So Keyshia Cole Wasn’t Sure About Doing Black Girls Rock Because…She’s Biracial?

November 26, 2012  |  

I’m just going to have to throw this news out there how it is because I really can’t wrap my head around what was going through Keyshia Cole’s mind during a recent appearance on “106 & Park.” The songstress was asked what it meant for her to be a black girl that rocks (and to participate in the recent annual Black Girls Rock celebration in New York), but her response threw just about every black person off when instead of hitting the audience with the standard, “we need more images of us” type of response, she said:

“I’m Bi-racial but it’s ok…I’m Black, I’m Black…”


“At first I was skeptical about being a part of the Black Girls Rock organization but then when I read on it and I realized how strengthening it is for our black women and women in general – how strengthening it is for us to come together and understand that no matter what, we rock,” she added.

“I just think it’s a beautiful organization and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Keysh, what is going on??

For those who even remotely follow Keyshia Cole’s life, we all know who her mama and sister, Frankie and Neffe, are and they damn sure are black. I guess this means her dad, which the singer reportedly never knew, is white? After a little Googling, I found that Keyshia Cole’s dad may have been an Italian man named Sal, but it doesn’t appear there’s any conclusive evidence to that point. And even so….really Keyshia?

I think it’s fine if she wants to point out that she’s bi-racial, but one, where is this coming from, and two, are you not still black by all one drop rule standards? And are you really going to act like the rest of society doesn’t still see you as a black woman and you can now no longer understand the need to celebrate black girls doing good things. C’mon now? I’m glad Keyshia read up on the organization and still decided to participate, but I can’t help but be a little baffled at her response to Bow Wow’s question. We’ll be sure to add her to our next round of celebrities who want you to know they are not just black list.

Check out the clip here. What do you think about what Keyshia said?

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  • Kendra Hawley

    If she doesn’t want to do the show she doesn’t have to. If she says she’s biracial than that’s what she is. Big deal! Let people call themselves what they are. Must everything be blown up out of proportion? And I thought white racists were bad……

  • eric carroll

    It can be true faith evans father is italian ,go look it up if you don’t believe it,

  • kandake (unknown)

    SO she basically, said “I’m biracial”, then “clarified” by saying I’m Black (like 3xs) THEN still did Black Girls Rock and gave the show props, AND made a positive comment about “us” (including herself as Black folks). But somehow she is so wrong for saying she’s biracial. As someone who loves their culture (Black) and not the biggest fan of Keisha Cole I can say most of the negative comments (and author) are TRIPPING! Come one folks, “we” have bigger issues. Glad I actually watched the video. She can say she’s purple for all I care. Furthermore, the DNA thing on her show was from years ago. Unless you KNOW k.c. personally then you do not know the up-to-date info she may have or not have on her background. I hate to add another comment to this silly thread, but just wanted to put a voice of reason out there. Get over it, and stop transferring….btw the various articles on BOOKS on MN seem to have an average of 0-5 comments, and this one has nearly 200. SO lets look less at celebrities and more at ourselves.

  • OMG! I know her publicist had to be yanking their hair out when she said that. It’s forgivable, but she had definitely better explain.

  • …..

    You people are dumb biracial people aren’t black!!!!!!!!! God…one black daddy plus a black mommy equals a black baby!!!! Not a white daddy plus a black mommy=black. NO! Black and white mixed together is grey, that why most of the time you get a blHey guys thanks for the experience of being a cheerleader it was fun while it lasted!!!! I’m sorry i can make it to the team banquet end of both races and biracial people mostly are are tan or light brown. I have and never will call or consider a biracial person black

  • personally i don’t like the whole separation by race thing anyways, no matter what color you are. she can be who she wants, i don’t question because it’s not my business, but why be on BET and not do BET shows? that makes no sense.

  • Numero Uno

    I find it hilarious that the majority of the comments are focused on whether Keyshia fits the “typical” mold of “biracialness”. Lmao! Seriously black folks, we need to get it together. It’s not that serious. If she is, fine. If not, that’s fine too. But to actually sit and argue about who looks more biracial than the next person is just dumb.

  • Pissed

    These comments make me really sad. Can no one see where she is coming from? We live in a society where we have to make a choice about our race if we are bi-racial. Who the hell cares if she didn’t know her father? What if she wanted to empower bi-racial girls to accept themselves and not conform to what society expects. Yeah she could have worded it better but can you fault her? I can’t. I’m a biracial girl who identifies as black because when I was little I was told that is what I should do. Why is it so goddamn frowned upon to embrace all that we are and not just one side of it?

    • No you don’t have to make a choice about your race if you ARE biracial. Keyshia has no idea if she is or not. It was neither the time or place for her to make such a statement. Maybe it truly is time for you all to go off and form your own racial group. I’m getting really tired of dealing with your angst.

  • vonmiwi culvero

    Sadly, the poor woman is confused. Why act astonished when we know that’s what many of them do when they think they can attract a newer audience and hopefully transcend. “Home Girl” just killed her career. Too bad she has yet to realize what folks actually see…a black woman regardless of what her background is.

  • CarlaKah

    Erm. Let’s throw the one drop rule out of the window and not take her too serious. It’s hard not knowing who your father is.

  • Too true! LMAO

  • tlynette

    She’s kidding, right?

  • Janice

    What tha O_o ?

  • MLS2698

    I have the book about Sandra Laing, and believe her parents decided to live far away from the city because they both were passing for white, anyway. If the movie was correct, her father was totally obsessed with being counted as white and almost made his daughter crazy.

  • anonymouse

    the only thing that keyshia cole is mixed with is gin and juice

    • mdg

      LMAO!!!!!!!! Too Funny O

  • Chassie

    that blond hair messing everybody up in the head, go back to red boo

  • TwentyTwelve

    Aside from Keyshia … I wish they would let you biracial do your own thing you think being tied to black folks is why you deal with 2nd class treatment and you need to be separate you think you will finally be treated equal if you can just disassociate from blacks well…. ask the Mexicans how that’s working out for them or majority of the Latino race. Being called black is not the problem racism is the problem and people who believe in it ….. Its never a argument or confusion race when it comes to being biracial until its black mix then all of sudden mofo get confused on their identity wanna separate and then try to justify your own self hate GTFO.

