Does Beyoncé’s Loreal Campaign Offend You?

February 14, 2012  |  

L’Oreal and their spokeswoman Beyoncé are making headlines again. (The company who was once accused of excessive lightening the singer’s skin.) Now people are pointing the finger at how Beyoncé chose to identify herself.

Some are taking offense to the fact that instead of listing just African American, Beyoncé mentions the fact that she’s Native American and French.

The argument is that it’s assumed that black people in America (and across the world, really) are by default a mixture of several ethnicities, so why take the time to highlight your non-black heritage.

Others speculate that this is much to do about nothing.

What do you think? Should we be offended by the way Beyoncé chooses to identify herself or is this ad indicative of black people taking pride in being anything but black?

Read what people have to say about this topic and get a full analysis of the controversy at

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  • Dayra Marrero

    I liked the face of the mother of Two and a Half Men.   It was really beautiful.   Dayra

  • Ladyargonna

    I think it’s awesome she’s identifying with *all* of her heritage, not just the African-American part! There’s no such thing as a pedigree for human beings, anyway, so who gives a rip?

  • Ladyargonna

    I think it’s awesome she’s identifying with *all* of her heritage, not just the African-American part! There’s no such thing as a pedigree for human beings, anyway, so who gives a rip?

  • no because truth be told she originally is a louisianian we are all born of that background, not offended we embrace it

  • Mstrssoso

    The add doesn’t upset me at all… the fact that she decided to work for L’Oreal again is highly disturbing. L’Oreal was convicted of racial discrimination and has also been outed for digitaly lightening the skin of ethinic models/celebrities.

    Please read:

    I don’t care what Beyonce’s genetics are made of, I care about what her morals are made of. Way to show people that all things have their price.

  • Tt_200321

    Everyone has their own opinion, however I can’t see why anone would be offended. First of all if people didn’t notice Beyonce is not the only person with a Loreal ad that reveals the persons nationality. No one seems to realize Aimee Mullins also had one too revealing her as Irish, Austrian, and Italian. Jennifer Lopez has one saying she is 100% Puerto Rican, and a few others have the same commercial. It doesn’t matter what they are it’s just advertisement!!!! Get off your freaking high horses pricks…Besides I don’t know why it’s such a big deal they listed her as African-American first!! This is ridiculous people can only find the bad in every god darn thing SMH. Just for confirmation i’m African and Native-American and I hope someone is offended!!! LMBO

  • Honey4978

    the point of the add is that with a bunch of different ethniticies in your background, your skin color isnt going to be the same as everyone else out there! So the make up company is telling you that you can find a cover up for your skin color no matter what you are mixed or not. Why would people see any more than that? Who cares what she puts as her background, thats not the point of the add.

  • Chocolate_Star

    I’m not offended but I’m tired of hearing about her and don’t really care about her heritage.

  • ABoogie

    who CARES?

  • :/ Only thing I thought was, “Oh, she’s Native American too?”
    THAT’S IT. Wasn’t the point of the ad to show that they had all kinds of shades to go with all kinds of races/mixes? I got nothing out of that commercial about her “taking pride in being anything but black.”
    Taking it WAY out of context.

  • WhateverNG

    I am not offened because my heritage is the same. She is creole so what is the big deal ? Yes Christine they are digging too hard as always.

  • Christine Chigbu

    Not offended. You’re digging here.

  • Bella

    I gave up on this chick a long time ago, so I couldn’t give a f*ck what she does.

  • yes I am offended . I am tired of Black ppl not being proud of who they are. Its like every like skin chick that lie and say she mixed with Puerto Rican. Be proud of who you are or dont expect us to support you. These famous ppl get so famous their head is in the clouds. They start thinking they are white. And then when they get into trouble and catch a little heat i.e. (O.J. Simpson, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Micheal Jackson) Then they want to run back to us For support. Wait till a scandal hits they a**. And all the white ppl around abandons her. WATCH HOW QUICK SHE WILL BE SAYING SHE IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN…  

  • Bram

    When will this absurd “offended by how so-and-so defines themselves” finally end?  Some black folk are just obsessed by how they should be  defined, addressed, and identified that it’s become creepy.  No other race of folks I know of takes offence so easily, particularly where one tries to recognize other racial/cultural influences beyond black, or “African-American”, which by the way is a whole ‘nother stupid topic.  Grow up, people!

  • Bevm924

    perfect ex… My sons father is Dominican and very dark , Im Salvadoran and very white, our son is light brown with curly soft hair and he looks like a tan Asian with curls! lol he is so beautiful! since me and his father are Hispanic and born in the east coast what do you consider him to be should he say white or black or point out that he has Salvadoran Dominican Spanish and indigenous blood? who cares as long as he is proud of who he is and is … we are in school in Oregon right now and most Mexicans assume im white and most white people here assume im Mexican and assume my baby’s dad is African american. Salem has no diversity and no culture and assume everything here is black white or brown and most likely they will assume my son is Mexican or black does that mean his L’Oreal ad should be what most people around him consider him to be? MOST DEFINITIVELY NOT

  • Bevm924

    deff not everybody should know thier family history and heritage and the ones that do should be proud of who they are and where they came from… also this is a cosmetic brad they want to emphasize how well the makeup works for all skin types and ethnicties. some uptight people who try to argue for no cause should find something better to argue about like what about the global depletioon of our fresh water! yea people we are running out of water and worse there are companes like veolia and nestle to nname a few you might know yea these bastards actually own water… lakes rivers etc in bolivia they were actually not allowed to collect rainwater because a u.s water company claimed the exclusive right to all the water in bolivia and this led to a civil war! go complain and get angry about that!

  • kmn

    She looks like she is of mixed heritage, so it’s not like it’s a surprise. I mean, look at her mom! And this seems to be the 1st time she’s acknowledged it. Most black people shout their mixed heritage from the roof tops. Why be offended?

  • Annelli

    I have Native American in my blood line as well….thus the high cheek bones…..just leave this woman alone. Now when she does do some crazy stuff, people dismiss it, but when it’s something as simple as this ad, they are all over her. SMH. 

  • Lexy_kenni

    she is creole! I am also and proud of it.. It is a creole thing.. you guys wouldnt understand!

