Why Do We Love Sophia Grace and Not Other Little Black Girls?

February 15, 2012  |  

While everybody is still talking/reeling about Nicki Minaj’s “Hell raising” performance at the Grammys, we totally missed the two little British girls do their thang on the red carpet.

Sophia Grace Brownlee, 8 and her cousin Rosie McClelland, 5 are probably best known for their sickeningly cute cover of Nicki Minaj’s hit song, “Super Bass” on YouTube.  The video of them twirling around in pink tutus and princess crowns was so big that it got the attention of  Ellen DeGeneres, who brought the girls on to perform it live with their idol Minaj. Eventually, this led to them being invited back to perform Keri Hilson’s version of “Turn My Swag On,” and a request by Ellen herself to cover the American Music Awards for the show.

On Sunday, the British invasion known as Sophia and her sidekick Rosie glided around the red carpet in gold and pink princess costumes rubbing elbows with Lady Antebellum, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Fergie, and Taylor Swift among others. During the show, Rosie confessed to Ellen that “we weren’t nervous but we were hungry…” so they even paused for a sandwich and juice box break on the red carpet. I swear children can be so deliciously cute sometimes. It makes me want to have a bunch of them but then I realize that I have to take care of them and go back to playing with my dog.

Like the rest of America, I have sort of fallen in love with Sophia and her off-beat cousin.  Ever since watching them on YouTube and then again on Ellen, I marvel at how talented and sophisticated they are to be so young.  But I do wonder though if Sophia Grace and Rosie were two little black girls named Tamika and Shante, would we consider them special?  Or would they, along with their parents, be chastised for having those kids sing songs that are way too grown for them?  I mean, I can probably go outside right now and find several little Black girls singing all sorts of popular songs off the radio, so what makes them different?

Whether we like to own up to it or not, there is something both gravitating and gratifying about watching white people appropriate other people’s culture.  We love it when Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do a melody of rap songs more than we love watching the rappers, who actually sang them. We marveled at the spectacle of the white girl with her keyboard sidekick jamming through “Look At Me Now,” even though we don’t like Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown. And what about the video of the white teenager singing “Rack City” with his grandma? It was quite cool watching his grandma do the awkward jig in the background while her sweat jacket-hooded grandson lip synced to the uncensored version.  Those sorts of things are amusing to us.  However we better never catch Tyreek and Grandma Bertha doing that. We would be the first people online searching the yellow pages for the number to Child Protective Services.

The implication here, of course, is that the fictitious Tyreek and his Grandma Bertha are not innocent or impetuous like the hooded white teenager.  The assumption is always that they probably live in a predominately Black community and therefore are pre-disposed to criminal activity. Therefore, they need both help and condemnation. Whereas the white teenager and his grandma, well they are being delightfully mischievous.  Of course, I’m comparing a real life instance to a ghost example however study after study has revealed that there is some truth to how we internalize these ideas. For instance, CNN recently conducted their own version of the now famous black doll/white doll test and showed that even 60 years after the initial experiment, both black and white children not only prefer the lighter skinned dolls but also identified the darker skinned dolls as bad.

This sort of subconscious association makes it easier for folks – Black, White and in between – to readily accept or even make stereotypes based upon what we have been conditioned to believe. Even if the truth is as far away from the stereotype. Just ask the Chicago news reporter, who took the words of the innocent 4-year old Black boy, who just witnessed a murder, and manipulated them to make him seem like a little serial killer in training.

Now I don’t say all of this to throw shade at little Rosie and Sophia. I honestly think they are cute as buttons.  However I do wish sometimes that we have the same sort of whimsical fascination with little Black girls and boys as we do with them. In many ways, our attempt to shield our children from stereotypes placed upon us as a race has done just as much damage to their self-esteem than the actual stereotype could.  If they grow up believing that, because of their color, everything they do is inherently wrong and worthy of added scrutiny and punishment, then can we really blame them when they grow up to be ashamed and distant from identifying with being Black?

Charing Ball is the author of the blog People, Places & Things.

