People Who Can’t “Sang” But Still Make Good Music

May 17, 2013  |  
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Have you noticed that black folk are quick to tell you who can and cannot sing? Many of us, who’ve never taken a vocal lesson, will swiftly let you know when someone can’t blow. We are an unauthorized authority on the subject. And any vocal connoisseur will tell you that there are people who are completely tone deaf, people who can hold a note, people who can sing and then there are people who can sang. For those who don’t know the word “sang” used in this context is not poor grammar; instead it’s a word used to emphasize the width and breadth of a person’s vocal ability. We all know who the sangers are, they’re the people with soul. The people who can take you from the Slore house to the church house and back again. You know them: Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle & Luther Vandross of the old school and Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia of the new. (That’s just to name a few.) But just because a person can’t sang like some of the greats, doesn’t mean they don’t have talent and can’t make good music. Don’t believe me? Find out who I’m talking about.

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Ciara herself said she’s more of a Janet Jackson than a Whitney Houston when it comes to her career. Anyone who’s listened to Ciara’s catalog can tell you that homegirl has a bit of a whispy voice. Nonetheless, her dancing abilities and the high quality production behind her songs, make her one to look out for.

The Bangers: “Body Party,” “One, Two Step” and my personal favorite: “Ride.” It’s so good, I’ll embed it for you here.

Ciara stays dancing for her entire life.


112’s front man Slim is definitely talented but can he sang? Definitely not. In fact, his other group members have voices that are quite a bit stronger than his own. Either way, his sound works with or without his group members backing him up. We all know 112 had hits but even Slim’s solo endeavors did pretty well.

The Banger: “So Fly

DFree /



If Rihanna doesn’t have that “it” factor… I don’t know who does. This chick’s voice leaves a lot to be desired. And I know I’m not the only one with this opinion. But the good Lord knows most of Rihanna’s singles are so catchy that you end up singing them whether you want to or not. She’s another one who uses the video vehicle to deliver the appeal of the song.

The Banger: “Rude Boy”

Ralph Tresvant

I know some of you are about to get in your feelings about me including one of New Edition’s finest on this list. Again, remember this doesn’t mean Ralphie isn’t talented. But let us not pretend that because Ralph was a frontman that he had one of the stronger voices in the group. Everybody knows Bobby and Johnny had the powerhouse voices. Yet and still Ralph put out some good stuff for us to enjoy.

The Banger: “Sensitivity”

Source: AP Images


Hear me out. I was trying to deny this one for as long as I could. T-Boz has such a one-of-a kind tone to her voice that I was very hesitant to acknowledge the fact that she really can’t blow like some of the greats. But upon further research and a little humble pie, I had to acknowledge that it was indeed the truth. Her voice is almost monotone at times. Still that being said, T-Boz’ voice didn’t stop TLC from being the second-highest selling girl group of all time.

The Banger: “Creep”

Source: WENN

Frank Ocean

I’m sure I won’t catch too much resistance on this one. Frank showed, during his Grammy performance, that he could stand a bit more vocal work. Still, his tone is interesting and I won’t deny that the brotha makes some great music. Personally, I was enchanted when I first heard the banger below.

The Banger: “Thinkin’ Bout You”


Diana Ross

I don’t want to hurt your feelings but I have to be honest. Diana’s voice is beautiful but it’s also light and airy. Not rich and soulful, like the other sangers of her time. Everyone knows of her group members, Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, Diana had the weakest voice but the most star power…and that relationship with Berry Gordy didn’t hurt either. With the exception of “Home,” Diana is not a particularly strong singer. But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the diva/ trendsetter of her day.

The Banger: “You Just Keep Me Hangin’ On”



I hope Murder Inc doesn’t come for me but is it really a surprise that Lloyd’s voice is not considered particularly “powerhouse”? Instead, it’s rather nasally. But that certainly hasn’t stopped us from wanting to play in his hair vibing out to Lloyd’s music. I absolutely adore “Lay It Down” and the series of runs and yodels Lloyd employs to prove his passion. Patti Labelle even gave it her stamp of approval by appearing one of the songs remixes.

The Banger:”Lay It Down”

Jennifer Lopez

I think we’d be hard pressed to find a person who would convincingly argue that J-Lo can sang. We all know the truth. Jamie Foxx was just the only one brave enough to say it… to her face. Either way, J-Lo knows how to dance, team up with the right people for features and deliver songs that we still don’t mind stepping to in the club.

The Banger: “Get Right”


Source: WENN

Janet Jackson

Ole baby voiced, laughing on the track Janet! Everyone knows Michael is the one Jackson who got the lion’s share of the musical talent. Janet’s voice is light and easy and she’s more about busting a move than hitting a particularly soulful note.

The Banger: “Go Deep”



The first lady of Murder Inc didn’t have to have a soulful voice to produce a series of hits in the early 2000s. It’s no secret and if there were any doubters, her Whitney Houston tribute left a few people wondering why Ashanti never got the memo herself. But let me stop shading. Ashanti has put out some good music in the past. Hopefully, she’ll find a way to make it back around.

The Banger: “Always On Time (Part II)”



Absolutely no disrespect to the dead; but while Aaliyah’s voice was good for the time and had its soulful moments, she was generally a soft-voiced singer. She could sing and had a really nice higher register, but she wasn’t the person you’d ask to close out the last night of your church revival. A pop voice, killer dance moves and superb production aided her along the way. But as a die hard fan of One In A Million, I’ll never deny her gift.

