Misogynists In The “Conscious” Community: Are We So Starved For Positive Images Of Our History That We Don’t Care Who Delivers Them?

January 8, 2013  |  

From IMDB:

Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2011 documentary about the untold history of people of African and Aboriginal descent. This installment goes into topics such as the global African presence, the science of melanin, the truth about the prison industrial complex, how thriving Black economic communities were undermined in America, the hidden truth about Native Americans, and much more.”

The documentary also features interviews and commentary from scholars and historians, authors and “conscious” artists such as KRS-One, Runoko Rashidi and Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow. So far the film has been getting rave reviews from both within and outside of the “conscious” community, with folks throughout my social networks singing the documentary’s praises for exposing the concealed and buried truth about black contributions to society. However, after seeing the first installment, I think I might have to pass on this one.

I was almost ready to believe the hype around the first Hidden Colors. A friend of mine, a very “conscious” brother whom I held in good regards, told me to give the documentary a chance. “I know you into all that female empowerment stuff but if you can put all that women-stuff aside, there is a lot of good information in this documentary.” I watched it, even when my better judgment wanted to balk at the inclusion of such questionable folks like Shahrazad Ali, author of the controversial books The Blackman’s Guide To Understanding The Blackwoman and The Blackwoman’s Guide to Understanding the Blackman. If that name sounds familiar, in the ’80s, Ali caused quite a stink for her books, particularly The Blackman’s Guide, for giving out such relationship advice that included saying it was perfectly acceptable for women to be smacked in the mouth.

And I watched this documentary, even though I noticed that the film’s producer and main “historian,” was Tariq Nasheed, a well-documented misogynist who promotes sexist and homophobic ideas in the name of black history. Most of you all may be more familiar with Nasheed’s other persona, King Flex, a gator-wearing, pimp-cup cupping, self-proclaimed ladies man, who has written numerous advice books about channeling your inner womanizer and has appeared on various television programs, promoting his tomfoolery, including on The Conan O’Brien Show and Flavor of Love: Charm School. When Nasheed isn’t pontificating on the Moors’ influence in the development of Rome, King Flex can be found giving “mack lessons” via his online radio show or his YouTube channel, dropping gems like,”‘women over 40 should be glad that any man is spitting at them because rarely do they look good” and “why hoodrats need to understand that their slick mouth ways are not tolerated on the west coast (as it is apparently tolerated in the the east and in the south), therefore, don’t be surprised when one of those hoodrats get punched in the mouth.” He also operates a message board called The United Players of America, where aspiring players, macks and hustlers can gain valuable insight into the proper way of laying down a smooth pimp hand from veteran players, macks and hustlers.

I watched the documentary, even knowing that this might be giving credence to all of what I like to call, ignorant conscious folks. You know the type well: these are the men and some women, who believe that everything, including their own mistakes, helplessness, insecurities and misgivings in life, are the fault of white men and their evil and manipulative black women cohorts. These are the folks that will in one hand hold black women up as queens of the earth but are also quick to sloganeer some misogynist, and occasionally violent language and action for those who fail to live up to their expectation of what a queen is suppose to be.

As a teen, I would see these type of men every Tuesday and Friday at the bus stop. They would be out there with their bullhorns and microphones, passing out literature, reading, and then misinterpreting bible quotes, and most noticeably, harassing women. “…and these disrespectful black b***hes out here, with their fake hair, trying to be white pale face b***hes, tempting men with their p***y prints exposed through their tight jeans, running around with all these f****ts… Pure wickedness…”

Over the years, I would see them rather frequently across Philadelphia, standing at busy intersections and transit stops, misinterpreting bible quotes and yes, once again harassing women. A close girlfriend of mine once said that these guys were like the Black Taliban. It’s a thought, which has stayed with me. Some lone women would stop and confront these angry “conscious” men, only to be cursed out, belittled and physically threatened. However, most women, who were just trying to move peacefully from one destination to the next, would just keep their heads down low, avoid eye contact and keep quiet, in the hopes that none of these righteous brothers would feel the need to individually shout-out one of the “wicked” women. As crude and vile as the Black Taliban were, I always wondered how these guys could continue year end and out to spew such hateful rhetoric, mostly at black women and homosexuals, without being chased away by the community-at-large, or the even the larger white power structure, aka the police, who always appeared to be watching nearby, amused.

After watching the first Hidden Colors, I got the same sort of uneasy feeling I usually get after reluctantly having to pass by the Black Taliban and their bullhorns at crowded intersections. Through very real examples of black history and achievements were included, these scholars and historians also manage to weave a web of conspiracy, which makes black women into pathological figures who seek to harm the black man through their choices to obtain a degree and good jobs and homes. Throughout the film, Nasheed and some of the other historians non-historically asserted that black men are being emasculated by feminism, which teaches women to talk back freely and demand rights they don’t even need, and say that homosexuality only seeks to take black men out of their pants and put them into dresses. No, seriously, they really said that. Likewise, the “feminization” of the public education, which has not produced enough challenging “man work,” is the direct cause behind why women are obtaining higher degrees in education at greater rates than men, and why men have greater drop-out rates than women. Yup, that was in there too. So was the idea that the men are helpless in fending off all this sexual energy from these oversexed, European-minded black women, who are keeping black men away from their righteous paths.

After watching the first Hidden Colors documentary, I realized two things: First, my male friend who suggested this film to me is a freakin’ idiot, and now I suspect him to be a closet misogynist. And secondly, we must be in a real desperate state in our community for both knowledge and overall historical respect, if we are willing to promote these regressive gender roles and hyper-masculine ideas for the sake of black pride and power, even as these ideas tends to contribute to reasons why violence and abuse, among women in particular, are so pervasive and not taken seriously in the community.

And this is exactly why I refuse to watch the second Hidden Colors documentary, no matter how much praise it receives from those within the “conscious community.” I refuse to watch any nonsense, which trivializes the very real racial subjugation of black folks in order to promote a belief that the best way to uplift the community is through the continued degradation of black women. Despite what the documentary wants us to believe, our sexism and homophobia is not a triumph; instead, it is the continued recipe for how we as a community, stay losing.

Likewise, while the debate around mainstream films and the misrepresentation and exploitation of slavery by way of Django Unchained continues on, and the protest and petitioning continues to wage against the perpetuation of “stereotypes” by way of All My Babies’ Mamas, we should start questioning how some of our own folks seem to facilitate similar concepts and ideas in our own artistic outputs. It’s ironic that a self-proclaimed mack would champion patriarchal concepts and ideas that women are the inherent title of men. But when you stop to think about it, maybe it’s not so ironic after all.

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  • Why choose death

    Many facts given about Tariq ! A brotha that has a poor choice in many circumstances. He also has many good information as well, His books, and, “pimping” probably lead many women and men astray. That is a common flaw of a people becoming in power. In his journey he has a definite negative view of a woman’s worth in comparison to a mans worth. Considered a male chauvinist by many. I’ve heard him calling many women blatantly out of their names. He’s gone in on Men too…His opinion is what it was. He has been scorned or affected by a woman or many. With this said, its unfortunate that THIS entire post was defending a woman’s honor and making a negative image on our own people. THIS post could also lead astray many women and men of OUR “conscious” community. “Lets bash each other, back it up with facts, and here’s why you should listen to me…mentality…. Why are women so mad? Men get hurt as women do, Cheated on, Slapped, left, sued for child support, while the new boyfriend and she ball out on tax season and on and on.. The new black woman “televised” is the AGGRESSIVE, ANGRY, BOSSY, LOUD,… not smooth supportive, caring, MOTHER EARTH! conversations for another post… I don’t want our people finger pointing at each other! The wrongful black man.. He has entertained and has uplifted many brothers self esteem??? POSITIVELY AS WELL AS NEGATIVELY! ..Molly was known to be “misunderstood”, while Whitney was a “crackhead”.. Paradigm is a choice for the conscious mind…. Clearly this is a problem of poor choice. You both seem to be one in the same. Neither of you are WRONG, but as commanders of a conscious community, it doesn’t make sense denigrating each others short comings. We need to uplift each other or you will be visualized as the enemy of black men as well as many female chauvinist! It states clearly that the black woman has issues of unity and competition. “we can do it too mentality” …….. so, and…… like really?..Why? .. Now there are Women Boxers, Women Football players, Women standing up to pee.. (jk),, but i’ve seen it… UNBELIEVABLE… No more GRACE? JUST STRENGTH!! If history put peoples dirty laundry out all the time, we would all just be human. MLK was a KNOWN PLAYER! Read about it! Oh yeah, Black Power Malcolm X dated white women before becoming big. Michael Jordan bought a JAIL…..GOT ON Timberland’s?…lol… THAT WAS THE TREE MANY OF US WERE HUNG FROM DURING SLAVERY! … Do the homework!! I can go on and on… As this fight between our own kind continue, The real problem is that women feel a need to compete or throw a male under the bus too often. It is very clear that women don’t get enough credit for MOST things, historically. If we continue at this rate of division, how are we conscious????? HOW IS THIS MOVING FORWARD? … You even said it, you started off reluctant…. Try LOVE! RID THE HATE! BECOME IMPORTANT TO THE SOLUTION….
    Love and peace!
    Let the enemy do their jobs.
    Let us also do a positive job by uplifting each other.
    So, you can fight with words, defend yourself… but how does that help YOUR CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY?

  • S

    please stop mixing the struggle if black women with homosexuality. It’s not the same thing and no one runs to our aid. Please keep them seperate.

  • Beamer Beamer

    Damn, reading these comments makes me lose my hope for my people.

  • True Black

    Never seen the series do feel a way about this just an opportunities who knew what buttons to push and timing not hating on just an observation

  • Soul Writer

    Why we are all human and flawed including those who made this film. The only question that matters is this: Is the information presented in Hidden Colors true. Yes. No more to say. Go tell the children, the truth. They can than move forward with an accurate past.

  • 314MrsB

    I couldn’t get with this article. The views expressed in this piece I did not see in this series and I have now watched all 3.

  • Windwalker

    I am only one minute into “Hidden Colors”, and the historical ignorance and inanity of the participants is nothing short of breathtaking. However, I will persevere in viewing the entire program (calling this a documentary, at this point appears to be a stretch).

  • Libra xo

    Waittt! So..aside from the main ‘historian’ being a misogynist and Ms. Ali being a weirdo..are these historical ‘facts’ really fact? I mean, I caught myself nodding my head a couple times when they were talking about the sagging pants and the invitation of gay men by sagging, does this mean I’m homophobic??

  • ddm407816

    Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children; You will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you., And he will rule over you.” 17Then to Adam He said, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten from the tree about which I commanded you, saying, ‘You shall not eat from it’; Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you will eat of it All the days of your life.
    1 Timothy 2:11-12 Women must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise the authority of a man, but to remain quiet.


    • Libra xo

      Really? You’re gonna quote scripture? Is Christianity even an AFRICAN based religion? Who’s to say that the bible wasn’t created by a misogynist? Smh..black people and their religion, man..I’m telling you.

  • Teach_One

    Dumb article!

  • Toshi MaterialGyrl

    I follow ur fb page and I love your articles but I don’t understand where did u get homophobic & inaccuracies in his documentary. He didn’t focus on degrading black women. This article tells more about where u r in life then it says about him. If u can learn about your true history it will change your outlook on life. I think u honestly lack a deep historical background. Maybe u should travel abroad more and research information before u start labeling.

  • Bob Sheridan

    He is not a man. He is a probably a puppet. He touched on that weak man that does everything the woman says also.

  • Bob Sheridan

    Tariq is still providing knowledge that you will NEVER GET IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM. The black history that is never told. I can take knowledge from anybody. Whether it be a school or a harden criminal.

    It’s just Black women are so stubborn and easily offended at every little thing. I’m glad they touched on the bitter, independent lonely black women in the documentary. That whole King Flex persona is to make money. The brother is giving valuable information that we need to learn and grow.

  • Carmmy

    With all the knowledge and gems that were dropped in that documentary, all you took from it was the misogyny? We will always find the negative and positive in everything..thats the only way that we have a balance. we cant have one without the other, but to shut it out entirely, is being close minded. That’s just my opinion, as you are entitled to yours.

  • Poolu Luisu

    Ms Charing Bell, get off the feminist wagon please. That’s a fight between White women and White men. White women don’t have your interests in mind, but just like any other group, they are quite to use your skin tone as leverage to their own agenda.

  • Roland94

    This article will destroy this entire site.
    Bashing Tariq Nasheed will make you loss subscribers to this org.

  • Arness

    I really feel bad for the sister who wrote this piece. The message or direction ‘Hidden Colors’ is based on the waking up of black America. For you to first off, not watch the documentary and secondly, criticize it so harshly is saddening. Tariq may not be the ideal messenger, and he may be promoting a way of life that is counterproductive outside of the documentary but you should (as many have) watch it, take away from it whatever you can, and start enlightening yourself through independent studies, and lets start passing this knowledge, this empowering mindset to others. The documentary is merely a tool in which to provide insight. “We” need to do much better and I think finding out our truth and knowing our culture is based on Stockholm Syndrome will be a good start. Give the documentary a try.

  • Lavagabond

    I am saddened that the author of the ‘New Jim Crow’ and KRS 1 was apart of this crap. I wanted to read the book, now I am not so sure. Sad, sad, sad.

  • TheBlackParadigm

    Worst Review EVER!!!
    The Hidden Colors Series was amazing.
    It was motivating, inspiring and true. Unfortunately there are many in our community like the author above who cannot move pass the plantation gates and refuse to accept anything that does not come from their white masters mouth.. (still hoping for the extra piece of bread huh?)

    I encourage black people who want to build and promote black progress both culturally and economically to give the series an honest consideration. Additionally Never forget there are blacks in our community who are fine with the status quo.

    From a Black Man with a Dual Masters Degree

    • Barack o’Drama

      Hidden colors and his other macking schemes are shamefully contradictory. Tariq is a hustler not a historian

  • There’s nothing “conscious” about promoting domestic violence, misogyny or one-sided infidelity–all of which Shahrazad Ali does in her books. Props for thinking for yourself rather than sweeping your own dignity and needs under the rug for some unnamed “greater good”.

