Girl, Get Yo Family: Beyonce’s Uncle Larry Says She Only Married Jay-Z Because She Was Tired Of Being Alone

May 17, 2013  |

I really thought Beyonce had avoided the fame curse when it comes to family members and friends trying to use personal things against you to get their 15, or 20, minutes of shine. In all the years she’s been in the business, no one seems to have snitched on any dirty secrets she might have or lent their personal opinion to the public media for selfish gain. And then that untarnished record went all downhill yesterday when Celebuzz had “A 20-Minute Conversation With Beyonce’s Uncle Larry” — literally.

Where the site dug up Uncle Larry, who I’m assuming is Tina Knowles’ brother since his last name is Beyince, I can’t say. But I guarantee Bey, Tina, and Jay are going to push him right back into that hole he crawled out of just to see his name in online print. Speaking on everything from Beyonce’s childhood to Matthew Knowles, and Bey’s marriage, it seems safe to assume someone found Larry’s telephone number by luck, called him up and started asking him questions, and instead of saying “no comment,” this man just rattled on and on about his little neice like he was talking to a good friend from the past and didn’t realize Bey is a mega superstar. Check out the Q&A and some of his suspect  insinuations about Jayonce’s relationship.

On The Rumor That Beyonce Is Pregnant Again…

“I have no idea. I haven’t heard nothing, except that she’s on tour.

“Even then [when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy] she tried to keep everything secret like it’s a really big deal. She didn’t want everyone to know.

“She did tell me she wants to have more, but I didn’t know how fast. I think now would be too soon. She just had one and she needs time to really raise that baby.”

On Beyonce Before Becoming Mrs. Jay-Z…

“He was after her and she wasn’t. She told me she wasn’t too particularly fond of him.

“I would see him with her and pictures of them, I heard rumors they were together and she told me ‘no.’ You know how women get that look like ‘eww.’ I guess she wasn’t attracted to him.

“But as long as he treats her well and makes her happy, that’s all I ever wanted. He’s okay with me.”

On Beyonce Getting Married…

“I was surprised she married him. I think she got tired of being alone. When you have as much money as she does she has to be careful about people wanting her for her money. And apparently he had as much as she had.

“I don’t think the family cared. Just that whatever he’s doing he’s making money [and] made it okay.”

On Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles…

“I wasn’t surprised she fired him [as her manager]. I’m glad, actually.

“I know he was getting 20 percent of whatever she made, and from what I know he wasn’t doing much for her. All I knew is that he wanted her to be famous and rich so he could be rich.

“One reason I was glad she got married is because she was no longer under her dad’s control. He is a control freak.”

On Beyonce’s Early Rise To Fame…

“She didn’t want to be famous. She just wanted to be a normal child. She loved to watch cartoons and be with her friends.

“She was forced into singing.

“It took away her whole childhood. Everything was geared toward being famous. She used to get angry at [her father] a lot for taking away her childhood. That affected her.

“I would prefer she was just my little niece, but she’s a lot better off than most women.”

Larry, you are so outside the circle of trust now. This is why Bey didn’t tell you she was dating Jay-Z years ago (and why she wouldn’t call to tell you if she’s pregnant) — you run your mouth too much! Is anyone else imagining mama Tina cursing him out right now or is that just me? Regardless of how left-field Uncle Larry’s interview was though, we are still a bit curious about how much of it is true. What do you think?

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  • Atin

    She couldn’t have been too lonely before they got married, because they were together for so long before marriage. So, she wasn’t lonely. Looks don’t mean a thing to some people, and Jay-Z may actually be good looking to her. As much as men love her, Beyonce could probably get anybody she want. You can tell by the way she looks at him that there’s a lot of love there, even in her songs about him. Can’t nobody tell me they don’t truly love one another. And having another child is her and Jay-Z’s decision, not anybody else. And how do we know that this is really her uncle? He could be lying about being a family member or he could just be an estranged uncle. And if you watched her documentary, the part he said about her childhood seemed contradictory to what was shown in the documentary. It all seems like bull. If he didn’t know about them dating and their baby, then he’s not close to them.

  • scandalous7

    Larry, do your fam a favor and shut the fck up!

  • FromUR2UB

    A lot of women aren’t initially attracted to the men they end up marrying. Those men are the most persistent! Good looking men usually don’t chase after women. If they miss one, another will be along shortly. a bus.

  • word

    I thought nothing particularly offensive or juicy and I believe 10000000% of it. It is completely believable that someone would not find Jay Z attractive and the other stuff.. surely plausable

    • Yeppers

      But any fan/non fan has said that they THINK all of this… Why are we to believe that the man is who he says he is… Hell any one on this board including me says we wouldn’t have married jay z for anybody’s looks… That don’t make none of us an expert on beyonce life.

  • Guest99

    When you are famous, people are going to talk and things are going to be said. It’s part of the fame package these days!!!

  • Yeppers

    This sounds like te musings of some crazed fan who doesn’t know anything more than a bum on the street would know… All that mess he said can be found on any
    Beyonce gossip site and sounds more of what he THINKS than actual facts. They need to sit down somewhere.. As many stalking fans that feel like they KNOW THIS WOMAN PERSONALLY… I need to see some receipts as to who this man is really related to and not some speculation by the media… Hell I can call someone and say my name is tameisha knowles and I’m kin to beyonce. Good night I hope no one reads this with a ounce of belief.

