Eyelash Perming: Has #TeamPressNCurl Gone Too Far?

August 13, 2013  |  

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Sometimes you just have to raise an eyebrow at the weird hobbies folks decided to post and share online. And by that, I mean this YouTube tutorial about how to perm your eyelashes. Yeah I’ll let you digest that one for a second…

You can watch the video here (or above) but for those amongst us with cheap data plans, the eyelash perming instructional video is posted on the YouTube channel belonging to user Lily Seymour, who judging by her banner, is all about being fun, fierce and fabulous over fifty. In the video, which is a little over 4 and a-half minutes long, Seymour explains that she relaxes her eyelashes because they are too curly, plus having straight lashes would “make it so much easier to put false eyelashes on.” The rest of the video is an extremely close up shot of Seymour’s eyelids as she completes and narrates the steps of the eyelash perming process.

With only the protection of her contacts (which she says is to protects her eyeballs) and some vaseline she slathered on her eyelids, Seymour carefully uses her special perming lash wand, also known as a toothpick, to brush tiny globs of SoftSheen Carson Professional Optimum Multi-Mineral Reduce pH Creme Relaxer to each strand. After 10 minutes of letting the relaxer work its hair straightening magic, as well as 10 minutes of successfully dodging total blindness like a BAWSE, Seymour pauses the tutorial to take a picture for her blog and then uses her special eyelash perm removal cloth, also known as a piece of tissue napkin, to wipe the perm clean off the lashes. Although she states in the video that she planned on washing her face, she did not go into detail of whether or not her facial wash just so happens to be a bottle of neutralizer.

Although Seymour’s eyelash perming tutorial has gone viral on various hair and beauty social networking sites and has been viewed over 8,000 times, the comment section on the YouTube video have been disabled. According to her personal blog, LilySeymour.com, she writes that initially the viewer comments were so “disgusting,” she had to take down the video and re-upload again with the disclaimer about how folks should not to try this at home. In addition to the word of warning, Seymour also reminds us that eyebrow perming is very popular in other cultures around the world, particularly among the Japanese, who use special mini sponges, rollers and special solutions to make them less curly. Just a quick search on both Google and YouTube has revealed that the Japanese eyelash perming treatment is indeed popular among women, desiring a “wide awake” look. However the service has also been gaining in popularity in many salons stateside and eyelash perming kits are even available for purchase on EBAY. Eyelash perms are said to last for upwards of two to three months however there is no telling if you have to run for cover ever time it rains.

As to how long Seymour has been perming and eventually weaving her eyelashes, she explains, “I have really curly eyelashes and it’s no secret that curls and coils are part of my heritage and its something I’m really proud of.  But my curly eyelashes really bother me sometimes so straightening them has become a permanent part of my beauty routine.  I have been straightening my eyelashes for almost 20yrs now off and on and it makes me very happy!”

Twenty years, folks! I’m trying not to be too judgmental here so I will say that Seymour definitely has some eyeballs of steel. In fact, I’m not even sure this woman is not part-cyborg. I mean, the fumes alone from the perm sitting that close to my eye ducts would make them water something awful. And if my Optimum-soaked tears don’t make me blind, my forgetfulness would definitely have me looking like female Stevie Wonder. I’m the type of person, who will go full rub on my itchy eyeballs, totally forgetting I have on eye makeup. So I think I will have to pass on this treatment – not that I really thought that deeply about my eyelashes to even consider doing such a thing. To me that’s just another unnecessary thing to possibly be subconscious about.

Oh to the folks, who read this entire post and still had the gall to think, hmm this is a good idea…, please know that eyelash perming has not been approved by the FDA and a quick call into the Soft Sheen Carson helpline got me a really nice professional hairstylist, who said that in her 25 years doing hair, she would strongly not recommend applying Optimum or any of Soft Sheen Carlson’s perms to anywhere near your eye area.

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  • ChasT

    How kinky can eyelashes get that they need to be permed!

  • chenry003

    she tryna go blind

  • Cinnamon71

    One wrong move and her eyes are done. The skin on and under the eyes is the most delicate, sensitive skin on the body. Why would she want to risk her sight for something so trivial? I remember how relaxers used to burn the heck out of my scalp if it was the least bit sensitive so I don’t see how eye skin would be exempt from the torture. This is as crazy as those fools who tattoo the whites of their eyes different types of colors. It’s only a matter of time that their sight will become compromised…smh People need to stop with the foolishness when it comes to compromising their health. Once your health goes, the quality of life diminishes quickly.

  • TK

    I’m a big baby about going to the eye doctor and getting those dilating drops-I can’t imagine sitting there and putting relaxer on my EYES! WHY!!!!! What next weave or relaxer on the vajay-jay??????? Where does it end….