    A Black woman can no more “put that woman stuff aside” than a Black man can detach from his Black or male identity. Shame on anyone who would ask you to do such a thing. Beware when anyone asks you to put your own needs and views on the back burner. It’s a form of belittlement and dismissal of your experience as a human being.

    Everyone has an agenda to push. It’s how they go about it that’s most telling.


    that author need help

  • verbalkint1911

    i read this whole thing and i was looking for something to discredit the information in the film not the filmaker

  • Shante

    This is EXACTLY the problem we have today. Quit generalizing and stereotyping your own people or people on a whole! If you ever have a serious moment of reflection without the input of your inflated ego you would realize the same persons you demonize are a reflection of yourself in a different situation and environment. The fact that someone’s OPINION offended you is not the point ! Lets get back to facts. We live in a world where emotions take you nowhere. Get real and create solutions for the next generation to build upon. Wake up to the reality that whatever you resist persists! If you don’t like sexism, don’t put any energy into it! We’re done talking about what’s wrong. Lets build something that’s right. Something palpable we can say is ours. And it starts with education. So if the pimp Tariq wants to educate and his FACTS are truth then sit back and take what you want and can! There is always a lesson to learn. From the dirt to the sky. Stop allowing your insecurities to fool and rule you!

  • Knowledge_Wisdom_Freedom

    This is entirely BS. Honestly you didn’t pay attention and do your own research on what they were saying and you just don’t like them. Just look into the world around you and find out what you’ll really see if you want to understand. Who somebody is doesn’t highlight their knowledge at all.

  • Vag Owner

    lol @ all the guys with the “you let one person tell you how to think” at the women. umm… men, you let one person, tariq, tell you how to think as well. i’m not surprised. i expect this from a tariq nasheed follower. the ones i meet in real life are nothing but lames who need pick up moves to get girls, have serious victim mentalities and are sexist to deal with the low opinion women have of them. half of them only feel comfortable going off on women. tariq nasheed is an embarrassment

  • Defend Conscience

    The state of Florida Conspired to have a soft trial to cover up the murder of an innocent teen and appease the public. The prosecutors and the defense worked hand in hand to allow a murder to walk free of all charges.

    It is sad to see how some of you will look for the worst in our community to excuse the horrors that we have endured at the hands of others. So you dig up Eleanor Roosevelt to make a point about white charitable acts toward blacks, but you can’t find any black men that stand up for our people that aren’t extremist?

    My advice for those that are interested enough to read the review is to watch the documentary and decide WHAT YOU THINK afterwards.

    It is free online, so you don’t have to support/ purchase anything and you can still garner an opinion from the place that really matters (your own ability to reason).

  • Defend Conscience

    So now that there is a war between the conscious community and the let’s see, unconscious community, I guesss we need to determine who the enemy is in all of this.

    I would have to say that it is insane to level generalizations at entire groups. It is also a good notion to be able to process the truth no matter who is telling it.

    I watched the documentary, and yes, I almost allowed myself to limit and reject its potential based on the producer/ director. However, I decided that I should not judge a message by the messenger. After all you know that there are verses in the beloved bible that warn against passing judgment.

    Either way, if you live in America and still clump conspiracy and theory

  • JayeWonder

    The writer of the article has an ideology that supports confusion!

  • DervinAlexander

    classic character assassination, don’t kill the messsenger!

  • BlackLove

    It’s sad that black men and women are fighting one another. We already have the whole world beating us up; why do it to one another? We should be lifting one another up and working towards great things. Black love is a special kind of love that seems to be fading as the years pass. Whatever anger or hatred we possess for one another, we need to let it go. Just some food for thought.

  • NoCountryForBlackMen

    You don’t know a thing and you are nothing more than a trolling hood rat. Stop deflecting positive movement and stop hating your self.

  • NoCountryForBlackMen

    Tariq Nasheed is a man of integrity. He teaches men to be strong, and not be taken by woman who play games. He also teaches men not to be liars, to be real, to not lead women on, or have to exaggerate to benefit. This is a blessing in this day and age, between racism, sexism (more so woman to men). After all the knowledge present in hidden colors provided to you, you turn and try to destroy some one. Then I look at the feeds of your site and see nothing but trash. Then I look at the comments, all 332, where the Elite Tariq’s word pulls millions by default and this seems to have just pulled the bottom of the barrel in self haters and closet racists. Good job sister, great job, you are doing EXACTLY what you were trained to in this business of America.

  • OlatunjiMwamba

    I agree with the overwhelming majority of what is written in this article. However, I must speak to one glaring and incorrect usage of one particular term (s) that everyone seems to be using these days. That term is Homophobia. I don’t know who coined the phrase. However, the overwhelming majority of people are using it incorrectly.In fact, Homophobia is actually two terms not one. As such, a clear and concise definition of these two terms are critically important for proper usage. First of all, Homo+Phobia are two terms, not one. The term Homo is a prefix and is defined as same. When used in conjunction with the term sexual is any person who has conjugal relations with someone of the same gender. The term Phobic derives from the term Phobia and is defined as anyone who has an irrational fear of someone, something or other thing or anyone who is afraid of someone, something or other thing. As such, unless a person has an irrational fear or is afraid of someone, something or other thing, that person CANNOT be Homophobic at all. Just because a person disagrees with Homosexuality doesn’t automatically qualify that person as being Homophobic at all, unless that is positive proof that the person in question matches the clearly, precise definition above.

  • eyeswideopen

    WOW!!! I can’t believe people are actually considering this review as a valid evaluation of the movie. First off how can someone who did not even watch the second movie even speak on the movie in its entirety. The second movie displays even more information than the first. The writer of this review would understand a lot more about why the women’s rights movement was started and a lot more about the social issues we have today. The writer, who is obviously biased, clearly cannot watch the movie objectively. Therefore, this review does not rate as accurate. Secondly, the information provided in this movie is important for everyone to watch, not just people of color. I feel it is obvious that the history books that school districts give to students is incorrect. This movie not only gives a believable alternative to the history of the world but backs it up with the history that is taught in most schools.
    I think the issue most people are having with this movie is who is giving the information not the actual information. Don’t misunderstand what I have written, I am not saying that everything in this movie is absolutely factual, I had my eyebrow raised on a few points as well, but open your mind. This movie is not for the close-minded individual like the writer here. Watch the movie yourself, you might actually learn something.

    P.S. I am a black educated woman, and I think for myself. I do not jump on the bandwagon of another black woman just to display a united front. I actually watched both parts of the movie and came to my own conclusions about them before responding to this subjectivity.

  • ant

    the movie was not about the submissiveness of woman but the removal of authority in the black home. If you remove the male figure then authority is removed. If the man isn’t firm then how does the child learn without consequence then they run crazy as they have. did they or didn’t they highlight black queens. men fight wars not woman so tell me who defends the black family if the black man is wearing a dress. You left out the part where Morehouse president had to instruct the students, at a all male school, not to wear dresses to meat the president.

  • Joy

    You lost me with this article when you started talking about “homophobic.” Stop using this term– look up its origins! Ridiculous!

  • Worker11811

    After watching Hidden Colors 2 and then reading this article all I can say is your black card should be revoked.


    Man this article is a bit wordy aint it LOL What has it got to do with the main point that alot of history is being hidden from the world .These Documentaries might have a few misplaced statements or arkward opinions, but thats not the point you should watch these documentaries with wikipedia and search a few names they mention. So what if the guy amysogynist , snorts coke or eats dog sandwiches information is information look it up and see if hes right …………..or are you scared loool

  • i.Am Hymn

    So….whatever TRUTH respective documentaries highlight/educate should be ignored b/c this critic dislikes the narrator and one of the commentators??? O_o

    What ever happened to CRITICAL THINKING; dissecting what is offered, dividing food from crap, and making your own judgment based on the facts offered?


    I, for one, wasn’t too enamoured with the idea of such a documentary at first…but, upon being encouraged…okay, arm twisted…into watching the first series, I found myself very much enthralled by certain FACTS of “African” culture/history that I had NEVER known before! Obviously, with almost ANYTHING someone promotes, there is going to be a certain amount of bias/narcissism…that’s a given (imo the part about the Messiah being invented/fabricated during the council of Nicea periods is pure/blissful excrement)! However, Part I left me puzzled/amazed at what I thought I knew but really didn’t…and craving more. Thus, I hit the books and found much to be “true” historically. So, when my female sistah friend informed me that HC part II was in her possession, I hastened to view it as well…watched it three (3) times in one week!

    Personally, I can’t see why BOTH should not be viewed in schools?!? There is so much other “jaded” material being branded into the minds of our young…why not give this a go and challenge each student/teacher to do some actual research on what is presented as well as their own take aways?

    Two mites


  • T. Moore

    I didn’t understand this to be a review of the documentary. Maybe that wasn’t the purpose for this rant. I could care less about the producers personal life or history. I’m only concerned if what’s being shared is true or false. Who cares who delivers the message. We don’t know much about many of our present or former leaders, so does that make their messages invalid? Absolutely not. So many pastors are found to be very questionable individuals however, they preach very good messages on many Sunday mornings, and many people take something good away from their messages. I think we’re too focused on tearing each other down, instead of taking the good out from everything. I can agree with some of your arguments about his (Tariq’s) personal life and other ventures, but that stuff has absolutely nothing to do with the great information shared on the documentary. I found Hidden Colors 2 to be somewhat inconsistent, but Hidden Colors (the first DVD) had some great information to encourage further studying, and stir up a hunger for Black historical knowledge. At least that’s what I took away from it.

  • I assume the writer of this article is a feminist or bed wench. Since when the Tariq spilled hatred towards black women? I’ve you listened to his podcast on “Why Black Women Are Less Physically Attractive”? I suggest you do because you set your mind into believing the brother is a misogynist that you have no interest in listening to whatever positivity he has to say. furthermore, If you’re going to talk crap about hidden colors at least rebuttal with facts to back up your points because you will end up sounding like an ignorant stubborn individual.



  • CGear

    No. This article doesn’t raise a point.

  • ITrue

    I went in blind. I did not see the first edition of Hidden Colors. I did not know who any of the people on there was except for KRS-One. And after watching it I was so excited I wanted to show it to my whole family. I can’t honestly say that everything said was the stone cold truth, there is a bit of propaganda in there. But it does spark a lot of questions and debates. And personally had me researching Heru.

    It’s disappointing that the writer of this article feels so strongly about the people that the message in HC2 is null and void. If I think of all the films I watched and then researched every director/actor/commentator I’m sure none of them would be worthy of my praise. (NOT ONE.)

    To each his/her own but you will miss alot if the messenger has to be as perfect as the message.

    (That sucks that women are getting harassed by strangers on the street. I agree that totally happens, but I’m not sure what that has to do with the review of HC/HC2. :-S)

  • LovelyAllday

    This article and subsequent discussion is a glowing example
    of why us black folks cannot, and most likely will not, progress as a people.
    The author of this article portrays herself as acrimonious and exceptionally intolerant
    by her discounting of the messenger without regard for the message. She goes as
    far as calling the male friend who recommended Hidden Colors as an idiot. What
    is most disappointing is the lack of intellectual debate on the discussion
    board. Many opinions were thoughtful and worded very well, but were ignored by
    bitter brovas and sistas who simply want to get an irrelevant and prideful
    point across. This entire page is embarrassing, I hope no Caucasoid stumbles here
    and reads this useless editorial and it’s ensuing dialogue.

  • How can you grade or judge a movie you have never seen lol ?!?!?! #Baffled !

  • Simon

    This article is not a review of the film but the writers personal view of the people who made it, which in my opinion should never take from the value of the message. I’ve been told very valuable information in life mainly from the most questionable sources, This article is bias and I am disappointed that the writer failed to comment on any of the movie topics. Where the writer gets the idea of sexism and womanizing from the movie is beyond what was actually in the film. I think this film and the sequel contained valuable information for anyone of color, whether or not the director likes “spittin game at 40 yr old women or not is irrelevant”

  • Tye

    I gurantee tht u dont have a good man because if you had a good man u wouldnt even bother to respond to the comments on this page who are you trying to convince..yourself probaly…smh

  • Tye

    When someone reconizes something as the truth is really doesnt matter who is delivering the message…Truth doesnt need validation it doesnt neeed someone tht we consider credible to deliver it..There is a lotta truth in those dvds and if someone never heard of this Brother Tariq and watched those dvds the could walk away with a better understanding of Our history and Identity. So We cant throwout the baby out with the bath water when dealing with info the we get from our Brother Tariq..Just because you dont agree with his Philosophy on How Blk Men or Men In General Should Deal with With the Opposite Sex. Or Just him teaching Men how to Be Men. its not Fair to go Bashing the Brother because now your no different than the White man the tried to suppress this information so now you become a enemy of your own race. Thts our whole problem we all hating on eachother just because we dont agree with there beliefs and views..If u dont Agree with the Brother then just dont Buy his Damn Dvd’s, dont listen to the man shows, dont support him, but when u go out of your way to bash another Blk person then there is something unbalanced deep down inside of yourself tht you need to come to terms with and deal with tht instead of projecting your insecurties on to someone else ..Because me personally their are a lott of folks with different view points philosophies and beliefs tht I dont agree with in this society, but I dont go around campaigning to slander these people and try to knock there hustle because ultimately tht is just another distraction tht has you focusing on wht someone else is doin when I you should be focusing o getting your own backyard in order

  • deidra

    I agree with this summary of Hidden Colors I (since that’s what it really is, as opposed to a review of the second installment). I just watched it last night, so I’m late to the party…but as soon as I saw Tariq Nasheed’s face (10 seconds into the DVD), I hit the pause button because I recognized him as an expert on “how to be a player.” To also see Shahrazad Ali made me doubly uncomfortable about what I was about to watch. The bottom line for me is that we should ALWAYS consider the source of information. For that reason, I doubt that I’ll watch part 2.

  • brotherhassan

    P.S. if you have Shaharazad Ali on ANY of your books and movies, it discredits the tone of the work OFF THE JUMP. That woman is crazy.

