We Get On Their Nerves Too! 10 Things Your Stylist Isn’t Telling You

November 21, 2012 ‐ By Toya Sharee

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When my hairstylist posted a status the other day that read “I hate Tara hair”, I just knew there had to be a number of other offenses that we clients commit when it comes to getting our hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.  With the help of my stylist, Ramika of Shear Ingenuity Hair Salon in Philadelphia, here are 10 minor annoyances that hair stylists feel makes their job just a tad bit more difficult:

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  • Is that is right?

  • CoiledUp

    As a former Stylist, I find it ironic how.. nevermind. I won’t throw fuel into the fire. Needless to say, not all Stylists are created equal. Respect those who don’t prove the stereotypes to be true and more times than not your service, time, and your hair experience will prove to be much better than you expect!

    • I don’t think anyone hear painted ALL stylists with one brush. I think everyone here is speaking from their own experience, rather than bashing all stylists. In fact, in my post; I especially made sure to mention that not all are a problem.

  • UmmYeahOK

    Ummm NO…doctor’s and hair appointments SHOULDN’T take up MOST of your day. If they do, you’re going to the wrong person. My stylist prides herself on having a system in place so that you are not in that salon any longer than necessary. My touch-up, wash, deep conditioner and style are never more than 2.5 hours; that’s an appropriate time for what I have done.

  • Nope.

    My doctors appointments don’t take hours, but maybe it’s just me. Either way, I retired from going to the salon a long time ago and I don’t plan on going back.

    • I wish I could, but it just doesn’t look the same; and I’m pretty good at doing my hair at home.

  • Meelah

    My pet peeve is stylists who overbook and try to do 3-4-5 different heads at once. I actually had a stylist once who I referred half my family and friends to and a 2-3 hour trip in the beginning turned into a 6-8 hour trip because I would see her booking all of my people on top of me. I would end up under the dryer for hours while she washed and flat ironed other people.

    My other issue and this isn’t really a peeve but a response to the idea that the Beautician always knows best. Some of us are old enough to know what our hair will and won’t do. I used to assume that a beautician could look at my hair and tell what products and tools were best. I’ve come to realize that roller-sets don’t work well in my hair. My hair is too long and when it dries in the rolls it doesn’t get straight so it never looks right. It always looks big and frizzy. I’ve learned to tell stylists who mention it that it never works and after letting 5 or 6 play around in my head I no longer have time to allow them to test it out and see what might happen. I would hope my suggestion away from a roller-set wouldn’t come off as offensive.

    • I would thumb this up a million times, if I could. Every stylist I’ve ever been to in my 29 years of life has no idea how to book clients. Let you be 15 min late (even when you call to let them know), they have you waiting forever; but let you come on time and they have you waiting 2-3 hrs before they start. They won’t even give a discount, and some won’t even apologize for the delay. I know not every stylist does this, but way too many overbook. I’m convinced that some beauty schools only teach about being a hairstylist, and NOT about being a business-person. That’s not good business. I know some would say just find someone else, but it is not easy finding a good stylist.

      • customcalendars4u2

        It isn’t easy as you said finding the right stylist,because for some reason they all act as if they are doing you the favor, but my philosophy is if you make me wait hours for service,put products in my hair I ask you not to,or charge me a arm and a leg for extra services such as a simple trim; don’t worry about apologizing, because you will NEVER see me in your chair again.There is a beauty shop on every corner!

        • You are so right. They act as if they are doing you a favor. Last time I checked, if it’s not free; it’s not a favor. That’s why I have reduced how much I go. I go for chemical services, and that’s it. I’ve even learned how to trim, myself.

  • xxdiscoxxheaven

    A pet peeve of mine, stylists who lie about their abilities! Don’t like and say you know how to do an invisible part if you can’t. Then I’m left all jacked up for a month!

  • I can understand that some of these would be annoying, but why is it an issue about the customer providing tips about their own hair or products they would like used on their hair? Or saying that if you do the aforementioned things, that you are making your new stylist pay for the old stylist’s mistakes? A professional may have the trained knowledge, but everyone knows everything does not work for everyone. No one knows your hair like you do. I trust my stylist, but I also know that no one will care for the health of my hair the way I will. I go there because my stylist can get what I want done in a faster time than I can, but that doesn’t mean I will sit in the chair and just cross my fingers. And why can’t you take a look at your hair before you’re done? I’ve made the mistake of not doing that, and was very sorry.

  • Rita

    What’s a good hair salon in NYC that does a good press and flat iron? By press, I mean pressing comb, not a blown out “press.”

    • Meelah

      You mean literally a pressing comb? Most people use flat irons these days.

      • Rita

        Yes, a pressing comb. I recently located to NYC and I am having trouble finding someone who uses both.

      • Rita

        Yes, a pressing comb. I recently located to NYC and I am having trouble finding someone who uses both.

  • kierah

    Honey please, my hair appointments do NOT take most of my day. If that happens at your salon, leave! There are salons where your time will be respected.

    • Yes there are. If you are in the Memphis, TN area, please don’t hesitate to search for me, Sherbert Ratliff. I will definitely listen to your concerns and respect your time.

  • KJ23

    I once called a salon to get my natural hair straightened. I told the stylist I had a lot of hair and it was really thick and for me, washing and straightening it was a 4 hour job. She blew me off and told me that she’s really quick and it’ll only take her 45 minutes to do my entire head. When she got started on my hair she kept on complaining about how much hair I had, and how I should have warned her about all of my hair. 4 hours later I came out with a nice hair style, but that experience. SMH

    • Meelah

      She was just thinking about the money…until she put her hands in your head.

  • Nikki

    I’ve learned to get there early. If I’m going during the week, it’s in the early afternoon before everyone else. If it’s on a weekend, I want that 7am appointment.

  • Atl

    I go to Derek J in Atl
    He’s pretty cool about most stuff

  • sabrina

    I’m sure stylists hate when you do have in that cheaper weave and you wanna do a wash and set and while shampooing, they have to comb/brush out all the tangles that accumulated. They gotta hate that! I was so ashamed that one time — I vowed never to buy $30 hair again! LOL

  • Teri

    I go to a salon in Philly and my stylist says the same thing. When she does specials Tara hair is always the exception lol

  • I haven’t been to the salon in YEARS (trying this natural thing… pray for me, ya’ll!) but I know they also hate when you come in expecting to get something done to your head, and you ain’t had no relaxer in what looks like FOREVER!