We Get On Their Nerves Too! 10 Things Your Stylist Isn’t Telling You

November 21, 2012  |  
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When my hairstylist posted a status the other day that read “I hate Tara hair”, I just knew there had to be a number of other offenses that we clients commit when it comes to getting our hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.  With the help of my stylist, Ramika of Shear Ingenuity Hair Salon in Philadelphia, here are 10 minor annoyances that hair stylists feel makes their job just a tad bit more difficult:

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They hate “Tara hair.”

Well, at least my stylist isn’t the biggest fan.  “It curls up when glue is applied and it’s hard for stylist to control.  Some people don’t even want it styled, they just want it put in.”  I could never get into Tara hair; it doesn’t even look pretty in the pack to me.  To each her own, just be aware of the project you’re signing your stylist up for when you purchase these short strands.

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They know when you lie about processing your hair at home.

Maybe it’s dramatic but it’s similar to telling your doctor that you only have one glass of wine a month when you know you get it popping with a bottle of Yellowtail every single weekend.  Lying to your stylist about processing your hair doesn’t give them an honest picture about what they’re working with and you’re only hurting yourself.  Ramika advises, “When a client lies about perming or coloring but wants color, it (the hair) won’t lighten to the color you want it to leaving your roots lighter than the ends.”

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Leave the cheap hair for home-styled ponytails.

“A $12 pack of weave is a waste of my time and theirs.”  If you’re buying your hair in the discount bin at your local beauty supply this weekend, don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to keep it in for two months.  Why spend money on an expensive sew-in when you’re getting hair that frizzes when you even think of a paddle brush?  It doesn’t have to be specially ordered boutique hair; BSS hair works as long as you are willing to spend a little money.  If no one has to go behind the counter to pull your packs down, you probably aren’t spending enough.

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Stay still and stop constantly trying to look in the mirror while they’re working.

I usually try to sneak a peek while Ramika uses the bathroom or excuses herself to answer her phone, because I don’t want her scissors to slip and have my head looking like a Cassie Cabbage Patch doll because I couldn’t sit still.  Using your cell phone and other repeated sudden movements are distracting and make your hairdresser’s job harder.

Stop blaming us for your past stylist’s shortcomings.

“I hate when clients try to tell the stylist what tools to use based on poor experiences they’ve had in the past.  All stylists are not alike and they all don’t use cheap tools.”  Just because you’ve had an unpleasant experience in the past doesn’t mean all hairdressers use the same technique or tools.

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Your beauty buyer’s remorse has a statute of limitations.

Ramika notes that there’s always a client who says they love the hairstyle and then a few days later calls to say they don’t really like it.  Express your concerns on the spot so your hairdresser can fix it immediately.  You can’t go home trying to glue down tracks yourself only to end up with a matted mess in the middle of your head and then expect to get it fixed for free days later.

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If you’re the hair expert, why are you here?

“Clients will often bring their own products and say that’s the only thing that works on their hair and not be open to trying anything new even though the stylist knows that product is a mess.”  You’re seeing a trained professional for a reason; stop thinking that because you spent a few hours on the Latisha’s “LongHurrDon’tCurr” Youtube channel that you are a haircare expert.


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And why exactly are you putting in a full relaxer before a sew-in?

I made this mistake before my very first sew-in, but thankfully it wasn’t permed to the point of bone straight perfection.  Look, I was fresh out of braids that I had in for years and my hair was extra natural.  I was worried I might fracture my stylist’s fingers.   Sew-in weaves work best on hair that has a coarse texture.  If the hair is too straight the track will slip right off.


Have respect for our time as well as our clients’.

Your stylist deserves just as much respect as your doctor or dentist.  Give them some notice if you know you’ll have to miss an appointment, and make an effort to not arrive hours late.  When you’re late it affects the time they are able to give to other clients and may have them working on your hair long after closing.  Oh and a personal annoyance to me:  Understand that when it comes to doctor and hair appointments, they will more than likely take up most of your day.  No one needs to hear you impatiently huffing and puffing and turning the pages of Ebony like you don’t have sense because you have things to do.  Guess what?  We all do.  If it’s that deep, get yourself a drawstring pony and keep it moving.

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Flip-flopping about what you want done to your hair is a major no-no.

You made an appointment for a wash and curl but while sitting waiting you come across a pic of Rihanna in a fire-engine red afro that you just have to have before you lose the nerve.   The problem is your stylist has you scheduled in for a two-hour style and now you want one that will take twice that.  It’s not fair to your stylist or her other clients.  “Normally in that situation I tell them I can get started, but I can work on them in between clients.”

Your turn:  What are some annoying behaviors you’ve noticed in your hair salon?

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