Dead 3 Years and No One Notices? The Real Woman Behind The Story On “Being Mary Jane”

December 15, 2011  |  

Last night “Being Mary Jane” revolved around the idea of loneliness based on a fictional character who was dead for three years before anyone realized. Two years ago, we wrote an article based on the real woman who was the source of this plot: Joyce Vincent. The story is below.

Joyce Vincent was 41 years old when she was found dead in her UK home, but she was 38 when she died. For three years, from 2003-2006, her body lay surrounded by Christmas gifts she was planning to wrap; the television still on.

How does this happen? Especially to a woman who was social, who two-years prior had a high-powered job at Ernst and Young, who had rubbed elbows with celebrities, and who wanted to get married? That’s what documentary filmmaker Carol Morley set to find out. But her new film, “Dreams of a Life,” is about more than just Joyce Vincent, a young, beautiful London woman whose parents were from the Caribbean and who no one seemed to miss when she was gone. It’s about life, death, and loneliness.

To promote the film, the studio, Hide & Seek, created a companion website called Dreams of Your Life to engage visitors to examine their own isolation with questions like, “Could something like that ever happen to me?” “Do you have friends?” “If you died, how long would it take for someone to find you?”

The questions are eerily introspective.“Our aim was to make something that would give people a chance to think about the people in their lives and think about whether or not there were any changes that they wanted to make about their degree of connectedness,” Hide & Seek’s Margaret Robertson said.

As for Joyce Vincent, her memory will live on in Morley’s film which debuted at the BFI London Film Festival in October and was shortlisted for best documentary there. You can also read more about her story here.

The film will be available for general release in March. Watch this clip and tell us what you think? Honestly, the way the trailer stuck with me, I don’t think I’d ever be able to get this movie out of my head.

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Cynthia Sue

    Joyce was apparently a victim of Domestic Violence. When I was a child, I lived in a Domestic Violence shelter with my mother. It is all very “secretive” and you had to live in stealth. It was hard for anyone to trace my mother down and find out about her whereabouts because she was hidden away and everything about her, such as were she worked and what not was kept in confidence, almost like a silent witness protection program. It was hard to find information about her. We lived that way for three years until my mother felt it was safe to go out into the world and live in society again. Nonetheless in a regular apartment complex. Joyce was living similar to the way me and my mother were, in transitional living. When my mother left my step dad who was the abuser we lived in a program that helped woman get back on their feet, which was a two to three year program. Same amount of time Joyce was Dead until finally found. Joyce was probably scared of the outside world and wanted it to be difficult to find her or contact her. But what really happened? We will never know. Hell, she might have committed Suicide and just didnt leave a note. Some people who kill themselves try to make it look accidental sometimes. Either way, it is a very sad story.

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  • Derrique Stuckey

    Really? Three years later, the TV was still on? Who paid the power bill, I wonder? It looks like somebody overlooked that tidbit when they made this story up.

  • blackdolphin

    It wasn’t the taxes, or back rent,(NO Landlord waits three years for their money), or the TV on. DECOMP SMELLS!. There is no way she lay there for that long, and no one noticed the ODOR. I read this story some years ago, and had the same question then.

  • charminK

    I don’t entirely believe this story. How were the bills being paid (electric, cable, gas, mortgage/rent, water, car note, etc.)…even if on auto-pay, as someone suggested, without a steady income for 3 years?! No one smelled the decomposition for 3 years!?? Even if estranged from family, how is it no one seemed to have her address to show up and check things out when they didn’t hear from her for a while?? It seems like some key details are being left out.

    • The Truth

      Maybe the killer was paying the bills?

      • Derrique Stuckey

        What killer would keep themselves as the prime suspect for three years? This tale wasn’t written very well.

  • LordyHaveMerccccay

    Just make you wonder about who really cares for you.

  • Wealth87

    not being funny but london is disconnected. you will suffer in silence no one will know or even care. Same thing happened to a lady i know but she was found dead in her house a couple months after. She was once outgoing but started to curl up in her home and wasn’t in touch with people like before and because of that trait people didn’t feel like it was out of character to not hear from her. People are becoming isolated and also mental illness is on a rise, these are things we need to recognise in our community.

  • Jacqueline Grimes

    Wow…most of you hit the nail on the head to explain why she might’ve went unnoticed. But good grief–seems as though some neighbors living closest, who could see her going in and out of her place, would’ve wondered. My neighbor, for example, leaves her driveway daily….so if I see the car hasn’t moved in a short while, that’s a red flag! -jackiemichigan

  • YoungAfrique

    After seeing this here ..I checked up on a this story from articles ans the’s strange!

  • I know this is beside the point, but how does someones television remain on after three years? Did she pay her electric bill in advance up to three years? Was her television running on a generator for three years? No matter how wealthy you are the electric company cuts off your electricity after non-payment after a while. I’m not sure how her television could possibly still be on.

    • The Truth

      Killer could have been depositing the money in her account and put it on auto pay…fairly easy

  • LaurenFoxMN

    the storyline was based on this woman’s life

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  • love

    Its a sad thing to know this world is full of people and some one out there has no one to care for them i know how it feel because i was one of them befor i might the love of my life

  • trussme

    I’m going to think, for now, (until I see the movie), that someone had to have known. Even if it was only her landlord or a neighbor in the next apartment, definitely her boss/assistant. How did the landlord get his rent? What about the smell of a decaying body? What about no one ever seeing her coming and going from her place? What about her not showing up for her “high powered” job or answering the phone? I hope the movie answers all these questions.

  • really now

    i feel sorry for this lady but goodness my children would most certainly find out what the heck happened and i know the bill collectors would..HA !!

  • Matrix

    They didn’t turn the electricity off? Television on for three years? Come on Son!

  • Lethe

    Um, the television was still on? Who was paying the electric bill for 3 years?

  • KNW

    This will happen to more people than you realize… probably to even some of the people who swear it wouldn’t to them. If I didn’t have kids this could be me… no friends, family, etc. My job and the sitter would come looking before family. Sad stuff

    • Derrique Stuckey

      There are far too many checks and balances for this to happen for three years. Bills are the biggest factor. The landlord would have evicted her years prior, and her TV wouldn’t have still been on. This story was poorly written.

  • Araba Dowell

    No one has asked the most important question. What could she have possibly died of?! With advanced forensics today, how could they not know? She didn’t really drink or do drugs. Was it suicide? But not if she is wrapping gifts and watching TV. Hmm?

