Laz Alonso Clarifies Comments On Donald Sterling: “I Made A Mistake In Speaking Before I Had All The Facts”

April 28, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

This morning we ran a story on what appeared to be Laz Alonso’s defense of LA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, noting that over the weekend the actor had sent out a few side-eye worthy tweets about the 81-year-old’s current racist PR crisis, which read:

“Why r they makin such a big deal about #DonaldSterling?. He was arguing with his girl who was clearly baiting him 2 say those things @clippers … In arguments of passion & despair people say horrible things they dont truly feel @clippers @ESPNLosAngeles #DonaldSterling … Making racial comments when either #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!! #Relax #emotions #passion @NBA @ESPNLosAngeles … Everybody acts holier than thou until u do the same. Dude was feeling insecure. End of story.”

We weren’t the only ones who had a “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis” sort of reaction to Laz’s comments, but today the star reached out to us to clarify his remarks and help us better understand the perspective he was coming from and where he currently stands on the Sterling debacle now that he has all the facts. Check out the convo below:

Can you clarify your initial tweet questioning why people were making a big deal about Sterling?

“I made a mistake in speaking before I had all of the facts. First of all, I didn’t know any of Donald Sterling’s history prior to me tweeting that and that was my mistake. Had I known all of the history that this guy has, as far as racial discrimination and real estate discrimination, then that would’ve totally changed the way that I heard the conversation.

“At the time, when I tweeted that only part of the phone call had come out. I listened to the entire tape last night and the things that were said were disgusting. The part that I was tweeting about was specifically related to the pictures that he wanted her to take down and what I heard was a man who is extremely powerful and extremely wealthy, and old, and no matter how much money he has on the planet, he cannot get [his young girlfriend] to stop doing something that he’s trying to control. He thinks she’s one of his possessions.”

“The point that I was trying to make was that it sounds like an insecure, over-controlling, wealthy dude who is heartbroken and is trying to control this young girl and he can’t. And another thing that I heard is a man who is tremendously intimidated by Black men because no matter how much money he has he knows that his old behind can’t do what the guys in the pictures that she’s taking them with, and is obviously attracted to, can do. He’s trying desperately to give her everything under the world to make her obey, but he can’t control her. I heard desperation, and within that desperation, I heard an insecurity to black men, and racism, but at the core of what we were listening to was a man who was insecure and powerless, regardless of how much money he has. That’s what I was attempting to get at, not defend a person that I don’t know and I have no invested interest in.

“I did not know this guy’s back story before I spoke and I should’ve. I can admit that there were some tweets that could’ve been better thought out before I started a debate.”

What disciplinary action would you like to see taken in response to Sterling’s comments?

“I’ve never seen an owner disciplined. Fining, I think, is a slap on the wrist  because he has so much money. What can you fine a billionaire that’s in the late years of his life? He’s fine; he’ll keep it moving. I think if the NBA truly ran the business as what they call them, which is franchises — if any franchisee breaks their franchise agreement with a corporation, then they can get their licensee agreement taken from them. The only thing I think the NBA can truly do to make a statement is to take away the Clippers franchise from him. A fine is something he would gladly pay and continue to be racist.”

Do you think the Clippers players should be responding differently?

“When people talk about players and actor and athletes, they have to also think about themselves. If you found out that your boss was racist, would you quit? People expect this dramatic action by the players and I get it. That’s their Muhammad Ali moment, but take it back to yourself. Most people know if their boss is racist or not and they continue to deal with it. I can’t point the finger at the Clippers players and say they did enough or they didn’t do enough. I believe that, like Magic Johnson said, ‘you guys’ fight is on the basketball court. Let us handle this. We’re handling this fight.’ Whatever it is that Magic is doing behind the scenes is going to handle this.”

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  • Oh, so it’s a case of putting his foot in his mouth and chewing? I’ve got a nice, steaming pile of “shut the fxck up” he can have, but only after he’s done with his humble pie.

    #LetsStopPayingAttentionToTheIgnorant. K?

  • straight_up

    Did people miss the part where sterling correctly states that blacks are disliked worldwide? He said blacks are treated like less than dogs in Israel. I don’t think the man should be punished for privately stating what myself and other enlightened blacks already know, and that is everyone dislikes black folks, including black folks.

