8 Important Statistics that Black America Needs To Recognize Now

February 9, 2011  |  

by Anthony Jerrod

Black History Month- a time for members of various ethnicities to celebrate the valiant efforts and deep democratic struggles of people of African descent and a time to reflect on the strength of a courageous people who continually clothe themselves with love and justice in the face of monolithic adversity, resistance, malevolent acts, and attempts to diminish and eradicate black beauty, black intelligence and black potentiality.  It is also, as Carter G. Woodson once expressed in the Journal of Negro History in October of 1927, a time not only to explore African civilization, history, art, philosophy and anthropology but also to investigate the social, economic and cultural problems of the Negro.

Indeed, as we look to continue to bequeath the rich tradition and heritage of our predecessors, it is imperative that the extraordinary progress, outstanding achievements and inventions and beautiful legacy of people of African descent be explicitly and unequivocally told to present and future generations.  Similarly, as we embark on communicating the whole truth, it is also essential that we persist to focus on areas where improvement is needed.

To be sure, these areas for improvement exist relative to every ethnicity and are not solely confined to African-Americans.  Moreover, the associated statistics are not purposed to bring negative culpability and condemnation but rather to shed light on disproportionate yet potentially alarming trends.  Though not all-inclusive, the following eight areas do warrant attention, renewed thinking, civil discourse and solutions  to help ensure that robust progress is not impeded.


According to a recent study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in February 2011, “Although blacks make up only 13.6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 50.3 percent of all diagnosed cases of HIV.  Additionally, the rate of HIV diagnosis among black men is eight times that of whites and two times that of Hispanics, and the rate for black women is 19 times that of whites and four times that of Hispanics.”

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  • lc

    The black communities need to problem solve with innovative ideas of their own. They should develop a contract of sorts…. of what they want and what they will contribute to accomplish their goals. I’m sure Americans would participate and make every effort to guarantee success. The past history of throwing money at the problem has not worked. There have been subsidies for housing, food, higher education, job training and even employment quotas. It’s time to refresh and hear from the black community.

  • Walter Goerlitz

    Why are Blacks not demanding a true discussion of race be held where evil leaders like Obama and Holder have to answer what is actually causing these 8 issues? It isn’t racism, white privilege or victimology.
    It is lack of responsibility, self reliance and morality.
    How can 72% of Black fathers walk away from their sons and daughters?

    • truthInAbottle

      maybe these black heauxs need to wait for a ring first instead of popping out babies.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Ring? hey they haven’t an idea what a ring is for.

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    I am not black but I do respect all the accomplishments of the African American people. The media would have us believe that blacks are all criminals, lazy or just under achievers unless of course they are star athletes in a popular sport. They don’t even give proper respect to our first black president. I grew up in a very diverse ethnic environment of Honolulu. I learned the secret of the Asian people’s success and when I came to the mainland US about 35 years ago it was obvious to me why the black people where not succeeding as a culture. I realize that the stereotypical ideas of black people are not true. Give up the slavery as an excuse for your problems. It doesn’t work and it only creates a mental barricade on the road to a better life. The Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese in Hawaii all came there as indentured laborers, essentially slaves. Each group worked together and built respected and successful lives in the State. The keys to their success was first they stuck together, helped each other up the ladder. To often blacks pull each other down. They combined their wealth and kept it in their community, develop your own investment groups not necessarily for the wealth of a few but to create wealth for as many as possible. Develop respect of all other people as a paradigm. You don’t have to like other people but if you show everyone respect others usually respond in kind. Share your culture as a gift to others. Don’t tolerate bad blacks damaging the rest of the black culture. Take care of your own problems. Stop the violence and never tolerate criminal activity no matter how trivial. Make it so uncomfortable for bad blacks in the community that they can find no comfort in their bad behavior. Education is the most important part of any culture. drive your kids to do the best they can. Every black middle class family should adopt a poor family and help them do better. Show your kids how important education is. Every time you use an excuse for failure you only make it harder to succeed in the future.

    • Fabolous4

      You have truly inspired me tonight, words of wisdom&truths helps individuals such as myself.

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  • truth

    Black people knowing obama stands for coveting what belongs to thy neighbor,abortion,gay marriage, etc. They voted for black skin over god and the bible. Well they made their choice. But good news for whites and thanks to obama and his entitlement ways teaching blacks to depend on gov. And taxing them to death if they ever try to start a business . It will keep them down and hold them there . Thank god black people dont read history or the bible. Holdem down then know you will not have to deal with them in heaven. All by their own choice. Its what they want its what they voted for so give them what they want. Besides if you try to explain this too them you will be called racist.

    • Da1nOnly

      Ignorance is bliss. You can’t blame Obama for any of this.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        Embracing Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, Lee, Waters is ignorance.
        Why do blacks allow Sowell, West, Williams to be vilified?

