Where Are They Now? Talented R&B Divas Who’ve Gone MIA Over the Years

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It’s tough in this R&B game. If you’re not stripping to your knickers or dipping it low and picking it up slow like Christina Milian said to do (and you see how far that got her), *sucks teeth* it’s hard to get your just dues. Sex sells and real talent sometimes struggles to keep the buying public’s attention. Just look at the following ladies. Being as nosey as we are, we decided to go looking for some recent R&B divas who made a mark and then slowly but surely became hard to find. I’m sure you were wondering too, don’t front!

Per the usual, be ready to click. This slideshow isn’t for the faint at heart or the whiney. Just saying. Thanks!

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Blu Cantrell

If you listened to the advice of Blu Cantrell back when she dropped “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)” back in 2001, when your man wanted to get “buckwild” you needed to stick it to him via his pockets. That little random piece of advice had women everywhere blasting her jam out of their cars. But after dropping that single and the album So Blu in 2001, and Bittersweet in 2003 (which produced the Sean Paul-assisted “Breathe”), Blu Cantrell went MIA.

Or did she? After the fact, a few years later Cantrell was trying her hand at acting, appearing in the stage play Gossip, Lies and Secrets, and even did the usual stint on reality TV by showing up on the NBC program, “Celebrity Circus.” And yes, the show was about exactly what you’re thinking. But allegedly, Cantrell is leaving all that behind to get back to singing, and is in the studio with producer DeShawn Hendrickson, now prepping for a comeback. Will she be well received? Only time will tell.

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  • biglittlemason3

    In the realm of Shanice, Tracy “Tender Kisses” Spencer was another young starlet teetering on success and she too disapperared into thin air…..I really adored her.

  • lala

    Lumidee couldn’t sing -_- that song was just catchy at the time smh lol and angie stone was awesome

  • Laura Carter

    I LOVE Vivian Green!!!! Why is Angie Stone on this list?

  • The Truth

    There is no way they will be able to cast Blu Cantrell. She is a broke, junkie heroin addict, and has not even a place to live. She lives in someone else’s house, that is until she gets evicted. She spends her entire disability (for being crazy) on heroin and begs everyone for money. Good luck filming that train wreck

    • biglittlemason3

      Damn, I didn’t know that, what a waste of good talent.

  • LaFemmeNoire

    Why is Angie Stone ont this list????? Are you mad?

  • LaFemmeNoire

    Why is Angie Stone ont this list????? Are you mad?

  • Am I the only person who felt that Lumidee could have been left off of the list. Granted, her song was a catchy summer jam, but, imo, her level of talent deserves one-hit-wonderdom.

  • aDawn217

    It’s not a list about who’s most talented or who had more albums than anybody else, It’s about WHERE ARE THEY
    NOW??? Yeah, Angie’s on here ’cause some people—like me—who own all her albums have been wonderin’ where that chile was!

  • u mean the movie the wash that truth was in ? also tamia where is she ?

  • Likklebit

    Sparkle reminds me of a young Diana Ross

  • Mina

    Angie should not be on this list. She’s got more singles and albums than the predecessors on the list put together. And ah rum ah just released a new single yesterday. :/

  • Sunshine is divorced and working on her fourth album; Sparkle just dropped her new single a couple weeks ago (“So Bad”); Angie Stone has a top-20 single at Urban AC right now (“Do What You Gotta Do”) and her album drops in September; Vivian Green just shot her new video (“Anything Out There”) and her album is due in fall.

  • iReezy

    Am I the only one who cares about Chante Moore?? Where is she? That girl can sang!

    • biglittlemason3

      Chante is not a one hit wonder…..a sister got songs all over the place.

  • soofresh

    baby this baby that but your lies aint working now look whos hurting now

    • cake211

      in our bed? you musta fell and bumped yo head

  • BAP

    poor nivea still has loads of talent but these men distracting her,now she sitting up with 4 kids and her music career long gone,damn

  • GoodGrief

    Unexpected was released in the US too! I bought it at Best Buy. Do your research madamenoire!!

    • aDawn217

      Just ’cause you bought it at BB doesn’t mean it was actually released here. Best Buy sells imports too!

  • wlknluv

    i want to know what happen R. Kelly’s protege’ Syleena Johnson.

    • BAP

      look out for her on the tv one show divas of R&B…sumn like that,but she still makes music

  • alexandria

    Wat about Amanda perez

  • Rayven

    Never heard of Alice Smith, Maya should be on this list not Angie Stone!

    • April64baby

      I was thinking the exact same thing as I scrolled through. Kept expecting to see Mya on the list. Def don’t think Angie should be listed here. I have to be honest and say that I’ve never even heard of some of these people before and I’m a music lover! Guess I’d better check some of these ladies out on FB.

    • biglittlemason3

      You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nivea actually had two singles back in 2010. One was called “Love Hurts” and the other was with Rasheeda from “Love and Hip Hop” called “Say Something” and a few other singles.



