Site Called Shesahomewrecker Allows Scorned Wives To Put Their Man’s Mistress On Blast

November 5, 2013  |  

You might have heard about this a while ago, but forgive us for playing catch up–this is too crazy of a concept to pass up on sharing. If you’ve ever found out that your boyfriend or husband was creeping on you, and you know who the other woman is, a site called (She’s A Homewrecker), is allowing women to publicly shame the woman coming in between their relationships.

The site has allowed many women to go on rants about how because of certain women, their children only get to see their father every other weekend, and many go into detail about how their husbands or boyfriends became distant before their affairs were exposed. The site’s “About” page says the following about how the whole thing works:

“They say if you can’t beat them join them, but we say if you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them! is exposing everyone from the Hollywood Homewrecker to the average white picket fence destroying women who just can’t seem to let go of your husbands and boyfriends! Do you have a story to share or a HOMEWRECKER to expose? If so, click the Expose Homewrecker button via the website. Don’t forget to include photos! We LOVE to publish pictures of the Mistress who is driving you mad!”

All kinds of messy right? According to the Daily Mail, the site has exposed more than 500 “other women,” and the state with the most homewreckers on the site so far is Texas with more than 168 women profiled. As the directions go, you are allowed to post the other woman’s name, her PICTURE and even where she’s from. One profile that stuck out to me that was really cold-blooded was this mess below:

“From what this wh*res sister has told me she has a history of destroying families and messing with and sleeping with men who are with other women.  She doesn’t have enough self-respect to have her own boyfriend/husband but instead would rather be sneaky and be everyone’s secret wh*re. She was even married to a much younger guy a couple of years ago.  Yes, finally someone should’ve owned the rights to that dirty snatch, but she still cheated behind his back to and big surprise, she’s divorced and wh*ring around as always. She’s big into talking about how God plays such a huge role in her life and how much she misses her dad but the sad truth is that with all the nasty sneaky crap she does, I don’t think her dad or God would be too proud of her.”

Yikes! If you’re wondering where the blame for the men goes, the woman behind the site, Ariella Alexander, made an announcement recently to let the world know that is on its way:

“Now taking submissions for the cheating MAN that broke your heart!!! will be launching in a few days!! Get your story in now!!!”

The messiness of all of this is astounding. I understand women wanting to have support as they deal with their partner’s infidelity, and when you’re mad at the other woman you want to read her to filth, but as my co-worker said, what’s really the point of a site like this? What are folks really hoping to achieve? It’s one thing to vent, and it’s another to expose people and their personal business (along with your own). And clearly some people agree, because a petition was launched in the summer in the hopes of shutting it down. It’s all a bit much if you ask me. What do you think?

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  • Mercy

    I’m curious if anyone knows about how to get a post down on this site. I submitted it out of hurt but she refuses to take it down now.

  • ben

    I hope someone gets killed because of the site tbh see how they feel about that

  • Mary Strain

    Maybe the wives think there should be consequences for theft. After all, if a person who steals your purse at the mall is a criminal, what does that make a woman who steals the most precious and important thing in your life — your husband? Money can be replaced. Trust, respect and your family unity can’t be, once they’re gone. Why do so many people trivialize the damage this behavior causes?

  • Kelli

    At first I thought, one of the pro’s to a site like this is, people will think twice before cheating then I also thought what if some of the people being blasted on this site gets hurt by some “crazy” who hates cheaters and decides to find them and act on their anger or even worse someone commits suicide because they had been shamed on the site. The website will seem like a good idea till somebody “really” gets hurt as a result. It’s just a matter of time. Think about it.

  • ppt

    I hold both responsible. But really i think if the mistress did stop and say no I am not going to do this with a married man who’s to say another woman would say no? If your marriage is falling apart blaming others for your marriage fault will not make you become bonny and clyde.

  • word

    this is too much

  • GymJunkie43

    That’s the whole problem nowdays. People have no shame so calling the sideline h** out is useless.