  • Solo40

    Indeed they do lie, cheat, steal, prostitute, convict innocent men, inject babies w/ Autism and ADHD, let murders of children go free, sell and use illegal drugs, let hundreds of men infected w/ syphillis go untreated for the sake of experimentation, take away medical bebefits, snatch votes in presidential elections, I could go on and on but won’t. There’s only so much we can do about these issues which is very little and so, as you stated, we have to take too many things w/ a grain of salt (which puts african american men in the lead of having high blood pressure *smile*) I have expressed all of that to say its true, the government can’t be trusted, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to them at all. Its definitely important to know your heritage and I would strongly encourage anyone to find out for themselves but even after the insightful answer is revealed and whether you are mixed caucasion, half phillipino, got indian in your family or dark as Tyrese and Djimon Hounsou, to them, the government under which we live, you are BLACK. So many things are much more important than whether Keyshia Cole is BLACK or biracial. Its silly & petty to do an interview on BET which stands for BLACK Entertainment Television and be so trivial as to whether or not you should participate in a function called BLACK Girls Rock.

  • Niqi

    Sounds like her comments were misinterpreted, and are being blown way out of proportion she’s not the enemy there are so many other things that we should,truly be outraged about.

  • Candy

    Come on girl REEEEAAAALLY… PLZ…We know ya moms n effie bonefied BLACK.

  • LMAO it is sad to say that she don’t even know who daddy is. My kids look more bi-racial than Keyshia and they are black. Tell the Italians to buy her music, it is funny how no one wants to be black. We are all heinz 57 but by society rule we are black!!!

  • In the famous words of Tamar, “Girl, get yo life…cause she, me her ain’t buying it!!!” Your mama don’t even know who your daddy is.

  • Wow, reading too much in to this are we? It seems like a lot of you are commenting on what the creator of this article is saying rather than what Keysha Cole was actually quoted saying. She said. ” I’m Black”. Believe it or not some people don’t want to be associated with things geared toward just a color. That’s why she said she read more about the organization and she liked and supported it.

  • 1Val

    Keyshia has poor marketing since her hood background has crossover appeal to whites who want to feel superior to ignorant black folks. Perhaps Keyshia should ask renown sellout Nicki Minaj how to exploit racist and sexist stereotypes of black women to become an international superstar. Nicki’s first lesson to Keyshia is for her to acknowledge she is indeed black with her culture, body and soul for sale.

  • Lauren Love

    One drop rule! She should knowbetter.

  • B

    Let her be who she wants to be. It has no bearing on anyone’s life except her own so why take it personal? It seems like many people responding have a problem with Keyshia accepting her identity, which is a problem many black people have. We tend be quick to criticize black people who accept all of who they are yet many of us envy their features. It’s one thing for someone to claim mixed heritage and not be and it’s another thing for them to accept their mixed heritage. Why do we have such a problem with that? Most other groups accept their identities.

    • B

      In addition, maybe instead she could have started her answer off by saying, “to be a black girl that rocks means…”

    • gem of new world

      ”We tend be quick to criticize black people who accept all of who they are yet many of us envy their features.” you do?! So you don’t like your ‘black features? Then you got a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP cos you can’t go around thinking this race is better than me or I wish I was mixed with this and that. Speak for yourself many of us don’t envy ‘their’ features we’re comfortable in our black skin and features at least many people I know do

  • Alohilani

    She could be biracial, but she doesn’t have the appearance of a biracial woman.

  • OK. So let me get this straight. Black people are mad when bi-racial people do not identify as being black. White people do not consider bi-racial people as truly white. Then we get mad when a woman is apparently ‘confused’ as to where she fits in? Come on people – give me a break! Keysha was honest with her answer. I am sure she could have given a ‘canned’ response that would have satisfied the masses; but she did not – she gave us a piece of herself. Instead of trying to dog her for her response, maybe we should take this as an opportunity to understand the inner turmoil she experiences daily of not knowing swho she really is. Really! Humans need to learn how to be more humane. Show some compassion for her. Look into her eyes – see her pain and confusion and you will see that the comment did not come from a mean place. It seemed to be from a place of self-discovery.

    • With all do respect, she never hesitated to use Black folk before and yet she hesitates when asked to perform at the event. They were not giving her an award. Eva Longoria was even a presenter. Come on now. Let’s stop the silliness.

  • Michelle

    I agree with trisha b. I belive frankie dosnt even remember keyshias dad she probably dont know who he his. Her dad could be a black man with a light complaction she thinks shes bi-racial bc her skin is bright yellow. besides even if she is biracial she grew up around all blacks how could that come out of her mouth that she didnt wanna do black girls rock. Keyshia cole you need to sit down

  • Rosetta Stone

    ROTFLMFAO. wait so now her crack head mother knows who her father is? Keyshia…im not denying that you biracial however…boo boo no one will be mistaking you for anything else but blk.

  • Kidding Right

    Mrs Cole. Lets do the math.

    1 You cater and make majority of your money off the black community.
    2 You are not even sure who your dad is.
    3 Black Girls Rock is for women of color Alicia Keys does not stop people to say she is mixed.Even Stacy Dash doesn’t bother to explain she is mixed.


    I am mixed with Mexican & Black. I support BLACK Girls Rock and anything surrounding black culture. I never feel the need the need to separate my self from blacks or mexicans. I embrace both because. They make up who I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If someone ask then I will tell them if they dont I dont feel the need to describe or explain

    You are clearly trying to white wash yourself to make such a statement after watching your show how in the hell you gonna make a statement like that and BET is the only station that deals with you.

    At this point I really wish Blacks would just stop supporting her music and say oh you are mixed I support black artist. BET Please tell her she cannot perform on the BET awards or promote her flat voice on BET or 106th and park since she is not black.

  • Kiymama

    Like your song says “girl I’m so over you go get lost”. Like why would even come with that comment?

  • We dont know what happened since that show. How many years was it since that episode where she talked about her father?? She could have found out what races run through her bloodline. With a blood test its not hard to find. Second, if u have atleast 3 generations of family that was in America, you are mixed 9 times outta 10. That’s just straight history right there. If you paid attention in class you would learn that. And its not just blacks, many whites are mixed as well and alot dont even know it. We just know what the dominant race is and we run with it. If she wants to embrace both, that’s her business. She shouldnt only be proud to be black if that isnt all that she is. But I don’t understand why she has such a problem doing the show when she appears mostly black and the black community is the one buying her records and supporting her. Plus the fact that she is atleast half-black, looks black and acts as such, to society she is black, so I dont get the reason for not wanting to do the show..

