Famous White Folks We Didn’t Know Were The Biological Parents Of Black Children

October 1, 2013  |  
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Maybe I’ve been living under a rock all of these years, but if someone told me last year that folk-singing, gravel-voiced Bob Dylan had a black daughter, I wouldn’t have believed them. But indeed, he does, and so do a wealth of other famous white folks whose music we listen to, see on-screen and watch on the catwalk. Some have just managed to keep their children out of the spotlight. But with paparazzi everywhere, these little know children (many now adults) managed to step into public view. Here are 10 white celebrities who are the biological parents of black children.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

The legendary folk singer who has been making music since the early ’60s has also been making babies for quite a while too. Aside from the children he had during his first marriage, Dylan had a daughter by the name of Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan. Desiree’s mother is actually one of Dylan’s former background singers named Carolyn Dennis. They were married from 1986 to 1992, however, the relationship was kept a secret until a biography about Dylan’s life was released in 2001 called Down the Highway: The Life Of Bob Dylan. Carolyn once said though that Bob was a great father despite them being kept on the low-low. Desiree, who is gay, is engaged to be married to longtime girlfriend Kayla Sampson and will tie the knot next year. No word yet on if Bob will attend…

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger

Jagger has quite a few kids, but his first child was actually Karis Hunt Jagger. The Rolling Stone singer had her with gorgeous model Marsha Hunt back in 1970. The former couple had a pretty passionate relationship, with Jagger sending the beauty a bevvy of letters that she eventually put up for auction. But was he really there for Karis? Not so much. It took a court battle for him to acknowledge paternity. But these days, they’re trying to patch up their relationship, and Karis even invited pops along for her wedding in 2000.

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo

The Grey’s Anatomy star recently spoke out about the lack of diversity at this year’s Emmys, and for some folks, it was the first time they realized that Pompeo is the mother of a beautiful black girl–so it all started to make sense. Her daughter, whose name is Stella Luna, was born in 2009, and she is the first child of Pompeo’s with her music producer husband, Chris Ivery.

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes

Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes is a happily married woman and mother. She’s married to DJ Sunnery James, who is also Dutch. They have a son together named Phyllon Joy Gorre, and he’s just the cutest bubbly baby. And did we mention that her husband is pretty darn cute too? Such a good-looking family!

Justin Chambers

Justin Chambers

Another Grey’s Anatomy alum, Chambers has been married to his wife Keisha since 1993, back when he was trying to get his male model on in the world (he was a successful Calvin Klein model back in the day). The couple have five children together, including eldest daughter Isabella (above, born 1994), twins Maya and Kaila (1997), Eva (1999) and son Jackson (2002). The family happily resides in Los Angeles.

Peggy Lipton

Peggy Lipton

Lipton, of Mod Squad and Twin Peaks fame, is the mother of Rashida Jones and Kidada Jones. The two women, who are well known in the entertainment industry (especially Rashida for her comedy work and writing) are her children from Lipton’s marriage to Quincy Jones. She took a hiatus from acting to raise both women when they were children. After marrying in 1974, they divorced in 1990.

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Even though Law and Order and Sex and the City actor Chris Noth says that his marriage to wife Tara Lynn Wilson has helped him receive a wealth of hate mail, their relationship has also helped bring about an adorable son by the name of Orion Christopher Noth. The cutie patootie was born in January 2008. The couple met years ago when Wilson was working at Noth’s music venue called The Cutting Room in New York City.

Robert DeNiro

Robert DeNiro

Everyone knows that Robert DeNiro has always had a thing for black women, but many weren’t aware that the actor had a son named Elliot with his wife Grace Hightower. While the couple has a daughter born via surrogate, Elliot is their son without outside help (born in 1998). The couple try to keep the teenager out of the spotlight though, but they’ve been seen as a family out on vacation.

David Bowie

Of course you’re aware of David Bowie’s marriage to iconic model Iman. But did you know they have a young daughter together? The little lady’s name is Alexandria Zahra Jones (Jones is Bowie’s real last name) and she was born in August of 2000 (so she’s now about 13, the photo above is from when she was a few years younger). She can often be seen hand-in-hand with her mother on the streets of New York and London. She is the couple’s only child together, though Iman has a daughter named Zulekha from a previous marriage, and Bowie also has a son named Duncan from his own previous marriage.

Paul Wall

What it do baby, it’s da ice man Paul Wall. Sorry, I just always think of that when I think about the H-Town rapper. Anywho, Wall (aka, Paul Michael Slayton), is the father of two children that he had with his longtime girlfriend, Crystal. They have a son named William Patrick Slayton (born in 2006), and a daughter Noelle Slayton (born in 2007).

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  • Mona

    The term isn’t black, for goodness sake. These children aren’t black, they are mixed race. Calling them just black completely removes any other part of their ethnic heritage. In fact, it’s racially insensitive and if you don’t know why, you probably shouldn’t write insensitively worded articles like this.

  • affolter

    In fact the whole article is ancient history.

  • affolter

    The author is surprised about Dylan’s child and low profile marriage and because of that she writes an article acting like this is groundbreaking news. It’s actually ancient history to Dylan fans.

  • oldfatmotherfucker

    Everybody knows that DeNiro has black kids. lol. EVERYBODY!

  • cram

    Chambers isn’t White but jew too. But the morons who “wrote” this know full well that White isn’t jew

  • camder

    “Phyllon” to racemixing moron Kroes: “Where be yo big plastic tits mommie??”

  • ramie

    Dylan nee Zimmerman isn’t White but jew

  • Petty Kote

    This article should be called “White celebrities who have allowed scum to seep into their gene pools”.

  • walkinmalibu

    labeling her children “black” is the media’s way of pretending the white race doesn’t. astounds me that so many white people still don’t understand this. it’s also why interracial marriages are encouraged, because often times the children tend to be on the darker side. the media is run by a racist elite who want the white race to disappear.

  • Ben S

    It’s not biologically possible for a white person to be a parent of a black child. These children are Bi-Racial, if they were black they would have to have been adopted. Using Jim Crow terms for Bi-Racial people in the 21st Century is racist and pathetic, and black people are just as racist as whites for continuing this racist Jim Crow labelling.

    Fact, Barack Obama is the first Bi-Racial President of the USA, NOT the first Black President of the USA.

  • AdamG

    robert deniro is half jewish and half italian.

  • AdamG

    actually doetzen kroes baby looks like a mix between the two. he doesn’t look that black to me. he seems to look more like his mother as he gets older.

  • Insert_ironic_ name

    My question is “How are these biracial people automatically labelled black?” Seriously. The one drop rule was racist. And black people want to claim every tragic mulatto. They are black and white. Not just black. Stop using the term black out of convience. It’s bothering me how people label Mariah Carey black because her father is a mixed Venezuelan or Halle calling her babies black. And African Americans go with it too. Hope this doesn’t offend anyone

  • BlueMarvelite

    Aren’t they bi-racial children? black is someone who is just black and white kids are white. So anyone who isn’t fully white is black? what about half white kids? never heard anyone say that before. Like americas ‘black resident’. isn’t he half white? and half black?
    shouldn’t the title should be half black kids?

  • CC

    Who composed this list? They need a new job on this very, very, very old news.

  • You can do better

    This title “Famous White Folks We Didn’t Know Were The Biological Parents Of Black Children”
    TOTALLY nullifies anything I am about to read from you. In no way can a white person be the BIOLOGICAL parent of a black child. Stop with this nonsense and blatant nincompoopery! Try biracial. Done.

  • Holly

    Sorry one drop rule does not apply no more. All these people r biracial.

  • Holly

    How are they their biological children if their black? Just so know there’s no such thing as a open rule anymore-they r biracial

  • James Larry

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  • morganz jamess

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  • Chaderton Cuntley

    I’d think Paul Wall would have renamed his wifey Diamond, from “Crystal.”

  • Nicole

    The only name on this list that was surprising to me was Bob Dylan Everyone else I already knew they were involved with Black People so how hard was it to know they had Black/mixed Children the only exception is the Model D. Kroes I don’t even know who she is nor care. Only Dylan and Jagger tried to deny paternity, but both were married to the women they had children with, so they should be the only two on this list. Everyone else on this list has not tried to hide the fact they are parents to mixed children. The author is just late to the party so to speak.

  • Duh

    ***Mixed Children***

  • Kyttipo

    These are HALF black children.

    • Sheenat3

      Look up the one drop rule

  • Lizzy

    Can we just note that these people are actually mixed or multicultural. It doesn’t actually mean their black just saying.

  • Brendan

    None of these children are ‘black’. We are mixed you racist assbag.

  • Mel

    Oh please. These are not secrets or surprises. The writer just caught on because he or she, whoever, knows and cares little about celebs that aren’t African American. Robert De Niro’s children – all six of them, by the way – are all with black mothers, and Mick Jagger’s daughter is probably older than the writer; her wedding was almost ten years ago.

  • Shauny

    I might be late on this one, but I just saw it. I know this is a “black” website, but I have a problem with the title, and I am offended since I am biracial. How are interracial couple’s children black? This is 2014, I would hope we can now say what are our race it instead of still going by some racist 1 drop rule that was created to keep people in slavery. Come on now, Madame Noire.

  • Heather Archut-Olivo

    How about Tommy Chong?

  • David Lister

    This site REEEEEEEALLY pissses me off!
    Too many freakin adverts!
    Slows everything down!
    I’m not coming here again!

  • gerihewitt

    There really is no such thing as white people or black people.

    “Bi-racial” people don’t have grey skin because we are all colored people who come in various shades of pink and brown. This is also why some couples have one child who looks “black” and another child who looks “white”.

  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

    Who gives two sh*ts of a rats a**!

  • Carolyn Knownasnieceyordenise


  • Carolyn Knownasnieceyordenise

    whoever wrote this needs to take a good look at their self and say am i racist

  • Tagan

    ok…i love the fact that it confirms that their are more bi-racial childrent out there. The writer needs to know one thing though, with all due respect the children are bi-racial. Its not the 1940’s. They are both. I have children with a white father and am very proud of my heritage, at the same time to just say that my children are black and not trying to knowledge the other side is defeating. Just cause they have a bit more melanin than the lighter half doesn’t mean that the 1 percent Afro American gene pool still exist. just saying.

  • Is that what Chris Noth settled for? He had money , power and fame and he couldn’t get better than that? The only item surprising is Mick’s bastard daughter

  • DrinkOfManyDrops

    I really don’t see why everyone’s being so sensitive. All of you are getting your panties in a bunch about ONE writer’s perception. Get over it… and it’s not racist. There’s a lot of things that are truly racist. This?…perhaps inaccurate, but really, take a seat. It’s not worth getting worked up about.

  • CiaBaby

    Most of these are not a surprise at all

  • melissa

    I’m happy 4 all of them let’s all stop this nonsense it’s 2014 time 2 just be happy 4 one another

  • melissa

    I’m happy 4 Christopher Noth I’ve always liked him congrats 2 them both

  • C

    Who the hell cares what color these children are? This is racist. And I think it would be more appropriate to call them bi racial or multi racial. Besides, this is uber stupid. When a light skinned person has a child with a dark skinned person, usually the offspring takes on the dominant genes, and that is to have darker skin. Geez…it’s just biology.

  • Dev2008

    Why does it matter. They love their children
    and THAT is what matters.