  • FromUR2UB

    I went to web site and looked at a few of the pics. Why do men usually cheat with ugly women? The voting for the homewrecker sayings are kind of funny, though. I liked the one, “A relationship is only for two people, but some b!tches don’t know how to count!” Hahahaha! Guilty entertainment.

  • neasa

    Most men who cheat say they arent really with their wives or “baby momma”. If a man is a cheater & a liar the woman he is cheating with is not going to know. I mean if his girl believes his lies why wouldnt another woman?
    The only way she is at fault is if ahe is a friend, family, member, co worker… someone who knows you two are together and still keeps up a relationship.

  • FromUR2UB

    These people need to listen to the folks who say, “Don’t do it!” You can NEVER look victorious after doing something like this. All it can do is make people think of you as sad and pitiful. It will probably have the unintended effect of eliciting sympathy for the cheaters.

  • neasa

    What is the site going to accomplish? Its not like you can check it out before you start dating a guy to know whether or not hes a cheater. Or to catch him. Why is it focused more on the women than men?

  • VVV

    Its interesting how people seem to be more outraged about this site than the site encouraging people to cheat.

  • VVV

    Nothing is wrong with the site if you ask me. It takes 2 people to cheat and if the woman knows that the guy is involved and still gets in a relationship then she should be made to feel ashamed of her actions. If she isn’t a little publicity wouldnt bother her in anyway.

  • Caydence James

    Hell, if anything I think that they should have a website like this posting the pictures of the GUYS that are cheating – not the other way around! Their husbands aren’t slow or mentally disabled! They know what they’re doing and the only way for these other women to get to them is if they’re welcoming them in by throwing their d***ks on the table like it’s an offering! These woman also didn’t promise anything to these wives but their husbands did and they should be the ones that are made accountable for their actions!

    Hmmmm, now that I think about it, why not take it one step further and create an iPhone app for cheating men with – with face recognition?

    Can you imagine?
    Woman:”So you’re not married and you’ve never started one relationship before ending another?”
    Guy: “Nope, never” *looks nervous*
    “Ok” *snaps picture*
    and the app compares his pic to the ones in the database.
    There! No more making it easy for cheaters! 😉

  • Keland

    Things like this come about because of women who believe in the idea that they are supposed to hate/and be ultra competitive with other women.

  • stewwie

    It is just a bunch of fugly middle age white women….This “good white Christan folks” should learn to shear. Isn’t that what the bible say…lol

    The real question is; how is this legal ? Doesn’t it fall under character defamation !

  • Megan

    Man that site is crazy…it’s juicy reading

  • Yulanda Gupton

    I love it!! These Home Wrecking Hoes need to be exposed But Please DO NOT forget the man (the main problem). I know why some people disagree because they’re some of the people that are doing dirt. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I have done wrong in my day but unlike some people I’m not proud of it and i try to learn from my mistakes. I hope it happen….watch out B#%*hes and Mitches. 🙂

    • Megan

      I know it’s soo messy it interesting.

    • Jan

      but look at the quality of women on that site… you gon openly air your dirty laundry and admit he cheated on your with a booger wolf….all for what… to take that cheating tail man right back…baby bye… just pray and move on

  • Leo

    The dangerous part of this is there aren’t any controls in place to verify the information. What’s to stop anyone from taking a picture of a woman they don’t like, i.e. a co-worker, ex-friend, etc and making up a story about them.

    And even if an affair did take place, in all fairness, if a woman wants to air her dirty laundry that badly, she shouldn’t be able to hide behind the internet to do it. Her pic, her husband’s pic, and the alleged mistress’ pic should all be displayed… then lets see how dedicated these woman are to blasting the affair. To me, this is new-age cyber bullying and I think these woman could make a case for a lawsuit under the grounds of slander, defamation of character, and mental distress.

    • Keland

      Finally, someone with some sense.