  • Guest


  • DAMN WHY I READ THIS BULLSHYT? SAME REASON THIS AUTHOR SHOULD WATCH HIDDEN COLORS #1 AND #2 as neither deals with misogyny. i HOPE ANY AND EVERY REASONABLE READER DISREGARDS THIS AUTHOR’S CRITIQUE OF THE MOVIE. discussion about the actual director’s “main gig” can be dealt with separately. so many inaccurate inferential leaps here it’s actually unethically handled, the entire subject. who’s the editor?

  • Could you write another post telling more about these “Black Taliban” guys from your hometown? I’ve always been confused, to put it mildly, by the idea that “black women…are keeping black men away from their righteous paths.” Actually, a lot of orthodox religions that force women to keep covered up from head to toe use similar arguments. I suspect, in the end, this is not a race thing at all. I would like someone to come up with the theory that the sexuality of men are actually keeping women from their righteous paths. lol.

  • Charing,i liked this article a lot.

  • i heard that,sista!

  • bruno

    Tariq is entertainment. It’s a hustle, at best. His street philosophy is kinda weak. But he does have some valid points about the pussification of the american male white or black. Women who are offended by him, are offonded by reality. Django was lame btw!

  • KamJos

    Thank you for standing up to the nonsense Charing Ball

  • DollarsDoug

    And the destructive engine of 1,400 black baby abortions moves on….Anybody ready to face the fact that we’ve been socially engineered to destroy ourselves in sooo many ways?

    We need ‘Hidden Colors’, and we know it. We need less foolishness like the ratchetness we see on the tv, such as ‘RHOA’ and other shows.

    And would somebody please understand that Tyler Perry is wearing a dress more than most women?!? Criticize Tariq Nasheed all you want, but don’t discredit those who want to see our people alive and free. If you’re soo against him, make a film showing your viewpoints, and watch them get chopped up and critiqued; until then,….

  • The writers issues is with street corner hebrew israelites. She spoke nothing of the work. This article is some what a waste of time. The term – conscious community – is mainly used by the lazy to marginalize black culture. It lacks specification since no one is a card carrying member of this community. It is mythological in origin like the term anglo – saxon. The term conscious community has become the boogie man, devil, absence of accountability among many. Quit perpetuating the bullshit and speak the real.

  • no. my ‘ranting’ is directed to your assumptions and those commonly found in the so-called conscious movement that make it so vulnerable to derailing. not the film itself.

    as for the film, i find it strange that ball focuses on the ‘trace’ sexism and says little about all the other crazy and unfounded sh*t those guys say. like there is no such thing as aids. and what ever else. granted some facts are mixed in, but those guys expect people to swallow a lot of crap for a few jewels. i digress.

    have you read my posts? i call the swirler-scandaler-abg-ers on this site and others regularly. you lazy fool. i don’t pander to stupidity regardless if it is male or female.

    and um. i thought we were about uplifting the race. now its about getting p*ssy? lol. gtfoh, man. i swear. no wonder the ‘black revolution’ is stalled.

    • 314MrsB

      If I recall correctly they never said that aids wasn’t real, HIV doesn’t Cause AIDS the medicine does. Seeing how they have done so much to people that’s very believable, not to mention that ALOT of scientist call BS.

  • Tariq is a genius!! LOVE his work and will continue to buy ALL of his DVDs and support his efforts to educate Our community. What is a misogynist?? A Black man who is strong and will not take orders from, or kiss the butts of, women?? Child please!!

  • oketch deniz

    Disgusting and pathetic attempt to find fault where theirs none using the black feminism as a tactic to get blacks not to watch to this brilliant documentary.

  • oketch deniz

    Tariq has done much more for the black community than you can do in a life time.Go back to writing articles begging white men to notice you and stop masquerading as person who cares about the black progress. This article is proof at the lengths some black women go to to vilify black men doing something positive.

  • Those in higher positions of power NEVER SEE something wrong-ask white men….

  • Bullshḯt

  • ohemma afia

    im kinda disappointed by this article and surprise by this comment section. Hidden Colors is more than just a look at feminism and civil rights movement… they talk about great accomplishment of Black people and the piece on the prison industrial complex is very insightful….and to discredit the whole film is wrong… the were many note worthy historians and activists who have done tremendous work to advance Black rights and lump them with Black taliban is nonsense…. the comment section exemplifies what is wrong in our community.. i saw more name calling than a substantive debate on the issue… if a women disagree than she is bitter… if a man disagree than he’s a misogynist… but i didnt see ANY intellectual engagement on points from either side and that is what really saddens me

    “When you resort to attacking the messenger and not the message, you have lost the debate.”

  • theychoseme

    I went to see HC2 in NYC coming from Boston. Great documentary still both films are a must see. This author sounds personal. Tariq is fair when he speaks on men and women. People need to remember Tariq’s primary audience are men (mostly black) who seek guidance to excel all around in their personal lives. Before you attack you have to realize this information with the collective of great minds has never been assembled before. Respect.

  • air

    this doc sounds like it’s for people who keep a copy of a barely read and barely understood copy of “Art of War” on their nightstands.

  • air

    what awesome rights were stripped away from BW when the dirty feminist calvary came charging in?

  • air

    Black women were also whipped and lynched on top of being raped. Black women were some of the most steadfast workers behind the scenes of the movement…the architects if you will.

    And when was the last time a BW had the full support of her community when she was mistreated or insulted?

    Anybody? Bueller?

    • burby8100

      were you getting more lynched then men? These men who were getting killed were family men who tryed to vote and get jobs to take care of their families. Then two most of them sarcifce themselfs so that the same thing would’nt happen to the women. Then plus when a black woman got rape who was their to support her? The black community which include men. Understand you can’t be a goddess without your god counterpart. Instead of bashing the whole black male race look at the better side of them.

      • Bullshḯt again

        • burby8100

          ok miss understood show where you women were getting lynched men. Because last i check you girls would get raped more then lynched and I’m not comparing which one os worst but you acting like for the last 100 years black women just di’nt get no respect or had nobody help them and that black women just rised up from the ashes without a man and your better off without one.lol Then you can’t be a goddess when your trying to look like a white women.

          • Dam…trying to read your comments is like deciphering the dead sea scrolls…

            Where were we: We were ALSO getting lynched, raped, beaten, humiliated and mistreated by the same White people only many of “our” men were too afraid to stand up for us-they believed their miserable lives were more important than the self respect of their families and the preservation of their culture, most chose to live shamefully than die honorably…

            You do not have to complain which is worst between lynching & rape because the answer is rape-ask any woman or any MAN who has been raped how they felt as a result and many would have rather been killed!

            I NEVER said nobody helped Black women, I said that we share issues as Black people but we also have different struggles due to GENDER INEQUALITIES, I have no idea why you have such a hard a time comprehending this….

            And who is trying to look like a White woman? Better question, WHY would non-white women want to look like White women? Where does that standard of beauty arise from? Is that something you believe women of color created for themselves, that they CHOSE to set this “unattainable” physical goal on their own because they enjoy some kind of psychological challenge??

            • Vic

              “Only many of “our” men were too afraid to stand up for us-they believed their miserable lives were more important”

              What white person did you get that information from ?

    • DollarsDoug

      Rosa Parks.

      Tons of black women are supported when wronged. You know that.

      It’s pointless to keep reducing each other, black man, black woman. While we keep doing this, things keep getting worse….Sad state of affairs here.

  • realblue10

    this article is a prime example of the willie lynch effect.

    • air

      willie lynch was fake.

  • air

    For the secure, critical thinkers, it would behoove of you to read a book by actual Black feminists to just get an idea of where they are coming from…

    Get an understanding on why the author made this post instead of throwing out accusations and slander

  • MNEditor2

    WOW, and to prove your point you had to call people “dumb b***hes.” Oh yeah, that’s very uplifting to black women. WOMP.

    • UkaremaBeatz

      The ideology of this article is amazing. You have a so called “writer” giving a review on a film she hasn’t seen based off of pre-conceived notions of a persons so called “persona?” Hidden Colors 1 & 2 are both GREAT documentaries that should be necessities in our community. The so called black misogynist is doing much more progressive things for our community then you are by writing this crabs in the barrel mentality article.

  • AkilB7

    Another misinformed, negro-bed wench! Black feminist are a poison to our community. This “review” is garbage; it wasn’t even a real review since you didn’t watch the intended film (Hidden Colors 2). Who does that? Backwards-ass retard! You know what you should do, Ms Feminist? You should contact Tariq Nasheed and request an interview for your blog. I’m sure he would love to interview you as well for his radio show. You may actually learn something.

    Quick question for you: what has “black” feminism done for the community besides cause more dysfunction, division, and confusion? Please give me something positive that it has done.

  • Born El Mustafah Allah

    Peace. Ms. Charing Ball. It seem that you didn’t watch the Hidden Colors 1 nor 2. The film was to inform our black youth to the elders to dig deep into the history and culture of Africa and its African Children that traveled the globe.
    The film doesn’t teach hatred of whites. Deal with the Film alone and Tariq Nasheed to himself.

  • Yes & No

    I completely understand the writer’s point, but it doesn’t help to give a sort of “theoretical critiques”, analyzing a film you refuse to see. To call attention to your refusal doesn’t make people want to watch it any less against the praise. If you mix your opinion with critique of the films shortcomings, then I think people will be more likely to see your point. If you speak more on personal experiences and people who we “know well, then you’re painting with a broad brush with no evidence just the like guys on the corner going off assumptions. I do hear you, trust me, I get it. But these, “I didn’t even give it a chance because of who it came from.” type of blogs are not educating. It just makes the movie show up more in Google searches! lol

  • kiki

    wow. divide and conquer is real, and live on this thread… i was interested in the opinion of the author as i had seen the documentary and really loved it. And yes, sometimes blk pwoer movements get crazy when it comes to women. But, as i read her piece and the comments, there is def lots of internal division going on. something that we simply can’t afford. we cant then or now try to model ourselves after wht ppl. black Men and women will have to agree to disagree to get back on track- meaning getting lessons from a film like HC, but still be able to recognize when the messenger is flawed and keep it moving. No thing, no where is completely fair and equal but we do our best. ripping each other apart serves no purpose but for the other guy.

  • asfdasfd90821

    You should stop using the word “misogynist” incorrectly.

  • BattleMaster

    so many lies in this piece i had to stop reading. Can you explain why the oppressed female has license to raise her self up by focusing on her issues and black men are not allowed to focus on their oppression at all?

  • I wonder if these crazy “conscious” men (including the ones disguised as women) here would be so vocal, aggressive and matter of fact with their “societal superiors” white males…I learned a long time ago that a “man” who argues with women like a female is the same man that will tuck his tail between his legs and shuffle off when a white man exerts his economic and social power on him…

    • LOL @ “societal superiors”. I have none. But I’ve been in board rooms arguing with whites for over a decade. And I came home and had to argue with my feminist woman as well. Two headaches but one was paying me, Had to put the feminist on time out. You’re helping me or you’re hurting me, simple as that. And you ‘black feminists’ are delusional. Men of color haven’t be oppressing you – AT ALL!!!

      • And you are doing yourself a disservice by continuously “yapping” about things you clearly know nothing about. I said it before but since you are the type of “man” who reads and sees what he wants, I will reiterate: I am NOT a feminist, I am a Black Latina woman who is proud of my cultural, religious and gender/sexual histories.

        As a man, the idea of a woman standing up for herself may be intimidating because you are accustomed to a certain degree of control…however, so are are white people and just like men, they would be much happier if those who they believe to be beneath them would not challenge their sexual, cultural, socioeconomic and political power and privilege so they go to extremes such as enforcing laws that hinder the educational, social and economic progression of minority people and trick them into believing that this exertion of power is somehow better for them-MEN LIKE YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN THOSE OF EUROPEAN DESCENT…we Black women have our own identities, our own strides to make and our own struggles we need to overcome in both a racist & sexist society-however, unlike like BLACK men such as yourself, it will take us too long to get there…just watch;)

      • MissA

        You’re an idiot.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      That’s the problem. They can’t fight the whyte man so they just take it out on the black women. These dudes got too many issues and life is too short to be dealing with it.

      • TRUTH…they have lost the fight against the white man and are now picking on “their” Black women-it’s like the man who works long hours at the factory under the rule of some miserable a-hole, being constantly belittled and looked over, he would never dare to speak up to that other man so he goes home and takes his anger out on his wife, kids and probably the dog too…PATHETIC

  • TonyEnzo

    See the movie and judge for yourselves. Don’t allow someone who clearly has not addressed all her painful issues regarding black men keep you from viewing a documentary that challenges the current narrative of African history.

  • kingwhitey

    The information in Hidden Colors gives black people a chance to be proud of there heritage. Its way more to gain seeing that movie. I think your a hater and feminist. I challenge you to make a movie and do what hidden colors has done for the children who only know they r descendants of slaves. What history is on your website what historians have you interviewed. Dont judge if your not contributing all you wanna do is hate I still love and respect u and wish you well in life

  • stop hating on tariq

  • Abrasive Angel

    It is very sad that you couldn’t just make a separate article for your Tariq bashing instead of remaining focused on HC2 review. You are a sad excuse for a black woman especially since you consider yourself a black feminist which is an oxymoron. You are certainly a negro bed wench.

  • Mark Hammond

    Where ever truth comes from doesn’t matter as long as it is disputable fact. you can learn from a bum on the street as long as you do you research and learn about it. I wouldn’t call myself a fan/follower but a lot of his the information he shares makes sense rationally and whether you like him or not he is always fair.

  • get real

    Article writer

    You know good and well that you didn’t hear about Hidden colors from your “conscious friend”..I been screaming about Hidden colors (esp lately. Checkout my post history)because of white worship that takes place on thi site. Funny u write an article about Hidden Colors now. “Your conscious friend” Girl plz. You can best believe what the MACKLESSONS RADIO SHOW will be about tomorrow.

  • Bannaka

    it was made mainly for people like her…..lost as hell…catch Sis…

  • CocoaDough

    Negro Bed Wench at its finest…

  • It seems as if she is focusing on Tariq Nasheed while completely ignoring the content of the documentaries. There’s no sane way that the content can be denied.

