It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: 15 Series Finales We’ll Never Forget

April 14, 2014 ‐ By Meg Butler

A few weeks ago most of the world tuned in to the How I Met Your Mother series finale, but it wasn’t the only television goodbye that had us near tears. Check out our list of 15 other great TV finales we’ll never forget.

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The Cosby Show

Eight years wasn’t long enough and none of us were ready for The Cosby Show to be over in 1992. Theo graduated from NYU, Clair and Cliff waltzed off set and the entire studio audience tried to hold back the tears. We can’t even watch the series finale promo without misting up.


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  • Trudy ‘Mtram’ Rozani

    About the wire: I’m guessing nobody cares about the guy that looks like Dexter (on the poster) as much as Stringer Bell. *cough*

  • Jeremiah

    I was hoping to see ‘M*A*S*H’ on this.

  • AintItAShame

    Notice most of the shows, if not all were black cast shows that weren’t negative. And who made this slide show. I was watching to see The Office on there, if that didn’t make the list, you’ll just dead wrong.

  • bigdawgman

    No mention of the Newhart show ending? That was the most epic ending of all time!

  • Two cents

    Martin show was on a steady decline after the whole Tisha Campbell lawsuit. It was disappointing bc of how great the show was, by the time the finale rolled around I think everyone was begging for an end to the awkward and ridiculous story lines.

  • Cami

    The Parkers! That finale was memorable but disappointing because Nikki should’ve married Johnny instead of Stanley Oglevee. As for Girlfriends and Half and Half, I wish both shows could’ve returned to give all their faithful viewers a proper finale/good-bye.

    • chaka1

      Half and Half was super disappointing.

  • Angel Halo Demeritt

    What about Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?! It was so amazing, and left me misty . How about when Carlton came running out of the bathroom with his pants down?

  • Maria Simpson

    The living Single finale felt empty to me without Regine, it was still nice though.

  • shhhhh

    My wife and kids? Jay was pregnant and that was the end. And Girlfriends..

  • Val

    The series finale I’ll never forget is the one that never happened. Girlfriends fans got done seriously wrong. 🙁

    • chaka1

      That series should have ended with the return on Toni. She and Joan should have made up. That would have been a proper ending.

  • always right

    I love a A Different World. I know most people hate when Hollywood does a remake, but if they could do a remake of this with some of the old cast and some good young actors, I would still watch it. A Different World is still one of my favorite shows even after all of these years.

    • Kambriel

      That show was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to college, I was sadly disappointed lol

    • chaka1

      This show needs to come back. I watch the reruns on TV One and it is more relevant now than ever.


      You are so right!!! Def the reason I attended an HBCU. I’d love to see Dwayne as the new Col. Taylor and Kim Reese as a med school professor. They’d have to get the right young actors tho or else the remake could be all jacked up.

  • ashley79

    When was Martin on NBC?!?! How about some fact checking before posting?

    • Maria Simpson

      you are so right about the fact checking, Synclair on LS did not become a producer, she got a job as an actress. MN should do better.

      • ashley79

        I’m hoping that since they deleted my comment, that they’re correcting the article. -_-

        • Maria Simpson

          Wow, that comment you made was nothing compared to the comments I have seen directed toward MN. SMH!

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    Chris did get his GED. His test score of 735 was posted outside of his truck.

    • Kit23

      I missed the last season of Everybody Hates Chris. Why didn’t he just finish high school? Now I’m going to have to Netflix it or something… (Please tell me what happened)

      • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

        He was late to school too many times, so rather repeat the tenth grade he chooses to get his ged.

  • empresstala

    who picked the these pictures?! where the hell is Kyle Barker in the Living Single pic and LaVita in the Steve Harvey show pic>,> you can’t show Living Single w/o Kyle lol he was my favorite