Forever Sheneneh, Ms. Trinidad, And Chilligan’s Island: The Funniest Moments From “Martin”

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If you ask me, Martin is by far my favorite television show from the ’90s. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t laugh at syndicated old episodes and who can’t name at least one line they’ve taken from the show over the years (“Call me, almond!”). After watching my season one DVD I decided that I wanted to share some of my favorite episodes and moments from the series with you, and you could share yours too. Shall we?

“Romantic Weekend,” aka, Chilligan’s Island

Season 3: 1995

It was supposed to be a simple vacation, but when you plan a vacation off of the back of a cereal box, things never end up going right. After being jealous of Tommy and Pam’s upcoming trip to what is supposed to be a fancy resort, Martin plans a vacation of his own for Gina to “Chilligan’s Island” in order to one-up Tommy and calm Gina. In the end,  Martin and Gina would end up boxing a huge rat that Gina confuses for a puppy and run into Tommy and Pam at the bootleg resort in most hilarious fashion. Was anyone else in tears when Martin was straight punching the stuffed rat dead in the face?

No Justice, No Peace

Season 2: 1994

When Martin gets a traffic ticket for a running a stop sign, you would think he would be willing to pay the ticket and move on. No. After watching way too many crime shows he decides to fight the ticket in court, only to embarrass himself and try to ask for an insanity plea. This hilarious episode brought us such favorite lines as “Do the pocket knife!” and “I ain’t got no money judge! I ain’t got NO ends.” Someone in the audience was literally screaming at the display if you listen closely…

“Suspicious Minds,” aka, The Lost CD Player

Season 2: 1994

Season two clearly was full of the most laughs. In this episode, if you’ll remember, someone decided to borrow Martin’s new Walkman (throwback!) without asking, and when it goes missing, so does Martin’s mind as he suspects all his friends and even Gina of taking it. This culminates in a scene inspired by New Jack City where everyone is instructed to come to Martin’s apartment for a meeting in all black where he accuses them and attacks them with a fake Rottweiler.

Forever Sheneneh

Season 1: 1992

All hell breaks loose when Sheneneh of all people wins a date on Martin’s radio show with Kid from Kid & Play. While he’s all down for the idea, when Kid finally meets Sheneneh, he ends up running away, leaving her with hurt feelings while rocking her best denim ensemble. In the end, after a pep-talk from Gina, Kid goes back to finish the date where Sheneneh would go on to serenade him with her own version of “Forever My Lady,” this time called “Forever Sheneneh.”

Hollywood Swinging (Part I and II), aka, The Varnell Hill Show

Season 2: 1993

MAN. There were so many funny scenes from this it was hard to pick one particular one to show you. From Tommy Davidson’s character of Varnell singing at the radio station (“You can taaaake the children…bounce them on your kneeeeee!”) to his exchanges with Martin, the two episodes definitely brought some of the funniest moments. That includes Martin singing on Varnell Hill’s show with Jodeci after traveling all the way to California only to fail to get a chance to sit down on Hill’s couch.

“Guard Your Grill,” aka, Martin Gets Beat Up Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns

Season 2: 1994

After winning a charity boxing match, let’s just say that Martin gets a little too cocky. And when he finds Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns trying to make a move on Gina, he decides to challenge him to a 10-round boxing match. And while Martin eventually lands a few punches during their match, that doesn’t stop Hearns from knocking him into a wall and swelling up Martin’s face so much that Gina would rather blow him a kiss at the end of the episode than actually planting one on him.

D.M.V. Blues

Season 4: 1996

What’s supposed to be a day off and a quick visit to the DMV becomes a nightmare for Martin when he’s forced to fill out papers, take tests, and deal with a lot of interesting folks to get his license renewed (including the hilarious Ms. Jerry whom he always fights with). Some of the most interesting characters he encounters include the nerd he tries to cheat off of when he takes his driver’s test, and a very flamboyant gay man (Producer Bentley Kyle Evans), who has a thing for Martin and keeps calling him “Almond brown” and ruining fabulous Anita Baker songs.

“Headin’ For Trouble,” aka, Gina Gets Head Stuck In Headboard

Season 4: 1995

After getting a new bed, Martin and Gina proceed to have sex, and to their shock and our laughter, she gets her head stuck in the headboard and can’t get it out. Tommy comes over and uses a blowtorch to decrease a lot of the board’s size, but she still has to go to a meeting for work with some of it around her neck. Rocking a Diana Ross wig and a huge shawl, she tries to keep her head…get it!?