    • Guest

      Unfortunately, it never ends. This is only the beginning. I think relaxer on the vajay-jay will be next.

  • Chemicals near my eyes? I’ll pass.

  • Chemicals near my eyes? I’ll pass.

  • Guest

    How are you going to tell people not to try this, but you show how it’s done in the video? She needs to worry more about her nonexistent eyebrows than her eyelashes. I guess she may have permed her eyebrows and the hair came out. Who does this? I don’t even have any words to describe this stupid mess.

  • DATRUTH101


  • Jamie

    this is not for me. I don’t want to do that to my eyes. It is dangerous.

  • MsLadyE

    This is just plain DUMB!! Instead of perming your eyelashes and risking permanent blindness if the perm gets in your eyes, just accept what God gave you. If He blessed you with curly eyelashes, then either use mascara to enhance them, or just leave them alone.

  • Seriously Natural

    This is BEYOND stupid, unsafe and ridiculous! Yes, this is going viral and everyone is talking about it. Most agree with how I feel and now that many black women are turning their back on relaxing their hair what is the point? Straighter lashes? For what?

  • Candacey Doris

    I hope she doesn’t go blind or something from the chemicals. This is so messed up.

    • kierah

      I know it’s messed up to say this, but I almost hope she does go blind. When her subscribers see her doing demos with a guide dog by her side, then perhaps they will refrain from using her methods. If she keeps doing dangerous isht without showing the negative consequences she will have too many followers.

  • bluekissess

    Are people really doing this? This is crazy

  • Chassie

    The only thing dumber than the fact that she sat at home and put OPTIMUM relaxer on her eyelashes is the fact that she left her contacts on, sigh. I give up. I worry for her young subscribers who will try this, guaranteed. Youtube+Stupidity=Scary World

  • JerkJackson

    You, Charing Ball, are hilarious. I laughed all the way through this story.

  • Louise

    I don’t understand why black women would want to take out Everything that make them black and Then dare call themselves black and still say they are proud of their heritage when they obviously are not, I don’t get it, even white women/girls would not do something like THAT … Stupid ! You don’t make part of any ethnicity when you don’t accept yourself at this point, I am an 18 yrs old black girl ( and I’ve never heard of lashes that curled so much that u can’t even put ur fake lashes on, btw, I don’t know everyone on this earth ) and I don’t get no black female model that I could take example on when it comes to beauty because all of them are just sooo fake. I am sad to see this and sometimes wonder why God made me black just to suffer like that .

    • kierah

      Who do you think are the people dying their eyelashes? White women with light hair so they don’t have to worry about mascara. Who do you think go to those awful tanning beds or slather themselves with oil to bake in the sin risking cancer for a tan? White women.
      Haven’t you heard of the tribe in Burma (Myanmar) that adds a gold ring to girls’ necks every year to lengthen their necks? If they want to remove the rings later in life, they can’t because the neck muscles are so weak, the neck flops over and they suffocate.
      Or women in Asia getting surgery on their eyes to make them have doubly folded eyelids like Westerners. Or getting breaking their leg bones to get leg extensions surgically to make them taller like Westerners.
      Women of all colors have endured all kinds of crazy methods for the sake of “beauty.” This eyelash perming woman is just another person in a long line of people to invent the next new thing. This has nothing to do with just Black people. It has to do with all women struggling to accept themselves as is. You have much to learn, little sister.

      • Louise

        Okay you have made a point except for the Burma, I have done my researches and no woman have been reported to suffocate after the rings have been removed. But what you have stated above are minor changes, tanning your skin is a minor change when it comes to white women, no one actually destroys their skin by tanning unless they badly do it ( Too much exposition to sun leads to aggravated sun burns and for the most skin cancer that can be removed quickly if spotted fast enough). It is true that some asian women do change their eyelids to look more european, and the leg surgery can be used as a medical obligation or just to look more ” beautiful ” ( whatever that means ) european. But tell me, don’t black women do ten times more than that, relaxers burn your head and change the chemical structure of your hair for it to look more european, then we buy wigs we can’t even afford sometimes and they can’t even put food on the table their children or even give them a snack, we suffer from alopecia, we destroy the melanin in our skin to look whiter and this could go on for ever.
        All of this to say that there is no other ethnicity who doesn’t accept themselves more than the black one and that’s a Fact and we don’t do anything about that than just continue destroying ourselves and the young girls coming after us ! That’s what black women should try and change instead of doing all sorts of craziness with themselves. I don’t hate on people doing these things, you do what you want but just remember that at the ending of the day, you are too black to white, too white to be black and not mixed enough to be accepted by them. So tell me what are we when we do all of that with ourselves ?