  • Omilaju

    I really want to know when MadameNoire is going to stop disrespecting biracial/Mixed Heritage people by calling them Black. They are of Black Descent but they are mixed. This is the second article I’ve read by MadameNoire with this type of language; the other one about phenotypically white Mixed celebrities actually stated people “who for all intents and purposes are black.” Uh no. They are not ‘Black” they are Mixed people of African Descent–with a place in the African Diaspora community but a distinctive identity that you keep on disrespecting by negating their non-black(in these cases, white) parent and heritage. Unless you speak to one of your subjects and they identify themself as “Black with a white parent,” you should commit to changing your language.

    • Adrian Marshall

      They’ll change when all of America stops referring to Barrack Obama as the nation’s “first black president”. Get over yourselves…you’re not that special pretty much all black people in this country are multiracial if you want to get technical about it. And guess what while you’re screaming, but I’m not black, I’m biracial to Madame Noir, there are a LOT of people out their calling you the N-word, not half n-word, just plain old N-word. Fight that racism!

  • roro85

    it was said years ago bob dylan had a major thing for mavis staples of the staple singers n he actiually asked her father ‘pops’ for her hand in marriage.. but i guess it didnt go thru..but they are good friends to this day

  • Allyce

    Also there’s the King of Monaco (Ingrid Bergman’s son). He had a child with a black airline flight attendant. He had the law changed in his country so that his son can not inherit the throne.

  • Allyce

    Also isn’t Clint Eastwood’s wife black?

  • Allyce

    Bossip forgot to mention the late Senator Strum Thurman. Remember his bi-racial daughter wrote a book about her relationship with her dad before she died. He was a major segregationist but that did not stop him from having an affair with his family’s teenaged housekeeper. I didn’t buy her book because I felt she was a Judas to the black race. For college tuition and a few coins she kept quiet about her white father as the nation dealt with the Civil Rights Movement. Maybe Malcolm, King and Evers did not have to die if she spoke up.

  • admiral

    I really don’t understand the purpose of article like this. There was another one about who is really black. I don’t get it. Why is this important. I am black. I don’t understand why we need to know what race a person is. If a person’s skin color is of such you can’t immediately put a “label” on them, why do you really need to know.I think this just adds to division.

  • shay bo

    Kidd Rock???

  • i’m just saying

    these children AREN’T BLACK!!! They are biracial or half white, since we’re talking about their “WHITE” parent. as white parent, my child is half white, not “BLACK”.

    • anen

      It also has to do with looks some kids don’t even look biracial just black

  • Ebony

    Who didn’t know about Peggy Lipton? She was married to Quincy Jones.

  • SMH

    Not one single black child. All of those children are Bi-racial.

  • Mrs. de Niro

    De Niro, my man!!

  • Sranan


  • sick of the race card

    Why are these children called ‘black’ when one parent is white? Why are they not white? Why is it important anyway?

  • CrimsonWife

    So disappointing to hear that Chris Noth receives hate mail over having an interracial marriage and biracial child. It’s the 21st century, people!

  • Felicia R Faulkner

    This article is just ridiculous. Just because these children received the dark skin gene from one of their parents doesn’t mean society should just label them as being black. What does “black” even mean? Why wouldn’t you call them biracial children, which they are, instead of having their skin color triumph everything else that makes them who they are?

  • jim q

    no they don’t have black children they have children that are equally white and black.

  • trysomething

    Why is there no outrage over this? Reverse the perspective and there would be a flood of complaints. Non-Famous black folk who were the biological parents of white children. We will never be a color blind society as long as emphasis is place on this type of non-sense. Bottom line is the majority still wants there to be racial divide because just like sex, it sells. Its just sad.

  • Mimi

    First of all, who cares (besides David Duke types)? Secondly these offspring are biracial.

  • Tresix

    Some of these people I have no idea who they are. Who on Earth is Paul Wall?

  • rgemp1

    what a racist title–if they are equally black and white, why do you call them black? why can’t they just be kids of famous parentds? why must you label them racially?

  • claptrap

    They use to be called sooner hounds

  • Curious

    This article is incorrect. How can they be Black when they have a White parent? Biracial is accurate…Black is not.

  • Lay-Lay

    All these folks are white. Stop that one drop bullshit. These folks come from the loins of a white man. These people are white that have a Black Mother.

  • mm.

    Wow i’m sad to see this type of headline, particularly as the mother of biracial kids. The author goes out of their way to specify these “white folks” are the “biological parents of black kids”. How can the kid be black if one of their biological parents is white? Just, no. Don’t dismiss one part of the equation. The child is biracial, and should know about/celebrate BOTH lineages, not one.

  • Munkiee_Wrench

    It is incredibly racist to call these children black simply because they are not exclusively white. Biracial children already feel the stigma of being “neither one nor the other,” and we need not reenforce that stigma by addressing them by terms they may not adopt for themselves. In the future I would suggest the term either “multi-ethnic/racial” or “children of color.” We’re all members of the human race and may not pick the identity of others without their permission.

  • larryroth702

    Even of MORE interest would be Republicans with a heart (and sense).

  • gram62

    my grand child is part white, part black, part pacific islander we just call her a panda bear, black white and asian lol

  • gram62

    why dont you all say black people who are the biological parents of “white” children. Why are the children described as black in reality they are biracial.

  • Jeffrey Coley

    The bar for “famous” must be pretty low these days. I’ve never heard of half these “famous” people.

  • cracka

    I feel like puking.

  • Cyrillo

    Not to complicate the issue re:Dravidians vs. Caucasions, but many thousands of years ago a very dark-skinned people in what is now India welcomed the cultural and financial influx of many nomadic cultures, many of whom settled in. These tribal groups were classified generally as Aryans, a translation of a word describing the diverse visitors. They were mostly of somewhat lighter skin color than the blue-black Dravidians, but nobody was that concerned about skin color. The mix of influences resulted in one of the finest civilizations the world has ever known.

  • Cyrillo

    What difference does it make, and what the hell do you care what skin color children have. We are all descended from Africans, so for one thing, all Americans are African-Americans. Even Native Americans are technically of African descent. Slow nooz day there at the i-desk, eh? Get a friggin’ life, people.

  • Megamimi

    These parents are parents of children, not of colours. Until we figure that out, we will never arise above the mess that the race card-ists continue to place us in.

  • Don Fowler

    What I do not understand is, if one parent is Anglo, and one parent is Black the child is as much Anglo or White as is Black, so why are they always called Black? It makes no sense. I always thought the word Mulatto was a pretty word, but minimally the children should just be called mixed race. but, why always Black?

  • Rick_Humbl

    We now know Jaggar’s inspiration for the song “Brown Sugar.”

  • Ruby Thursday

    What a racist website! And semi-literate.

  • Brannagh

    So WHAT!

  • siren

    I think the whole concept of this article does more harm than good. It puts forth the idea that these people succeeded despite being black, or that they hid their black heritage to be more successful. I really, really think this sets the black community back.

  • waitaminute2

    americans wailing about race is tedious to read , race is a social construct, cultural identity is what classifies human beings here, simplistic answers to complex problems arent going to make it go away .. the children here are all biracial end of story

  • Say What?

    Ummm… what happened to Doutzen Kroes boobs in the 2nd pic? They disappeared

  • The Widow

    Bob Dylan also has at least one black son. He may look and speak “special ed” in his old age, but he was once pretty good looking.

  • moonrage

    hmmm…am I the only one who thinks this article is racist? isn’t this all based on the one-drop rule? that one is black, regardless of how distant the relationship is from their black ancestors?

  • Casey Baur

    Shouldn’t these children be called bi-racial,not black? After all they are more than just black. My daughter is bi-racial and she doesn’t call herself one or the other. She is both.

    • seabass3

      yes they should but it is hard to play the race card when you have to admit there are LOTS of biracial people in the world. It negates the argument.

  • daveshadow

    Hmm, I’m not a genius so can someone please tell me how a “white folk” can have a biological black child? Seems to me the best we could hope for would be a bi-racial child … just saying

  • Ms.Tay

    What kind of bull racist article is this? Do you seriously have nothing better to write about? The color of a child to someone you’ve never met..

  • Brian Kirkland

    I guess this proves the one drop rule. These kids, who have a parent of each race are, here, described as “black”. That’s a very interesting point of view, especially since some of them seem too young to have decided how to describe themselves. And I think all of DeNiro’s children are mixed race.

    This list is wack from the git go.

  • Doris Casey

    they just had a baby last year , didnt they ??

  • jeeda jones

    It’s called being mixed. What a stupid title of this article.

  • Jennifer Black

    Does Ellen Pompeo’s little girl play Zola??

    • livvie21


  • Dale Wellman

    Who the hell cares. Blacks and white can breed together big whoop.

  • TrifT

    They are bi-racial not black… Why is it that if one of the parents are white they are automatically dismissed and the child is automatically considered black only?

    Just like the US has not had a black President…We have had a Bi-Racial one.

  • lfriend24

    This is incredibly offensive….these children are just as much white as they are black. These children are biracial. This article makes it seem like an interracial couple’s existence, let alone reproduction, is shocking. And it’s even MORE shocking that a white celebrity we all know and love might actually, secretly, be married to someone of another race. Alert the press!

    This is seriously messed up.

  • Larry_Pesto

    no offense to black women but I don’t think i’d could perform with a black women. I’ve never met one that I find attractive. I like Asian, Mexican, Italian and even Greek women, but I find black women too masculine and never pretty. anyway, that’s my opinion.

    • nzchicago

      Why are you going on the internet advertising your inability to perform? I would think you would be ashamed of it.

  • Geoorge

    ….are not children, mixed race? It does not seem right to deny the European roots and highlight only the African roots…

  • kpas6185

    having white people referred to as ‘white folk’ is such a racist way to refer to any group of people. that’s equivalent to referring to black people as ‘black folk’ which I’m quite sure is politically incorrect. the article’s title deferred me from even reading the article….like, who
    cares what color anyone or their offspring or family member is. get over it, indigo black!

    • nzchicago

      What are you talking about? Black people use the term “folk” all the time. It’s not racist, it’s just the way people talk.

  • David Maynard

    why does the child have to be black? why is the other race of child being denied? They are inter-racial no matter what two different colors the parents are. People should find it offensive when we are trying to end racism that the other race of the child is be denied and not acknowledged when they are just refered to as black.

  • Marta

    Wha hoot. It’s hilarious how being part n_gger has become such a stupid fad

    • Lashawnda

      Fo sho. i b waitin on my welares chekk

  • puppypumpkin

    when do we stop comparing people by color..we are all God’s children…

    • Wiseupquick

      What absolute drivel bs.

  • puppypumpkin

    I have 2 biracial grandchildren who are the most beautiful you could ever imagine and I love them dearly…

    • Latoya

      LOL. Right. “Beautiful”? Mud babies? Wise up.

    • nzchicago

      I’ll bet they are beautiful. I hope you can ignore the racist trolls on here.

  • Buggs56

    I am curious. In this era of political correctness, racial sensitivity and equality, why are these children referred to as black? Without any additional information one would assume their heritage is equally divided. If this is correct what is the reason for standing on one side or the other? In fact, if we are working toward ethnic invisibility, WHY would you even write an article like this, it only fosters a division and not a unity at the human level.

    This article actually fosters division by implying that we should be interested in this topic in the first place. Reminds me of when I was young and I would hear things like “did you hear why Betty Sue was in Europe for 9 months?”

    • Facts Matter

      The Black race is so desperate for people to admire, and so pathetically low on any real achievement, that they have decided to totally claim anyone who is even part Black. Sometime look through a book of so-called famous Black Americans (preferably with pictures of the people referenced and celebrated). More than 70 to 80% of them are obviously part white, and many are mostly white. Truth does matter.