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  • Rchelle

    Who cares. 2 little girls just happened to be white and make some videos that we love.White people mimic us. Who cares. Can we puhleeeeeese just be people w/o focusing on skin color. I mean us, as a people. Stop giving them fuel for the fire. We as a people face racism every day. So, how do we fight it, by not allowing it to be a factor. By focusing on teaching our children that the color of one’s skin is not what makes you. By teaching them that GOD, love, family, friends, education…these are the things that make us…and what is most important to us. White people are going to hate…not all, some…so, do we perpetuate that hate, by jumping on their band-wagon, or do we make it a non-factor? I for one refuse to allow racism to be a part of my life. I am not saying that we don’t stand against injustice, no, we fight hard against that, but small minute issues like this are unnecessary. Pick your battles, don’t let others pick them for you. Get out their in the communities that need it and make a difference.

  • Nikki

    I don’t like the way they perform some songs and simply how they get presented. No doubt that they are cute, but geez, they’re little kids! I would agree from the title alone that it would be a lot different if it were little black kids doing the very same thing that these two are doing, but no matter what skin color it is, I find it unacceptable. The problem’s deeper than the skin.

  • sisterchick

    two little black girls doing the same thing would be loved (and hated) just as much. There are plenty of people saying that Sophia Grace is loud and rude and obnoxious. I disagree completely and I think they are both refreshingly adorable. But there are both good and bad comments all over out there. It is not a race thing for most people. I used to sing all kinds of lyrics I didn’t understand as a kid. Paradise by the dashboard light; highway to hell; Rod Stewart’s tonights the night. Just because some of the songs they like are rap doesn’t mean they are making fun of black culture either. This is what is trending now on pop stations. These little girls sing all kinds of songs. It seems to me that you are trying to create drama where there is none.

  • kate

    this is stupid.. i think my little brother is just as adorable as those kids. cause most little kids are adorable, regardless of ethnicity.

  • Everyone

    I am getting so SICK of that fat honey-boo-boo wanna-be, the pair of them is getting to be unbearably annoying. Can someone tell me why they’ve been on the Ellen show so long, doing nothing but twirling around in their ridiculous tutus and getting far more things than they deserve? They aren’t cute. They aren’t precious. They’re bratty little boogers that need to go away.

  • DaTrutth

    So what? Who cares. STop being racists, its offending to the African-American ppl who are actually not what you call ‘ghetto’ and what not. You all know if Sophia Grace and Rosie were black you’d be hating and criticizing them too. Get a life.

  • If the fictitious Tamika and Shante had those adorable British accents, I’d watch and listen to them endlessly. Heck, if I had a British accent, I’d *never* shut up! ūüėÄ

  • Tim

    For one because of BAITING articles just like this…Seriously to you have Amnesia ? The Jackson 5, ABC (Another Bad Creation) Boys to Men…Does white America not go crazy over the black athletes ? Pure and simple this is race baiting at it finest….You are a moron, Nobody today is owed anything from 100 years ago…Nobody alive today ever owned a slave and nobody alive today ever was one…Go out and EARN YOUR OWN LIVING…SOME (and only some) of the black communities sence of entitlement is over the top…Stop asking for respect when everytime something don’t go your way , you riot, loot and burn your own neighborhoods to the ground

  • Guest

    Are you seriously turning this into a race thing? Ridiculous. So two little white girls do something that grabs attention and now it’s black vs. white. You really need to get a life and find something decent to write about. Clearly your creativity and imagination is lacking.

  • Wingotalasi

    i dont want to make it a racial issue,i didnt take anything by it,they were so adorable on the ellen show……………

  • Annelli

    Who knows….who cares.¬†

  • PinkLady

    When I first saw the video…my thought was what kind of parenting is this. Cute or not inappropriate regardless of the race.

  • Cecebatistuta

    the thing is the writer never said that the kids weren’t cute, she never said they weren’t talented, she never denied their abilities… However her grouse and I completely agree with her is that everybody lauds white ppl who are attuned with black culture but if the shoe were on the other foot and Sophia and Rosie were two little black kids from Brooklyn singing Nicki Minaj they automatically get stereotyped and ppl would hardly likely think that was cute even if they were as smart and cute as those little ones…. She’s right and YES It is about race!!!!

