Surprising Six Figure Careers Outside of Medicine and Law

April 10, 2012  |  

Oftentimes, most of America associates high paying careers with those of doctors, lawyers, and MBAs but there are other jobs that command good salaries. Yahoo writer Jennifer Barry compiled a list of careers that may surprise you in terms of how much salary they demand.



Loan Officer

Average annual salary for top 10 percent of workers: $112,370*
Average annual salary: $65,900*

Loan officers are dealing with lots of money and risks, which easily explains why they command such a good income.

Requirements: Loan officer positions sometimes require a bachelors’ degree in economics or related field.

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  • dooie

    Purchasing Agent/ Supply Chain Manager- this is true not only for farm products but any commodity.

  • lulu f

    yeah you’d have to be an HR manager at a LARGE corporation to make that much…

  • I’m impressed by all of these except the HR Manager. Most HR-related positions are being outsourced these days. Recruitment is being outsourced to staffing agencies, policy development to consultants, etc. It’s a department that is slowly on it’s out out. As someone who has recruited for HR Manager positions, it’s incredibly rare that they earn incomes this high.

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  • Brian J Sheehan

    Want surprising, try truck driver. I know I paid taxes on $107k in income last year and just over $100k the previous two and that was with a recession going on. Had I known the potential, I could have saved a ton on college. Average annual salary is around 60k but they lump owner ops like me with company drivers which drives the averages down.

  • Itbizwhizz

    HR department – is an overhead and a very expensive counter-productive one at that. Management is derived from the military and you don’t see HR involved in tagging along in the field, but HR functions get done.
     The HR departments in corporate world – I have never seen one HR professional who was useful – outside of recruiting ( except one – she was grounded and my go to – one who I learned to respect) where they typically function as sales personnel, telling sweet li’l lies about the company anyway.

  • Gobstruck

    “It makes sense that an HR manager would be compensated handsomely –
    after all, his/her decisions impact the company’s productivity and
    financial bottom line.”

    Amazing news item I am blown away. Oh wow!

  •  Extensive student loans and malpractice insurance for doctors, makes medicine and law a poor choice for pursuing a 6-figure career.

    • Tracey

      I’m sayin’! I am an attorney with crushing student loans and yet I haven’t worked in months. Being a lawyer is no guarantee in this economy!

    • Not if that is a career that you truly want to pursue.

    • lulu f

      Yep I read an article a few months ago about increasing rates of doctors declaring bankrupty and having to shut down their practices.

  • Kenedy

    Lol, @ all the business & economic degrees required for most of these jobs. I know plenty of people that have these degrees, including myself, that don’t have jobs. You should rectify the article by saying, you need those degrees along with 60 plus years experience, that sounds more accurate

    • BlogBytch

      hahahaha @ “60 plus years of experience”. For real!