  • sd0987


    • Bronson

      Your avatar is definitely gross.

      • essence

        Few people realize that Michelle Obama was an extra in Planet of the Apes — and no makeup was required.

  • PinK

    Paul Wall & Crystal are married…the article says “long time girlfriend”

  • ncpg

    Dylan’s whining was unbearable.

  • LlarryLLama

    Oh well, once you go black, you never go back, and once you’ve had white, you want it all night:-) In other words, it’s all goooood!

  • DuBois

    Mick went to his daughter Karis’s Yale graduation back in 1992… I’m sure that their family bond has been patched up for a long time.

  • Cheryl

    There are many more that have bi-racial children but they can’t list them all here. It’s refreshing to see such a positive article for once. And as for the races merging, I believe God is very happy. I’m a proud mom of beautiful bi-racial children…and wouldn’t ever change that fact.

  • Craig

    I would expect intelligent people to not use this one drop rule, but this is hoping too much. This site may be the biggest waste of space on the internet. I think I would have better spent this time watching meatspin.

  • DreamtimeXKL

    Bob Dylan is a racist. The media moguls are also racists and this is why they have this story on Dylan…a few days ago he got caught saying that he can smell a NAZI in someone’s blood! But the media, being racists still tout this guy as something special…and if their readers are not careful they will go away with a bad bit of misinformation in their heads. Dylan is a racist….there is nothing more racist than to claim you can smell a Nazi, or a Croat in someone’s blood…nothing…but then again…like I said there are few people more racists than the one’s trying to run this nonsense by us.

    • nzchicago

      “Nazi” is not a race.

  • cvxxx

    How racist is this? These are bi or multi racial children. Calling them Black is a lie. Just that simple. It is if this article was some politician digging for votes. What they are to most of the world is American. Time to move on to telling the whole truth.
    Also can the adjectives. It reads opposite meaning. Really unnecessary.

    • DreamtimeXKL

      This is the racist media trying to deflect some of those charges against Dylan where he got caught saying that he can smell Nazi’s in people’s blood. So he had sex wiht a black woman and left her with a child, that’s supposed to be good for this racist media….we need a new media.

      • cvxxx

        It is clear that this site is racist. They are using old time out worn racial terms to degrade people. The attempt to force the multi-racial to deny their heritage is part of the old “Blk power” Jesse Jackson, divisiveness of the 1960’s. Most of America is multi-racial,multi ethnic; so all of this is a lie.

  • answermyquestions

    It was necessary to do this article because…..? Why are they cassified as black children even though some of them look very white? Why isn’t the article about blacks who have white children? Is it wrong to call them biracial children. Why is the distinction or clasification needed? These questions are directes to publishers.

  • Jackson Wilson

    This entire article is racist!

  • Lucky502

    Robert DeNiro? I’m a young chick but didn’t he say “The only thing a white woman can do for me is show me where the Black women are”?

  • All equal

    I’m appalled at some of the comments trying to be informative about race, children are all from the same race it’s called human. This is the same issue that has caused many problems worldwide and the root of many evils. Does it really matter.

  • ocayaro

    Peggy Lipton? Taken? Man, I am too late.

  • Cat Figueroa

    Hey Guess what My son is Biracial what’s the prize do you win something ? oh by the way he is 20 and going into the Military and never been in trouble with the law, never smoked ,and has never done drugs…. I guess I raised him right!




      if you hate us blacks,, stop breeding with us! that’s all say about this racial mess.

  • evonne97

    I’m failing to see why this is even remotely surprising or warrants any kind of attention. I guess it would be surprising to people who are not used to living in diverse places or people who are never exposed to anything outside of their own culture. To someone culturally sheltered and unaware of the big wide world we live in, yeah this sort of thing is most likely shocking and new. To the rest of us, this is perfectly normal and extremely common. We don’t even bat an eye at it. I think it’s time someone played catch up to the rest of us, lol. Reading this, was like watching someone react to the fact that the sky is blue. Seriously, how could you not know this?!? SMH.

  • Duddy McCurdle

    This is such an absurd post. I clicked on it just to comment. These children are not black. What if the title was “Celebrities With White Kids!” I mean seriously, they are just as white as they are black, right? Stupid. Why do people think that if one parent is black and the other parent is not, the kid is black? They aren’t. They are mixed. Stupid.

  • Frank Miller

    Mick Jagger’s daughter obviously got her good looks from her mother. Jaggers is uuuugly!

  • Disappointed

    So many freaking ads I can barely read the articles. I’m not coming back.

  • capnsaveemm

    Who are the people sending hate mail to Chris Noth about his marriage to wife Tara Lynn Wilson?

    • nzchicago

      The same racist idiots who are trolling on this website.

  • Paula

    Why are we obsessing over the races of other people’s kids? “We didn’t know” (were we supposed to know? Was it some dirty secret that they were keeping? If their spouses are of a different race, then wouldn’t it make sense that their kids would be mixed?) It’s probably a good thing, because it means that they are protecting their children, whatever the racial blend, from the gawking public. No, seriously. I want to know what the point of all this is.

  • Carolyn B

    The only ones I didn’t know are the Victoria’s Secret model and Wall, because until I read the article, I had never heard of them. But then, I’m not a journalist or gossip columnist or whatever, whose business it’s supposed to be to know this stuff. How could you NOT know the others? Have you been under a rock or something? And what reaction are you looking for from readers? Mine is, “That’s nice. How wonderful that so many people are managing to keep their kids out of the spotlight and give them normal childhoods.” As for Jagger and Dylan possibly not being idea fathers, no surprise there. Fame and fortune don’t mean people still can’t be buttheads.

  • Kyle

    Bob Dylan is not White; he is Jewish.

  • roybus

    why is this a story in 2013…………. who cares.

  • BHF

    Calling them Black children is reductive since they’re technically bi-racial or multi-racial.

    • Facts Matter

      The Black race is so desperate for people to admire, and so pathetically low on any real achievement, that they have decided to totally claim anyone who is even part Black. Sometime look through a book of so-called famous Black Americans (preferably with pictures of the people referenced and celebrated). More than 70 to 80% of them are obviously part white, and many are mostly white. Truth does matter.

  • Mixed Liberal

    These children are MIXED Madom Noire, not solely Black. I know Black people want to use the one drop rule to your advantage now (i.e. First Black not Biracial President), but you sound really stupid using a dated concept that was created by White racists to hinder the prominency of those of color.

    • Chris

      The president refers to himself as black

      • evonne97

        doesn’t change his heritage. He is still half black and half white.

      • nzchicago

        He acknowledges that he is bi-racial, but chooses to identify culturally as African-American.

  • symone says

    do you ever even stop and realize how racist you are? you know, black folk can be racist, too. why is it significant that a ‘celebrity’ have a ‘different color’ child? aren’t we supposed to look past that? or is this lame article more in the vein of trashing black men who succeed professionally and then marry white women, something i see lots of ‘people of color’ comment on, totally without irony or racism awareness.

    if a non-celebrity was talking down the street, white parent, black parent, mixed child, would you applaud their openness, or make a catty comment about if the guy was black, why he shouldn’t date a white woman; or if the woman was black, why it’s okay for empowered black women to do whatever they want.

    racism is racism is racism. it is ugly. stop doing it.

  • Holly

    I just can’t believe this is even news worthy. Who cares about blended families? This is 2013 people! Love is love no matter what race you are or who you are reproducing with. Ashame….

  • J V Sr.

    The problem with this article is. If a white and a black have a child it’s neither white nor black Its a Mulatto. The new race from mixing races and of course the down fall of both races will be this inter-mixing. Declines of both races will lead to extinction. Race traders, all of them. Happening Japan, and the Japanese will cease to exist.

    • nzchicago

      Oh grow up. Everyone knows purebred dogs are full of all kinds of genetic defects and weaknesses, but mongrels are healthy and long-lived. All my dogs have always been mutts and always will be. The human race started off as one breed, in Africa, and we would be better off mixing together and becoming one breed again. Then people like you would have nothing to write about. Btw, the Japanese do almost no mixing with other people. They are disappearing because they have stopped having children.

  • Kay

    Jesus had dark skin.

  • Armin Niklas

    Why are they “black” children? If race truly doesn’t matter, then why is MN insisting on assigning a label to these kids? By their definition, my children are considered “black,” but I refuse to categorize them to fit the racial stereotypes of white AND black people who see nothing but color. To tell my child that he is “black” disrespects the generations of white, latino, and asian ancestors that fought so hard to make him possible today. ALL of us are mixed to a degree. To intentionally segregate yourself into one race hurts us all.

  • Frank Rivera

    I don’t understand why people of mixed race are considered black. This goes back to the Jim Crow days when you were considered black if you had one great-grandparent (1/8) who was black. You could have blond hair,white skin, and blue eyes and still you could be considered black. My wife has a black mother, and a white father. She considers herself mixed race. Our children are lighter than her slightly darker than me.

    • rar113

      Same criterion Hitler used to determine who was a Jew. Ironically, I believe Israel uses the same criterion to determine who is Jewish for purposes of the Law of Return (automatic citizenship). They may have done this on purpose as a spit-in-your-face to the Nazis.

  • Emily Anderson

    Why is it pointed out as a ‘weird’ or ‘special’ thing when black and white people get together?

  • alternatesteve2

    Neat article.. There are indeed a lot of beautiful bi-ethnic people out there…..celebrate diversity! =)

  • disqus_ExGoeRMqjJ

    What a horribly racist article! First, why are the children “black”? It seems they would be considered half white/half black aka mulatto. I thought America had moved beyond the whole obsessing about race. Guess some donkeys are still stuck in the past.

  • Brandon1978

    Why is it sooooo hard to acknowledge the fact that it is possible to be bi-racial? A child of black and white parents is neither black nor white. It isn’t that hard to wrap one’s head around.

  • MamaRea

    Shame on you for plastering the little ones’ faces all over the ‘net; they didn’t choose to have ‘famous white folks’. ‘Folks’ are moving on from putting limiting labels on others. These children of ‘famous white folks’ have a wonderful racial diversity as their heritage, not one OR the other, but all they are.

  • @CLMantle

    Does race really matter? “Famous White Folks”…? Please, children are children, just like people are people and skin color doesn’t make a difference except from those who want it to be.

  • CC

    Why do poeple in the media always call other people, like Bob Dylan and a few others on here, white? He may very well be biracial, as many other Jews are like him, because they sometimes have lighter skin and may also have blue eyes, as Dylan does, it does NOT mean they are full-blooded white Anglo Saxons as them call them. Jews were at one time just as their counter-parts in the rest of the Middle East, but many, and I do mean many of them, are actually mixed now, with a little bit of white Anglo Saxon blood, but at one time thousands of years ago they actually descended from black Africans. Then vikings and other sea-faring travelers sailed there to trade with them and created a sub-race or mixed race of people who are now known as Middle Easterners. This is also true of dark complected Southern Europeans too, who have dark skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. Kate Middleton is also biracial, as pure white Anglo Saxons do NOT have dark brunette hair and/or eye brows. THAT is a dead give away that she is mixed race. She knows it too. ALL dark complected people descend from black Africans. Maori’s in New Zealand ALSO descend from black Africans, as well as brown Asians. There are ONLY three genetically PURE races of humans that were created and placed here on earth, and they are black Africans, brown Asians, and white Anglo Saxons, and that is it, period! You have to know genetics and DNA. Bob Dylan, as are many other Jews, are a mixed race now, even though he strongly looks white. He is not, and neither is Gweneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and so many other well-known people. The ONLY way to know exactly which genetic race you are, is to get tested to find out. I wish more people would get properly educated BEFORE making such idiotic statements like this.