“Blow, Baby, Blow,” aka Biggie Smalls Comes To Town

Season 4: 1995

“Sangin’ in the background!” Love this episode! When the Notorious B.I.G. comes to town to find a new background singer with the help of Martin and his talk show, everybody and their mother can sing all of a sudden. By the end of it, Gina and Pam, dressed like Patti LaBelle and God knows what else, have a full blown vocal battle royale on Martin’s show. The funniest part might be when Pam comes in the apartment to see Gina and sings Gina’s name to show off her voice: “Ginaaaaaaaaaaaa! What’s up? Whoa whoa whoa, Giiiiiinaaaaaaa.”

“Fat Like Dat,” aka, Martin Becomes Fitness Instructor

Season 2: 1993

After gaining a few too many pounds while on couch potato mode, Gina encourages Martin to come to one of her aerobic classes to work that gut off. When he does, he initially clowns it, but when he feels some pressure from the fitness instructor Florence (played by Charnele Brown), he decides to take his health seriously. A little too seriously. So much so that he drives Gina to the point that she finds it necessary to get him back on his couch-potato diet, with the help of Martin’s momma’s biscuits.

“Lockin’ Boots,” aka Gina Gets Boot On Car

Season 3: 1994

When Martin wants to buy new sneakers with money from their joint account, Gina scolds him and reminds him that they need to save. But when Gina gets a boot on her car, she has to withdraw a large amount of money in order to pay the tickets off her car–but she doesn’t let Martin know. He finds out anyway and decides to teach her a lesson when she continues to fail to reveal her withdrawal, forcing her to go on a few hilarious and crazy errands around town–without her car.

“Jerome’s In The House,” aka, Jerome Dates Pam

Season 1: 1993

After Pam and her boyfriend break up, in an attempt to date somebody new and get to see Luther Vandross for that free.99, Pam decides to go out on a date (or a few) with Jerome. This upsets Cole, who has been trying to date Pam for a while, and it causes Cole and Jerome to almost come to blows. In the end, she realizes just who she’s dealing with…

“Blackboard Jungle Fever,” aka, Ms. Trinidad

Season 1: 1993

After agreeing to speak at Career Day at his old school, Martin becomes reacquainted with former teacher Ms. Trinidad (Beverly Johnson). She and Martin go out for fast food and eventually she ends up back at his apartment where she tries to put the moves on him. When Gina walks in on them she moves out and dumps him, forcing Martin to go back up to the school to confront the teacher…with some help from Gina (who was ready to whoop some arse with gym shoes and Vaseline in tow).

“Get A Job,” aka Is Tommy A Stripper?

Season 3: 1994

After years of never knowing what the heck Tommy does for a living, Martin decides to do some investigating, with Gina’s help. Too bad she’s not good at living that cat burglar life (“NO GINA! You don’t turn on the light! Use your cat eye!”). In the end, they end up thinking that Tommy is working as a stripper for a living and track him at a club where they find out he’s up to something much different.

“Really, Gina Is Not My Lover,” aka, Martin’s High School Reunion Failure

Season 2: 1993

When Martin wants to impress those he couldn’t stand in high school at his high school reunion, he wants Gina to look her absolute best even though she’s not feeling good. But when she arrives at his his reunion with a swollen face and can barely talk when she’s supposed to be his alleged supermodel girlfriend, things get a little…er…ugly we’ll say…

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  • KottayCo

    Any episode with Bruh Man moving with his “slow bop” was hilarious!
    Check for our Bruh Man inspired Tee

  • ShyyNicole

    My mama birddddd ginaaaaaa ! Lol and my other episode where they took the thin line between love and hate movie

  • Shell

    I like Ms. Trinidad….”Don’t you want me?” Gina – Nah Bi@#* I want you!. Old school with the vaseline.

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  • Deena

    I recently saw an episode of the show that i don’t remember seeing back in the day when Cole asked Shenanah to BREAST FEED a BABY !!!!!!! OMG that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! classic

  • pickneychile

    Chilligan’s Island is one of my favs but you need to add the 2 part wedding episode and the Thanksgiving cook off episode!

  • jman 75

    I am the rev. Leon lonnie love can i get a aman”

  • jman 75

    Varnell hill ”did ya miss me!”

  • Guest

    I love the episode where Martin and Gina are stuck in the bus station during Christmas and they ask the attendant for change so that they can get hot chocolate. The episode was called holiday blues.

  • Jell

    My favorite episode is when someone stole Martin’s walkman and he called everyone over and threatened them with a stuffed German Shepard dog. I still crack up every time I see that episode.

  • Preshest

    You named pretty much ALL of my faves. I also wanna add the Variety Show where Martin slapped Tommy with the sandwich b/c it had tomatoes on it and Gina sang “you got to push… you got to push it til you get it right.” Also “Arms Are For Hugging” where they go on the marriage retreat and Martin and Gina get put in the angry corner, “Martin, baby, I think your radio show suuuuuucks…” And “Holiday Blues” when Martin fights Ms. Jerrie at the train station lol.

