Inside The Business of Music: 11 Hot Hip-Hop Artist Managers To Know

September 14, 2010  |  

by Danielle Kwateng

The music industry is full of known names and those working to be known and behind all those names are managers working steadily to ink record deals, forge advertising partnerships and build popular brands. Besides experience and passion, managers need to be organized and trustworthy which is why many managers consist of family members and friends.

Regardless, in order to have longevity in the music biz, one must strategically place himself in upwardly mobile companies or have their own business. This list breaks down the music industries top African-American managers that have been able to overcome all obstacles to elevate their clients while creating a name for themselves.

Check them out:

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  • Cynthia Murphy

    I think Jazzy from Jazzy Management is a good person to know in this Music Business he’s very professional and definitely knows the music business. I have learned so much from this individual I had a bad experience with a lot of industry people on the west coast and he’s definitely change my mind and proved to me that all people in the business on the west coast aren’t all bad with Hollywood acting attitudes.

  • TheArtist Tito

    wassup family!! im looking for a manager!!

  • Annaboy Sherrod

    Looking for a manager

  • Annaboy Sherrod

    call me 4043487248 ask for ron

  • Dj Smooth

    Big U is the one who put Nipsy out and he’s rolling hard

  • David Smith

    Who is Big U?

  • T.D.G Ent

    #1 is the cat Jazzy and #2 would be Big U

  • Veno right

    I think this guy from the ATL James Young is a good Manager

  • Jacky Jackson

    Please google keven liyles also a good manager

  • Ace man

    And he let us use his studio for free he's cool people I just seen this post and I must say jazzy is good people!! And he looks out for is young rappers, singers, Djs, managers and so on

  • Seen Jazzys YouTube about 360 deals, BDS, Copyrights, and he said some good things about the crazy mix tape business and this brother is good! I think all you rappers should see this most managers wouldn't give this type of info out. All I can say is good job to this brother

  • Jazzy is great! The best way to reach him is through his business partner and his brother, Lee. I will give you his #, but I don't want to just post it in the open…hit me on twitter @J_Milly and I will dm it to you.

  • Silver Ross

    Yes my girl Phillana and Jazzy should link up I just seen his YouTube about 360 deals and is was alot of good info in it thanks for the post thanks! This is no joke and I didn't know what BDS was and he also said some good things about rappers giving out all that FREE music please check him out good info Nice post…..

  • Silver Ross

    Please tell me who in the f is Jazzy? Lol he must be one hell of a manager bcuz I see Post after post about this guy wow! Let me see what's going on ( is he handsome )? I need management but a good-looking manager and Smart I'm about to google him also, looks like his PR is hard at work lol and I need that bad lol get it his PR….

  • Johntod Williams You

    Thanks for the post about the cat Jazzy I thought this was some people posting BS but I did google this man and I must say he is doing his thing… I go to USC and would love to have Jazzy come and talk at the school I think his YouTube info is some of the best I have seen and I think all rappers should check out this also…Thanks for the Post and yes this man should be in the Top 5 of the best manager after I seen all of his work ..

  • David Blane

    I'm going to check this cat out from Jazzy Management sounds like a good person to network with I need management bad!!!

  • Kim Smith

    I would have to also say this young man from the west coast by the name of Jazzy from Jazzy Managnement he's one of the best also in my book he schools management on the business side and we all look up to this brother please check this man out he's a good person to network with. Thanks from Kim can sing Smith…

  • LScott

    Whoever did this article needs to check into a person who is making a lot of noise in the music industry right now that I have heard executives talk about. When it comes to management and contracts I heard he is on point. His name is Jazzy with Jazzy Management. I have been trying to get at him my self regarding some business. If you have his contact post it up please.

  • rich

    Where's does Michael Mauldin fit in?

    Just asking