The Banger: “If Your Girl Only Knew”

Source: Interscope


Remember when Mya collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Pink and Lil Kim to remake “Lady Marmalade,” alongside Missy Elliot? The song was a smash, Grammy winning hit but it simultaneously let us see that Miss Mya was a bit out of her league with those hardcore singers. And that’s alright. Not everybody has to bust the windows up with their vocals cords. I’ve always enjoyed Mya either way. I still swear by her Moodring album.

The Banger: “It’s All About Me”


And just to start a little mess and get you all riled up, I had to include Sade. I’ve gotten into a couple of arguments when I tell people that Sade can’t sang. They absolutely do not want to hear it and immediately start singing and quoting some of her hit songs. I didn’t say Sade doesn’t make great music; but if we’re all being honest here, it’s not a stretch to admit that Sade doesn’t sing with power. She has a smooth jazz voice that works for her.

The Banger: “Love is Stronger Than Pride”

Which singers need to be on this list? Who can sing but can’t really “sang”?

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  • Capriyluv

    True these artist are not belters and don’t have big voices, But I do not think that they are bad singers.They just have light and pretty sounding voices. Everyone doesn’t have to scream to be a good singer. Ashanti is probably my least favorable voice on this list but she has some songs she sounds pretty decent on but thats just my opinion.The people who made this might feel like these artist can’t SANG but I say they can SING. But hey thats just my opinion. 😉

  • Aliyah Morrison

    Cassie deserves to be on this list ! Also where is Chris Brown Nicki Future Future can’t sing for nothing he shatters the windows with his voice ! What about all the new horrible R&B singers ?

  • Aliyah Morrison

    Sade doesn’t belong on this she can sang in a smooth jazz way not powerhouse soulful voice way you need to make a list of new R&B stars who use auto tune to sing and people claiming they can sing .

  • RBravo

    I don’t agree that Diana Ross is in this list. I’ve seen her perform live at least 15 times in my lifetime and she sings beautiful all the time. She can sing pop, jazz and blues, disco, ballads. She can sing beautiful, even today at age 70. She’s the only singer who can sing while she’s crying. Look and listen to her perform in her Central Park Concert on DVD and in her Live from Caesars Palace where she cried and belt her songs strong. Listen to her performances on You-tube from most recent, she still travels the world. She is a trendsetter, a legend who has longevity and who can still teach the new generation how to be beautiful, glamorous and talented.

    • Victor Galindo

      This is so true. Diana Ross has the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard. There is nobody better live in concert than Diana Ross.

  • positivebeatsnegative

    1. The fact that Sade is on this list…I will not allow myself to click through all these..(how dare you?!)

    2. I think many, many, many, many people equate not liking the sound of someone’s voice with not being able to sing at all (not true) There is a difference of not being able to hold a note and not liking the sound of ones singing voice. Some people love the “lead of the church choir vocals” (which is why they state others can’t sing) but to each his own.

    Beyonce may not be the most soulful singer but the woman can sing.
    Rihanna’s voice is on the uncontrolled side (Reason why her live vocals are never consistent) but she can hold a note.
    Ciara’s voice is light and airy (she can hold a note)

    Jhud can sing but I find her to yell and over sing a lot, Fantasia too…but I still like them

    For instance, people love Marsha Ambrosia and I like her too but after a few songs I can turn her off and go back to her and I’m not saying she can’t sing, I just not a fan of her tone after a few songs straight.

  • Mick

    I think a list of singer who can’t dedend their songs onstage would be more relevant, what do you think?

  • Mick

    No one should be on this list!! That’s stupid to think that someone can sing when he can reach high notes, everyone has his own personality so that’s the same in music.

  • Sendec

    This list is ridiculous.

  • Diedre Melson

    Good list, pretty much on the money. I do have to agree with some of the other comments, in my opinion Sade can sang.

  • kmn90

    the article should be titled their voices aren’t deep therefore they can’t sing that really seems to be the only standard the author is using…except Ciara she really can’t sing, And I…’nuff said.

  • Caram3lD3light

    Like who defines who can sing because Aaliyah And Sade’ DO NOT BELONG on this list.. If your judging from people like Patti, J-hud, And Fantasia. That is crap they are to only ones with power like that where screaming is acceptable.

  • symbolina

    y’all are so deaf

  • bustebrown

    Theres a huuuuge difference behind sing & sang…..most of these folks had good sex appeal but put them on a live stage and they sound like alley cats.

  • Tanya Jefferson

    Yes she does more than any other

  • Tanya Jefferson

    This list is quite subjective & even more idiotic

  • biglittlemason3

    Absolutely agreed….she waaay too overrated.

  • Jemaelaine

    I always put Chris Brown in this category also. Definitely more of an overall performer

  • Tjmonroe

    Mary J should be on this list…. Makes good music but she really can’t sing….