  • nothinh but the truth

    You stupid know your history . How can you judge a film you never seen? All that talk and no fuss.

  • BlackFeminismIsAnOxyMoron

    I love when “jounalists” put quotes around statements that didn’t actually come from the people they are “quoting” (in reference to the gems Tariq drops on his Mack Lessons show) and broadstroke people they’ve obviously never listened to-but have listened to all the libelist rhetoric about them. I also love the current trend of people reviewing or making statements about films that they haven’t seen. So, Charing Ball, keep using your self generated dislike for who produced the film (even though he was obviously in it for 10 minutes at most out of 2 movies) as an excuse to not get fed right knowledge. Keep on splitting hairs about people who maybe shouldn’t have been involved (Shararazad Ali, Krs-One) while ignoring the countless others in the film dropping jewels. While you continue being offbase, listen to Tariq’s latest show – a civil conversation between he and a Black feminist so you can discontinue the misogynist labels. You can also keep pretending these actions aren’t divisive while the sky continues to be blue.

  • Diondon

    Ummm…who takes MadamNoire seriously? I mean really?

  • This is a crazy review. She put more of her personal feelings into it than the content of the Documentary. I dont cosign everything in the doc but it is a step forward toward progress. As far as using Mack Lessons….his lessons taught me to be fearless, clean, direct, and have a clear vision of the life I would like to have. She prolly has never actually listened to the show…

    • CTK

      How can she review a film she didn’t watch? Its just an emotional rant.

  • Black Brother No.1

    How about we stop tearing each other down and absorb the positive energy Hidden Colors does give off? This article is shameful IMO because it’s basically diverging from the very purpose of the documentary. Nice job turning a positive into a negative.

    • MahoganyNYC

      I agree Yolie , i cant with this. people like this turning something positive into a negative

  • Chris Porter

    Horrible journalism! How can u review a film u didn’t watch?

  • CTK

    Lol you sure do have a lot to say about a movie you didn’t even watch lady. Your whole beef with dude is the height of irrationality and intellectual dishonesty

  • Tana

    I must admit that while I agree with MOST of what is stated in this article, I think it within itself is doing a huge injustice by DISCOURAGING viewers from obtaining all of the education and empowerment that is captured within BOTH documentaries. Just like with EVERYTHING in life, as adults we must use our FILTERS. Ignore what points are made in the documentaries that you don’t agree with. Both documentaries were at least 2 hours long. Is the subtle message of misogyny the only thing you received from it? Just as you are able to disregard all of the facts and the power behind the truths spoken in the documentary based on YOUR personal judgements of HIS personal judgements, I will in turn disregard your article. Sorry. Both you and Tariq should check your egos…
    FYI- Ali doesn’t appear in HC2 although it really doesn’t matter…

    • Kris

      Well said Tana

    • CTK

      She didn’t even watch the documentary.

      • Tana

        She said “… after seeing the first installment” she’ll have to pass on the second. That’s why I am baffled. What person who watched it would discourage anyone from seeing it? Unless… You already have you opinion formulated beforehand. Petty…

        • CTK

          Funny that you chastise me for supposedly formulating my opinion “beforehand”, but give her a pass for slamming a filmmaker for a film he made that she refuses to watch. She is just as goofy as Spike Lee calling out Quentin Tarantino for Django while pledging to not even see it. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff Tariq says, but at the end of the day these movies are good work and they are important. If this lady wants to put her personal + convoluted “beefs” with dude ahead of that she deserves to be called out on her BS.

          She went on dude’s show and got justifiably destroyed for talking negatively about dude’s message without ever having seen the first HC or really having a clue about what dude was about. She left the show humbled and agreeing with everything he had to say. Now he made another movie and she’s back to her old tricks. I think she is just generating controversy for blog hits.

    • I agree with you but because you are not 100% in support of this Misogynistic Militia who is eerily present in this discussion section, they will try and tear you down..

  • dark matter

    Imagine ,,,,what could come of all this energy if it were put into building and maintaining balanced relationships between black men and women…..We have heard the negative on black men and our alleged lack of contributions to the global society …Now someone has filled a void in the truth of who we really are…and a woman tries to tear it down??? Smh….as far as your choice in people that is yours… at least research and have a factual counterpoint as opposed to bashing and belittling….sheesh

    • CTK

      Yea I was just about to say, this is the saddest part. We should be coming together and promoting positivity, instead of engendering divisiveness and anger like MN.

  • Guest

    Angry Bitter Black Men all through this comment section…smh and ya’ll wonder why many Black women no longer desire you…

    • We aren’t worried about it. Women outnumber men 50 to 1 on planet earth. We aren’t a quarter as desperate as our counterparts.

      • “We aren’t worried about it. Women outnumber men 50 to 1 on planet earth. We aren’t a quarter as desperate as our counterparts.”

        I KNEW you were a MAN! lol…this is pathetic, I bet half of these new visitors are under multiple accounts!

      • MissA

        Wait, wait, wait. Did you mean to say that women outnumber men by a ratio of 50:1? Or was that a typo? (Say it was a typo, even if you meant it)

  • It’s extremely putrefying that in this day and age there is a lack of deference between our genders. It’s even more dreadful that an author such as this would go to the extent of breaking down another individual. We in our community state so many problems but never the plausible solutions for those particular problems. It’s true, we do have a lack of origin, a lack of self identity and in some cases , misguided pride, but destroying an individual for their personal perceptions is not the way one goes across in achieving any type of solution. I’ve read this writer’s works before and there seems to either be malcontent against black men or within herself. I admonish those who want to assist me in researching the anthropological genesis when it pertains to our culture. Yes, many single females parents have been the bred winners for some time but many of those same individuals made faulty choices in a life mate to procreate with. Black men are still prominent in this society but are immediately judged and negated because of writers such as these. To call individuals ignorant conscious folk while some of the highest rating entertainment on tv bestow our blatant ignorance in an amalgamation called reality tv, is some what of a farce. At least people are taking an attempt to discover the who, what, when, wheres and why and not attempt to dissolve the profundity of a gender.

  • Jucifer

    Yea its last on the list…I guess white people really dont care about this site that much

  • Siege

    I see a after Tariq posted this article on his facebook a bunch of his supporters came over and replied with useless comments in order to try and sway away from the good points made in this article to cover up for his lack of overall sincerity in what he discusses. I listen to Tariq and take from him what i find to be usefull and to give his point of view a fair chance but this article was on the ball and correct about his and many other black men’s hypocrisy and this is coming from a black man. How can you begin to get on here and talk about the negatives of radical feminism when many men like Tariq promotes the same kind of controlling the opposite sex ideological ways with masculinism? All the crap you guys hate feminism for you promote as long as it benefits us as men. We live in a sexist male dominated society and anyone that denies that is an idiot. Some men just hate seeing women gain rights, freedoms, powerful positions, money, and other things that make them less controllable. Plus anyone listening to Tariq for his player, mac, sexist point of view in my opinion can’t be taken seriously and has no place talking about the negatives of “feminism” when they’re eagerly learning a sexist mentality themselves. All i’ve seen feminist do is promote the free voices of women but of course since that promotes the ability not to be controlled by men some men hate that. People say feminism destroyed the black household which is bullcrap because some black households were dysfunctional before feminism even came along. Some of them were dysfunctional because men had the right to do whatever some of us wanted and women had to be tight lipped and take it. Some say the black woman had to place in the feminist movement but I ask you what crap do black women face today and how influential has the “black power movement” been in helping them? Hell the “black power movement” wasn’t about helping black women really gain equality it was about helping black people gain equal footing with white people meanwhile keeping the black woman in a still subservient position and proof of that is in some of these comments hating the fact black women are gaining equality from some of these “players” and “macs” lol.

    • CTK

      Its not all or none. You don’t have to subscribe to Tariq’s goofy ex pimp talk to see the value in the Hidden Colors series or even his calls for black progress. Knowledge is knowledge no matter where it comes from, and willful ignorance only leads to misguided psyches like that of MN

      • “willful ignorance only leads to misguided psyches”

        VERY TRUE…

    • I appreciate you stating all of this and I hope that these drones will take the time to actually read what you wrote. Tariq & sexist “philosophers” have brainwashed them to believe his hype because it fits their poor life choices, they are truly hypocritical because they say with one side of their mouth that the author is not an independent thinker while on the other side they are saying if you don’t believe what this man has to say that you are wrong. I won’t allow a group of invisible strangers try and control me just because we have the same skin color…A strong man seeks power, a weak man seeks control.

    • burby8100

      you should be happy that alot of people are comming to this site even though they did’nt support. Tariq did you a favor. you may never have as may people on a comment board like this again.

      • All conversation is not good conversation…we could have done without being insulted and verbally gang raped because we happen to agree with one person and not another…

    • Guest

      I agree with what you said, however do you really believe the feminist movement ever had the interests of black women. Do you understand the history of the feminist movement? At the end of the day feminism, racism, classicism etc. are all sides of the same coin in fighting INEQUALITY. The problem with people as a whole is that while the elite laugh as they continue to divide and control, we fight eachother over crumbs and scraps.

  • LOL…maybe I’m being a little territorial but doesn’t it seem like MN has a lot more disagreeable black men commenting on this article than ever before…I appreciate diversity in conversation but I RARELY see men post (at least not like this) elsewhere on this site…especially not positive articles…

    • Noble

      Thats because the article is posted where many men, such as my self can see it who have seen Hidden Colors. I get the feel that alot of us are in a way are shocked that someones is bashing a film that we feel was so uplifting. I seen it twice at theatre and the energy of unity was so strong amongst black men and women coming out the theater. We feel like this article is throwing mud on that effort. Have you seen it Miss_Understood?

      • Oh thanks for clarifying…I’m like what the hëll! LOL I haven’t seen it but my boyfriend was telling me about the first one and I was planning on “catching up” until I read that one of the producers is this clown…I’m sorry I can’t support him, I may watch it bootleg to see what is really going on but I will not pay to rent or own…

        • Noble

          No prob Beloved lol. I read historical, sociology, political books etc… and very well versed in women’s mental, historical, physical, and spiritual development Im a strong figure amongst women in and outside my family and outside, who love me dearly, even ones that take a feminist stance. With that being said after watching his first Hidden Colors which I thought was excellent. I decided to read a good number of Tariq’s books because I was skeptical of his background. I was like who is this Pimp/mack doing documentary. What I found out was he put mens self help and development and couched it in Hood/urban/hustler terminology. It teaches men to be direct with themselves and their intentions even MOST WOMEN would appreciate his work if you LISTENED and actually READ his work instead of rushing to judgment with out of context statements from him. Dont buy bootleg copy support your people with a real copy. I dont agree with all his teachings or anyone else’s for that matter nor am I endorsed by him. I just love US!

    • CTK

      TN linked this blog post on his Facebook.

      Some food for thought. If TN was as misogynistic as MN claims, how do you explain his female fan base? Meanwhile MNs male fan base is, as you imply, insignificant. The difference is, TN does his research + has the experience to tell it like it is, while MN does fly by analysis and tells it like her fans want it to be. The truth is always appealing + more relevant to a wider audience.

  • Cammieo

    Wow you are quick to allow white people to define who you are but when a black man gives u knowledge about your history you immediately attack his character. I guess it’s because you are a negro bed wench.

  • derrick

    This is why alot Black Women wonder why alot of men of color don’t desire them anymore

    • No…this is EXACTLY why man black men don’t desire black women anymore. And they will soon learn there aren’t a bounty of other men who want them either.

      • TELLEM

        Says the brainwashed chick in her hoochie attire. Self-respect goes a long way, but I see you don’t have any.

        • SweetMay

          Says the idiot who knows nothing. You’re a miseducated negro… enlighten yourself before you attack other, fool.

        • That is NOT a chick…

      • MissA

        Wooow. We are really blind as an ethnic group. We are still enslaved. Even those of us who are so-called enlightened. All we do is attack and belittle one another.

    • Whose wondering that??

    • MissA


  • Goddess

    Wow!!! Where to start? First of all, was this a review for Hidden Colors or a dig at the so called “conscious” community? Did one of these “conscious” men call you out of your name or something? Did you date one and become all “Sista Souljah” only to be dumped? I don’t understand how a review for a documentary became an attack on people educating a race on who they are.

    The writer of this post needs to go back and watch Hidden Colors 1 & 2 without her feelings in a bunch. Hidden Colors provides the pieces that history books refuse to include. You can take what you want out of these documentaries without attempting to discredit the whole project because of one person. I, personally, have heard a few of Tariq Nasheed’s shows and do not agree with him or his relationship/”love” advice. In my opinion, his advice is shooting some of these brothas in the foot. Does that make me look at Hidden Colors with disgust because he produces it? Not at all. I’m able to discern information that I should ignore and not take seriously (Making Lessons) from information that is beneficial to know as a Black woman (Hidden Colors, They Came Before Columbus, etc.)

    I can’t take this person or post seriously. Wow…

    • SweetMay

      Feminists… That’s all they do is attack Tariq Nasheed. He’s a pimp or a player or a womanizer, while he’s really none of that. He’s a best selling author, a great lecturer, an amazing advice giver and he knows his history. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I agree with a lot of it. And using his personal views as a reason to give a bad review is tacky and childish. If I don’t like drug users, should I not listen to Jimi Hendrix or Whitney Houston because they were drug users? No, that makes no sense. Why retard myself from great music just because of what they did? Makes no sense at all.

      This post is retarded, because the child who wrote it retards themselves from true history and facts. Someone hurt this child and now she’s on a feminist rant. What an ugly thing we have here… Or as Tariq says, “Look at these [people] we got here in the game.”

  • SwagScent.com

    If you think Tariq Nasheed is anything like the Hebrew Israelites, then you haven’t listened to him.

  • UgoinToJailNow

    What black feminist nazi runs this site? With articles like 8 reasons for black women to date white men.

