Did You Know They Dated? 15 Secret Lovers, Temporary Boos and Flings We Were Surprised By

July 18, 2012 ‐ By IndigoBlack

In Hollywood, it seems that everyone dates everyone and relationships start and end as quickly as people change underwear. But the best Hollywood relationships, even if they don’t last, are the ones that nobody knew about. The ones that you share with friends that get the, “WHAAAAAT!? I didn’t know that, girl!” response. But let’s be clear: there’s a difference between simply dating in Hollywood, and claiming one another in a relationship. There have been a flurry of both of those kinds of correspondences that started quietly and ended just as quiescent, and here are just a few we thought you might be nosey enough to want to know.

And if you did know some of them, that’s all good and dandy too. But either way, enjoy!

Jay-Z and Rosario Dawson

Before he really got serious with Beyoncé and was a household name, and supposedly after an alleged short boo-ship with the late Aaliyah, Jay-Z was romantically involved with actress Rosario Dawson. You know Rosario, she was the actress in movies like Kids, He Got Game, Sin City and a lot more. Their relationship…or time together doing whatever it was they were doing…occurred in 2000, and people even assumed that the second verse in the song “Lost Ones” was about Dawson (that was until Jay set the record straight in Decoded, saying the song was about Bey). But it didn’t last long.  Jay went on to date Beyoncé and Rosario, at the time, went on to date “Sex and the City” hunk Jason Lewis (who played Kim Cattrall’s young actor boo). No offense to Jigga, but what an upgrade!

MadameNoire Video

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  • This is my first time and last time on this site. I don’t have the patience to click ‘Next’ 15 times in order to load 15 different pages. 1990 called and wants it’s webmaster back.

  • Just saying!!

    This is probably wrong to say…but I think Seal is so ugly. I don’t get how he gets these women. Singing voice or not, that’s not going to help me lay down with someone I find unattractive.

  • Jacquetta White

    In regards to that “Google is your friend” comment on Danny Wood, you put the story out, therefore you should provide the background information.

  • Leila Nurse

    Ray-J & Lil Kim. haaaaa

  • Erin

    Fergie also dated JC from *NSYNC.

  • Sandra Wood-Szauter

    Danny was no Ug-Mug thank you very much.

  • Mia

    I heard Taraji & Alex Rodriquez were an item for a while after their Tyler Perry movie

  • Maverick

    Melanie Fiona is Guyanese!

  • Maverick

    Melanie Fiona is Guyanese!

  • phobalo2

    Did they say ‘after an alleged short boo-ship with the late Aaliyah’ – Thats not true…She was with Damon Dash— please get the story right if your going to tell it….Cant believe any thing Else from this sight..(FUCK).

    • me

      you are not correct…..Jay was with (dated) whatever u’d like to call it,,,before Dame…which is what was rumored to start the riff betwn the two men..

  • I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends.

  • Duh

    Why does the author use every variation of ‘Boo”? I didn’t think that term made it into the new decade. Also, Fergie never dated Justin T. She was begged by Justin to take his virginity while the ‘Duchess’ declined die to friendship.

  • Jo

    Justin Timberlake was NOT 16 in 2001. Neither was Fergie 23 in 2001. He was 16 in 1997, and she was 23 in 1998. Quick Google search, that’s all.

  • Taylor

    This Beyonce’ thing is a lie…I absolutely don’t believe this “relationship” for one second

  • in 2001 J.T. was 20(1982) and Fergie(1975) was 26. There is a 6 year difference between them.

    • TheBigKing1

      But then again…sometimes celebrities lie about their age. So it could be their real age…and their stage public age. Never know.

  • If Seal was a woman, I wonder if she would be able to date handsome models men…

  • Anti-believer

    Some of these were FAKE publicity relationships for exposure and some were also gay covers.

  • tracy

    I am not suprised about Rosario Dawson, latin hispanic types (I know she is part African American too) tend to look for black males with major money . Otherwise they are looking for a come up with white men

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  • To be such a beautiful woman, Beyonce hooks up with the ugliest men. I guess it must be about the money coz it doesn’t seem to be about the looks!

    • AlmondJoy

      So if it’s not about looks, it has to be about money? Umm ever heard of something called personality?

  • seriously?

    Who the hell is Taraji Henson?

  • SaraS

    There are three loud ads going on at the same time on this website, as well as a pop-up every few pages that I can’t close for 5 seconds.
    If you want more people on your site, you need to stop this. I wouldn’t come again.

  • Rebecca

    Um…look at the article of Sofia Vergara in Allure – she even says that she and Tom Cruise did not date.

  • Does it take 15 pages to display 15 items? What should take 5 minutes takes 20. I stopped at page 3…better things to do than wait for pages to load on hi-speed connection.

  • enoughsaid99

    Jay Z does have a type, so you better be very light, or your out of luck.

    • Angela

      Foxy Brown is far from light.




