Famous People Who Led Double Lives

November 18, 2014  |  
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It’s often difficult for someone who isn’t in the public eye to keep secret identities, so it’s amazing that these celebrities were able to lead double lives—full of relationships and people that knew nothing about one another—without the tabloids getting word of it. Well, at least for a while.



Publicly known as: Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the U.S.

Harding was once an Ohio senator and would go on to be our 29th President of the United States.







Secret identity: Sex crazed socialite

During his stint as senator, it was revealed Harding was part of a group of politicians called the “Ohio Gang” who held wild orgies in Washington D.C. It was also revealed that Harding had been having an affair with a local businessman’s wife for over 15 years.


Publicly known as: Eliot Spitzer, New York governor

Eliot Spitzer was a Democratic Party politician and New York governor who came down hard on corrupt Wall Street bankers in New York.



Secret identity: patron to sex workers

In 2008, it came to light that Spitzer had spent between $15,000 and $80,000 at a high-end prostitution service. Oh yeah—and he was married. He is now divorced.








Publicly known as: Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, owner of an international real estate company and doting wife living in Manhattan’s Financial District. She had up to 50 employees at her successful real estate company.



Secret identity: Anna Kushchyenko, spy

“Chapman” was in fact a member of Russia’s external intelligence agency in 2010. Not even her husband knew, but he had his suspicions because she attended strange meetings she wouldn’t explain to him.


Publicly known as: Frank Abagnale, Jr., pilot

His life was the basis for the movie, “Catch Me If You Can” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and he worked as an airline pilot, a lawyer, a college professor and a chief resident pediatrician in his lifetime.


Secret identity: Frank Abagnale, Jr., con artist

Abagnale forged his degrees for those professor and lawyer jobs, and forged his licenses for his pilot and pediatrician work. He was a con artist who, at the age of 22, was finally caught for forging checks.




Publicly known as: Brian Myerson, city tycoon

Myerson was a city tycoon and activist investor in London with homes all over the world. He was a major shareholder in real estate, oil companies and more.



Secret identity: father to many

Myerson, as we said, had many homes, two of which were just down the street from one another in Hampstead, London. In one, lived his wife Ingrid, and in the other, his secret family he had with a mistress of over ten years. For his second family he’d bought a home that cost over $10 million.



Publicly known as: Johnnie Cochran, OJ Simpson’s attorney

In 1970, Cochran was a defense attorney, happily married to a college sweetheart, raising two children and building a reputation as a celebrity lawyer.


Secret identity: Philanderer

Feel what you may about him getting Simpson off the hook, but Cochran was a cheater. In 1974 he bought a second home in North Hollywood for his mistress and their child. Cochran’s wife divorced him in 1977, and in 2005 his mistress sued him for “palimony,” which is basically alimony for people who’ve never actually been married.



Known publicly as: David Poitier, son of Sidney Poitier

David Poitier was a New York socialite who attended VIP rooms at Studio 54, dined for free on his father’s name at high-end restaurants, was a friend to stars like Melanie Griffith and Calvin Klein whom he also lived part time with and received money from for business ideas.


Secret identity: David Hampton, con artist

David Poitier was not son of famous actor Sidney Poitier. He was just the son of an attorney who learned that famous, wealthy people would believe what he said, and conned his way into the homes and bank accounts of celebrities and socialites.

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  • Robert Jackson

    Some believe that’s why he was killed

  • Robert Jackson

    Harding was biracial

  • Nancy MacNamara Marcotte

    Please explain the douple lives..not just the names if this is accurate

  • vlc

    The main purpose of marriage is to help ensure the family is taken care of. Surely, cases of men who have found themselves with another family, but have ensured they are taken care of, are to be at least respected for accepting that level of responsibility and being able to deliver. No?

    • Angie Miller

      No – because of the disrespect to the commitment to the first wife and family.

  • Marcus Randolph

    They mention Harding but not other presidents known for having mistresses such as JFK, FDR or Bill Clinton. I’m surprised they didn’t mention Charles Lindbergh who had a second family.

  • Kai

    I think I’ll bow out of this thread too many political trolls trolling trying to get reactions out of people…

  • Kai

    I wonder if that movie starring Will Smith (forgot the name..one of his first roles ) was based on this David Poitier character and con..

