We Fall Down, But We Get Up: Celeb Slips, Stumbles, And Spills (In Gifs Of Course)

September 2, 2013 ‐ By Kelly Franklin
celebrity fall gifs

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You know that quick side eye glance you give, when checking to see if anyone saw you take that stumble, trip or full out fall? Talk about embarrassing.

Most of us have learned to just laugh it off when we take a loss like that though, unless of course, we hurt ourselves. Oh, but when a celebrity takes a spill, it’s different because more than likely, paparazzi is there to snap it or they are performing live. Unfortunately, they can’t take back the footage or photos that shows their tumble. We know accidents happen, but nonetheless, it’s still funny or in other cases, horrifying, as all get out.

Let’s peep some of the funniest and scariest celebrity fall gifs of all time. Let the laughs and gasps begin . . .



If you needed a concrete reason not to ever try crowd hopping, here it is. Poor baby.

MadameNoire Video

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  • mikki

    i hape that jumping bunny Rabbit never tries to fly like that again.

  • It’sMe

    The fall, the great equalizer, because no matter how high a person is, once they take that tumble, people immediately realize that we’re all human.

  • ashley79

    I love how everyone talks about Mariah falling and how she made her assistant take off her shoes afterwards. People forget that she was pregnant! She just didn’t announce it yet But it you count back to the time that she fell, she was a couple of months along.

  • Calling_All_Degenerates

    They only showed the sort-off big celebrities meaning that this probably happens to every singer at least once in their stage life but no-one cares enough to be recording


    Katy Perry one was the best because she kept falling repeatedly and had to crawl off the stage

    The lady gaga one is in reverse which makes it unenjoyable to watch

  • Tee Elyse

    As much as I love Bey, that fall was EPICALLY HILARIOUS!!! I STILL LMFAO when I see that clip!!! The fact that she got up and kept performing like it was nobody’s business shows how much of a true entertainer she is!!

    • nolimit_soldier

      I agree. I still laugh to the point of tears when I see Beyonce taking a tumble.