  • DiamondPiscesRoyalty

    Umm… Jay Z didn’t date Aaliyah, Dame Dash did.

    • cake211

      allegedly jay did before dame and that caused some kinda rift btw them

  • coconut

    V surprised at Mos Def/Bey, Ray/Kim, Robin/Brad

    I think the main reason why a lot of ppl are over beyonce is the fact that she is a boldface liar and seems to take her followers for fools..hw can she say jay is her ‘first relationship’ when everyone knows about her middle/slash high school sweetheart and also that she dated marques houston? Plus, an authorised documentary of hers made a big deal of highlighting that she went through a depressed stage durin one of the first DC tours cos her snd her then boyfriend broke up, so why does she now say she has never experienced hearbreak? Recently she mentioned hw she’d lost 60 pounds post-pregnancy bt her pregnancy pics only show nabsolutely no weight gain accept for the tummy area – so how is a 60 pound weight gain and subsequent loss even possible? No matter how much a lie is pushed dwn ur throat as truth, in the long-term, smoke and mirrors are no substitute for common sense and a lot of ppl are starting to believe their own common sense rather than the lies told to the media.

    RayJ must be really good in bed ’cause cougars love him – didn’t see that sex tape bt I js might hunt it dwn to see his magic stick in action..must def be worth a watch.

    Robin Givens has such varying taste in men. I’m curious to know who she’s dating at the moment – she totally seems like the supercute bt supercrazy chick lol. Myt js be the characters she usually portrays bt mike did mention she’s a feisty one…;)

  • Courtney

    I love me some Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I got to admire him the whole time while watching Dark Knight Rises. He is so cute, and it gives me hope since he dated Megan Goode, a black girl. 🙂 Too bad it didn’t work out between them. Hopefully he’s open to dating more black girls.

    • SexNdaCity

      This whole post sounds desperate…smh…

  • Oom-Foo-Foo

    Ray J and Lil Kim? Brad Pitt and Robin Givens? UGH! LOL

  • FellowPaisa

    As a colombian woman, sofia is probably catholic like the majority of the country, they dont play that “cult” s**t

  • Ironique

    Funny thing: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Q-Tip dating a black woman. Wonder what his deal is…

    • originalwharris

      He dated Janet Jackson.

  • Ifuaskme2

    Seems to me some of these people were with EVERYBODY

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  • DD

    I know you all need to get paid, but these ads are driving me crazy!

    • For_The_Masses

      The ads are beyond annoying, and what makes it worse it shows up after ever damn click!

  • Bey also dated Marques Houston back in DC’s JUMPIN JUMPIN days

    • Kris

      A while before that . The video might have even after the fact. There was a dedication to Matthew & Tina in the inside CD cover/ lyric sheet Something about Promising to marry Bey WAY back

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  • Southerngirl

    Umm, isn’t Shemar Moore’s mother white? He doesn’t have to only date black chicks, lol. Somehow, I don’t think Beyonce and Mos Def ever dated. But the Robin Givens and Brad Pitt thing is hilarious.

  • Chanda

    I knew about all of those except Melanie Fiona. A few other ones:
    Tom Cruise and Cher
    Diana Ross and Gene Simmons
    Naomi Campbell and Tommy Lee
    Kim K and Nick Lachey, Nick Cannon
    Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Noth (Mr. Big)
    Prince and Kim Bashinger (so I heard)
    Heidi Klum and Anthony Keidis
    Tyra Banks and Seal
    a part 2 Madame Noire?

  • Tagirl

    Back in the day, Shemar also dated Halle, Lela Rochon and Toni Braxton. He’s dated sistas. But didn’t know he and Kimberly dated.

  • Tagirl

    I probably respect Angie Martinez the most of any of the NY radio personalities. She just does her job and isn’t extra.

  • sammi_lu

    Brad and Robin look smoked out on that pic..I didn’t recognize either one until I read the caption.

  • FromUR2UB

    Was that a slam on Kimberly Elise? What’s that about?
    Shemar Moore needing someone wholesome? Puh-hahahahahaha!!

  • okay who DIDNT kno ray j and lil kim was dating? that person must have been in a coma to have not realized that… if u didnt know what was going on between them two, just watch wait a minute on you tube…

  • Likklebit

    Wow! Shemar Moore and Kim Elise; now that’s good look. Pity, I guess he’s too busy admiring himself in the mirror to commit to a sensible woman.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Ray-J dating anybody doesn’t surprise me. That boy’s man parts has more mileage on it than a used Honda. I remember when Shemar Moore was on Oprah promoting Diary. He said then he was feeling Kimberly Elise, Denzel (her friend) warned him not to hurt her. I knew that Robin G. and Brad Pitt dated, but I didn’t know (but should have probably suspected) that crazy a** Iron Mike broke them up, lol.

    • sonia

      don’t be mad @ ray-jay…that lil boi got game n he say smashing lol.