  • l

    All those people in the movie claiming to be her friends couldn’t they have called the police earlier it was more of a “out of sight out of mind situation” shame on the family too!

  • YoNess

    Thank God for my mother who will (has several times) called every police department in whatever city I am in if I do not return her calls by a prescribed time!!!!! One time I was living in an unincorporated part of Atlanta and she called three jurisdictions, all of whom, came to my home from 1am to 6am in the morning to do a safety check. Noisy Mothers Rock!

  • Michelle A. Morgan

    My grandmother sent the police to my apartment when she couldn’t get a hold of me for two weeks. The utility companies kept her utlities on? Her rent/mortgage was paid. I wonder how they finally found her?

  • Fatima

    This movie is on netflix! Are they re-releasing it?

  • therealnumber1

    So the tv is on for 3 years…I’m sure there was some bill that was overdue from that and NOBODY checked on this…weird

  • ShebaBarb

    This story is actually hard to believe. I mean what about rent, mortgage, taxes and most of all electric. Who is allowed to have an electric bill for 3 years without paying it. Are we sure some pervert wasn’t living in the house with her and decided to kill her and continue to live their and simply never got caught. The story has no many loop holes in it to believe it.

  • Elle

    I can’t get over the fact that she was wrapping Christmas gifts for people who never bothered to check on her for 3 YEARS!!!??? What the hell has society come to??

    • Derrique Stuckey

      This story isn’t real.

  • Carrie

    I saw the documentary and there was signs and all her “friends” saw the signs. No matter what the fact remained for three years, all those crying on documentary did not bother to check on her.

  • Faye

    This past July, me and 2 of my sisters returned from Oklahoma. When we went to drop off one sister, my other sister (who lived with her for a period of time) noticed the neighbors yard behind the house was really overgrown and there were weeks of newspapers piled on the porch. She opened his mailbox only to find it was at capacity. She asked the sister who lives in the house had she seen or heard from him and my sister very nonchanlantly said “NOPE” Me and the other sister called the police immediately. Turns out he was sitting in his recliner, in front the television, dead for what the police suspect had been since before Christmas (this is now JULY) Not one neighbor, person or friend had ever bothered to make sure he was ok. I felt so horrible for him. It’s alwful to die alone but worst to think no one cared enough to notice

  • kit23

    That’s really strange, because the smell of her decomposing body would have set off alarms somewhere. The flies and other bugs that would have gotten into her home, even with the windows closed would have alerted someone. All the mail that is seen sitting at her front door is an indication that the mail carrier came by, he/she would have smelled her decaying body.

    She purchased Christmas presents for someone and yet no one tried to find out what happened to her?

    Something is really, really wrong here.

  • It’s heartbreaking to read this…no one came looking for her? Not even a neighbor? But as others have said this isn’t the first time that this has happened. Let us use this as a reminder to look in on friends and family and let others know they are being thought about and that they are loved.

  • sha

    So did I miss it skimming the article. Where is the connection between this story and Being Mary Jane?

  • MadameNoireSucks

    Hey Madame Noire, the least you could do was change your original post this was originally posted in 2011.

    • bvictorian

      Why would we change it? We were aware of this story two years ago and obviously many people were not so we brought it back to the forefront because of it’s discussion on “Being Mary Jane.”

  • tina S

    Just too fishy, someone knew, follow the money

  • Gabie Aldrich

    This movie has been out for 3 years if you go to Netflix you can watch it…

  • THIS

    People keep talking about utilities but depending on how the home is set up, those things stay on because others around you are using them. By that I mean if you live in a duplex, all you do is get the utilities switched to your name in your unit when you take the place over – they are technically never “off.” That’s how my old place was set up because it was an old house turned into three large apartments. So I don’t think that really means much. I think this is totally possible because I can say that I have never in the four years I’ve lived in my apartment, which is in three-unit building in DC, seen anyone go in or out of the house next door. Not once. If someone was in there dead I’d never know.

  • curious

    How were the electric bills being paid. The tv was still on?

  • Rory Jerome Gibson

    Wait so she paid her eletric bill 3 years in advance im guessing. Maybe they just automatic debucted it from her bank account and her other bills. Still not one person tried to go over to her place in 3 years? That all sounds fishy to me.

  • Keilah J.

    I had the same question about the mail, but just started reading the full length story (link above) and hers was delivered to her door- “heap of mail mounted behind her door.” Also regarding the smell, a window was left open- so the smell of her decomposing body had an escape and her body probably decomposed quicker with the help of rodents/bugs/animals ūüôĀ Regarding her Caribbean family- maybe they disowned her because of her career choice but she may have still wanted to send them gifts??!

  • Tyra S.

    This documentary film is already available to the general public online, I watched it last night & it was truly heartbreaking, before watching it I couldn’t grasp how someone could be dead for 3 yrs w/o anyone knowing, after watching I got a better understanding for Joyce Vincent. May she rest in peace.

  • whatever

    though I’m sometimes well I wouldn’t say loner, cause I make friends everywhere I’s I’m little quiet..but with a mother like will never be missing..she would blow my phone, email, everything up if I didn’t call by the end of the night….in a week, she will find me hop on a plane and be there to probably curse me out for not picking up the phone……like remember as a child I stayed over my gma for a week, she called everyday, by the end of the week she was like you wanna come home….I went home, cause I was tired of her…lol..but I want to see the movie, but I tend to not like sad movies cause I’ll cry a river…but I feel bad for could they not care at all..smh..I wish I was her friend, I would have blew up the phone with my text and call..I’m just like my mother…lmao

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  • Monique John

    Amazing! will definitely be watching how sad. It’s interesting how one person asks how Vincent got herself into this situation, rather than asking why did everyone around her desert or forget about her…

  • jeanetta

    This movie can be rented on iTunes. I watched it last year. Its very good and sad. Brief summary. She dated a lot, was popular, and had a good job. But she kept her friends (even boyfriends) at a distance. They didn’t know much about her family whom she didn’t visit often. She was very sick towards the end of her life and visited a hospital a few days before her death they found out. Also it wasn’t uncommon for her to go years without contacting her family or friends. So they may have just thought she would eventually turn up like she always did.

    • PiNk

      That can happen very easily when a person isolates themselves….yikes!….so sad…that could have been me at one time in my life but now i’m married and try to be in more touch with my family and whatnot….wow…I gotta ck this out on netflix.

