Madonna, Chelsea Handler and White Woman Privilege

February 13, 2012  |  

How come every time a white woman entertainer feels the need to affirm herself, it is always a person of color who has to bear the brunt of her license of liberation?

Like for instance, last week Madonna took to the airwaves to express her “disappointment” with M.I.A, international electronica-star and rebel rouser.  You see, Madonna was gracious enough to invite M.I.A, along with Nicki Minaj, to engage in a little girl power by being muted (if you count the 30-second “verse” they were allowed to spit), cheerleading bookends to Madge’s awesomeness. However, M.I.A, being the bad girl she is, decided that doing all that wasn’t enough and flipped the bird at the camera.  Tsk, tsk. According to Madonna, who gave her two cents during a conversation with Ryan Seacreast, M.I.A.’s one-finger salute was simply “out of place” at a show characterized by “such a feeling of love and good energy and positivity,” and was totally a “teenager … irrelevant thing to do.”

This is coming from the woman whose claim to fame was using taboo religious imagery in “Like A Prayer,” putting out a book of pornographic self-portraits, gyrating butt naked in the banned from MTV “Justify my Love” video and only a few years ago, engaged in a little tongue action with both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on a music station known for appealing to young viewers. Likewise, how is a 51-year-old woman bouncing around in cheerleading outfits and pom-poms chastising others about maturity and relevance?  I love Madonna but she truly has some nerve. The queen of shock is policing another woman about how she chooses to be equally daring?  Classic.

But that’s not the only thing I’m irked about. Last week, a friend of mine posted a link on Facebook with Chelsea Handler dishing about her relationship with 50 Cent, particularly the reasons behind why they broke up. According to Handler, 50 had called her wanting her to listen to a conversation with his ex-girlfriend Ciara. She said that 50 said that Ciara wanted to get back with him and he wanted Handler to listen in, and I guess, mock the poor girls pleas for a second chance.

Handler, disgusted by 50’s immaturity, decided that she had enough. But in the mix of her telling him where to go with his childish antics, Handler also let something else out the bag. According to an interview with Howard Stern, Handler said, “I think I called him the worst thing you could say to a black person short of calling him the N-word. I said something like, you’re like a street person basically. Something along the lines of being a gangster, and it was really, really offensive and I hung up and I’ve never spoken to him again.” This was followed by a laugh.

When pressed about what exactly she said that wasn’t quite “n*****” but just as bad, Handler said she couldn’t remember but said that she said something like that. “I said, ‘You have no business even talking to someone like me, and it was very mean.’”

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  • Brownie2shasta

    Black women should ignore this crap! Since I have long stopped dating black men, why care about them and white women? Such a boring tired old story…

  • Same Old Crap….Really?!?

    Unfortunately…as the article may be correct/to some wrong.  The MAIN artist was Madonna….
    Madonna invited the “others” ….along….. Madonna has done some crazy things…. But the SuperBowl is a family program.  Period.  MTV, BET, VH-1, CDs, DVDs, Radio (parental control); that is between the parent and the child…or the adult that chooses to buy Madonna’s or anyone else’s product/services.  If MIA (also known for her issues/immaturity/etc…), do it on your own time.  Nicki Minaj (also known for her issues/immaturity/etc…..and disgust), do it on your own time.  Madonna is an older woman…she had to deal with issues/immaturity also…. she was still treated different; she is Italian American. 
    People need to grow up.  Defend MIA?  Defend Nicki Minaj?  Please.  It is all publicity. 
    Waste of energy/time on defending those that chose to be disgusting/immature/etc…..
    There are many artists that are intelligent, talented, and classy that deserve attention or recognition. 
    Recognize the women and men that intelligent/talent when it comes to math/science/music/art.  Why not?  I am tired of hearing about women/men getting recognition for being an idiot/immature brat/trash/scank/whatever that is not positive.  Celebrate achievements!!

  • geoggapeach

    I love this article.Madonna picked these girl for a reason.MIA is true to herself. What she displayed at the Super Bowl is her.Madonna lip sing the whole set. So lets blame someone else about my failures.I don’t watch Chelsea because to me she a closet racist.She gets away with it because shes a comedian.It 50 centto expose her people pass this with a minimal of concern, she didnt just end their relationship she called him a n****r. THEY HAVE THE COMPLEXION,FOR THE PROTECTION,OF ANY SELECTION.