  • straight_up

    Laz was right the first time, and I suspect those were and are still his true feelings. The thing is, black folks need to realize that as long as there is white supremacy controlling the power structure, blacks will ALWAYS experience racism. Racism is NEVER going away black folks…as a matter of fact, it is going to get worse for us as caucasian power diminishes and hispanic power rises.
    I really don’t get the big point. So Sterling is racist and doesn’t like black…so what? Black people will be surprised to learn that most of your favorite white people DO NOT like blacks. You should hear them behind closed doors.

    To the LA Clipper players, my stance is: if you don’t like working for racist, then quit and start your own damn team.

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  • Help these Fools

    I won’t come to this site again, What’s up with deleting peoples comments. They deleted like 2 comments and 2 replies

  • Libby

    He showed his true colours “Making racial comments when either
    #roadraging or #arguing with a lover does not count!!! #Relax” The rest
    of the world heard the same thing he heard and was disgusted but he felt
    it was so acceptable it should be defended. I can only guess what he
    says in a fight. I’m grateful that he showed what kind of a man he
    really is so now we all know and can vote with our remote controls.

  • BabyBlue

    So, just because I said that his apology was a little to late my comment gets deleted? I h a t e this site

    • Just My Opinion

      LOL @ BabyBlue. You’re forever saying MN deletes your comments!!! I am always ROTF laughing at you and your comments! You know how to get a laugh out of me.

      • BabyBlue

        Lol because they do. I was the first one to comment on this article. And these (insert the name calling here) delete it like I said something horrific. I’m glad to make you laugh but, you really can’t if they keep deleting my comment. This can’t be life…

    • Libby

      They did the same with mine so I wrote o NBC instead as they pay his bills.

      • BabyBlue

        Oh really? I didn’t know he was still employed with them hmm

        • Libby

          He has a holding deal with them and a new show in the works (imdb it as I don’t want to give it/him press) so I emailed them and the production companies. I don’t want to see this man on screen again. When you’re to the right of Rush Limbaugh on an issue you really need to take a look at yourself in my opinion.

          • mmmdot

            LMAO!!! @ “When you’re to the right of Rush Limbaugh on an issue you really need to take a look at yourself in my opinion.” It’s really sad, too though. When black people like him excuse white racism, white racists can always point to them and say “Well *he* didn’t think it was racist and *he’s* black too!!!” Then they get to call black people oversensitive and say we’re making it up, and claim that WE are the racist ones for thinking that all white people are racist. That way they never have to just be accountable for their racism and try to change it. I’m tired of racists and I’m tired of go-along-to-get-along black people like him. Did you know that Conservatives are gearing up to go after ANOTHER part of the Voting Rights act, because we’re so “post-racial” now? These white conservative racists aren’t trying to get us to vote for them, they’re trying to prevent us from voting *AT ALL*. We can’t have black people like him standing in the way of us presenting a UNITED FRONT in the face on an onslaught of institutional racism.

          • purplekisses

            I think u went way to far with that…smh. What if someone tried to take your way of living away? He made a mistake as we all do. U have to let GOD do his work. Remember…when someone tries to hurt another it comes back full cycles. (Something to think about)

    • mmmdot

      LMAO!! That’s really fxcked up. I liked your comment. And I’m not sure why it got erased when a lot of folks pretty much said the same thing.

      • BabyBlue

        If you look at the feed a lot of comments got deleted. This makes me want to read the NY Times

        • mmmdot


  • BevB

    The old “foot in mouth disease”! Laz will NEVER speak again before knowing what he’s talking about. It’s a lesson learned. We’ve all done it. Move on…

  • Patricia

    You really have to think before you speak.

  • Yolanda Hinton

    Way to apologize….and recant …I respect tht bc I wasnt going to support anything else he did

  • PuLLitYouWnt

    you don`t say? well can`t say i feel sorry for you. it`s not like you miss spoke about an issue that wasn`t a big deal. you knew it was a hot button topic and it was racially charged. you made a classic social media mistake and sadly you can`t take it back now. smh

  • provokethought

    Looks like he reconsidered when he realized that his pockets were going to feel the effects of his crazy comments.

  • justice

    Obviously he can’t hear..because if he listened to the tape,,it says it all you don’t need to know anything else about that ignorant racist bigot!

  • CAliQueen

    Damage control! Laz should have known better. I had no clue who Donald Sterling was prior to hearing his r@cist rant but I heard enough in the beginning of the audio to know that the man on that tape was an old school r@cist with a $lave m@ster mentality.