    • Miley’s Weiner Hole

      My God…So the black athletes that make gazillions compared to the white one is ok…the affirmitive action black gut who score 30% lower than the white gut but gets the job because of color is ok…..Blacks, when a legal verdict is handed down or their sports team wins or loses a National Championship, destroy everything around them…Do you think The Jackson 5 climbed to # 1 …..Sixteen times because it was only blacks buying their records….Wake up and stop taking the bait…Everyone looks the same on the inside, all have the same organs and same equipment…It how you choose to use it that makes you different….Stop try to be one who feels owed or is ” gonna gets yours”

  • chellychellz01

    I agree renee^^

  • I’ve said that least 1464068 times. SCK was here

  • renee

    because a lot of blacks are thoroughly brainwashed

  • kelsey smith

    I agree what was said in this article but when it comes to race bias we truly can’t do anything about it as black people because we have no control over the ‘system’¬†

    • Blacks are also guilty of stereotypes. WHy do I have to like Rap and not Rock because I am Black is another question. ¬†We often don’t allow our own to be either.

  • Caramelcocolove

    Little Sophia Grace’s personality is so bubbly and out there, its fun to watch. SHe is not fresh, she does not gyrate her hips in a adult manner. ¬†Id love to see little brown and black girls being cute little girls, please let us find some and put them on utube as well. ¬†Now with Willow Smith, I have seen the video of her in a club on a stripper pole. When that video surfaced, it was quickly removed, NOT age appropriate for a 11 or 12 yr old kid. ¬†I don’t think its a black or white issue, all kids are gifts from god and are beautiful. ¬†Who wants to see any kid acting out of their age bracket?? ¬†I find it entertaining. ¬†Now there is a 11 yr old black child from Staten Island singing the HELL out of Adele song, ”someone like you” ¬†they showed the commercial on the grammys. ¬† ¬†utube it.

  • If this was written as a comparison of Sophie and an example of a black little girl who is not getting equal attention and popularity I would understand.¬† But at this point its just creating a hypothetical¬† situation and comparing it to nothing.¬† Leave these kids alone its not their fault that they are sooooooo adorable and Ellen put her on blast!¬† Why doesnt Wendy Williams find a little black girl who is also super cute and put her on blast?¬†

    In fact thats my biggest problem, Black people not realising that this world is divided and it will always be divided 21st Century or not.  White people will always promote their race but black people instead of doing the same for themselves sit and complain that white people dont promote blacks, promote your own damn selves!

  • So did you people not read the entire article? Did you only focus on the part that promotes your own thinking? The woman said the kids were/are cute and that she likes them. Pointing out an issue is not creating the problem, it’s drawing attention to the problem. You act as if racism no longer exists in America and elsewhere. Haven’t you seen the behavior of people towards our President? You don’t read some the blatant racial hatred projected towards him, his wife and even his children? Wake the hell up.¬† Talking about “race” and “racial hatred” does not create the problem; talking helps codify thinking when pursed rationally and logically. They even have a TV show on ABC called “What would you do?” with John Quinones… they show how blacks are held to a different standard that whites are every single day. Search for the episode with the black and white teens stealing a bicycle. And then tell me racism is old news, and we live in a country that is “color blind” and loves all of us equally. How are you going get rid of a problem; does ignoring it makes it go away? So let me piss on your leg then and you can call it rain.

    • FAMURattler85

      THANK YOU!!!

  • Nati

    Omg. This article is so ridiculous. A positive spin would be, look how far we’ve come that two little British girls (who happen to be white) look up to 2 successful black women. It’s a new world! Grow a little. They’re 6!

  • Nati

    Omg. This article is so ridiculous. A positive spin would be, look how far we’ve come that two little British girls (who happen to be white) look up to 2 successful black women. It’s a new world! Grow a little. They’re 6!

  • Akamissj

    Who cares? Man, why does EVERYTHING have to come down to race with some people?!?! They’re cute, the end.

  • Ncn2105


    Get a life!

  • mybigkid

    I think it is about time we recognize our multi-heritage ethnicity.  We have been denying it for way too long. 

  • Kelly

    Talk about using the race card.

  • FromUR2UB

    Uhhh…I watched the Grammys for the first time in years, but guess I missed that part of the show.¬† So¬†I went to youtube to see who Sophia Grace is.¬†¬†I couldn’t help but be amused, but I didn’t get the impression that this was just a kid who did this all on her own, but has a stage mother or father driving her performance.¬† Kids are cutest when their cuteness is not rehearsed.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    it’s cute and entertaining because stuff that would be stereotypically liked only by black people is being admired and emulated by white people. why are we so quick to point out race this and race that? As long as we keep point out differences, the cycle will continue. MN enough with the if they were black and racial stories. it’s really getting tired . . .

