It’s About To Go Down: Best BET Award Moments Of The Last Decade

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With the BET Awards fast approaching, it’s only fitting to relive some of the most memorable BET Awards show moments ever. You know BET is the only channel that can have gospel sets mingled in with rappers dropping expletive bombs every other second while censors struggle to keep up with the bleeps. The BET Awards has never failed to be the highlight of a conversation with the hairdresser, over lunch with a girlfriend, or at the Sunday dinner table with family. Check out these most memorable moments.

Monique Dancing To Beyoncé’s Deja Vu – BET Awards 2007

Today’s Monique is trim and fit, but back in 07,’ she was repping the plus size girls, and did her thang on stage, with an amazing Beyoncé impression to the singer’s hit song “Deja Vu.”


Chris Brown’s Tribute To Michael Jackson – BET Awards 2010

Chris Brown embodied the late Michael Jackson and cut a rug just as the king of pop used to back in the day. He glided across the stage in MJ fashion, and we were all catapulted back to our favorite Michael Jackson video and music. This was a breathtaking experience.


Destiny’s Child Cater 2 U Lap Dance – BET Awards 2005

You can still see the sweat beads rolling down Terrance Howard’s forehead after his live lap dance from Beyoncé. The trio tantalized their willing participants – Nelly, Magic Johnson and Terrance Howard – with sensual moves, hair throwing and gentle caresses.


Old School Hip-Hop Tribute – BET Awards 2004

Oh, oh oh – oh my God! The crowd went wild when Doug E Fresh burst onto the stage! Then there was Slick Rick, his infamous eye patch, and A Children’s Story! Talk about going back down memory lane.


Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly “We Are One” And “Before I Let Go” – BET Awards 2012

Good music that seeps down into the soul – that’s what BET offered its viewers when they gave a tribute to one of the world’s greatest bands Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. Although Frankie sounded a tad off, folk were too busy singing and swaying to the soulful tunes.


P Diddy, Usher, Ginuwine, Busta Rhymes and Pharrell – BET Awards 2002

Sometimes it can be unnerving watching a whole gaggle of people running around rapping on stage, but for this group – it truly worked. Usher brought the vocals and moves fluid like water. P Diddy hustled around stage in all his bling glory. Performing hits like I Need A Girl could keep us rockin’ for days!


Alicia Keyes Featuring Bruno Mars – BET Awards 2012

Sink into the oasis of soulful vocals from singer Alicia Keyes and Bruno Mars. Two vocalists offering up real voices to their eager fans – not just popcorn candy singing. What a treat to listen to A Woman’s Worth from this duo.

R. Kelly AT BET’s 25th – BET Awards 2012

Your body’s calling for me! Deemed one of the greatest R&B singers ever, R. Kelly seized the stage and gripped his audience with his old school tunes, which folk were singing word for word.

The Fugees – BET Awards 2005

Regardless of the super bow hanging from her collar and Peppermint Patty mushroom Lauryn Hill rocked, we were all just happy that she graced the stage with her presence. That is one sister who can sang! Oh, let’s not forget the group – The Fugees! They rocked it with hits like Killing Me Softly, Ready or Not and Fu Gee La.


Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together – BET Awards 2005

Listen up, lambs – Mimi was emancipated on this BET Awards night. Donning an elegant white gown, Mariah belts out the lyrics of We Belong Together with a touch of class and swag that only she can pull off.

Busta Rhymes Touch Remix Featuring Eminem – BET Awards 2010

With Busta bursting out on stage in all black, he was his own hype man! The catchy beat of “Touch It” was hard not to bop too, especially when Missy Elliot, Raw Digga and Eminem hit the stage!

Heavy D – BET Awards 2011

The overweight lovah in the house still had the moves! We all grooved with him, and were shocked at his untimely death at such a young age.


Michael Jackson and James Brown – BET Awards 2003

James Brown was presented with a lifetime achievement award, and guess who comes out on stage to congratulate him? MJ himself. The King of Pop and the King of Funk were together on stage, and what ensues afterwards, an impromptu dance off, left us all unblinking and grinning from ear to ear. Watching Michael Jackson hit move after move with James Brown following suit, and the band playing like it had all been planned was nothing short of amazingly awesome.


