Exclusive: Hazel-E Isn’t Surprised By Yung Berg’s Alleged Altercation With Masika; Says He’s Been Aggressive With Her In The Past

November 5, 2014  |  


Earlier today, it was revealed that Yung Berg was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” co-star Masika Tucker. Moments ago, we were able to catch up with Hazel-E, who is an ex-lover and co-star of the rapper as well. Apparently, she found out about the alleged fight just like everyone else did.

“I read the reports and I have no clue what’s going on. That’s not my business or my problem.”

Interestingly, Hazel doesn’t seem too surprised by the accusations, as Berg has behaved aggressively towards her in the past as well.

“I mean, as you see in episode six, there was an altercation with us in the car and you see that he didn’t, you know, restrain me or walk away. He definitely engaged back with me in that car scene and dumped my purse all over the street.

So you know, with my experience with him in that scene alone, I felt like you never defended yourself when you got your chain snatched or when you got hit in the back of your head, but you were ready to tussle with me in the vehicle. It raises an eyebrow for me.”

As previously reported, a source close to the situation is alleging that Masika and Berg’s fight occurred after his credit card was declined during a night of partying.

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  • Aisha

    She still talking about Berg? Why? Hazel move on and let it go.

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  • guest

    Did anyone notice that no matter whats going on Hazel always finds a way to make it all about her! She could have left it as “I have no clue whats going on, ” but instead she had to rehash the car incident where she clearly attacked him!!! The bottom line is Berg should not put his hands on any woman. The act doesnt make him seem any more manly it actually makes him seem like a B!tc@.

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  • Leelee

    Hazel is all like “sheeet dodged that bullet” lolol

  • mmmdot

    That gremlin is a completely misogynistic, feminine acting, petty little bxtch who bullies and batters women instead of fighting men….but Hazel-E needs to shush at this point because she just keeps making herself look thirsty, desperate, and crazy. Sometimes “No comment” is the BEST thing to say.

  • Miss M

    pancake tatas. get a push up girl.

  • DeAnn805

    Hazel E is simply saying that given his past behavior she isn’t surprised that he put hands on Messy-ka. She isn’t playing the victim and she wasn’t playing the victim when he broke her heart. Yung Berg clearly agreed when she asked him to be a better man to her and “work on a better us”. They were lovers and her feelings toward him were real regardless if his weren’t. The next time she brought up her feelings was after he took her out to dinner and ended up in her bed for the night. It wasn’t until the following morning that he back tracked and left her crying. That night at the awards it was Messy-ka who spotted him with someone else and it was Messy-ka who wanted to confront him in the first place. Unfortunately, it was Hazel who ended up looking like the crazy one. Hazel isn’t some delusional stalker, she was simply a woman who wanted more from a man who didn’t want the same things.

    • crystal

      I agree an i thought Teairra Marie and Masika were both foolish in trying to school Hazel E about her relationship and call her delusional when clearly the men that both women were dating treated them like hoes too. Oh, the irony. I knew Hazel would get the last laugh.

  • enlightenment

    I can’t take Hazel E seriously because of how long this dumb fool was on Berg’s d*** for the last decade. And If she’s using that scene as “proof”, she can shove exhibit A up her @ss. SHE is the one that lunged at Berg. Of COURSE he’s going to push you away.

    Just wondering…why does it “raise eyebrows” when Berg was tussling with her in the car? What the heck kind of reaction is she expecting when she lunges to hit someone?

  • soisaid

    she should see that incident as dodging a bullett

  • Pennylane22

    Okay Hazel, We KNOW you having the proverbial LAST LAUGH at Messy Masika getting roughed up by BabyBoy Berg. Go on girl, Have At It! And Hope you aint planning to rush over to Berg to “comfort” him when he gets outta jail. I hope Hazel gets some therapy to help her gain some Self-Esteem. It was sad to watch her begging that boy to love her when he CLEARLY WAS NOT FEELIN HER! PS – She looks pretty in this pic.

  • candy cane

    But yet and still she STAYS chasing after this NEGRO……EVERY show and every other scene she is trying to get this NEGRO’s attention…..OMG

  • Trini_Angel

    So that means no more crying over him Hazel? Please tell me ur done degrading urself over this loser!! Let someone else handle that baggage!!

  • Virginia Alexander


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  • Christina K

    Her makeup looks nice in this photo. That aside, LLHHH is a horrible show to watch. With women like that as role models to young girls- it’s very disheartening. Loads of makeup, hair…expensive clothes. All aspirants to nothingness.

    • chrissy

      It’s actually the better one of three installments of the love and hip hop series

  • Lilacbenson

    Yet you fckd him for ten years . I bet youre not surprised.

  • yoda

    IDK why I’m in moderation…didn’t say anything bad

  • hi-liter

    She isn’t that old, so why does her tig-ol-bittys look like flap jacks?

    • Kiki

      Lol……photoshop, plastic surgery and push up bras have us convinced that all women of a certain age have perky boobs. Not so. Breast shape tends to be genetic. Breasts like hers run in my family…..and it’s from the time the start developing……age is a non factor.

      • hi-liter

        OK, I get it, I’m a woman and mine aren’t as perky as they used to be either and so for that reason I wouldn’t wear that style of dress. But that’s just me.

    • septbeauty

      Prime example of us being too hard on one another. Her breasts have nothing to do with this article yet time is being taken to discuss them in a negative manner. Smh.

      • hi-liter

        Please, the picture is up there, and I commented on it because I wanted too.

        • septbeauty

          And that’s ur right as a person to say what/how u feel. I’m just going the same.

          • hi-liter

            Well, If we ALL have rights to OUR own opinion, then read the comments and keep it moving.

            • septbeauty

              Oh u really mad hunh? Lol good day. Also learn how to use “too” in the right context.

              • hi-liter

                Mad, for what? good day to you as well, and stop checking for me. And also, what exactly are you trying to spell with hunh?

                • septbeauty

                  Honestly i wasn’t checking for you in the first place. I think in general as women we are too hard on one another’s appearance, and i felt the need to say that through your post because you talked about her appearance. If anybody else would’ve said that i would’ve commented on their post. I don’t even know you to be coming for u so it’s not that deep. I’m not here for the back and forth, I’m just trying to express my opinion just like everybody else.

  • Shannon Sescoe

    But she’s still sweating him ? Girl bye.

  • I’m Just Saying

    This girl is crazy. She was aggressive towards him but somehow because he didn’t simply walk away it’s his fault? I need her to stop being the victim and take responsibility for her own actions. As far as Berg hitting Masika…I’m never surprised when I see a poor excuse for a person making poor decisions.

    • musiiq

      She never said it’s his fault or placed any blame at all for that matter, she just used that as an example of his documented aggression towards women..