  • Courtney Banks

    This is so fascinating and creepy all at the same time

  • I am Incognito

    My daughter was out of school for a week before anybody bothered to call and check on her. It was the first time she had been really sick and it never crossed my mind to call the school. I had bigger worries. Sadly, if something were to happen to both of us, it would probably be the school to send out a welfare check. I do have a job, but work in an office by myself and people would notice that I wasn’t there, but would just think I had left the office for a little bit or was home sick for a few days. It wouldn’t be worrisome at all to anybody. I sometimes go weeks with no contact with my immediate supervisor, so he wouldn’t think anything unusual. With that said, I would estimate 7-14 days before I was found. Once my daughter leaves home, it could be weeks or months. No joke. In that case, the postman would probably notice something was up. Or, the UPS man after he delivered several subscribe and save packages and noticed the ones from the prior month were still on the porch. LOL!

  • Krystal

    I don’t see how ANYONE, beautiful/ ugly, social/ anti-social, ANYBODY with a single friend or any existing family members could go missing that long without ANYONE taking any effort to inquire, come visit, or call…? What makes it crazier to me is that she bought xmas presents for SOMEONE and even though she put that thought into them, they didn’t put nearly as much thought into her for 3 years????!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? maybe she was lonely or maybe she was a loner. there’s a difference. obviously, the superficial stuff doesn’t matter when it really comes to love and happiness. we’re all born alone and will die alone even if there are people around us at the time, I just think it sucks that she cared but people didn’t really care about her, or so it seems…

  • Rebbekah

    This is a chilling story, I don’t think I want to watch the clip.

  • TK

    I want to watch. It’s heartbreaking but boils down to every one being to caught up in their own lives to notice. I see it every day to some degree. I long for the days my grandma talked about when everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood and community meant something.

  • Joan Ntsoane

    I watched the film at a film club recently (in South Africa) and couldnt get it out of my mind for a week! This film is THAT good! Its soo sad and captivates you emotions and makes you question your life and how you live it…. worth the watch

  • tamara

    I can easily be Joyce. I don’t like many people and have a few friends. If they don’t hear from me for a number of months they wouldn’t be worried. I do drop off the map sometimes. I get in my car drive to another state and live there for a few month without calling my mom, dad or siblings. I am very Anit-social and could easily be Joyce. My family wouldn’t question if I don’t come to a birthday party or call for xmas b/c I have done it in the pass. They understand that I love me and comfortable with my own silence. Let’s put it this way. I lived in France for 2 years and my family nor friends had any idea. They thought I was still in the States. I didn’t call, send a post card or anything.

    • waitaminute

      yes, its easy to be like that, but someone always knows where i am at any given point in time, i have an elderly mother in her 80’s who lives with a young companion so that there is always someone on hand to help her and she has constant visitors, i myself choose to live on my own now, i love the peace and quiet, however i dont disappear like that as this is where it gets tricky there is always someone who knows which country am in at any given point, and if i dont post on facebook for a couple of months people will ask questions .. where am i ?

      • itslife

        Yes I’m the same way, I will go weeks without answering my phone, and no one calls me too, some days I don’t know why I have a cell phone but im ok with it and I made it like this my life. something tragic happened to me where I don’t really trust people so now I like to stay by myself.

  • tamara

    I can easily be Joyce. I don’t like many people and have a very small group of friends. If they don’t hear from me for a number of months would be worried. I do drop off the map sometimes. I get in my car drive to another state and live there for a few month without calling my mom, dad or siblings. I am very Anit-social and could easily be Joyce. My family would question if I don’t come to a birthday party or call for xmas b/c I have done it in the pass. They understand that I love me and comfortable with my own silence.

    • I am Incognito

      I completely understand. My family and I have contact with each other about twice per year. That is enough.

  • Pointless Peaches

    That makes me sad… I’d love to hug this woman if she was alive =/.

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  • Ellen Rowell

    I’ve seen it, and it’s unsettling. someone mention the mail carrier not noticing the mail not being picked up, unfortunately, she had a mail slot in her front door, so the mail carrier never knew, all he did was put the mail thru the door.¬† The show the apartment after her skeletal remains had been removed, and it was eerie.

  • BEVERLY_bennett

    Wow!!! Very scary !

  • FromUR2UB

    I’d really like to see this movie.¬† I tend to think that the quality of relationships has diminished to the point that this can happen more frequently than we think.¬† Sometimes it seems that most people are self-absorbed these days…not really interested in what’s going on with other people…what they’re thinking or feeling.¬† They seem to¬†mostly seek an audience for whatever they want to talk about, without feeling any need or responsibility to reciprocate.¬† Everyone has a need to feel valued and appreciated, so if interactions with particular people always feel one-sided, eventually they’ll seem unnecessary.¬†¬†Being alone never¬†feels as lonely as being neglected in a relationship.¬†¬† Have you ever known people who bend your ear every time they need to talk about something, but weren’t willing to listen to anything you needed or wanted¬†to talk about?¬† Have you ever had someone repeatedly interrupt you mid-sentence and just change the subject, simply because they weren’t interested in what you were talking about?¬† I have, so eventually I stopped interacting with those people.¬† It doesn’t do much good to tell people when they do something you don’t like, because they often don’t care, anyway.¬† They just act like you’re wrong for telling them that they hurt you.¬† It’s as if¬†they were doing you a favor by associating with you, and therefore, they never understand your side of it. This is what motivates people to pull away,¬†and then, they think you’re wrong for that too.¬†

    • deedee21000

      I totally agree with you. It’s making me look at the relationships I’ve developed in my thirties. I am a lot like the woman in the movie, and I have¬† few people in my life that i call friends. I tried to develop friendships with coworkers¬†when I moved to¬†the city i now live in¬†5 years ago.¬†I got into a¬†passionate sex only¬†relationship¬†with a guy at the job that got ugly,¬†and now a female “friend” that I confided (first mistake) ¬†it to is distancing herself from me because I still speak to¬†him sometimes. ¬†I’m finally¬†removing myself from the situation, but lustful relationships can be hard to move on from because they know how to push your buttons. I also keep him close so I can learn more about me and why I’m drawn to these relationships in the first place. Relationship gurus, friends, family, etc ¬†are so quick to tell you walk away from people who are flawed, passive agressive, baggaged, emotional problems¬†and when that person jumps off a bridge or dies unnoticed in¬†empty apartment then folk sympathize and want to know what happened.¬† I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a forwarded email about a person who reaches out to someone just because only to learn that that person planned to go home that night an commit suicide but didn’t just because someone took time out to give them a good word.