    • rar113

      Except to the extent that all humans are believed to have come originally from Africa, there is no evidence that Jews are descended from “black Africans.” We’re of middle eastern origin; Abraham was born in Mesopotamia, as was Sarah. Jews in widely separated, and often quite isolated, communities have been shown to be genetically closer to one another than to their host populations.

      There are quite a number of black Jews, as virtually the entire Ethiopian community, which obviously had substantial mixing with the host population, has moved to Israel. The consul-general of Israel in NY was a black woman. But it’s almost certainly not the case that we started out black and mixed with Europeans till we became white.

      “Soft you now, a word or two before I go
      I have done the state some service and they know’t” Othello

  • sweetie neal

    Who the hell cares? But didn’t Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones have two very pretty daughters?

  • Malby

    I’m sorry, but all these kids are mixed race, if you insist on focusing on race. To the extent anyone of the parents is sure that he or she is “white” and the other is sure that he or she is “black,” then the kids are half white and half black. Just like Obama, Rihanna and Beyonce.

  • rar113

    Mick Jagger’s daughter is stunning. Obviously got those genes from her Mom!

  • Karenindixie

    I don’t know about others, but I knew Peggy Lipton, Robert DeNiro, David Bowie and a few others. Why is this even an article? Does it matter, really, what color your parents are?

  • Ray Provence

    HEY, woman! Who dat hidin’ in that woodpile? When I come home this mornin’ who dat goin’ out my back door? SAY! is that why them children’s eyes are so blue? Is them kid’s eyes what them “blues” is all about? Ain’t life a mess? If I had wanted blue eyed children I would have married one of them races from the far north — like one of them Eskimos or somthin’.

  • Jarach Vaughn

    Paul Wall’s children are by his ‘WIFE’, not his girlfriend! Get it right.

  • disenwit

    Just a question. How can a white person have a black child? Is it impossible for a black person to have a white child? Just wondering? How does one decide what color someone is? Is it done during the summer when some have a tan? Is it some defined degree of white, or tan, versus a darker color of some sort? Just wondering what black and white mean?

  • avnrulz

    If they have a ‘white’ mother/father and a black ‘father/mother’ are they then ‘black’ only?

  • magnus

    this marks the decline of the USA

  • magnus

    didn’t know that scumbag Q Jones had such a hot wife

  • lanmanna

    I call myself black and white. I’m not going to downplay one side of me by saying I’m black. Almost nobody knows what I am. Some people think I’m Hawaiian, Alaskan, Egyptian, Indian, Spanish. If I’m around black, Indian, etc, people just think I’m that race. I have had a few people say I look like Obama though. I love being an enigma. LOL

    TLDR; I’m black AND white and I’m proud of it.

  • KnowITall

    As I thought it would be all are deviant trashy white people. I like purebred dogs and pure breed people!!!!

  • 1realamerican

    why are they black? that’s racist they are mulatto’s.

  • Valerie0902

    Talk about RACIST!!!! If they are the children of a parent who is white and a parent who is black, they are BI-RACIAL! How ignorant can you be?

  • Mika Mik NyoFace

    Correction** Those children are bt Paul Walls “WIFE”

    • Mika Mik NyoFace


  • Bgayden

    You all conveniently left out Tom Cruise who is the biological Father to Conner, not an adopted Father.

    • Krista

      Connor Cruise is adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman when they were married along with daughter Isabella.

  • jlfc

    If a child’s parent is white than the child is no more black than white. People are people, folks.

  • Really?

    This is article worthy?

  • Angelicus1

    Fodder for Oprah. More material for movies she can turn into a racist pretzel.

  • Wendy_Jane

    They are not parents of black children, they’re parents of biracial children.

    • jkatze

      Thank you, Wendy Jane! That whole ‘1 drop’ business is a crock.

  • So Done with this Site

    This webpage is a pop up nightmare. A pop up for every click on the slideshow. Won’t be back.

  • Bill Smith

    Most racist article of the year!

    • alternatesteve2

      LOLwut, Billy boy? =)

  • travis

    White men like that black…who knew…lmao!

  • golem2

    What a stupid piece. The children are bi-racial. Not Black. All children are beautiful.

  • SK

    Only America really puts an emphasis on f*cking color. They have children. Does it matter whether or not they are “black”. What makes that so special or entitles it to an article??????? WTF!

  • Ryan Blades

    Claiming blackness gets you more bennies.

  • Billy Mays

    Who cares.

  • lumbee1

    Why is the USA the only country on earth where a white woman can birth a black baby, but a black woman can NEVER birth a white baby?

  • smart guy

    Aren’t these kids white too, or are they just black kids? I’m confused? So the dominant is the black in them?? One drop makes them black??

  • Ella

    Black children? I would not call them that. I have grandchildren who have one white parent and one black parent and we all call them bi-racial. They call themselves bi-racial. Are you trying to cause so great schism with name calling and bigotry?

  • Fredrich Heinz

    Article also known as: Honkys with cases of Jungle Fever.

  • jpnorth

    And—-the purpose of this article is—-what????????

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Say what you want. Could Mr. Pompeo look anymore stereo-typical “Black-man” than with that get-up?

  • Rai

    Ellen Pompeo child is adopted, but she represents her and jer husband. She is married to a black man

  • tavasj

    This is the most absurd article… Famous White people with “BLACK” children? Really, those children are not black, they are bi-racial. By acknowledging one side and not the other is incorrect and wrong. Anyways, who gives a sh#t?

  • AccuracyCounts

    these children are not black. They are bi-racial and are as white as they are black. They should be tagged as one race over the other

    • AccuracyCounts

      that’s should not be tagged. It shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

  • fustalker

    Paul Wall and Crystal have been married for 7 years now. They officially tied the not in 2006.

  • Sandi

    Why is this important?? They’re parents, simple as that. Ethnicity is irrelevant.

  • barrashee

    9/10 cases cited were married at the time of conception. Coulda run this as a racially mixed marriage piece

  • fish

    A lot of these “black” kids have skin tones as light or lighter than their “white” parent. What, they are black because they have curly hair? Please, most of these kids look Bulgarian.

  • fish

    Funny that these are parents of black children and not parents of white children. Just as one is white with a black kid, the other way of looking at it is the black parent is the parent of a white kid. Just as there are paler shades of black, there are darker shades of white. Why does every child born biracial have to be force fed into acknowledging their blackness?

  • HighInformationVoter

    Yes… This is FAR more important than the economy, the national debt, unemployment statistics, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, drones, the NSA, etc. Black folks need to stop having blind allegiance and expand their world view.

    • fustalker

      Are you saying that black people aren’t varied enough to be aware of all those things? That we can’t read articles about the economy and Benghazi and then later read a fluff piece on MN? You’re here aren’t you? Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

      • HighInformationVoter

        Read articles about important things? Yes. Comprehend and change your world view? No. That’s why Obama got 93% of the black vote. Again. Drones, all of you.

        • HighInformationVoter

          …well, 93% of you at least.

        • fustalker

          Do your research and please stop throwing the black card. Obama is a democrat so he got most of the democratic vote. Clinton is a democrat and he got over 90% of the democratic vote also. Most democrats are minority and voting republican would be voting against their best interests. Nearly every democratic President has received over 85% of the minority vote because they would be left out in the cold if they voted republican. Try again Faux News. I’d say Black people comprehended pretty well. Voting Republican would have proven otherwise.

          • HighInformationVoter

            Yes, voting against their best interests. We all know how much Democrats were abolitionists and anti-segregationists. Read a f***ing book, drone. You poor, poor saps.

            • fustalker

              Lmao, you’re trying so so hard. Now you’re talking before the parties switched decades ago. Grow up, expand your mind. It’s foolish and misguided for you to think all black people aren’t educated and don’t know what’s going on. You just proved you’re the sheeple with all these basic facts of yours lmao.

            • alternatesteve2

              You have quite the ironic user name, bub.

              Didn’t you learn about the “Southern Strategy”, at any time? Many of the Dixiecrats switched parties to become…..Republicans! Ain’t that a concept?

              Seriously, get a clue……

  • js

    They forgot Ron Perlman he has two bi-racial children

  • Simply me

    Blk people stop thinking like slaves. These kids don’t look blk to me. How can a white produce a blk but not the other way around? They are biracial!

  • jootje42


  • sad

    It is NOT POSSIBLE for a white person to be a parent of a “black” child. A white person may be the parent of a multiracial child, however. This is a RACIST article with the “one drop” assumption, meaning part black = all black. I am a white mom of multiracial kids and I do not want my heritage erased from my children.

  • Jay

    Race traitors, how nice.

    Throwing away one’s millennia-old genetic heritage is still something that most whites will not consider doing. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    • nzchicago

      Oh grow up.

  • Jay David

    And we care about this because…? Did I log into Yahoo! News again by mistake?

  • eric_blair

    Of course it’s ancient history by now, and painful, but you really should have mentioned Strom Thurmond. That episode said a lot about 20th century America.

  • GGinHouston

    I knew it was something special that I liked about Justin Chambers! Lovely wife and family!

  • GGinHouston

    Paul Wall is married to her…she isn’t a girlfriend. Check that!

  • Sandy Gray

    I don’t understand why this is pointed out like it matters.

  • Terry DeCarlo

    They are WHITE children not BLACK children. Was that racist of me? I’m sorry.

    • fustalker

      They are biracial children.

  • RanLo RunningOnEmpty

    “White Folks?” nice…………..

  • MagicLady

    Your headline is really insulting. I am a black woman with a beautiful biracial daughter of both African American and Irish American heritage. Biracial children do not have to choose one or the other, so don’t impose it on them!

    • eric_blair

      Where do you live? My guess is that in some parts of the country you do still have to choose one or the other.

    • Howard Sturrup

      You have a point but we happen to live in America with a unresolved racial history. Hell even if you an your kid lived in Europe they would still be labelled one or the other. Race is not real but so many around the world buy into this imaginary idea.

      • nzchicago

        Ignorant people may impose such labels, but there is no reason to perpetuate with articles such as this. The author should have known better.

    • Jennmomx3

      My son has autism. I’ve often wished people could see themselves and others through his eyes. He sees people as interesting and beautiful, but has no clue what ” race ” is. He’ll go up to anyone he finds interesting and touch their hair, beard, saggy neck, etc. he will be smiling while he looks into their eyes. ( yes he’s autistic and makes eye contact) we’ve had to teach him not to hug everyone. We’ve had to teach him that because he’s 6’2″ now. I hated having to teach him that.

      The good news is I never had to teach him to judge a person based on their character. He seems to instinctively know who’s a kind person. He’s labeled retarded. I detest that word. Makes me wonder what that makes the rest of us?

      God does not make inferior, ugly, nor defective children. Each and every one is a miracle.

  • Mike Rush

    MORE black documentaries?? Just read the daily Homicide Watch section of every major newspaper… or you could set up a camera crew at the local welfare office for an insight into black culture… or we could take a trip to the motherland to show that after 5,000 years blacks have evolved from a primitive savage species into a primitive savage species.. no accomplishments, no achievements, not even a language to call their own… nuff said…

    • XxxYODAxxX

      Evolved you say? This itself makes no sense.