  • Mario Prince-Charming

    80% of the people on this list, should not be. Just because someone does not have a gospel enriched voice does not mean they can’t sing. There is more to singing that hitting high notes and having a soulful tone. Aretha may have a rich voice, but he diction and clarity isn’t as good as some on this list(Diana).Diana,Ralph and Lloyd have far more control of their vocals than JHud. So you can’t really say someone is a better singer than someone else(unless their going against Whitney and Mariah)

  • Mario Prince-Charming

    Bobby Brown??? A powerhouse??? #iCANT

  • Tiaja Colbert

    This list is a lil mess up if u ask me, Bey kant sing but she can entertain

  • DoinMe

    Some singers are in a class by themselves and Sade is one of them.

    This list shows that It’s obvious the author doesn’t care for light, airy, whispy voices. And truth be told, 90% of singers can’t SANG and blow the house down. Only a few have those kind of pipes. If that’s the case, Beyonce needs to be on this list because she can’t SANG like a Patti or Jennifer Hudson either. Her voice sounds like a jackhammer, hard and vibraty

  • mslady269

    Aaliyah shouldn’t be on this list, but Michelle Williams should be. Destiny’s Child or not, she is not a great singer…. she’s just had a great opportunity, lol

    • Yeah

      Michelle s*cks. Aaliyah sung ‘I Refuse’ beautifully. Her voice was at it’s best on her last CD.

    • biglittlemason3

      Absolutely agree about Michelle Williams and Alicia Keys….can’t sing a lick!

  • kaypee

    Keith Sweat should be on this list.

  • less

    Eddie murphy

  • Bri

    Oh, and Diana can sing. She definitely doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with the likes of J-Lo and Janet. Why isn’t Macy Gray on the list? Oh, and don’t forget Future, Michelle Williams, Britney, Kesha, Shakira and Justin Bieber, or are we just talking about black people that cant’ sing. Oh, Shakira just made me think of someone else. I know a lot of people are not going to agree with me, but I’m going to say it……. that goat voiced Trey songz can’t sing either. I will say he has improved since his first album, he doesn’t do that sheep, or goat vibration thing as much as he used to, but he still needs work. He does have some really good songs though, I will give him that.

    • Jacara Fatin

      Goat voiced Trey Songz. I died!

  • Bri

    I think a distinction needs to be made here. Non of these singers have power house vocals but you can’t say that they can’t sing at all. Some of them are light weights, lighter, weaker voices. They can sing a little, but they can’t blow. So they can only sing a certain type of song. Just because someone can’t do the runs and bring down the house doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t sing. They are just in a different league. While others like J-Lo can’t sing at all. Sade has a beautiful relaxing voice, and just because it’s not her style to do the vocal calisthenics and try to hit every note doesn’t mean she can’t sing. Her voice can be loud and forceful. She doesn’t crack, or strain. I’ve never heard a foul note come out of her mouth.

  • all in you ear

    When i think of people that can “sang” i think of song’s like the national anthem. If you can tear that up and not bore me then you can sang. the people on this list wouldn’t be able to do that song justice. i agree with everyone on the list.


    Why isn’t Mary J Blige on this list ::scratching my head::

  • Bobby had the powerhouse voice in New Edition?!? There is crack being smoked somewhere….

    • Jacara Fatin

      I AM DYING!

  • cory b

    where is Beyonce on this list?

  • Nic


    • How It Is

      I don’t know what the sound that comes out of Nicki Minaj’s mouth is classified as. It’s not singing, it’s not sanging, it’s just annoying. The first time I heard her I had to remove the earbuds because it was torture. I heard her on the Ludacris song “My Chick Bad”; her part was so annoying I immediately erased the song from my PC and Ipod. Any artist that collaborates with her I look for a version of the song without her on it.

  • Mia

    Whoever made this list most likely a woman is a true hater just bc one can’t sing good does not mean they can’t sing. I would say that with the exemption of Aaliyah, Sade & you guys are gonna kill me but I do love Rihanna’s voice it’s not the best but she has a unique sound you could listen to her for hours and not hate her voice unlike Beyonce, J Hud, Alicia Keys. But Ashanti and JLO cannot sing everybody else does not belong on this list and wheres Cassie that chick cannot sing period.

  • Tayee

    Y’all need to have several _/ for putting SADE on this list. She has no business being on this list

  • Yes She Can!!

    Something’s wrong, ya’ll- Sade should NOT be on this list. Just because she don’t rift like she’s on a damn roller coaster, doesn’t mean she can’t sing. She has an incredibly smooth, soft, jazz voice. I love her, so ya’ll were wrong for that one! :0P

    • Guest

      Amen to that. I think the writer equates great singing with vocal acrobatics. NOT THE SAME! Vocal acrobatics can often take away from a song, not add to it. A good musician values simplicity just as much as complexity in creativity and must always be loyal to the song first, giving it exactly what it needs. A good musician must step aside and let the music blossom without being corrupted by their ego. If you listen to Sade, you will know that her singing style is PERFECT for the kind of bedroom music she writes.

  • rainydaze80

    Up until I read this list I always thought lloyd was a 12-year old boy. But how y’all gone put Sade on this list tho?????

  • Just My Opinion

    Well I guess I must like singers over “sangers”. I like the older singers on the list and the older “sangers”. I mute J Hud every time she starts screaming in her commercials and my pets run for cover when they hear Fantasia or Rhi Rhi. As for Beyonce, I liked her better as a part of Destiny’s Child more than I do as a solo artist. I still listen to the majority of the people on the singers list, but for me, the artists today don’t have the longevity of the artists from the past. I don’t see wanting to hear “Birthday Cake” 2 years from now.