      Now I’m not suicidal,¬†but I do get really sad sometimes¬†I’m not making connections¬†with people like I used to. These days I just try my best to be there for people who want me to be there for them and I hope for the best.

      • FromUR2UB

        I hope you find that person who makes you feel loved and valued.¬† Not in that selfish,¬†“I’m a queen…princess…diva!” way, where women make demands¬†and expect¬†people to jump, because wanting to treat someone like a servant is not loving that person.¬† But, hopefully you’ll meet someone who treats you with concern, respect and consideration…who’ll let it be about you SOMETIMES, and you do the same for him.¬† At times, it can feel like people think you deserve every bad thing that happens to you, but none of the good.¬†¬† Because of that, I wish for you that you find some females who can support¬† you in your happiness and defeats, because it’s equally¬†important to be able to share your victories with someone and know they’re genuinely happy for you, as¬†share your pain with someone who’s not secretly glad about your misfortune.¬†¬†I pray that you can trust them all to be on your side when you really need it,¬†and grab you by the shoulders and¬†give you a good shake, when you need it.¬†Hopefully, they’ll also trust you in that way.¬† In addition to all that, I hope you can truly enjoy their company, share good hearty laughs about something together, ¬†savor good foods together, watch a good movie together, take a nice vacation together, make plans for the future, together.¬† I wish these for me too, for whatever time I have left.

  • Guest

    It has happened before:
    Isabella Purves–5 years–Scotland
    Natalie Jean Wood–8 years–Sydney, Australia
    Hedviga Golik–42 years—Croatia

    This woman was significantly younger than the others when she died, though.

    • KeepingItReal

      Ironically…all women. What does that say about how women treat one another?

  • roteme

    Hi, this person is
    bothering me online and I’m not sure how to respond. Can you please

  • TsadiGee

    I can (kind of) see how it might be possible…

    Because privacy is hard to come by, and harder to maintain, some of us go to the extremes for our privacy. Even those who think they “know” us…don’t. There’s still some distance between us and those who think they’re close to us. One group of friends probably thought she was off somewhere, being fabulous; another group probably thought she was with other friends…but a question is raised: How did her electricity stay on for that length of time w/o bill payments?? I guess we all need to build bridges instead of walls.

  • Miss Truth Hurts

    *sigh* This is fake, but hey it’s a better plot/storyline than what Hollywood is putting out lately. It would have been more believable had she been in her OWN HOUSE and not an apartment. I mean, 3 yrs and no rent paid, and no Landlord knocked on her door to speak to her about it? 3 Yrs and her mailbox is over flowing with mail & the landlord/building manager doesnt collect & and take up up stairs & knock on the door: “Hey Ms. Vincent your mail is all over the floor…Ms Vincent? You there?” …. Stop it! *lol*….Like I said if she were in her own home on her own property, maybe I would have fell for it.

  • Lan


  • Ravenelvenlady

    You all MUST be making this up!¬† This cannot possibly be true.¬† This is the story of someone who was ENGAGED in life–attractive, and talented (and using those talents in the world).¬† She wasn’t a recluse.¬† Even if people knew her on a SUPERFICIAL level, they KNEW who she was.¬† She was financially independent, she had a career, friends, acquaintances, BILLS and responsibilities.¬† She could have been on a missing person’s list and searched for and FOUND MUCH earlier than three years.¬† She wasn’t discovered in some obscure ditch, but in an APARTMENT because she was not a homeless person who had a psychotic break and decided to disappear. It even looks like she died of natural causes perhaps?¬† Was there any evidence of possible foul play?¬† This is a very¬† DAMNING to society as a whole, and there is absolutely NO implication of the SLIGHTEST fault on this young woman’s part.¬† How can we allow any member of society, especially one who is engaged and interactive, slip through the cracks like this?¬† Terrible, terrible, terrible! These are the kinds of stories that make me ASHAMED to be a member of the human race.

    But alas, thank goodness for the Christmas holiday, and that we can recognize someone who really believed that we are worthwhile.¬† If it wasn’t for Christmas Day, and the fact that people cared enough to make a documentary about this to bring our attention and raise consciousness about this, I would be utterly depressed about this.

  • Bruh Luv

    Who was paying her electric bills, etc??  TV still going?

  • taxes, electric bill… in the UK, especially in LON, you can find yourself in¬†accommodations, ie a room (bedsit) – which is an all in one TINY apt (flat). The whole building could be comprised of these once 3,4,5, huge¬†ostentatious¬†roomed complexes converted into 6,8,10¬†minuscule¬†tinier rooms… none of which are individually metered. It’s not a question of being lucky, its more for the unlucky. I’m a NYer that currently resides in Lon… there is so much contrast and differences that you’d never expect from 2 Western¬†metropolises.

  • Tommyedunnsr

    can this really be real three years and the electric was still on for the tv to be on.

  • KloeK

    One of my greatest fears is dying alone.

  • DCNative

    I really wanna see this documentary now but I get goose bumps about this story.

  • Marilyn

    I am a loner, but this could not happen to me. When I was in college once my cheap phone died and no one could call me. I did not call anyone because I was studying for finals. My parents actually drove up to my dorm to check on me when I did not return anyone calls. I was surprised when they came, but also very grateful!

  • chipperkeet

    Forgive me for sounding cold hearted here… but… the TV was still on?¬† Three years later, I assume no utility bills had been paid, how did was there still electricity in her home?¬† Which leads me to ask, did her landlord never come looking for the rent?

  • Klynnfun

    OMG! I am 55yrs old, I live alone no children or husband.¬† I have some health issues, my friends and co-workers come around, and call during my crises, but it’s after the crises, you don’t hear from anyone, maybe it’s because people think you like to be alone.¬† This is so sad, you guys are too young to be alone.¬† Time for me to reach out, join some groups or clubs.¬† I pray she is at peace now.

  • Oceane

    In the United Kingdom this is something that I have personally come across on a number of occasions  It is sad but it reflects the society we live in were people do not even know their neighbours names.

  • WHO PAID THE RENT FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS??ELECTRIC BILL? …??..LANDLORD? KNOCK!KNOCK! HELLO!! WHERE’S MY RENT? every bill collector I know is coming for my butt in 3 weeks…

  • It’s life’s little and big mishaps like this that don’t quite set the barometer by which to measure one’s life, but it sure lays out how important and fragile the numerology of our lives actually is… 3yrs un-noticed, 8yrs to piece the puzzle together, 1 day at a time, we only have 1 life to live… #everysecondcounts

  • Needoly

    If this really happened in London, it raises a lot of questions. The TV was on for three years? No council tax, no utility bills, no TV license no word from employers, no FB friends, the questions go on and on….! what is our developed world coming to? Each one for himself…………! God saves us!!!