  • lenisha

    how bout syleena johnson and amanda perez and claudette ortiz

    • BethinnyFrankel

      I agree Syleena Johnson shold have been included. Claudette was apart of a group I think called City High. Did she go solo?

    • biglittlemason3

      By now, you all know they are all on the TVOne’s reality show R&B Diva’s Atlanta.

  • DaPerfekt Melody

    what about heather headley?

    • aDawn217

      Heather Headley is preparing to open a musical based on the movie “The Bodyguard” in London right now. It opens in…October, I think?

  • realadulttalk

    You went way far back for Shanice. Lol Blu Cantrell was my girl…her cd was actually very good with the crappiest song making the radio…but she came out at the same time as A. Keys…and while she can outsing Alicia on any given day…she didn’t have the gimmick (piano) and b/c she sings ballads she got lost. But if you are having a break up…cop that cd…it’s one tearjerker after the other. At least 3 people on this list caused me to go “Who?”

    • Morning Rain

      Being able to play an instrument isn’t a gimmick.

      • cake211

        for her its a gimmick because she wouldnt have made it on just her vocals alone

        • biglittlemason3

          You got that right, Alicia can’t singer he way out of a paper bag….she got lucky as hell.

    • Both Blu and Alicia are talented.

  • Nope

    …… They’re over 30……

    • I love love an Asian man!!!

      …talent over age…any day… and there is a market for older artist, just look at the age demographics of millions of men and women over 30 and want to hear and see themselves…. The entertainer industry wants to stay focuses on the youth and
      forgetting that they have parents that want to be entertained also, or just
      single people over the age of 30…

  • Ay

    The word “DIVA” is thrown around way too easily these days………………………..

  • ladykash

    Way Angie looking all that coconut oil? Home girl knows her stuff thou musically plus she got D’Angelo

  • Lola

    Madame Noire, what’s up with the annoying pop-up ad that appears at the beginning of each new slide?! C’mon on, get it together. You guys are starting to become like the BET of black websites with all these completely random, over-abundance of advertising.

    • realadulttalk

      Right? I have ad-blocker at home…but at work this ish is annoying!!

    • Suchalady

      Yes! And if the whole story was on one page this would be a lot less irritating.

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  • LiiSH

    The-Dream stay having babies with singers whose careers he refuses to grace with his inexplicable ability to make people money…. Come on Dream. they bore your children! Lol… I like Nivea… I live in ATL so I do get to hear her music from time to time out here.Truthfully homegirl doesn’t have to sing for anything but joy. She has the most profitable uterus in the game (mean maybe… but true)

    I’m one of those people who truly misses me some Alice Smith. For Lovers, Dreamers, And Me was the business.

  • poetsgroove

    Ok this aint an R&B girl, but whatever happend to the rapper Boss? She was pretty hard back in the day or maybe her image?

    • toya

      Last I heard she was looking for a kidney donor, which was back in May of 2011..

  • Chanda

    A couple of hoodrats in there but that’s alright. Other singers MIA are Adina Howard, Patra, Rhiann Benson, Res, and Lina just to name a few. I own a lot of these singers CDs.

    • sheane

      I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW WHO RES WAS!!!!! People just look at me like I was crazy!!!!

      • Shuga_B_Star

        Me too!! I got put on her in college, i still rock her album to this day. Far as I know she is on Facebook still performing songs from her album, not sure if she is back in the studio to create new stuff

        • sheane

          I didn’t know she was on FB. Now I gotta go look her up. My fav song used to be They Say Vision but now it’s How I Do. But the WHOLE album is still bang worthy from start to finish. How rare is that now?

          • mxstudent2002

            I loved her album “How I do” very eclectic

      • toya

        I LOVE Res, “Golden Boys” is still my jam!!

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    ”WOW…not a word and Angie Stone looks better she sure can ”SANG” and Ms.Green the rest ok…but come on back ladies…

    • BethinnyFrankel

      Lol I was going to……

  • that video… O_0 …

  • Noneya

    Why is Angie Stone on this list with a bunch on one hit wonders?? She is more successful then all of them put together.

    • Chanda

      Nah, more like two and three hit wonders but yes Angie Stone is a lot more successful than the rest of them.

    • Aja

      My thoughts exactly! Now Shanice Wilson did have a few hits and began her career when she was a teenager. I like Vivian Green, Nicole Wray and Sunshine Anderson.

    • CA Pullen

      I agree Angie Stone is successful. But Shanice Wilson is my girl, I love that jam I love your smile. That is still one of my favorites.

    • biglittlemason3

      Hell yeah, Angie was famous before most of these “bishes” were born. Angie started out in the late 70’s early 80’s with a group called Sequence and they spawned a hit song called “Funk you right on up”. So in reality, she doesn’t belong on this list.

  • Ash

    I think there are too many females in the industry which is why they are one-hit wonders. I liked Ciara, but anytime I see her she’s dating someone.

  • Val

    Omgosh, Vivian Green takes me back to my sophomore ear of college singing Emotional Rollercoaster. My ISH.