  • I wouldn’t be offended at all. She is paying tribute to her mothers side of the family that are Creole! Just like she named her clothing line Dereon. It was to keep that connection with her Creole heritage. 

  • i’m not offened at all. revealing her ethnic background works into the pitch of the ad. at least, that’s what i took from it. as we all know, black women and other women of color have a hard time finding foundations that match our various skin tones and colors.

  • i’m not offened at all. revealing her ethnic background works into the pitch of the ad. at least, that’s what i took from it. as we all know, black women and other women of color have a hard time finding foundations that match our various skin tones and colors.

  • stephanie

    Offend me? No. It’s just unnecessary…and, in some ways, pathetic…you know? Yes, she’s pathetic. Always repping that 0.3% french blood.’ Sure, it’s fine to acknowledge a blood line? But who in the hell would brag about a lineage that was begat out of RAPE! I mean, really? LOL
    The girl is not even creole. She’s ‘of creole descent’ and here she is running around acting as though she’s half-half. I have a white g-g-grandfather and a white grandaddy on the maternal side. I’m not unique. This is black america. I’m not making a big ‘thing’ of it. Ugh. She’s so f’ed up…. The more that I see of this woman, the more that I just dislike her. She’s, like, the most ‘air-headed’ black woman in creation…I swear.

  • I think what he’s saying is valid to a point. If no one knows how to solve d[(x^2)/3x] then we cant create the program to solve it. It is essential to learn the fundamentals of each subset of mathematics (algebra calculus) so that people do know how to do it.

  • emm

    where are all the comments?

  • J Bianca Jackson

    I’m offended that people think that it’s wrong to acknowledge the total of one’s heritage. Moreover, all of the spokeswomen for this campaign break down their ethnic origins.The point of the commercial is to show that beauty comes from everywhere and to be proud of it.

  • B.

    I am not offended by Beyonce’s loreal ad but i am offended by jennifer lopez’s. Her commercial lists her as 100% Puerto Rican. PUERTO RICAN is not a race! I think that Beyonce was embracing everything that she is and J. Lo was simply trying to deny the fact that as a Puerto Rican she is a mixture of African, Native and White…i mean look at her a** for God’s Sake! 

  • uniquefashionista

    When I first saw the commercial, it threw me for a loop. It threw me bcause I didn’t know, not because I thought she was trying to be something she wasn’t. Then I saw JLO’s and it said 100% Puerto Rican. It made me think about researching my ancestors to see what I could learn about my history. I think the commercial is doing what it was meant to do, to make people pay attention. We all should know that people are always gonna have something to say when Beyonce is the topic.

  • Am3lya_tandi

     it’s assumed that black people in America (and across the world, really) are by default a mixture of several ethnicities” that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! I’m Bantu and I’m 100% sure that I’m not mixed with anything.

  • I don’t think anyone who isn’t jealous would be offended, she is African American YES but people think because she is she has to be black…she is not a black woman. It is like people get angry when an African American woman looks lighter…who cares she can look however she wants and present herself in whatever way she wants to.

  • Clearly most Black people in America are not 100% African, this is clear. But most of Black people in America also probably do NOT know directly what they are mixed with. So why would you state that you have some Native American blood in you if you’re not sure? That sounds stupid which makes it an invalid argument. Like me, Beyonce knows her lineage pretty darn well. My grandfather on my mom’s side was full Indonesian, my grandmother on my dad’s side was full Irish. Why would I NOT acknowledge that? Thats a slap in the face to those relatives that came before me. I will be seen as a Black girl, and that is what I primarily identify with, but I will not mask the other half of my ancestry that is so clearly defined just to appease some idiots that think I’m ashamed to be black. 

  • Nina Dashotta

    Hell yeah I’m offended!! Because MN feels I should be offended by what someone else identifies themselves as. It’s an insult to my job applications….*rolls eyes*

  • Shaneebabychick

    She’s part creole which is a mixture of all those races plus Spanish…she should not go around claiming that she’s part French and part Native American becasue she’s part Creole thats a mixed race!

  • Pianoprincess27

    No one asks to be a certain race.  What’s the big deal?  The world still sees her as African-American or Black.  If you have a mother of a different race and a daddy that’s black, you’re going to be labeled as black.  We’re talking about Beyonce here people, she’s not the average black woman; anyone can see that another race is dominating in her ethnicity besides black, so why hide that side?  Look at her mom for goodness sake!!  I’m done:-)

  • Akosua123

    beyonce ye kwasia

  • mybigkid

    Its about time black people openly recognize their heritage. We are not nor have we ever been ethnically one dimensional

  • Justsayin

    *sigh…  we all african +  native american and french… or native and dutch… or native and british… that is what being an African American is.. All African American descendents from the transatlantic slave trade are multiracial, but we all dont look like white women. that is all.

  • mscoco04

    Black, White, Yellow, Red….yada, yada, yada….does it really matter?…we’re all HUMANS!!!…there’s beauty in variety…

  • cleva

    I’m not offended. 

    I think we as black people are still caught up in the “one drop” rule which was put in place to separate out some of massa’s offspring and classify anyone with so-called “one-drop” of black blood must be identified as black  This is an American issue. 

    Now….on the flip side, LOREAL has always been accused of lightening up Beyonce, making her blonder and whiter looking.  THIS is something I do take issue with both LOREAL and Beyonce. 

  • Jhades6

    im exactly what she is myself, African American, Native American – Cherokee and Chipwaa, Creole, and Asian and i am quite proud of all my heritages. is it me or do Americans of African descent only dwell on our so called blackness? the world knows she’s black but she like myself know were just a little more also.

    • mybigkid

      its not you. its the society we live in.  We allow people to set rules for us and we just follow like little soldiers.  “They say we are black” we say “ok”

  • Sagacious902

    The purpose of the commercial is that no matter your shade, heritage or undertone there is a color for you. And the people who are upset or so ignorant. Also note that Beyonce is not the only one who has an ad for the makeup. Do your homework. Smh

  • Markofbeauty

    Dang, she listed African American first and some people still got a problem?? Get over yourselves. She is what she is and very beautiful at that.

  • MixedUpInVegas

    There is no offense to be taken from those of us who have Creole mothers–French-speaking Creoles who have also passed down the language and the French culture to us.  There is history and pride to be taken from that.  It is not “dodging” our black blood, simply adding to it a unique aspect.

