Please Keep It On The Low: PDA, TMI, and Other Annoying Couple Behavior That Needs To Stop

October 23, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
"Couple feeding each other pf"

I’m not the Grinch who stole Valentine’s Day. I respect a couple with a healthy dose of self-confidence in their relationship that allows them to show affection in public. That being said, when a couple crosses the line, then the rest of the world feels either completely left out, or like they are intruding. When all they were trying to do was buy milk. Love birds, this PDA needs to stop.

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  • hattrick3

    I understand posting every little thing about your relationship on Facebook is tacky but I like seeing some of my gfs get surprise flowers from their bfs or fiancées or hubbys…it makes me happy that they are happy- this author sounds so pathetic and bitter it’s actually sort of sad.

  • as a child,i witnessed a hetero couple gettn’ down in a very public,populated park. the man sat on the stone bench while the woman sat on his lap: they were ugly as heck,slobbering over each other’s face. a relative swore that they were having intercourse. i now know that they’re called exhibitionists. anyways,i like respectful displays of affection in public. if you’re not french kissing,groping,and dry-humping each other then i have no problems.

  • Wow

    Number 16, stop reminding those who aren’t in relationships that they are miserable and probably need to get a man or a massage.

    Can folk be in love or lust if they want to? Better than fighting, arguing, or tearing each other down.

  • Lovey89

    OMG! Somebody sounds extremely miserable and bitter. Why would they even post this

  • I think some of these topics you pick show insecurities in an individual.

    • supafabs

      I agree. The ones about “not fighting”, third person & baby talk ring true. But I only feel annoyed by PDA and most of the other things on this list when I am single. Lol

  • Fast Reader

    MN: I am more likely to read the entire article if I don’t have to click through 15+ times. An option to read as a single page would be great. If not, how about limiting the articles to 2-3 pages?
    I understand the concept of pagination and selling ads, but I believe this is detracting from the quality of the website and great articles within.

    • diggy.p

      Ummm. I agree with this! And the amount of “console errors” is insane! My boyfriend is a developer and when I was looking at this page on his work iPad more than 50 errors came up! Really MN!? You need to get some better developers to work on that coding.

    • Native_Noir


    • Wild Goose 83

      Amen. One major site requires me to log in again, though “remember me” is enabled, to read each page of long articles, making it practically impossible to save a good copy for personal use which is legal, and it just takes too much time, effort, and aggravation even if I have a particular interst in the subject matter.

  • AnnT

    Is this a reflection of the writer’s personal views?
    If it is, she sounds like a Miserable Debbie Downer Eeyore. Maybe she’d be happier sitting in a windowless room with no human interaction at all. :0/

  • aj2688

    Sounds like someone should drink idgaf juice bc everything about relationships bother u