  • Faith Skinner

    I haven’t seen any of these videos. (I’ll check ’em out after my own adorable moppets got to bed.) But whenever I see kids of any race doing provocative dances, or singing songs that are inappropriate for their ages, I dislike it.¬† Call my uppity.¬† I can’t stand it when people of any age use the N-word, either.¬† I don’t think the solution is to heap praise on our kids, when they show us they can gyrate just as well as a pole dancer.¬† I think the solution is for all of us to let childhood be childhood- and shield our kids from the things that are not age appropriate.¬† I also think we need to start posting more videos of our children learning their ABC’s, saying their prayers, excelling in academics, sports and other types of wholesome achievements.¬† In fact, I oughta post the video of my 3 year old doing math in the back seat of our family car.¬† You don’t have to agree with me, but In my opinion, things like THAT are cute.¬†

  • treacle 3454

    These Girls need to be in school (the school season is not on break as yet) and not flying cross country to be served up as entertainment. Yes, they were cute with the super bass youtube video and¬† on ellen the first time but give it a rest already. Let them enjoy their relatively ‘normal’ childhood. All this attention will have consequences (since they are so young)…..sigh!

  • IllyPhilly

    Why yall love them, get it correct.

  • guest

    Good article!¬† I couldn’t agree more with Ball.¬† White people imitating Black people has become mainstream entertainment.¬† It is almost like Amos and Andy from back in the day.¬† Black people being considered hood is seen as ignorant but when White people do it the world embraces them, even Black people watch (ie. Kreyshawn).

    • I agree. I hate Kreyshawn. What kind of name is that anyway? White people imitate us. When we do what we do, we are seen as “ghetto.” When they do it, it’s called “Oscar Worthy.” So sick of it.¬†

  • Lola21

     To all comments below yall dont understand at all . She was saying yea ok they cute but if your little cousin was to do the same thing they was doing , will it be so cute, get more publicity or would it be more on the negative side.like she to grown to be singing that song, her parents should be telling her to focus on school more,

    • Ebony Girl

      Speak normaly please

  • this is very true.

  • Joe

    Its because many blacks secretly love whites.. Many love white entertainers who do black entertainment or mimicry because of insecurity and wanting to feel that others include blacks in there lives. Its a want and a need to be accepted and many blacks feel that when whites mimick black style and entertainment that they are somehow accepted by whites or those whites.  People say how innocent that these kids are but they look so innocent, adorable and cute because they are white. I have had young black kids called ugly and not innocent looking but menacing looking yet white kids are many times called innocent and cute. You see it in court where young white child is given the benefit of the doubt whereas a young black child is not.

    • Ebony girl

      No such thing as “black entertainment” or asian or any other race

  • Choriza Rios

    It’s not a racial thing but honestly love them bc of their accent. Could be to little Asian girl with an accent and people would still like them. They are kids!

  • Katie Smith

    I have many, many female friends (and relatives) of different races, religions and cultures and to be honest it disappoints me that at the heart of nearly every women’s issue the women being promoted (white, black, skinny, fat, straight, gay etc) are nearly ALWAYS being promoted at the expense of others. It’s never: be PROUD because you are black…it’s be happy you aren’t white. It’s never: be PROUD you are gay…it’s straight people are sheep and so on and so forth. All of my friends and family are valuable and trust me when I tell you that I have all kinds, from the Nordic blondes to the deepest chocolate and it frustrates me when I see stuff like this. You should be proud of who you are no matter what you look like…because it’s what you DO and who you ARE (on the inside) that counts. These kids weren’t put on television solely because they are white. You are an excellent writer, Charing Ball, and I’d really like to see you use your talents for good.