    I get so weary of hearing that mixed people are “confused” and have a hard time in life as a consequence.  Far from it.  We have a unique perspective, an additional language upon which to draw and and outlook that expands on the black experience in America.

  • geoggapeach

    When I look at my family reunion pictures We have the darkest brown to real blond hair blue eyes full lips.Loreal doesn’t have make up for the darkest of brown.Loreal still dividing and conquering.Beyonce isnt the problem.

  • Guest

    the actual phrase is “much ado about nothing” not “much to do about nothing”

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  • RBen

    The issue should not be with Beyonce but with L’Oreal.  The ad chooses to highlight her race in an effort to market its foundation/makeup to women of all color.  However, I will take issue with the privilege afforded to White people when it comes to disclosing their race. They don’t have to share their cultural/racial identity.  As African Americans and people of color, we are always forced to be “Black” or forced to identify as something.  Think about when we see Jessica Alba or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you wonder “what they are” and make efforts to identify their background.  People take issue when a Black person identifies as something other than Black.  I can only echo the previous comments by saying this is how she chooses to identify herself.  L’Oreal has simply taken her identity and used it as a marketing tool.  

  • Jen

    I’m not offended at all.  There are thousands who have the same lineage as she does, but our names aren’t Beyonce and Loreal isn’t asking us.

  • I think that is is fine for her to identify her full heritage. What is wrong with that? She is creole. By definition creole is African American, Native American and French. How do I know because that is what I am. And I proud of all of me not just my black heritage or my native heritage etc.  When I go to my family reunion we are all there Black, Native and White. We were made in the USA which means we are unique, beautiful, and more American and anyone else. Our Native American heritage make this our true home!!!  Finally when you eat a cheesesteak you identify the cheese and the steak that’s what makes it soooooooo darn good! Variety is the spice of life!!!

  • Msgordon33


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  • iyanna

    It offends me when INSECURE people attempt to speak for me and my entire race on how I feel and why I should feel that way. The bottom line is, Beyonce could walk across the street and the same envious souls would find ten things wrong with it. Do better and you may feel better.

  • Lauren

    Offended is the wrong word.  I’m sad that in order for her to appeal to other audiences Loreal feels the need to use these sales tactics. 

    I actually don’t even understand what her heritage has to do with selling the product?  Does Loreal work better for people who are 1/64th French? 

    When she fills in one of  those government forms does she add in the extra ethnicities?  Who cares?

    Offended isn’t the right word.  Disappointed in their poor advertising skills.

    It isn’t offensive because that is what she is; but it just seems she’s going through strange lengths to show that she’s not just African American as if there’s a problem with that.

    • HansiCabo

      Of all these comments, I think you’ve said it best and what the true issue should be….Loreal’s poor advertising. The other issue is irrelevant as to what she considers herself. 

      It’s the advertising that perpetuates a divisive cloud among people of color.  Shame on Loreal!

    • HansiCabo

      Of all these comments, I think you’ve said it best and what the true issue should be….Loreal’s poor advertising. The other issue is irrelevant as to what she considers herself. 

      It’s the advertising that perpetuates a divisive cloud among people of color.  Shame on Loreal!

  • anonyme

    Why should the truth offend anybody, the majority of black people claim (brag) to have anything and everything in their lineage so why her telling the truth offend you atleast hers is recent. Gtfo MN. I’m really starting to dislike this site with the name I thought it was a black woman empowering site but more like the rest of black sites gossiping and tearing each other down is what they do best. Bey does more black woman empowering than this fake a** site who shove white men down black women throats.

  • flykiss121

    I’m not offended at all. Those distinctions highlight the undertone of her complexion. Some of us have a yellow undertone, some red, some olive, like me. The mix does make a difference.  

  • Sugar_Spice

    Beyonce’s family is “creole of color” which are mixed race people that generally include European &/or Spanish ancestry as well as African American & Native American.  She isn’t lying, this is what she is.

  •  how is that? she is nothing but African American. first her mom is only
    HALF Na & fr. so how can she be half Na & fr too. that’s like
    saying Alicia keys is Jamaican and we her mom is. its just
    scientifically inaccurate.

  • FedSec

    “Should we be offended by the way Beyoncé chooses to identify herself or is this ad indicative of black people taking pride in being anything but black?”
    These are our only choices–two negatives? Why shouldn’t Beyonce be proud of her Native American and French heritage?

    My people come from the West Indies and Central America. I identify as Black with Hispanic heritage. I want to honor ALL of my ancestors.

  • NikkitaMichelle

    I would have thought she just would have said Creole, but other than those from Louisiana mainstream America probably is not familiar with the term.

  • Tall_gurl5

    Beyonce could fart and some-one somewhere would want to crucify her for it. Leave her alone, ppl!


    Not offended at all.  I always claim my “other” heritage as well…  we are who we are.

  • I’m kind of offended you brought this up. As a child in school, though I was interracial, I was told by teachers that if I have 1/16 black in me I was considered black. This did not sit well with my (Italian) father and of course I was told to take no such part in the labeling. I believe L’oreal’s aim was to show no matter your skin tone; they have a foundation for you.  As I said before you de-value the whole cause by getting pissed over this MN.  

  • Ebonydiva82

    No. I don’t find it offensive that Beyonce’s listing her heritages. Each individual should have the freedom to identify how they want if that it what they are. She’s not claiming to be something she is not. Multi-ethnic individuals are one of our society’s fastest growing populations. Why be ashamed? There are plenty of non-black multi-ethnic individuals who proudly celebrate who they are without being shamed.

  • JessicaKA’OIR

    I’m not offended but why was she picked as the representative of the African-American skin tone in the first place?? I’m sure there’s alot of non blacks that could wear the shade she has on and majority of African-American, British Caribbean (as I am) etc. are no where near her shade! 

  • Breyanna Broughton

    I swear yall make everything about her seem wrong! If you’ve seen the damn commercial you would understand. The message is that the make up is formulated to fit every woman. Not every woman’s skin tone is the same and your lineage has a lot to do with your under tones. HER MOTHER IS CREOLE. Hell, some of yall try to claim being Cherokee just because your great great Grandma was but never seen an Indian in your damn life. Stop hating on the damn girl.