    • Kimberly Chester

      Why are you, Konrad_K_Kay, and Jennifer Goltman even on this website? A website that caters to Black women. You have nothing but negative things to say about Blacks, Black men in particular, so why are you here? It does not make sense to me, unless you 3 are the typical internet racists. You are too much of a coward to say something to a Black person’s face. You are big and bad behind your screens. News flash for you 3 idiots- Black men are not the only men who abandon their kids. All races contain men who abandon their kids. I have one White parent and one Black parent so I have love for both races. However, it irritates me when White people such as yourselves act like the White race is perfect and all other races are inferior or bad. Get over yourselves!!!!

  • Christina Hawthorne

    these kids are not black. i am biracial & do not let one race over ride the other because of what society may see me as. the title of this article is dumb.

  • Zanpher

    Wow, the author must be new to life. 1/2 white (or other) and 1/2 black does not equal black …. lol. Silly “Author”.

  • Konrad_K_Kay

    Oh yay, an article about coal-burners and oil-drillers. Because everyone loves to start the day by throwing up in their mouths!

    Note how the vast majority of these former-humans have had numerous problems with drugs, multiple marriages and freakish behavior in general. Proof again that the desire to bed with sub-humans is a mental illness.

    • MagicLady

      Konrad_K_Kay’s post is an example of what can happen if mental illness is not immediately treated. lol

    • nzchicago

      Why do racists like you spend time on websites for black people? Why would you specifically seek out and read something that makes you “throw up in your mouth?” Don’t you have a white supremacist website you can look at?

  • bunnyenvy

    Does this couple really count..She doesn’t look black..She may be mixed with black. ..So does that really count? What percentage is that child as far as African American heritage? I am referring to Chris Noth! I am African American .

  • TheMsmother

    Paul Wall and his “girlfriend” are married.

  • Bill

    The fact that Paul Wall has two kids proves that anyone can get la*d

    Paul Wall

  • Salli

    How about Famous Black People With White Children?

    • Steve Shastay

      That would be the same article with a different slant.

  • This photo-compilation is NOBEL-worthy! Never before has man been able to capture film-footage of the elusive black-father while present in the unfamiliar territories of their biological offspring… Outstanding hunting, photographers, you’ve done the impossible!

    • Konrad_K_Kay


    • XxxYODAxxX

      That’s because black men don’t care to father the children of retarded white women such as yourself.

  • barryOStinks

    White Folks? Really? as opposed to Black Dupes (For obama)

  • momof4

    How these “black children” if they have a white parent? shouldn’t they be biracial?

  • reality rules

    So interesting, the reverse bigotry on this site. So how is that, that WHITE parents can have a BLACK child, by your estimation??? Why is the child BLACK??? Why isn’t the child BIRACIAL???? Kinda like Obama, remember???????

    • mug of mead

      See the explanation of the “one drop rule” upthread. We didn’t make the rules; we’re just stating how it is.

      • Steve Shastay

        I wouldn’t follow that rule if I were you.

      • lanmanna

        Since you’re going to go by that, guess black people should be slaves again.

        • mug of mead

          i don’t follow your reasoning. besides, the 13th amendment is still on the books.

          • lanmanna

            You’re going to say the archaic one drop rule is still in effect, which was created to make an excuse for keeping halfies as slaves.

            I mean, if you want to hold onto something that had such awful connotations, go right ahead. I’ll be living in the 21st century.

            • mug of mead

              I personally do not subscribe to the one-drop rule, but if you think all vestiges of that have been completely removed from society (in the way that people think or how people classify those who have a certain amount of melanin and a certain texture of hair), then I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Hazib

      Obama is more Black than this woman, In North Africa if an Arab man has a child with a native black woman their child is considered Arab, because the mans dominant genes will be placed into the women. It has been this way in the Middle East and in Africa for thousands of years. I am Sudanese 100% no Arab blood and Obama looks more like me than the average Mulatto in America, because his father was of pure Kenyan Ancestry. His mother even had African Blood hahaha which means he would be more Black than white.

      Male African lines when mixing with White women are much dominant in most cases than female lines. My sister mated with a Austrian man and their children looks white, my brother mated with a Danish women and their children look Black. Despite both coming from dominant genes the male line determines the strength of the seed.

      • lanmanna

        I think you need to take biology classes. That isn’t true at all.

    • alternatesteve2

      There is no such thing as “reverse” bigotry, though……bigotry, is bigotry, regardless of who it comes from.

      Furthermore, as far as I’m concerned, there was no anti-Caucasian bigotry that I could see.

  • falina

    Why does their parents skin color matter? When are we going to stop seeing “color” and just see “people”?

    • Because, like everything else in nature, color represents danger. In snakes and mushrooms, bright colors are usually a warning of potential toxins. In humans, dark colors are usually a warning of potential homicides, rapings, and robberies.

      I understand how you can be confused, though; the modern-media would have aliens watching far away thinking we are a planet full of nothing but lovely and cuddly black athletes, entertainers, and presidents who would never harm a fly.

      • Konrad_K_Kay

        This is one of the best posts I have seen all week!

        Thumbs up!

      • Mike Rush

        Amen.. The black skin is a warning to the evil that lies underneath….

        • Kimberly Chester

          Mike Rush,
          You are an ignorant, racist idiot. Black skin is not a “warning to the evil lying underneath.” What you seem to be saying is that if you are Black, you are inheritently evil. This just isn’t true. By the way, there are people who feel the same way about white skin. People cannot help what skin color they have!

      • MagicLady

        Get psychological help, please.

  • Delligirl1

    I am not sure that they are black children if one of the parents are white doesn’t that make them both black and white… isn’t it prejudice to claim only one race??

  • Pawel

    For a website that supposedly caters to the African race, it surely has a lot of articles praising Black people who abandon their own race.

    • Kay

      Having a relationship with a different race is not abandonment of your race. These articles are not “praising Black people who abandon their own race” but perhaps showing admiration for people, both black and white, who don’t let prejudice get in the way of love.

    • Not Surprised

      For a website that caters to African American’s it sure is a lot of white trolls commenting and spreading their hate.

    • MagicLady

      They’ve not ‘abandoned their race. Nor have any white people who happen to fall in love with someone of a different race. Grow up.

  • queenbee9

    People like to imagine blacks made up the “one drop rule” but it was codified into law and was invented and enforced by whites–it is still on the books in many states:

    Both before and after the American Civil War, many people of mixed ancestry who “looked white” and were of mostly white ancestry were legally absorbed into the white majority. State laws established differing standards. For instance, in 1822 Virginia law stated that to be defined as “mulatto” (that is, multi-racial), a person had to have at least one-quarter (equivalent to one grandparent) African ancestry.[quote 2] This was a looser definition than the state’s 20th-century “one-drop rule” under the 1924 Racial Integrity Act. This defined a person as legally “colored” (black) for classification and legal purposes if the individual had any African ancestry. Social acceptance and identification were historically the key to classification

  • queenbee9

    woops–guess all these white guys missed teh memo that they were not supposed to be attracted to black women. LOL

  • Say What?

    Celebrities? I never heard of most of these people.

  • Roger Simmons

    It is impossible for a black child to have white parent. At best a white person may have a child that is half black, in other words a mulatto (like Obama). I find it amazing that even though almost all backs here in America have a large percentage of white blood in them when they produce offspring with a white partner the current rage is to call it black even though the majority of its blood is white. Go figure.
    To me a white child has two white parents and a black child has two black parents. Calling it anything else doesn’t change that a bit. Never will either.

    • queenbee9

      Don’t show your ignorance– this is not a “current rage” this was and is the LAW and it is a white man’s law—look up the laws of miscegenation–you will find how and when the 1 drop rule was initiated and who initiated it and why and you will find those laws are still on the books and define the races and these laws were created and enacted by whites over 300 years ago and have not been rescinded.

      • Not Surprised

        Thank you!

      • Steve Shastay

        We shouldn’t follow laws created before the US was born. I think you are safe to stop.

    • nzchicago

      Blood is not black or white, it is red. If you cut yourself and white or black blood comes out, you are in big, big trouble.

  • Cheryl

    Paul Wall is married to Crystal, she’s not just his girlfriend

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  • NegRican24

    Mick lots of us knew that, the surprise is Mr. Dylan whoa!!!

    • NegRican24

      @JustSaying WOW- Mr. Speilberg too, in the words of Mick “Brown Suga’ why do you taste so good?!’

  • L Destined Cox

    You forgot about Kid Rock. He had a daughter back in high school. His girlfriend in high school was black.

    • Chanda

      Wow I knew about the high school girlfriend but I didn’t know they had a child together.

      • Krista

        She told him she was his kid but a DNA test proved otherwise. He went on to have a kid with her, her third and final kid and Kid Rock’s first and only kid is the baby they had together.

  • mimi

    britany ex kevin daugther

  • Bren

    The only one listed I didn’t know about was Doutzen Kroes and James Dylan (regarding his daughter).

    • Bren

      I meant Bob Dylan.

  • it’s

    The author of this article means White or mixed race celebs that have mixed race children…..

    • Karen

      if the police would pull them over and harass/ bully them, they’re black. Plus the black community is WAY more accepting and let’s people be themselves that white people who like to TELL people who they are because of someone’s skin color

      • ImALadyToo

        No, they’re mixed race. I have 2 mixed race nieces and a mixed race nephew. They’re not exclusively black; they’re not exclusively white. They’re mixed race, plain and simple.

        • queenbee9

          There is no such thing as the “mixed race” based on the laws of miscegenation created in the US from 1693 until the early 1700s and still on the books in most states–BY LAWS created by whites, if a person has more than 12% black blood in them then the white blood is contaminated and they can ONLY be perceived as black. If whites want to change this after over 300 years they can repeal those laws but funny thing is, they have never bothered to do this.

  • FromUR2UB

    : p

  • Chanda

    Doesn’t surprise me that Chris Noth would get hate mail with his s exy azz. Bitter bishes…

  • Chanda

    Knew about everyone but Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. Jagger doesn’t surprise me one bit though. Google up images of Bowie and Iman’s daughter and she look JUST like her dad.

  • Barbara Codner

    I knew about everyone except for Bob Dylan.

  • laila

    Ok Bob and Mick didn’t know…wow

    • queenbee9

      Mick denied he was the father of that little girl until a DNA test came out and it became ok to admit sleeping with a black woman–but he denied it for years the ancestry of Bianca Jagger not withstanding.

  • conception

    Paul Wall is married to his girlfriend. I think 2010. He made an honest woman out of her

    • Chanda

      Yes I think she was on the E! Hip-Hop Wives special a few years ago. She said females would try to push up on him know full well he was married, lol..

    • Bren

      They have cute kids.

  • lis

    This is fascinating because????

  • Mia

    I knew abt Bob Dylan. He was madly in love with the divine Diana Sands but she tragically died before they could actually get together.

    • suganspice68

      I didn’t know that Bob Dylan loved that actress from “The raisin in the sun”

      • Mia

        He said she was the se x iest woman he ever met. I’m not sure but I think he also wrote a song abt her when she died.

  • Kaho’olawe

    It is not possible for a White person to have a biological Black child. These people are BIRACIAL!

    • Mia

      Yes but sadly in America they are considered just blk.
      My dad is Indian but myself and my siblings just call ourselves black.

      • Kaho’olawe

        But Indian people are Asian.

        • JustSaying_IMFO

          Asian really isn’t a race. For example, the Japanese are Asians but anthropologically would be categorized as members of the mongoloid race. Indians and Iranians are Asians, but are anthropologically caucasian.

          • Bren

            I agree. There’s only one race: human (cliche but true.

