It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: 15 Series Finales We’ll Never Forget

April 14, 2014  |  
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A few weeks ago most of the world tuned in to the How I Met Your Mother series finale, but it wasn’t the only television goodbye that had us near tears. Check out our list of 15 other great TV finales we’ll never forget.

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The Cosby Show

Eight years wasn’t long enough and none of us were ready for The Cosby Show to be over in 1992. Theo graduated from NYU, Clair and Cliff waltzed off set and the entire studio audience tried to hold back the tears. We can’t even watch the series finale promo without misting up.

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Good Times

America loved the series finale of Good Times because it was one of the only episodes with actual good times. J.J. got a job at a comic company, Thelma’s husband got another football contract and things were finally looking up for the Evans family. (James was still dead though…)

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A Different World

When A Different World Went off the air, it was definitely the end of an era. Dwayne and Ron ended their six-year friendship with a hug, Whitley and Dwayne moved to Japan, and … excuse us, we need a tissue.

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No discussion of crazy series finales can skip out on Lost. We waited six confusing years for this show to wrap up it’s story lines and…nothing.

The finale aired, we were left with more questions than we started with and we’re surprised there weren’t riots in the street.

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Speaking of frustrating endings, do you remember the Moesha finale? Myles was kidnapped, somebody was pregnant and Hakeem made Moesha a proposal.

And we never found out what happened with any of it. UPN pulled the rug out from under the show and left us all hanging…

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The Jamie Foxx Show

Not only did we get to see Jamie and Fancy finally tie the knot, but Gladys Knight, Gerald Levert and E-40 made it one of the most musical goodbyes in TV history.

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The Sopranos

We were all waiting to see if Tony was finally going to get whacked, but all we got was a family chat at a greasy diner and a black screen.

This epic cliff hanger made this one of the most talked about finales in history. But HBO wasn’t the only network not afraid to leave us hanging…

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Everybody Hates Chris

The series finale of Everybody Hates Chris took a page right from The Sopranos finale and ended it at a diner with a cliff hanger.

We appreciate the homage, but we really just wanted to know if little Chris got his GED or not…

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The Bernie Mac Show

When Bernie gave his goodbye speech to America, it felt like Bernie Mac was saying goodbye to all of us.

We lost one of our favorite Kings of Comedy just two years later.

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In the final season of Roseanne, The Connors won the lottery and were living the high life…and then the finale hit.

Turns out, Dan didn’t survive the heart attack after all, The Connors were still dirt poor and we all left one of TV’s best series with the rug pulled out from under us.

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The Wire

We didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Bubbles was clean and sober and Carver was promoted to lieutenant, but McNulty was forced into early retirement and Dukie was shooting up in the alley.

But the finale was messy and complicated just like the show and it was a good goodbye to a few good seasons.

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This may have been one of the most awkward endings in TV history. Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell not only weren’t speaking, they refused to shoot any scenes together.

But they managed to say good bye anyway. Tisha and Martin admitted they really were friends all along, Martin and Gina moved to LA and we all said goodbye to one of Fox’s highest rated shows together.

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Living Single

Kyle and Max were our favorite on-again-off-again sitcom couple. And Max accidentally picking Kyle as her sperm donor baby daddy was the perfect end to five years of dysfunctional flirtation.

Kadijah finally ran away with Scooter, Synclair became a big time actress and happy endings all around made this a bitter sweet ending to one of our favorite sitcoms.

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The Steve Harvey Show

This is one of our favorite finales because Steve finally stopped playing and followed Piggy to California. We were so happy those two finally got together that it was hard to be sad that the series was over.

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Family Matters

Most of us had grown out of Steve’s antics by the time ABC decided to cancel Family Matters’ eight-year run. But we still tuned in to see Steve and Laura start their life together, Eddie follow in his father’s footsteps and everything work out for The Winslows as we said goodbye.

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