  • BeautifulOne0502

    I could give a damn about this chick..i dont know why people take so much of their time to analyze everything this girl does….#getalife

  • tastythoughts

    eyeroll….damn we so freaking sensitive as humans lately….if she is a mix of those three whats the problem

  • mdw785

    All these people swearing up and down that they have Native American blood or “Indian” in the family remind me of the interview Skip Gates did when he was tracing several Black celebs ancestry and how surprised they were esp. since they were sure and w/o a doubt “mixed” with Indian.,2

    Most of us have little to no Indian and are just plainly mixed with white. And I went to college in NOLA and while there are many shades of people who have Creole heritage not every light-skinned person has that mixture (as they thought I did, which I initially refuted and only learned was true after meeting my paternal grandmother). All that was said more in turn towards some of these comments than Bey. I’m not a stan but I am a fan. Nothing wrong with her listing her heritage but is kind of like, “DUH!” I mean what black person who’s ancestors were a part of the diaspora ISN’T “mixed”? I have a problem with the issues people have with being “just” black. There are also a lot of white people with black blood but you will never catch them rushing to list that! Chew on it…

  • Netdandri

    I’m surprised that more people aren’t offended remembering how black folks wanted to fight Tiger when he basically said the exact same thing.

  • Carm

    Beyonce has always identified as an African-American woman but has also acknowledged her Creole heritage in the past which is no problem. But what Im wondering is what does her lineage have to do with the makeup. Its like Loreal is indicating that Beyonce is of a lighter skin tone because of her racial background when someone could easily have the same lineage as she does but have a darker skin tone. I mean I dont know thats just what I got from it.

    • Carm

       Or Beyonce is indicating that

    • Monitorette

      This person with the same lineage but with a darker skin colour can easily be found : her sister Solange….
      By the way in this ad, the hair color of the Beyonce wig (or relaxed hair ) is blond , which always makes the person looking more light. The advertisers AND BEYONCE have obviously and PURPOSELY erase somehow the African features.  For once, she could have kept the curly hair that she inherited from her African ancestors!

       a reader from France

  • Phillysdymond04

    People are only acceptive of what she said because of her skin color really. At the end of the day she is black. Her father is black and her mother is of mixed heritage. If I myself being dark skinned told someone that I am african american, hispanic, native american, and irish, they would argue me down even though it is true. People believe that because of my dark skin I can only be african american. At the end of the day in america they only see skin color. That’s why I only identify myself as black to end all these discussions.

  • Not At All

    ummmmm no but I would def be offended if she didn’t

  • Ally

    I’m not offended & I dont think that anyone is.
    However it does sound a bit rediculous for that to be listed for the purpose of the ad. Anyone of African decent in America can say they are multi ethnic (over95% in fact) but like others have already commented before me I am kinda rolling my eyes at this. I grew up on this era so i know there are many reasons behind asserting how many ethnicities are in your genetic makeup but personally my rule of thumb is if you cant name that white or native american ancestor dont bother mentioning it regularly, its kinda weird to me. Like when people say the speak spanih but couldn’t hold a conversation with a third grader, just be careful not to overstate it.

  • Sigh

    With some black people your not allowed to acknowledge your ancestry.
    A lot of insecurity in the black community , which is understandable.
    But just because beyonce and  many like her  know who they are and acknowledge their heritage doesn’t mean its an attack on “blackness”

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    beyonce’s french creole isn’t that what she is by definition? why do some black people always get offended and threatened by non black situations related to blacks?

  • Rochelle-jackson

    Why should people have a problem with this. That is who she is and she should not feel like she should ignore the rest of her heritage

  • OhNoYouDidn’t

    Personally I think it’s hilarious that the more fame black celebs get, the less black they all of a sudden are. You’re not just black but black/indian/russian/hawaiian/swedish/chinese/egyptian. I think it’s ridiculous to list yourself as another race because your great-great-great-great grandfather was something else. At the end of the day Beyonce your black, get over it.

  • The overall message of the commercial is saying that their foundation will not only cover your initial ethnicity, but the underlying tones as well, which may not have the same tone; thus giving us our varying skin colors. People are offended because? Ugh, this is over a bunch of nothing. 

  • Cosmiclifeline

    No this does not bother me. Cause as history may teach us Black Americans are mixed with different ethnicity that half of us dont know what we are mixed with.  So if she is proud of her background than so be it. Me: African American, Native American, Creole and who knows what else!

  • LackOfLaughter

    It’s just hard to believe cause she’s always wearing wigs. But u know these grown asz stans will stomp u for having an opinion lol get laid bishes.

  • Canadian kat

    We don’t identify people by color that is something that is only done here in America. In most countries you are identified by your heritage which is generally not a trending topic we fancy much. To be offended by this would be ignorant. To not acknowledge All of your heritage would be offensive. Why allow people in this country restrict you to a color? Many of my friends from Africa find humor when Americans identify themselves a African Americans, instead of just Americans because that’s what you are mainly a melting pot of different cultures your not a color. Nevertheless were beautiful what ever you choose to identify yourself as that’s what’s important.

    • Pinkygirl

      Really who cares what Africans think…..I’m a Cosmetics Counter Manager and they buy makeup 3 shades lighter so believe me they are (blank) up and brain washed also please believe…they hate their color what a shame….and if you give them the correct shade they say oh no it makes me look darker I’m like really how much darker can you get then Fashion Fair’s Teak be proud of the beautiful shades we have regardless of where your from…..yes that includes you guys from the Caribbean who like to think your something different #IJS

      • Smacks_hoes

        Your comment was ignorant …why are you so offended by someone stating their opinions. The comment Canadian kat made was very true and made sense. Btw what was the point of the whole comment about Africans wanting makeup 3 shades lighter bit. It was a pointless comment and quite rude.

      • anonyme

         God what an ignorant mofo you must be and how you became a manager must have something to do with you laying on your back. And your user name is ‘pinkygirl’? enough said

  • Why on earth would anyone be offended with her stating her heritage. It’s what she is!