    • Mocha C

      See Kelly’s comment below for just one reason for the overall insanity that black women deal with. Bw are the least protected women of society. They are called ugly,manish, too dark, ugly hair, undesirable,loud,unfeminine and so on and so on(I could fill this comment box). Go on youtube, read comments on articles about bw in mass media, look at all the “studies” of why we arent desireable, single and never married or something else degrading. Then return here to continue sifting through articles that feel good and work well for your needs and ignore the one’s that make you uncomfortable. You are also possibly in the wrong place to feel “in place”. That was kind of the point of this place…for black,noir, chocolate, coco, caramel women to have a place of their own. you have a buzzilion places to feel good or comfy with the articles. I get more exasperated with the gotta keep/get a man articles. This is an important subject for those of us with black children. Even if you had children with a black man, your children wont always experience what this article is discussing. I am sorry but every one doesnt write scripts like “The Help”or “The Blindside” to help those who want to feel good about helping the poor black people. Your description sounds like the “heroine” in the help. Go watch the movie.

      • AshaBee

        Whoo! AGREE!!@Smacks_hoes:disqus And let me just add that NO CHILD UNDER THE AGE OF 16 should be listening to Nikki Minaj! Cute or not! They could be just as cute singing something else. Who lets their little people listen to such a potty-mouth artist?

        THAT is the problem in ANY color.

        • AshaBee

          Um, I D K what “smack hoes” is! LOL It appeared in my post…

      • I agree. As black women we face being attacked verbally (and physically!) practically every day. We are treated like crap and are expected to grin and bear it. I am SO tired of whites, asian and other “mix breeds” attacking black women by calling us “unattractive.” Or saying that we are not desirable compared to other ethnicites and so forth. It’s time we just say F. them and hopefully create our own society. What sucks is that we have these black men to kiss the butts of non black women. We don’t even have our own men to support us.

        • Ebony girl

          umm. i agree with part of your comment, but why r u concerned about who black men like/date/marry??? It’s not like they HAVE to marry black women. Its all about finding someone you love inside and out, but people also have a preference. So if a black man falls in love with a woman who is not black that should be the least of your concerns. There are many people who love black women black, white, Asian, Hispanic.

  • While the kids are cute I do not think Nicki Minaj songs (even the milder ones) are age appropriate for any child to sing.
    And while¬†I agree this kind of article shouldn’t be about race.¬†What¬†I DON’T like is that there is hardly any regoncaition for the the young (black children) who have created and recited ORIGINAL poetry so thought provoking and poignant, and yet they receive hardly ANY accolades! How about the young teen who invented the new surgical procedure (for¬†I believe hystorectomies or some sort of pelvic operation). Or what about the all black high school who created the hybrid sports car?
    I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade.. Cute is cute and there is a place for it. But where are the articles about events and people that are truly noteworthy?
    ¬†*gets off soap box* ūüėČ

  • kadietweets

    I read the title of this article, rolled my eyes and kissed my teeth. Really Madame Noire?

    My mom made an observation yesterday, that what keeps them cute is the way they’re dressed and how innocent they evidently are. Now if they were wearing booty shorts and twerking while singing Super Bass, people would’ve sounded off their disgust. These children simply enjoy singing and performing, that’s it. And that’s what people are enjoying. Also add to this Rosie’s silent cuteness and Sophia’s loud and vivacious personality, you’ve got gold. ¬†

    If Tamika and Shante were to sing these songs in pink,green or yellow tutus, I’d absolutely tune and spend an hour of my time watching youtube clips. Also there are loads of videos on youtube of talented black kids, look up khaliyl … and there’s another little girl who has performed on stages with soca greats, and another who does remixes of contemporary hip hop songs.¬†

    I always say it’s all in the when, how and why.

    • Smacks_hoes

      Cosign 100% !!! people don’t care that their white people are more in love with sophias off the wall over the top personality and and rosies off beat yet super adorable wanna be height man self lol. It’s so cute and to top it off they dress like little princesses. I think it’s super cute and if there was two other little girls, whether black, Asian, or white, and they had the same personality I would definately check them out as well.

    • Michele

      I think KadieTweets mom hit the nail on the head.