  • Delana

    So black people still have to live by the “one drop rule” (a rule made up by white racist btw)? And all bi/multiracial people just have be what society says the are? Brande, this fluff piece really shows your ignorance. If bi/multiracial people want to appreciate the whole of who they are, they have every right to do that. Black Americans need to get a damn grip.

    • Rosetta Stone

      I agree. However…since when has Keyshia ever claimed she was biracial? her mother didnt even know who her father was.

    • B

      Amen to that!!!

    • Alexa

      No disrespect, but I think you’re missing the point being conveyed by Brande and some of those commenting. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being biracial and embracing both sides. I think what people have a problem with is keyshia’s skepticism about being apart of BGR when she is ( depending on who you ask ) still 50% black. It’s not like she’s full blown Caucasian and got asked to be apart of black organization, she still has AFRICAN ancestry so what’s with the skepticism ???

      • I don’t think understand Alexa the girl does not know who daddy is. That is why it is such a insult!!! No one is a 100 percent black we are all heinz 57.

        • i am the devil…..ihave come

          the biggest lie white boy ever told you was that the only way a black person can be pretty and lightskinned is if she is mixed, you poor negroes, you need to learn about africa and who our true ancestors were, some of our ancestors were hottentots from south africa, they are lightskinned and are not mixed, every black woman did not get raped during slavery

  • I don’t even understand her point. I guess I missed the episode where she found out who her father is. Anyway, I am disappointed with that comment she made in that she had to “read up on it” first and do her “research” before appearing on the show. Wow! Your husband, child, mother, everyone else is black but I guess you got that “other wine” in you that separate you from us. I’m sorry, I’m just disappointed.

  • Mississippi Librarian

    Just for future reference Keyshia, you don’t have to be a member of a specific race/gender to support projects that promote that particular race/gender. A prime example is the Civil Rights Movement, many whites worked with Blacks to further Civil Rights efforts because it was the right thing to do, not because they themselves were Black. By the by, any person born in the United States of America has a pretty good chance of being mixed somewhere down the line, despite popular beliefs, America is a land of “mutts” there are very few purebred anythings anymore.

  • Forget about her statement. Everything about this young woman screams “hoodrat”. Do celebrities no longer take classes on presentation? Yuck !

  • nursej

    But I’m saying…how does she know?! Her moma is an admitted dope addict who was sleeping with multiple men. Frankie doesn’t know who Keyshia’s daddy is. So how the freak can she claim to be mixed race?! I saw that episode Boo Boo. You tested a black man, while you moma claimed your daddy waa Italian…smdh…cut it out, you know hell well you dont have any Italian features.

    • she can find that out by doing a blood/DNA test. She probably knows and didnt decide to broadcast it

  • “Horse teeth and horse hair makes her half horse.” Too funny!
    Most Blacks in America are bi or tri ethnic. What do some of you want to do, bring back the terms octoroon, quadroon, mulatto, deciroon? But instead of signifying how much Black in you how much you’re not Black?

    Clearly, some of you want to dilute it as much as you can. Ask yourselves why. You can dance all around the mulberry bush all you want – you’re only fooling yourselves.

  • NicPal

    “If you think education is expensive try ignorance” – Derek Bok

  • LOL!!! now she bi racial. When i look at her ,i see a beautiful black woman. But i guess now that she has blown up, she bi racial. Its cool, lol, funny how people put on facades.

  • heyheynow

    lord the comments under this article are hilarious….In the course I’m taking about multiculturalism the one drop rule was invented by white people therefore as blacks we shouldn’t get so upset if someone wishes to identify themselves as keysha cole she doesn’t know her father so I’m not sure how she could make the comment that she didn’t want to particpate in an event geared solely towards black women when that is the only race she knows…she just sounds ignorant but it’s not wrong with someone who knows of their heritage identifying themselves as biracial

  • She doesn’t know what her heritage is. All I know for damn sure is that she is 100% certified crack-baby!

  • IllyPhilly

    Celebs need to say anything for attention.

  • shay

    One of the hosts of that show is clearly bi-racial (Tracy Ellis Ross) and she wasn’t trying to claim not to be Black. Keisha makes her livin’ off of being a ghetto-ass black chic. What’s she talkin’ about.

  • hollyw

    Smh every time I come back to her, she reminds me how ignorant she truly is. The thing is, she said ‘…even though I’m biracial…’ as if the majority of Black society, i.e. Black women AREN’T. What were you, born yesterday???

  • mac

    Alicia Keys looks way more mixed than her, was actually raised by her white side, yet had no qualms about participating.

    And this hoodrat who don’t know her daddy from Adam talkin bout she “biracial”.

    LMAO good day Keyshia.

  • I understand why people are upset but i’m confused. People go out if their way to prove someone isn’t black, when they claim they are. But are now upset someone didn’t claim black at first. I mean pick a side and stick with it.

  • I thought that she didn’t know who her father was, because that mother of hers sure isn’t saying anything. She’s awful quick to jump up and claim a side of her that she has no information about. It’s not a question of not being proud of all aspects of one’s identity. The way in which she responded to the question was rude, and disrespectful to the organization, as well as all of the people in the audience. It’s as if she’s saying “Wellll, I’m not really all Black, so I should be somewhere else, but I’ll oblige you and participate in this little event anyway, and let you all claim e for a few minutes. But remember, I’m mixed.” There are other biracial Black women participating in BGR, but you don’t hear them clarifying that only one half of them is qualified to be there. Last I checked, her fan base is still Black.

  • TK

    Duh, breaking news: A vast majority of Blacks in America aren’t 100% Black (think back to slavery times) but by all standards and reasoning-KC girl you BLACK! Why throw that out there unless you have some self shame lurking around….I smell a new reality show.
    …Keyshia Cole: In search of my daddy….

    • I agree it’s common sense, but some blacks really don’t educate themselves they don’t know this. And if they do the choose to ignore it.

  • ANTMilf

    This reminds me of the movie Imitation Of Life when the black woman’s light-skinned daughter denies her blackness. Keyshia needs to have several seats, she’s black!