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  • Tmanu

    This prison statistics is not right. Google bureau of justice statistics and judge for yourself. Shame on you (editor) for posting this. Check the facts first. 

    • M.A.N.

      That’s all you have to say about the whole write up, the ONLY THING YOU COULD FIND INFO ON……….u MUST BE white..

  • Worldpeacecutie

    When Holy spirituality was a major influence in the lives of mostly every African American, non of these statistics were around or even fathomable. We need to get back to basics and build from there. Yes I said we. Even if these parrticular statistics do not pertain to you personally, left ignored and uncared for it will pertain to society.

  • Worldpeacecutie

    When Holy spirituality was a major influence in the lives of mostly every African American, non of these statistics were around or even fathomable. We need to get back to basics and build from there. Yes I said we. Even if these parrticular statistics do not pertain to you personally, left ignored and uncared for it will pertain to society.

    • Walter Goerlitz

      The same is for all races. Blacks are further hurt by the loss of GOD, but the socialist democrats are destroying all races by attacking Christianity constantly.
      We all loved each other more when we knew GOD.

  • Worldpeacecutie

    A shame, we all need to do our part, contribute positive energy and motivation to change this at least for the next generation.

  • Worldpeacecutie

    A shame, we all need to do our part, contribute positive energy and motivation to change this at least for the next generation.

  • Backmike

    Why is this???

    • crueltobadpeople

      cause black people are retarded

      • Walter Goerlitz

        No the socialist democratic party has brain washed Blacks for too many years to entitlement and victimology.
        It is time Blacks too the reins of their own lives.
        Embrace the GOP and help them understand how to accomplish understanding.

  • Heidi

    This article shows the inequalities in our society. This shows people are not born with equal opportunities and that CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE.

  • My opinion

    This was informative, but also very negative. It had no positive outlook & left me feeling ashamed. I’m 18, i come from a wealthy family, & i’m going into mediine. I get tested frequently. Believe me, blacls arren’t the only ones who don’t use condoms. Ask the pregnant white girls at my school…

  • Unity

    In order to be something , you have to go thru something, and anything could be over come. so lift up your head sister and keep striving.Dont throw that towel in just yet !!!!! we got some work to do and we need you.

    • Abolstuley first rate and copper-bottomed, gentlemen!

  • hugh williams

    it ois not a sterotype if it is the truth…also, no mention of the genocide that is being visited on the black community by the death dealers..planned parenthood, 40% of all african american births are aborted…60% in nyc…why does no one care…..there was a billboard in nyc that said the most dangerous place for a black baby was in the womb…jesse and al had it removed….why?..if it helped one mother give her baby up for adoption or one young woman to not lay down it would have helpoed….a dag gone shame..please listen to planned parenthood and the genocide thats taking place.. .http://blackempowerment.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/most-dangerous-place-for-a-black-child-is-in-the-womb/

  • Rina

    Judging by the comments, the people who are reading this are not the people who need this information. And now that you (the educated and dignified black people of America) know how fkd up we are, do something to reverse this! Be a mentor to a disadvantaged little girl. Volunteer your free time to work with children. Let them know that there is something better out there than this.

  • miriam

    Happy Black History Month!
    African American History Month: President Obama’s Proclamation http://www.examiner.com/esl-in-new-york/african-a

    Celebrate Black History Month: Oprah Winfrey biography and mini lesson http://www.examiner.com/esl-in-new-york/celebrate

    Oprah Winfrey Mini Lesson: Reading, Vocabulary and US History http://www.scribd.com/doc/48550173/Integrating-Re

    Black History Month: The history of the red, black, and green flag http://www.examiner.com/esl-in-new-york/black-his

  • Alexis

    I urge everyone to read "Medical Apartheid" by Harriet Washington M.D.

  • BozzLadey

    Very enligtening post….a real eye opener.

  • Civil Civil Habeas

    Hello Asha, It good to see college students voicing their concerns of the future, especially about financial hardship, but with the straitens of archiving higher education. By helping others, you are in deed helping yourself to understand the financial commitment of succeeding. the must archive goals of earning you degree. You are also guiding young people to post more on the difficulties, with realist goals of investing in one-self as you are doing.

    I suffer from dyslexia, and education is something that I strive to obtain, but very limited to master, but when i see young people like you, who are seriously involved with current events that is affecting our Black Community posting with so much intelligence, good will, and advice, make me very proud that our young people are seeing the seriousness of obtaining higher education.

