Thirsty Much? Bathroom Sink Photos & Other Sexually-Charged Cries For Attention

July 20, 2012 ‐ By La Truly

The line for this particular train is crowding the platform, thousands of females waiting to board with ticket and camera in hand. You know what I’m referring to, yes? The Great Thirst Trap Train. You’ve seen them: the self-shot camera pics of females everywhere from as young as 14 to only God knows how old seated not-so-comfortably on the edge of the bathroom sink, a trick used to make their rear end look even a fraction of a cheek larger. Or how about the back shot photos taken in elongated mirrors, their bodies contorted to get the exact angle at which their hips, booty and legs look most poppin’?

Throw in an outfit made of nothing but bra and panties (or now more frequently, no clothes at all) and photo captions/song lyrics like, “Body like heaven,” and you’ve got the perfect example of a tried and true thirst trap. A thirst trap is a photograph, status, tweet or the like that aims to entice men and result in compliments galore.  I’ve found that it’s a sexually-motivated social networking tactic that attention-starved young ladies use to boost their self-esteem. Then, once men begin to respond sexually to your photos, they are deemed the “thirsty” ones, “pressed” or overly eager.

Let’s take a step further into this craziness, shall we? I’ve seen girls post statuses (under the guise of “Facebook After Dark”… REALLY?) about how they “like to ride it backwards.” Then, they follow the subsequent drive-by of likes and downright illicit sexual questions posed by horny young men with LOLs, <3s and smiley faces. But if the same young men begin to blow up their inbox, they are now considered “thirsty” and need to chill. And while some men take disrespect to a whole other level – which is NOT okay any way you slice it – this whole phenomenon still blows my ever-loving mind sometimes. Where do we draw a line for ourselves as women? Especially since I’ve seen all sorts of casually sexual behavior stem from these kinds of interactions.

With the growing number of x-rated photos (and videos) girls as young as 14 and 15 are tweeting, posting on Facebook and Instagraming – I’m wondering where (if anyplace) we’ll start setting boundaries for ourselves? Are we going to keep pushing the envelope for the thrill of seeing that little red Facebook notification seconds after we post a bra-busting photo?

I’ve gone weeks with less than five Facebook notifications, informing me that some guy has ‘liked’ my photo. When I was but a wee college freshman  it used to bug me because I saw all the “sexier” girls getting so much attention. My self-esteem was outwardly validated then, so I would wear a shorter skirt and arch my back like an alley cat. That got old really quickly when I realized the kind of attention I was drawing. And not all attention is good attention. Forget what you’ve heard. Learning how to be comfortable in my own skin (and a full set of clothing) gave me confidence, so no matter how many Instagram/Facebook likes I may or may not get, baby I’m good. And honestly, a confident woman in a jumpsuit in her wall photo can be more attractive than a broken woman in a brassiere any day of the week.

There is room to love your body without advertising your goodies. And when you really think about it, why would you want to give away full view of your “assets” to a bunch of men who’ve done nothing to deserve even a peek, let alone the full Maxim spread (and I do mean “spread”) that so many females plaster across the Internet?

Your worth isn’t wrapped up in social networking notifications. It’s in how you view, carry and love yourself. We each set the tone for how we are ultimately viewed and treated both on and offline. So let’s button one more button and think twice about our destination before paying our fare to board The Great Thirst Trap Train.

La Truly is a late-blooming Aries whose writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome and fear can cast its crown before courage. Armed with the ability to purposefully poke fun at herself and a passion for young women’s empowerment, La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change through her writing. Check out her thoughts/jokes/rants on Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly.   

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  • ExPrudo

    All women are pschologically vain. The internet social media allows them to do it with a certain degree of safety. All (yes all normal women) of them will liked to be looked at and enjoyed to various degrees, the most private being their sexual partners. Don’t agree…Go take a camera and shoot your partner starting from semi nudes. Delete it all in their presence and up the tempo next time….see where you will get to…….I was very very surpised.


    LOVE those bathroom cell phone pics. Can’t get any more real than that!


    Ugh. Girls disgust me

  • HeyYall

    And lets not forget the thirsty men that comment on thirsty women’s pics. Major turn off!

  • Kristina Tramel

    Not to mention if you don’t choose carefully who see those type of pictures they could end up on websites you don’t want to see your picture on.