            • jannaM


            • Dev2008

              Thank you!

          • labelsorlove875

            scared of you! you sure taught
            me something new….

          • Tarik Asim

            The San produce all the races or characterisitics of these mythical races since their is only one race. But biologically speaking, the San have the oldest human DNA on the planet so all Asians have their features! There are darker people in China and Mongolia that look just like the San of sub Sahara Africa in the Bush

            • Desseni

              This is true lighter skinned races existed even before the paler races, but for some reason Paler people feel that light-skin tones are some by product of them lol. Original Asians were closer to Negro/Dravidian types whether science wants to catch up or not, it is the truth.

              It is why when Negro types mix with Asian types their is either a perfect balance of the two or, the Asian takes more of an effect. My Brother is married to an Filipino woman and their kids resemble the Aeta people or original negro types on the island.

          • sasha

            I mean that stuff you’re rehearsing is 19th century dubious. But for completeness there are Dravidians as well – fourth “race.” That’s Indian subcontinent (especially the Southern parts). Northern India blended more with Caucasians, this is why you see a huge range in the appearance of Indians. You see the influence of Dravidians in East Africa and the Middle East, too, I think.

            • JustSaying_IMFO


              Dravidians aren’t a race either as anthropologically they are an admixture – showing mixed characteristics – of those groups previously mentioned.

              In any event, my point which seems to need repeating and based on 20th century data, is that there is no biological basis for the separation of people into “races” other than human. All races show genetic links originating in Africa. The concept of race – whatever race you want to declare them to be – is a social construct designed to classify people into groups so that one group could have the means of showing their feelings of superiority over others.

            • Desseni

              I hate to burst you’re bubble but it is a common misconception that true Indians are mixed with some Caucasian/European type. Their kingdom was already at the zenith of their conception they have mixed with the negro types not the Caucasian types, their civilization is much older than European empire as a whole. Euro types are some of the youngest of the human species.

              Lighter toned people who would later mix with Indians are more inductive of African types not Euro types. True Euro types are Red hair/Blond, light colored eyes, and very pale skin. This was introduced thousands of years later.

          • Dee

            great answer!

          • Not Surprised

            The only race is the human race, all other is ethnicity.

            • JustSaying_IMFO

              Exactly what I said in my last sentence.

              • Pinoche

                I am impressed with my fellow jr. anthropologists. Some of us do our research and don’t adhere to outdated terms, such as “different races” and ” black,white, or Indian blood”. Those terms originated in the antebellum southern United States and are false to the core.

                • Jerseysmelltours

                  Nice when you can actually learn something from these threads….Thanks

          • Steve Iversen

            That was good, and interesting, information. Thank you.

          • Black_Man_Winning

            Wow you are a fool. You utilize anthropological terms, yet turn around and state there is no such think as race.Okay, what about species and subspecies. The African is the species while the other so called races are sub species of the African.

            No such thing as a light skinned African.

            • Dev2008

              That’s not true. Anthropologist have found tribes where a child or adult was white and there was no interaction with anyone “white”. And there is only the human “race”.

      • Jenzo

        An Indian guy tried to sue my company once, claiming discrimination because he was a Black Man. He lost because we did NOT see him as a Black man.hahahahah We clearly marked Asian on his new hire paperwork.

        • Barbara Codner

          That’s a good one!! SMDH!!

        • Mia

          Loool, that was random! 🙂

      • Been

        People also have other names for black people. Does that mean you should accept it? No. Accept who you are. It’s only fair to both sides.

        • Karen

          you dont get to tell people who they are, assholes

          • Godzilla Jr.

            True. But people don’t get to create their own definitions either. You can call yourself anything but doing so doesn’t make it accurate and/or acceptable.

            • JustSaying_IMFO

              Accurate or acceptable to whom is the question? What makes Group A’s definition of Group B more “accurate” or “acceptable” than Group B’s definition of itself?

              • Godzilla Jr.

                I answered your question thoroughly and completely but somehow the censors caught me… Don’t know why as I didn’t curse…

          • Bren

            You’re directing your misguided anger at the wrong person. Direct it towards society, who tries to tell you what you are.

      • PolkaDots

        Yeah no. They are considered HALFIES if they look like they are mixed otherwise they claim whatever side they look like most or prefer.

        • symone says

          that term is just as racist as ‘mulatto’ or ‘quadroon,’ and if you don’t know what those mean, look them up. and then ponder why they are no longer in use. hint: because it is neither NECESSARY nor APPROPRIATE for another person to define someone else’s ethnicity. know who you are, and leave it at t hat.

          • PolkaDots

            Please shut up and stop defending STUPID. They don’t even call themselves BLACK or the MINORITY half they say my mother is this and my father is that as though they are ashamed of the MINORITY half of them.

            And I couldn’t care any less than I already do about how you feel about my usage of the word HALFIE – it’s a fact. Tell DINO’s to claim who they are because NO HALFIE that LOOKS LIKE A MINORITY can EVE call themselves WHITE or the non-minority half so they have to QUALIFY who they are because they know this.

          • Bronson

            Sorry, “mulatto” is far more precise and correct than calling a mulatto simply black. Get real.

            • Claudia-Fatimah Peery-Smith

              Did you know that the word mullatto comes the spanish word mula which mean mule, a cross between a horse and a donkey. That word is about as degrading the word

      • Friday Foster-ABWW

        What is so sad about being considered black?

        • Zanpher

          What is so sad about claiming you are something you’re not?

          • Not Surprised

            What’s said is many mulatto individuals have no choice but to claim one or the other because of the racist society we live in. Having an Italian grandmother only afforded her the opportunity to “pass” for white, while her children (my father and his siblings) were classified as black. To this day people swear my grandmother is full Italian and her children are pure African American.

            • Quote me on that

              We don’t live in a racist society. Black people live in a racist society – a society called “the hood.” Outside the hood, people do not much care what race anyone is. The only time they care is when ghetto trash show up with their hood rat ways and make everyone suffer. If you can’t leave that crap behind, just stay in the ghetto where it is acceptable. Hate me from a distance if you need to, but stop trying to convince me that black people are all degenerates by your ghetto example.

              • Not Surprised

                Your blathering rhetoric is proof that we do live in a racist society.

                • rar113

                  Well put. Switch the races between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman would have been on death row by now instead of free to beat up his girlfriend.

                  • Not Surprised

                    Very true. What kills me that seemingly educated people don’t realize it’s impossible for other ethnic groups to be racist against white people. In order to perpetuate racism and racist you have to be in a position of power AND privilege to oppress and or suppress another ethnic group. SInce black, hispanic, asian and other ethnic groups have neither power NOR privilege it is virtually impossible for us to be racist. We can be bigoted against but not racist. Therefor reverse racism is a myth at best and the worst lie told to the privileged and powerful at worse.

                    • alternatesteve2

                      There is no such thing as “reverse” racism, that IS true. However, though, here’s the problem: it also does negate your (TBH, rather inaccurate) assertion that People of Color(if nobody minds me using a popular social justice term for the purpose of this discussion) cannot be racist, and here’s why: For there to be “reverse” racism, this would actually require “regular” racism to be the province of but a single group…..and yet, the fact is, it isn’t. Never has been.

                      And yes, I do know full well that *institutionalized* racism exists in the United States. It also exists against Jews in the Middle East and Iran, Dravidians in India, Aborigines in Australia, Koreans in Japan, and even arguably against white folks in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe to an extent.

                      And it once was a problem with Jews & Roma peoples in much of Europe, Tutsis in Rwanda, Armenians in Turkey, and against Black folks during the Apartheid period in South Africa.

                      Even with that, however, it can be pointed out that not all racism is institutional(even if it does intersect fairly often with all the other types of racism & other types of bigotry), and yes, People of Color can also be racist as well, even without the same amount of power; even while underprivileged compared to whites. Just as a few Palestinians hate all Israelis, just as a few Koreans hate all Japanese, etc., so too, are there small numbers of POC who do in fact, hate all whites(though, truthfully, in far fewer numbers than the reverse).

                    • symone says

                      ‘reverse racism’ is so ridiculous that it makes me laugh

                      i laugh almost as hard when folks say ‘people of color’. as a person of native american, swedish, welsh descent, i have color. i am not ‘clear’. i have freckles and auburn hair. which part of that is colorless.

                      we’re all people of color. some folks just get all bent about the shading.

                    • alternatesteve2

                      Good points here. =)

                    • TRUTH TELLER

                      people of color dislike whites for what have done to them that’s not racist..get it right… racist is when you tell me I cant come in because im black, or when you have white functions and blk function or when you tell me the apt is rented then turn around and rent to a white.. that’s your effing racism> blacks have the right to like or dislike who they want.. and that’s our priviledge… THATS NOT RACISM. LEARN SOMETHING.

                    • Who

                      “there small numbers of POC who do in fact, hate all whites( there small numbers of POC who do in fact, hate all whites”

                      Utter nonsense. Try being white & working in a place that is zero white. I never saw such hatred in my life.

                    • AlternateSteve2

                      I’m sorry you had a bad experience, TBH. But most of the People of Color I’ve known are decent folks. So I guess YMMV.

                    • JaneSmith100

                      Wrong. People with money of all races are more privileged, period. I’ll never forget watching this show of a biracial girl and her black/white parent. She got into the hardest to get in schools because she checked off the correct race box (black), but honey she was RICH RICH RICH. Is that fair? I realize that’s not addressing what you’re saying, so let me address what you’re saying.

                      EVERYONE can be racist. Asians hate black, white (but want to marry them because they think $$$$$$), Blacks can hate white (but some think $$$$$, STATUS, etc), Whites come in a couple of categories – super liberal who know what is BEST for us, those who want to use us for sex like massa/slave, those who overly LURVE us, and those that just accept us (not a lot of those).

                      And at this point in history there are plenty of BP with money. There’s also a good # without it, and therein the problems lie. Dealing/guns/etc are destructive to our comm, period.

                    • Not Surprised

                      Check your facts. Everyone cannot be racist. We can hate, be bigoted even have zero toleration for but we cannot be racist. Regardless of whether they have money or not, they are not privileged and have to work twice as hard to achieve their status and even then they are still looked upon as lower class (hence the little tired jokes of “there goes the neighborhood”, “they will just spend it on cars and jewelry” or my favorite “so when is the bar b que”. WE cannot have our issues and blatant cases of discrimination and racism without some privileged white person saying “we are victims of racism too”. OUR racism is based on the color of our skin, other examples of so called racism is based not on the color of skin, but the socio economic status or appearance (tattoos, mohawks etc) ALL of which are by choice. When confronted with that kind of “racism” they can change those things, WE however cannot change the color of our skin no matter how much GREEN we have in the bank.

                    • symone says

                      i disagree in principle. when it is alright for any black person to use “the N word” but if i said it or typed it here, i’d be censored and/or banned, possibly sued, even potentially criminally charged, depending upon the context, as a hate crime. defining who gets to do or say particular things, based upon race, is completely a racist concept.

                      ALL WHITE PEOPLE did not enslave blacks, did not enjoy the fruits of that horrendous era, NOR approve, condone or in any other way support it. if racism is about power, then only the white people who did enslave blacks should be disallowed to use the N word, and it would be okay for the rest of the world of any color to use the word. those of us who never were in power over anybody of any race, who never took advantage of that or thought it was right in any way, well, that puts us on the side of the blacks then, right? we aren’t in power, we think it’s wrong, and so we can use the word, right?

                      you do realize how ridiculous it sounds to go so far to parse one word and who is allowed to use it. that, by definition makes it a hateful word that NOBODY should use.

                      if the word is not racist, then we can all use it. if we can’t all use it, then it is a hate word, and nobody should use it.