  • Lauren

    This is all very true unfortantely.  I mean if a white woman is agreesive and take charge people call her fiesty.  But if a black woman does the same, she’s angry, scary and just a b&^%. 

    Take Mrs. Obama for a moment,  I keep hearing about how unfriendly she is or how unpleasant she seems.  And I really feel like these projections are coming from people who think that she’s truly like that without taking the time to learn about her.

    I’ll ask you this, in almost every movie out in Hollywood there’s romance in the movie where a white woman is the object of affection OR is the one that needs to be rescued.  It’s hardly ever a black woman who everyone is fawning over or running to save.

    • Brownie2shasta

      Yep and the only time we saw it was in The Bodyguard…and trust, it will be another 100 YEARS BEFORE WE SEE ANYTHING CLOSE TO THAT AGAIN. Hollywood and Amerikkka HATES BLACK WOMEN.

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree 100%……You stated it very well.

  • A.J.

    I (heart) this article.  Black people, especially Black women, have been saying this for years.  It always bothers me when white women try to form some sort of solidarity with Black women’s issues, trying to put it all under the banner of women’s rights and female liberation.  What they don’t realize is that their color as well as their gender gives them a certain amount of protection in this society, one that women of color constantly miss out on.  Madonna has no call saying that someone else’s behavior is scandalous.

  • Kay

    Good article.  I appreciate someone finally pointing these things out.

  • Jodie

    Bottom Line:  White women are more vicious than men, didn’t anyone read the book, The Help!  That stuff was true and they are unforgiving when out done by a Black woman.  The problem with Madonna is that she doesn’t want to move over for the next generation.  No big surprise there – that woman, for a lack of better words, was the most vile piece of garbage during her era and now all of a sudden white folks are up in the air.  I guess they all must be republicans.

  • Hellokity_phoenix

    Don’t forget Madonna is British now too, she’s adopted an accent

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  • Kelly

    This topic that you’ve written about is great! You definitely called these two of many out on their superior complex issues.

    While I don’t feel as though you’re preaching to the choir because you have made many black people aware of what white women are capable of in our every day lives I do feel as though because M.I.a. probavly won’t release a public statement against Madonna’s word against and 50 Cent probably won’t address Chelsea’s man, black man bashing against him their superior antics will go on.

    They put themselves in this situation, he decided to date her. They decided to chant love Madonna, many black will still say I love Madonna. A very never ending cycle of ignorance and continuing superiority. Shrugs… almost like preaching to the choir.

  • Thisone96

    I agree with the article…and with last week’s post of M.I.A. being annoyed because one of her assistants were taking to long to “separate all her M&Ms”…it serves her right..

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  • Love_Sexy

    Charing Ball you wrote a great article and I applaud you for bringing this point up. I am a Madonna fan and was rather pissed off with her statement regarding MIA. She really have some nerve pointing figures at MIA yet built her entire career on using sex and shock to get ahead. To tell you the truth I would not be surprise if the whole incident was nothing but a publicity stunt that she came up with. Furthermore she may have used MIA to take the attacks so she could not be ridicule for the stunt.

  • 1. Not all white women feel “entitled” or “privileged”, simply for being white… 2. “Ho’s” come in every colour, and so do hypocrites and racists. Just sayin’. And 3. Truth Slayer, I’m white, my son and his father are white, but my best friend is African-Canadian with 2 mixed race kids, and I would defend her and her kids against ANYONE or ANYTHING trying to do them any type of harm, based solely on their race. I have in fact gotten into numerous fights (some even physical) with other white people who had the audacity to call her and/or her kids the N-word. I love her and her girls to death, and would kill for them, or die defending them, as the case may be.

    • LearnandLive

      Why are you a special snowflake? You may not feel privileged or entitled. But, guess what? You are. Stop acting as if doesn’t exist. You’re insulting your “best friend” (if she exists) with your statement. She’d feel differently.