  • Ryu

    Hidden Colors is a great documentary. Unless you have purchased it and watched it in its entirety then you can not judge. The series is not about casting blame on anyone its about realizing that as black people we had done and achieved more than we think, or where taught. The INTERNET got fools debating on things they haven’t seen. They talked about the Black Family for 5min in this. Why are you guys not shocked by the mistreatment we receive in regards to EDUCATION. Or the Prison system. Or the fact that you have to dig in a crate to find a book that doesn’t say that all we where is slaves.

  • Candacey Doris

    I haven’t watched this, so i can’t say anything about the film. But i can say that anyone that blames another person for their lack of job/money/direction needs to go to a third world country and learn how the world works. So many people struggle just to live and we have people who stand on the corners bemoaning the fact that they don’t have whatever they are lacking. Get a life! I refuse to feel sorry for you unless you are disabled in some way. Men and women both need to do what they need to do to get where they are going and stop blaming a) the other gender, b) some other race (no matter what they are doing, work it out) or c)the person that raised you.

  • jayouttahouston

    Always a sellout in the community. Tariq Nasheed has helped mold me into a strong, conscious black man. What have you done to help black men or black women for that matter….I’ll wait

    • SweetMay

      You’ll be waiting for a very long time…

    • burby8100

      if we waiting on these kinds of sistas back in the day slavery would still be going on.

  • RLuv

    This article was POINTLESS & WACK!!!!!!

  • I’ve personally never met a straight, nice, happy, attractive feminist. She may be straight but she ain’t happy. She might be nice but she’s not attractive. She might be a attractive but she’s not straight or nice. Just my observations.

    • TELLEM

      You are just a dumbass, insecure male. Just my observations.

      • amfirsteric

        Thanks for proving my point!

        • TELLEM

          You have no point. If you were truly paying attention, then you would realize that the author of this article DID watch the first documentary and already has an idea of what the second addition is about.
          Also, if you were so focused on “open mindedness” then you wouldn’t be so quick to judge feminists, but instead remain open to our side of the story. Guess you are the weak minded one.

          • He actually made GREAT points! I’ve shared his observation, many men have! You feminists need to wake up.

            • TELLEM

              Without feminists you wouldn’t have the opportunities you have today sweetheart. WAKE UP. And he has NO point. Generalizing feminists without taking our perspective into consideration doesn’t mean someone has a point. Read a book, you seem to be a dumbass as well.

              • I didn’t generalize feminists- I said ” I ” meaning me and me only. I’ve meet thousands of women in my adult life. Of the ones that claim to be feminist, most are lesbians and the one’s that aren’t lesbians are not attractive by any general consensus and most of them are mean spirited as witnessed by you calling me a dumb-ss and insecure because you don’t like my observations about my world. You are a living example of what many men think of as a feminist- mean and loud with no looks.

              • I don’t think that’s a woman anyway, I think it’s one of these “Mercenaries of Misogyny” in disguise… lol

              • burby8100

                Name me five things that the feminist…. Black feminist organization has done for black women all over. give me events names or key people involved and how it help black women more then any other black organization. I got to here this.

            • TELLEM

              Side note: Its not a valid observation, it is throwing shade at feminists. (and many men are feminists too.)

              • burby8100

                And your helping to feminize them with destrory the black community. Heck you girls are cool with young boys were dresses anyway.

          • and just what is your side? the white women’s?

            • TELLEM

              Thanks for proving my point.(in case you missed it, my point was that you and your militia of misogynistic assholes don’t try to understand feminism, you only use weak insults and attacks.) Deuces.

          • They only want people to be open-minded when it is in their best interests…very one sided and unbalanced-just like Fox New

          • burby8100

            What kind of idiot does a review about an movie and never seen it? She doesn’t know what the movie about. Hey it could have had some good information about the black feminist movement but she never seen it and already made a judgment on it. Even people from other races will say that’s dumb and she bitter and you wonder why black people(including black women) think that this feminist movement is sick.

    • I am honestly curious…is that you in that photo??

      • That is me and my 4 year old son.

        • hmmm…

          • burby8100

            stop that evil plotting girl.

        • burby8100

          see they always have to think sick. Them feminist always will found a way to throw us under the bus. I bet you shes going to copy and paste that picture and say that black men are having sex with young boys.

          • I would NEVER even think something like that, I am disturbed that that would even go through YOUR sick mind, you pervert! I asked about HIM because for someone throwing stones, he is living behind hella glass

            • I didn’t know that throwing stones on the net consisted of posting your picture, under your actual name and facebook link equaled living behind glass. Good to know.

              • Not quite…it consists of you calling people unattractive when you yourself are unattractive…just my observation

  • GreenwhiteGreen

    I’m highly skeptical about people who discredit a documentary without actually seeing it to methodically break down aspects of that body of work that you have issues with. If you don’t like Tariq Nasheed then you’re free to dislike him. But if you haven’t even seen the movie and you’re online bashing his work that seems to have a positive agenda in regards to our history and our community then its nothing less than hating on your part and your agenda has to be put into question.

  • kayg314

    this article is a joke!!! Sounds like it was written by a bitter woman.

    to quote Kimberly: the energy put into discrediting something that was created for the sole purpose of educating our people is DISGUSTING !!!!!

  • carlstewartjr

    Hidden Colors is a uplifting film for the african race. I love your sisters. Watch the film.

  • Yolie

    WOW! All I read was “blah, blah, blah”. This woman was just waiting for an opportunity to bash Tariq Nasheed. This blog really didn’t have anything to do w/ Hidden Colors, it was about disrespecting Mr. Nasheed & black men. Such a misleading title & a very sad, bitter blog.
    P.S…don’t expect me to argue w/ you if you’re against my comment. I don’t have time to waste on bitter, angry women.

  • I almost made the same mistake the author of this piece is seemingly advising its readers to do to HC2, that being to developed an opinion about something without FIRST seeing/reading it
    yourself and formulating my OWN opinion so that I can participate “Intelligently” and fully informed, in a discourse about it. I could however, be mistaken. Admittedly, I have read it. So let me read first before I think or speak ill of this article. Be right back.. (Jeopardy Music Playing)

  • Rhea Farley

    My black sister I weep and pray for you!!! I m not going to preach at you just ask God to wake you up !!!!
    Love your black sister

  • Wondering

    I have to ask Charing, can you be specific with what you object in Hidden Colors? What wasn’t true? Maybe this information and the truth is too much for you. Bless your heart. Are you to overwhelmed by the magnitude of the information and our situation that you reject it and try to tear it down. The film didn’t not make Black Women into enemies of Black Men but it spoke some interesting PERSPECTIVES on feminism and civil rights. You work for White Men today, but you could work for White Men before Civil Rights and Feminism. If Black women weren’t working for family businesses they working for Whites before Civil Rights and Feminism. Black Men have never oppressed you in this society so how could you argue for feminism. But lets say your correct. What do you want to show Black Boys and Men? What kind of media are you going to propose that Black Boys and Men should consume? Because the stuff we consume now is what keeps our community in ruin, not HIdden Colors. The stuff we consume now is what gave you that crazy ideology that your so proud of.

  • I guess the word “misogynist” is is being used like they used the word “communist” in the 40’s and 50’s, a word thrown at someone in an attempt to discredit them.

    The man is not a misogynist. He actually believes in fairness among the genders more than most feminists/feminazis do. He is labeled a “mysogynist” because he actually holds women accountable for their actions and the choices they make in life. Certain types of women don’t believe in accepting responsibility for their lives. Most feminists don’t want true equality, they want benefits but without the responsibility. Women fought for the right to control their reproductive systems, but when they get knocked up and opt to raise a bastard child alone, all of a sudden it’s the man’s fault ! This is just an example of how certain women really don’t want true equality. This is why many women get called out and calling them out does not make a gentleman a mysogynist

    • why call black babies ‘bastard’ if you care so much about ‘the people’?

      • explanatory

        That is the definition of a child without a father. Society has perverted the word into a derogatory slur.

        • yes. and you, so concerned about black people echoed and strengthened its derogatory meaning. when you ‘conscious types’ love black folks as more than love ‘power over others’ and more than you hate your enemies, what good you have to share with black folks will be much better received and we’ll be closer to ‘melanin consciousness’ or whatever you all go on about. be the example, please.

      • What ever fits their agenda is okay…

      • Senait Ashenafi

        Because these types of “internet activists” just like to talk a good game on the web, but they aren’t actually out in the community doing anything. They just like to put other people down to stroke their ego. At the end of the day, we’re all responsible for our own choices. At the end of the day, “bastard” black children exist because many black men just aren’t interested in forming real relationships and getting married. Many of them just want to live a life free of responsibility and consequences. They have been severely crippled by white supremacy and I only expect them to get worse.

        • ah yes. nothing like the scent of misandrist afro-pessimism in the morning, lol. you forgot the part about how you’re sick and tired of dbr black men and for your own well-being simply must expand your horizons. tell how well does that attitude serve ‘the community’? maybe it doesn’t matter as long as it serves whiteness.?

      • I called bastards , bastards. I didn’t even mention color, YOU DID ! A bastard is a child born out of wedlock. It is what it is and my caring doesn’t change that.

        • the idiocy of that statement is stunning. it’d been established that we are talking about black people the west and that out of wedlock births are prominent at this point in our history. ‘bastard’ has acquired a particular social stigma. calling a child born to unwed parents ‘bastard’ is like calling an ‘afrikan’ ‘n*gger’. your using a derogatory term as if it is technical language only shows why cowards must also be liars.

    • Senait Ashenafi

      Everyone should be responsible for themselves, not just women. Calling out women without calling out the men too isn’t fair judging.

  • Brother Blak

    Negro Bed Wench….

  • wait…so you’re criticizing something that you didn’t even watch!? like crabs in a barrel….

    do better black people

  • SMH

    it seems like only the arthur and people who havent seen the films hate it.

  • hiddien colors is great Madamenoire is a hater

  • Jack K

    This is truly a pathetic article. I don’t know what is going on with some of these black feminists, but they have to be the most self-absorbed and annoying human beings ever.

  • WOW..reading the comments..do black woman hate Black men this much…Thank god for my beautiful black woman, i need to go home and kiss her..The hate is seeping though my screen..Seems so eager to tear down. but where are the articles about hows we are portrayed in white America..as black men or how white America portrays Black women…what a sad negative article…and Tarique seems to be on point with what he says about “some” black women and there inner hate for black men..

    • Now you know how we feel whenever we read articles and comments on B0SSIP…sometimes it can be quite hurtful & and unnecessary…

      • Guest

        How many times have you been stopped and searched?????

  • What documentary would the author recommend? Hidden Colors 1 & 2 was a very uplifting documentary which states the accomplishments of my beautiful race. I think trying to downplay such film the provides a rare and poignant perspective, just because a personal grievance spiteful, childish and straight up hateful. Women like the author here is why there is such a divide amongst our people.

    • “Women like the author here is why there is such a divide amongst our people.”

      WOW…once again the problems of the entire race are being placed on the shoulders of the women…

      • Silver65

        And ironically all of them miss that point as they downgrade the author… sigh the conscious folk…sleeping in their own ignorance.

        • RIGHT! They act as if she or anyone who agrees with her is somehow culturally ignorant while the only thing I have a hard time comprehending is why we can’t have differing opinions…seriously, if you want to see the film, knock yourself the fuqq out but if you don’t WHO CARES? People on here acting like they are some kind of cultural soldiers when they are acting like mere drones, falling in line doing what someone else tells them-the same thing they want to accuse others of…smh HYPOCRISY is a disease

          • no the issue here is that everyone has an opinion but has not researched the man, his views, or his films therefore all we can do is have this emotional back and forth that accomplishes nothing! we can’t even begin to have an intelligent debate because one side is so caught up in their feelings and refuse to even take an objective look at the material

            • “we can’t even begin to have an intelligent debate because one side is so caught up in their feelings and refuse to even take an objective look”

              that is EXACTLY how I feel about you all…see we can agree on something 🙂

              • the difference is most of us have actually heard or researched both sides. all i’ve heard from sisters on here is finger pointing and shaming tactics where at least a few of the brothers and some sistas have at the very least attempted to be objective

                • So you know these other commenters personally? How do you know that they have actually done any “research” (aside from a Google search) and aren’t just following what sounds easiest for them? Who here is finger pointing and shaming?? The great majority of these men (whom have probably never bothered to read other articles on MN, much less pick up a book by a Black Feminist) are not only resorting to juvenile name calling tactics but are participating in a virtual gang rape of the FEW women brave enough to disagree with them and have their own opinion… It is VERY easy to turn on each other and blame each other for all the woes in the Black community, but the reality remains that male or female-the common denominator being HUMAN is greater than any skin color…

          • no the issue here is that everyone has an opinion but has not researched the man, his views, or his films therefore all we can do is have this emotional back and forth that accomplishes nothing! we can’t even begin to have an intelligent debate because one side is so caught up in their feelings and refuse to even take an objective look at the material

      • and that’s different from so called black feminists blaming all the evil and injustice in the world on black men?

        • Who’s doing that??

          • you are…black men have our issues. i won’t deny you that. but i have yet to ever here black women take any responsibility for the part they play in this grand ole opera. many of you play the perpetual victim when much of your problems could be solved by using better judgement and some personal accountability.

            • Maybe you will “here” them if you take the time to listen. Not once do I HEAR people like you own up to their role in gender inequalities because of the constant fear of inadequacy-not only do people like u struggle with feelings of racial inferiority but also inadequacies within the family structure compared to other races.

          • you are…black men have our issues. i won’t deny you that. but i have yet to ever here black women take any responsibility for the part they play in this grand ole opera. many of you play the perpetual victim when much of your problems could be solved by using better judgement and some personal accountability.

  • Dwest

    The author of this blog is a complete idiot. You have a problem with researchable facts???? You’ll be manless for life. You give real strong women a horrible name.

  • black boy fly

    Everyone of my black woman friends that I’ve shown Hidden Colors 2 to have loved it. One of them even cried. It’s definitely an uplifting and positive film for black people, both male and female. It’s a shame that this author spends half of the article bashing the producer of the film and then advocating people not to go see it. And if you did your research, you would see that this movie, nor anyone who participated in it, is not in any way, shape, or form associated with those “street corner yelling conscious folks.” The people in this film are well-respected doctors, authors, and activists in our community. I would expect an article like this from some Euro-washed conservative historian or ultra-liberal feminist, but not a black publication like this. Oh, wait…

  • Kimberly

    The energy put into discrediting something that was created for the sole purpose of educating our people is DISGUSTING !!!!! Negro Bed Wenches are as bad as hoodrats !!!!!

