7 Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

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In the midst of less than admirable unemployment rates and even the rise of job uncertainty for those who are employed, learning to master a second skill is an option to ensure income flow in case a pink slip is waiting in your future. Finding an alternate source of income in addition to your 9-5 is highly recommended if you can find the time. Some call it a side job; others, like me, consider it a side hustle to keep you one step ahead in case of unexpected emergencies or layoffs.

Side hustles don’t necessarily include you going door to door selling baked goods or manufactured candy bars. In fact, many jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home. Are you unsure of the variety of opportunities that can bring in some extra cash without leaving your house? We’ve got you covered.

Check out these 7 jobs that you can do from home to generate extra income.

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Travel Agent

If you love assisting people with their vacation plans, starting a home-based travel agency could be an ideal side job for you.  According to Yahoo Finance, home-based travel agencies have experienced tremendous growth over the last century. A growing (although small) number of people earn $100,000 or more a year. Although this can be a thriving side hustle for you, it’s also important to investigate the agency you sign up for because of the excessive amount of travel agency schemes that exist.


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Desert Baker and Decorator

If baking is your thing, why not make money from your treats? Events happen all the time; and most people celebrate with cakes or cupcakes. Word of mouth can do wonders for the cake decorating business. Find a couple of events to cater and if your goods are good, someone will surely recommend you.




From high school kids who need more than an afterschool tutoring program to college freshmen who would prefer an outside source rather than bothering a friend for tutoring, you can easily gain clientele from either. If you’re good in Math or Science especially, there is definitely a high demand for your tutoring services.


There are tons of nonprofit organizations, charities, or other events that are looking to acquire more funding. Becoming a fundraiser allows you to build an extensive network and make extra money while also working for a worthy cause. According to AOL Jobs, the annual salary for at-home fundraisers range from $35,349 to $51,291.


Party Planner

So nowadays there are more than enough people who declare themselves party planners. Still there aren’t a lot of people who are using their resources to make sizable side incomes. When an acquaintance is having a birthday, ask her if you can plan her birthday party for a small fee. You can do the same for your church, your parent’s friends, baby showers’, etc. You know we love to celebrate! So you may as well attempt to make money for planning the celebration.

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Niche Blogging

Everyone has an opinion and nowadays almost everyone has a blog. Still, a lot of people don’t fully understand that a blog can generate money via advertising. If you’re a new mom, blog about it and solicit advertising from the millions of companies geared towards moms. If you love cooking, start a cooking blog. Niche blogging provides specialized content that is attractive to both viewers and advertisers.


Virtual Assistant

With the increase of Skype, social networking, and the frequent use of emails, becoming a virtual assistant is now easier than ever. This is definitely an ideal hustle for someone who works at night or has a lot of free time but wants to work from home. A virtual assistant can do almost anything that an in-office assistant does, only virtually.


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  • Carolyn

    I would like to get into the travel agency business but I’m not sure what companies to contact. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Andrea

    Hey im interested in the part time online jobs monica fay and anyone who can assist me in anyway and has valid information on online side jobs please contact me on: andrea.come@yahoo.com

  • Shaun

    There are PLENTY work from home opportunities! From Call canters, Technicians, on down to advertising. In fact, you can start your own business advertising for different big name companies. Make anywhere from $20-$120 over and over, Get paid daily and set your own hours. Im a married fulltime mom and Ive been doing it for a while, and able to keep my baby at home while I do this. Interested in hearing more just email me Shaunnismith26@gmail.com


    I would recommend Live Ops. I work for them as an independent agent and my earning potential is limitless! I also get to choose what hours I want to work. Just google them for more information.

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  • Great article, but I’d wish you would have explained how to start doing these jobs. For instance being a baker/cake designer cost money to start-up. You need a commercial kitchen (you cannot work from home) and you need a license. And any business you start has to be filed with the state if you plan on charging.

  • Tiffaney Graham

    Multiple streams of income is so important not just because the economy is “bad” but because it is smart. Whether it is through network marketing or a hobby that you can turn into a profit. Find a “side hustle” immediately! It’s also a great tax write-off. I’ve always had businesses on the side while I worked full time and it has recently allowed me to quit my full time position and work from home full-time (Mega Woman LLC).

  • Lora

    I am interested in learning how to start making an online income. Please respond to me asap. I await your response.

  • I was the editor of a magazine for a couple years and when the job ended I tried everything I could to find a writing, editing ANYTHING position in the industry. I even wrote copy for a costume company who went out of business in less than 6 months. When that didnt work, I started my own professional organizing business… well, it’s been 9 months and I charge 80 per hour and I just had my first 5 figure month in October! anyone can do this! im starting a program to teach people how!!

    • Lora

      Hey Monica Fay, I am interested. Tell me more. Send me a direct contact so we can hook up soon. I am desperately looking for an additional income to buffer my present expenses.

      • Hey Lora, I’m not sure how to do that, can you send me a message instead?

    • Gloria Morris

      Hi Monica, I too am interested in getting into your program, send me a direct contact and we will can discuss this, I look forward to hearing from you soon. morrisglorial@yahoo.com.

    • noach

      My e-mail address is: kennthtoliver65@yahoo.com. I’m interested in the professional organizing business.I have my own LLC reistered with the state.Please contact me at your leisure. Noach

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  • Working Hard

    “side hustle”? Unless you mean “work” or “job” it sounds like you’re trying to rip people off…

  • Taking on freelance jobs or offering remote services on micro job sites are some other great side hustles to generate income online.

  • Lora

    I like the advice about becoming a virtual assistant so as to make extra money, but how do you go about becoming a virtual assistant?  Any ideas?

  • Lora

    I like the advice about becoming a virtual assistant so as to make extra money, but how do you go about becoming a virtual assistant?  Any ideas?

    • Ecirellli1975

      Lora, my advice to you would be to look for admin or secretary jobs then try to determine from those postings in the paper or online what the main duties are. From there you should be able to think of the duties that can be done remotely. For instance, a buisness executive may need someone to organize their schedule and book appointments. With the use of cloud servers or shared virtual calendars (ie Outlook) you could accomplish this. Good luck

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  • Rnr

    absolute rubbish! none of those ‘mcjobs’ will even earn you £20 per day, this is typical of the media to pretend that there are all these jobs out there waiting to pay when we all know there are no jobs out there. also if you don’t work and you receive benefits, you will lose them if you earn any money even if it is only £20, so you have to earn at least £1,800 in the first month or you will become homeless! 

    • lisae

      It’s called a side hustle, which is a job in addition to your main job.

  • Veronicamccoy

    Teaching online is another great work from home side hustle

  • Bella

    Great article. Thanks, MN.

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  • Sue

    more financial savy stuff for both men and women on this site will be good. I do like this for the day. As it gets you thinking out the box. On things we all know people have in them and are beneficial. 

  • Niknak

    Furniture restoration is a great side hustle

    • Rf

      Bull, restoration is expensive start, deals with dangerious chimicals. With cost to your health. From the reading seems you wrote this at hme with no background studies and six kids screamimg in your ear. Get real we need real answers. PS you would fit in at cnn

  • L-Boogie

    Thank you.  

  • Lady G

    I picked up crocheting 30+ years after learning in my youth as a church function. I since have turned it into a hustle. I am surprised how many people want hand-made blankets, scrarves, and hats.  And I take my crafting to places I have to wait in order to pass time. Dr appointments, beauty shop, etc. It helps pass time and drums up business!

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  • Freebee33

    Oh wow! Look at that, all on one page…lol

    Nice article btw.