  • hotsista

    Oh boy, that is something to think about.¬† I do not have any family.¬† I only have the family of my husband, besides my children.¬† That is really something to ponder about.¬† I think staying in touch is important. I appreciate facebook and things that keep the world connected.¬† Reach out and touch someone…

  • guest

    A few weeks ago, my father called to ask if anyone at work had his or my mother’s number in the event that something should happen to me. He reminded me that I live alone and that he has at least emergency contact numbers in his phone. I thought it was quite eery. It is even more spooky after reading the account of Joyce Vincent’s life/death.

    • Jerjorju

      Your Daddy loves you.

  • Punchanella


  • SelinaaWozz

    Another restaurant cliaimed to use fresh mozz arella cheese,where it’s dishes were actually made with economy cheddar.the “fresh pasta”advertieshed on another meau tumed out to be frozen.–Agedate. ‚ĄÉ–ě’M — –a nice and free place for younger women and older men,or older women and younger men,to interact with each other.

  • SelinaaWozz

    Another restaurant cliaimed to use fresh mozz arella cheese,where it’s dishes were actually made with economy cheddar.the “fresh pasta”advertieshed on another meau tumed out to be frozen.–Agedate. ‚ĄÉ–ě’M — –a nice and free place for younger women and older men,or older women and younger men,to interact with each other.

    • unbelievably tacky to post spam on a tragic post like this.¬†

  • Casaundrak

    Woman dead for three years

    • SelinaaWozz

      Another restaurant cliaimed to use fresh mozz arella cheese,where it’s dishes were actually made with economy cheddar.the “fresh pasta”advertieshed on another meau tumed out to be frozen.–Agedate. ‚ĄÉ–ě’M — –a nice and free place for younger women and older men,or older women and younger men,to interact with each other.

  • Diva

    My brother died in his apartment on August 1, 2011 and his body was found on September 1, 2011. That’s a month he laid dead in his apartment and the only reason he was found is because of the smell. How could she had laid there for 3 years without people being able to smell her body?

    • Jocelynmcneil02

      that happened to my neighbor around the same time…weird. sorry for your loss

  • Guest

    I only came through to this website through all sorts of odd links. With regards to this topic, I would really urge people to do a quick search on Joyce before making up some sort of a fabled, fictitious life story. Joyce’s story is poignant, captivating and haunting.
    From my oh so meagre searches, all I’ve come across are stills from Carol and how she went about searching for Joyce (i.e., her life story). There’s a newspaper here in Britain called The gaurdian which has a good synopsis on this.
    I hate seeing knee jerk reactions and individuals opting to paint someone in an awful light. I just don’t get it. This is in reference to all the comments that allude to and are in the line of “Oh my goshhhhh how awful was she!? She must have done something to get her family to ignore her….” Blah blah blah and so on.
    A bit of enpathy goes a long way. Who is to say you won’t end up like this…bruised, battered, abused, scared, living in hiding, isolated…

    • Guest

      *apologies. It should spell e-m-p-a-t-h-y

  • Jasmine776

    WOW…. I can not imagine that happening to anyone. How sad for her to know that for 3 years no one bothered to check her apartment.

  • Woolston


  • Darkman

    3 years to find the body: my best guess for her late discovery is that her bill was paid by the welfare, something like section¬†8¬†(she was previously in a shelter for domestic violence victims) and they kept paying until someone noticed that she didn’t show up for her yearly interview and cut the payment.

    3 years is probably also the time it takes to evict someone in UK. My friends in the 80’s in London, told me their rent was paid long in advance and the deposit was huge (something equal to 3 or 6 months rent). And once winter came, it was barely impossible to evict someone or even take the power for unpaid bills. So, you could stay for years in an appartment before a court order….

    • Jerjorju

      Section 8?  After working for Ernst and Young in a high powered position?  I know that was 2 yrs prior but still I doubt she qualified for Section 8.  Residents pay a portion of the rent also.  Besides Section 8 conducts annual physical inspections of the apartments.  

      • darkman

        Read the whole story on the provided link in the article: she was in a shelter for women victim of violence. If she got there, there is a reason.
        This happened in UK where the system is different. The city or the government may own the building you’re in, and in that case, there is a few or no rent to pay, just a voucher going from one pocket to the other one.¬†Social worker may have just renew her voucher, even when she didn’t show up, assuming that she was paying her share… In the same UK, an old lady was found dead 5 years later, just because of a water leak in the appart below: she had automatic billing… Another women was found 30 years later in her appart, in a former communist country… Sad, but true.

  • Darkman

    I’m still shocked and in¬† disbelieve this can happen to an ordinary person… By reading the original article, you are even more shocked than NOBOdy from her family were interviewed (Or is it kept for the documentary?)
    I stared at her photo shot in the eighties and couldn’t keep my eyes on a so beautiful, so intelligent person came be forgotten like an old toy in a closet… It can happen to anyone, or some of our friend.

    I’M GOING TO CALL ANYONE IN MY ADDRESS BOOK. If they’re ok, at least they’ll know that I’m still alive too…

  • If I dont pay my bill in one month they cut everything off… how she go three years with the lights and cable on?!

  • Dragon2011

    Wow.. I’m confused ¬†at how a person can be dead that long and unnoticed, but it is possible to be dead for quite some time without being found when you don’t have a real network of friends and family. I could totally see this happening to me because I don’t have a close network of peers nor do I have close knit family. Sometimes good people are isolated through no fault of their own.

  • tastythoughts

    wow….this is crazy…i have to see this movie…i cant¬†imagine¬†being dead for three years and no one ¬†noticed….smh…

  • Msjaycey2002

    What about her rent/mortgage and bills?! I know if this happened to me, my mortgage company, tax people and Chase would come looking pronto. Very sad.

  • deedee21000

    This topic makes me ponder my current existence. I live alone, no kids, no husband or boyfriend, very little few friends, I rarely entertain at home unless its someone that I’m seeing. I am deathly afraid that my fate is to die alone like Joyce. I have no family in the city where I live now so I am alone most holidays. I am 38.Wow, I am Joyce. Wake up call for me!!!