    • silver65

      And your disparaging remarks used to validate your opinion are just as disgusting and negative energy creating. Hypocritical in many ways, no?

    • air

      thinking critically about what you ingest, even if it is “educational” is discrediting now?

      • But it was an attack on the messenger and not the message. so it wasn’t really critiquing the movie, so why is she talking so negatively about the movie when she clearly has an issue with kingflex, because he spits that raw truth about females and they bullshit.

    • This is my first time hearing about this documentary series. I want to go see this. I’m not liking the bias in this article though.


    the hiddien colors series is a fantastic film that black males and females need to go see…this article is obviously some kind of personal vandetta against the producer of the film tariq nasheed…who by the way does not promote negativity…GROW UP BLACK WOMEN

    • Josh Gordon

      Totally agree with you brother. Wether these people who are giving us TRUE knowledge are good or bad. We are getting TRUE knowledge that we didnt before. We dont have to like the people or judge them, We didnt buy the dvd for that remember. Reading 3 paragraphs give me a hint you had some personal vendetta.

    • silver65

      It’s funny that both you and your “cosigner(s)” are male. Maybe you would have to be a BLACK WOMAN to understand.

      • 41 people voted it up. none are black women?

      • Amber-Eliazbeth Stores

        I’m a American Woman of African descent & I 100% agree with BLACKSTAR. So please speak for yourself! This post is complete BS.If not for the “chip on the shoulder” agenda then for the simple fact that this woman did not even see the movie! ……girl bye!

      • explanatory

        So as a black woman, can you please explain why Rhonda Lee received no support from any women’s movement or feminist organization after she was wrongly fired from her job for defending her hair?

    • yeah i checked the film. it does certainly operate from a masculinist perspective, and make some claims that aren’t quite founded by the evidence they presented, but if one watches it critically and not like a dashiki wearing lemur then it there’s a lot of useful information to pull from it. while i appreciated some of her background, i think ball completely misrepresented it which is strange because usually she’s a pretty fair and balanced writer.

      • Noble

        Here is some facts on one of the major architects of modern Feminism GLORIA-STEINEM and her Background from WIKIPEDIA (not black-men). We are not over here ranting without reason. Feminist ideology is a serious phsyco-warfare being waged on the black community: ” In May 1975, Redstockings, a radical feminist group, raised the question of whether Steinem had continuing ties with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[27][28] Though she admitted to having worked for a CIA-financed foundation in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Steinem denied any continuing involvement.[29] Steinem was also a member ofDemocratic Socialists of America.[30] She was a columnist for New York magazine and co-founded Ms. magazine. In 1969, she published an article, “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation” which, along with her early support of abortion rights, catapulted her to national fame as a feminist leader.” The question is why was she working for C.I.A. during the time the CIA was fighting against the civil rights movement??????????

        • true. but plenty in the black power movement were working for the cia too. and, some of the points raised by feminism are nonetheless valid. so the question remains why would the architects of ‘black power’ leave and refuse to fix such easily exploitable ‘flaws’ then blame feminism for their own lack of foresight and poor planning?

          • Noble

            Agreed on your point about cia in black power movement that Iam well aware of. It would be good for black women to research their own people more because there is so many different groups not just “Hebrew isrealites” or “black power”. We have outlets within our own various groups of our people that encompass women issues/ empowerment whole heartedly. I started studying Feminism because when i approach sisters RESPECTFULLY a good number them (not all) are bitter and highly disrespectful. Then I without emotional bias upon further investigation of of their ideology at its base 90% of the time its the feminist ideology or phsyco-engineering. They have this disdain and disconnect in understanding of men even when we articulate our Phsyco-biological nature as men. Feminist are against men and women at there phsyco-biological core/nature.

            • okay.

              but if cia infiltration is an unredeemable taint, as it is in feminism, it’d only be fair to discard all of black power’s ideas, like we do with feminism. yet we don’t. that of course would be silly.

              the same treatment should be given to women’s liberation. there are phony, black-card carrying, white-loving opportunists in feminism, but they sometimes make (or exploit) very important points, ones that if you believe that women are people and actually love black people shouldn’t be dismissed.

              i share some of your critiques of feminism as aspects of it were directly designed to undercut and suppress the black power and civil rights movements and like movements going back to the american communist party in the thirties at least offer young “educated” black people, the prize of bonding with whites rather than folks from their own communities thus thwarting or steering to white benefit the whole `talented tenth’ progression.

              if you reduce it to pure tactics being non-responsive to or dismissive of women liberation issues is a `flaw’ that we should be much more angry about than the white-identifying black women that feminism produces and uses. it is that lack of vision that stalled the movement – or at least buried what good the movement had to offer.

              feminists aren’t really against men; it itself is “an agent of patriarchy”. the movement – as evidenced by steniem being in bed with the military-industrial complex and later wedded an alpha-male billionaire, how they generally support rape-enabling u.s. interventions and destabilization of ‘third world countries’, or how their racism protects the white male power structure – is more about reorganizing women’s relationships to, and within, systems of male hegemony, and not overturning or replacing them.

              black men aren’t man-enough to really f*ck and pimp a feminist like her white daddy can and for the most part, and that again is what most black men’s feminist-hate is about. of course feminists, being women, play on that, lol.

              • kiki

                very good and interesting points.

              • Noble

                I only agree that feminism is using universal fundamental human rights to advance phsyco-warfare. Just as political-religions pimping universal-spiritual-principles to advance their political agendas.You can argue universal fundamental human rights for women without feminist ideology or banner. Comparing the infiltration of Black power movement with the infiltration of feminism into black community is two different situations for us, inaccurate comparison. Black-power ideology was at its core developed in the Black community feminism was not.

                You did not have black men oppressing black women (We didn’t have full power in our communities to even do such). You have chaos and disorder that affect men and women in gender specific ways. Black-men dont have the one-up on black-women because Black-men are men, if anything the opposite is true (ie mass incarceration, criminalisation, police-murdering, no-free-housing, no rights to their own children of black-men etc, etc, etc………….). You Black women dont know malefic-patriarchy all you know is white-supremacy affecting you in a gender-specific way PERIOD! because men and women have to be oppressed or allow themselves to be oppressed in different ways according to their nature. Black-men dont have the historical tendency of erecting civilizations that oppress, subjugate or disempower women. Our particularly-patriarchal civilizations positioned black-women to be the the first women doctors, teachers, land owners, Empresses(even Emperors), and Goddesses! we built statues in honor of you made with hundred tons of rock!

                we might not have had the tendency to oppress women ,however, when we did lay that pimp hand down it was serious! Oh yeah! Black-men already pimped white-women-asses and others lol. Just check the historical Moorish(black)-Harems of europe/ Asia/ africa we had them pimped internationally, Play on that 8-)!

                • that’s about the most ridiculous thing i’ve heard. just because a man isn’t a member of dominant group doesn’t mean he isn’t oppressive. building a statue doesn’t either.

                  • Noble

                    Is what Im saying ridiculous or is it the truth? which point is incorrect or non-factual? how is the black-man oppressing you? has or is stoping you from getting a job/career or doing what you want? sleeping with who/when you want or controlling you spiritually/mentally in mass etc…? So you dont care about what your man has the potential to do for and with you? I hear you, damn all that first women doctors, teachers, empresses, goddess especially a damn statue. Im not saying black-men are saints and some of us are seriously crazy however that goes for you women as well with. You women watch too much color-purple.

                    • first of all i’m a man. are things so bad that men who have some insight and empathy into women’s suffering are thought of as female?

                      black men who refused to send their daughters to

                    • why is it that once a man empathizes with women’s struggle he’s thought to be a woman?

                      black men who didn’t send their daughters but sent their sons oppressed them. black men who sexually assaulted their daughters or nieces or whomever oppressed women. black overseers who raped or coerced black women oppressed women. and black men who deny the historical oppression of black women by black men oppress women. even though they at times are more able to do it, oppression isn’t the providence of white men. and in some ways black men’s sexism is worse because it carries the sting of betrayal: black men acting like white men at black women’s expense. they you hotep-hypocrits want to act as if black women alone are race-traitors. you all are too in ways that might be more damaging that what some mother ruckus black women go on with.

                      and you claim to be learned, but are dumb enough to make the same mistakes made years ago that alienate even non-white identifying black women and give ammunition to the enemies of black people hiding in gay and women’s rights movements. that’s what’s ridiculous. what’s sad if there are some good information and ways of thinking that won’t reach some of the most capable and/or needy black folks because you all are so committed to being petty and degrading.

                    • MissA


    • kiki

      BLACK WOMEN? all of us, or were u just speaking to the author?

      and please before anyone goes off on me for my pointing this out, take a moment to think about WHY i did so. thanks

  • When is the film that brings us back together going to come out? Beef between males and femaes is the new black on black crime.

  • Vic

    Articles like this are why Hidden Colors exists. 100 Years ago , there were no “gender wars” in the black community.

    • Kitsy

      100 years ago? Really? So you want to bring back the “good ole days” that black people in this country enjoyed 100 years ago? ‘Cause, you know, life was really great for us back then, right????

      • Vic

        Oh of course not , im pointing out the gender wars/ ” the black male is holding us back ” etc. was manufactured by white people to cause divisiveness. Also I do agree with the films in that feminism only hurt black people as a whole , as it ultimately diluted the civil rights movement and gave white households double the income.

        I will say that 100 years ago , black people were generally far less confused about racism/white supremacy and the world around them.

        • that too is pretty stupid. and, let’s say it was true. how far could a liberation movement go, if by design, it depended on the suppression of most of its most active participants? that was a major `flaw’ that feminism at times exploited and ‘made history’ around, but that it was so easy for them to do so, says something about the short-sightedness and self-interest that guided ‘civil rights’ and ‘black power’.

        • I don’t know what is more shocking-that you would consider feminism divisive NOT emancipating for women OR that 9+ people on a site geared toward Black Women agreed with you…*twilight zone*

          • Radical feminism is very divisive and at times encourages hate. You will find that many feminists don’t want true equality, but insread they strive for benefits without responsibility. A perfect example is the right of women to control their reproductive systems. In our time , women have that right, but yet try to avoid the responsibility. A woman sleeps around, claims that men do it, so women can to. FINE. Woman gets knocked up, had access to all types of birth control; opted not to use it. Has the ability to get an abortion; Her Body, Her Choice; Opts not to get one. Man was never with her and never indicated he would be, in fact he has stated he doesn’t want the child. Woman ignores him, she wants it, she has it. Doesn’t give it up for adoption, opts to raise it; SHe doesn’t need a man, FINE !

            Fastforward 12-15 years, the single mom thing hasn’t worked. Bastard child is failing school, starts gang-banging, always in trouble. Woman wants to blame the man who got her pregnant, the man who was never their. She accuses him of not taking responsibility !!! Puts the blame all on him ! How can he be primarily responsible WHEN IT WAS HER CHOICE. HER BODY HER CHOICE. She gad rights and choices the man could never have. The man isn’t even half responsible in this case because he never had half the power.

            This is an example of a person (a woman) who wants rights but not responsibility. The want to enjoy the benefits of something when it all goes well, but they don’t want to be accountable when it goes wrong.

            Feminists often don’t want to be forced into certain gender roles, but yet will insist that men play their gender roles if that role suits her. If a woman is strong, independent and is running things, then it’s her show. She gets the praise and the blame. These two things come together. Feminists/Black women want to separate them, but eventually they will learn the hard way that they can’t.

            • That doesn’t sound like Feminism…

              • Tru

                Feminism is not for black women, and never was and as BBNo1 stated and rightfully so, you so-called black feminist are being used to fulfill the real white feminist agendas and then tossed aside when objectives are met yet they NEVER seem to come to the black woman’s aid when need be!!! It will take us to build and help us, NO ONE ELSE!!! And something I find very strange too is why are those so-called black feminist married to white men? The real culprits who helped shape the white feminist movement!? Seem like a contradiction to me, that the men with little to no power (black men) are being scapegoated for something we did not create yet the real swines are being guarded by these so-called black feminist!!? Strange as hell, for instance this Alice Walker she hates black men with venom and loves the white men the real oppressors of us all! She’s nothing but a bed wench and I have no respect for the likes of her nor those uncle toms, and house slaves no respect what so-ever!!! That goes for black looking men too they all can die as for as I’m concerned!!!

              • explanatory

                So then what is it? Expound.

                • One more time: I am not a feminist, also I am not a teacher therefore it is not my obligation to educate you and I do not have to “expound” on anything…

                  • explanatory

                    I never accused you of anything. Nor would I consider you an authority of scholarship. You obviously have an opinion on the subject matter and because this is an open dialogue for intelligent conversation, it would be understandable to assume you have further contextual elaboration. Much like everyone else except you seems to be open to. I gather a the trite, deflated rebuttal is what I should have expected, in fact that you actually dont have a definition for feminism. And in an attempt to deflect from engaging conversation, you would rather explain to me that you dont have to answer an honest question like the intelligent human being I gather you are. It matters not at this point, much less your follow up to this statement. The lack-thereof of a definition to a continuing conversation is even further proof of not only your inability to “educate” me but even more-so that your opinion shouldn’t be taken seriously.

                    • “Nor would I consider you an authority of scholarship”


                    • Rich Garriques

                      exiting so quickly , you were an idiot from the start.

                  • PROERA_DA_EAST_TDE_DA_WEST

                    because you cant

                  • Wizedollars

                    You are extremely illogical. Try linear thinking before you make a fool of yourself in a debate again

            • Andrea

              Shane, you’re right. Feminism was and still is very divisive. It didn’t star out that way, but over time it did become something that has ruined our society as a whole. If today’s feminists were to really do their research, they would know that the movement was meant to give women more legal rights, make the world recognize that women are not just meant to be homemakers and incubators. The founders of the feminist movement did not intend for men to be degraded and pushed to the side. They wanted to be treated the way the bible has taught that we should be treated. Men are the head of the household, but they should treat women as they would themselves. We women are to be their helpmates. We should all read our bibles more. If we did this, then a lot of this crap wouldn’t be an issue.