      •  Actually, sometimes when she has a bad day, yes, she says some of the same things, but oddly enough, she realises that if it were actually true, then I would be treated differently/better than her, which doesn’t happen very often, at all. Maybe it’s simply that we live in a better, more accepting community than most of you do, or maybe it’s just because she chooses not to take everything so personally, but other than the colour of our skin, there is no difference between us, or the way most people around us interact with us. I never said once that it doesn’t exist, you’re right, it does, I was just pointing out that not all white women act like the article describes us, and it’s racism to generalise ANY race or culture based on someone’s bad experiences with a few of those types people. If you’re reading an article which ultimately concludes that some people are being racist towards others, or that some people are being judged based on a few bad apples, then how can you, logically, turn right around and do it to someone else?? Sorry to burst everyone’s bubbles, but YES, there are SOME white women who will tear you down any chance they get, but there are just as many who will build you up, if only you let down your guard, put aside YOUR OWN prejudices, and simply treat them how you want to be treated. Some of us really were raised not to see colour, believe it or not. I judge people on how they treat me, and how they present themselves, not what colour they are, or where they come from. My single Daddy raised me right.

        •  Oh, and just some BG on my family: My son is only one of two white children in his class, it’s a very diverse area, and I was raised in what some people around here would consider a “black” area, which is why I take these generalisations about white women so personally; I have always accepted everyone, unless they genuinely were mean.

          • cleva

             No matter how liberal you are, you still experience white  privilege.  Go read some Tim Wise.

            •  I guess the big difference is that I choose not to use it to my advantage, like the women you all are talking about…

              • Brownie2shasta

                It is AUTOMATICALLY used to your advantage…all of you use it, whether you know it or not…it is part of your nature to do so…

                • Love_Sexy


                •  Well, I would love it if someone could explain to me why all of my black friends are almost always treated better than me, and tend to get what they want more often and have more attention from men, as well… I think maybe this has more to do with where you live. In my area, white people are the minority, so maybe that’s why my experiences have been different. I also live in Toronto Canada, which is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. It may be different wherever you all live, but that’s ok, we all have different life experiences, and that, not skin colour, makes us who we are, and determines what our outlook on life will be like. I’m happy with my life, whether I have “white woman privilege” or not. I personally don’t think I do. That’s all I’m trying to say.

        • Brownie2shasta

          Delusional woman in complete denial…

        • ” Maybe it’s simply that we live in a better, more accepting community than most of you do,”  
          That sounds like an insult to me. How could you possibly know that?  Better yet, why say it? You are attempting to set yourself above everyone on this thread by making that claim. Even if it wasn’t your intent, your speech reeks of WW privilege. You don’t get it. You never will.

    • Brownie2shasta

      You can say whatever you want, YOU ARE WHITE, WHICH MAKES YOU PRIVILEGED!!! Believe it or not, but you are and you know it so cut the bullshit!

    • African-Canadian? What’s wrong with just saying bi-racial? Or is that how she labels herself?

  • Me

    Chelsea called him names and that was bad but you should be offended that he tried to play Ciara to a white girl.  The reason that she was outraged is because he tried to include Chelsea in his pettiness against a black woman.  You should be outraged about that.  She should have dissed him.  I am glad that she did it in the way that she did!!! 50 Cent is a C**n.

    • That is the part that bothered me the most. WW Privilege has been around since forever, but the fact that ‘Fiddy’ did something so disrespectful to another black woman to impress a white woman is the BIG problem! Many black men do the same exact thing, while at the same time empowering a white woman weak and silly enough to buy into that nonsense. I don’t care who dates who, but selling out your own race to justify your “preferences” is the badge of a self-hating, insecure, house-N! How many black men have gotten bold enough to just throw it out there that they have no love for black women? Has any other race of men ever done that? This slave mentality has gotten out of hand and while we cannot change someone else, we can boycott them. My black skin isn’t good enough? Neither are my black dollars. Deuces.

  • Truth Slayer

    Round of LOUD applause! You took all the words right out of my subconscious! I have been “feeling” this for years, always caught up in the energy but never being able to sort it all out. I agree 100% hands down!
    Handler is nothin but a white woman who taps into the slumming aspect to FEED her appetite for black man sex! When are these dumb brotha’s going to wake up and leave these heathen women alone. Now mind you, not all white women are this way, but when it comes down to it, if they were forced to pick sides not many of them would stand up for women of color. I am so tired of seeing white privilege. I am truly tired, all of these black celebrity men getting called out for abusing white women in the media now is atrocious but will they stop? Nope they just keep on letting these white women slip that monkey chain around their necks, leading them around, having their babies, taking all their money and not only raping their bodies, but their souls and minds as well. This is NOT the first white woman to speak out against a black man after rolling around in the bed with him, Terrance Howards wife takes the cake!  I am all for REAL LOVE BETWEEN ANY COLOR, but I don’t get the sense most of this between brothas and white women IS LOVE.