    • Help these Fools

      Well said and true anyone with common sense can see that is the case

  • Fulton Price

    Handling…how? By being a silent doormat like most Black men always do? 91% of police brutality victims are Black men….you see any of them talking about it? That’s why you’re not respected…you don’t respect and stand up for yourselves.

  • Andiegurl

    I like that he was able to admit he was wrong for speaking prematurely, but even without knowing the background of Sterling’s other racial involvements, how was he able to ignore the very blatant racial statements in that phone call, and just chalk it up to the man being old and insecure. Like what??? I’m not understanding how anyone is defending this. What more does the guy need to do? Does he need to publicly state his feelings towards blacks in order for some folks to get it? I know that with this whole idea that we’re living in a post racial society, that some folks find it hard to believe that there are racist people out there…well here’s a wake up call.

  • mmmdot

    Please, how come what everybody heard was enough to tell *US* that old fxck was racist? How come the rest of *US* knew what we were hearing? Black people are not stupid or oversensitive and I’m tired of racist white people and their ignorant black lackees like this one insulting our sense of fxcking intelligence. We’ve had 400 years of dealing with racism, we fxcking know what all forms racism look like by now! Just because he wants to sit up here and be willfully ignorant about how prevalent and pervasive racism is, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to. He can play dumb about the STRUCTURAL and OMNIPRESENT nature of racism all he wants to. Let’s see how far that gets his moronic a$$ dealing with the police. OR when he’s shopping. OR if he walks down the street in the wrong neighborhood. This is bullshxt: “I did not know this guy’s back story before I spoke and I should’ve.” . I think this is a lie, and he’s trying to play off the fact that he either can’t recognize racism when it’s right in front of his face, or he makes excuses for racist white people. I don’t know what the fxck is wrong with people like him and Clarence Thomas, but they BOTH need to Google institutional racism and read a fxcking book.

    • mmaohio33

      Stfu You had to deal with nothing…you think you are going through the same thing that blacks went through during slavery or segregation. ..get the hell out of here you have it so much better now ,you have it better than most whites…you by far are just as racist as Sterling so how are you better …and if your white and walk down a street in a predominantly black neighborhood you’ll get harassed just as much or if not a lot more than the other way around so that argument is ridiculous… You bring police up and I can guarantee you that you’ve never had any problems from the scream racist for sterling but what are you,your comments are just as bad ..your not interested in a solution to racism and hate but just to spread more hate your no better no better than sterling..

      • mmmdot

        Kick rocks, you RACIST WHITE TRASH BXXCH. The only UNEDUCATED, IGNORANT and quite clearly RACIST ONE IS YOU. You’re already on the fxcking internet so take your ignorant white a$$ to Google, look up “Examples of Institutional Racism”, and then SHUT THE FXCK UP.

        • Guest

          YEEESSSSSSSS.. Thank you mmmdot. I am so tired of ignorant people acting like institutional racism (that is very rampant today) is not as corrosive as slavery, the black codes, jim crow…etc. G-T-F-O-H with that nonsense….

          • mmmdot

            LOL, thank you girl. Some of these ignorant white mofos seriously need to read a fxcking book. What do they think the reason that black people are more likely to be in jail due to non-violent drug crimes is coincidence? Particularly when it’s been shown that black people and white people use drugs at the same rate? And that is just ONE of the many ways that institutional racism sabotages black people. Some of these dummies need to go back to school and learn something before they talk.

            • Guest

              Girl, yes!! Tell it like it is!! 🙂

          • AbigailTea

            Please do not compare racism today to Slavery.

      • Jamilbeatz

        if this person is black that your talkin to then you the stupid one bro. how could you speak on the behalf of black people and your not ?? a lil odd bro.

  • number1bigdaddy

    i feel sorry for the blacks that work for there master

    • mono

      in the words of Paul Mooney, he’s a gram cracker.

  • adub

    he’s always trying to downplay his ‘black side’ i’m not surprised …

  • TrillProphecies93

    Pathetic wanna be white biracial who is so mixed up he can’t see that one drop rule will always have him far from white! You can side with them all you want they still will never care for you. White man always finds one of our own to do the dirty work for him! Paid koons like this are only used by the white man to tap dance for him, you know shuck and jive but hey I never liked the guy that much any way. He ruined himself with his stupid comments. Its okay Laz you can go back to the plantation know with these other fools, oh wait I forget he’s mixed so he will be in the house with massa!

