Where Are They Now? Male Child/Teen Stars From Some Of Our Favorite ’90s Movies & TV Shows

April 4, 2013 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

How great were the ’90s in all forms of entertainment? They were pretty awesome, and a big part of the success of a lot of the sitcoms and movies that we remember to this day were the performances by child stars and teen stars that we admired or secretly wanted to date on the low low. Their standout roles were YEARS ago, and as we’ve grown, so have they. So what are they doing and looking like now? We’ve found about 11 who were some of our faves back in the day.

Brandon Adams

Brandon Quintin Adams

You remember Adams as the little boy Zeke dancing in Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, Jesse in two Mighty Ducks movies, and Kenny in The Sandlot–the lone black face in that movie. And when he got older, he was stud material playing a boo of Moesha on the show of that same name, a boyfriend for Ashley Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and many other guest roles. He grew up nicely, and just a few years ago he was trying to pursue a rap career under the name B. Lee. He’s also trying to get back into acting, doing short films, and voicing characters in video games. In an interview with the Chicago Defender, Adams also opened up about his late best friend, Merlin Santana, who played Romeo on The Steve Harvey Show and was killed in 2002: “It took me a long time to recover from that. (Merlin) was my best friend, and (the murder) was a senseless thing.”


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  • KIm

    This is sad reading about Lee Thompson Young after him committing suicide August/September 2013. 🙁

  • Nikkig402

    Brandon still Fine!! Rest in Peace Merlin!!

  • Tiffany Rochelle

    RIP Lee Thompson Young!

  • kendrai

    it’s sad Lee Thompson young isn’t around just when it seemed things were looking up for him!! RIP MR. YOUNG

  • tonya

    not sure how long ago you’ll did this but mr young has passed away

    • Name

      5 months ago

  • Stacey Citraro-againstanimalab

    Brandon was great in The People Under The Stairs! The parents were wicked crazy so funny!!

  • theloveofyou

    Lee Thompson Young passing was so sad such a handsome man to die that way

  • yadayada

    wooh JET JACKSON! let me knw that all boys ddnr have coories or atleast not him because i wanted those eyes!

  • Naobi

    I remember him as Joey Russo on Blossom, but I also remember him as Joey on Gimme A Break with Nell Carter.

  • Hey, nice to see my interview with Brandon Adams from the Chicago Defender on this site. It’s all jumbled now that CD did a redesign. If you want to download the print version, it’s on my website at shamontiel(dot)com under “Other Publications.” They print out as PDF files. (No, this is not spam. I really did do the interview with him. He was fun to talk to.)

  • Kendra Bethune

    i don’t know why you trying to call kendra bethune i was trying to study under rider strong whose white when my case manger thought i ‘d make a good actress in 2012 early 2013
    shawn hunter on boy meets world

  • Laquesha

    MIKE VITAR I want your babies!

  • Reese

    Oh gosh, my first crush was on Lee Thompson Young. I remember the Famous Jett Jackson was set in a fictional North Carolina town and I was from NC. I just knew I was going there to find him (this shows you how young I was).

  • Bren

    OMG, when I saw JTT I nearly fainted. When I saw LTY, I woke up in the hospital!

  • Eri Cad

    Ummm, Mike Vitar aka Benny “the jet” Rodriguez is looking gooooooooooooooooddd. I mean damn! I need to go to Los Angeles and set some fires. Damn!

  • sammi_lu

    I just watched People Under the Stairs last night with Brandon Quintin Adams..loved him on the Sandlot too.

  • FAMURattler85

    I had the biggest crushes on both Brandons growing up. I have only one word for Lee now, breathtaking.

  • Jessica

    Some child stars on this list still handsome.

  • pickneychile

    I always loved Benny from Sandlot. He was so cute. Jett Jackson looks the best….he look goooood!!

  • CoCo Lee

    Darris Love was also In that str8 2 dvd movie Janky Promoters Staring Ice Cube

    • Brandi Graves

      He’s looking a little Eddie Kain like

      • CoCo Lee

        Lol right!!

  • Brandi Graves

    that Brandon Adams been fine since he played Jimmy Bean in Polly with Keisha Knight Pulliam he aged very very well!!! yaass!! and of course Lee Thompson Young can get it LOL!!

    • CoCo Lee

      Omg Brandon was… and you couldnt tell me Lee Thompson Young was the finest thing to hit Disney lol

    • Suchalady

      YES & YES!!!

    • Hey, nice to see my interview with Brandon Adams from the Chicago Defender on this site. It’s all jumbled now that CD did a redesign. If you want to download the print version, it’s on my website at shamontiel(dot)com. (No, this is not spam. I really did do the interview with him. He was fun to talk to.) Just look under “Other Publications.” You can print it out in full.

  • CoCo Lee

    Brandon was in the Car with Merlin when he was murdered…. so sad…

    • Brandi Graves

      I didnt know that… they didnt say that when they did that murder mystery show and reenacted the murder either on BET or TvOne

      • CoCo Lee

        Yes Celebrity crime Files…. He didn’t do an interview but they said his name and that he was the driver… and that he was the one 2 call the chick who set it up 2 meet him so he could lure her 2 the police…

  • Keisha Samoht

    My sisters tormented my friend Tiffany sayin Johnathan Taylor Thomas was her husband and that her name was Tiffany Thomas-Thomas… i think thats why she stopped coming to over to my house (we were like 8) cause no matter how much i told the m to stop, they would not stop… Thanks alot big sisters!

  • Boo

    Omggg yesss! I loveeeed Lee Thompson Young. I saw every episode of The Famous Jett Jackson. I was so jealous when Meagan Good kissed him in one of the episodes. Whooo child I was in loove!! Im soo glad he still looks good.Brandon is fiine too.

  • wveronica7

    i used to watch Jett Jackson faithfully for Lee Thompson Young. He is till fine. If only I can run into him…

    • bigdede

      I don’t think you want to run into him……

    • HoneybLex

      Didn’t he commit suicide?

  • bigdede

    Brandon and Merlin played boys who were both trying for Rudy’s attention. Nice to see they became best friends. My sister had the biggest crush on Brandon. He was so cute.

    • Lanaa

      Brandon was never on the Cosby Show, you thinking of Deon Richmond who played Kenny.

      • bigdede

        No he was on there. That one episode where the teacher had the boys and girls dancing together, he was the boy she liked and wanted to dance with

        • Maddie

          I know what episode you’re talking about and that was not him. Completely different actor. Look up Brandon Adams’ TV credits. You won’t find “The Cosby Show” listed anywhere on there.

        • MemphisFool

          That was on the Cosby Show spin-off, A Different World. He danced on into the closing credits.