nigerian, I have to wonder who this girl's family lied to or cheated to get her to where she is? I believe it's in their culture to use and lie to other people who are not from their own cultural background. Can't think of one good Nigerian that I have ever met, and I've met a few in the Washington DC area. I love every ethnicity and race and culture in the world, with the exception of Nigerians. Has anyone else had the same experience with these people or is it just me? This may make me sound bigoted, but experience has made me that way, so sue me.

    • yaw

      i don't think this Nigerian Girl is really a Nigerian. and i don't think she is a giel, i can bet that she is self hating inhuman being who wants to make enemies for the 15 yr old girl that got into Harvard

  • Ninja Bob

    By the way, no black man on the planet chases white women like those nigerian cats. Them dudes will run over six or seven black women to reach one white chick.

  • Ninja Bob

    Yeah, you're dating a black man? Get outta here with nonsense. You love being a bed warmer for some white man. He still thinks you're a monkey.

  • Jen

    You are obviously a troll trying to get people riled up. I doubt you are Nigeria, quite frankly, for your sake, I doubt you are black.

  • meredith camille

    im extremely proud of this young woman, but why has this comment board turned into something ugly. Whats up with that Nigerian Girl and Ninja Bob? Cant we all just be happy for her and leave it at that. No matter where she is originally from, she is a black woman who has achieved a great deal at a young age. Those that would be negative towards her or racist towards her because of the color of her skin, will do so no matter if she was born of American parents or immigrants. And not all 15 year old black girls waste their time in such activities NIgerian Girl, i know plenty of girls that age who are not pregnant or acting out in violence based on some sort of self hatred complex.
    Im proud of this young lady!

  • Ninja Bob

    Your comment is laughable. Last time I checked NIGERIA was colonized by whites, so what's worse? Being captured and shipped to America as a slave or being conquered in your own country while being the numerical majority? Being colonized is 100 times worse but some of y'all uppity africans like to mock american blacks. Talk about being stuck on stupid. It's cool, though–keep on loving the white man's "education" and his univeristies. I would never send a 15 year old black girl to an Ivy League school. No way, no how. When some of her "enlightened" white male classmates call her a "monkey" or an "ape" because of all that "pure black blood" remember not to ask for the help of us poor, uneducated black americans, okay Nigerian Girl?

    • Ninja Bob

      Yeah, a "super power" that has to send one of their own abroad to a white univeristy to get educated. Where's your country's "Harvard"? Just like a so-called "african" to always be kissing the white man's behind. They still think that y'all are monkeys and will tell you so in a heartbeat.

    • Minister F.

      Nigerian Girl how are you? I do not understand why you are bitter. There is no race better than the other because God made us all. Let us judge people based on the content of their character only. We all could stand to be better if the truth is to be told. This life is too short for us to live it putting down one another. If you would like God to bless you, you should not curse or demean your fellow man/woman.

      • Islandboy Abel

        Very well said, Minister F.

  • Kiki

    What is with this ad that pops up everytime I open a new post???/ Irritating.com!!!1

  • Signet

    too bad I couldn't read the entire story here instead of having to go to Black Voices…

  • Shorty Loak

    dang thats wonderful to hear..she must be VERY smart 15?..most can't get in at 20..lol..Uggs Giving Away Stuff After PETA called them out.. http://goo.gl/OeFMB to Get Consumers to Support them….haha got 2 pair!

    • cherrios

      oh really? Sounds more like a scam to me.

    • Sticklady

      I was admitted at age 16 to university. At the time, it seemed OK. However, in retrospect, I realize it would have been better to be with my own age group. I was very lonely. None of my classmates or profs seemed to notice I was younger, but my social life was a struggle because I was too young to drink, but I went to the pub anyway. Could have turned out badly. I was lucky that I met a guy who eventually became my husband and mentor.

    • Student

      Fact of the matter is, none of these so called prodigies ever go on to cure cancer, now do they?…hmm…being smart so young doesn't last you throughout life and doesn't make you successful. It is a lot more than parenting, it is just how you are born. Parents can help, definitely, but why do so many people think Indians and Chinese are smart? it is because they have so many kids, that statistically some are bound to be geniuses. If other races started having huge spikes in population as well, you could make the same comments about those races. Basically, the same stereotypes would develop. Truth be told though, a majority orientals and Indians are still back in their home country because truly: a majority aren't prodigies, they are average, like the rest of us. The ones that do come to the United States, often do so because they are the oddities that happen to be geniuses do to the statistical likelihood of giving birth to genius since these countries have so many kids.

      • enlightened11

        Do you have a child?please say NO!!