What’s Your Secret? 40-Something Women Who Look 30-Something

February 13, 2012  |  
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We all pray that we’ll age well naturally. God forbid, we don’t want to turn to botox or any surgery that just makes the signs of aging even more obvious. These following celebs have nothing to worry about since many of them look about ten years younger than their actual age. They’re putting their disposable income to good use with personal training sessions and healthy diets. We didn’t include the queen of wonderful aging on this list (Halle Berry) because well..she’s an obvious choice. Here’s to the others in Hollywood that keep it youthful and graceful.

Stacey Dash

Real Age: 46

Let’s start off with the obvious: Stacey Dash. This woman was already 30 when she played the teenage character of Dionne in Clueless. She later went on to play the same character in the television series spinoff of the movie. Dash continues to look good and defy the aging process. We just wanna know – what’s her secret?

Toni Braxton 

Age: 44

It’s easy to forget that Toni Braxton is actually the oldest of the Braxton sisters because she certainly doesn’t look the part. We know why she likes young uns like Terrence J – because she basically looks just as good as the women in his thirty something age bracket.


Naomi Campbell

Age: 41

Naomi Campbell is a model and all but this “super model” has far outstretched her peers in terms of longevity. And who can blame her. She looks as beautiful as she did ten years ago.


Jennifer Aniston 


Aniston is America’s sweetheart – part of that stems from the fact that she ages beautifully and, so far, gracefully. I’m sure the fact that she has no kids of her own yet help her to maintain the stunning figure.

Taraji P. Henson 

Age: 41

One of the ingredients for Taraji’s great looks and wonderful skin is her sense of confidence and her magnetic personality – you know how you feel on the inside definitely reflects how you look on the outside. It’s not just cliche.



Gwen Stefani

Age: 42

Is it those Italian genes that keep her skin looking so great and young? Stefani keeps it ultra hip at all times.





 Kimberly Elise

Age: 44

You throw Elise into the mix and compare her to her counterparts in Hollywood and she’d automatically look 7-10 years younger than the average actress.

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  • Ladyrachey

    So weird to have stumbled on this article. Ladies, I’m 33 and white and am starting to show my age. my black friend is about 45ish and her skin is unbelievable! She is such a goddess and I think so whenever I see her, for the longest time I thought she was my age until I asked how old she was. There’s a black guy who is 60 something but everywhere he goes he gets carded for the ‘senior’ discount, he looks like he’s in his early 40s. You are really fortunate to have the beauty that you do like full lips and awesome skin!

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  • VIP


  • Animous

    The combination of beautiful Black skin that doesn’t age and taking good care of yourself is what makes these women look good unlike a lot White women who look like they are 60 or 70 by their forties. It makes me so glad that I am not White. Not all White women age badly because some of them have good genes. Look at Jackyn Smith. She looks so young and beautiful for her sixty something years. She and other White women aho age well are good examples. But yes, this  makes me proud to be Black. Go Black women!

  • muzakjunke45

    Why wasn’t Rachel True added to the list?  She get’s my vote. She was playing 25ish when she starred in the sitcom “Half and Half” and was around, if not on the 40 mark then.

  • Divanerd

    Good Genes and money.  If I had half of the money these women have, I’d look younger too!

  • uklady30

    I agree with all of them on this list except Stacy Dash. Sorry but she is starting to look haggard and most of the women on this list have had some jobs. I’m sure we’d all look 10 years younger if we had a personal chef and fitness trainer, botox and fillers. 

  • Glendaye Quinn

    Kim Elise does not look like she is her 30’s…Just Sayin’

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    Stacy dash has a grown son .. so that mess about Jennifer A not having kids has nothing to do with it, stop putting jennifer in with these ageless women because she does not fir.. janet jackson will make mincemeat out of jennifer and any other white woman in their 40’s>>

    • mscoco04

      uhm, Janet?…have you seen girlfriend without all that makeup, tugging and pulling that her team does?…I’m just saying

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    Jennifer Aninston is ugly as sin and she should not even be on there,, she is not aging well.. and she looks like an average white woman to me.. not cute at all and that nose ugh!!!

    • Love_Sexy

      I thought it was just me but she is not attractive at all. Never could understand the big fuss over her.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    Black dont crack,, thats the secret,, those good ole black folks genes is the secret.. they cant take that away from us.. they try everything else.. these blk men need to wake up and see how that white chick you are with now will wake up soon looking like you grandma!