  • Mia

    The fact that we all our mixed, makes the highlighting of her mixture odd. My Dad is full Native American yet I identify myself as a black woman. If Beyonce takes the weave out of her head, lose her millions and commit a crime, do you think the police and the news media are going to take the time to mention her racial makeup? Probably not. She will be just another black woman

  • Love_Sexy

    I am not a Beyonce fan however I see nothing wrong with her revealing the other ethnicities in her background…….I don’t see the big deal.

  • Amija

    If it’s a given that African-Americans are mixed, what is wrong with just listing African-American?  Loreal uses Beyonce in their ads to get African-American women to buy their products so why not have a African American woman in their ad?  Black women you better watch out!  Ain’t gone be no black women left!

  • WyomingG

    What kind of French is she, since she identified what type of american she is.

  • Datielee

    OMG,I want to share a news to you. My best fríènd ,she just has annóuncéd hér wēddīng wīth a rich mān who is a cèlèbrìty !They mèt via~~~~Mix ed SinGle…Сσм ~~~~ is the lārgēst and bēst clúb for rich man with yung and beautiful woman and theìr àdmirèrs to chát ōnlìnè. You do nǒt hávè to bê rīch ór fāmóùs. ,bùt yōu cān meēt yóùr trùē lòvê , It’s wòrthy ǎ try!

  • kickash

    it is dumb for anyone to be offended by this. if you watch the commercial its about how her heritage makes up her skin tone and undertones. she is french and native american and its part of her culture so its only stating facts

  • Jaytee

    What does Beyonce do that doesn’t offend people….it’s just hilarious and sad at the same time.

  • Desmari90

    I don’t think its necessary to mention some mixture unless you’re immediately biracial. I have two light skinned parents with mixes from all over, but guess what, they identify as Black which makes me Black. 

  • GeauxGumbo

    Being from Cajun Country, her mom is a Louisiana Creole, so she is definitely French, Spanish and Black. Perhaps her Paran in Native American. Who knows and who cares! 
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!” 

  • J’Nel

    I think the offense comes in when people thing she’s distancing herself from African American. A lot of people were upset with Tiger Woods about his distancing. But to each its own. I feel everyone should trace their roots.

  • Elieca

    The fact that she claims she is french (and creole) as an ethnicity bothers me. French is a nationality not a race, Im from the caribbean and creole is a language ( a mixture of french and other dialects) for example there’s haitian creole, saint lucian creole, guadeloupean creole (etc.), maybe it’s an american thing but in the west indies creole is certainly not a race. 

    • imahrtbrkbeat

      From one West Indian to another, thank you!

    • Wish people would realize this. Sigh…

    • Netdandri

      In America when they call somebody Creole it means they have a mixture of French, Black, and Native American. It’s common with people who have a family history in Louisiana.

      • Netdandri

        and I think Spanish mixed in, too.

      • Soleil

        This could only be in America. In my Caribbean country Creole is a dialect not a race like someone said. If anything isn’t she Cajun?

    • shea2shy

      In Belize Creole is a culture.. I’m creole we’re of african and European descent and we also speak Creole. We’re West Indians too

  • Poetofwater

    If you are offended by this take a moment to look within yourself and ask why? You may be projecting your own insecurity.  If she is honestly mixed of all those races, then she is being honest and proud of all  the races within her blood. I think it takes confidence and maturity for people to accept who they are and not try to be what others expect or want them to be.  Its time we stop trying to put labels on others. Many individuals of mixed races tend to identify with one race more than the other, and that’s also their personal choice.  Beyonce is beautiful.  I am multiracial myself, but I identify with being a West Indian woman since culture and heritage is what’s important to my beautiful people of the Caribbean.

  • that is what she is. blacks today aren’t 100% black, either.

  • Amy

    why she frontin’ ? French? she know she Haitian.

  • MsDivine1

    who cares ?! anyone who’s offended, needs to get a life.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    She is what she is which obviously isnt all black. Atleast she put African American first. I dont like her but thats a stupid reason to be offended about

  • Candacey Doris

    Why should it bother anyone? Almost no black people in the Americas can say they’re not mixed. My family tree is all over the place and i’m very much a sum of my different heritages. It can make finding yourself on the makeup color scale hard and the commercial actually made me think about trying it out. People need to get over themselves, especially the self appointed black police.

  • Elegance

    I don’t think it’s offensive. Yes, many African American’s are of mixed heritage, but do they know for sure what their heritage is? I don’t know if I’m anything but Afro-Caribbean so I don’t claim anything else. Beyonce seems to know the specific groups her ancestors come from. That’s the difference, knowing what you are versus just guessing. She doesn’t have to deny any part of her. 

  • trxth

    Asking if this is offensive is offensive. It’s suggesting that being French or Native American is shameful.

  • Prissy

    WHY would anyone in their right mind be offended by what she is??? WTF kinda nonsense? I swear folk have NOTHING better to do! We KNOW she is BLACK. But she is ALSO Creole (New Orleans style). Her family (mothers side) is ALSO French and Native American. WHERE is the problem?? Some folk REALLY need to get a life.


    I think that it is beautiful. I love these ads because I love that women are embarrassing who they are. It should not be taboo to proclaim what race you are. Her mother is creole so that is true. whats the problem? 

  • Gmarie

    ehh it is kind of much ado about nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if L’oreal kind of..FORCED it out of her for lack of better words lol. I’ve noticed this practice in a number of magazine publications as well.
    But at the end of the day she is what she is, she just happens to know what it is that she is vs. the bulk of Black Americans with mixed ancestry who don’t. Chances are if they knew they’d announce it too..

  • dddooonnnttt

    Offended? No. Confused? Yes.
    This comes from a desire exoticize Beyonce. Explain her light features and make her a little bit ‘better’ than just being Black. Jennifer Lopez did this ad too and hers just says ‘Puerto Rican’. Although Puerto Ricans are well known to be descended from a mix of Taino Indian, European settlers and Black slaves. But J.Lo doesn’t have ‘Taino, European, and Black’.
    As a Black American woman, I too am ‘infused’ with those 2 ethnicities, and possibly some others, but if someone asked me I wouldn’t be a big enough coon to say ‘I’m also part Indian and French’.

  • Mrsadkiah

    Nope not at all. I’m African American. I’m just Black and I choose not to list Black Foot Indian, African and whatever else is mixed up in me b/c to me it’s insignificant. I’m Black American. However some people want to. If Beyonce does, let her. 