    • Azucar13

      Yeah uhm most folks that want to be white don’t go to HOWARD!!! You all sound ridiculous!! SMH!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Oh so nooooooooooow u know…yeah ok

  • Jessica

    Whatever LAZ, too late for the apologies. Damage is already done. You showed people who you really are, we all know you are bi-racial and the fact you defended this racist before in your words “getting all the facts” says alot about you.
    When people show you who they are the first time believe them…..that’s my comment for you Laz

  • Guest

    Whatever LAZ, too late for the apologies. Damage is already done. You showed people who you really are, we all know you are bi-racial and the fact you defended this racist before in your words “getting all the facts” says alot about you.
    When people show you who you are the first time believe them…..that’s my comment for you Laz

  • Guest

    Whatever LAZ, too late for the apologies…Damage is already done. You showed people who you really are, we all know you are bi-racial and the fact you defended this racist before in your words “getting all the facts” says alot about your. When people show you who you are the first time believe them…..that’s my comment for you Laz

    • Azucar13

      What is all of this stupid and UNIFORMED bi-racial stuff??? He is NOT biracial…2 Black parents from a country other than the United States does not make you biracial. What schools are turning out these misinformed people??? You might want to LEARN some history so you’d KNOW that only 2% of the enslaved Africans ended up in the U.S. which MEANS for the SLOW that 98% percent of us ended up in other countries like oh I don’t know CUBA. The school system is a FAILURE!!! So trying to use his ethnicity to discredit him has actually made you all look foolish!!

      • Help these Fools

        I personally don’t give two Sh*ts what you are saying…It’s obvious his parents FAILED him if he needs the full background of a racist man’s background or needs to hear the full recording before he could confirm what the rest of us knew immediately….You are seriously campaigning for him LMAO, you are the slow one. LAZ is that you???

        • Olivia

          I don’t think this person is campaigning for him. They are merely trying to point out that Laz is not bi-racial as many have suggested. He is a black man with two black parents, a descendant of slaves, just like most African Americans. I find Laz’s comments and rebuttal to be problematic as I noted in my initial comment, but people need to stop attributing his ignorance to him being biracial because he is not. In fact, the fact that he is a black man makes his comments even more disturbing.

          • Help these Fools

            Point taken, I agree with that.

  • sue

    All the people who are saying that the damage is done, on want Laz said over the weekend.
    Needs to quit everybody on this site has said or done something stupid in your life, because last time I checked nobody is perfect. And everybody has had a stupid moment in there life. So cut it out, the man said that he made a mistake and he corrected it. Just like all of us will and have made mistakes. I guess all of you should not be forgiving either when that time comes. Also nobody is always on point, we have all miss read or heard things wrong in our life. So look at yourself before you judge. As far as this Donald goes, he will get what he deserves. Trust me in the end GOD takes care of everything weather you believe it or not. Lastly I am a black female who loves being a black female. But we do not treat each other or respect each other that great either.

    • Help these Fools

      Damage is done. In the illustrious words of Maya Angelou — “The First time someone shows you who they are, believe them”

    • purplekisses

      Yes Sue, they need to stop with that!

    • Todd Bridges

      We are not perfect, but when you sign up to be an actor you are put in a spotlight that the average person is not afforded. So if you want to keep making more money than a public school teacher, then shut your mouth or get your facts straight before you open it.

    • Jamilbeatz

      You can say whatever. The damage is already done.

  • Jessica

    Laz is Bi-racial and clearly he is backtracking now due to the backlash he’s been receiving. He’s an idiot and his reasoning behind defending Donald Sterling before hearing the full tape just doesn’t cut it with me. Lost a fan, that’s all that I am saying. I do not view him the same way. Just plain stupid. Also I notice on facebook only the posts saying “that’s okay” “we forgive you” etc are being posted.. They are trying to clean up his mess right now. My guess is his PR had to step…WOW

    • TrillProphecies93

      He is a tragic biracial cuban isn’t white its still black so either way he is a black man with a spanish name. But let him tap dance for massa we all know this dudes career is basically non existent anyway. He is still a wanna be white house nigg@ loser back to the fields with him! Hell he will be joining 90% of black male celebrities anyway this is the year of the koons!

