Let Me Get You Straight, Girl! Advice To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

July 18, 2012  |  
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Some of the Real Housewives of Atlanta at the Bravo Upfronts. (bossip.com)

You love them, I love them.  You can’t stand them, I can’t stand them.  But for whatever reason, we always find ourselves tuned in every season for Real Housewives of Atlanta. They’re currently filming but we’ve got to wonder how much greater the ladies would be if they took some of the following advice…



Phaedra Parks

I’m not sure about the rest of you but PhaePhae was actually my favorite last season.  I’d just like her to remember that sometimes she can turn that nose of hers down a little bit and get off the high horse she created for herself. I mean, because “everybody knows” that when you try to act better than everyone, your chickens come home to roost rather quickly (i.e., the book that came which alleges you’ve done your share of dirt – you know, the one you’re suing over). We love you though! Mmmmhmm.



Cynthia Bailey

So much to say, Cynthia. Every week we all find ourselves yelling at you through our screens. “Cynthia, get your own mind and stop running behind Nene!” “Cynthia, your husband is a jerk – don’t you see that?” “Cynthia, tell you mother and sister to mind their business!” “Cynthia, your mother and sister are making sense!” Here’s the thing, girl: you always look like a deer caught in headlights. You’ve got to get a clue because you let people run all over you.  This is not what we want for you; we want to root for you but you’ve got to give us more.


Kim Zolciak

Two things, Kim: (1) Be good to Kroy because he seems to be a good man and (2) stop being “besties” with your daughters.  Let me tell you, that Brielle is way too grown for 15 years old. The conversations you have with her are inappropriate and teaches her nothing besides how to be as unladylike as you appear.  That said, we wish you well in your marriage.


Nene Leakes

Linnethia, we could probably go on all day about you. But we understand that you are of “new money” and don’t know how to act.  For whatever reason, you seem to think that your RHOA, Glee and Apprentice checks put you in the same bracket with the Combses and Knowles-Carters. No ma’am.  Stop being so mean to people because you think you have money because it truly does come and go. The next thing you know all you’ll have is that new nose and that funky attitude to get you by and…it just won’t be enough.


Kandi Burruss

Ahhh, the fan favorite!!  I love that Kandi is about her business and can truly take care of every one of the other mutha[bleeps] in this cast.  But all I ask is that she be less of an instigator.  Nene confirmed her “wealth” when they went to Miami and the moment Kandi got back to Atlanta and at Kim’s house, she made sure to make a joke of it.  When it was brought to her attention, she tried to act like she wasn’t being messy. How about you don’t throw a rock and then hide your hand? Stand by it!


Kenya Moore

While it hasn’t been confirmed by Andy Cohen that former Miss America Kenya Moore is joining the RHOA case, she pretty much confirmed it in Sister 2 Sister when she said she’s joining a show that is an established brand and she’ll be spending time between Los Angeles and Atlanta but “mostly Atlanta. Wink Wink.”  So assuming she’s part of the cast, I say this to you, Kenya: I think YOU should be the one to be the one who finds the super wealthy man and luxuriates in the lifestyle that all the rest (except Kandi) can only dream of having.  Sure, have your charity and represent women in  a positive image (she says that’s why she feels compelled to do a show) but get out there and catch a big fish! Also, you’ve just enough attitude and a whole lot of pretty to make Linnethia completely jealous of you which will be VERY entertaining.

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  • Masterpieced

    I would say PLEASE wear your OWN hair! This is a Black show yet NONE of you consistently wear your own hair. Are you embarrassed of it?

  • joejoe_no1

    I don’t agree that NeNe is jealous of pretty women. She was friends w Cynthia, and she is prettiest by far on the show. If anything, Kim controls how others will be received. They are jealous of NeNe. Everything the others want to do, someone else approaches NeNe to do it. Big business, here comes the Donald. Acting, here comes Hollywood. Designing, here comes Kim Kardashian and a designer with a portfolio that rivals many. Sheree was the jealous one.

  • Most of the advice was on point. However, the author should do more thorough research. The book about Phaedra has been discredited months ago. Even the publisher distanced themselves from it. If any of the claims against Phaedra were true, the author should have her grievances with the Georgia bar instead of writing a book. The lack of a bar complaint says a lot about the author and her credibility.

  • eestoomuch

    kim is gutterbut trash and her and kroy with those his and her wigs…just stop! NeNe is a great actress as this is scripted tv. phaedra..everyone knows your a criminal now…no wonder apollo married u. he tooke the hit(jail time on the stolen car scam), now u take care of him, i get it. cynthia…finally got a short man who is packin and not lackin…good for her, now keep ur family out ur bidness. kandi is a savy business woman pushing her coochbuzzers on this show…a season long infomercial….get it girl, cuz we know them no scrubs checks are thinning out. and last but not least sheree…failed acting career,repoed car, daughters wedding called off.failed clothing line and unsuccessul attempt at ganking her exhubby and an imaginary mansion…we see why u were let go….FAIL!!!