  • Mercedes Michelle

    Why is Aaliyah on this list she had one of those unique voices that cannot be matched normally I would just not care what you guys say in your story’s even thought 99% are lies who ever wrote this list &put Aaliyah on here needs to have several seats she had a beautiful voice and she could sing her heart out #disrespect

    • Live_in_LDN

      I think that’s the point of this article. A list of singers who have sweet, soothing melodic voices but don’t have the volume or range or conventional RnB singers but still sound amazing. That’s my interpretation but I might be wrong.

      I personally prefer the Aaliyahs and Sades of music and i can’t stand the OTT operatic yodelling some RnB singers do.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Did you hoes not see the Grammy performance of Stay (which boosted the song to #1 on iTunes and it ended up selling 306,000 that week)? Or better yet the California King Bed performance on American Idol?

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    Should’ve known these hating overweight BeyHIV writers would include the Sexiest Woman Alive Rihanna on this list. And the banger: Rude Boy? Hell, y’all put three songs for Ci-Error. Rihanna has 12 #1 hits alone (SOS, Umbrella, Take a Bow, Disturbia, Live Your Life, Rude Boy, Love the Way You Lie, What’s My Name?, Only Girl, S&M, We Found Love, and Diamonds). Don’t mistake her iconic, unique voice as leaving “something to be desired.” There is a reason she is out-selling Beyonce who is absent from this list.

  • NJ2

    Whatever hunay…Sade can sing–she does not yell like most of they people you probably think can sing. All women are not sopranos or even altos, she has a classic jazzy tenor. Listen to real music Billie Holiday, Ms. Vaughn, even Lena Horn, only then can you respect Sade. Child have several!

  • Kim K’s cankles

    i always thought Diana Ross was a subpar singer

    • Did you say that with a straight face? Lol she whispered and mumbled through her whole career

  • Britt

    So basically if you don’t sing like Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston, or Usher, then you were on this list. GTFO. Who made this list?! Tell them go home, have a seat, the come back and try again.

    • Usher should’ve made this list. I thought this list was gonna be more about singers who can’t sing but make good music #epicfail

  • Ms.Brilly

    The article seems to suggest that those with light and airy voices, or those without a deep tone, can’t “sang” but I don’t necessarily believe that’s true. For example. I think Faith can “sang”. Her voice is light (although not without some depth) but she can come with it when she wants to. By the author’s suggested definition, a soprano would never be a “sanger” Your voice doesn’t have to be deep, raspy, or loud to be soulful or to be a “sanger”.

    • jjac401

      @ Ms. Brilly – Ummm…. Thank you! You hit the nail on the head.

  • I pretty much agree in a way with this list. I have never brought any of their music. Some of the above listed have what you call “radio music”, i just prefer to hear it on the radio. Some of them i just look forward for the entertainment part. The worst voice out of them all, in my opinion is Ciara. When i watch her video’s i mute it. Her voice is like someone running their fingernails on a black board. I read some comments saying she sound like Alivin and the Chipmunks. I died lmao.


    I never comment on blogs, but how dare you Madame Noire?! Sade? You said people who cannot “sang”, didn’t know sanging was the top of the lung squealing that Jennifer Hudson was doing on the American Idol stage last night? Thought it was a good quality voice that could sustain a note and evoke emotion in or out of the studio.

    Have you been to a Sade concert, that woman can sang? Might as well include Toni Braxton as well. It takes just as much talent and skill to sustain low notes as it does the screaming.

  • teyjackson

    Stop making everything a BLACK THING. American idol is WHITE DOMINATED and they have the nerve to say who can sing and who can’t.

  • christmas808

    The list is some bull yaw just wanted us to talk… After slim I was done but I agree with Ciara bye

  • SugeAveryLemonade

    I know these people did NOT put Sade on here. I see others agree with me. Someone needs to find a stadium and have a couple of seats!

  • cyndi90210

    Again, why is Sade on this list? obviously the person writing this article has never been to a Sade concert and seen this women sing live “not over no tracks” but with her band (who by the way is excellent in their own right) She does not have to lip-sync cuz the women can flow! The writer is obviously tone deaf and does not have a clue as to what good singing is..Sade can sang! don’t believe me? GO SEE HER IN CONCERT! gtfoh with this the rest ummm..i can agree outside of Diana Ross and Aayliah..her they both can bring it..WHO YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD AS NO#1 IS BEYONCE KNOWLES-CARTER!! with her hard singing, yelling, country behind that’s somebody who can’t has talent but really can’t sing..listen to 1 +1 this this girl clearly cant announciate the word “algebra” it is not algabah!! and i’m sure when she introduces her baby she says boo-ibee!! STOP IT!

  • jjac401

    Every singer doesn’t have to sing from the bottom of the gut and scream and holler from the top of there lungs and growl like they are in church to sang.

    Now, I love me some Chaka and Lalah Hathaway, but pretty voices that can be soft and sensual – and palatable to the ear! To me that is sangin’ too.

    Minnie Ripperton didn’t take it to church and her voice was beautiful and amazing. Natalie Cole has a voice made of THE finest silk (though she can go there). Everyone doesn’t have to roll Whitney or Aretha style to sang amazingly.