      • Help these Fools

        I know… He’s all messed up and like Donald Sterling he let people know how he felt the FIRST time. I am not falling for the recant, retraction of his first statement, his PR had to step in and probably told him his statements was career suicide (what’s left of it). In the illustrious words of Maya Angelou — “The First time someone shows you who they are, believe them”

    • mmaohio33

      So your disliking someone for a few comments…they weren’t racist comments but comments you don’t agree with so now he lost a fan and has had all this backlash for’s kind of ridiculous

      • purplekisses

        I agree, people need to stop acting like they sh*t don’t stink. Laz owned up to it and apologize. What more do ya’ll want? Us black people love to keep kicking each other when we’re down…smh

      • Help these Fools

        Yes!!! Maybe he will think twice and “get all the facts” before he makes such a reckless comment on something the next time. This was career suicide and reckless on his part. Besides his excuse for stating what he said to justify Donald Sterlings comments made no sense (I know I’m not the only one that read the article above and gave him the side eye….. AGAIN)……Oh so NOW he heard the full recording and he is NOW disgusted….Really LAZ!!!. He’s back peddling now and it’s clear he is doing this. There is no way a black man can hear the comments Donald Sterling made an immediately run to his defense….He needs to gone somewhere with that

    • Azucar13

      Uh Laz is NOT Bi-racial SMDH! He is BLACK as are BOTH of his parents and they are from CUBA. I love all of the internet intellectuals who are coming at his neck but don’t even know the difference between RACE and ethnicity. And folks might want to check HIS track record on mentoring young Black kids, supporting HBCU’s and creating projects that make a difference in our communities…Oh but that wouldn’t give them their 15 minutes of internet fame!

      • Help these Fools

        Well as a BLACK MAN he should have know better… especially if you are stating he’s mentoring Black Kids etc….What message did this send to them initially when he defended this racist….
        His judgement and comment is right in line with the Leon Jenkins in the NAACP, they were about to honor Donald Sterling with a Life time achievement award???? He is recanting his statement now due to the back lash…..If I am LAZ being in the position he knows he is in. You don’t just automatically jump to the defense of someone being accused as a racist without knowing the facts before chiming in, he has much more at stake and much more to lose….I’m Done this is my opinion and from the looks of it several others

  • beemooree

    He doesn’t need to tweet. He needs to come out the closet

  • MissPeaches

    This is a “clean-up on aisle six” response and while I appreciate the effort I have to believe that you meant what you said initially. The excuse that your opinion was changed when you learned of his discriminatory past won’t wash; most of us did not know. I do know that the fair thing to do is to give you time to adjust your mindset so you don’t make these type of comments anymore. Years ago someone was kind enough to cheer me on while I became unbrain-washed and I will be watching for the same thing to happen to you.

  • ThinkPink

    This dude is a backtracking idiot. I didn’t know about Sterling’s past racial discrimination suits, but I know enough to know his statements on that tape were vile and disgusting. And I’m sorry, but his comments about the IG pictures were clearly racist, as well. Does someone need to explain this to Laz Alonzo, slowly and clearly, as if he were 5 years old?

    • straight_up

      No but someone may need to explain it to you. If you listen to the audio, Sterling basically admits that he and his NBA owner friends feel the same way about blacks. Who do you think he was referring to when he asked her not to be broadcasting her social activities with blacks because people will start asking him questions and he has to explain this to his friends and associates who also don’t like black people.

  • Rissie75

    Thank you MN!!! He was making it seem like you guys was hiding part of his tweet…..I’m happy he admitted he didn’t actully listen to the whole recording. Kudos to you MN!

  • MsClutchedPearls

    I agree, I was disappointed in him, so much so that I unfollowed him on twitter when I read that, but he is human and he owned up to it, so I may add him back. Twitter is just bad PR for anyone who doesn’t know when to not give an opinion. It’s sad but true, celebrity have more to lose by speaking on something~

  • TheBigCheeFa

    i was so disappointed in Dude for defending a bigot

    • chanela

      SO MANY people (black people at that) are defending him. most are blaming the girlfriend for recording him and others are saying that what he said was in private and not a public announcement so he shouldn’t be faulted for that “we have all said politically incorrect things in private” smh

  • PrayingforAnEndToViolence

    Some attractive people should just be that “Attractive”. Don’t comment on any issues. Just stand/sit there and do what you do best.

  • LaToya Shaunice Byrd

    Yes you spoke too soon. You spoke before you realized that people will boycott your butt too. Nut. Your first reaction was genuine dont change it now. This man said he didnt want her bringing blacks to his games. What other facts did you need

    • PuLLitYouWnt

      but what i don`t get is him tryin to paint all interracial relationships like people really talk to their mates like how sterling was talking to this girl. if you have respect for the person you are with you would never tell them some foolishness like that.

