You Thought Your Lady Lumps Were Big! This Woman Rocks a 102 ZZZ Cup Size

July 12, 2012  |  

Source: TLC

The average breast weighs about 1.1 lb.

In contrast, 53-year-old Annie Hawkins’s breasts weigh 85 pounds—a piece! In other words, she’s practically got two 6th graders strapped to her chest at all times.

Proving they will put anyone on television, Annie will be on the 3rd season of TLC’s reality show, “Strange Sex”. Nicknamed Norma Stitz (or is it “Norma’s Tits”?) , this Guinness Book of World Records holder began wearing a bra in third grade.

NewsOne says

[Annie] has a bra size of 102 ZZZ.  She suffers from a condition called “gigantomastia,” which is a rare condition that is characterized by excessive breast growth that can occur during puberty, pregnancy, or can be brought on by certain medications.  It’s cause is still undetermined.

Normally women who get breast reductions are “F” or “G” cups (sometimes smaller), but though no one would fault her for wanting to reduce triple Z’s, Annie says she’s never considered a breast reduction.

Even though the mother of two has had to struggle with her breast size, the thought of getting a breast reduction has never even been entertained.  Even though she endures rude stares, gasps, whispers, men following her, and back and shoulder pains, she is adamant about not getting a surgery to reduce her breast size, “I’ve never thought about bringing a knife to myself,” she says on her aired segment. “Why fix something that’s not broken?” Hawkins-Turner says.

It’s hard to imagine a job for someone with those knockers (err…bangers?), but Annie hasn’t been held back financially by what clearly pulls her down physically. She works in the Adult Videos industry.

Hawkins-Turner, who was married for 13 years to a retired Air Force officer who has since passed away, has concocted a way to make her breast size work for her by doing soft Adult Videos.  Performing under the pseudonym of  Norma Stitz, Hawkins-Turner has thus far made over 250 films.  The soft Adult Videos website entrepreneur and fetish model says that her body of work is world-renowned, causing her to need security, “I do have security because people chase me,” Hawkins-Turner says.

Bodyguards would be expected considering she can’t possibly run with those things!

Last year, she sat down with UK’s This Morning for an interview and discussed getting her first bra, feeling like a Barbie Doll and working in the Adult Videos industry.

On getting her first bra:
“I don’t know what size I was. I was just big. The only thing I remember about those bras is they were cotton and they stuck out just like footballs and that’s when I knew I was different. Kids are some of the worst people in the world when it comes to picking on people. I was teased a lot.”

On her late husband Alan:
“He turned my whole life around. He made me love myself and turned me into his Barbie doll. I was like a plus-sized Barbie doll to him. He treated me like a queen. He loved me and he loved my kids. He was my angel, it wasn’t just sexual.”

On the work she’s done for adult websites:
“I’ve shown people big is beautiful and you can be Hot in your own way. It’s not mucky, I’m an entertainer. I talk to you, I’m your fantasy. When I talk to you it’s because there are things in your mind that you want to do to me. But in reality you’d never meet me.”

Like most women, she says her breasts grew bigger when she was pregnant, but unlike other women, hers would leak so much she had to wear sanitary pads in her bra. She couldn’t even breastfeed her kids for fear of smothering them.

For people who wonder how someone can walk with breasts that enormous, Annie says she has a strong back and has had therapy to teach her how to walk just fine. She admits that if she stands up for a long period of time though, she’ll get numbness in her shoulders.

If nothing else, this woman is a lesson in confidence saying: “No one looks like me, I’m one in a million. Always imitated but never duplicated.”

She’s right. Even the woman with the largest breast implants in the world, Chelsea Charms, only wears a paltry 164XXX.

Annie Hawkins-Turner is in a lingerie department all by herself.

What do you think about this woman and her triple Z’s?

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  • Big Jim

    I have to jack off every time I see her and those massive mountains !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TM biggens

    Im a 38M why does she need a breast reduction. Its really not necessary i wouldnt get one either. If she’s happy with herself who are you people to make her feel bad.

  • One Lucky Guy!

  • They aren’t 85 pounds each, they’re about 42 pounds each.

  • andy

    I love her. She is a real class act. Down to earth, practical and cool. More power to her. I think shes beautiful. The boobs are nice too…i guess….lol

  • Ess Are

    I seriously doubt this woman is a 102ZZZ or anything close. Other than her breasts, she doesn’t seem to be a huge woman. In measuring for a bra, the band size (or number) is obtained by measuring under the armpits, high on the back, and across the top of one’s chest — ABOVE the breasts. That’s your band size. This woman is NOT 102 inches around.

    To get the cup size (the letter/s), you measure loosely around the biggest part of the chest (i.e., around the breasts), keeping the measuring tape level with the ground. Now subtract the band measurement from the cup measurement. Each inch represents a cup size. (For example, if your band measurement is 34 inches and your cup measurement is 35 inches, the difference is one inch, and your cup size is A. If your band measurement is 34 inches and your bust measurement is 37 inches, the difference is three inches, and your cup size is C.)

    Her breasts are HUGE, so I won’t say that there’s not 78 inches (26 inches x 3) between her band and chest size. Maybe the ZZZ cup is real. But that 102 ain’t. (Ditto in that Chelsea Charms isn’t 164 inches around!)

  • Messyomessy

    That mess could feed have the starving children in Southern Sudan.