  • I am proud of being african-american….I think I would look really ignorant if I went around telling any and everyone that I got Indian and scottish in my family. People see me as a black woman and thats what I am. If I am not mistaken I remember of watching The Ellen Show a few years back and Ellen had Mariah Carey as a guess and Ellen referred to Mariah as a beautiful black woman and Mariah proudly responded. Even though she can pass for caucasian then most biracial celebrities. The moral of it all at the end of it all it be proud of who you are.

  • I think Keyshia just reaching for stuff now….she has never had her life go so well…now she is afraid… so she just saying what ever….embrace ya life Keyshia… love it.

  • Kells

    Honey boo boo child please

  • Solo40

    I just can’t bring myself to like Keyshia even though over the years I’ve honestly tried, she won’t let me. In case she doesn’t know, in these United States, our government says all you need is 1/4 of BLACK blood and your existence in race is BLACK. Stop runnin’ from petty isht!

    • B

      The government also lies, cheats and is not to be trusted. I would take what they say as a grain of salt or I would seek for myself.

      • Solo40

        The government does lie, but DNA does not. It is incapaple and will always bear nothing but truth. Indeed they do lie, cheat, steal, prostitute,
        convict innocent men, inject babies w/ Autism
        and ADHD, let murders of children go free, sell
        and use illegal guns and drugs,let hundreds of BLACK men infected w/ syphillis go untreated for the sake of experimentation, take away medical benefits,snatch votes in presidential elections, I could go on and on but won’t. There’s only so much we can do about these issues which is very little and so, as you stated,we have to take too many things w/ a grain of salt (which puts
        BLACK men in the lead of having
        high blood pressure *smile*) I have expressed all of that to say its true, the government can’t
        be trusted, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t
        matter to them at all. Its definitely important to
        know your heritage and I would strongly
        encourage anyone to find out for themselves
        but even after the insightful answer is revealed, whether you are mixed caucasion, half phillipino, got indian in your family or dark as Tyrese and Djimon Hounsou,to them, the government under which we live, you are BLACK. So many things are much more important than whether Keyshia Cole is BLACK or biracial. Its silly & petty to do an interview on BET which stands for BLACK Entertainment
        Television and be so trivial as to whether or not you should participate in a function called BLACK Girls Rock.

  • joyaliz

    If anything this is proof of the lack of intelligence and knowledge of so many performs that are held in high regard. Does she even understand how ignorant and ill informed she sounds? Her publicist needs to rush her into some sort of civics/social studies class immediately.

  • realadulttalk

    Horse teeth and horse hair makes her half horse…but b/c that’s not a race…I’m confused. Has anyone sent Keyshia the “your mom was a crack wh*re” memo? Not even trying to be funny–your mom doesn’t know who she layed with…no clue…she just knows there were rocks that came from it…and babies eventually. And now I can go back to disliking this girl…and I tried I swear I did.

  • She kinda let me down, maybe she wasn’t ready for the question, but apparently you don’t have to be 100% black to support “Black Girls Rock”. She should of said ” I’m biracial but I embrace my black heritage and people. “I’m proud to be apart of Black Girls Rock”. There are plenty of mixed people with African heritage. At a certain age you should know how to identify yourself (stick with it ) especially when your a celebrity. People will take you more seriously. There is a nothing wrong with being bi-racial, just embrace your heritage, and support people like you .

  • candice fox

    Dear Keyshia,

    You don’t even have enough of a “white” fan base for them to remotely find your participation in Black Girls Rock offensive. Your unrefined speech and mannerisms will never cease to amaze me even if Kingdom Comes!

    • realadulttalk

      She barely has any fanbase. She manages to turn me off every time she opens those horse teeth.

  • dhgwen

    Well, this is one CD that I just changed my mind about buying. Since she seems to be confused about who her fan-base is she won’t get my “all black” money. Sell it to the Miley Cyrus crowd Keyshia, and I hope they’ll help you get a platinum plaque this time around!

  • unrequitedlove

    Keyshia darling with a mother like Frankie in the eyes of the world your about as biracial as Flavor Flav.

  • Lors

    My son is bi-racial and I would be saddened if he felt he had to choose “loyalty” or identify with one side or another as a result of his outward appearance. I am hoping that if she were to clarify her statement, she’d point to trying to be inclusive of who she is. Perhaps, without further clarification, it sounds as though she is trying to set herself apart? I hope that is not the case. On another note, I don’t understand why that would make her tentative in making the decision whether or not to participate. To me, it seemed irrelevant to speak on it. It sounds as though this is something in her life she is working through.

  • Pseudonym

    I think it’s better to allow bi-racial people to define themselves. Who are you to tell someone who you don’t know who they are?

  • this chick don’t even know who her dad is [thanks to her real mama] …..keysha stfu

  • J.

    This was not her first time on Black Girls Rock. I remember her singing Sad And Lonely of all things on a previous show. I’m confused.

  • WTF?! My mother is Black, my father is East Indian, I am from Trinidad. I identify as Black because I am black, but I don’t go running around screaming, I’m mixed ok, mixed, accept me!!!!! Ef’ that! I’m black. Keisha Cole, you are a high hot mess, I never viewed you as bi-racial! These celebrities want to identify with any other race except for their own, Beyonce is Black. How does she know she’s bi-racial if she doesn’t know who her daddy is? Pfft Know thy self, Love thy self!

    • Ditto. East Indian and black decent also. I know my daddy lol. I think by tomorrow with all the backlash some pr statement shall be released. Maybe her mouth was hacked!

      • Jamaican/Grenadian with South Asian and white ancestry. But I am black woman and damn proud of it. Black people have supported everything this child has done. Now she wants to claim some white man that has never done a thing for her in her entire life. That is just sad.

  • Lol- ‘I’m bi-racial’. As ghetto as she is, she needs to stop it. 😀

    • kahlijr

      yeah, she’s ghetto. and yeah, she needs to stop with the bi-racial talk, but one has nothing to do with the other. not sure if u were trying to suggest that she couldn’t be bi-racial cuz she’s ghetto but that’s how it came across. fyi, i can put u in touch with a whole bunch of ghetto mixed girls and ghetto white girls if that is indeed what u meant.