  • mac

    She married him because she was tired of being alone. Which is totally obvious since she waited a year or two to even be with him, and then 6 years to marry him. Wait….what?

  • drunk unc larry

    if a drunk mouth dont speak a sober mind then i dont know what does?!

    he just saying what everyone suspected, i am sure b is grateful to her dad now for pushing her to stardome

  • Deebeezy03

    How could she be tired of being alone when she was with this man for 5 years before they got married?? When you are in love with someone, their ‘looks’ don’t matter, nor do the opinions of others about their looks. Have SEVERAL SEATS Uncle Larry. He has probably had 3 real conversations in his life with Bey and I doubt she was forthcoming with her business. I don’t talk to my Uncle about my LOVE LIFE! Why the hell would she? LOL Uncle Larry, expect a call from your sister Tina…you are definitely gettin’ cursed out for this one.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Okay so we care why? Uncle Larry has the right to his opinion remember its okay for us to speak our opinion agree or disagree he still has the right.

    • mac

      Except it wasnt opinion. He was passing these statements off as facts.

      • guest

        Are you on her payroll? A bit disturbing how you seem to take everyone’s opinion personally and are right there to defend her. Whether it’s opinion or he stated them as “facts” as you claim, the first amendment gives him the right to do so. Who cares how he passed them off. What’s your point?

        • mac

          LOL you’re stalking my comments in this thread, using loaded words like “disturbing”, but I’m the one upset and taking things personally.

          Riiiiight. *pats on head*

          • Yeppers

            This “guest” person comes on every beyonce thread to defend ignorant people who claim that beyonces personal life is their business…
            Happens every time.

        • mac

          We have the right to do a lot of things; does that always mean it’s appropriate to exercise that right?

          Where is the opinion in “She was forced into singing” or “She didn’t wanna be be famous”? He didn’t say “I think” or “I believe”, it was stated matter-of-factly.

          Who cares if he’s passing them off as facts? Right. And if someone with no first hand knowledge of your life was speaking on it, who’d be the first to object? Exactly.

          Thanks for playing. You can see yourself out.

      • rapunzel

        No, he said he “thinks” she got tired of being alone, she didn’t tell him that. It makes no sense anyway because they dated for about 10 years before getting married. Every family has a fool like this in it. Every community has a “village idiot”…

  • It’s true

    And Beyonce wants us to believe her LOVE to her man is so real. C’mon. Your uncle just exposed you. Now we can definitely say, that this love might not last forever, if she just married him for not being lonely.

    • mac

      Instead of waiting for a celebritys relationship to fail, Put that energy into finding yourself a man.

      • guest

        How do you know she does or doesn’t have a man? What a stupid comment.

        • mac

          *chuckles* Trust me on this.

          No one with love of their own could be bothered with the authenticity of someone else’s, much less a stranger’s.

          • Yeppers

            Thank you!! You always wonder how people can get on with such hatred t strangers just because they are celebs. If someone targeted you on social media talking about everything you said as it pertains to your man ou would be ready to cry and call the police… What does the validity of beyonces marriage mean to you @its true ??? She’s lying?? How will that help you sleep at night?? Some of you worry about the wrong things… Does it make u HAPPY that beyonce might be unhappy in marriage??? I’m trying to glean the motivation for your ignorance. Do you need the next woman to be unhappy for you to feel better about yourself??

            • mac

              As I always say, misery is all it is.
              Sure you’re gonna have celebs you don’t care for. I know I do.

              But to actually be invested in their unhappiness? Nah. You need to self-evaluate.

    • OH,please—we don’t even know if this guy got paid or not to say whatever about Beyonce–who knows?

  • “Is anyone else imagining mama Tina cursing him out right now or is that just me?”

    No boo, its just you…thinking he runs his mouth, smh…

  • Sharon

    He must be trying to float a “loan” or want to “hold a couple of dollars” and she told him no. So he rolled out of his bed and ran his mouth.

  • pickneychile

    Yall exaggerating! It didn’t even sound that serious. He’s probably telling the truth too.

  • Ms. Kameria

    What he said may be true, and a lot just sounds like his opinion, BUT family business should stay family business. All interviews don’t have to be done, and all opinions don’t have to be heard.

  • tina

    He said a lot of nothing

  • Laverne

    Everybody in their right mind knows that Jay was running after Bey…anyone with eyes would know it wasn’t the other way around. He didn’t say anything that we didn’t know. Only shady part is that he said Beyonce was “forced” into singing…we’ve seen videos. This girl wanted to sing whether people in her mama’s salon wanted to hear her or not.