  • Stevo

    I disagree with you this list completely. Janet is an amazing singer and she can hit some notes that very difficult to hit. Singer are graded on tone, control and versatility. She has all of those and more. That is why she is so successful. She is not a Gospel singer like Patti or some other greats, but she definitely has her own style and can hold her own. Just an FYI she can sing in the “whistle register” that very hard to do for most singers

  • Really?

    Ciara and Rihanna are DANCERS they cant sing or sang! And theyre not entertainers cuz neither is entertaining PERIOD! Rihanna is a talentless trollop and ciara is one child away from being a project baby mama. As for Sade and Diana Ross being on this list i call blasphemy on that one! While neither is Chaka Khan they both have strong voices within their ranges. Everyone else on here, the late great Aaliyah included-much love and repect-belongs on here. And why is beyonce”everybody sing it with me-come on!”knowles not on here? She cant sing, sang or anything else!!!

    • hopi

      rihanna CANTdance!

      • STAHP

        Chile where they came up with that??? LMAOOOOO!!!

    • Correction: Ciara is a dancer, Rihanna is just a model/stripper with a microphone.

      I agree with everything else.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      LOL. Rihanna “still got more money” so you can stay pressed.

      And to the haters that say she can’t sing? Check out her VEVO-CERTIFIED music video to smash-hit Where Have You Been.

  • Lisa

    Watch Sade’s live versions of Jezebel and Is it crime? And tell me she can’t sing!! Sing sang whatever…..She can!!! To put her on the same list as JLO is not right!! As you can see I am a Sade stan, don’t Judge me 🙂 🙂

  • Daisy Duke

    What makes Sade’s voice so amazing, in my honest opinion, is that she has songs that fit her voice. Some artists try to go beyond their vocal range and fail (see A. Keys “Girl On Fire”) but Sade knows what works best, and she’s phenomenal with it plus one hell of a performer live.

    • IllyPhilly

      Agreed! Her songs match her smoothed out voice.

  • SheBe

    So y’all black folks just gon’ act like y’all don’t know the difference between singing and sanging huh?

    • ok

      Lol right..I thing a “sanger” is someone with range.. someone who has perfected all three parts of there voice and can switch between them effortlessly. I also thing a strong and natural vibrato makes a person a sanger vs just a singer. and so called “belting” which people say is yelling and screamin is not yelling and screaming. You have to have a lot of vocal control to elevate your voice and carry it out without necessarily singing louder, your just singing with more power vs volume. There is nothing wrong with just being a singer.. but a sanger is like a top of the top, we need both.

      • FromUR2UB

        That was good!

  • Gigi

    This is the worst list ever Sade!!! How dare you put Aaliyah and Sade on this list but not BEYONCE, she can’t sing either!

  • Diana Ross can SANG! What kinda drugs are you on?

    • Nope

      But her a** ducked and dived when they started passing the mic at Oprah’s Legend Gospel Brunch tho.

    • Chanda

      Not really. Just because she’s been around forever doesn’t mean she can sang. Have you ever heard “Working Overtime” lol?

    • Victor Galindo

      I totally agree. Anyone who has seen her perform live will tell you the lady can SANG. Just saw her a couple of months ago at Caesars in Las Vegas and believe me her voice was on fire.

  • TraceFace

    “…’s not a stretch to admit that Sade doesn’t sing with power”
    A singer doesn’t have to sing powerfully to get the message of the song across. Not everyone has to be a Patti, Whitney, Aretha, Jennifer Hudson, or Fantasia. We should all appreciate the differences in singing abilities to ensure we are given different varieties of music. Sade, and many other artists on this list with softer tone voices can and have evoked power in their music. Don’t believe me, listen to Sade’s song “Pearls”. Awesome powerful song!

    • Chanda

      Totally agree. Sade Adu is not a weak singer and can hold her own. “Pearls” and “Is it a Crime” are 2 of her more stronger songs.

  • Kaila P

    Alicia Keys should have been on this list, she is a great singer but she can’t sang. Love her though. I don’t agree with the commenters on Beyonce, she might not be Whitney or Fantasia however her vocal range is so damn wide and I believe that’s what kept her off thi s list

  • kierah

    I really can’t believe you put Ciara on the same list as Diana Ross and Sade. Ain’t nobody singing Goodies 30 years from now!

  • Because you print don’t make it true. Most of the people on this list are talented singers, but you need to print something to keep us coming. It’s kinda like your title to your articles they make me want to read them then once I am here. I feel like I was mislead, because although some of your article are informative, a lot of them are full of it.

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s just a matter of whether you enjoy listening to a person’s voice, regardless of their talent. I have to be in a mood to listen to Patti Labelle, because at times, her voice can be intrusive and grate on my nerves. Of course, ‘Lady Marmalade’ with Labelle is an alltime favorite. I liked her duet with Michael McDonald, and the one song she has done as a solo artist that I can listen to any time is ‘Somebody Loves You, Baby’. I think she let go of the drop and roll part of her act after…( Wait.. Give me a moment: hahaha!)…after ( wait: HEEHEEHEEHEE!)…after ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!’ spoofed it. I don’t like Rihanna’s singing or music. Every time I hear her sing it makes we wanna throw a shoe in the alley and yell, “Shut up! Damn cat.” Johnny Gill was the only one of the New Edition kids who had good voice. That’s why I cracked up during that peiod that Bobby Brown was the self-proclaimed Kang of R&B. Loved ‘Sensitivity’ and ‘Can You Stand the Rain’, though.