  • ron thegentleman

    Old Otis is one of my favorite characters, I need Netflix to get MARTIN

  • kierah

    I also like the episode when Martin and HustleMan try to sell t-shirts at a Whitney Houston concert – only the T-shirts say WHITTY HUTTON and the pic is HustleMan in a wig!

  • sammi_lu

    #1Chilligan’s Island, #2Tommy Hitman Hearns episode, #new jack city episode…but on every episode the digs Martin and Pam throw back and forth at each other are what made the show.

  • Guest

    What about when MARTIN ran away to find himself @ that cult retreat? Half his head was braided, & the othe half was an afro! Sometimes I’d rather watch that, than any of the garbage on!

  • Stacy L

    what about the Thanksgiving episode when Momma Payne and Gina have the cookoff!! *I say, pass the peas like we USED to do, HEYYYYYYYYYYYY*

    • Stacy L

      OR the one when Martin doesn’t pay his rent, and Hustle Man tries to sell him those pigeons on a branch, lol.. actually– I could go on for DAYS abt this show.. every episode is funny!!

  • Yvonne Watkins

    KC and Jo Jo with Martin singing nick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone KC and Jo Jo style!

    • Man, Marty Mar came out like “K-CI, JO JO!!” lol and when Tommy Davidson sang that song in Martin studio and both of them kept laughing about the catfish pond…I love every episode except the final one cuz I was sad it was over:(

  • AncientSpiritNewDay

    I’m not clicking through all of those pages. The funniest episode of Martin is ‘No justice No Peace’. The courtroom scene still has me rolling and screaming with laughter. Hilarious!!

    • Preshest

      Yaaaaaassssssss. “My mommy said…she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes. She’ll be coming round the mountain when she…**barks**” LMBO!!! and “Beetie Bead, show the judge ONE shoe…”

      • AncientSpiritNewDay

        LOOOOOOOOOL Martin is something else……truly funny man….

    • Jell

      LOL!!! That was one of my favorite episodes! I love when Martin looked thru Tommy’s adress book and asked what GTD meant. Tommy tried to mumble what is was, but Martin made him actually say he Got The Draws and the whole court went wild. Too funny.

      • AncientSpiritNewDay

        LOOOOOOOOL oh my goodness yes!!! That part is hilarious……

  • Kenedy

    Wasn’t there an episode where Martin & Shenenah were supposed to get married or something like that? & then Martin got cold feet & ran off & then Shenanah turned into Godzilla & started biting off the wood off the church benches, Lol!

    • Kenedy

      Actually nevermind, I think it was Martin & Gina getting married, but Martin’s mom (played by Martin ofcourse) went haywire & started chomping off church benches

    • Guest

      LOL Nah, that never happened.

      • Kenedy

        Lol! I swear I didn’t imagine it!! Haha, I’ll look it up

      • Kenedy

        The episode called “Wedding Bell blues” I guess they eloped or something, but somebody was chomping of church benches!!

  • alex

    dragon fly jones scenes also

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  • udon’tknowmyname

    The plumber episode w/ Tommy preaching.”Say it for me 4xs, creep creep creep creep.” The one where Martin and Pam gang up on Gina’s friend (Merrin Dungy) and they play her on his show. My other faves are on the list.

  • mdoubs

    What about Jerome in the club!!???

  • KJ23

    I LOVE that episode where they get stuck at that bus depot, due to bad weather while trying to travel for Christmas. Absolute favorite!

    • Stacy L

      I don’t want no DAMN tuna!!!!! *stomp, smash*..

  • alex

    THIS IS MY FAV SHOW! I loooove Martin, I got all the DVDs. Lol.. I can watch it everyday… Funniest show ever!

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    How about the Christmas episode when Big Red had the studio on lock down? Or the talent show when Sheneneh and Keylolo did their song? OR the one when Tony Cox and all his friends beat up Martin, Cole, & Tommy? OR the one when Cole was the house guest who NEEDED to leave and was clippin his toe nails and hit Gina in the forehead? When Gina killed Momma Payne’s bird? I think i added enough for a part two, lol..

    • dee17

      That Sheneneh and Keylolo song “Ain’t nobody know me like my homie” is one of the funniest things ever.

    • Deena

      the Christmas show was funny and when CeCe and BeBe sung and Tommy told the robber that he had to go to work and the robber told Tommy you probably dont even have a job!!!!! that was funny ,too.

  • Beenana

    ya need to add when shenanah had gina working in her salon shop to replace martin’s tickets. best episode EVER!

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      YYYAAAAASSSS When Sheneneh pulled out that sander!!!!

    • Tess


    • Beenana

      myra: i look like eartha
      Shenanah: BETTER THAN EARTH!!! lol

      • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

        Nah it was Grace Jones.