  • I did not find anything wrong with that conversation. What BIG secret to he reveal? Beyonce not being attracted to JayZ in the beginning doesn’t surprise me, it makes sense. Now her marrying him makes sense to me again, smart move Bey. Who cares if she is pergnant again or if he knows. Her father being a control freak….well I think you might have to be in order for her to be where she is today. I don’t believe that he did not earn his money. It’s part of the reason the group thing didn’t last, the others felt he managed his daughter differently. And what child takes being famous seriously??? It’s apparent that she is where she wants to be. So what did the uncle reveal????? Or is it the fact that a family memeber is speaking openly about her personal life???? Either way he still said nothing.

    • He didn’t say a thing!

  • AnnelliDAREAL

    Well at least we know that Beyonce wasn’t running up after Jay Z—he was running up after HER! Which is the way it should be…far too many women go HARD trying to get and keep a man. There is a reason why Beyonce took her time….she did things on HER terms which is probably why she appears to have such a successful relationship. I love the fact that Beyonce keeps her mouth shut….she doesn’t tell everything to everybody and her circle is very, very tight.

  • soo

    I don’t see a problem. her own sister said the Dad was far more pushy with bey because Solange has adhd. Bit deep about Jay tho loool

  • Prissy

    WHY are people so crazy obsessed with Beyonce?? Uncle Larry is telling the TRUTH. Get over it. Christ

  • Who gives a fu*k!

  • Who gives a sh*t!

    • mac

      You, apparently.

  • MeladyV

    Typical jealous -igga, doesn’t know when to shutup. Even if there’s some truth to what he’s saying–which I doubt, have the DECENCY to keep it to yourself. Too many people today–especially alot of so-called-men, lack decency. It’s sickening.

    • I heard no jealousy. Kids do give up their childhoods in these situations. That goes without saying. Nobody is with Jay-Z for his looks. THAT goes without saying. She wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret. Lots of women do. What is so unbelievable about this interview? I don’t get these fanatics who think this woman’s life is a fairy tale.

      • MeladyV

        I didn’t say that his statement reeked of jealousy: but I do believe that jealousy is his motvation for saying what he said. As far as I’m concerned-*in MY opinion*, it doesn’t matter if what he’s saying is true or not, it wasn’t for him to say! It’s a matter of minding someone’s business. I’m nobody’s ‘fanatic’; if this story was about anyone else’s uncle I’d feel the same way. People can feel however they want to but they don’t always have the right to SAY so.

        • word

          Uncle could say what he wants…and guess what..WE wanted to HEAR it……we did read the article didn’t we? Gossip is alive and well and lives within us ALL. we have all spilled the beans at some point about people who has 0 effect on the planet…..why not an in’tl mega star….

        • denzell rochelle

          i disagree there isnt no jealousy at all… hes just telling the truth…. he does have to RIGHT to say how he feels… he didnt say anything wrong they ask him question and he answered it with honesty not no way or form of jealousy

  • Dee

    Uncle Larry may either be long in the tooth or just had a couple of drinks and or medication. when he got that call. Also, who’s to say that that was her Uncle anyway…… and why wait so long to spill the beans? But its still is funny to me.

  • kmba74

    I don’t see the problem here. Is there anybody out there who thinks Bey dated and married Jay because he was handsome? He really didn’t say anything we didn’t know or suspect.

    • poosh

      I personally don’t think that Bey married Jay cause he was handsome. ..

      • RAPUNZEL

        Who marries anyone just because they are handsome? When the bill collectors come calling they don’t say let me look at your spouse and if he looks good, you don’t have to pay your bills….PLEEEZE!

        • denzell rochelle

          at the same time… you dont marry nobody because the bill collectors are calling or just for money either ? lol

    • MeladyV

      Even if that’s true–it wasn’t her old-bitter-a$$-uncle’s place to say so.

    • Laine

      Haha, …Am I the only one who doesn’t think Jay-Z is unattractive? He’s not a pretty boy, but he’s not that bad looking either….

      • Fair and Balanced

        Yes you are the only one but then again….

      • Cha Cha

        No, I don’t think he is unattractive… He’s no Idris Elba, but people act like he’s the most unattractive guy in the world… He’s always been ok looking to me! 🙂

      • IllyPhilly

        Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I never thought Tupac was attractive- yup I said it.

        • Shaina Smith

          Tupac had that mental ability to say some inter-intellectual stuff that made you fall in love with his mind! Ask jada

      • FromUR2UB

        No. He’s not my idea of handsome, but he’s not Quazimodo. He has a face that a mother or wife would love.

      • in_reality

        I don’t think Jay-Z is unattractive either. Idk why everyone is so on that bandwagon. He’s no male underwear model, but I dont think he’s ugly either. People act like he looks like Flavor Flav or something…

    • Fair and Balanced

      I love your comment!

    • You don’t marry people because of their looks….

    • Kenedy

      Yas! Plus I’m so freakiin dead @ him saying she would make the “ewww” face because she wasn’t attracted to him. This man clearly knows what he’s talking about

      • rapunzel

        Well, did you see her nose before the nose job, why would she say Ewww about anyone?

        • Kenedy

          Lol, for real? Didn’t even notice she had one

      • Alexis Morris

        lol. I was laughing at that…

  • Rakesha

    I didn’t think it was that bad. It was a rather tame interview. Leave uncle Larry alone.

  • WhichWayIsGO

    Uncle Larry know he needs to have a seat…too much