  • Sarah Ellefson

    These ladies need to know the WE have the goods! We don’t need to be trying to impress these men! It is not an accomplishment to cause a boner – its not you, its his hormones and could have happened for anyone. I know I got the goods, so YOU need to drop it low, not me!

    • nia


      • Sarah Ellefson

        Simply & cleanly put, these ladies need to be self assured and stop trying to prove anything – we hold the real power & they’re selling themselves short.

  • cleojonesin

    If they are cries for attention, then why aren’t we doing anything about it? if you have a young cousin or friend who does this, tell them they are beautiful and don’t need to objectify themselves in such a way to get attention from men. Don’t judge them because they have low self-esteem, help them feel validated. Us women need to stick together.

  • angelfaceash1234

    ughhhhh If only my homegirl would see this article……….smdh amen(meek mill’s voice)

  • MsSunshyne77

    What about D!CK PICS? This article is true. There are a lot of women doing this. But let’s for a second talk about what men do as well. I have met men out and on social networks, and I promise you, I get texts instead of phone calls after exchanging numbers and the first text is almost ALWAYS “Send me a pic” followed by picture mail from them. 99% of the time, the pic is of their most prized possession, which totally irks the ish out of me! Did I ask for a d!ck pic? What part of my convo led you to believe I was into that? Then I’m like, “Am I wrong? Is this normal?” Sometimes I play along and say after I open it, “Okay that’s cool but I need a size reference, put something next to it, even a fork, so I know what you really working with.” Then they want to act all strange and text me back like “Huh?” LMAO!!

    • Kay

      Preach!!! The unsolicited di*k pic irks me to no end!!

  • HisGirl

    You can easily hit the fb share button to post so all your friends and family can see it!

  • B

    No wonder so many men consider certain women as such to be nothing more than brainless bodies. What kind of respect can you expect? It is fair to say none or next to none.

  • PoetDiva

    You are so right. Sometimes I want to go Madea when I’m browsing facebook and a picture of a vagina is starring at me. Yours is ugly, mine is ugly and I just don’t want to see it. Save something for the imagination please.

  • G-mom

    It always seems like the real butt ugly girls do this. It’s skanky and gross.

  • Asheera

    Amen! Amen! AMEN!!!

  • Digusted!

    I see mother’s with teenager daughter’s doing it and feel bad for the kids b/c they have no examples or role models on how to be a self-respecting lady. Then they get mad when you call them out on it. “I”m grown”, yeah and you are ratchet!

  • FattyFatKimye

    I see it more on Facebook from my friends, it’s more attention seeking and no one cares about your hot body! Want to show it off, go to a photoshoot studio instead of your bathroom with the Hello Kitty shower curtains or your messy bedroom, especially when I see a s3x toy and your kids in the background.

    • Aja

      A sex toy and their kids in the background that is plain tacky.. where is the Dept of Social Services/ Child Welfare that is tacky.


    Word! i have acces to my 19 year old male cousin’s facebook (he gave me his p/word) and the photos his female friends post are shocking and alarming more so since they are in his age group and younger sometimes the comments are even more explicit than the photos themselves and the boys keep encouraging the girls to “take it all of” and post a pic really sad

  • Ashley

    I call it PTD…. Pervasive Thirst Disorder. It has to stop now people! All attention is not good attention

  • realadulttalk

    Good article!! I am so tired of seeing these pics…more tired of trifling men liking them.

  • Yvette

    This article needs to become required reading for all classrooms across america!!! Well done!

  • Sailor Moon

    this needs to be circulated all over the media.

  • MDF

    Well Said!!! Great article!!

  • IllyPhilly

    I’ve said this a thousand times!!! Nice one!

  • amansview

    This article is excellent. I hope that many take the author’s words seriously.

  • KJ23

    I wish my cousin, with her wide array of boob and butt cheeks Facebook photos could read this.

    • Alexis Morris

      yes. I am so tired of seeing MY COUSINS butts in underwear perched up on bathroom furniture and their boobs spilling out of bras and stuff.

      • NaomiH

        I know what you mean my cousins does it too young as hell and her boobs look like she has 4 elbows i’m like put on some clothes.

      • abrutha

        a joke – send me her page – i will tell her :)

  • Ashley

    couldn’t have said that any better

  • Courtney


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