    • Yes dear and you are black the president of the United States is black. Enjoy and be happy!!!

  • OKAY!!! So is Alicia Keys & other artists!!! That’s ur reason 4 why u apprehensive 2 do a show that represents BLACK!!! Last I remember no what other race u mix with if u have
    any BLACK in u…UR BLACK!!!

  • Beejcee

    Alisha Keys, a bi-racial woman, Tracey Ellis Ross, a bi-racial woman had no problem being on/performing for the show. She may need to retract that statement, or at least clarify what she meant because it sound dumb! IJS

    • Beejcee


    • IllyPhilly

      Thank you because I was like, huh WTF is she smokin’ on?

      • Apparently the same ‘ish Frankie was smoking!

    • mac

      thank you.

      How is it we have people like Paula Patton and Mariah Carey, who could pass for white if they so choose, but proudly claim their black heritage;

      And then this fool who probably couldn’t point out Italy on a map actually corrects someone for calling her black.

  • Ms. Bee

    I had a tv show once. My whole Black family was on it. But my dad whom I never met is Asian. I think? Cause he was just a one-night lay. Yeah, I’m biracial. But it’s okay! I’m Black, I’m Black. Yall still love me? Am I still one of yall?

    *pops gum*

  • Trisha_B

    I find it VERY disrespectful for her to say that on BET when they are the ONLY network that supports her. I don’t see her on the grammy’s, AMA’s, she has had 2 shows on BET, they are constantly promoting her albums, but say you had to 2nd guess performing at the Black Girls Rock b/c your biracial? Girl stop!

    • I’m Biracial tho’

      Danm Trisha B you hit the nail on the head. To ‘proudly’ state…hey yall I ain’t all black, you see this baby hair…R-E-A-L!! I ain’t seeing her blowin up on VH!

      • IllyPhilly


    • Na Na

      TRue! She actually stated on the Breakfast Club radio show that she wrote several letters to MTV asking for tickets to their awards and asking why she was never nominated. she said MTV wrote her back and said she was not their type of artist and they would not be sending her any tickets! Lmao….but you’re not black? WTF Kesh….do better.

      • terrinyc29

        I bet that letter started off as, Dear MTV, I’m Keyshia Cole a BIRACIAL R&B singer, I currently have a show on BET………..After googling her to see who the hell she was they were like Thanks, but No Thanks.

    • wepo1

      She is too good for you black women now! She is not checking for your skin color anymore!

      She gonna get her some white friends and biracial women to hang around!

      She wants love from her other side whomever that maybe!

      • terrinyc29

        whatever that maybe

        • wepo1

          Why did you quote me? I don’t understand your!

    • Lauren Love

      You are so right!

  • kb

    truth is we as black folk are to sensitive about people who are half black and want to include the other race in their identity. If your mom is white, are you just going to deny her too? Keisha’s case is a little weird since she culturally black and has no connection to her white side.

    • icthingsclearly

      kb: when a mixed person refers to themselves as black (as I do) they aren’t necessarily denying that white parent. Speaking for myself white folk have never made a distinction between me and any other black woman. I live the black experience. It’s always been my experience that the majority of white folk aren’t checkin’ for anybody else but white folk. No matter how much they claim to be color blind or how cool they appear, eventually something will come up and they will show their true colors (pun intended). I’m old enough to remember a time when mixed people were black and not this long list of nationalities? I guess I missed that memo.. #Blackgirsrock!

  • beautiful mic

    How much did Frankie really know her real father to determine what his real ancestry is/was? Usually, under those circumstances, people don’t know each other very well. So, he may have SAID or LOOKED Italian, but he could have been of that and/or any number of other ancestries.

  • unrequitedlove

    So how about them Knicks………

  • MKayy

    How can you claim to be biracial , but you don’t even know your father? What’s wrong with being black?

    • MLS2698

      Everybody knows ” Sal.” He’s the Italian guy who makes pizza, right? Of course she knows her father! NOT!

      • MKayy

        I’m sick of all these females wanting to be anything but black. She wanna be biracial but her ghetto black family momma and sister tell a whole nother story.

        • MLS2698

          Well, maybe she takes from her father’s side of the family……the non-ghetto side. IDK

          • MKayy

            She don’t even KNOW him Much less his side of the family ! Lol

          • beck0974

            Wasn’t she raised by black people? That other side probably doesn’t even know she exists. Further, what you mean, non ghetto side? If he was laying up with her mama, he sure as hell wasn’t living in the suburbs, as he was probably another crack head.

  • JaneDoe

    I hope this is one of those tales ppl tell on celebs bc if not Keyshia needs to have several seats way in the back. Keyshia needs more ppl especially with her sad album sales. Acting like some pretentious diva is not a good look especially when your album is not selling.

  • alli1234

    Keyshia you don’t know who your father is. Your father is a John. Just because you are light with wavy hair t doesn’t make you mixed. Black people come in many shades with many hair texture. I glad you don’t identify yourself as black because you are an poor example.

    • BAM!

    • APGifts Gifts

      Black-Race people come in ONE shade — Black.
      It is Mixed-Race people that come in all shades.

      • huh?

      • i am the devil…..ihave come

        kill yoself, a huuned times

      • Jessica2248

        Maybe one day we will stop obsessing over who’s what, and just accept people based on their characters and personality. It seems as though we need to be validated through what some other black people think of themselves. Why we are still this way is puzzling.

  • FromUR2UB

    Bi-racial? More like which-racial. Clearly, her father is not black, but based on Frankie’s drug history, I had guessed that she probably didn’t even know the father’s name. I feel pretty sure her other side, whatever it is, never claimed her. More power to her if she feels the need to make that distinction.

    • get real

      “Clearly” her father is not black”? “Clearly”. I know because there’s no light skinned blk people in the world. Keyshia shut your blk behind up.

      • You can tell she isnt 100% black not because she is light but also her features and her hair texture

        • Melyssa

          What features?? YOu mean as in her NOSE JOB and hollywood Smile (Veneers) look at pictures of her back in the day.

          • eric carroll

            if she don’t want to be label black leave it alone let her be cause one day every one will see the truth !

        • allie1234

          What you talking about? I have seen lots of full black people that look like that.

          • eric carroll

            what about native american’s are they consided black to ?