      • Jake Westerfield

        its happens though. You cant say this is the ONLY time this happens. It happens everywhere. Racial friction is something that happens within relationships like this. A good example is meeting the other races parents. im pretty sure the one race has a hard time understand the REAL racial injustices of words and ideas that dont come on as strong in their head as it does with the racially sensative race. he said some fucked up things but Idk maybe he should have held his toungue, he seemed like he was trying to do that, but she was baiting and trolling hard. Who would think that such a smart man who is a genius in business would fall for grade school tricks?

        • PuLLitYouWnt

          i didn` t say this is the only time these types of situations occur, but ok. however, i totally agree that he should have had enough sense to know that, that might be the way he feels and he is entitled to his own opinion. however, speaking out loud about it might come back on you if you don`t state your opinion and explain your reasoning. but at this point he admitted he didn`t even know what he was talking about. which is a definite sign of someone who does not think before they speak. sad but true.

  • denise

    His reasoning is still dumb. He didnt sound like a ma who was intimidated in the least bit or afraid that she would cheat on him. He didnt want his friends seeing her with black men or her bringing them to the game. ‘love them in private’ dear.

  • Olivia

    I applaud Laz for taking the opportunity to acknowledge his wildly ignorant and premature comments and offer a clarification. He is an actor, and actors are not always known for their intellectual prowess, so his initial comments do not surprise me. However, I find it hard to believe that an 81 year old white Jew is intimidated by black men. If he were, he would never have had his girlfriend at any of the games at all. After all, the games are a prime display of tall, young and athletic black men. The issue is that he did not want her to be seen with blacks because he views them as inferior and is concerned with how this will be perceived by others. Even if he were jealous, the fact that he isolated race shows what has been in his heart all along. Racism cannot come out of you if it’s not in you in the first place. The fact that Laz could defend any part or snippet of this conversation speaks to his blatant ignorance. Just knowing that a full grown black man could trivialize any part of Sterling’s words without recognizing the outright racial bias behind them is troubling to say the least.

  • Lelee

    I appreciate him being able to look back in hindsight. We all have duh moments and his waa just public. He made an oops and he corrected it. And it makes sense what he saying.

    • PuLLitYouWnt

      wait so you saying he had a duh moment then you turn around and agree with what he said?

  • Kristen

    Sucks to be stupid.

  • wandaarmstrong

    To late for back tracking now bro Smh

    • Gypsy

      True, it’s times like this we know who have our backs and who would betray us.
      Don’t pay any attention to the color, or the status, pay attention to the heart and the tongue.

  • Giggles

    Aww, “He’s so pretty”… Just smile and nod Laz, just smile and nod…..

    • TrillProphecies93

      Pretty without any common sense = nothing good

      • BU

        Or good for nothing

        • starnic


          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


  • BabyBlue

    Damage has already been done bruh….

    • Gigi

      Exactly. I don’t know who is more dumb, him for not having all the facts before speaking or Sterling’s ex-gf in her inability to articulate why his thoughts were racist.

      • BabyBlue

        Like I’ve mentioned in the last post. I’m no longer a fan. I guess his mom didn’t teach him how to think before speaking.

      • Gypsy

        Sterling’s girlfriend is a hero, she didn’t hide or cover up his racism, she exposed him for what he is…That’s what a hero does.

    • Rochelle

      This man is gorgeous. That said why the hell would I or anyone else care what he has to say on ANY topic. Should I see what Vanilla Ice has to say about recycling before I take my bottles to the curb? WHO CARES what these so called “celebs” have to say especially since most of them barely got out of high school and haven’t read a book in years. The celeb worship is sickening.

      • BabyBlue

        I don’t worship nobody but g o d. If he kept his opinions to himself then this wouldn’t be a topic. Who cares what you say?, who cares what I say?, who cares what MN has to say? I don’t care if he’s “gorgeous” nobody was discussing his looks. The cutest ones can be the absolute dumbest.

      • PuLLitYouWnt

        i get your point. but laz actually did go to college and graduate. shouts out to howard U. but that`s what makes me give him the side eye even more. by now you should know not to make off the cuff comments about social/racial issues without being informed. i will say piggy backing of your comment about why should ppl care? i don`t think its that “we” care about what he has to say. my question is why do celebs think we give a damn. i mean if he had said something close to what other celebs were saying we wouldn`t be discussing this. we are talking about it because he made an ignorant comment about a serious issue. i give him props for admitting he was wrong but i don`t see him be able to distance himself from this for a while.