                    • Not Surprised


                    • JustPassinThruNow

                      Webster defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Sorry, but being without power or privilege does not give anyone a free pass from racism.

                  • JaneSmith100

                    GZ is Latino. There’s plenty of Latinos on death row. He also has a black gm….SMDH at what you’re saying.

                  • Thomas Olson

                    1. Zimmerman is hispanic not white. There was not a white person in the US who saw Zimmerman’s pic and didn’t immediately say “he isn’t white”.
                    2. You are saying that if a black man who was a member of the neighborhood watch shot and killed a hispanic kid who had recently been kicked out of school and had a history of criminal behavior he would be in prison? OK explain the Roderick Scott case.
                    3. Perhaps you should do some basic research and not jump to race baiting conclusions that are not supported by fact.

                    • rar113

                      I am white, and I thought he was white. And the very fact that Z’s apologists have to go to such great lengths to impress upon us that he’s not “white” indicates that the general perception is otherwise.

                      Be that as it may, the point still stands. If Z were black and Trayvon were whatever-Zimmerman-actually-is, Zimmerman would not have the legion of apologists like yourself making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. For example, at just the same time, a black woman shot a warning shot at her threatening husband (or ex), didn’t hurt anyone, and she got 20 years.

                      Anyone who thinks that our justice system, especially in the south, is not tilted heavily against blacks and other minorities, is not living on the same planet as the rest of us.

                      And I am, as I said, white. If I had any axe to grind, it would be in the other direction.

                    • JaneSmith100

                      You can’t be real. Since when is dark brown skin, black hair & black eyes considered “white”???? Not so, not in this world. There are even dark dark Italians that white people don’t think are white. The Boston Bomber did not look “white” to 99.9% of white people. GZ never looked white. You’re letting your liberal politics blind you to what is in front of your face. Wide nose, dark sink, black hair, black eyes? Not considered white. My father did not look white, but was white. People thought he was a black man – African hair, black hair, black eyes, dark olive skin. But not black (but most likely back somewhere in the tree).

              • alternatesteve2

                Sorry, but…..even though many Americans really *Don’t* care about race anymore, there are, sadly, STILL problems with racism here in America.

              • Gee Cee

                A racist society called the hood? Are you crazy? You need to get out of the house more. Not all black folks live ‘ghetto’. I sure as heck don’t

            • symone says

              you are aware that mulatto is a racist word, right? or did i blink overnight and suddenly that’s acceptable to use again?

              to repeat, in civilized society, there is no reason for some person to even comment upon, let alone define, someone ELSE’s ethnicity.

        • Casey Baur

          It’s not. What’s sad is having to choose one over the other. My daughter is bi-racial and if she only referred to herself as black that would hurt my feelings. It would be like disowning that part of you and in that case the part she got from me. I always tell her she’s both and she doesn’t have to choose. They tried to make me pick one or the other on her forms at her docs office. I told them to stuff it. She’s both and I’m going to put down both.

      • Zanpher

        Umm, no, they are not.

        • Not Surprised

          Ummm yes they are

          • Zanpher

            Lol … check again.

      • Karenindixie

        I’m considered Caucasian, although I am actually Irish, Scottish, Swedish and Native American. I’m multi-racial, but in a word, I’m American.

      • ChakraKahn88

        You said it… you call yourselves black… you are MiaSara to me… 🙂

      • DV

        Oh puleeeeez get over it.

      • lilkunta

        @miasarah : that isnt true. It depends on the complexion and how the person acts/is. for example, jennifer beals is bi ethnic but viewed as anglo bc that is what she claims. Same for wentworth miller. mariah carey was viewed as anglo when she came out but since 97 has been embracing her african roots.
        nicole richie is afr and mexican , raised by afr am richies, and lives as an anglo person. maya rudolph (minnie riperston’s only daugher) is bi ethnic but raised by her anglo dad and grew up anglo thus is viewed as anglo.

      • Felicia R Faulkner

        And who are the ones making it that way???? Both sides.

      • Alexis

        It doesn’t matter, facts are facts.

    • Rainey

      Thank you for saying that! I was thinking the same thing!

    • Chas

      THANK YOU!!! As a biracial person I hate when people tell me it doesn’t matter i’m just black.

      • Not Surprised

        Well I guess everyone didn’t get the memo, because though the POTUS is mulatto, he is still treated like and hated because he’s black. Don’t hate the game rules, hate the creator of those rules. When you fill out a census form “bi racial” nor “mulatto” is listed, what is listed is “other”. Again we didn’t make the rules we just follow them.

        • Chris

          That is changing–a new category called two or more races is going to start appearing in the census and other surveys.

        • Chas

          I definitely don’t follow those rules. I always make it known and most things now have a 2 or more races box lol

        • Quote me on that

          The idiot in charge is hated because he is incompetent and dishonest, not because of his race, you clown. Every time you play the race card when no racism is involved, you diminish the meaning of the word. Some day you are going to need it, and it will not be there, and you will deserve the results.

          • Not Surprised

            I guess that means the idiot and imbecile before him was hated on because his was an idiot and imbecile as well? Typical a**hat, speaking when not spoken too. Where in your feeble mind did I play the race card? What I stated was fact not something I pulled out my butt. Oh and by the way genius, I NEVER use, need or play the race card…..

    • Friday Foster-ABWW

      They are black. Bring biracial does not mean you are not black. Do you have a problem with that?

      • Zanpher


      • Christina Hawthorne

        false. being biracial does not mean you are classified as only black. hence, BIracial meaning 2 races.

    • Zanpher

      Exactly. Or in some cases, multi-racial.

    • BlazeKing

      Actually if you want to argue schematics, it is possible for a white person to have a biologically Black child. It’s just that they will be biologically White at the same time. That’s what “biracial” means. You can be classed as either race, really. Look at Mariah Carey. Everybody classed her as a white chick even though she’s biracial. Somebody like Obama gets classed as Black. It’s done like that because of the dominance or submission of melanin in a biracial person’s skin.

      Philosophy is a sonuva b**** sometimes… Everything is not always as black or white as it seems(pun not intended).

      • Cooley

        If it is possible I would like to see it, because I have seen Africans giving birth to Paler skinned people never a white person giving birth to a brown skinned person.

    • Clo B

      No guest you are wrong
      There Is a book about a British couple who gave birth to a black child. This couple was the whitest looking people you ever wanted to see. It is a well known story and everything was documented DNA tests on both parents and child. The child grew up and wrote a book. Even the Government and the courts got involved. Ancestry is critical and I suggest you read up on it.

    • MissT

      Thank you!! Seriously, I’m appalled by the ignorance of this article. I am a black female raised in a biracial home. My biracial sisters refer to themselves as biracial as do most biracial folks- who are educated- that I have come across.I fully understand that biracial folks are seen through the minority lense- one drop theory. But please, let’s not further perpetuate the ignorance of not acknowledging the diversity of an individual.

    • beantown3

      I was about to type the same thing. The whole notion that if a white and a black person have a child, he/she is considered black is quite racist. It stems from the “one drop rule” back in slavery, when if you were known do be one drop black, then you were automatically black, and that white people were “pure.” They are biracial.

    • symone says

      it depends upon who’s looking. *most* white folks would call such a child ‘mixed race’. black folks would be divided, with some believing that any one drop of black blood in a child means they are ‘black’, while some blacks believe that the lighter the skin, the ‘less black, less authentic’ is a person’s racial makeup. there are still ‘black’ kids tho mercilessly tease other ‘black’ kids simply based upon the deepness of color. and those discriminating in that vein aren’t consistent, either. depending upon which end of the spectrum you may be on, you may define your ‘authentic blackness’ quite differently from your cousin who appears a different shade.

      it’s all bullsh*t. why can’t we find something more important to worry about than the color of other people and other peoples’ kids?

    • Steve Shastay

      Check the DNA in almost any American and you will find traces of other races. Almost all of us are bi-racial.

    • Jerry_Rigger

      I met a white couple in Mexico from Florida. They claimed no black ancestors, but had a very black six year old daughter. My bet is some unknown ancestry.

    • Diamondgirl

      Great point! But they tend to look more black than white and therefore consider themselves black and so does society.

    • Nite_Ice

      ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! These children are biracial, just as our president is biracial. To classify them as black is in itself a racist statement.

    • lilkunta

      @guest : not biracial, bi ethnic.

    • Alden Johnson

      So let me get this straight…When someone with light(er) skin is the biological parent with someone of dark(er) skin, the offspring is Black…who made up that rule? Why isn’t the POTUS considered ‘white,’ or ‘gray,’ since his father was ‘Black’ and his mother was ‘White,’ and why are all of the children mentioned in this thread considered ‘Black?’ If this doesn’t smack of racism or racial ‘superiority’ of dark-skinned people, I don’t know what does…

    • Shrewed & lovely

      Actually all people are biracial

    • Micah 李 文 Jung

      HUH you dont have the market on all children being white as snow in your family that is all black

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    “We didn’t know”? “We” who? DeNiro has more than one black child. Hehas kids by Toukie Smith and Diahnna Abbott. You also left out Steven Spielberg. There are others, but I’m not that interested in building a list for you.

    • Barbara Codner

      You are correct about Robert DeNiro’s son with Diahnne & his the twins being his biological children. However, Steven Spielberg has an adopted black child (son) not biological.

      • JustSaying_IMFO

        I wasn’t referring to a son, but a daughter from a relationship he had in the late 70’s/early 80s before he married Amy Irving, his first wife. She was mentioned on his A&E Biography, I think it was.

        • lena120

          I’m not sure who you’re referring to. His oldest child is a son named Max born in 1985. He does have a black daughter named Mikaela but she was adopted with his current wife Kate Capshaw. So Spielberg didn’t need to be on this list.

          • J. E. Browne

            Speilberg’s son Max is not Black. He’s the biological son of Stephen and first wife Amy Irving.

            • lena120

              Um, I never said Max was Black, I said he was his oldest child. The comment I was responding to has been deleted but they said Steven had a black daughter with Amy and I said that was incorrect, he had a son named Max. I didn’t deny that Max was Steven’s bio son. He does have an adopted Black son named Theo though. He’s in a music group with his sister Sasha. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to be correcting.

              • J. E. Browne

                Not correcting anything – check that attitide. I merely stated that Amy Irving was Speilberg’s first wife and they had a child together name Max. All Speilberg’s children are Jewish, both biological and adopted. FYI

                • lena120

                  Um, there’s no attitude to check, so yeah, moving on. Both your statements inferred information that I never denied or alluded to so once again I’m not sure why it was necessary to mention. You responded to my initial comment stating that Max wasn’t Black, when I never mentioned he was in the first place. I also never mentioned he wasn’t the son of Amy Irving. If you were referencing someone else or just the story I would understand, but as I said you responded directly to my comment. Therefore, I wasn’t sure what your point was. The same thing with you noting all of his children are Jewish… OK. That’s great. *kanyeshrug*

                  • IDontTrustWhitePpl

                    I saw you mentioned Jews. The real Jews are the so called African Americans.Those imposters are Ashkanazis and Khazarians from regions in Europe.
                    I’m done.

                    • Rachel B

                      Now that sure is the truth!

                    • AdamG

                      good now please go away.

                    • AdamG

                      Judaism is a religion not a race. Anyone who practices Judaism is a real Jew. Idiot.