  • Alecia Murphy

    I love Sade’s voice, it’s so unique and it stands out. Not every voice has to be powerhouse to make a mark.
    About Diana Ross, I totally agree. No disrespect but we all know she was never known for blowing it out of the park.
    Ciara, Mya, Ashanti-definitely. Thinking about it they don’t really have ballad hits that showcase their voice.
    I don’t think Slim was a bad singer, I just think he was a little too extra and irritated people. Sisqo was irritating but he could blow.
    I don’t know about Ralph either- I see the point but to be honest Johnny Gill was the soul of New Edition.

  • don’t use that idiotic “slore” word. that belongs on bossip.

    • IllyPhilly

      They shoulda left it on Richard Bay where it belonged.

  • ayalee10

    I don’t agree with Sade, Frank Ocean, Aaliyah, Janet, Slim, Mya, Ralph and most of the singers on this list are the people who i love to hear, i love their soft voice. You clearly missed the definition of sing/sang whatever. Go and check again! Singing doesn’t mean screaming your live-string out!

    • kierah

      But SANGING does mean belting it out…
      Singing means staying on key with a pleasant sounding voice.

  • sooooo why isnt beyonce on this list!!!!!!!!???? she can sing but she isnt a SANGER

    • realadulttalk

      I knew she wouldn’t be on this list…and I knew I’d ask that same question.

  • i agree with Diana

  • FRANK IS A SANGER … he just chooses to use his talent to be a crossover artist..

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Did you not hear him at the Grammys? People aren’t aware if he can even “sing” at this point.

  • Noelle

    Amerie should be in Mya’s place.

  • TBOZ Could hold a note… thats it and we loved

  • OK IM NOT SURE OF Ralph because of his time he might have been a sanger


  • JerzeeGurl

    Did you really put Sade in this category? Have you ever heard her sing live? Girl Bye!! You need to go on youtube and listen to her live shows.

    • The Dyv

      AMEN!!!! I saw her twice within a week. In Baltimore and then in DC.

  • MS DEE


  • MS. DEE

    ciara – entertainer

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      Hell, who is she entertaining? She can’t even book stages anymore. She’ll be performing in Wal-Mart parking lots like Keri Hilson soon enough after her self-titled album flops.

  • Noelle

    Slimm, Frank Ocean, AND Aaliyah should not be on this list. Put on Aaliyah’s first album and listen to the bridge of ‘Street Thing’. She KILLED it!!!!!

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      LOL, Frank Ocean cannot even “sing” nonetheless “sang.” Y’all are doing too much.

  • Your definition of a good sanger is your preferred type of voice. I’m not one to wanna hear screaming and hollering all the time I’m more into melody. Mariah Carey doesn’t have a soulful voice but that girl can blow for sure! Than you got MJB who can perform maked great music and a soulful voice but lets be honest people the girl can’t really sing. Although we love her to pieces. But why wasn’t my girl brandy on this list? We gave her passes all through the 90s but she really is just….basic.

    • Oh yeah and you know you went to far with Sade! You knew when you said it! The girl can blow. Don’t make me have to go all Beyonce beyhive stan type crazy on you over my girl Sade now! I’ll forgive you this once but don’t let it happen again lol. You must have never heard, hmm let me think…..EVERY SONG SHE EVER “SANG”! lol

    • Monet

      Have you really heard brandy sing? You can call her basic based off her appearance, personality, whatever but her voice is amazing. Go to youtube. Brandy – Somewhere over the rainbow.

      • I have and I say they as a fan. I went hard for her because I like her personality and her music but i seen her live 2x and wasn’t all that impressed. Just my opinion.

        • VapidRapidRabbit

          LOL, you say Brandy and MJB can’t sing but Mariah Carey can blow? Did you not see her pre-taped Idol performance this week? Or her performance at the BET Awards back in 2006?

  • I agree with everyone but Sade..thats some bull right there..she’s a huge talent…most of the folk on this list really have the same type of voice..i think the compiler must be biased to that sound.

  • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

    Some i disagree with, but T-Boz had me crying as i impersonated her… lol

  • kb

    does “sanging” mean singing like a gossip choir? Sade can sing, just cause she’s not yelling at the top of her lungs, doesn’t mean her voice isn’t strong. And aaliyah could sing too. The rest , I agree with.

    • kb

      actually Mya isn’t too bad either

  • I feel like Beyonce should be on here *hides behind wall*

    • Shay n Scrappy 4 ever! Lmao

      Uh-oh the Bey-Hive gone git cha! lol RUN!

    • Lmao #dead

    • JerzeeGurl

      Run Forest!! RUUUUUUUN!!!!

    • SheBe

      *Insert Clevelend bus driver voice* YOU GOIN TO JAIL NAH!!!!!!

      • Dee


    • Yep

      Don’t hide! Shew, you’re absolutely right.