              • explanatory

                Thats actually incorrect. It was started as a reaction to black people being given rights before white women. Black women were already out of the house and working before the feminist movement got started, it was white women that werent allowed to work. Think about it, your grandmother or great grandmother (depending on how old you were) was already employed, it was white women who werent. What subsequently followed was the dilution of the civil rights movement by divide of the black household into a subsection. Black men and black women. In which case black women were told to place womanhood above all else thus aligning themselves with the feminist movement. One of the most interesting things about feminism is that it allowed the term minorities to include women, particularly white women. Which is why they receive the majority of minority benefits today, compound that with the wealth they enjoy from a two income household (because most white feminists are married) and we start to get a sense of why theres such a disparity in the wealth gap between races.

              • That is the most rational and sensible thing I’ve read in these comments. Thank you.

            • a woman can’t become pregnant without a man; legally and morally,a man should take care of the children he helped bring into the world. also,many women and girls in the u.s. do not have the means or access to an abortion clinic in their neck of the woods. of course,by my avatar,i am one of those people with the radical idea that women are human beings. in short,a feminist.

              • A woman can carry and birth a child without a man. A woman can also get an abortion without a man. A woman can get an abortion if she wants one, she might just need to leave her neck of the woods, [oh the horror].

                morally if a woman decides to keep and raise a child and the man does not want it, then that woman accepts that responsibility ALONE. A woman’s right to control her own reproductive system has changed everything. With Rights, come responsibility. Women are equal, so it’s time they be accountable for the choices they make. Why should men pay for unwanted children when women do not. Women to give up their children with no penalties. Most states will allow women to abandon infants in certain locations (firehouses, hospitals, churches, police stations) without suffering any legal or financial penalties. So, why should the woman be allowed a way out, but not the man ?

                • “A woman can get an abortion if she wants one, she might just need to leave her neck of the woods, [oh the horror].” how callous. having an abortion is not as easy as skippng to the grocery store… “Women are equal…” in the u.s.,of all places, women aren’t treated/looked at as being equals. we are not paid the same amount for the same work or job,just to name one problem. another,is that violence against women,in the u.s., isn’t taken seriously;in many states,a woman who is raped by a man is forced to share custody with that same man! “morally if a woman decides to keep and raise a child and the man does not want it, then that woman accepts that responsibility ALONE.” he/she should wear a condom or give up their legal rights to their children and give them up for adoption,so,what in the world are you talking about?

          • Black Brother No.1

            Feminism was never meant for black women. You were adopted when it suited a purpose and then tossed aside once goals were reached by white women. The only thing that crap does today is pull black men and black women further apart. That scorn and fire breathing was totally uncalled for as the message of the documentary was completely lost in it. The messenger shouldn’t matter. The message, if it is accurate and uplifting, should be all that matters. People get caught up in all the wrong crap and end up missing out. Sad as hell.

          • Tru

            Miss_Understood… You are really misunderstanding what the argument here is all about… All Vic is saying is, during the “CIVIL RIGHTS” struggle there was no need for black women to want to form a feminist movement because “their” The move to separate the black man and woman were a move to dilute the civil rights movement and to create a wedge between us and the thing is some sistas bought into it when there were no such need to, it was all a plan and it was admitted by former CIA members!!! Get that through your skull please… Black men and women were always on equal footing historically and we worshiped you so why would we want to step on you? It’s amazing how some of us black folks are so gullible and would only co-sign something when a white pale face agrees with it!!! SHAME

            • SHAME indeed…get it through your skull that just because we are the same color, we do not have to follow your lead! You are misunderstanding the message here altogether, it is very clear and very simple, but since you seem to be so gullible, let me spell it out:




              Men are at an advantage due to patriarchal and gender systems that have been put in place for thousands of years, white people are at an advantage due to ethnic and racial systems that have been in place for hundreds of years…


              • Vic

                “Men are at an advantage due to patriarchal and gender systems that have been put in place for thousands of years,”

                You mean WHITE men. Not men in general. If white supremacy exists as a system , then the white woman is logically more powerful and in a more advantageous position than all non white males.

                Feminist movement = white women demanding the right to practice/benefit from white supremacy to the same degree as their male counterparts. I guess racism is more acceptable in a skirt.

                • Do you not agree that there is an inbalance of power between men and women socially? Do you also believe that Men and Women, no matter their racial or ethnic identifiers, are equal?

                  • dodger

                    there was never an imbalance between black men and black women in the black community. We were both fighting equal rights and equal justice under the law.

                    • Those in higher positions of power never SEE something wrong-ask white men….

                    • TayZ

                      I would ask you this: Were you a woman back then? Can you truly speak to the experiences and opinions of black women back then? And you certainly can’t quote black men on this because if you ask an oppressor if he oppresses he will say no.
                      You can say that both black men and black women were fighting for equals rights and equal justice under the law, but I would think you downright foolish to say that that implies that the needs of black men did not ever come before the needs of black women within those movements. And it is equally foolish to imply that black women were treat equally socially, politically, and sexually within the black community itself. As soon as black women decided they wanted the equality they were told to sit down. Work for the whole (and by whole, I mean black men) and then, maybe, we shall get to your needs.
                      The struggle of black women is one against the society of white patriarchal supremacy and one against the patriarchal structure within our own community. But we cannot push against our own community without alienating it and being seen as a “traitor” and yet at the same time if we do not push against our own community our situations will never change. Black women could not count on our brothers and we would certainly receive no help from the white woman (I will agree that at this time feminism was especially FOR white women and not really anyone else) to further our cause.
                      Feminism divided the black community because black men (and some black women) did not want to lose the patriarchal structure within it. Black women were asked to put their needs aside, as usual, in order to further the cause for the black man. Some of us did and some of us did not.

              • woman like black isn’t a uniform grouping. some blacks have advantages over whites. similarly, some females have advantages over males. these ‘discrimination-based’ senses of identity/activism are counter-productive in ways that folks usually don’t want to think about.

              • kiki

                so should blk wmn be an island to ourselves? are we supposed to fight ww, wm , the system AND blk men too?! who’s our ally? who will fight with and for us? I think its counterproductive to paint oneself in a corner like that. Yes, its hard being a blk wmn, but our strength is not solely in our ability to be strong and fight, but also our capacity to love. Loving ourselves and each other – the reason( i’m sure) that these posts are trying to ease the ruffles bet blk men and women.

                • Senait Ashenafi

                  Well I hate to say it but black women don’t have ANY allies in this world. I feel like everybody is against us, especially our own men. That’s why instead of tearing each other down, we need to look out for one another.

                • Black women are your own allies because black women seem to have their own goals and motivations. Who you fight is your choice. I don’t know why you would feel the need to fight your fellow citizens , but as a I said, BW typically have their own goals and motivations.

              • DollarsDoug

                If you’re talking about black men, please show me the advantages we enjoy, because they aren’t there….Most of the money on our community is controlled by black women, so if you want a better community, put together the sisterhood/unity and create it!

                You’re now the default leaders of the black community, so whatever you do in the next few years will help determine our collective fate. As a leader, you’ve been put into a position few women are put in.

                What you need to understand is:
                1. You must learn to become accountable for what you say and do. Own up to and take respponsibility for what you say and do, noy blame someone else for your choics, for they are you own.

                2. Lead by example. Actions speak louder than words, and men are easily inspired by this; not shaming, belittling or berating.

                3. Realize that if you want to have a mate-a male mate, you’ve got to understand that he’s best when he’s the man, and you be the woman. This doesn’t mean that he should be able to abuse you or belittle you, it should mean that he should be comfortable living a life with you, and you with him. FAIR?

                4. Please recognize that you have major enemies, and we were told that in the final days the white man would offer his man and woman to placate us and make us think we’d arrived. We haven’t, and have a long, long way to go.

              • Tru

                That’s like saying no matter how much feminine you are you will never know what it is to be gay!!! Miss_Understood, you need to really reexamine you statement… I’m not one for statistics but look at the school drop out rate of black boys to girls, and what follows… I have a black motha and other females in my family… Black women has it easiest if i’m to be honest!!! The only kind of sistas who will meet serious hardships is the Sharazad Ali type who are serious about your blackness!

              • Wizedollars

                Sounds like man hate. Got daddy issues? Or was he not there?

          • why would black women need to emancipate themselves from men in a world where black people in general were being treated like animals ? Why break off and leave your man behind to fend for himself ? Is that not division ? Or is the definition of division as explained by merriam webster just another lie as well ?

          • Wizedollars

            Emancipating from what? Black men didn’t control any industry to disenfranchise black women in any way, your problem was with white supremacy, anything else is a distraction

        • Siege

          Feminism didn’t hurt the black community or households it challenged the obviously sexist male dominating hold society had on them and of course some men didn’t like being challenged so of course men would hate a woman’s point of view on the subject. As a man I can see the truth in both sides and women have the equal right to equality just like us as black people did. What’s funny is it’s some black men who are holding these women back because some egotistical males feel women should be beneath them at all times and at their control so tell me where is the equality for these women in that? Basically what some of you guys are trying to say is black women shouldn’t be equal they should be beneath us so why shouldn’t these women be voicing their opinions for equality because obviously some black men could careless about their equality.

          • stop it dude..you’re pandering
            what “power” or “privilege” did the black man have or has over black women? the so called black feminist’s scorn and vitriol is never directed at white male supremacy….but at the brothers…the very brothers that die, get locked up, lynched, hit with bricks while marching etc…all trying to protect them.

            so what is this tyranny that the black man holds over his woman? when i look around it’s black men being pushed to the margins of society. hell most laws benefit the women to the detriment of black men so again i ask: what structural advantages do black men enjoy at the detriment and exclusion of black women?

            • “what “power” or “privilege” did the black man have or has over black women?”

              1. sexual
              2. political
              3. economic
              4. educational (not anymore though)
              5. social

              • Vic

                That is the white female’s story with white men. Not ours.

                • OURS?? Who is this “Our” “We” and “Us” you Black anti-feminists keep referring to?

                  • why is it now there is no `us’? but when your are talking about black women’s oppression the categories are so clearly defined?

                    remember this:




                    very interesting bias. wonder where that comes form.

                    • It’s not necessarily a bias, it is moreso your lack of understanding. Black women and black men are not one in the same, not biologically, not socially, not politcally-it’s that simple

                    • i didn’t say they were. you did.

                      when there is blame and sickness you operated on black uniformity, at other times though it disappears.

                      that’s sophisticated bias on your part. and now you are trying to hide it in some weak sauce that you probably think is ‘black unity’ dream killing, and so some how powerful.

                    • “weak sauce” lol…

              • burby8100

                That’s white you have today. Black women always talk about their independent and you got your own this and own that. You would say your winning in most parts but your not. you have power in high place but you help nobody.

                • You should have taken time to proof read your comment prior to forming an opinion on what a perfect stranger does or does not do for the next person in her community…

              • Wizedollars

                Name one industry that a black man controls

          • There in lies the problem-MEN DO NOT LIKE TO BE CHALLENGED!

            • burby8100

              why do you want to challenged us for? Theirs a reason for it. If you challenge someone you have a problem. What’s the problem? Us black men is asking what is the problem and your throwing something off the wall. You don’t give not other races of people problems in society? It’s only us.

              • Once again, your comment makes little sense but regarding this part:

                “If you challenge someone you have a problem.”

                …if this is true then YOU must have a problem because you clearly created a user account for the sole purpose to challenge somebody…too bad I won’t participate…

          • unfortunately siege some black womanists (i.e. ex-feminists) would disagree with you: describing feminism as racist and part of that complex of disciplines (i.e. sociology, anthropology and psych) that’d subtlety work over black families.

            also, feminism somehow convinced the world that they had a monopoly on women’s rights. erasing – or appropriating – the fact that in most societies there were periods of time where women resisted and undercut male domination. they didn’t always do this to white folks’ benefit and on white folk’s schedule as ‘feminists’ do.

            `sexism’ in black societies is a cancer. `feminism’ isn’t the only remedy, in fact it might just be a carcinogen.

            • MissA

              Most societies? Which? When? Where?

      • Noble

        There was/is no gender wars in our community. We have chaos in our communities because of white-supremacy, which Blacks participate in, that affects each in gender specific ways. Sisters you are not the white-women you think you are. Their struggle is not yours. Yours is white-supremacy. Black men dont have historical tendency of erecting civilizations that subjugates, abuse, or devalue women. Stop letting our minds be dumping ground for social-engineering schemes. The mentally/ spiritually balanced sisters need to come out and speak against this madness. We mentally/spiritually balanced brothers love you, we all have to stop submitting to engineered divisiveness.

        • truth to power right here! the feminist movement was never the black womans fight. white feminists are no where to be found when black women needs them! bringing black women into the white womans fight was a tactic to diffuse the black liberation movement where the the black man, woman and child stood side by side

          • Did Black men & Black women stand side by side or did Black women stand behind their men??

            I would honestly like to know what you believe because judging from the majority of comments here, there is a very palpable hatred and disgust for their “sisters” if they dare go against a Black male leader, form their own opinions (good or bad) or speak positively about independence or any aspect relative to the feminist movement at all…I have NEVER seen anything like what I am seeing here in my life-not in my neighborhood, not in my school, not at my job and definitely not in my relationship with my CONSCIOUS minded Black man…NEVER…it is sick and really sad that men here can call us out of our names, belittle us, ridicule us and verbally gang rape us because we happen to have a different opinion

            • burby8100

              Because your destorying something we’re all trying to benefit off of. We(good ones) brothas are tryingto fix the problems win the neighnorhoods where we can get good jobs,start buinesses, and more better education but your worrieing about whos leading this and leading that. Everybody has disagreements like some things I disagree with with tariq nasheed but I’m not going out my way to destory hidden colors so our black children won’t get the right information about their lives. Other races have their own problems but when it comes to unity they unite us we don’t like him because he use the B word once and now I’m not going to support him. Maybe if you support something that can benefit all of us you can take something from that to in power you.