    • Rachael

      Honest question :But why is it insignificant? Its what makes you – you. Would it only be different if you knew those ancestors personally??

      • Zakiikim

        Because race is socially constructed and she lives in this world as a BLACK woman. No one cares about the other stuff. She’s not going to get a special trophy for being other things. I must admit though, black people tend to get a little excited when it comes to claiming other ethnicities (ESPECIALLY Native American). Not to say Beyonce was wrong, but it is the truth. I think the reason it’s such a big deal is that she happens to be someone who is in the limelight all the time and whitewashes herself–often.

  • Chocoholicness

    Beyonce ain’t doing anything for me. I don’t care if she says that she’s .000008 Dutch

  • Pfft

    Well I would try  to explain why it would be offensive or upsetting to some but at the end of the day any criticism of this lady is viewed as jealousy or hating. I will simply say this, to pretend that her calling out all these ethnicities does not feed into he stereotype that a black woman can be “just black” and still be beautiful is wrong. When ever a black woman is even remotely attractive, she is expected to explain how it became that way or why it is so? Why? Next thing you know you have black women explaining their “unique” features as a result of some European heritage that is flowing through their veins. Once again playing into the notion black can’t be beautiful, not on it’s own anyways. To be beautiful is to be white. To be beautiful to be mixed. 

    That said, I really don’t care how she identifies. Not everyone can be content with being “just black”.

  • Mangoago

    i mean… if she is just stating what her nationality is… then there is no problem.. BUT if she is saying this because the company says “Lighter is better” than… we have a problem

  • Ms.Leigh

    I really don’t care. She doesn’t mean anything to me.

    • Esmith611

      me either, i mean who cares what she says??? Really she is just as fake as the rest of them!

  • Mangoago

    People just like to troll for EVERY thing now

  • Sunshyne77

    Let’s talk about Mariah Carey. She NEVER says she’s black. It’s always “I’m bi-racial” Is that wrong as well? IJS…

    • Indigodreams

      you are talking about Pop/R&B singer Mariah Carey right? She’s never called herself biracial… she’s said publicly (on national TV) that she’s black because of the 1 drop rule. 

  • ImanIndigo

    It’s not offensive. If that’s what she is, that’s what she is. Some people who are mixed choose to list one race. That’s perfectly fine. However, if someone chooses to list all races, that’s perfectly fine too. How can one be offended by that?

  • Rachael

    I’m not offended at all. Why are black people expected to ignore their other ancestries? I am African American, Native American (Navajo), Jewish American.

    • Nefijones1

      Rachael – I am not offended by listing her racial background.  And by the way you have the same racial background as I do.  I’m obviously African American, but people are always asking me what I am racially.

  • Rose67

    No it does not, although I am black not african american. I am not a african citizen living in a america. They are only titles and labels anyways……

  • bailedex

    Get over it black people! She is what she is.. some of the only truly African American people are anyone who just moved from Africa and became an American citizen.

  • chellychellz

    hell no who cares

  • Danielle Stevenson

    We’re all mixed with something; I don’t see what they big deal is.

  • Shay

    I’m not offended at all.  She’s acknowledging her roots.  Plus this is Loreal’s way of advertising their products.  When have you ever heard Beyonce’ going around claiming she’s all of these nationalities?  She says she’s black and when asked, she tells you her mother’s background.  I think people are so sensitive that if you’re not claiming to be 100% black, then you are ashamed.  Be for real.  

  • 2BRNot2B

    I am twisted in this article but race should not offend or make one person jealous of multi-cultural status. Are we all going backwards in time when light-skinned used to be hated by dark-skinned. Swash this please!

    • Reneefersner

      When did it ever stop????????

  • Smacks_hoes

    This is another stupid article. Why would any normal sensible person be offended with how she identifies herself. I would be one thing if she was identifying herself with a group she was not apart of but ofc that’s not the case. As African Americans we are all pretty much mixed with something. That’s why we have an array of so many different skin tones. I can identify with being African American and native American but that would take to much time. If she want to state all those things that’s her business

  • No not offended at all! If we all be honest for a moment we dont actually Identify with just african-american we are a beautiful wonderful mixture of a lot of things and thats what makes us so unique, with our different shades of skin, our different hair texture and color, and the different shapes and colors of our eyes. We are a race that cant be put in one box 

  • JN31

    I can understand why some people may be turned off because obviously she’s a black woman, but in this case, if anyone out there wears make up and may identify as black but have some additional mixture in your parent/grandparents it makes a hell of a difference in picking out the right color. The undertones of your skin make or break picking out the right selection and without taking that into consideration you’ll look very odd when wearing a specific brand.

    • imahrtbrkbeat

      I have East Indian and Scottish blood in me, but that doesn’t make it difficult for me to look for makeup just because I have additional non-African lineage. I still am seen as a Negro at the end of the day, and I pick my makeup accordingly. I still have to purchase dark shades. I don’t go to the makeup counter explaining by genetic makeup and giving DNA samples. Just find the proper shade for me! 

      • JN31

        You are one person and if it doesn’t effect you then great. However there are people who do, and when you go to professional make up stores/brands they ask these questions. Loreal is a drugstore brand trying to perfect it’s image and are taking these things into consideration.

        • HabibtiKhalisa

          lol give me a break. I don’t know of any makeup store where they are going around asking people their genetic makeup. It has nothing to do with picking out makeup; there are blacks, Asians, Middle Eastern etc. with her same skin tone who are not mixed.

          • Sephora and Clinque both ask if you go for a consultation.

            • HabibtiKhalisa

              That’s funny because I buy makeup from Sephora all the time and have had consultations there, along with my light-skinned friend, and they have never asked us our genetic makeup.

          • Monitorette

            Wrong: if you are black with the same skin tone than Beyonce, that means that there is mixed genes in you

            • HabibtiKhalisa

              Wrong again. I know black people from Africa with her skin tone and they are NOT mixed.

  • I am not offended by anyone that acknowledges his or her background……. but I find it ridiculous when a person feels the need to make up a lineage to feel validate themselves .

    I I have only heard from her mouth before that her mother was creole…… nothing else about all these other ethnicity’s…..