      DeeDee, I too live alone but have family close.  However, they are self-absorbed.  I had a horrendous back-injury last year in the dead of winter and was left to fend for myself.  I got the flu this year and was fortunate enough to have my then-BF drive me to the doc as I had a sky-high temp. Despite all the technology we have, I fear we are more isolated than ever.  I believe it would take at least a week for anyone to discover me. 

      • deedee21000

        I’m sorry to hear about your back, hope its much better. I hope it doesn’t take a week in anyone’s case. My brother died this year and he was only 34. One thing he did that I said I would get better at was to communicate more often with the people closest to me. I am getting better, my remaining sibs.. we talk a few times weekly but they all live in different states. The friends I’ve made here may call from time to time, but no one in my life just shows up unannounced. I’m hoping after a week my coworkers will notice I’m not around.

    • currvalicious

      I have a friend who lives just like you, it was one time yrs ago I thought something was wrong b/c she just goes into “hiding”, w/no communication @ all.¬† i was able to locate a # for her Mom who told me she was alright.
      As for me, I can¬†be very introverted, and have been for yrs, though I do have a few close female friends, we don’t socialize much if @ all.¬† I’ve always been a person who enjoyed my own company.¬† I’ve been in a long term relationship for yrs and he’s very extroverted and family oriented.¬† We had a son together earlier this yr, so w/the birth of the baby and becoming a Mom that helps w/the isolation that’s been apart of my life.¬† With the baby he’s my legacy, he brings a spark in the household that was once quiet.¬† And it forced me to become abit more sociable due to taking him out, and it opened up a different everything for me.¬† Because I believe I could’ve been a “Joyce” had it not been my desire to create a family, which is why I did.

      • deedee21000

        Thanks ElaineL and congratulations on your family and new baby!! I still hope to have a family one day but until then I’ll seek counseling and lean on the people I know that really care.

    • Lan


    • I pray that someone special comes into your life soon.

      • deedee21000

        I appreciate that Shaila, me too!! God bless you too!

  • Y.H.

    How was the t.v. still on? If she was dead for 3 years when did her electric bill get paid. This makes no sense to me.

    • Scbiz1

      Also she was wrapping presents who were the presents for?  This story makes me so sad

    • Latisha

      Auto draft from her enormous bank account. This is how most people pay their bills now a days..

  • Torontochick

    Haunting. Absolutely haunting.

  • IJS

    This is really sad. Honestly, if it weren’t for my daughter, this could happen to me. I don’t think it would quite be years but probably a few months.¬†

    • BraidedBeauty

      Me too. I’m in college ad there are times when I purposely turn my phone off and stop hanging out just to keep my grades up ad finish assignments. A couple of my friends ask where I’ve been but say they aren’t worried because they figured I was just behind on school work. This is really scary!

  • Juliennej

    I would love to see more. The only thing that I question is, how did she pay her rent for a year?

  • Jean_Harlow

    That is so sad, I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. BTW, how the heck did her TV stay on for 3 years and not turn off the electricity for not paying bills?

    • I wonder if someone payed the electric bill to keep the tv on. So that anyone passing by would not think she was gone out. or if she did that she would come back soon. So sad to have this happen to anyone. They did say she had been a victim of domestic violence at one time. Perhaps she was hiding, since no one thought she would live in a place like the last place, also the guy martin said she moved just about every year. I wonder if someone was tracking her down causing her to move.

      • deedee21000

        She may have been enrolled in Auto bill pay online for certain bills??

      • Denni

        It’s possible she had an all inclusive apartment. She probably had all her bills, including rent, set up on auto pay out of her bank account. Even her bank wouldn’t see anything strange depending on how much money she had in her accounts.

        • Campbell635

          That’s why it is a good idea to still recieve paper copies of bills.¬† At least the mail carrier would have noticed the build up of mail.

          • Beautyslover

            I am a mail carrier and we would have picked up on this in a heartbeat.  I keep a watchful eye on my elderly customers because many of them are alone.  We notice more than the build up of mail, we are there everyday and many of my customers consider me like family especially the lonely ones.

            • Jerjorju

              Glad to hear it.  

              • keka

                Weird. .somthin anint rite. Maybe her finance had somthin to do with. Hmmmm three years really. .

            • jeanetta

              I have seen this movie. She had a mail slot on her door where mail was pushed through and landed on the floor. She was also very sick right before she disappeared. She went to the hospital violently ill.

            • Shelby

              If you notice, in the trailer, her mail slot was on her door and there was a huge pile of mail blocking the door when the men entered her apartment.

  • OnlySpeakDatruth

    This story is deep and does make u wonder, are ppl really there for you!!! It’s a mystery as to how her electric was not turned off to being overdue and who would let some1 get away with not paying bills for years!!!

    • Pat

      I wonder this too, if ppl are there for anyone but themselves. It is easy for others to forget you if you stop providing for them. Perhaps she was estranged from the family and trying to make amends by preparing to send gifts out to her family and friends. It is difficult to find a good friend these days!

      • OnlySpeakDatruth

        According to the website they have for the documentary, she was estranged from her family (you were right). But three years is excessive!!! How can any parent, brother or sister not have 0 contact with their daughter or sibling for that long??? A lot of things happen within three years, but she was still in her apartment with the tv on, full fridge and had gifts in front of her! I can’t wait for the documentary to hit the US cause I want to see what lil they have to say about her! I say lil because who really knows what happen to her (cause of death)?

        • Jeanetta

          You can rent this movie off of itunes I did last year. Its very good

    • this couldn’t happen in the U.S.¬† if you are late paying at least a light bill in one month, they will cut the lights out!

      • OnlySpeakDatruth


      • Jerjorju

        I could be wrong but I don’t think the electric company actually turns off the electricity. ¬†When you go to see an apartment isn’t the electricity on? ¬†When you prepare to move in you call the local electric company to have the electricity “turned on” in your name. ¬† Anyway lights or off it doesn’t matter. ¬†Dead is dead. ¬†I don’t mean to sound cold but the whether the lights were on or off is really irrelevant. ¬†I am more interested in the intended recipients of the Christmas gifts. ¬†Why weren’t they in touch? ¬†¬†

        • Louis

          lol, yes they do. It may vary from place to place, but here in NY theres always stories of fires being started, because a family was using candles, because their electricity was cut off.

        • Nia

          Don’t pay your bill. They will come and cut your electricity off. Plain and simple.

    • Louis

      If she was auto paying her bills, and had enough money to cover this stretch of time, it is very easy. With the high profile job she had, I could see this being the case.