          • eric carroll

            lauren londen from the game is white ,her father is jewish go and do the reserch on her ,faith evans

          • eric carroll

            people you might think their black but are not the skin does not matter bob marley father was a british white man so bob marley is white remember dark genes are dominate

        • realadulttalk

          Looks 100% black to me. What are these features?? The big horse teeth she bought? The fake hair? If anything the chick is half horse.

          • Tolani


          • Penelope

            now that is hilarious.

        • Merissa Alexis

          Unless you can connect your direct roots back to Africa. Who is 100% black?

          • i am the devil…..ihave come

            a whole lotta yall black asses, african americans aint as mixed as you like to sit on your soapboxes and believe

          • i am the devil…..ihave come

            you know what i take that back we are mixed, mixed with different races of black people from africa, thats how we are mixed

            • merissa alexis

              1st of all I’m glad you took that back……”and I ain’t African American My family is from the Caribbean. Speaking of myself I am mixed with Indian, (grandmother) Lebanese, French also the indigenous population of the Caribbean island. i.e. like Cherokee. But as far as I’m concerned I’m black!!!!

        • mac

          wondering how you see her hair texture under that obnoxious weave she always got on.

        • my whole family is light skin wit good hair i came out dark skin wit good hair but we all have the same father so her so called features dont mean her daddy can be black jus have some white wayy down the line kc too crazii 4 this ish wow smh

          • lina

            ‘my whole family is light skin wit good hair i came out dark skin wit good hair” what the heck is good hair? wait straight, wavy hair? Don’t come here criticising keyshia cos the both of you definitely have the same set of mind and think alike when it comes to what’s considered beautiful which of course is the European beauty standard. Well I have kinky/coily/curly hair and to me NOTHING is more beautiful than that. I love how I confuse people by wearing it big, curly Afro and then straight within a week. That diversity makes it the most beautiful and it sure is ‘good hair’

            • Naomi.

              There’s beauty in all hair textures and should embrace what we have.

            • Penelope

              thank you.

          • Naomi.

            Good.. hair..? -.- I find no definition for. Try again.

        • You cannot be serious? The more I read comments on the various blogs, the more I realize that we have a very long way to go.

          Read up on your history. Black people have varied hair textures and features. WE are all racially mixed, especially black people. They have found me have the most varied racial mixtures of all people, which would make sense since all man/womankind came from sub-Saharan Africa.

          • terrinyc29

            Just to clarify our DNA is Diverse. Africans have the most diverse DNA, you said racial mixture, its our DNA that is Diverse. White people can’t have blond hair or blue eyes unless the original people had it.. There are pure Africans with blue eyes, lighter skinned and blond and lighter colored hair. I hate to be a stickler but I just had to clarify.

            Africans have all genes.Like you said all mankind came from Africa, no one can have a Gene unless an African had it first.

        • terrinyc29

          Her features are the main reason why people don’t think she is biracial. She has a prominent jaw and her old nose were black features. Her skin color is light but so is Vanessa Williams and Michael Ealy and their eyes are blue and both are full (2 black parents) black.

        • Thedonjuan

          Because she is light? You’ve never seen a light skin black person before? You need to get out more. You said her hair texture? You mean that perm and dyed blonde hair? Yeah ok

      • FromUR2UB

        Oh, quit being silly. Just look at her next to the other members of her family. There’s not even a familial resemblance. My father came from a large family, and in large black families, you often see the whole color spectrum. But if they have the same parents, you’ll also see some of the same features throughout the family. Keyshia Cole doesn’t even look like her mother.

        • BricCity

          But let’s be fair, when you see her by her family, it’s her siblings, who all have different fathers. However they all look like their mother, even Keyshia. Don’t look at her flamed up, look at her first video. That’s Frankie baby

          • IllyPhilly


          • FromUR2UB

            I don’t doubt that she is Frankie’s child; I just doubt that her father is black. That is all.

            • FromUR, I just shook my head when I read your comment. Keshia looks like so many sisters I see every day with black parents. If you look at the phenotype of many blacks, you’d know that some look “mixed” but aren’t. People like Melyssa Ford, who has a white mother, looks “black.” At least to me she does. It’s hard to tell in this day and age what anyone is.

              What gets me is why so many blacks are obsessed with this, “acknowledgement of everyone’s racial mixtures” when WE hate what we see in the mirror, thus we need to pretend we aren’t black.

              I think many of us are very mentally ill.

              • FromUR2UB

                “People like Melyssa Ford, who has a white mother, looks “black.” ”

                I mentioned something similar to that in one of my other posts, child. You know, some of YOU have such a limited understanding of the world, that you get all bent out of shape and offended when people express opinions contrary to what you want to believe. Based upon what I’ve seen of KC’s family, coupled with what I know of her mother’s personal history, I still think it’s completely plausible that her father is not black. You know biracial people exist, so it’s really silly that saying that she looks biracial would be such a burr up people’s butts. So, if you acknowledge that “many of us are very mentally ill”, then get some help, because it never should have been this serious. My gosh!!

                • terrinyc29

                  I get what you are saying but I think people are having the reaction to your comment is because what I mentioned in my previous response to yours. Of course she can be biracial and if she was I wouldn’t be that put back about it…let say she looked more like Tia or Tamera or even Mariah, then I think everyone would have already said her father was white. But it seems she is going only on skin color and no one can take her mother word because of her past. And like I said before, we all know directly the different complexions that appears in our families without direct mixture is just apart of being a black American, I think that’s us standing up for our own diversity within our Blackness.

            • don’t b ig’nant

              so what! she is black and she should never deny her heritage and by saying that you are black is not denying your next half… u said that you are black cause that’s what u r! ur skin is BLACK!!! a beautiful black woman! nobody cares if you mixed… i’m mixed and i don’t normally say it… y? because NOBODY CARES!!!! i would never deny my father but and at the end of the day i’m black! black is beautiful! she is black! get over yourself Keyshia… com’ on man!