  • D.D

    When are women going to start blaming the man more than the women in this situations and all to often the women does not know people are deceptive. But even if the women know she has no allegiance to you but YOUR HUSBAND does and is way more responsible. No women can wreck a marriage or a home if a man steps out that was all his choice if not with her than with someone else. I am a firm believer in that. This all just seems immature.

    • stewwie

      It is not either/or case…they are both responsible. Even if the person who cheats is more responsible, the other person is morally responsible for facilitating it.

      • Lisette Bowman

        Morals? What cheater has those?

  • Stacy

    I don’t think this is as wrong as others. I do agree that the guy needs to be addressed too, not just the homewrecker. But there are so many websites and FB fan pages that puts a guys ex girlfriend on “blast” and posts all the nudes that the girl has ever sent him. I think THAT is far more worse than this. Just a thought.

  • Darlene Lyons

    I’m sure I’m not the only woman that gets hit on and tells the guy you’re married and then they ask happily? People don’t care anymore. its up to the one in a relationship to shut it down. No one can take anybody that doesn’t want to go. My father taught me since I was a child if someone doesn’t want you why would you want them???

  • coolyfett

    Very interesting site. Interesting indeed. Ima have to look some of these females up, see what they talkinbout.

    • FromUR2UB

      Well, being in the same city as the CDC may prove useful if you do.

  • Not Surprised

    What is to stop someone from slandering your name and accusing someone of being a homewrecker when she’s not. SMH

  • Anna Monteiro

    I’m sorry but if these women happen to know that these men are in relationships, with wife and kids, and they pursue an affair with them they are DISGUSTING and should be blamed just as much as the men who cheated. If you know you’re going to destroy a home and a family, just say no and leave him! I’m sure they weren’t raped or forced to anything, so, since it takes two to tango, they’re just as guilty. And just because women are blaming the other woman doesn’t mean they’re not blaming their man, you shouldn’t assume that the majority of them are still with men that cheated on ’em because only few relationships survive something like this… Stop defending the other woman and letting her go on like she’s some innocent angel!

  • MansheFly

    Sooooo, I’m guessing anyone can write anything whether it’s true or not….smh, speechless!!

  • Keland

    How will this solve the issue of the boyfriend/husband cheating?

    • Lisette Bowman

      NOTHING, AND I DO MEAN NOTHING, EVER, EVER WILL. Nice place to air it all out but the cheating won’t stop. You too, ladies.

  • BabyBlue

    In more Black Girls Rock news…………

  • Chas

    This site sounds like The Dirty for married people. That site is pretty much people exposing people for all kinds of crazy things.

  • Jan

    what’s the point ? what do you get out of exposing the woman your husband slept with? nothing so pray and move on

    • dvine l

      what you do in the dark will be brought to light.. maybe that’s there way of doing just that..

      • Keland

        Who does it benefit for everyone to know that a woman’s husband/boyfriend is a cheater? Who does it benefit for everyone to know that a woman was dating a married man or man in a relationship?

      • Jan

        but what benefit would it bring to anyone’s marriage… sounds like revenge to me and that isn’t holy just like cheating

        • stewwie

          It can be a good deterrence for others.

  • Trisha_B

    & i bet the majority of the women are still w/ the cheating men -___-

    • ZLoves

      BINGO!!! I was thinking the same thing

    • stewwie

      Probably; This is just a way for them to vent and shame those women.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      And that is the part about this that I don’t get because that is the case in some of the stories that I read. Why go through/put another person through all this drama to only stay with the person that broke the vows? I don’t get it, but honestly, it is not for me to get. I think these women have too much time on their hands.

  • Ms. Kameria

    I agree with the author’s co- worker. What exactly is the purpose of this website?…..
    Shouldn’t you be more upset at your husband/boyfriend rather than the other woman. It all sounds messy to me, but hey, I’m only 25, single, and don’t go out of my way for these issues. What would I know.