    The world is LOST people.. still so lost!

    I am glad you wrote this article, it took heart and I am impressed!

    • Brownie2shasta

      Oh no! Let those white hoos have them! Black women can do without them!

  • Baswifey

    F*** Madonna n Chelsea…smh…dont expect anything different from either hippocrates…

    • Dawja

      that’s ‘hypocrites,’ but i got ya…

  • devildog808

    Wow all of this coming from the queen of filthy and smut? Has senility begun to set in Magge? Remember your book, erotic music videos and tongue kissing Britney Spears at the VMAs? How was that a healthy, Wholesome display for the children to witness? 

    50 Cent has” history of degrading women” just like the long history that Chelsea Handler has of making “acceptable” racists remarks and still having black artists & comedians flock to her show on a nightly basis!

  • The Realist KC

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself #CHURCH

  • Battambelly


  • Netdandri

    I disagree. I mean, I know ww do have the privilege of acting like a slut and it being applauded whereas if someone black did the same thing they would be called a h@. But I doubt if Madonna or Chelste is thinking that deeply when they make their decisions.

    Madonna does songs with a lot of young hot stars to stay relevant. It has nothing to do with race. Madonna has a selective memory. She also said she didn’t allow her daughter to watch tv because it’s a bad influence, and that’s equally as hypocritical as the M.I.A. situation. Once again, nothing to do with race.

    • Dontcommentifudontread

      You never read the article.

    • Brownie2shasta

      Try reading the article and then come back with that noise…mmmmkay?

  • Before I rant, I just want to mention that I am in girly crush love with M.I.A. She is gorgeous! 

    Okay, now I pretty much agree with this whole article. White women have been playing these games for a very very long time. Using feminism and trying to suck in black women, thus using us as pawns in their plot to…I dunno…overthrow their men and justify their hyper sexuality. No no snow bunny. I am so sick and tired of these people exploiting us, every, single, day. I really hope black do their part by waking up and realizing how trifling and phony white women are. They can’t be trusted which is the #1 reason as to why I refuse to befriend any white women. My best friend who’s been there for me through some rough shxt is a sister and that’s all I trust. 

    • Hrdblkman

      You sound like an insecure blk woman. All off these posts do. My gf is white and in no way diabolical like you say.

      • LearnandLive

        You couldn’t say that your gf is an exception the rule. No, just had to dig at the poster by calling her insecure? Thanks for playing. You just proved the point. 

      • Imtheone

        Does she know how much time you spend online arguing with Black Women?
        Your a regular here!

      • Brownie2shasta

        Typical stupid, ignorant, bitter black boy…with a white girlfriend, yet on a black site attacking black women…wonder what your “white girlfriend” would think about how you spend your pathetic time?

    • Marlise Raubenheimer

      Dear Rosario,

      I am a white, South African woman and Rosario, I take offense at your statement:  “how trifling and phony white women are. They can’t be trusted which is the #1 reason as to why I refuse to befriend any white women.” I agree that people like Madonna, white women if you will, perform these stunts to stay relevant but for goodness’ sake, she is the last person I would want to be associated with just because she’s white! I am not ‘phony’ and, according to the Encarta Dictionary, I am definitely NOT “insignificant, trivial, or of little value”. I think this article is spot on and when Charing Bell writes:” it is always a person of color who has to bear the brunt of her license of liberation?” she could not be more accurate. I do, however, believe that this article does not refer to every white woman on earth and perhaps it was not meant as a Let’s-Trash-White-Women-In-General piece. 
      I am not expecting you to befriend a white person but please remember that we are all God’s children and statements like yours only serve to widen the acceptance gap.

      Kindest regards.

      • Brownie2shasta

        Oh really? You wouldn’t give up your white privilege if your very life depended on it…

        • Marlise Raubenheimer

          And you are the resident expert on my “white privilege” in SA? Well traveled are we? Troll much?

  • Rastaman

    It took a lot of words to conclude that Madonna and Chelsea Handlers are users/capitalist.   I could congratulate the writer but any close viewing of western culture plainly reveals that explotation is the cornerstone of this society.   That whole “trickle down” economic theory is nothing but each social/economic group exploiting the one below for profit.   I am not going to get on the blame the white woman band wagon because why should they be different from anyone else in their pursuit to to get ahead. 