  • enochmubarak

    Rather true or false it is poor taste to mention Johnnie Cochran in such a light. Even a tombstone says something nice about a person when they are down….Shame on you and…….GRADE F.

  • Richie Henry Campbell


  • phillip

    What an utterly useless website. are you that desperate for money that you need to employ every advertisier on the internet?? eesh, this is what is wrong with the internet today,

  • my

    And Johnnie Cochran was also devil-worshipper, belonged to the church of satan and was performing a human sacrifice at OPUS Temple 1 (disguised as a winery in California near Bohemian Grove) while the OJ verdict was about to be read.

  • steve

    Johnnie Cochran was one of the most disgusting humans in the history of this country. Evil was his middle name, and it’s no surprise what he did to his own family. He would have slit the throat of his own child for enough money.

  • 1VikingsFan

    I bet Clinton is related to Harding somewhere on the family tree…

  • 6PUNK7


  • heathkits

    What about Barry Soetoro Indonesian Muslim Student – aka Barack Hussein Obama, Presidential impostor and well known liar?

  • I AIN’T HARDLY SURPRISED about Johnny!!!!!!

  • R Hugh Sirius

    Cochrane was also a cockroach.

  • krydan

    Spitzer spent $80 thou on some tang? I hope they weren’t Spitzers for that kind of money!

  • mds

    Case closed. Either monitored by Obama; or paid by Obama to delete truthful posts.
    You deleted me 3X. Need I say more.

    • missj247

      I can see your post just fine. It makes no sense, but I can see it.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      Yes. All 500 of your posts are here. And also, this site is moderated by owners for spam links, profane or derogatory language, etc. (which is clearly stated above the comments sections with the title” Comment Disclaimer”), so since they own the site, your statements can be deleted .
      Now, go back to your padded cell and stay there.

  • mds

    If you don’t want to post it. at least show us Michele’s birth record showing she was female.
    Show us when the Muslim, Barry Sotoro, changed his name to Barrack Obama; or that he was born in Hawaii as he claims. And show us the birth records of their supposedly “home-born” children.
    The Obama’s are as double a life as it gets.

    • Derrick Thompson

      I just wonder how people like you even managed to put their socks on. You’re dumber and more ignorant than a blind Cow. My apologies to the Cows of the world.

      • heathkits

        he’s right

        • Likewaterforchoc

          And anyone who agrees with the same guy who calls Michelle O a transgender is even dumber. smh

  • mds

    Looks like BHO and the CIA are monitoring me. My original post was taken down.
    What the heck; I’ll say it again.
    BHO is a down-low bi-sexual Pakistani Citizen and Michele (AKA Michael) is a transgender “First Queen”.
    Have the guts to print it. I don’t care if they wanna hunt me for stating the obvious.

    • Likewaterforchoc

      “Stating the obvious, huh? Like the fact that you’ve seen a transgender push a baby out of their vagina, the fact that you slept with a guy who has slept with Barack or the fact that you’re an idiot? You choose.

    • Richie Henry Campbell

      relax–he’s not a Saint but he’s not Satan either – but he has to stop promoting homosexuality – The Very Rev Dr. Martin Luther King would never agree with that.

  • mds

    How about the Obamas.
    A Muslim bisexual; who is a citizen of Pakistan; here under a false name. And a transgender first “queen” of the Whitehouse who’s real name is Michael; with adopted kids.
    Now that tops the list.

    • Macy’s Mom

      You obviously did not take your anti-psychotic medications today and you are decompensating.

  • Macy’s Mom

    Don’t forget the racist Strom Thurmon who had several black children.

    • mds

      So did Lincoln. Old Abe loved his slaves more than you know.

      • Jim Reilley

        And Jefferson

        • Likewaterforchoc

          Everyone knows about Jefferson. But Strom Thurmond, the Great Segregator, whom I’ve met and is was definitely “handsy” was a shock too many and was not found out until late in his life and after death.

          • Macy’s Mom

            More people than you know knew about his black children, it was kept quiet because the media protected him and this was seldom written about in the newspapers.

  • <3 Addison Montgomery

    damn 2 outtah 7 are white… a bit one sided

    • heathkits

      consistent with other criminal stats

    • surfside

      And I guess you think OJ is innocent? Wake up, bro.

