So Bob Johnson Wanted His Daughter To Marry A ‘Gentleman,’ But Glorified Thugs And Drug Dealers To Everyone Else’s Kids?

May 9, 2013  |  

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Last weekend Paige Johnson, the daughter of BET co-founders Bob and Sheila Johnson exchanged vows with Dudley Payne III in front of over 200 guests, during a lavish wedding ceremony at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas. Bob told the Washington Post that he approves of his daughter’s new husband and even referred to him as “perfect.”

“This guy is the perfect guy for Paige. He’s a true gentleman,” Bob said.

Although most would perceive a father offering his nod of approval regarding his daughter’s husband to be a good thing, his comment about Dudley being a “gentleman” stirred up a bit of controversy in the Black community. Many are wondering how he could be so adamant about passing his daughter off to “one of the good guys” even though his television network served as the ultimate vehicle in the glorification of thugs for years.

In a blog post titled “BET Heiress Marries Rainbeau! Just Goes to Show Rich Folks Want Ratchet for Everyone Else Except Their Own,” Swirling author Chrtistelyn Karazin pulls no punches as she tackles the subject. An excerpt from her post reads:

“Wait. Did she marry Lil Wayne? Ludacris? Drake? Common?

Oh no?

This is the ultimate irony. Bob Johnson, co-founder of BET, a vehicle that has single-handedly tarnished the name of black American women all over the world, wants a “gentleman” for his daughter. Funny, because he’s made his fortune convincing black women that thugs, drug dealers, and gold teeth should be the standard of sexiness and allure for us mere-mortal regular black chicks.”


“Mr. Johnson said that this WHITE INSURANCE BROKER IS THE PERFECT GUY FOR HIS DAUGHTER. I’ve said this before on other issues but it bears repeating like a broken record on a Victrola: Be careful of those who advocate a lifestyle on others that they would never desire for themselves. Do you think Jay-Z is going to want his precious little Blu Ivy gallivanting with the progeny of his homeboys?  Doubt it.

Why are we so effing blind? So many of us are being fed a pile of horse-pucky about a lifestyle that nobody with any damn sense wants for themselves or their own. Has the precious Paige been in any of the ratchet BET videos that parade half-unclothed black women in front of men who call them bi***es, hoes, and c*m dumpsters? No? Maybe it’s time you ask yourself why.”

Karazin went on to say that she’s happy for Paige and that she simply desired to note the irony of the situation and provoke thought in the Black community.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Bull Winkle

    Oh, please, black folks. My friend is a stand-up comic. Mainstream, no-name comics literally have to change their routines to appeal to black audiences. It’s called the “Chittlin’ Circuit”. If BET was an all-black educational channel, it would’ve flopped. You see how OWN is struggling & it’s not like OWN has particularly high-end shows. This man is a business man. He created a business that was lucrative. He never said anyone has to marry anyone. We have choices in what we watch & who we marry. Think for yourselves, black people, and stop being a victim. He’s not your teacher.

  • There is nothing groundbreaking really. He shucked garbage to the lowest common denominator who gobbled it up and asked for more. Do you think the dope man wants his kids on smack? Not likely.

  • Timeout. Her husband is white?

  • I guess he feels theres no gentlemen in the black community

  • Fair and Balanced

    Just a few days ago there was an article on President Obama wanting to put 15 years old on birth control and a reporter questioned whether he would be willing to do the same for his daughter since he is advising the rest of America to do it. Needless to say people were upset and the comments were all towards blasting the reporter and questioning how dare they question the President, and his kids should be off limits.

    First of all if people choose to listen to the President and believe that all 15 year old girls in this society are having sex and should be put on birth control then it is on them, of all the comments I read everyone seemed to be blindly following without questioning that this would work for black America as well, as it is not realistic to believe that all 15 year old girls are not having sex, maybe in their house or in their communities but it is not all communities; yet the assumption is there.

    How does this relate to Bob Johnson? He knew what he wanted for his daughter and if people are stupid enough to glorify the thug life and listen to everything on BET then that is their ignorance. Instead of trying to learn something to better themselves they decided to educate themselves in the junk that BET was selling with Bob Johnson saying go ahead its okay to watch its who you are so embrace it.