  • SuperDuper

    Jennifer Aniston does not have a stunning figure more like stick figure and she is not aging well..chick looks every bit of being botoxed up. 
    Mariah Carey looks every bit of her age and her crows feet dont lie. It seems that the biracial women with white mothers DO NOT AGE WELL AT ALL…
    Gwen Stefanie is definitely aging.
    The black women on this list look great and Janet Jackson should be on the list for sure.

    • mscoco04

      ok, I have to agree with you on that white woman thang…they don’t age very well…in fact, they seem to at a certain point look older than the men…but I’m sorry sister, Miss Jackson does have a great “TEAM” that gets her looks in order, and for that they should be paid handsomely, because she does not thirty-something look..(love ya Janet)!

  • Courtney

    age is nothing but a number stop making a big deal out of it

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       it is a number and we can make a deal out of looking good as black women if we want too.. stfu and keep it effing wriinkly moving!!

      • Love_Sexy


  • RenJennM

    Stacey Dash is one of the baddest women in Hollywood history. Her beauty doesn’t get enough credit. She may not be the best actress, but she is gorgeous. Point blank period.

  • so_sad

    Their secret is called—Drum roll please!!!

    plastic surgery, fillers and botox injections…end of story. These are celebrities and they go for instant gratification, with the money to get it. Then when they’re interviewed they lie and say they work out 5days a week and eat healthy. LOL!

  • Noelle Denise

    I’m almost 50 and I think I look just as good, and i don’t have the money they have to assist me either. Lol

    • Love_Sexy

      That is the beautiful thing about BW it does not take alot of effort to look good. Just taking care of yourself with the bare basic is enough

    • Whateverman

       Put a picture up dennnn!

  • Pkhill

    No Janet Jackson?!?

    • REGAL UK

      Those Jacksons are self haters. They bleach their skin, have nose, lip, eye and everything jobs and Janet curls her hair to look Biracial. I know we all relax our hair and all that but these Jackson woman and men do it to pretend to be what they are not.  That Latoya Jackson is the worst of them all. It’s Rebbie Jackson and her children who are happy to be what they are. The rest of them are proper self haters.

    • Lola

      That’s the first thing I thought, where’s Janet?????????????? She doesn’t look 40 anything!!

    • Lola

      That’s the first thing I thought, where’s Janet?????????????? She doesn’t look 40 anything!!

  • Love_Sexy

    All the women look beautiful. No disrepect to Jennifer Aniston but I do not think she look good at all. She was never really attractive to me and not aging very well.

    • Anomious

      Yeah, Jennifer Aniston is not very pretty to me. She is an average looking bland White women like most of the girls I see around the street and on television. But I do think she is aging well but the only reason she is on TV, anyways is because she is White not because she is beautiful, which she isn’t by the way. Most White women don’t age very well because they don’t have good skin only some of them age well is bcause it is in their genes but most of the time it is plastic surgery. If you are right and reading this, the truth hurts but it is true!

      • Love_Sexy

        So true.

  • guest

    WHAT!!!!! no Angela Bassett??????

    • R!-GodDamn-D!culous

      Angela been 40 sumthin since the 80s Lmao

      • sweettea

        According to her bio shes 54. I hope I look that good at 54

  • Rachael

    Sunscreen. Exfoliation, Lots of Water, Vitamins and exercise! That’s it…..for the melatin blessed. I get carded everywhere because people still think I’m a teen and they think my sisters are my age.

  • They should give Nichelle Nichols an honorary mention. Have you seen that woman? 80 something years old and still a babe. www. youtube . com /watch?v=g1TGjBgkXPo

    those cheekbones… I would kill to have a face that lovely when I’m that old.

    • By the way, she’s from Star Trek. She played Uhura in the 1960’s. <3

      • Rachael

        All this time I never knew the ladies name. I just knew her as Uhura from the original Star Trek.


    It’s the Precious melanin in our skin that keeps us young for the longest time. If a black woman is stress and drug free, she is going to remain the same for decades…with a little more wisdom in the eyes. We are truly lucky in that aspect. We normally have beautiful, soft, flawless skin if we look after ourselves well. A black woman is the dream woman and any sane man knows it.

    • REGAL UK

      In that line up, I totally ignored the white women because they are not younger looking naturally. They are clearly b.otoxed up.  Just look at their pictures of just 5 years ago and compare.
      Naomi Campbell is the winner in that line up. That woman is a total babe from the hairline down. She is a black queen.

      • True dat

         “…from the hairline down.” LMAO!
        So true!

    • Kim347293

      My friend just met a chocolate man on Blackwhi’temeet.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
      It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

      • J A SASSY aka salon22

         black women rock.. blackpeople meet is the way to go.. keep it black  on black in black!

        • Love_Sexy

          You are too funny!….LOL