      • Nia

        But 3 years? Nahhhhhhh

      • N_J_D

        You’re telling me in 3 years there isn’t a single power outage? From what I know of London they don’t have the best weather. Not to mention I could only imagine their infrastructure isn’t exactly super new, considering the age of the city and the debt I would imagine it is in if it’s anything like the big cities in the US.

        • B_D_S

          do u even have a passeport?

        • Bree

          London is a major hub for business, travel and world meetings. Historic buildings are not equivalent to dilapadated buildings. You have valide points as far as the power outage. BUT your references to the UK not being advanced is off base.

          • N_J_D

            Said nothing about it not being advanced… Simply stated the infrastructure likely isn’t able to sustain three years straight with no hiccups. Los Angeles (even with its great weather) and New York could never maintain perfect uninterrupted power service for three years straight.

      • OnlySpeakDatruth

        Wow, having your bill prepaid for three years… Idk but that sounds interesting….

  • princ essa

    i am still wondering how is it that a beautiful popular woman can just be dead and no one ( no coworker, not even the people in the doc,) notice. what about xmas, bdays, births and deaths, just general family meets and greets…i hope that i would be missed in a week if ppl didnt hear from me. such sadness :”(

    • That’s what I’m saying. This seems really weird. You’d think within three years at some kind of function or whatever someone would say “Oh hey, where’s Joyce?” “Oh, I dunno, haven’t seen her in a year.” Makes no sense. No one thought to check the apartment??

    • Darkman

      Beautiful people can be lonely too. I remember a starlette who couldn’t get a (real) date because she was too brilliant, too succesful: the people she was interested too just¬†thought they were not good enough for her… Joyce was brilliant, attracting too many (not so good) men and scaring the one she was probably looking for… People were not wondering about her because they thought she was probably doing well somewhere on earth. Sometimes, it’s good to let people know your weakness, it keep the good ones close to you.

      • deedee21000

        So true, so very very true. I think that’s what happened to the woman in the video and I believe that that is happening to me. Its scary to reveal your weaknesses¬†when society is so entralled with appearances and the slightest weakness make people move away. I’m at a crossroads in my life and my discomfort (the cracks) is starting to show and the thing is people notice, but really don’t care…

        • Rose

          Dee Dee,

          This is true, most people don’t care but there are some that do. It is better to evaluate your life to see if the folks you have close are the ones that need to be close or need to be removed. It is better to have 1 or 2 good friends and confidantes than to have many people who act like they care when deep down they don’t. Please don’t suffer alone; find someone, anyone to share your thoughts with. We were born to connect and stay connected. Life is too precious to not realise that. I wish you peace, love and joy today!

          • Adra

            I can totally relate. Sometimes folks stop being in touch and connected with others because they don’t want to burden people with their discomforts. You are right, it’s good to evaluate your life and note those around you and see who should have a front row seat in your life. The older you get you may realize that some people shouldn’t be in your life at all. God does remove the wrong people if you let Him. At times like that, when people find themselves more alone, it’s sometimes because God wants them to be more dependent on and closer to Him.

      • Tyra S.

        Well said, I agree!!

    • Dreamy

      that story is about being unconnected in the electronic age . people probably did reach out to her. by facebook, twitter, text. If you call someone and they don’t answer do you automatically assume they are dead? No, probably just busy. Then we as people have lives and there is no follow up. and how many people if they were honest would continue to check on someone , who never bothers to return your phone calls, or goes out of there way to call you. People just assume to move on. She seems she was just in a period where she knew many but was close to none. When you have no close connections you become forgettable.

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  • JH

    Wow, that’s very unfortunate. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own daily shuffle that you forget about other people. I’ll totally be checking for this.

  • Sugar_Spice

    This is cray right here.  How does this happen?  No one smelled anything?  No co workers noticed she was gone?  This is so sad

    • Tommyedunnsr

      i agree with you, no one noticed.

      • Toni

        For three years though and electricity free in London? Her TV was still on, how does that happen??? Nobody in the family came looking n all that time…smh!!!

        • Danigirl

          If she had everything coming out of her bank account automatically and the money in her account, who would notice?

          • bigdede

            But after 3 years, I would think her account would have depleted by the first year. She wasn’t working which means no steady income. What about her mail? I know after 6 months her mailbox was overstuffed, didn’t someone complain about that? So her employer don’t care if their employees don’t show up to work? Sorry I just don’t buy this story or 3 years especially if the tv was still on. The girl had Christmas presents she was about to wrap and send which means she had people in her life she was close to, no one check on her for Christmas? I think she was dead for a week or a couple of days but someone took this story and put a twist on it to make it seem like it was 3 years.

            • @LoveKeilahJ

              I had the same question about the mail, but just started reading the full length story (length above) and hers was delivered to her door- “heap of mail mounted behind her door.” In still skeptical about the smell however. Her Caribbean family may have disowned her because of her career choice but she may have still wanted to send them gifts??!

            • therealnumber1

              Good points about the Christmas gifts

            • Stephanie Herrera

              you can be right… did you see in the short clip the mail was pretty high on her door steps. I am sure the mail man would have smelled something once he put her mail in. Someone did try to put a twist to it… can anyone check London death records under Joyce Vincent?

            • really now

              exactly aint no way in hell this is true…one of those urban legends..

          • therealnumber1

            I mean did it take 3 years for the money to run out though???? And if she gets mail and it piles up doesn’t the lanlord check…I mean wow…this smells fishy…not saying it isnt true…just deeper..idk

        • waitaminute

          i really dont know how the council tax people didnt break the door down, how her electricity was on for 3years its almost supernatural to be honest, and quite strange, her family is strange she didnt have one person look for her .. london can be lonely but this is ridiculous

          • Adra

            Her sister hired a private detective to look for her. She was living housing that wasn’t under her name. Apparently a social service agency for battered women in the UK (she had previously been in a shelter and hiding from someone) found her housing. The apartment was a single unit above a strip plaza/mall in a shady area of London and not next to other apartments. Also, the window was cracked open, could have decreased the smell. She also didn’t have a high-powered job. I believe she was unemployed at the time of her placement in the apartment and prior to that she worked for a time in corporate companies more as an assistant/secretary. I too watched the movie and was very disturbed and saddened, and did a little more research. She had sisters (living) and a fiance at the time of her death. He may of been the person she was hiding from. Based on what different people who knew her said in the documentary, it sounds like she may have had some emotional issues, and routinely didn’t “keep in touch” with people.

            • holly

              Love your perspective. The short was very unclear about these factors. Great research on your part.