    Did he make money off of the backs of Blacks yes but should he teach that same lesson to his daughter? No, why would he its not his fault if Blacks in this day and age have not learned yet that as a people we continuously allow ourselves to be used and buy into everything that is out there to destroy us. Sorry but you can’t blame Bob Johnson for outsmarting Black America and if he did so what?

    If people are stupid enough to glorify such a life, it is on them. He chose to teach his daughter difference, what you should be looking at especially Black men is that he made sure she knew that unless Black men had a lot of money they were worthless and since the all likelihood of that being the case she should marry a Caucasian man because they are true gentlemen unlike those that look like her father unless they had money and were about their business.

    Some may say he has a responsibility to the Black community what responsibility is that? He provided exactly what the viewers wanted if they did not they would have turned it off so who’s fault and who’s responsibility is it really? Look in the mirror and that image looking back at you is the one who’s fault it is for continuing to glorify the thug life? This pattern will be repeated over and over again and you know what thug rappers will continue to sell their music and their children will grow up and marry someone who is not even closely related to the type of life their parents glorify to those who are dumb enough to want to live and die daily on the streets of America or should I say Black America.

  • mik b.

    Also what goes around comes around; you never know what there lives will be like in the future….

  • mik b.

    Why are we ever surprised?! Need to stop supporting them, then they can’t live the lavish lifestyles many do at our expense!

  • GoesWithoutSaying

    For once, I agree 100% with Chrtistelyn.

  • Kay

    Bob Johnson is saying what every father should say. He isn’t the fool the people who support his ideas of black media. Don’t be mad at him be mad at yourself for watching his nonsense!

    • concious bish

      but this is like when you find out your friend who talks ish about skinny girls all day actually wants to be just that…people are just calling him on it. and i dont blame them…i honestly could never be a part of bet no matter how much they pay

      black evil television

  • NatashaDecemberBabyThomas

    These rich people ONLY cares about their OWN damn family and MONEY, they don’t give 2 sh!ts about anyone else as long they get money out of our pockets! Just like the rich white people who runs the record companies who let rappers put out stupid crap that pierces the minds of our young people that they think popping Mollies, smoking blunts, disrespecting women, drinking alcohol, having lots of money without an education and casual s3x a is what life about. Buffoon Exploitation Television is so banned in my household, I don’t want my child even watching the f**kery they put on during the day when she’s awake, but put good shows like “Don’t Sleep” late at night to the point it gets cancelled. BET from the 1980s and 1990s are just a memory to me. Plus there were baby mama/daddy dramas out here before BET came about, so can’t blame that one on them.

  • I was never a BET fan because I found the programming offensive. I did not allow my son to watch BET because I found their programming offensive. When something is offensive, don’t participate. Too many Black people supported BET because it was Black-owned and overlooked the negative message it sent to their children and allowed their daughters to think that grinding in front of a man on a pole was acceptable behavior. What amazed me was the remark about the man being a “gentleman”. My brain immediately started going over the list of men I know that would fit into the “gentleman” category. Don’t mean to offend anyone, but it was not looking good for the Brothas because I hadn’t come up with any “gentlemen”. I was still on zero when I came upon the fact the man she married was white, the perfect “gentleman”. This Black man is full of Hypocrisy!!


    Is he different then a tobacco exec who doesn’t smoke, or a liquor vendor who doesn’t drink? The real problem is that people allow the TV to raise their children and watch everything comes on. He does what a business man does. Its not about him being black. Stop allowing your children to idolize the wrong people. Simple as that.

  • Ladybug94

    Well, from my perspective BET didn’t get horrible until Bob sold it to Viacom.

    • Ladybug94

      and he has owned BET in years.

    • anonymouse

      I agree. I think the real reason that Ms K is so salty is because she talks about dating non-Black men that are on your level and this Black billionaire’s daughter marries a wanna be golfer and insurance guy. So that kinda messes with her whole reason as to why highly educated Black women should date out.