    But not mad at all…. that she wants to identify herself in this way

    • Smacks_hoes

      That’s what “creole” is though. Is a mixture of native American, african American, and French. Thats how come there’s creole French…if you don’t believe me just look it up.

      • ShamikaMH

        I agree.. My boyfriend is Haitian, and he speaks “creole”!

      • Guest

        but it’s really no different than being black american which is a mixture of african, native american and european (british, irish, dutch or french)…if you don’t believe me just look it into every black american’s family bloodline.

    • Izzy

      Her grandmother Agnèz Deréon was a Lousiana Creole (most LC’s are of mixed heritage, which  often include Native American & French)… 
      Beyoncé’s name is actually her mother’s maiden name (Beyincé)… both Agnèz and her husband were French-speaking Creoles

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Your first statement contradicts it’s self in this situation. Not only is she acknowlegeing her familial background but that includes notating her ethnic lineage. you say you’re not mad but clearly your wording (I I have only heard from her mouth before that her mother was creole…… nothing else about all these other ethnicity’s…..But not mad at all…. that she wants to identify herself in this way) suggests you have a problem with how she identified herself. . . .

  • Tryme

    Beyonce offends me in general.

    • TEE

      Why, because she’s a multi millionaire black woman who doesn’t owe anybody anything?? Much like the lady said above, people have a problem with EVERYTHING she does, & I find it rather ridiculous!!

      • TAMARA


      • ShamikaMH

        I second that amen!!! Hit the nail on the head.. She owes no one nothing, or an explanation for anything. Someone always has a problem with her!

        • Lirachel

          Well, I for one, happen to have a problem with anyone in the entertainment industry who sells out to promote the agenda of the Illuminati. Just look at how her music took a sudden turn to becoming more sexually suggestive and provocative, also weird/scary/demonic. Just like lady gaga and rhianna. They all claim to be different and unique and yet they are doing the same things…ie. crazy hair, crazy outfits, videos that don’t make sense to the lyrics of the song…blah blah blah. so boring

          It really annoys me. That isn’t to say that the girl doesn’t have talent. She can sing and dance her but off, but i just don’t like where she has taken her career. No longer a role model.

  • Akamissj

    No. And mother’s side of the family is Creole, right? So this is correct. And maybe I might get offended if I hadn’t seen Jennifer Lopez’s Loreal commercial that said 100% Puerto Rican but this whole thing is apart of their marketing ad. Personally what I do find weird is that they (Loreal) is even taking this angle. I get that they are trying to say that their makeup is for all skin tones but bring race into it seems like a bad idea from the jump.

    • Guest

      creole is black! they only speak french because louisiana was owned by the french. at the end of the day, if the klan was still killing black folks they wouldn’t stop because she has “creole” in her. 

      • Shaneebabychick

        Creole is a mixed race some are more black some are more french

        • HabibtiKhalisa

          How is this then any different than any other black American, many whom have significant European and/or Native ancestry…but are still black?

          • J Bianca Jackson

            It’s because Louisiana Creoles have a very well-defined heritage that is different from most other African American groups in the US. There are some groups in South Carolina and Virginia that are smaller and more distinctive, but less famous. Family trees are more important not just because of the European aspect, but because most of the Free People of Color were Creoles. If they weren’t, they would marry one. They could have careers and education, which were the foundation of their society. There IS a lot of pride in that. As for the Klan, they certainly went after Creoles because they were jealous and afraid, because they were better educated than the poor whites and ex-slaves. I had a Creole ancestor, named Big Red, who was killed by the Klan in the 1870s just because he owned a beautiful horse and turned down a white guy’s request to buy it off of him.

            • HabibtiKhalisa

              So do the Gullah/Geechee people..and I don’t see them separating themselves from other blacks. I’m just not buying the excuses.

  • Guest

    Nothing is wrong with listing all the ethnicities because that is what makes her who she is. African genes are more dominant so you usually take on those traits but there is no need to deny the rest. It’s the one drop rule that people need to get over. As people begin mixing more in a few decades hopefully a simple listing of one’s ancestry will not cause a controversy.

    • ariesdollface

      Guest, i think you’ve made a crucial observation here and that is this notion of the “one drop rule.” i think the editor(s) need to remember that the “one drop rule” reigned supreme in America (historically) so that white men could rape black female slaves with impunity and then enslave/sell their mixed race offspring…black people COULD NOT make claims, especially legal ones, to any other racial makeup. over time, black people bought into this racist notion. if someone is mixed raced, no one, ESPECIALLY black people, should take offense to this.

      we all know that most black people in the U.S. are mixed w/something other than African blood. i am a black woman who identifies solely as black. but i know  (for a fact) that i have native american blood…and  if Loreal wanted to pay me to say so, PERHAPS i would bother to make that particular fact known. otherwise, i’m just black in America.

  • I’m not particularly offended to be honest…. she is what she is… but I am kinda rolling my eyes. I guess sometimes people really”be reaching”. Is it THAT bad to be just Black? I could understand if someone asked what her heritage was… but I’m pretty sure they haven’t.
    I mean I can state all my heritages that I know, (and sometimes I do) but the first thing I really see and what most others really see is a Black woman.
    But like the elders say… “I don’t pay it no never mind”

    • Asiarobinson

      ummm im pretty sure they asked…thus her giving the answer and it being listed…just like they did with the other ppl in these commercials……

      • Guest

        umm doubtful! she looks black but in this country when people get a little bit of money and status the first thing they do is talk about how they are mixed with this that and the third. funny thing about it is that white people see her as what she is…black.  every black american woman is in some way “mixed” – we are all afr. am, native american, white and a host of other things. that’s why we look the way that we do as compared to blacks who are not american. there use to be a time when it was cool to be black and proud, what happened? is it such a bad thing to be black american?

        • I wonder what race has to do with color as far as make up is concerned. I mean I get the obvious. But have you ever seen some East Indians? They can be as dark as some of Black/African models. I think just showing diffferent skin tones and the make up color that corresponds could be just as (if not more) effective.

        • Frenchvanilla7069

          Dont put ALL white people in that box. Look at her Mother clearly not 100% black. If Beyonce wants to be proud of her mixture then that’s her. I am also mixed and proud of EACH culture.