  • cree seveb

    Cochran does not belong on this list thought his pic is the teaser for this slide show. Cheating on one’s spouse would put better than 70% of celebs on this list. I thought he was going to be revealed for working decades in freeing political prisoner and former Black Panther, Jeronimo Pratt.

    • steve

      Cochran did far more than that, if you’ll bother to read about him. He’s one of the most vile characters in the history of this country, and would’ve slit the throat of his child for enough money.

      • Angie Miller

        Wow – that’s rich. Why do you people lie so much? Why are right wingers so pathological? The only thing Cochran did to you was be black.

        • steve

          … and be the most evil person in the world, regardless of his color.

    • momsaid

      Aiding and abetting OJ in his spread-out fingers technique, making it look like the glove ‘didn’t fit’, which kept a double-murderer on the street for over a decade, is enough of a character reveal for me.

      • Angie Miller

        I don’t think you really know what that phrase means. Cochran was his defense attorney. He had a duty to defend him. Its not his fault that he did a great job of that. The prosecution should have tried harder.

        • momsaid

          No, I’m saying that he was just as reprehensible in public as he was in private. Watching his client purposely deceive the jury and doing nothing about it is malpractice and contempt of court. He didn’t do a ‘great job’, he did a ‘snow job’.

  • L Karamazov

    A rich man in Los Angeles is expected to have mistresses, even if her identity isn’t known its assumed. The chances of a rich powerful man not having affairs is astronomically low.

    • heathkits

      Another point for Romney. He as been able to control his zipper, when so few can.

      • Jim Reilley

        That you know of…….since you have intimate knowledge of his personal life.
        He’s LDS, he’s more likely to have financial sins.

  • Freddy West

    J Edgar Hoover was the biggest shame of the USA administration . this cross dressing little fat boy was getting humped by the CIA poof boys lmao

  • StinkTube_BinGooed

    What kind of lame quidnuck talebearing site is this? This site sucks… too much advertisement.

    • gonzales27


  • Bill Murdock

    Then there was the guy whose birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii, but he was listed as an Indonesian at his own registration. I understand that he paid millions of dollars to cover the trail of his personal history, and that he made a notable social note on his personal charisma, in that that virtually every political speech he made someone in the near front rows of the audience was having medical problems and he would call people to their attention in such a sensitive and merciful way. He later stumbled into discussing his ” Muslim faith, ” a statement which he recounted very quickly. as a tribute to the intelligence of the American voter, in recognition of our overwhelming liberal thinking, as a result educational institutional liberalism, he went on to get himself elected President of the United States. nobody would believe this if it weren’t true.

    • Macy’s Mom

      YOU are a stupid bigoted LIAR.

      • heathkits

        Typical immature liberal response to a viewpoint that does not agree with theirs: a personal insult – usually in the Gruber format that everyone else is stupid and they, the anointed elite, are intellectually and morally superior.

        • hank koopa

          typical immature republican response. oh the liberal elite! boohoo just cause ur too dumb to get into college u attack everyone smarter and more successful than u

          • heathkits

            BSEE NJIT
            MSEE UVM
            JD GWU
            Practicing Patent Law

            • hank koopa

              and yet ur still an idiot

          • Dave Algonquin


            And you call other people dumb?!

    • Sillysally

      Good post, Bill, I agree wholeheartedly. But watch out, you’ll make those ignorant voters mad talking about their “god”. I like how he was against same sex marriage BEFORE his election and then after he was all for it. He said he was “enlightened” all of a sudden. Yeah right. How dumb can people be to believe that bunch of bull? He lied, folks! Duh. One could write a very thick book on just his lies alone.

      • Macy’s Mom

        Get an education jackass, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.:

      • hank koopa

        yeah cause republicans never lie or change their minds. derp

    • Jim Reilley

      No one cares. Not one bit.

  • art alcala

    so what was “if it don’t fit u must acquit” other life?

    • steve


  • ReadMyLips88

    The biggest omission to me is Chuck Barris. How could the CIA-trained host of the Gong Show not make this list?

  • chaka1

    This was the dumbest post ever. It was difficult to flip all these pages as well.