  • Laila

    You have to have your own mind and not be a sheep. I stopped watching BET a long time ago, back when “Shake It Fast” was popular. I remember BET had the nastiest music videos on in the middle of the night and then religious programs would follow. I don’t watch any of the “housewives” franchise either. I avoid all of the shows with fighting women. You have to use your own mind, just because rappers are promoted in a positive way does not mean it is right. He wants someone stable and predictable for his daughter, not a rapper, thug or entertainer. I am not surprised at who her husband is at all.

  • IAJS

    *Daughter MN, not wife.

  • anonymouse

    I would think that Ms. K. would be jumping for joy over the fact that his daughter married a white guy.

  • Aint Bob’s fault, women should know better

  • shine

    I wish you guys would proofread…

  • Kam

    Mr. Johnson is businessman he sold what people were buying. He wanted something entirely different for his daughter and raised her as such. My parents didn’t allow my siblings and I to watch any form of tv without supervision or discussion. I know that not everyone is afforded that opportunity but if you want your kids to have better options in life you have to be the example for them. Not BET, TV One, MTV, et al.

    • red

      who was buying it? blk folks or viacom? I’ll tell you who’s paid the most for it…blk folks. How come he didnt keep his company and continue the fun, positive programs he began with? Hip hop and blk culture wasnt only about gangs and foolishness. there was a turning point and viacom seized an opportunity and turned it against us.

  • Val


  • Laney Boggs

    For the love of GOD, get an editor!!!!!!!!!! Any and all editors present at this time are purely for show as they cannot be trusted to edit the simple articles you guys post.

    • Shine

      I concur!

  • Can you imagine what kinda hell woulda broke loose had she showed up with the same type characters that are paraded on the network?

  • FromUR2UB

    Well…what fool wants ratchet for himself and his own? I know they’re out there, but who are they? And when are people going to acknowledge that daughters should learn their values from their own mothers and fathers, not BET, TV One, TV Land, TBS or any other form of entertainment? When you watch the movie, ‘American Gangster’, just enjoy it for what it is. Don’t take notes.

    • easier said than done………..without the proper role models that our communities desperately lack, ofttentimes our music, entertainment and sports culture (areas where we excel) becomes the standard……unfortunate as it as. We’re gullible and vulnerable, but just as malleable.

      • FromUR2UB

        Then, I guess we’d better cut that out, hadn’t we? Just, stop. I mean…things have come a looooong, bad way, when having parents who protect and guide their children is equivalent to having been born into wealth and privilege…just one’s luck…one’s lot in life. Shoot, dogs and cats protect and teach their young instinctively, but WE can’t?? How have we evolved into this? HIstorically, our parents weren’t highly educated people. They didn’t have much materially. They had to figure out how to survive in a world that ACTIVELY worked to hold them back and keep them down. But, for everything they lacked, they made up for in common sense. It didn’t cost anything to talk to their kids. The last time I checked, that was still free.

        • kiki

          actually, historically , we were highly educated, and intelligent and incredibly strong minded (how else could we have achieved so much before , and after slavery) see the bigger picture. you kno d well these kids who grew up on bet the last 20 years (who now have kids) don’t care nuthing bout talking to their children. They too busy tryna live that life they see on bet, so the madness spreads.

          • FromUR2UB

            Well, I wasn’t referring to intellect or literacy. I meant formal education…college and advanced degrees. Historically, the masses of black people didn’t grow up in households where one or both parent were college educated. But, you hit the nail on the head when you said that someone may not care enough to talk to their own children, because that’s what guides a person to do that: concern for the wellbeing of their kids.

    • I agree wholeheartedly that parents are the first teachers, and shouldn’t rely on the media to raise their children. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting a good husband for one’s daughter. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of children are being raised by the T.V., and what they see there may seem like a dream compared to their home life. Not everyone has upstanding parents who can teach them the difference between right and wrong, or friends, colleagues, etc. who can provide a positive alternative to what the media is putting out.