  • I always felt like a freak of nature with my 38GG bra size, but I have no idea what I would do with her set. I will never complain about my bra size again!!!

  • kickash

    ok i am a 38DD and my mom better not ever get on my back about getting a breast reduction ever again.

  • Sher

    I pray they don’t smother her when she’s asleep. She doesn’t need security….those things are weapons – can knock anyone out cold. She just need to know how to use them Lol. A very confident woman though.

  • Kiana

    I thought I had it hard being a ddd but I obviously have nothin on this lady rite here!

  • She is definitely in a class by herself but if they hurt my back they’d be GONE…

  • Trisha_B

    This has got to be a safety hazard. If she was to fall on her back, those things would strangle her! I always complain about my DD’s but after seeing this story, never again! I would get a reduction so quick. I’m just imagining her in the shower & have to lift those things up to wash underneath them smh…”
    She couldn’t even breastfeed her kids for fear of smothering them.” DEAD ctfu

  • FromUR2UB

    I knew she’d never worked because if she actually had to move around much, those big ol’ potato sacks would hinder her.

  • I wonder how she sleeps. There is no way a woman can be comfortable carrying that weight on her lungs.

  • Nicole

    She makes mine look like bee stings!!! Imma G

  • Candacey Doris

    I’ve got D’s and i feel relief when i thin of working them own to normal d cups. And she’s HAPPY with her ZZZ’s? I bet she would feel great if she got them reduced. Then again she’s making money with them. Lots of money.

  • Cha Cha

    of course she works in the adult entertainment industry… I mean, what else would she do? She’s got to be in pain every day of her life.

  • CA Pullen

    I saw her on TLC. Maybe I missed it, I thought she said that she didn’t do Adult films. Since she is in the Guiness Book of world records, she travels the world and that is how she makes her money. Having breast that large, it will put pressure on her shoulders, knees, legs, and back. She needs to get something done before it gets worse. I know her bras are very, very expensive and have to be specially made for her.

  • FattyKimye

    Wow, even my back hurts even looking at her chest!

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I’m all for people loving their natural bodies. I’m all for people wanting to avoid getting knifed up. That being said, as a woman who wears a small D cup, I often experience shoulder, neck, and back pain because of my breasts. I can’t stand bras with thin shoulder straps because they dig into my skin, so what kind of bras can she wear that don’t feel like torture devices?? I can’t understand why this woman would endure a life of pain with those things strapped to her chest! Sleeping on her back has to be impossible. I would urge her to strongly consider a reduction. I bet she would literally be able to breathe a lot easier if she did.

  • Chanda

    I’ve seen her all over Facebook and I think on TV once. I have big boobs but no where near that big. I’m sure people look at her like she’s a joke. I wouldn’t want that type of attention but at least she found a “job” to coinside with her situation.

  • Gigi

    I’m carrying around 38 Ms and they tend to hurt my shoulders and back from time to time. I have a hard time believing hers don’t affect her quality of life in some manner.

    • Big Jim

      Do you like to have them sucked ?

  • Yvette

    OMG….I didn’t know they made bra’s that big!

  • Lol I think her stage name is fantastic! Norma Stitz, its not Norma’s Tits but a play on enormous tits! Thats just good comedy.

  • iluvm

    I am going KICK your butt for posting this!!!! I am at work CTFU!!!!
    “In contrast, 53-year-old Annie Hawkins’s breasts weigh 85 pounds—a piece! In other words, she’s practically got two 6th graders strapped to her chest at all times.”

  • Kenedy

    Im already seeing a little ash in her cleavage line….i hope she’s able to clean up well, lol

    • Sher

      I think it’s powder to alleviate sweating.

  • sammi_lu

    Just looking at her makes my back hurt!! Goodness..and I’m sorry but the name of her condition sounds like it was given to her by some comic book geeks.. “gigantomastia” lol but then again how do you spin a medical term for those jugs almighty.

  • Miss D

    YEESH. I’m a DD and I work out nearly every day so I can get rid of these things. How does she bathe or sleep comfortably? I’m sure her ZZZ’s affect her quality of life.

    On the positive side, she seems content and has confidence. More power to her I guess

  • Smacks_hoes

    My c’s are just right…. I used to want d’s but I’ve long forfeited that idea. I can’t fathom why she wouldn’t want a reduction. My back hurts just looking at her

  • Umaydoso

    Please stop with the outrageous ads every time I click on an article! Annoying.

    • Miss D

      Try downloading AdBlock Plus on Firefox. It works really well and I hardly ever see ads on this site anymore.

      • Umaydoso

        I added the program to my Google Chrome. It helped. Thanks.

      • FromUR2UB

        I was concerned about security because of something I read in the privacy policy, and uninstalled it. For those of you who have been using it, what about that?

  • Anonymous

    The guy with the biggest scrotum, thinks big is beautiful too. It’s not okay, to be proud of abnormalities. There’s nothing beautiful about that, it’s a medical condition, go and get the surgery and free yourself from short life span.

    • TRUTH IS

      Double ewww at her!!

    • Live_in_LDN

      Having surgery when you are overweight increases the risks of fatality. I’m also sure the weight of the puppies on her chest would constrict her respiratory system adding to the risk. She’s 53 years old, I’m sure she’ll be just fine even if it makes you uncomfortable.

  • She needs a breast reduction because her chest is too big. Thank god I have small boobs.