    • sonia

      *stay…not say*

  • bigdawgman

    I can only imagine the look on Brad’s face when he saw Mike’s car! Ain’t no way you can get in the mood thinking Crazy Iron Mike might be waiting for you outside in the bushes!! #DEAD

  • Dee

    Robin Givens and Brad Pitt was no secret… what about Beyonce and Justin Timberlake; she said in a magazine interview that he was a good kisser but they dated briefly before he and Brittany got together

    • Angela

      That doesn’t really count as dating.

    • cake211

      yeah, I thought they were gonna mention that too. Cuz JT was the ish and i knew all these lil tidbits about him. why wouldnt that count as dating?

  • mrsurban

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, what I wouldn’t do to you…..mmmmm

  • lovinghim

    I’d take Joseph Gordon-Levitt anyday..especially when he grows a scruffy beard out. Oh yea I would have all his babies…lol

  • I thought Beyonce said she was a “Virgin” before she met Jay-Z…Didnt she say he was her “First EVERYTHING..”…

    • Pivyque

      She could have been. Just because you date someone doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them.

    • Guest

      Ummm Jay-Z was NOT Beyonce’s first! If she ever said that, she’s lying, just like she lied about being pregnant.

    • Anon

      Naw I know Marques Houston smashed Bey. I love her an all but she lies about Jay being her first everything.

      • rich

        Wow you know marquee and beyond they let to watch Smdh

        • Anon

          why are you so butt hurt over my comment? Marques said he hit. Get over yourself. You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want. Good Day.

          • Angela

            Lol, men say a lot of things.

    • rich

      Well maybe she dated other men does not mean she slept with other men

    • cinnamonchic

      beyonce is telling the truth… Beyonce met JayZ at 16 yr old- when DC was working on their first album . She said nothing about been married a virgin :0)

    • Just saying!!

      Dating automatically means you’re not a virgin? I don’t recall her saying that but even if she had this wouldn’t change anything.

  • Dom

    This was juicy! I’m most surprised by Megan and JGL! Like, whoa! Talk about a mis-match!

  • jamma

    Meagan Good and Joseph Gordon-Levitt????GTFOHWTBS…am jealous

    • sabrina

      IM SAYINGGGG!!!!! but hey, if he still likes black chicks, THEN THERE’S HOPE!!!!!!!

      • yes I wanna be boo-ed up with him.

      • Adrian Khan (The Soca Warrior)

        If you have to ask,then obviously not.

      • Angela

        Why must he like “black chicks”? Why can’t he just like Meagan? I didn’t know we came in packs…lol.

    • you all are silly!

    • Jay

      I thought I was the only one who had a crush on him lol.

      • Teketa

        Haha me too!

      • MzMaryPie2U

        Me 3 especially in Looper *swoon*

  • Vandellish

    Funny how Ray J says he won’t kiss and tell but he will kiss and tape. haha

    Sofia V. is that flame.

  • IllyPhilly

    Is it just common to link stars together after they do movies/videos together?

  • awet

    This was pretty good list, the only one I knew of was Ray J/Lil’ Kim. Speaking of Q-Tip, I was surprised to hear that he used to date Nicole Kidman!!

  • realadulttalk

    If anyone missed Kim and Ray-J’s relationship you must have been under a rock!!! SN: I wonder if Kim looks at the pics of her from the 90’s and wishes she had just left well enough alone. She was so much better looking then.

    • KJ23

      It’s not actually a rock, but more so a turtle’s shell, because I definitely did not know. 🙂

      • FromUR2UB

        Me either. I guess I was in a turtle’s shell under a rock.

  • Ske-ske

    Nice pic.

  • Jacquiline Perkins

    ”NEXT” Robin Givens can 0nly have a white guy they are the only ones that would put up with her…what a piece of work and Ray J is gay and grown man that walks around with a ”TOY DOG” lets call a gay a gay? if not then what…….

    • Mia

      Anyone who makes a fool comment like you is extremely ignorant and tacky. So we’ll call extremely tacky and ignorant, extremely tacky and ignorant.

      • sabrina

        Not to mention they need a couple grammar lessons.

        • Rome

          lmao omg

  • NakedTruth

    Um that’s before any of Kim’s surgeries, no bleach, make up. Don’t try the queen

    • realadulttalk

      Lmao @ don’t try the queen. Maybe she wants to rumble with the bee 🙂

  • Shana Campbell Prewitt


  • Whats wrong with Rosario Dawson. You guys are implying she was a downgrade?

    • Dionne Victor

      No, they were implying that the man that she dated after Jay-z – the guy from Sex and the City – was an upgrade.

      • Tagirl

        I was gonna say, Rosario’s gorgeous and talented.

    • Guest

      She’s no Beyonce

      • sheane

        You right. Cause she can sing AND act. And she’s prettier than her too!

      • loveu

        What’s amazing about beyonce

  • Star4

    Im sorry but all I notice in the back of jz is lil kim looking like a dang bleached out fool

    • Just saying!!

      Wooo I just caught that. I love Kim but yuck!