  • Katie Smith

    This is at least the 3rd article I’ve seen from this particular author that is definitely slanted towards “I dislike white girls” and it’s kind of getting annoying. I found this site a while back and have genuinely enjoyed it and have learned a lot from it but it seems lately every time I come on here there is some article that is centered on “how much white people suck”. I love this site, I read it every day; it has a lot more going for it than other websites geared towards women and I’d hate to leave over something stupid but I’m tired of coming on here and seeing stuff like this. I have many, many female friends (and relatives) of different races, religions and cultures and to be honest it disappoints me that at the heart of nearly every women’s issue the women being promoted (white, black, skinny, fat, straight, gay etc) are nearly ALWAYS being promoted at the expense of others. It’s never: be PROUD because you are black…it’s be happy you aren’t white. It’s never: be PROUD you are gay…it’s straight people are sheep and so on and so forth. All of my friends and family are valuable and trust me when I tell you that I have all kinds, from the Nordic blondes to the deepest chocolate and it frustrates me and p!sses me off when I see stuff like this. You should be proud of who you are no matter what you look like…because it’s what you DO and who you ARE (on the inside) that counts. You are an excellent writer, Charing Ball, and I’d really like to see you use your talents for good.

    **Yes, I’m white, if that’s the first thing that anyone wants to ask and my exact specific lineage is English, Portuguese and Irish. I have red hair and brown eyes and am often mistaken for being Italian.

    I assure you that’s not why I said something. I could write a novel on the melting pot that is my family and THAT’S why I said something. Regardless of the naivete of this statement I truly believe everyone is valuable and that color doesn’t matter and the girl-on-girl criticism is only serving to perpetuate the violence and hate that is at the core of our society. I am perfectly okay with people promoting their culture and/or agenda but it needs to stop being at the expense of others. That’s the only true way to change.

    Thank you for reading.

  • Sexy416e

    As horrible as it seems, you’re 100% right you just had the courage to say it. You can’t be mad when someone is stating facts. It’s still sad though…

  • SlimKidJones

    Thoughtful piece.


    Look at the hype around Adele. SIX¬†Grammy’s¬†in one sitting for just 1 hit song and an album filled with covers. I give it to Adele she can sing but so can Mariah Carey who has received only 5 Grammy’s¬†to date…when she has recorded many timeless classics and has had a career dating back since the early 90s. But she has only FIVE Grammy’s. Whitney Houston was awarded 6 Grammy’s after all those timeless hits, amazing vocals and 2 decades in the business. But guess who never¬†miss¬†a Grammy award? Taylor swift. Her video (the one where she was jumping up and down on a bed) beat Beyonce’s¬†classic¬†Single Laddies video….what can I say….I’m 25 but I have seen it all already…..I know where my place is as a black person and I’m concentrating on me. Let them hype up their own….we will get there too.

    • EmmB

      I agree with the article but I have to disagree with the Adele comment. She is a great songwriter as well as singer. Girl, if you haven’t had a chance to buy the article, please do!

      • REGAL UK

        I live in Britain and I have listened to Adele over and over and i did say that she is talented. I have nothing¬†against¬†her one bit but the hype is too much. Our race has been¬†dominant¬†in what she does…black¬†women¬†have done it all before and when a white girl does it too, everyone will hear about it….Eminem comes to mind. MTV refused to play Tupac’s music but he inspired their favorite rapper Eminem….

      • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

        Yes she is…and not to take anything away from Adele, but if I had a chance to see either Adele or Ledisi in concert (both beautifully voiced, no gimmicks, stand at the mic and SING singers)….I’m going with Ledisi all day any day. It’s not even close. So where is the “hype” for my beautifully chocolate girl Ledisi?

        • OOOOOOOH have seen ledisi live – just me she electrifies you – same as jaguar wright and conya doss – i’m aware these are different artistes styles – but i’m into old sould styles, i agree adele can sing, but i wouldn’t go and see her live and as some people have stated a MAJOR reason she is so big is the pr machine. Same thing in other fields, fashion sports etc – not hating i live in London and appreciate her but still

      • Supersonicx40

        Adele is overrated snot

        • Ppl B Racist

          Who better in your opinion? Lemme guess? Someone aint white is better? Who white is good?

    • guest

      After learning that Whitney had 5 grammys, I thought it was a sin and a shame that Bey has earned so many when her music is far from timeless!

      • MISRA

        Whitney spend nearly 8 years without releasing an album. 


        Adele and Sophie-Grace are white, and white people support
        their talents, certified or not.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          Alot of the awards Beyonce won were for collaborations or things she did not write on her own (written by ne-yo, the dream, etc) And thats sad. Btw, did Alicia Keys win anything for her last album??? Just wondering because it was the only one i do not have of her

    • Gmarie

      ¬†Adele get’s the attention she gets (from the US) because she’s an import. In the states she has definitely had more than 1 smash hit from this album

      • Msmykimoto2u

        But to me Jill Scott, India Arie and more of our neo-soul artists are right up there on her level as far as vocals and lyrically wise so i dont understand why they arent winning any Grammys

        • BC

          I love Jill Scott and India Arie, but unfortunately, they get very little air play in the states. Again, probably due to marketing.