T. I.’s Top Back – BET Awards 2006

Despite being cloaked in a huge red hoodie, the swag, swiss beats and signature southern drawl was undeniable. T.I. and Grand Hustle always come correct with raw, gritty verse that creates vivid pictures of his life and musings.



50 Cent, Nate Dogg, Missy Elliot and G-Unit – BET Awards 2002

G, G, G, G – G-Unit! With his impeccable pecks and gangsta swag, it was impossible not to rock to this joint. 50 and his crew had no problem hyping up the crowd, especially when Nate Dogg graced the scene with his Sherlock Holmes signature hat and sing-song rap style.

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  • Richelle

    The Heavy D vid is great but sad at the same time. He died just 10 days after that!

  • jferthcg

    y’all should have the every girl performance with wayne, young money, and his daughter and her little friends. Priceless moment at bet

  • Pingback: It’s About To Go Down: Best BET Award Moments Of The Last Decade - EyeOnCelebs()

  • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

    Uhhh the diddy performance was MTV…

  • BionicBey

    Nice list.. But to exclude Beyonce’s Deja Vu iconic performance is blasphemy! Bad enough you ignored Crazy In Love when she showed the world she was way more than a two step offering harmonizing group member.

  • Girl..

    What about the Brandy and Monica Whitney Houston tribute…That was everything! Both ladies did it so much class. And the A.Keys, SWV and En Vogue, TLC perfomance…. But somehow MN managed to put T.I. Top back perfomance on here…what a joke

  • Chanda

    I don’t think I’ll be watching this year. Same ole same ole. Same artists, same people performing, same nominees, same winners then throw in a random gospel act and old-school singer and that’s about it. They’ve been showing the same sh!t for 13 years basically. That’s BET for ya..

  • alex

    i rewinded the Michael and James brown vid like 5 times…

  • La La

    I don’t agree with these moments, there have been better. That Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars performance was cool, but her performance with SWV, EnVogue And TLC was even better! And then the following year when Neyo brought out the old guy groups! Also btw, the Diddy, Busta and Usher performance isn’t from the BET Awards.

  • Samuel Childers

    Will y’all let another damn 10 years go by before y’all do this best BET award moments every damn year! Hell it’s only been airing for 13 years! Give it a chance to create some damn moments.

  • jenn

    i thought monique danced to crazy in love?

    • IllyPhilly

      Me too.

    • La La

      she performed twice, two separate years to Beyonce songs

  • I think you guys missed one. The Tribute to Jam Master Jay with Grandmaster Flash, Kid Kupri, Jazzy Jeff and Premiere.

    • IllyPhilly


  • JessieH

    Hate to nitpick but that DIddy, Usher, Busta performance was from the MTV Video Music Awards.

    • Annette

      You are absolutely correct. Also, that Heavy D performance was from The BET Hip Hop Awards, not The BET Awards.

    • Realityh03$Anonymous….ohwait

      The messed up part is it says VMA in the top corner…:-/

  • HoneyDipp

    HA!!!! I am literally crying with laughter right now watching Terrance Howard in that Cater to You video…. I forgot just how absolutely hilarious that was! LMAO!

    • Keysh

      Once again Michelle is ALWAYS off lol #keyshiacolevioice

      • Richelle

        And why did she pick Magic Johnson, of ALL people? LOL

  • Kenedy

    I will not watch it….but I will come back here on MN for updates on the foolery that went on

    • no lies told

      I only think that there wpuld be four good performances. No order:ciara,chris brown, mariah carey, justin timberlake. My opinion

      • Alecia Murphy

        I agree with your picks and also Stevie Wonder and Uncle Charlie.

        • bigdede

          Uncle Charlie, Snoop, Pharrell and Justin killed it. I LOVED this awards so. It was pure Hip hop. J. Cole was amazing. Kendrick Lamar with Erykah badu was great. The reggae part was perfection. Janelle was great. This was a great awards show. No tomfoolery. There were too many awkward parts but otherwise no one was acting a fool. Except for Stevie J outside the awards show selling Joseline mixtape.

          • Miss_Racquel

            R. Kelly killed it this year too cant lie!!!

      • soitseem2

        its a damn shame b/c your top pics are singers and none can sing live