    • prissypenny

      You people kill me with this Beyoncé cant sing ish! Name a person who has a range better than her in our generation. Black ppl think being able to sing correlates with a church voice. That is good for the church but not for music period. Jhud, for example, great church voice, can not sing a pitch below it though. MC only that one high note is the rest is mediocre. Fantasia is one of the few people with a church voice that can sing different pitches well. Tamar, amongst a few others are on her level vocally. All 44 of you ppl couldn’t wait to see that. It funny her own community hate on her more than others! But your gay and gay men either or jelly because they want to be her or they are content and love her! Black ppl hate on each other more than any race! The reason why I dnt date bm and have a lot of different race friends! (my black girlfriends are bomb like me)

      • Troker

        They were just trying to get people like you riled up and you fell for it with this long a$$ essay. smh

      • SheBe

        “Name a person who has a range better than her in our generation.”
        ~Joss Stone

        “Black ppl think being able to sing correlates with a church voice.”
        ~No. “Runs” are prominent in the church. Most artists that black people like do not do that in mainstream music. Try again.

        “It funny her own community hate on her more than others!”

        ~SMH. This in its entirety is wrong on so many levels. Start by checking TMZ.

        “But your gay and gay men either or jelly because they want to be her or they are content and love her!”
        ~That made absolutely no sense.

        “Black ppl hate on each other more than any race!”
        ~You state that you have “a lot of different race friends”. Are any of them
        Latino or white? Be a fly on the wall to their conversations. Oh and try not to cringe when you hear a racial slur or two (and you being the butt of their jokes).

        In conclusion… CHILL. Have a great day mate!

        • shayerose

          well said mate! its never that serious to e-fight…. smh

      • VapidRapidRabbit

        Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, half of the contestants on The Voice, Adele, and Emeli Sande all have better singing voices.

        Kelly Clarkson has a better singing voice AND better range than her (and outsang Bey’s lip-syncing arse at the Inauguration).

        Rihanna and Sia have more unique voices than Bey, and stand out vocally because of the uniqueness.

        My expert opinion.

        • shayerose

          Rihanna don’t have a voice at all Clean your ears

          • VapidRapidRabbit

            I did. And then I heard Rihanna’s 6 platinum albums and 12 #1 hits. OOPS. Stay pressed.

            • How It Is

              Just because it sells does not mean it is high quality. A lot of illegal drugs are sold daily. Are they good for you? No. Rap sells and the majority of what is sold today is garbage. I don’t see Rihanna being a top artist 5 or 10 years from now, and that is my expert opinion.

              • VapidRapidRabbit

                Beyoncé and Ciara won’t be here 5 to 10 years from now, but I guarantee you Rihanna will. She has already been in the game for EIGHT years and is ONLY 25.

                • How It Is

                  I am not a fan of the 3 people you named above and I would not miss any of them if they never sang another note. Rihanna comes off as a messy person and I think her poor attitude will contribute to the fail of her career. She is a mediocre singer and I believe her appeal is to those under 30 and tone deaf and her dancing is just sad. She will not be missed and the same goes for Minaj. I really don’t know what that sound that comes out of her mouth is classified as, but it isn’t a good thing.

                  • VapidRapidRabbit

                    As stated earlier, Rihanna has a unique, iconic voice. Truly one of a kind. Can seamlessly fit any genre, ranging from Pop, to Reggae, to R&B, to Dance, to EDM, to Alternative, to Rock. Even legends like Prince have covered her songs. Ciara is already over, and Minaj is fading as we speak. Her last album couldn’t push a million units.

                • UMHM

                  How do you know Bey won’t be around? Are you a fortune teller too? As for Ciara, she’s barely here. Next.

        • UMHM

          Expert where?

      • Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

        Beyonce’s range really isnt all that spectacular. She’s got high notes but her lower register is lack lustre. In DC Kelly often did the lower harmonies so please take a seat. Plenty of women can sing in our time. Celine Dion, Alicia Keys (beautiful range), the Braxtons, Keyshia Cole, all those kids on X Factor and America’s Got Talent. FOHWTBS that Beyonce has the best range. Screaming does not determine range. And this is coming from a Beyonce fan too!

        • Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

          OOOOOOOOH I forgot Adele! Now that is a voice!

        • UMHM

          Alicia Keys has range?

      • Blessfullyours

        That’s easy…her sister Solange. Now that heifer can blow

      • UMHM

        They love saying that Bey can’t sing and, honestly, it’s just for the sake of just saying it sometimes. They don’t really mean that. When someone has been applauded and given that seal of approval from the highest in their profession that’s confirmation enough. Not that she needed it but it’s a huge compliment. All the insults are probably like a drop of water in the sand to her because that’s exactly what they are.

    • IllyPhilly

      “*hides behind wall*” Bwhahaha.

    • VapidRapidRabbit

      She should be. These black bloggers won’t do that to “BaddieBey” though and the BeyHIV won’t stand for it.

      • positivebeatsnegative

        But neither will Rihanna’s Navy Exhibit A ^^^^^ you’ve been running up and down this thread throwing all types of insults and Beyonce and others while defending Rihanna #Hypocrite

    • Blessfullyours

      I FEEL THE EXACT SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!! And I refuse to hide behind a wall. That heifer can’t sing.

  • Luvn_it

    I don’t feel that a person should have to sing like whitney houston,for it to be considered they can sing. But if everyone sung the same music would bland and boring

  • Alexis

    Idk how I feel about Sade being on here…

    • Agreed. Her voice is unique and different. That doesn’t equate to “can’t sing.”