      • surprise is Dylan

        • DV

          Oh please. You didn’t know that a rock star fathered an illegitimate child who happens to be black?Of course you didn’t because he didn’t want anyone to know.

          • mags

            Illegitimate? If you read the story, it says Dylan was married to a black woman, and they have a daughter together.

          • Dontworryaboutit

            He was married to the biracial child’s black mother so how is that child illegitimate?

            • suganspice511

              Although, Bob Dylan and and Carolyn Dennis did marry, the question to be asked to answer the legitimate vs. illegitimate issue is when was Desiree born and when did they marry? If sources are correct Desiree was born January 1986 and they married June 1986; thus making Desiree illegitimate. Unfortunately, marrying after the birth doesn’t change that status.

              • curious


              • Lala lawyer

                Uh yeah it actually does change the status of a previously illegitimate child if the parents marry after the fact. First year Trusts and Wills son!

              • TheMsmother

                But he didn’t walk away.

              • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

                She was pregnant when they were married but wtf cares

              • Ann Weeks

                Everything depends on where you are and the era. Here’s one example. The U.S. has had similar laws and customs.

                “Scots law, unlike English law, made a child born out of wedlock legitimate if the parents married after the birth. The registrar had to make a note of this beside the original entry in the birth register, together with the date of the marriage. After 1860, these amendments also appeared in the Register of Corrected Entries rather than the duplicate registers kept in Edinburgh, though the nature of the parents’ early relationship remained on the public record. But the law was strict about adultery. Children born of an adulterous relationship could not become legitimate, even if their parents married when free to do so. There were ways around this, as described in the section on divorce. ”


            • Anonymous

              Give me a break, is it illigitimite (spellcheck) when you walk down the isle pregnant?

          • TeetotalerTiger

            No such thing as an illegitimate child.

            • lilkunta

              @Teetotaler yes there is such a thing. Desiree is an example. All of Puff daddy’s kids are another. If you are born and your parens are not married you are illegitimate.

              • jannaM

                Illegitimate? What is this, 1912?

                • Dev2008

                  Seriously right? Pretty shocking how some hold onto hateful terms from the past.

                • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

                  Kneegrows talking about illegitimate like 70% of blacks aren’t born out of wedlock.. Just move on and stop judging people’s business. The man married the woman to be a father to his child. Clearly she wasn’t into men.
                  BTW This is the only surprise….because we didn’t know. But Dylan has been a strong proponent of black people’s right, now we know why.. 😉 Always love Bob!

                  • IDontTrustWhitePpl

                    smh…another one bites the bait.

                  • Mr_Nobodi

                    70% of blacks? Be careful your racism is showing.

                    • Becca Bankston

                      Either the fact is true or not and it has nothing to do with the content of melanin in a person’s skin. It is more culturalism than racism and it is most unfortunate if it is true. Children do better in a committed two parent environment, whether those parents be wife and husband, or mother and grandmother or wife and wife or husband and husband etc. Alienated single parenting is not the way to go. Oh yeah, and no one is black and no one is white. All People are varying shades of brown and beige. All boring neutral shades like you’d paint a wall or cover a couch with. No exciting skin colors like acid green or electric blue or fuschia.

                  • keepitcuteorputitonmute#1

                    100 percent of white babies are born out of wedlock because animals are not allowed to marry!

                    • TrillProphecies93

                      LMFAO yessss!

                  • The Police

                    Shut up

                • The Police


                • Hot Medusa

                  I know right?!

              • IDontTrustWhitePpl

                An illegitimate child: Is a child who was born out of a union after a man or woman who was previously married to another person. Diddy’s kids aren’t illegitimate, but Desiree is an illegitimate child. Read an Apocrypha. That is a book that has all the books took out of the Bible in the 1700’s and God clearly states those type of children are cursed.

                • manonyme

                  wow, would have to question my religion if children can be born ‘cursed’ . ..whatever, if any, “sins of the father” exist, should def not be visited upon the child unless he or she were a party to the commitment of those “sins”. . .

            • Paul Tucker

              I agree there is no such thing as an illegitimate baby. They are born innocent. It is the parents were in an illegitimate relationship.

            • Dev2008

              Thank you, I sooo agree.

            • IDontTrustWhitePpl

              Oh yes there is. Read an Apocrypha.

              • Brian Morgan

                What do you mean, “an” Apocrypha? You don’t even know how to refer to the Apocrypha, never mind what they are or their status. If you are Protestant, they hold no value to you theologically. If you are Catholic, you would not call them Apocrypha. You are just one confused and very badly, badly educated person.

            • The Police

              Bastard child?

            • Ann Weeks

              There is because of inheritance claims. The word has a stigma and always has. That doesn’t make it just.

      • You said WHAT!?

        So….Spielberg must be a racist, because he didn’t actually get sweaty with the bio mother, huh? I mean, that’s the distinction you’re trying to draw, right? He’s not authentic enough for you and must be faking the whole “father of a black kid” thing, right? Because adopted kids aren’t really your kids. I get it. This country is screwed.

        • J. E. Browne


        • hellga0424

          The article specifically says “biological”. That’s what the article is about. Biological means that that person helped make the kid, not adopt him. here are tons of white celebrities who opt black babies. That isn’t what we’re reading about. Stop complaining about your hurt butt and pay attention.

          • DV

            Celebs who adopt black children? Sorry, but someone like the inaptly named “Madonna” are not exactly the kind of people I think are worthy of emulation. For that matter, neither is Oprah, since she’s revealed recently that she’s a racist.

            • lilkunta

              DV how did The Might O reveal herself recently to be racist ?

      • DV

        Oy Vey, does that make a him a regular soul brother?

    • sasha

      I mean, I’d be more surprised if you told me Deniro had a fully white bio kid out there.

      • Diamondgirl


      • lilkunta

        sasha : why? did deniro say he doesnt like anglo ladies ?

        • DV

          Not that I know of, but he has never dated them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        • Gabe B

          He’s Italian. Alot of us aren’t into Anglo women.

          • Becca Bankston

            It’s racist to pick a person for a relationship based on their race. Some people don’t seem to get that. They only get racism for bad things, but if you pick someone to date based on their race, you are racist. Racist means picking and separating based on race whether it’s good or bad. People should date people because of basic attraction and dating only white women or dating only black women, seems the same to me as dating only blonds or brunettes or redheads or heavy women or women with big boobs etc. It’s just weird. No one wants to be a fetish object.

            • TheShowgirl

              It’s not racist to have a preference. If you single a group out and avoid dating them because you think their culture is vile or the people are beneath you, THAT’S racist.

              • Becca Bankston

                Oh I disagree. Racism is showing a preference based on race either way, regardless of whether that preference is positive or negative, a person is still picking and choosing or excluding based on race and when you make any thought or action toward someone based on their race that is racist. Once again, ultimately everyone wants to be loved for what’s inside. Everyone wants to be loved for their soul, not their “upholstery”.

                And as far as not liking a culture, that is “culturalist” not racist. It’s not as serious because people can pick and change their culture. People cannot pick and change their skin color or looks as easily.

                Oh, and I like to think that everyone is beneath me equally regardless of race. I’m just a girl who likes to be on top 😉

            • Hot Medusa

              Great point Becca!

              • Becca Bankston

                Thanks! PS I love Medusa. I even made a needlepoint pillow of Medusa when I was a teenager. Medusa is where we get the word Medicine from as the first seers/psychics, who were women, used snakes and their venom to go into trance and also to help heal people. Scientists are just now finding out that snake venom can be used in all sorts of medicinal ways. The caduceus, or medical symbol of the staff with two snakes wrapped around it with wings at the top was the ancient symbol of Medusa. And the other medical symbol called with one snake around a staff is called “the rod of Aesclepius” and Aesclepius was Medusa’s son who was born from her blood after she was decapitated by Perseus.

          • Marvin Melhorn

            DeNiro is a mongrel, not completely Italian despite his surname. His father was of half Italian and half Irish descent, while his mother was of Dutch, English, French, German, and Irish ancestry.

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    • Fredrich Heinz

      Good job, don’t do any work for anyone. Just sit around and wait for your welfare checks to roll in.

    • Lee Mun Lim

      OH there black and white not just black

      • Katrina Anderson

        Thank you! There’s a word for people of different races and they’re called bi- or multi-racial. I see the “one drop” rule is alive and well.

        • Lee Mun Lim

          yeah everyone needs to be black right? Yeah and your still racist even getting into the white house! has obama not helped the black folk his also BIRACIAL! but according to you his now black

          • PerryWinkleBrainFarts

            Obama IS WHAT HE SAYS HE IS AND THAT IS BLACK. hE KNOWS HIS MOTHER WAS WHITE, BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE HIM NOT BLACK. I am assuming his life experiences are that of a black man and that is how he identifies. I have mixed ancestry, but I am a black omen. When people look at me that is what they see, I don’t deny my family, but it is what it is. I experience life a black woman. Why are you so bothered that Obama is referred to as black?
            There are black people is South America considered white because of that one drop rule, why don’t you go there and complain about that? Of course not because it is harder to be black, ain’t it?

            • Micah 李 文 Jung

              So if my father is chinese and my mother white I should deny my white Heritage since my fathers side got the short end of the stick! BULLSHIT! if you were pride of your races you wouldnt just say I am black WOMAN!! Yeah I hate that too! there both! So Cameron boyce is white then! or black since he needs to identify with blackness! I do they should be black and white and people who are chinese and white should be both!

            • Annoyed

              I am a mixed woman and identify myself as mixed, most of the time people just think I am Latina, am I supposed to learn Spanish because that is what society thinks even though neither of my parents are Latin??? NO! Stop letting society tell you what you are. That junk is based on the old slavery mindset, stop perpetuating the stereotype. Obama is mixed. America needs to wake up and step out of 1954 and into 2014.

              • Becca Bankston

                thank you 🙂

              • Gabe B

                Thank You!

              • quashi

                As a person of mixed races I find that I fit in most places I go…in Africa people think I am Indian…in the Middle East I find locals speaking to me in Arabic because they think I’m local. In Asia I get mistaken for Polynesian or Tahitian. Here in the US people think I’m Hispanic or Native American. For the record I’m from the Caribbean. I don’t get hung up on how people see me…I actually have fun with it.

                • lanmanna

                  Same thing happens to me. I love it. Lol

            • Lee Mun Lim

              Everybody is black! he denies his whiteness of course thats white priviledge! I very much doubt you have mixed ancestry and if you dont your ashamed of your white race! you mean a black parent not back Parent? No tigar Woods is all the colors of the rainbow just like cameron boyce! I do they also want to be more white and less black! why dont you complain how whites are treated unfairly when it comes too going to public school in some areas

      • Dev2008

        They are children in need of love and protection. Why must we label everyone? It’s 2014 why is this even a relevant story?

        • Micah 李 文 Jung

          True well wouldnt you like to know where you came from and who your ancestors are? I do and I cant get past my grandparents on my fathers side of the family. we know we are Chinese and thats it. I feel yeah I am part Chinese but I have no roots in china I have a tree but thats it

    • Ebony

      And I already knew about Paul Wall.

    • JoeYardie

      robert de niro aint playing with them black women.. i remember when joe rogan exposed him for having black side piecess smh

    • Rachel B

      Ha Ha. Tell them.

    • joey jojo junior shabadoo

      you stupid nigge r bit–

    • Ben S

      Robert DeNiro doesn’t have any black children, they are bi-racial children. If they were black they would have no biological link to him, and would be adopted.