  • Ticky Tock

    this article was on point as always and I loved every minute of it. Especially the NeNe and Cynthia portions.

  • realadulttalk

    Kandi–choose wisely in relationships whether they be friends or lovers–your kindness is constantly being taken for weakness.
    Nene–calm the heck down!! You are too old to act in the childish manner in which you do. Maybe fall back from the public eye and focus on your sons–your oldest seems to constantly be crying out for attention.
    Phaedra–I highly disliked you before–you are now my favorite. Keep doing you…cause you seem to be doing just fine.
    Cynthia–You are a follower…don’t jump bad with people when Nene is around if you will stay tight-lipped when she’s away. I really don’t like you…REALLY!!! But I guess since you are run in your marriage you are craving power from somewhere.

  • CA Pullen

    First of all, the only wives left on the show is Cynthia, Phaedra and foul mouth KIm. I can’t believe Kroy want to get with somebody like Kim is has a foul mouth. Kandi, she is just as crazy. Why would she allow Kim to go on tour with her when Kim does not have any talent at all. She is not a singer. But Kandi writes a song for her? Cynthia she does needs to stop running to Linnethia about everything. Kim’s children could eventually turn on her by allowing them to become her friends, instead of being a mother to them.



  • KJ23

    Kandi should learn to pick her “friends” better. Kim dodging her on royalties, Sheree falsely throwing her under the bus… Kandi seemed like she couldn’t catch a friend-break.


    Kim ain’t shyt, but she filled a void that i seen in her. Bless her & her new family! I like Kandi, just hates when she talkes & hold her DAMN 2 FRONT TEETH TOGETHER. JEZZZZ. Relax them damn jaws already!! I like NENE.. EVEN THOUGH im a small.. lol 5″5 Sheree is a non fuckin factor! thnk she is a liar… Pheadra, aiight! i guess!!

  • bigfan

    Kroy really does come across as a good man i hope Kim realises that…Peter is a jerk with a capital J why Cynthia agreed to marry him is beyond me i love me some Kandi and Phaedra..poor Sheree the only “poor” one in the series i wanna be rich like Nene someday lol

  • jorgalane

    Kim, your wigs make you look old. Stop that ish!

  • Vio12

    I remember how likable and down-to-earth Nene was in the first season. That boat sailed after the second season. I remember the exact moment: After that initial fight with Kandi, who walked, all Nene’s little sidekicks surrounded her saying, “Don’t worry about her, you’re writing a BOOK. You’re writing a BOOK. The pompous, entitled look on her face was enough to make me ill. It’s only gotten worse since then. Snubbing fans on the Wendy Williams Show, throwing shade at the entire RHOA cast, continuously referring to how “rich” she is, clowning on “The Apprentice.” Her ego is the size of a hot-air balloon now, and she really needs to watch out. “Pride goeth before a fall,” and Ms. Leakes’ might not be too far away……

  • StephLuv

    My advise to all the lades is to stop bragging about your designer labels and especially KIM, stop talking bout how much stuff cost. You make yourself look stupid cause people with money don’t put it out there like that. And Kim, they are your daughters, not your homegirls, not your bff’s or peers for that matter. Be the adult when it comes to your children.


    STOP DOING REALITY SHOWS, they just make them look like FOOLS and desperate for attention!


    STOP DOING REALITY SHOWS, they just make them look like FOOLS and desperate for attention!

  • kessie

    Spend some of that money on “Real Acting Classes” and stop acting ratchet, hood, thirsty, desperate for a “Dollar Bill”, they are an embarrassment to the “Entire Black Community”.

  • kessie

    Spend some of that money on “Real Acting Classes” and stop acting ratchet, hood, thirsty, desperate for a “Dollar Bill”, they are an embarrassment to the “Entire Black Community”.

  • kessie

    Spend some of that money on “Real Acting Classes” and stop acting ratchet, hood, thirsty, desperate for a “Dollar Bill”, they are an embarrassment to the “Entire Black Community”.

  • Na Na

    Lol @ ya’ll keep calling her Linethia!

    • Yvette

      That is what we all should be calling her. It is her birth name. She is too old to be called NeNe. Just Sayin

      • staci b

        she wants to be called nene. that’s her preference..what’s your problem?

        • Yvette

          What’s yours? I am entitled to my opinion like everyone else on this site.

        • joejoe_no1

          Absolutely. NeNe is what she’s been called all her life. Her wonderful aunt calls her that. Leave it.

    • Yvette

      That is what we all should be calling her. It is her birth name. She is too old to be called NeNe. Just Sayin

    • Yvette

      That is what we all should be calling her. It is her birth name. She is too old to be called NeNe. Just Sayin