  • Rickeyd4

    This is to the Cynic. I agree with your concerns and it is a damn shame the debt students end up with after college. Here's a statistic I am very sure of. The overall dropout rate in Detroit MI. today is between 70% – 75% especially among our black males. I know this to be true because I see it every day. The dropout happens in High School but it starts in Elementary. On any given school day I see more young kids (8-13) not in school than I have ever seen. Over the past 15 years my wife and I have attended some 13 graduations, daughter's, 3 sons, nieces, 3 god daughters, and neighbors kids. Each year the graduating classes have gotten smaller and smaller. The ratio of M/F has gotten wider, attend a DPS graduation today and there are 8 females for every male in the graduating class. The biggest problem we face now is us, back to the (8-13) y/o not being in school. These kids aren't in school because the parent/s didn't feel the need to send their children to school for the next two-three days. The other problem Detroit faces is the people running our school board.

  • Lola

    WOW! this is completely sad… At that rate, the black race will be wipe out if the spread of HIV & AIDS continue, that's EXTREMELY hard to image. I DON'T WANT TO IMAGE THAT!! folks need to stand up and say NO MORE! this is heartbreaken… Ppl are total misinformed! It seems folks are just passing this disease around out of spite, rage and revenge… It's like they are playing TAG, your it; kind of games.

  • Tressa

    Thank you, for the post. We need to see these type of articles daily.

  • The Cynic

    I am a Black student who doesn't believe he will graduate on time. Not because I am having difficulty with my studies. I am just having problems paying for school! It's a shame. After college I really fear being drowned in debt!

    • Asha

      DO NOT DROP OUT! I, too, am a college student and because of the current financial crisis I'll have the most debt after college compared to older siblings who've attended (a private college is pretty expensive, and would be impossible if not for the scholarships).Your goal is to graduate, so keep pushing towards it. It may seem impossible now, but if you continue to pursue it, it will help so much in the long run. Many college students whom've just graduated can't even find a decent job. What's the odds of you finding one if you don't have a college degree and let's be real…black. In this country blacks have always had to push themselves harder to get noticed. I think this more evident now, then ever.

  • The Cynic

    I appreciate this report. I knew of most of these statistics, but there was some new information in their. Remember we should always be somewhat skeptical of statistics. Ask your self questions. What was their sample size, sample group, what was their method for finding those numbers, is this source credible? Also keep in mind that we are not in a competition with other races/ethnicities. For instance they can say African Americans are 10x's more likely than Euro Americans to be on this or do that, but if we isolate our population you will find that it is only a minority of us involved that certain statistics. I see this ALL of the time.

  • Impressed Reader

    This was a very enlightening article. Very informative and something that needed to be shared.

    • Unity

      When will we wrap our minds, around this particular thought as African Americans, we seem to be over taken and over whelmed of these written maybe and could be creditable facts, but one fact that we dont seem to be able to grasp, is we are no longer a community of tightly knitted society, doing the time of the great struggles that we were faced with doing the time of racial hard ships, When are we going to come together as a great African American nation stand up for one another embrace one another and Love one another again,we need these qualitys to face the next challenges in order to survive this 21st century and the future beyound when are we going to stop struggling against one another and start struggling against the injustices that we are faced with daily, with all the great minds that we have produced thru out the century, we need to bring these great minds to the table and talk about healing our race and standing up for our place in America. I challenge all the people, that commented and that are going to comment, and also the writer, establish a nation wide movement for peace in our own race and unity so we can face the next challenge.

  • And black people have no one to blame but themselves. Go to school, stay away from drugs, and use a condom, and I'm sure we'll see these numbers change

    • Rickeyd4

      Years back we had someone to blame and rightfully so, not anymore. That wheel was set into motion by others but it's our job to stop it and right now we’re doing a piss poor job. If anything it’s getting worse.
      In case you're interested in where and how this started, look up and read the “Willie Lynch Document”. The sad part of this is we are still allowing this practice to work in our everyday life over 300 years after it started.

    • Unity

      If that statement dont make an impact nothing will, when we focus on reality have we broken the chain.

  • Natalie


  • shawnee

    thats what I'm talking about!! the truth!!

  • james

    The truth hurts

  • franklin

    Finally a atory not blaming african-american problems on another race. Right now all races in this country need to stand together!!

  • if anything be noble

    And like someone said on the HIV thread, add the statistic that 2% of African Americans are HIV +. —- (Don’t be thinking all this “19 times, fifty percent” talk means half of Black America is walking around with HIV. TWO PERCENT of Black America is positive. 2….. %…..) And yep, it’s 2% too many, but two percent nonetheless.

    • The Cynic

      I think it's actually more like 1.332%.

      The hard numbers of AAs that are HIV+ are 500,000. (500,000/37,538,1768)*100=1.332%. Of course I should also note that the numbers I used for the total amount of AAs in the country was 12.85% according to the CIA World Fact book percentages from the 2010 census. The CDC does list 1% or over an epidemic.

  • Jerzeegurl

    The sad thing is that I’ll bet this article will get little or no traffic and this is some serious s***. But let it be about some big booty video ho or some scandalous bull and there would be more comments than you could read in here. Sad!

  • PhilTheAgony

    And, the truth shall make us free.