    Many of these performers of color are not above exploiting their own racial/ethnic group for profit, rating or publicity.  That is what the rappers do in their exploitation of black women in their videos and their music and women do it to each other in their pursuits regardless of color.  Folks are going to always pimp others if they can.  Plus many of us allow ourselves to be pimped so we can get into the position to pimp the other person coming up.  

    The fact that Rock music can go from a majority black art form to a majority white art form in 60 years is representative of good old American capitalism at work.  So we can attempt to peddle these fallacies of fairness but the truth is the system is set up to capitalize on others labor unfairly. 

  • Crimjust

    First of all white women have always been able to be seen as the virtuous ones although we all know the truth. A great number of black men see her as the ultimate goal while putting the black woman down and making it seem like she is the worse being on earth. Secondly, the white woman is stupid enough to believe it and goes around spouting her disdain for the black woman and sending a message loud and clear that the black woman is a sad and pathetic creature of doom Chelsea and Madonna are indicative of this type of ignorance. Has anyone ever wondered why they try to be us, butt implants, lip implants, breast implants and tanning is all in an attempt to look like us but they are grateful they are not us so the next best thing to do is to insult us. The black woman regardless of how educated she is and how far she has come and will go will always have various women of other racial backgrounds insult us because that is all they can do. Those of us who try to look like them only gives credence to their claims. Our strength is in our faith and we know who we are and those of us who don’t need to search themselves and get it together and stop allowing yourself to be morally bankrupt. Believe it or not some black men use us more than any other will this of course is because of their own insecurities and ignorance case in point Bow Wow and 50 cent along with many others.

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree with you 100%………You summed it up so very well.

    • Monitorette

      agree with you, except on the fact that big butt / big breasts / big lips are features only specific to Black people. As far as Europe is concerned, Italian women and Spanish women are famous for hawing those, many Slavic women too

      a reader from France

  • icanbutiwont

    LOL @ Madonna talking about out of context behavior! hahaha MIA ALL DAY!

    It is what it is, if Madonna runs around in public naked she is somehow empowering women and perpetuating gay pride. *someone just please explain this to me. please*

    Now if lady of color tries that black or latina. ho ho houston we’ve got a problem a ignorant crazy woman is violating our conservative morals, o my god I, I think her hair is nappy…CALL FOR BACK UP!

    The white woman is the darling sheep of our world and must be protected from bad press, judgement and most of them darn mandingos running around. O no societies angel can do no wrong because she couldnt possible harm not even a itty bitty fly. She’s so precious.

    Message to black women and BLACK MEN especially raise well informed children with a comprehensive sense of self and the implications of racial interactions in a society with a history such as that of the united states.

  • Phd written material!

    EXCELLENT! havent read such great stuff in a while. 

  • Ru

    Charing Ball.  You are amazing. That is all.

  • WeWe

    Sometimes I wish I was born white. But a beautiful white woman not a ugly one.

    • lima


    • Msmykimoto2u

      I feel so sorry that you feel that way. Hopefully one day you will learn to love who you are because being white is not going to make things better for you trust me

      • Kashbmaryd

        Clearly you don’t know what it’s like to be black. But I agree with the first half of what you said.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          Clearly I do since ive been black since ive been born. But just because you are white does not mean that you wont be living on welfare or using food stamps and that other white people wont look down on you if you are not to their standards. Notice how white people call each other white trash all the time. Best thing for you to do is to show them that who “you” are is just as good as them if not better

          • Brownie2shasta

            White privilege makes it better for whites, no matter if they are on food stamps or not…WHITE PRIVILEGE has real power.

      • Brownie2ashasta

        Actually being white would make things better…after all…it is easier being white.

    • Lol troll much?

    • The Realist KC

       You CLEARLY have issues that you need to work out if that’s the case. I feel sorry for people like you!

    • Brownie2shasta

      You can be an ugly white woman and still have the same privilege.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Blah blah blah….

  • LiiSH

    Word to Charing Bell… This was a dern nice article. You hit the nail on the head.

  • LisaLuvless

    Charing Bell.. : starts clapping : Not only did I find your opinion well said,but I agree. Starting to have a little hope in this site again.

    • LisaLuvless

      : brace face : My bad, Charing Ball. Hey hey hey,Give me a break,you had a couple spelling and word errors in there too!