      • FromUR2UB

        My response to CW, above, also applies to your comment. Not trying to oversimplify things, but that we’ve been relegated to a people of innocent babes, just bugs me. It’s not that I believe the media – especially those geared toward black programming – are absolved of all responsibiltiy; it’s just that if nothing happens before they (the media) become altruistic and feel compelled to do the right thing, we probably will have become extinct, by then. This shouldn’t have anything to do with it, but…c’mon, it does: Bob Johnson is likely a republican, and the republican principal is all about promoting big business and preserving personal wealth, usually at the expense of others. Because of this, black people had better hurry up and hit rock bottom, so that we can look up and begin to turn things around for ourselves. It shouldn’t be that we seem only motivated to do that during times of being sprayed with hoses, or told we’re not worthy of anything better. You see how we made a point to get out in droves, when faced with the threat of having our voting rights suppressed? We should vote like that all the time. Likewise, we have to be proactive in other areas of our lives.

        • kiki

          “Bob Johnson is likely a republican,…”
          but he was born a blackman and will die a black man.

          not negating all what u said, becuz u have some valid points, but seriously, he doesnt get a pass. and it should be spoken about so others who get the opportunity to reach back into the community and pull ppl up -won’t pass on it for a few scraps from massa’s table

        • I agree with that; we as a community should take charge of our own welfare before we’re waist deep in the proverbial mire, instead of looking for others to be concerned for us.

    • kiki

      but if that’s all u have. and your momma grew up on it, and ur pops…. then what?

  • This is an excellent point about hypocrisy. No one is saying that she shouldn’t have a happy marriage, but he would never have his daughter marry one of the men whom BET says is so desirable. It shows what he feels about the public that supports the network, and I hope that people will get wise to this. However, it’s nothing to be surprised at. Think about when Jay-Z said that he was going to stop using the “b” word because he had a daughter. But it was okay for other people’s daughters to listen to him say it for so many years. Or when Ice Cube said he was going to change his image because he didn’t want his children to be negatively affected. But what about other people’s children? Were they not important, too? This lack of concern for other people and their children, this “as long as it doesn’t affect me” attitude, is terrible for our community.

  • Guestvirgo

    She makes a very valid point, but from what I’ve read did not touch on an even more important point, personal responsibility. No matter what Mr. Johnson’s channel is showing and promoting at any given time, we must know and be raised to know our own worth. He wants for his daughter what every parent should want for their child a partner who loves, respects and treasures your child. Too many people in our community buy into the stereotypes and embrace them as the sole way to live. It is imperative that we stop buying into this and most importantly stop supporting these images and lifestyles. Mr. Johnson’s channel would have never survived and been elevated to the ultimate level of wretchedness if we didn’t support it. He was supposed to have a very difficult if not impossible task of finding an audience for his channel promoting the programming it did. Yes he perpetuated the stereotypes that haunt us, but too many of us decided to live them!!!! It’s unfortunate but true and we have to do better!!!

    • kiki

      but he had the power and tools to uplift his ppl… every race buys into trash they see, but thanks to this guy (in large part) EVERYBODY including blks watch the decline of blk culture. He had the power to stop that

      and not for nothing , even tho the legacy of bet is highly diminished now the legacy of billionaire bob johnson will be left to white ppl. he will have n0 blk heirs, and i’m pretty sure his grands and so forth will not be blk in any sort of way as the literal and metaphorical breeding out process has already begun

      its interesting you say “we have to do better” yet excuse blk leaders from doing their part. countering it even.

      • Guestvirgo

        The reason I say “we” is because I do not give anyone authority over my life but God and me. I’m not relying on any so called black leader to shape my life and future. That’s up to me. I’m not excusing them. I just don’t feel like the black community should keep giving it’s power to everyone else to decide what’s best. Ultimately we are all responsible for ourselves. BET made some horrible choices and as a result I did not support the channel. I am not in agreement with the images it put out there, but it doesn’t excuse us for allowing and supporting it!

      • cb

        those days are gone

  • ATF

    I personally feel like it wasn’t that deep. I am sure that even if it was a black man he would still want his daughter to marry a gentleman. People kill me…there were baby daddies and ratchetness way before BET.

    • renee

      let me guess, youre under 30?