            • hollyw

              If she lived in that type of housing then I’m sorry but the story is even more strange. I work in social services, and I don’t know how they do it in the UK but if you getting something for free or cheap from the government then there is NO WAY three years are going by without a visit/inspection/recertification/counseling or advocacy services. It just doesn’t make sense. Other than the fact that somebody(s) simply dropped the ball.

              • Adra

                They only entered her apartment because she was months behind on her rent, maybe even a year or so and were going to repossess it. I believe that her rent was covered by the agency for the first year or two, and yes the electricity was automatically deducted from a prepaid account of sorts from the same agency. The apartment was some type of “government” housing, sounded similar to section eight that we have here in the states. Yes, someone definitely dropped the ball, there should have been some follow-up. Maybe it was and she just didn’t respond to the door or to the mail. Someone that knew her said the area was a high crime area frequented by addicts. It makes you wonder if there was possibly foul play. All that was left of her was skeletal remains so they had no way of determining that. I was really sad for awhile after watching the film. I live a pretty independent life myself and thought what if that happened to me.

                • bigdede

                  When I read your explanations, it makes this story even more preposterous. She had government housing, sort of like section eight you say. Even if the government paid for her housing, they don’t pay the whole tab, the person living in the house has to pay some small amount. So why wasn’t the landlord looking for his rent? Also she was able to prepay for her electricity for 3 years? If that is government housing I know for a fact that someone would have went in there to check the fire alarms. And she was not employed so how did she get the money for the Christmas presents she was wrapping? Whose names were on those presents? Even if she was just skeletal remains, you can still tell a cause of death. Heck right now they are digging up the remains of ancient Egyptian kings and determining how they died so they can tell how she died. I don’t buy it.

                • hollyw

                  Yeah, one thing’s for sure; this story is def a cautionary tale for single, independent people, and esp. plays on the fear of loneliness in many women.

                  Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this shared on my Newsfeed since yesterday…I couldn’t NOT read it lol smh…

            • Glam GP

              Thank you for being one of the few people on here who bothered to actually look up the rest of the story. ūüôā

  • Earthspirit1

    Very interesting and bizarre. I’m intrigued. I will be checking this one out. Wow!

  • cutily

    And she was caribbean?

    I am caribbean with a huge family, if I ever disappeared they would try to find me, my mother would lose slip, my sister would die, my friends would try to find me.

    It’s horrible and sad. What has this world and human become? How come such a thing could happen?

    It’s heartbreaking.

    • Girliusmaximus

      Doesn’t London collect taxes? You think the IRS would let that fly here in the US? I don’t understand this….

      • Leylla2020

        There was an Ethiopian guy in Colorado springs? somehwere in Co for sure..He unfortunately died in his sleep and no one knew about him for 3months. when the smell of decomb took over the apt building is when they found happens more often than i like but yep shyt is true.

        • Nene

          There was a story about a man who had died all alone and his body wasn’t found for 15 years in Europe. There was another story about a guy killing himself his body wasn’t found for 5 years, he was still hanging with the rope around his neck from the place he decided to hang himself from. This happens often, certain people stay to themselves and have no one to look after them, once they pass people don’t know about it for years.

          • Leftfield Leotis‚ĄĘ

            Yes but this is much different..she died in her home..why wasn’t the lights & utilities cut off after non payment? For 3 years? Who was her landlord is a better question..

            • Sugar_Babii

              My thoughts exactly seems like someone was still paying things it doesn’t take 3 yrs to evict someone, but they did come in saying reposession so perhaps it was a condo but the tvt was on for 3yrs??? #fishy

            • trussme

              Exactly! That’s what I was thinking!! I really want to know how this movie will answer these (and more) questions.

      • waitaminute

        the uk collects taxes like all other countries we have a tax service in the united kingdom not just london which is a city in the uk .. her family didnt look for her and thats the buttom line she had no one who cared to look for her

        • chicadujour

          If she owned her home all paid for, the landlord didn’t come knocking. No children, if her TV was still on she probably had an auto billing system that paid right out of her account. And she was most likely estranged from her family.

          • Leftfield Leotis‚ĄĘ

            From the looks of it she live in a apt or condo style either way she has neighbors close by & auto pay will stop once her funds stop coming in & her acct depleted!!

        • Glam GP

          Her family did look for her. If you do an internet search there are articles stating that her family hired a PI to search for her. She had mental problems and had been in a domestic violence shelter, so she might have hid from her family on purpose but they did try to find her. Too bad the PI was obviously terrible at his job.

      • Suz

        She was living in assisted housing….her bills were being partly paid for by the govt. It’s the pile up of the unpaid balances which finally led to her being discovered. That explains why she wasn’t found by the authorities immediately but 3 years is still long.

        More important to me is her family???? how did they not know.????

      • cetude

        people on disability don’t need to pay taxes.

    • Tyra S.

      Watch the film online like I did & maybe you’ll get a better understanding, I sure did.

      • mj

        where online did you find the full film?

        • Isi92

          If you are in the UK, you can watch it on 40D online, but if you are elsewhere, I don’t have a link, sorry.

        • Shani

          If you have Amazon Prime, it streams for free.

        • Princess P.

          Netflix is currently having a promotional offer for 1 month free trial. Cancel before the month is over. I used this offer to watch the film “Dreams of a Life”. I wasn’t impressed with the documentary. It raised more questions than it answered. It’s not available on line in the US. Snippets can be found on YouTube under Dreams of a Life


          I watched it on netflix

        • Chai Te√°

          it’s on zmovie.

    • Nene

      I agree. This world is losing morals and compassion quicker than I am typing this message. We are living in the end of days, the bible is fulfilling itself.

      But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of
      difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud,
      arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,
      heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not
      loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of
      pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness,
      but denying its power. Avoid such people.

      • opotrini

        I don’t think it has anything to do with morals….keeping to yourself makes you immoral??? Please….. don’t play holy……As a Christian…it would be more beneficial to reach out to person…yes?? you need to explain yourself better.

        • Princess P.

          I don’t believe the comment regarding morals was directed to the person who died. The comment “losing morals and compassion” referred to those who failed to check on this woman. Those so-called friends who on camera said they loved her and cared for her but no one checked on her for three years.

        • Wealth87

          if you were a selfless person you would check on someone who u call your friend or family. And if everyone else was like that also maybe this would have been avoided

    • st

      If people knock ur door and no1 answers they will assume dat ur not in. I fink dat was the case. And people start finkin maybe she moved. But deffo she wasnt really close to here familly.