      • kierah

        I don’t think they are saying that these artists can’t sing. Their voices are great to listen to and they tend to be lighter sounding. They are not traditional R&B soul belters that blow the doors off with their voices. Sing vs. SANG

        • dy

          Sade should not be on this list. All you need to hear is her song ” Is it a crime ” for proof

      • randomtandem

        they didn’t say she cant sing, they said she cant “SANG”
        there’s a difference.

        • meme

          First of all SANG is not a verb, you can either sing or you can’t. Now if we’re talking about the power of a voice then yes ok but guess what, one does not always have to scream like a banshee to prove that they can sing, most of the time I find it annoying anyway. So yes I will take my Sade all day then listen to J.Hud, Beyoncé’s whaling in every song.

          • randomtandem

            well if you want to get technical, “SANG” is the past tense of “SING.”

            However, on this website, “SANG” is a slang word meaning singing soulfully! And though some people can sing, they can’t all sing soulfully! And it’s not as black & white as “either you can sing or you cant.” Some people sing better than others.

            And not all people who whail all over songs sound great either! Over singing is worse than under singing and Jennifer Hudson often over sings, as does Beyonce when she sings live. But they can “SANG”, Sade can’t. You can listen to Sade all day or all week and that wont change.

          • Dee

            Thank you. I am so SICK of JHud yelling and screaming on all the Weight Watchers commercials. It is SO annoying and it doesn’t make me “feel fine” at all. Beyonce wails a lot too. Try being soft SOMETIMES geesh. They can sang but dang…. calm down sometimes. And Sade is oh so smooth. Love her voice.

            • jasjas91

              lmao I’m not the only one! Those weight watcher commercials are annoying.Beyonce’s voice has a lot of range. She does wails sometimes but it’s not annoying and over powering like Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice, she just needs to tone it down a little.

              • Calvin375

                Beyoncé is not a whaler or a squaller like Jennifer. Plus, Beyoncé is also known to use tracks a lot in concert!!!

                • UMHM

                  Others use tracks too. It depends on HOW they are used. In Bey’s case, some of her songs are filled with parts that could not be covered by herself or the 3 background singers. There are times when she could throw in another line or ad-lib in between her lead and I think sometimes she does but it’s not always possible.

          • Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

            If I could like this comment a million times I would. Real singers invoke feelings in their ;listeners without having to blow out their eardrums.

          • Charles Mitchell

            Oh lawd! Here YOU go! And yes, I know “lawd” is not a word! Don’t be so literal -and square. You know there is a big difference between the artist with a great voice, who can carry a note and put on a great performance, a la Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, etc. and someone that has a voice that makes makes the audience get goosebumps whenever they sing; artists whose show you would pay to see even if they didn’t have one choreographed dance performance, costume change or gel colored light a la Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross…

            Some of those mentioned as “sangers” in the article I disagree with Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson are more what you would call “belters,” people with powerful voices a la (going way back with this reference) Ethel Merman.

  • lateshia

    Wow I can’t believe this list. I love Janet, but I’m trying to think of a song where I heard her hit some soulful notes. Moving on Aaliyah I think she shouldn’t have been on this list either I’ve heard Aaliyah hit some high notes, Slim of 112 that is why he is so unique his voice I’ve heard him do many things with his voice, Diana Ross….I was about to mentioin The Wiz movie when she was singing that song “home” she blew me away with that one. That was soulful to me. Diana Ross shouldn’t have been on this list. Mya shouldn’t have been on here either.

    • Try Empty. She killed that!

    • Audrey

      ‘Home’ is my sh*t!!

      • Dee

        Stephanie Mills KILLED it in the original Broadway play of The Wiz when she was just 13 years old. I love me some Diana Ross, but her version sounds thin in comparison. Just sayin….

  • mdoubs

    I do not agree with “Aaliyah”. She does not belong on this list!

    • Lexi

      I concurr!!! the hell?

    • Yup_23

      If I’m being 100% honest, I sort of think people overstate Aaliyah’s singing abilities out of respect because she passed and she was a very beautiful person inside and out.

      But Aaliyah could not SANG. She had a very pretty voice, but she could not SANG. She had very good and memorable music though, but her voice, to me, is not absolutely memorable. I think she belongs on this list.

      • SheBe

        I agree!

      • randomtandem


      • Mick

        I don’t agree! Aaliyah could sang, there are some videos (for example her MTV diary) where we can see she has high vocal abilities. She just chose to her own path to avoid to make same music as the others artists.

    • randomtandem

      Aaliyah could sing but she couldn’t SANG!
      Another person who needs to be on this list is Alicia Keys

      • SheBe

        So glad someone said it about A.Keys! And your avi…. #DEAD! LMAO!

        • randomtandem


          • jjboogie30

            And where the hell is Beyonce, seriously! On par with Rhianna, J-Lo, Ciara, etc. Pop and talented, but she can’t sang to save the universe.

            • UMHM

              Beyonce is far and away from a Rhianna, J-Lo and definitely Ciara. Those 3 probably have the most limited range. You should be able to hear the difference unless you are tone-deaf.

    • JENNY JONES!!!


      • less

        Knew knead tew awsk he’s a smewth operatore

    • Marie

      I totally agree.

    • Diedre Melson

      I love Aaliyah as a performer, but as a singer in my opinion she can’t sang.