      • cocolatte

        Don’t blame that perspective on age!!!! I am in my late 20s and I can definitely see the irony of a man who glorifed a lifestyle for ‘certain people’, but who wouldn’t dare let his own experience it. However, I have to say that I don’t think its exclusive to African-Americans… Do you think that the CEOs of the TLC or A&E channels would *ever* let their children engage in the lifestyles seen in Honey Boo-Boo, Sister Wives, Duck Dynasty, Dog the Bounty Hunter, or those Gypsy shows?
        These shows portray less than positive images of people in general, but they are still money makers for those channels. As long as someone wants to watch, these executives will be glad to put these images on the air, since it provides the funding for the type of lifestyle that lets them match their children up with the ‘perfect gentleman or lady’ and have weddings for them in the Carribean.

        • Anita

          Duck Dynasty? I watch the show. Do not let the silliness fool you. They are college educated, and God fearing. No cussing on the show at all which I appreciated. No one yelling at the top of their lungs for no reason. No fights over petty items. THAT to me is positive.

      • ATF

        Yes I am but still all he SAID was THAT guy was a perfect guy for her and is a true gentleman! What you all have suggested is that because he is white he is perfect. That was the author’s take as well. Bob Johnson did not express that. How do we know what goes through his mind? I felt like the author and everyone else read too much into it. His daughter could have dated a lot of losers (who could have been from different races as well but it was THIS guy that was perfect for her). That was my issue. Everyone wants to tell you what this man was thinking when all he said was that this guy was true gentleman and perfect for his daughter. What righteous father wouldn’t want someone like that for his daughter?! I don’t know how old you are but truly, my comments didn’t have anything to do about my age but more of you and others doing the absolute most in OTHERS lives!!!

        • Thaalia

          He’s an insurance broker, he makes more than decent money but financially (inheritance/assets plus career) she probably by money standards married down, had he been black it would be the same issue. So with that said, race ASIDE… The fact of the matter is that he helped propel an culture of smoke and mirrors with no substance. A culture that he would NEVER want for his daughter and one he didn’t give to her. People shouldn’t buy into it but in order to do that, blacks need to wake up and realize skinship doesn’t equal kinship. JUST because someone is black and in power/position doesn’t mean they are going to be fair, doesn’t mean they’re going to help you out and doesn’t mean that they’re going to care about YOU or the ‘black community’. Once you start to see people for what they are instead of how you think they should be, things get clear real quick.

          • Janae

            @Thaalia Amen! Amen! and Amen!

    • Ccasseus

      I agree with ATF. He’s not responsible for black people choices. We have to take responsibility.

  • Surprised? The consumers are the real suckers in the end. He created all those baby mommas and baby daddies and thugs, but his daughter MARRIES, kids will have a DADDY, and her HUSBAND is EDUCATED and GAINFULLY EMPLOYED. Suckers.

    To me, this says nothing about him as a business man. Black or not, he was about his money. This says a lot about the people who watched those videos, movies, TV shows… This is a bad reflection of the people who bought into what he was selling.

    • SheBe

      *Waves church fan…

    • Candacey Doris


    • JMO

      I feel like it says a lot about him and the consumers. One of the biggest problems with America is the big business men screwing over the unknowing/uninformed for money. If you’re driven by money AND have no empathy for the human lives you affect in the process then I lose respect for you.

    • red

      true, but he is a de facto member of said ppl. didnt he (being such a smart , powerful man) realize what he was doing by selling off his company?? bob johnson doesnt get a pass for being about his $$$$.. Many rich men have gotten that way by selling entertainment and bs to others, but how many of them sacrificed their race and culture to get it? If anything, the most powerful players in entertainment protect their ppl from defamation and degradation, but not the bob johnsons, or the diddys or cmbs- you get what i’m saying.

      to say it’s purely bad judgement by the ppl who bought it up is truly an oversimplification of the situation. He taught his daughter the values u mentioned but left that responsibility (for other blk kids) in the hands of whyts. And YES he had a responsibility to the community which he is a part of (remember how bet USED to be before viacom took over?

      • JMO

        Agreed. I think we’re saying the same thing. I was faulting Bob Johnson in my statement.

    • g

      Just imagine black women’s response if Bob Johnson’s son married a white woman and he called his new daughter in law a “perfect lady.”

    • Fair and Balanced

      No he did not create the baby mommas and daddies, they did that on their own thinking they were just living the life. You are right the consumers of this junk are the real suckers.