  • darnthealarm

    Not surprised about Cockman…

  • Andrew Curlutu

    Yes, well, philandering males aren’t exactly news. It’s as old as King David during the time of the Kings. It is slightly odd that JFK, whose favorite pastime was deflowering virgins while married, and Bill “The Prince of Perversion” Clinton didn’t make the list. Then again, at least in the Clockwork Yokel’s case, it was only a secret to radical feminists, because they loved his stance on “women’s issues” and were willing to give him a pass on his tendency to put women UNDER a pedestal, among other juvenile and puerile behavior.

    • ray

      Speak of a double-life……… What about J. Edgar Hoover?

      • Andrew Curlutu

        Well, ANYBODY who knows anything the USA’s past and about the Black Hand knows about HM. He was the FBI director who was bugging everybody in sight (figuratively and literally) just like the NSA of today, but current technology makes it far more thorough and widespread in the NSA’s case. It is also rumored that he and FBI at the time were trying to claim the Black Hand didn’t exist or wasn’t really a problem because he and other highly placed people were being blackmailed into doing so (one of the Black Hand’s favorite and more useful tactics to keep the Feds and law enforcement away and prevent them from being am even worse nuisance involving their “rackets” like shopkeepers paying “protection,” loan-sharking, gambling, prostitution, etc.) and in Hoover’s case, not revealing what they had on him about his cross-dressing and other unsavory activities. More modern examples include Congressmen who won’t leave the male pages alone, Newt Gingrich, and more recent Congressman Liplock. Anything to add, or did I miss anything?

      • mds

        BHO would have enjoyed J Edgar. They could have gone to the bathhouses together.

        • gonzales27

          he had reggie love for that-couldn’t have done it with a white

      • key

        I was also ecpecting that name to show up.

  • shorty5704

    What are you so wired and angry about? Is your life that pathetic? Get help.

  • fredsook

    Giggidy, Giggidy goo!

  • Wixell Bickford

    This should be called People You Could Care Less About – what is this pathetic site?

    • carledgar

      I’d rather call it People one could NOT care less about. Obviously you have other things that you care less about than this, Wixell (are you related to the Hampshire Bickfords by the way?)

      • steve

        Carl: Sadly, the person you corrected will not even understand it. Education and correct speaking are denigrated arts these days.

    • Aj

      why are you on if it’s pathetic?

  • Pelham123Guy

    And Charles Kuralt, bigamist.

    • Henry Ballard

      We have people who do not bother to read about past event, but take the present as being always.

    • I guess it was easy for him to do since he was “On The Road” so much.

  • Dale Holmgren

    Hmmm, bring up Warren Harding as having a second life, but leaving out Bill Clinton? What – too obvious?

    • steve

      Yeah – there are a lot like Clinton … not newsworthy.

    • gonzales27

      libs look after each other

      • hank koopa

        aww boohoo. lil republican got his feelings hurt

        • gonzales27

          My feelings are not easily hurt by liberal Dems,nice try though

    • Likewaterforchoc

      Bill Clinton was pretty well-publicized unlike Warren Harding (who was fairly successful in keeping in from exploding into news), so I wouldn’t consider it a secret double-life.
      Although, by the looks of you, I know you’re just here to politicize things by choosing one of many people listed by trolling a site that specifically caters to black women.

      • Angie Miller

        Why…Jesus…why the helll do racist trolls always come on black websites to talk crap? Why would you turn on your computer and purposely type in “MadameNoir” or “worldstar” or any other black website and go there…to talk crap??? It makes no sense. Its like people who go on youtube and look for videos of Farrakhan to talk ish. I don’t get it. I’ve never had the urge to go on countrymusic . com to tell people how much I can’t stand rednecks. I try and stay far far far FAR away from people and ideaologies I already know I don’t like. I just don’t get it.

    • JacPo

      But did Bill Clinton really have a “double life”? If they include him they would have to include every an who went outside of their marriage.

    • julie

      Maybe because now-a-days having a kept Mistress isn’t news?

  • Dawnsana

    Mmh, was David Hampton the inspiration for the movie “Six degrees of Separation?”

    • Centavo X

      Yes, he was indeed.

    • Kai

      Same question I had..details sound similar.

  • Doll Phace

    Men having second families are nothing new. Try ” multiple”