        PLEASE PEOPLE READ THIS BECAUSE I REALLY CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHERE AM I SITUATED IN ALL OF THIS HYPOCRISY AND WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MYSELF. Should I be fake at the risk of putting my ethnicity at risk or accept myself at the risk of being marginalised ?

        • Alisha Dixon

          Whoa, take a chill pill and open your eyes. It may SEEM like black women in America do more then any other type of women, but that not true. Kierah made some good points, and if I were you I would heavily study Asian cultures, where women are CONSTANTLY doing things to their body (including binding their feet and whitening their skin) to look more beautiful…it’s not just black women. It only seem that way on website like this. Yeah, some of us spend too much on wigs and weaves, but some of them (them being whomever you want them to be) do the same things, it’s just not a constant stereotype thrown in their faces, like it is ours.
          No offense to you, but you need to step out of the “Black women are so oppressed by a white standard of beauty” and understand that ALL women are oppressed by a white standard of beauty, including white women who do not live up to that standard.
          What it’s coming down to is just plain “Do you look good” because honestly, most men don’t care what your ethnicity is, or your background…they care if you look “good” on their arm. Now, “good” is a relative term and changes every decade or so (thick women have been the standard, flat chested women have been the standard, short hair has been the standard) but if you look “good/pretty/sexy” then your golden. When I was your age, I use to think the same way. Now I’m 31 and life has made one thing very clear to me…Black, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, none of it matters. What matters (in terms of looks in our vanity obsessed world) is the answer to this question: Are you pretty? Pretty girls win in this world, ugly girls don’t.
          I don’t make the rules…

    • KamJos

      Girl you are right on track, don’t worry about the deniers.

    • Nia

      This is not a black thing; this is a stupid thing!

  • Bri20135

    This is SO foolish! I don’t even…

    God forbid she get chemicals in her eyes! If she does I won’t have any sympathy for her.

  • Nic

    How weird. people with straight lashes buy eyelash curlers to make their lashes curlier. She’s so backwards.

  • Dana

    Aren’t eyelashes SUPPOSED to be curly? This is just like eyeball tattooing, no thank you I am quite happy with what I got.

  • UnpopularOpinion


  • Trisha_B

    -_____- I thought women wanted curly eyelashes, reason why mascara is a huge beauty product. You want your eyelashes to curl up. Not like she got some kinky curly eyelashes or something smfh. She does this just so her eyelids can get a weave smh I can’t deal. Wouldn’t be surprised if the next thing I hear is women relaxing their coochie hairs

    • Nic

      Shhhh…you’ll give them ideas. LOL.

    • nick

      this just made me choke & cackle with laughter lmao….’eyelid weave’–u aint neva lied

  • jkhlk

    Being blind is always better anyway. Sight is over rated! *Sarcasm*

  • Mztisa

    I wish people would stop doing dumb shyt to their bodies! Go read a book, plant a tree or just have a seat and think about your life! SMH

  • ShayB

    Next folks are gonna be perming their eyebrows too if they ain’t already doing it. Hell, they already bleaching them. The only thing I gotta say about this ridiculousness is- DOING. THE. ABSOLUTE. MOST.

    • MissOlivia

      they already perm eyebrows, they leave the chemical for 5 mins for those with thick and bushy brows.

      • ShayB

        Oh that’s a new one on me. You learn something new everyday.

  • deebeezy

    I have super curly lashes and it is IMPOSSIBLE to wear strip eyelashes so I understand. BUT…I would hate to get that kind of chemical in my eye so…NO THANKS! LOL! And notice the disclaimer at the end.

  • Lola

    MASCARA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonyChick

    What? I’ve never heard of this. I, for one, would not want relaxer that close to my eyes.

    • Amarossa

      IKR! Relaxer drips onto my ears, my shoulders and I’m hollering like a witch burning in hell. LOL!

      • kaf

        Girl, you aint neva, eva lied!!!!

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    I never heard of eyelash perming and I think it’s effed up.

  • Torria Determined Finney

    That’s a sad shame if you gotta perm your eyelashes….

  • kierah

    People tattoo their eyeliner on and dye their eyelashes. This is the same territory. It’s not for me, but I’m sure there is a market out there that wants it.

    • Exactly! My grandmother has been dying eyelashes and eyebrows for years, it’s not even taught in beauty school. I guess tinting is hot, but perming your eyelashes because they are too curly is BEYOND me! I have curly eyelashes and I don’t use false ones. It’s a blessing girl, why would you perm it?