            • terrinyc29

              Light skinned and being a different complexion from your HALF siblings does not mean you’re half black. Her facial features, jaw structure doesn’t look like most biracials to me. I guess what I and a lot of people are debating is that being light skinned and a different hair texture doesn’t mean someone was mixed because we all know that we come in many different colors even when we have the same parents, one child can be chocolate and the other KC’s complexion. And we also know of Biracial people who are browner skinned with kinkier hair, but as i stated before its the bone structure in KC face that doesn’t look like a Alicia Keys or a Paula Patton. Generally a less prominent jaw is in a biracial person and a thinner lip and narrower nose maybe. Not to say that full blacks can’t have a wide range of facial structures. But the structure plus skin and hair are usually a better indicator than just complexion. Not to say that its can’t be true, Faith Evans father is white and even though she is very light I was shocked when I read she was biracial, I was also shocked learning that Halle was biracial…because I know so many people who look similar to those folks and are far from being biracial.

    • Diamondz

      I don’t see facial features that tell me she’s “CLEARLY” not black and you can’t assume that anyway. My son is very light and I’m brown. Someone who I don’t know asked me was he mixed and even told me at first glance (when he was about 6 months) that she tought he was White, but he’s not. His father is light but not mixed. Both my husbands parents are black and I believe some where down the line – like a great grandfather of his is white so most kids in his family came out light. But looking at my son, you might “ASSUME” one of his parents is White but that’s not the case.

      • FromUR2UB

        Go do a little reading about genetics, and then come back with that argument. People look like their lineage. Whatever is there, is going to show up in the bloodline, sooner or later, which explains your son’s light skin, and his father’s light skin. But, I seriously doubt that if you had a child with a man darker than yourself, the result would have been the same. Genetics are not that random.

        • Diamondz

          I guess you didn’t read my whole post because I explained the lineage. Ok, the point is neither of us are WHITE yes there is white in the lineage, but neither of us is full blown White. Yes, the lighter skin comes from white somewhere down the line. Doesn’t take a lot of research to know that. That’s pretty much common knowledge. But my son is not going to go around telling people “I’m Biracial” just because he’s light skinned and has a great great grand parent down the line that is White. And actually I have seen people who were both dark that had light skinned babies. Point is you don’t have to have one Caucasian parent and one Black to come out light.

          • FromUR2UB

            Right. Show me two pink-skinned white people who have a biological child who looks black. Look, you and someone else are the ones who read “light skin” in my original statement, though it’s wasn’t there. My ex-husband’s mother and her family were white-looking – I mean, the color of paper, white-looking – straight-haired black people. His mother and most of his aunts married black men, a couple of them were dark-skinned men. Most of their offspring were darker than their mothers, but lighter than their fathers. Their white lineage is visible in them, but they still look like they have two black parents. I’ve seen biracial people who merely look like light-skinned black people. Examples: Our president, the comedians Key and Peele. Lenny Kravitz. If Key and Peele hadn’t said so, I wouldn’t have known. But, Keyshia Cole does not look like she has two black parents to me. If I’d never seen her mother and other members of her family, I could not have come to that conclusion. I don’t understand why that’s such an issue for some of you.

            • Wow she looks black too me. My daughters have two black parents and fair skin with a different texture of hair but they are black. Keyshia looks definately black too me. What Keyshaia are we talking about!!!

            • keco

              i heard an interview with keyshia’s mother Frankie. and she said that keyshia’s father was one of customers (john/trick, Frankie was a crack prostitute), an italian man that was very nice to her.

          • terrinyc29

            No, That’s not always the case.
            Africans are the most diverse race. There are Africans who are light with different hair textures and they have no mix with whites, some have never seen white in their villages and they are fairer skinned. Light skinned can’t always be attributed to white people in the broader context of Africans but as far as AA’s go then generally that is the case because of slavery, but knowing how diverse our African genes our you never know.

        • terrinyc29

          It sound like you are saying there is no way that Frankie, KC’s mother doesn’t have white in her fam…or a possible black father couldn’t have white lineage. We all do, no matter how dark we are how kinky are hair is most black Americans have a white Great Great Great Grandfather somewhere down the line.

          I saw on a show that traced Emmit Smith Family and the white Genealogist after she told him he was about 80% African she said his was one of the highest percentages of African for a AA she’s found and she one of the pioneers of that field. I know there are people who would be shocked to look at Emmit Smith and know he was 20% European.

    • realadulttalk

      I need you to explain the clearness of her father not being black.

      • FromUR2UB

        What you need is to read up on genetics. Her father is not black, because Frankie’s other children with a black man, look black. Geesh, this is basic stuff.

        • realadulttalk

          Since you call yourself being smart..Frankie was a crackhead. Nobody knows who her father is and perhaps you should read up dummy since you are the only one who CLEARLY sees something other than black. Nothing worse than an idiot trying to be smart…you always fail. Like you just did.

          • Diamondz

            I’m the dummy but you’re the one being childish and calling names. And I’m not denying that she’s mixed. She just might be I really don’t care if she is or not. My point is simply that light doesn’t = mixed. And no I’m not the only one that sees something other than white cause I’m not the only one that disagreed with you.

            • realadulttalk

              I’m like 98% sure you responded to the wrong person.

          • FromUR2UB

            Listen idiot, the fact that she was or is a crackhead, is exactly why I think her father might not be black. This issue is waaaay too personal for you.

            • Wow when you are on crack you will trick with anyone. Most likely her father still can be black fair skin. Keyshia does not look what you call mixed.

              • FromUR2UB

                This will be my last response on this topic. Keyshia Cole looks biracial, TO ME. That’s my observation, and I stand by it. If she looks like the product of two black parents to you, then that’s your observation and you’re free to see it differently. If a thousand more of you tell me that she doesn’t look biracial, that is fine, but it won’t influence what I see.

                • beck0974

                  Is that before or after her nose job?

        • Diamondz

          Did you ever consider that her other children have a different father and that’s why. Maybe Keyshia has a light skinned Black father and the others don’t. My son is the spitting image of his dad. I could have another child that comes out and looks just like me and doesn’t look like his siblings as much. Does that mean that the light one has a white father? You might want to consider a little research on biology yourself.

          • FromUR2UB

            Uh…yeah. Her other children have black fathers.

        • shay

          Actually, she looks black!!!! She has black features. There is nothing about her that says bi-racial anything. Not every black person has dark skin, a big nose and coarse hair. Call a spade a spade. She’s just tryin’ to be something she’s not. Don’t all her mom’s kids have different daddys? She just looks like her’s might have been a light skin man. Could have been darked too. It happens.