    • Jacara Fatin

      I completely agree. Your man cheated on and deceived you, not the other woman. Don’t blame her, YOU weren’t in a relationship with her. But I guess the women who post on this site use it to embarrass both parties? Whatever. Tell him to pack his stuff and move it to her house. The end.

      • Troy

        How about you pack up and leave because I’m not leaving my own house.

      • dvine l

        idk why but i like to hold both ppl accountable.. you always hear he took the vow, be mad at him but wives have a right to be mad at the mistress as well. this is her life, not just a bf/gf relationship. i believe mistresses should be held accountable to.. if there were no mistresses who would the husbands cheat with?? oh well for those on the DL i guess other men… I don’t think it’s fair that they get a pass then move on to someone else’s husband.. that was just my thoughts but the lord said vengeance is his and he doesn’t like adulter’s, or cheating spouses, he also said what he has put together let no man separate.. so i guess that’s gonna take care of both of them then.. lol.. not married yet, hopefully soon, but whatever we go through god willing we will have the strength to go through it because sometimes ending a marriage should not be the only answer..

        • PleaseDOBetter

          My only problem is your argument is if the so-called mistress didn’t know she was a “mistress”. Some people are very deceptive.

          • dvine l

            of course then both were deceived..

        • Jacara Fatin

          I’m not saying that she gets a pass at all. But it is the husband’s responsibility to not make a coworker, or a platonic friend, or an ex gf or a lady he met in Target his mistress. And when she does, who is he hurting? His wife. The mistress doesn’t have to answer to the wife, the husband does. What is the wife supposed to do, call her and say, “Why are you cheating with my man?” SHES a mistress lol. They are low down and dirty and don’t give a damn about who they hurt. Thats a question for the husband! The mistress is wrong, never said she wasn’t, but SHE is not in a relationship with YOU. The MAN is.

          • dhonesty1

            Doesn’t matter.. All need to be held accountable whether the wife of the cheating husband does it.. women need to respect each other.. that’s the problem, hiding behind the title mistress is very problematic.. if women respected other women and other ppls marriage regardless of the person wanting to cheat much conflict would be avoided.. just because someone doesn’t care and wants to cheat w/me, does that mean i should not care about his marriage and cheat w/him.. it’s about morals, values and respect.. we can place blame here and there, and we can make up excuses but it boils down to morals and values.. it’s not that serious to help tear up someone’s marriage and cause more pain to the unsuspecting wife or husband..

            FYI, i don’t care who is in the relationship, all hell gonna break lose and usually does when all of it hits the fan..

      • stewwie

        ” Don’t blame her ” …What kind of moronic, self serving logic is that !! Of course the other woman is morally responsible for deliberately and knowingly destroying a family. And it is not either the man or the is both.

        This logic is just a false narcissistic justification for people who want to exalt themselves from the moral responsibility of their immoral act.

        • ok

          It is OUR (the married persons) job to defend our marriage and make others respect it. I don’t even allow men that I work with to get the vibe that they can ever get comfortable enough to try and hit on me. So, I do not hold the “other man/woman” accountable because if we don’t go out and respect our marriages, why should they? We are obviously giving them the green light that it is okay for them to interact with us the way they do.

          • stewwie

            No one is saying the spouse who cheated is not guilty…. they get the greater share of the blame. But the other person is also morally responsible for facilitating and participating in it. the affair partner was a willing participant in the deceptions and the enabling of the married cheater that were going on.

            Every person is responsible for their own behavior and any decent self respecting person wouldn’t do a thing like this.

          • Jacara Fatin


        • Jacara Fatin

          Um what? Moronic, self serving logic, narcissistic blah blah…How? All of those adjectives and phrases you used describes the person who CHEATED. Not the person who was cheated on!

          That “This logic is just a false narcissistic justification for people who want to exalt themselves from the moral responsibility of their immoral act” mumbo jumbo is how the other woman or the man probably would feel. But I’m talking about from the perspective of the person who was cheated ON. ON. HE destroyed HIS family when HE decided to cheat. I’m not saying the woman isn’t wrong, but he is MORE wrong because he put himself in the position to lose everything. If my man were to cheat, I’m holding HIM responsible. That other woman ain’t my man. When its all over, am I divorcing her? Are my (potential) kids by her? No.