          • HabibtiKhalisa

            Name ONE person in America who is “100%” does that even mean? We are ALL mixed, that doesn’t take away from the fact that culturally she is BLACK and obviously not proud of that since she has to point out some distant non-black ancestry at every turn.

            • anonymous

              First off I think we need to distinguish between race and ethnicity (which is really confusing sometimes). She is making a list of here different ethnic backgrounds not her race. Her race is black but her ethnicity is African American, Native American, and French. A black person who says they are French is not saying they aren’t black…in fact it is a part of them being black. Ethnicity has to do with heritage, language, and culture where as race is mostly a social construct that relates people based off their physical appearance and biological make-up. For instance, I am African American and my friend is Jamaican we are both black but we come from different ethnic backgrounds. I understand your argument but we need to start embracing the fact that black people are seen in every culture b/c we are the only race that has this issue. For instance, my Asian friends are proud to be who they are but if they go around saying they are Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. no one else will think they are trying to separate themselves from being who they are as a group so why can’t we have this same mentality? I know a lot of black people who are Haitian, African, Dominican, African American, Panamanian, Asian, French, Brazilian, etc. and it makes me happy to meet so many black people who are unique and different.

              To support your argument, I do understand how some people will use their ethnicity to denounce their race but that would not be possible if people knew the proper distinction between race and ethnicity. Also, though I may be mixed with other ethnicities I personally would not claim to be anything other then African American b/c the way I talk, what I eat, how I dress is basically all influenced by America. 

        • Danaya

          So because she has money she’s pretending! If you know Beyonce you would know that her Grandparents are from New Orleans, they are Creole…so am I, so I’m put in this position all the time. No she’s not just Black, she’s correct she’s African American, French and Native American. Creoles are French, Spanish and Native, there’s no African American in there, she’s African American only because her Father is. I love it and I’m proud that she even had enough guts to put it out there to the public. You are one of the reasons “we” don’t say much about our heritage and race. No one said there’s anything wrong with being African American but you need to know that there’s nothing wrong with Creole being Creole 🙂 If you’re not familiar with what I’m speaking on, read up on the history of New Orleans or better yet Louisiana, we are a country of our own within a country. 

      • lol i’ve never seen the commericals/ads. *oh well*

    • HabibtiKhalisa

      Yeah I responded the same way. I just thought it was mad corny, especially since she’s black for the most part. Her mom is Creole, why didn’t she just say Creole and African American? It seems like only AfAm people do this silly crap, go out of their way to make sure that people know they have some non-black ancestry somewhere. I mean look at Jennifer Lopez, she said very proudly “100% Puerto Rican”, she didn’t break it down into “Spanish, Native American, African” etc. Beyonce has always desperately tried to come off as this exotic Latina type, she needs to take a seat.

      • Guest

        I totally agree. I wasn’t bothered by Beyonce’s commercial until I watched Jennifer Lopez’s commercial. Like you said, she didn’t break it down. Not just Puerto Rican, but 100% Puerto Rican with pride. Beyonce can’t name the French or Native American person in her family tree so don’t claim it. Even Halle Berry and Christopher Williams have more pride than this chick.

        • Bevbb24

          every puerto rican or cuban i know will always say 100 percent even if they and thier great grandparents havent seen cuba or p.r because they take mad pride into thier country but that still doesnt change the fact that they are a spanish speaking multiracial afro community even the ones that look more “white”  have black in them…example in dominican republic even thier “white town” they have beautiful girls with blonde fros dude and that just shows how mixed alot of us are wether we acknowledge it or not

      • Danaya

        hhhmmmmm heeelllloooo is anyone home up there lol J. Lo is 100% Puerto Rican. She has no reason to break anything down, what is she gonna break down lol she’s simply Puerto Rican. Beyonce is Beyonce, not J. Lo! She’s correct, African American, French and Native American 🙂 Whoot Whoot If it were me, I would have went about it the same way, I’m proud of my heritage 🙂

        • HabibtiKhalisa

          Puerto Rican isn’t a race…is anyone home up there? Lol you sound mad dumb.

          • Danaya

            Hhhmmm excuse me I didn’t say Puerto Rican is a race! Puerto Ricans are a Caribbean people who regard themselves as citizens of a distinctive island nation. Puerto Rican is her ethnic background, just as creole is.

    • I disagree I don’t see her as a black woman…African American yes, the two do not equal each other, I know peurto rican and mexican people that are a lot darker than many black people I know, yet I would still say they are peurto rican and mexican just like I would say she is African American not black…It is not that it is bad to “be black” but it is just a color that some African Americans look. 

      • HabibtiKhalisa

        “Black” refers to a race of people, not a color. There are dark-skinned black people as well as light-skinned blacks. African-American is an arbitrary term made up to describe those blacks of slave descent living in America. All other groups are called by their country of origin, i.e. “Nigerian-American” or “Jamaican-American”.

  • Wth? Anyone who’s offended by this is obviously oversensitive or just looking to point a finger. If that’s what she is, that’s what she is. There’s a lot of people when you ask them what the are they give you their whole family history. Are they trying to denounce being what they appear to be? When someone calls me African American I correct them by saying I’m Haitian, am I ashamed of being black? The answer to all this is the same. No. 

  • Amethystgrl8

    I am not offended at all.  Those are all pieces of who she is as an individual.  Why would anyone be offended by truth?  If anything, it shows pride, comfort, and acknowledgement of her ethnicity.  To have offense to this is someone purposefully wanting high blood pressure.  Pick and choose your battles, people.  It’s not that serious.

  • Glennell_w

    How can you be offended by what someone else is???? People would be offended if the sun shined everyday. Live and let live! 

  • Misschris062002

    At least she acknowledged the African American part. It is personal choice.

  • Lightbrownis

    some people have a problem with everything this woman does . . .  nothing but jealousy . .  she’s allowed to reveal her true nationalities  . . . really not a big deal.

    • Liyah0417

      Well I’m offended and it has nothing to do with jealousy. I’m pissed at the fact that the ad is ALL about race! Who gives a s**t what your race is??? I want to know about how this makeup accommodates to my skin COLOR.

  • nope not offended at all 

  • tchoupitoulav

    no. because the is what she is!

    • IllyPhilly

      I’m offended, that they keep talking about her!