          • FromUR2UB

            Gaaaaah!!! SHE DOESN’T LOOK BLACK LIKE THE OTHER MEMBERS OF HER FAMILY. I guess people are so used these days to siblings who don’t look alike because they have different parents, that they d

            • terrinyc29

              I can see her being half latino before white. its not far fetched but two brown people can make a light baby.

            • Fleurdunil

              Go back to biology class-ASAP! Your appearance does not reflect everything that is in your DNA. The perfect example is Don Cheadle and Russ Parr. One light with light eyes and one dark with dark eyes, Herny Gates tested their DNA for African American lives and Russ Parr has only 30% European DNA-although he looks like a guy with much more European mixture and Don Cheadle has 25% even though he looks like he has none. The way someone looks isn’t always the best prediction of how their children will turn out. Thank you!

            • Lovely_SimSim

              I know this is an old comment, but you have got to be one of the hugest dumbasses that I HAVE EVER read something from. Frankie could very well have white ancestry, but why is it even that important? I’ve known women who were the color of Kelly Rowland with white mothers, some people would assume they knew their race based on their skin and or features, but NO. They (usually people like you) were wrong 99% of the time, because of their extremely ignorant views and ideology of race. People who are unable to have logical conversations should avoid the topics like a plague.

              • FromUR2UB

                If I’m a dumbass,then you’ve demonstrated that people are adept at identifying their own kind. You’re probably also ugly on the outside as well as inside, because people who give themselves such names as “Lovely…” are using overcompensating. Take your own advice: “people who are unable to have logical conversations should avoid them like the plague.” Now, pull your head out of your butt, and find something to do, because as you correctly noted, this is old.

                • Lovely_SimSim

                  Lmfao, you don’t know why “Lovely” is in my name (fyi, it has nothing to do with me or appearance), so don’t make assumptions. If you felt that my comment to you should not have been made, then you should have done what any other sensible person would have done, and not have bothered responding.

                  • FromUR2UB

                    Shutup, Dumbasshole…with nothing better to do than harrass people. What do you know about what sensible people would do? You certainly aren’t one.

                    • Lovely_SimSim

                      I’m not harassing. You’re choosing to keep this conversation going, next time you try to insult me or anyone: PLEASE work on your comebacks rather than piss poor name calling and poor spelling. Thanks. 🙂

                    • FromUR2UB

                      Going forward, your responses are going straight where they belong: the trash.

              • FromUR2UB

                If I’m a dumbass,then you’ve demonstrated that people are adept at identifying their own kind. You’re probably also ugly on the outside as well as inside, because people who give themselves such names as “Lovely…” are using overcompensating. Take your own advice: “people who are unable to have logical conversations should avoid them like the plague.” Now, pull your head out of your butt, and find something to do, because as you correctly noted, this is old.

          • wepo1

            She went team biracial on black women!

            • terrinyc29

              “On black women”. On black people in general, why are black men trying to play that biracial women vs black women game, its for their own benefit, seems like black men have issues against lighter skinned black men these days, always have to call them “pretty” or down play their manhood. Its funny how biracial women tend to be more comfortable with their black than biracial men, most biracial women I come across are blacker in mind than others. We all sistas to me…stop trying to pit sista against sista.

              • wepo1

                Oh no monkeybooboo! Black men don’t buy her music or go see her only black women do, because they love claiming people that are way to beautiful to be black women!

        • terrinyc29

          Basically what you are saying is Black is one look, People who look like Frankie’s other children. That’s the one look of Black for you…that counts a good portion of us out.
          Black is diverse. Vanessa Williams, Nicole Ari Parker are they both biracial because they don’t look like Frankie’s kids, neither one of them are biracial, Vanessa and her Brother are fairer skinned than their parents.

        • Fleurdunil

          No, you need to read up on genetics! Keisha could even possibly be 100% black not a drop of admixture (not likely as most blacks in the US have some mixture) and just have had genes that made her skin lighter and her hair texture different and have the exact same daddy as Neffie for example. By the way there are plenty of people in Africa (Cameroon, Guinea, etc.) that are Keyshia’s color that aren’t mixed. There are children born every day who look nothing like their two parents. And I don’t see anything about Keyshia’s very west-African features that looks mixed to me.

  • mdoubs

    Who’s her daddy again…?

  • NikkiandTheCity

    That was so unnecessary for her to say… I don’t know, maybe she’s connected with her Italian heritage. Maybe?

    • Trisha_B

      Keyshia doesn’t know who her father is. When she had her show w/ her mother & family, a black man came out & said he was the father. Frankie said she don’t remember sleeping w/ that man, but know Keyshia’s father is Italian. They did a DNA test, & the man wasn’t her father & Keyshia said she wasn’t going to search for her father. Keyshia doesn’t know her father’s side/heritage so it’s a lil weird she’s claiming something she’s not a 100% sure about…yall know some black people love claiming they got something else in them, You can’t call Beyonce black, the girl is Creole! lmao

      • Jasmine

        Creole=Black + French Nothing more, nothing less. Creole’s in Louisiana claim their blackness and the women love dark complexion men. People need to stop the nonsense. My daughter is constantly asked about what ethnic group she belongs; however, we are both black. There are numerous white great, great-great, great-great-great grandparents that are white but nevertheless I am a proud to be an American of African descent living in America. I can’t go back and claim every mixture of my family tree; therefore, I claim the most dominant.

        My daughter has four children, same father, different hues, hair texture and eye color. And? They are black. Again the grandmother was biracial, as was the great-grandmother on the paternal side. In the end does it matter. The question is, Why would Keisha feel she could not participate in a program empowering young women no what the ethnic identity is.

        • eric carroll

          it comes from.the father the seed (sprem)

      • eric carroll

        Let them claim it but the only one really knows is the most high he know who is who!

    • Thedonjuan

      Yeah right the only thing she know about Italian heritage is a slice of pizza at the pizza store. She’s not even certain who her father was so she doesn’t know what race he is.


    Does hoodratism have a race?!?

    • k

      too funny love it!!! lol

    • lololol

    • Love it!

    • Gigi

      Yes, I call them hoodites. All skin colors included. Therefore, it covers so-called ghetto people, white trash and those from the barrio as well.

      • terrinyc29

        I guess that makes me an ant-hoodite