          I’m not going to hunt her down and key up her car and all of that mess. I’m gonna put his stuff outside and focus on life after, divorce if we’re married. Me and that woman wouldn’t own a home together, pay bills, none of that. I’m talking about the person who cheated on me! Would I be mad at her for her part? Of course. But….what do I do with that anger? Go do something stupid and possibly get arrested? No. He can leave and I will move on.

          Karma will get that woman back. But I’m not going to jeopardize myself for “revenge”. Again, I can mad at her PART in the cheating, but my man was the one who stepped outside of the relationship. I blame HIM.

          • Jacara Fatin

            If anyone doesn’t agree, I really don’t care. I give one response and thats all. This MN fights with the back and forth are for the birds.

          • stewwie

            lol…. are you this much of a liar in a real life too? you said ” Don’t blame her ” then know you are agreeing with everything i said in my comment.

            Don’t make such a stupid comment next time !

            • Jacara Fatin

              You are clearly an idiot. I said DON’T BLAME HER FOR WHAT HAPPENED. BLAME THE MAN WHO CHEATED ON YOU. CAN YOU BE MAD AT HER FOR WHAT HAPPENED AND THE PART SHE PLAYED? YES. BUT SHE IS NOT THE ONE WHO CHEATED ON YOU SO BLAME HIM FOR THE DEMISE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP. FOR MAKING HER HIS MISTRESS, WHICH OBVIOUSLY LED TO THE HEARTBREAK. NOT HER, HIM. KICK HIM OUT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE, AND LET KARMA DEAL WITH HER. Clearly I have to put everything in capital letters for it to reach you up on your high horse. How am I agreeing with everything you said? Looking up a bunch of words in the thesaurus isn’t going to help your simple behind. Especially when you string them together and you still don’t make sense. Are you this much of a pompous jerk in a real life too? Shut up.

              • B

                No one “made” her do anything. Both cheating spouse and other person are equally responsible for “choosing” to walk down that road with eachother. Frankly when said spouse goes outside the relationship they are essentially bringing another into it. If they screw someone else as well as the betrayed then basically the betrayed may as well be screwing this imposter as well. I would be equally pissed with both considering they are intelligent beings who do indeed think before making decisions. The only way said other person wouldnt get much wrath directed towards them is if said cheater gave them the impression of being single. Of course upon finding out the cheater is taken…. this outsider better f off.

      • VVV

        The other woman still does not get a free pass.

        • Jacara Fatin

          I never said she gets a free pass. But women will call the other woman all types of b’s and other stuff and go easy on the man. The mistress ain’t the problem, its the man who allowed her to become the mistress that is the problem. Shes wrong, yes. But you should be directing your ill feelings towards HIM. Hes the one who hurt you. Cheated on you. As I said in my statement, the women who post on the site are probably aiming to embarrass BOTH parties, but the one who cheater should be the one who gets the anger, the tears, the divorce. HE stepped out on YOU. The other woman has no ties to you, and doesn’t owe you anything. The person you are in a relationship with does.

    • Dee

      Completely agree. Other woman owes you nothing smh

    • word

      no one gets upset with the man in attempts to preserve the relationship need deflect hurt onto the second obvious party, that way you feel less abandoned, rejected and been had…..therefore it was “that rachet wh**s fault!”

  • Jacara Fatin

    I’m not eveen surprised the state with the most homewreckers is Texas. “Cheaters” is filmed in Dallas lol.

    I will admit that this is messy, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so again, I’m not surprised.

    • sammi_lu

      Lol but in defense, Texas is the 2nd largest state and home to 3 of the largest cities in the U.S. but yes indeed messy messy messy.

      • ursalacyc490

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    • stewwie

      You would think ratchet Florida would be on top.