Oh, THAT’S Your Sister? Celebrity Siblings People Don’t Talk (Or Know) About

July 17, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines


We know about Brandy and Ray J. The Joan and John Cusacks. The Gyllenhaals. Bey and Solange. But not everybody has become famous because of what their sibling is doing, and not every brother and sister in Hollywood do everything together and are everywhere together. Don’t believe me? Check out a few brother and sister pairings that many people don’t even know about.

MadameNoire Video

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  • dancemomtoo131

    Lisa Raye Said That The Brat And Her Are Not Really Sisters. She Said That Her Family Kept The Brat Out Of Trouble And That Is Why She Considers Her, Her Little Sister. They Don’t Have The Same Father Or The Same Mother.

  • Jean Deaux

    matt and kevin dillion…..i thought they were the same guy.

  • Zaniffa JAn

    Chris williams…wow

  • mFe

    When some one shares the same father – they are blood related. Half comes into play when the mother is shared.

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  • MsSgt3

    You have SO MUCH crappy advertising going here that the difficulty it creates to get around pages is not worthwhile. You exhaust me with tons of advertisings. BYE!

  • Barry organ

    work with Matt Dillon in Drug Store Cowboy . Nice guy

  • star30

    I always wish I could have met Vannassa Williams bother, he is so cute and fine to me but, they say men with good looks are very boring men and that is so true. I dated a guy name Billy here in SanAntonio,Tx. but, now is an actor so he goes by a different name and he had good looks but, he was awful in bed and he was boring. That really pissed me off! I never in my life want to meet a man like that again in my life, I don’t care how rich he is.

  • Raimi Nicte

    Just a note for folks, human DNA Is split evenly. When you have a different parent, mother or father, you’re half siblings. Each parent contributes 50% of their DNA. The term half sibling refers to the amount of shared DNA between siblings. So if you have one parent in common, you have approximately 50% of common DNA. Full siblings are around 75%.

  • Lex Russ

    well same father’s are not half, you are sister’s or brother’s same mother’s different dad’s make you half, I use to always think the other way around also…… I knew about Sommore and Nia, they use to speak about it all the time. Sommore would give shout out to her baby sister during her tour

  • mainstreamisoverrated

    Where’s Janet and Reebok?


    If you got the same father you are not 1/2 brothers/ sisters your’e whole. Father is the dominant one.

  • Burt Bokerstroms

    I think Billy Carter and Bill Clinton are related. Siblings maybe??

  • Kit23

    Actually, I didn’t know Kevin and Matt Dillon were related. It’s a pretty common last name, and I never really looked at either one, so….

  • Brianna

    Chris Williams is Vanessa Williams’ brother? Never knew! I loved him in Dodgeball though; I’m actually surprised his role in that wasn’t mentioned on here.

  • Longislandprincess

    Donnie W. is dating Jenny. Not Mark.

  • Mac

    I don’t appreciate SOMMORE being classified as a raunchy comedian and the word is commedianne for females!

  • Guest

    Vanessa and Chris have done several projects together. He was her opening act when she had her Las Vegas show a few years back. And she gave him a surprise kitchen makeover on HGTV’s “Kitchen Cousins” last year.

  • disqus_p30qnIC7XI




    • E.R.G _ 1

      The Maternal gENE is the determinant.

    • Jenny Carlson

      When you share only one biological parent, you ARE HALF SIBLINGS! When you have no biological genes in common with a parent, that parent is a STEP PARENT!! When you have no biological genes in common with a step parent’s child, that child is your STEP-SIBLING. They are half siblings if they only share one parent in common (father or mother) When you have the same biological mother and biological father you are considered ‘natural siblings’

    • AkuAndoryū Tru-Dru Harrison

      You don’t know what you are Talking about A Half-Brother/Sister is one whom is Sibling to your Siblings from same Father as well as different Fathers…They have different Mothers don’t they?

  • Whatchu Talkin’Bout?

    The Hemsworth brothers don’t look exactly alike. Their eyes are the same and that’s it. Okay, and the hairline. Somewhat. But that’s it.

  • WoopWoop

    Vanessa and Chris Williams did an episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ together. In fact he played a drag version of her character Willhelmina Slater, Wilheldiva Hater.

  • Pearl

    Nia and Sommore were the only two that i had no clue even knew each other let alone were related.

  • Steve Stone

    Vanessa Williams’s (Chris) brother as Krazee Eyes Killa on curb is just sick how funny that dude is. Fool had me laughing so hard I literally started crying.

    Check out that one on Youtube. He got skills

  • Charisse A Hill

    Lisa Ray and Da Brat are not sisters…. That Is not true.

    • kiki j

      Yes they are. That’s actually a well known fact that they both admit

    • KT92

      They have the same father and both have his nose.. Not to mention lisa’s daughter resembles da brat and lisa and da brat are very closw

  • Hello86

    This was a good list.

  • Detroit bred

    Damn didn’t know about nia long n sommore

  • Detroit bred

    Damn didn’t know about nia long n sommore

  • guest

    Just love how Vanessa Williams did a DNA tests and is finding out she has a lot of white in her. Duh the blue eye’s give it away.

    • Guest


  • Attentiveness

    Dam Jason Kidd sister is fine!

  • enlightenment

    I loved this list. Didnt know a lot of these were siblings o_o

  • lisaj

    Good try, but most of these people are well known because of the fact that they are siblings. I bet there are a lot more out there that you didn’t include–Traci Ellis Ross and Evan Ross, Phyllicia Rashad and Debbie Allen (though that one is obvious too), Justine and Jason Bateman, Kate and Oliver Hudson, to name a few.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      theres always room 4 another list.

    • Andrea

      Chris and Tony Rock

  • original*ijs

    …i think i just figured out joaquin phoenix! everyone was saying that he’s weird and he’s gone bat-ish cray-cray well ppl he witnessed his brothers overdose and prolly still hangs on to anything he may feel guilt or whatever have you. that stuff builds up overtime especially when you dont confront it dang smh i didnt know they were brothers rip

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Vanessa’s brother was also in Dodgeball. And Zoe was well known WAY before New Girl.

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  • Get the Facts Straight

    Please check IMDB to give appropriate credit for the work these sibling actors have done. Every sibling posted here- has had their own successful career and they do talk about each other.

    Please do FACT FINDING!!!

  • nikasosmo0th

    I like the eisenberg’s..had no clue they were related!

    • Jamie

      Me either but those dimples definitely gives their family resemblance away.

  • Mia

    Nia & Sommore shocker!! I know it should be a no brainer with the Deschannel sisters but I never put that one together lol

  • StrongIslsista

    Eddie and Charlie Murphy were raised on Long island NY

  • Maile00

    Most of these were no brainers. Sommore and Nia though..wow!

    • DaisyDuke

      Right! I had no idea!

      • Mike

        For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”._

    • more


    • Larashearn Hill

      I was really surprise to find out that Mia and Sommore were Sisters

      • Larashearn Hill

        I’m sorry Nia