              • “Other races have their own problems but when it comes to unity they unite”

                If that were true there would have NEVER been a women’s rights/feminist movement…stop trying to edit reality to suit what is easiest for you

                • 314MrsB

                  That movement had an agenda and yes other races stick together. WHITE women wanted a movement. What other race has Women movements? WM don’t care about women. They will beat, rape, and kill they own mother and history proves that. Again why jump on their team? THEY DO NOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT BLACKS. Also this country has not help a single black person if it didn’t benefit another race or gender. food for thought

            • 314MrsB

              Black men stood and are still standing by Black women. Standing behind your man is not weakness its called support! As black women that is our problem, we don’t support our men, children, or each other. Its a very known fact that a black man is head of household, but the Black woman runs the house. The womens movement was not our fight, as like many other things in American history they use us for numbers and when their goal is accomplished throw us to the side. You know it wasn’t our fight because we never had rights. We were never held to a higher standard than our men. They raped us and castrated our men, hell that’s rape also. Our men were hung and we were to. All were hosed together and bitten by dogs together. So why were we joining a feminist movement? It doesn’t help us because women made be under paid on the job but a BW is paid less than a WW. A black man is paid less than a WW. They don’t come to our defense on any actions right or wrong, they vote against us and assist in policies to hurt us. I cant go against my men, a WM does not have my better interest at heart, and he can do nothing to help against White supremacy.

        • MissA

          Please, kind sir, tell me more about who I think I am and how I should perceive my struggle…because, that’s not patriarchal. After all, you seem to have all the answers, being mentally/spiritually balanced and whatnot.

      • Tru

        Kitsy, Vic wasn’t talking about the treatment we got from the white swines he was merely talking bout the relationship between black men and black women and how it was back then!!! Where did you pick up that argument about anything otherwise?

      • BattleMaster

        Well back then black men were not killing each other at the rate they did today. Poor blacks are in a much better position today then back then. The biggest enemy to blacks is other blacks.

    • lol that’s a remarkably stupid thing to say.

    • Vag Owner

      how would you know? you weren’t alive then?

  • pickneychile

    This made me angry just reading about it! They are using black women as a scapegoat for their own insecurities and failures as men…smh. And I don’t know much about those people who yell on the corners, but once in times square I did see some black Israelite men talking some nonsense and making fools of themselves. Thankfully that was my only run in and I didn’t listen long enough to go off on them. what a mess!

    • me too. it made me so mad that i ran out and watched “the help!”.

      lol. i get that ‘conscious community is full of phonies, charlatans and opportunists. but then so is feminism and most other movements. the reason that these tactics can get such a foothold in some circle has more to do with the church practices (afrocentricism basically mirrors and competes with that) and because ‘aspiring’ blacks are typically so white-identified and accommodating. further, the misogyny and homophobia is used by these opportunists, many of whom it seems are ‘gay’ themselves, as wedge issues to weed out those who they can ‘victimize’ and exploit. it is ignorant, yet sophisticated.

      what it points to though is that we do need an education that is more aware of african identity and culture, and a spirit of independence but many of the people most equipped to do this are busy trying to ingratiate themselves white white folks in one way or another and cleverly use the ‘conscious’ community as a foil.

      • SweetMay

        You had to go home and watch the help? That is exactly the issue. You are highly mis-educated if you would rather watch Black women as maids in subservient positions than watch doctors and historians and lecturers tell you about your history and the hidden agendas to keep you from knowing who you are and what you come from. If you watched the documentaries, you would see that there is no misogyny or homophobia. Yes, the conscious community has its wackos, just as the church, the gov’t and celebrities do; but the overall message is to awaken that melanin and that consciousness within the African person and their spirit. But, you ran out to watch the help… sad…

    • SMH

      Every black person yelling on corners is not a Isrealite. Watch the movies before judging. If you look at the comments only people who dont like it is ppl who havent seen it and the person who wrote is article.

      • pickneychile

        I didn’t say every person yelling is an Israelite, I said that was the only experience I’ve had with that. And I wouldn’t have watched the movie even if I hadn’t read her review, but thanks for trying.

        • explanatory

          So you wouldnt watch a movie that discusses the accomplishments blacks have made throughout history and actually learn the origins of where you came from? Not throwing shade I just want to be specific.

  • BTW…I am shocked to hear that there are people out in the streets talking to and about Black women like this! I am not from the east coast so I haven’t seen anything like that and if I did, I don’t think I could control myself-it would get very ugly…

    • chiboy773

      Sister its very important us blacks dont be easy maniulated and side tracked of black men and women being united. Hidden Colors is the best historical informational film ive ever seen on black people, and our history as a whole. Im sure its hollywood movies youve seen before but didnt angree totally with the plot or maybe who made it. White society has always used black women in turning them against the black man, and coining up with white feminist movements. Blacks are the only group of people that lets outside forces come in between black men an women with theirown propaganda and we fall for it. We only have eachother. Tariq dosent promote pimping but macking lessons for men and women which are only really confident advice if you have a history of listening to him and not a sound bite, picture or context sentence. Im not hear to start a fuss with you, i just want both black men an women on the same accord for something as great as hidden colors is for black people

  • Thank you for pointing this out because I was seriously considering watching this one and the first one as well but I refuse to support anyone like Tariq!

    • in there lies the problem with black people….we refuse to think for ourselves. he has a ustream show that comes on every week along with a podcast…instead of seeking checking out what he has to say or watching the the videoes, you’ll just take someone else’s word for it…don’t believe anything ANYONE ever tells you. seek the infomation for yourself and then come to your own conclusions….i promise you that there are thousands of women out there that “gets” what this dude is really saying. some women tend to toss shade at the brotha because he’s very frank and doesn’t pander or sugarcoat. it is easy to take one sentence or quote that one doesn’t like…and then take it completely outta context

    • SMH

      So yo u let one person negative review stop you from watching something you wanted to see? What about the tons of positive reviews the films have gotten? Free your mind and think for yourself.

      • @a192149f60a0c1af3bfb334c0eb2410b:disqus & @facebook-1221328556:disqus…thank you both for your concerns but I know exactly who this man is, I did not feel the need to go into detail as to why I will not support his work, but I will not PERIOD…feel & think what you want and I will do the same

        • so then have your views, but encourage others to seek the info and come to their own conclusions. i can’t stand fox news and it’s propaganda..but i encourage all objective thinkers to tune in from time to time as to formulate their own world view. i can say that rush is evil…but you must hear him for yourself. one must walk his or her own path……

          • You know some Objective Thinkers? Tell them to come read this article then…

            • Rich Garriques

              yeah come read this article so they can be as dumb founded as you

      • amfirsteric

        She let one person (that she doesn’t know) affect the way she runs her mind. Miss_Understood is weak minded. People with strong minds go into a situation with an opinion, hear your story or in this case watch the documentary, they judge the contents and then….still have the same opinion they walked in with. Weak minded people can’t even take a dissenting viewpoint because they know they can’t stop strong viewpoints from affecting them at every turn.

        • lol at you knowing so much about me:) I’m flattered

          • CTK

            Clearly you do “give more than a fuqq”, this whole thread was started by your comment that MN “gave you the scoop”

            • I appreciate the support but I hardly think my comment was significant enough to start this thread…You and all these other “independent thinkers” commenting about how wrong it is for the author to state her opinion on not supporting work done by people who hold ideals that she does not personally agree with is contradictory because not only is she free to write her opinion (which is done quite often on blogs) but anyone who feels the same way is FREE to do so…just as people are so quick to state that if we agree with the author and don’t see the movie are wrong, so are all of you for daring to challenge our independent thinking skills, intellectual capabilities and common sense because we do not want to…I’m nobody’s sheep or follower-if I agree, I agree if I don’t I don’t…I give less than a fuqq if it bothers you and alleged egalitarians such as yourself…have a good night

              • CTK

                Just like she’s free to write a scathing review of a movie she refuses to watch, I’m free to call her on her nonsense, especially given the content of the film(s) and her supposed interest in black progress

              • Rich Garriques

                first off if you didnt watch the movie stfu and it shows your intelligence is very very low even for a female.

      • So…if I agree with you and Tariq and all these other “independent” thinkers commenters on this article I would be intellectually free and also an independent thinker…hmmm

    • Gigi

      I saw both movies and I did not get that from either one.

    • Rich Garriques

      see black people are so stupid they wont even support their own.

  • Kitsy

    The so-called “Conscious Black Community” is a farce — populated by brainwashed women who are financially supporting shiftless, abusive, women-haters. I see those so-called Black Hebrew Israelites yelling and making a spectacle of themselves all over NYC (they’ve even set-up in Times Square and I don’t why the Mayor has allowed that). They spew hatred, pseudo-history and pseudo-science. They try to argue and shout-down anyone who challenges them on their views or even those who just want to ignore them and walk past them. Most of those guys don’t work, they have several “wives” (non of them legally wed) who do everything for them, including giving them money. There’s a lot of abuse – including child abuse and incest – that occurs and no one reports it. They live in cult-like communities and prey on those who can’t think for themselves.

    • SMH

      Not all Hebrew Isrealites are like that and we dont live in cult like communities. Everything you just said can be applied to any religion. Do some research and speak on facts not on what you say you saw a few idiots do. Your hatred for black men is sickening. Your emotions are making you look bitter. Just as bitter at the person who wrote is article is with the the film maker. From a black man to you. We love you and Im sorry that someone hurt you.

      • Kitsy

        Darling, I am not bitter. I am free – a free thinker and free of some lecherous stank man sucking my money, abusing my kids, degrading me as a woman. See you can’t convince me of nothing. I know all about you and your community. You all are vile and disgusting. I see you and your black militia cohorts have tried to take over this blog. Talking about the “Black Man is God” – yet the black men in your community are bums and many of them engage in sex rituals with other men. See that’s what y’all on’t want others to know. You’re a sick bunch and any intelligent, free-thinking woman would do well to steer clear of this foolishness.

        • amfirsteric

          That’s how you feel about Men in general. Don’t try to disguise it as how you feel about bad men or Israelites. You just have a horrible view of men and probably black men in particular.

        • SMH

          Thank you for proving you dont know what youre talking about.

        • “I see you and your black militia cohorts have tried to take over this blog.”

          LOL it’s like Tariq flashed the Batman signal in the sky, except it was a pimp cup & a whip, and his legion of doom descended upon us to try and put us black and brown women in our place, right under their collective thumb!

          • UgoinToJailNow

            The womens revolution? When has a white feminist stood up for black women? I gotta tell u I NEVER seen it. OH I’m sorry I seen white women fight for the rights for poor black women to get abortions. Sooo hey I guess that sisterhood.

            • TELLEM

              Eleanor Roosevelt stood up for a black woman. Research that, you ignorant fool.

              • UgoinToJailNow

                Is it really that bad that you have to dug up somebody who died in 1962? You’re just looking for a wonder woman huh? Ok let’s talk about Eleanor Roosevelt, did u know she was good friends with eugenics Mary Harriman who’s brother was FDR’s ambassador to The Soviet Union? Ya know it’s always the same thing with these people, if your dumba$$ bother to research their hidden agenda.

                Try to get your pea brain on track and tell me in 2013 what white feminist is fighting for black women rights, other than the right to lay on abortion tables?

              • HOUSE OF KIMAANI

                its the only name you have after 600 years of slavery

              • Rich Garriques

                eleanor roosevelt is a feminist and she only did that to gain the opinion of black women.

            • Mike Scorsese

              And she (Margaret Sanger)was outwardly racist.

          • ……….

          • Rich Garriques

            you are dumb , your whats wrong with todays black women and women in general , still grouping the problem.

            • Gelon Madison

              I guess your momma, aunts (if you have any), and sisters (if you have any), are the problem. The men in your family, including yourself, are perfect. See how generalizations work?

        • burby8100

          So that’s why ABC is doing specials on black women saying that your not getting married. Man your talking us bad in the black community but you women are not getting a past as well. You women are still have kids by ten different guys, living off of child support and welfare.

          • Vag Owner

            so that’s why ABC is doing specials on black men’s DL lifestyle

        • burby8100

          Then two theirs alot of gay females walking about her ask well. your doing more sexual rituals then black dudes.

        • burby8100

          If the white feminist had their way with you girls they would have made you tie your tubes and make you A sexual women about now.

        • Tye

          from your reply you sound hella bitter

        • Mike Scorsese

          The fact that you start your rely with “Darling”, shows you are in fact bitter. Psychology 101.

    • I don’t understand how anything that you just referenced has anything to do with Michelle Alexander, Dr. Claude Anderson, Runoko Rashidi, KRS-1, Tony Browder, Professor James Small and others.

      Hebrew Israelites? This is about as bad as the new Rush Limbaugh rant, where he declares Jamie Foxx and Samuel Jackson as “activist who are trying to convince the Black community that they are still slaves.” One thing has nothing to do with the other.

      I’ll admit, I had no clue who Tariq Nasheed was prior to seeing Hidden Colors 1 & 2 but regardless of what his shortcoming were, it didn’t negate from most of the information presented in both films. I later found out what Mr. Nasheed was all about and although I’m not “bout that life” it doesn’t take away from the films information and I don’t think that it is fair for the writer and some of the folk that have posted to categorize all that appear in the film as the same. None of the participants in these films can or should be compared to corner Hebrew Israelites.

      Runoko Rashidi, whom I know personally has been to over 100 countries and has lectured in at least 80 of them. Are you really going to compare someone of this stature to a non-working, corner dwelling, Hebrew Israelite? Michelle Alexander a “mis-guided” scholar. The same “woman” who is responsible for publishing one of the most comprehensive and intellectual looks at the prison industrial complex in the United States?


      • Thank you brother !!! Well said ….

      • NoCountryForBlackMen

        I’m late, your my hero sir.

    • The author of the article seems like she is one of those that can’t think for herself.

    • explanatory

      By your definition, they are no different than the tea party.

    • i agree.

    • Mike Scorsese

      Hateful assumptive and generalized comment.