          • Msmykimoto2u

            I know and its sad. ANd not knocking her talent but I always wonder if things would be different if Adele was black

    • TaylorRULEZYouDrool

      Beyonce had already won how many damned awards in how many different arenas? Beyonce had her accolades. They gave a newbie, Taylor a bit of push. So what? Beyonce handled that loud mouth racist Kanye with class and grace and invited Taylor to sing with her cuz talent recognize talent. No matter the color.

      You’re racist aint ya?


    Lets put it this way, Willow Smith has annoyed a lot of folks who make comments like ”she is famous because of her Parents”, ”her parents her shoving her in our faces”, ”other more deserving singers are not getting the record deals” ”she is too young to be in showbiz”, ”she is the next MJ, Whitney etc (behavior)..”.¬†Every¬†time an¬†article¬†about Willow Smith turns up in the white people blogs, the¬†venom¬†starts spilling. They get bitter…but when these two turns up, they are like¬†aw, how cute, how adorable, future superstars” etc etc. I can go on all day….!!! So NO, if they were little black girls, they would be getting abuse and criticism the opposite of what these two are getting.

    • SlimKidJones

      I agree except Blacks are way to critical of Willow and the Smith family too.

      • kadietweets

        Thank you for pointing that out, most of the anti-willow statements I’ve heard came from the Black community

      • REGAL UK

        I have noticed that too. Like the article above mentioned….a study found that black children¬†preferred¬†white dolls to black dolls…. The same thing here, when the white man is critical of something, we follow suit so that we can be accepted or be like them. I never buy into that. I want the best for my people. I’m the first to support black movies and other black entertainers until they turn on their own. There are countless¬†little¬†white children in the entertainment industry from soap stars to movie stars…etc, but poor little Jaden smith also got his share of criticism albeit an amazing performance in his movie. Karate Kid ”it’s because of his father that he got the part, another child could have done it better…” they said.

    • Sugar_Spice

      Woooooww, these are my sentiments exactly

  • JEA

    You did it again! ‘delightfully mischievous’¬†



  • tastythoughts

    y is this about race? jeese…everything is about race? they are cute…people like them…end of story

    • Smacks_hoes

      Ahhh thank you!! I can scream!! I swear I hate race baiting articles. Mind you this article is very eloquently written as well as many of the articles on this sight but serious the race baiting annoys me until no end. I see no need to bring race into the issue. These little girls are adorable and sweet as pie! If there were two little black girls just like them I do believe they would be getting just as much shine. End of story

    • causeisaidso

      Because it is about race. The article makes complete¬†sense. We are more sensitive to our own then we are to “them”. It’s not a racist article. It is stating truths in the way that we see our younger generation. How can anyone not see that? (I am in a interracial relationship, and harbor no hate against other cultures) The truth is that little Reykiesha and Shanika would not get the same clout as these little girls. The article even lists studies that have taken place on the matter….¬†

      How would you feel if your friends daughter was rapping Nikki Minaj on YouTube? What criticisms would you have? 

      • tastythoughts

        why would i criticize a child in the first place? thats a level of ignorance that is below me..and i tend to be pretty ignorant.

        • White Trash Rollin Deep

          Cuz they wack as crack!

      • Jzbowden

        THANK YOU. These people are just plain annoying. The article just states ideas and is trying raise awareness about the subconcious thought pattern towards race. personally i think people that go out of their way to avoid race issues are FAR more annoying than actual racists. i found this article thought-provoking and i will try to be more aware to these important issues that the average person overlooks.

        • Penelope

          Ignorance and plain need to find drama and not let the race thing die. Frankly, the longer you dwell on race issues, the longer they will exist. There have been leaps forward and all you do is try to take it backward. Idiots.

      • kate

        I find it ironic that the woman even thought of race in this situation and not just see it as coincidental. If it were two black girls doing the same thing, and it got the same attention on youtube, with the same personalities and british accents, nothing would change

  • Gmarie

    who cares they’re mega cute!