Top 10 Historically Black Colleges & Universities

July 16, 2010  |  

by Anton Polouektov

When the time comes for selecting which higher education institution to attend, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are often forgotten, ignored, or viewed as second-rate in comparison with more traditional schools. Parents and prospective students alike are sometimes reluctant to consider these colleges, which they may view as homogeneous, rigid, and dogmatic. The truth, however, is that today’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are highly dynamic, progressive, and diverse institutions of higher learning that offer academic and extracurricular programs on par or exceeding those offered on comparable “traditional” campuses.

Not to mention, these colleges generally provide a high quality of education at affordable prices at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels and tend to represent better overall value than similarly-ranked traditional colleges. Complementing their academic credentials are these schools’ rich historical backgrounds and their unique social and cultural environments. It’s difficult to measure the impact of the “Black experience”  for the alumni of the 100+ HBCUs in the country but it’s safe to say that these schools foster a high level of fellowship and camaraderie, helping students to not only establish life long connections but to also enhance a sense of cultural identity.

To illustrate Historically Black colleges’ academic prominence, The Atlanta Post has compiled a list of the top ten HBCUs, along with their 2009-2010 tuition and fee information (not necessarily including room and board).

10.     North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC.

2009-2010 Tuition and Fees: $13,414 (out of state); $3,670 (instate)

The only public college in this top-ten list, North Carolina Central University represents an unbeatable opportunity for prospective students to receive a high quality education at only a tiny fraction of the price of other similarly-ranked institutions. With a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, professional, and doctorate degree tracks, NCCU has something to appeal to everyone, including Business and Law programs and ample hands-on research opportunities. Overall, North Carolina Central University offers an unparalleled cost-benefit ratio among HBCUs, making it an attractive option for anyone reluctant to accrue large debts yet not wanting to compromise education quality.


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  • Bret

    To be Honest I don’t see what’s so wrong with the list! It seems to be some what consistent with many other respected publications such as US News & World Report, Princeton Review, and Forbes..In no particular order I agree with putting all these schools in the top 10 with the exception of North Carolina Central University. Also to the individual upset because their were no CIAA schools, what school in that conference do you think deserves to be in the top 10??? Lastly, Clark Atlanta does not deserve to be in the top 10! Just because youre located next to Morehouse and Spelman doesn’t mean your of the same caliber. Please cut it out lol. Of course this all my opinion but I agree with this list for the most part.

  • Reese

    How could you neglect to mention NC A&T as previously stated it has an excellent engineering program. No CIAA schools were even mentioned, bad list.

  • Eduardo Martinez-Amaya

    Ha!!! yeah right. morehouse is NOT ranked next to Johns Hopkins!

  • DJ

    Why isn’t NC A&T on the list

  • rasheda

    North Carolina A&T has one of the best engineering schools in the country…not of black schools but of ALL schools. For it to not make this list diminishes the validity of this list. No offense but Claflin?!! I’ve never heard of this school in my life.

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  • Lah

    This is a horrible list, and I believe Anton Polouektov should have conducted further research before providing HIS insight as to whom should/should not be mentioned (actually the article within itself needs to be retracted). As an HBCU graduate/CAU Alumni (Clark Atlanta University …I’m sure this needed to be spelled out as well), I am thoroughly offended by leaving out SO many more deserving schools from the list. Was this list created based on funding/donor contributions, or the quality of celebrities which have spoken at Commencement ceremonies? Come on now. I REALLY would love to know how this list was compiled.

  • Rattler0812

    This is the worst list of HBCUs i have ever seen.  How can you have a list and not include FAMU?!!! How many of the schools on this list have been named Time Magazine Princeton Review College of the Year? Check the link and then tell me why they aren’t on the list.  You guys should be ashamed of yourselves…smh

  • Layab15

    Is spelmen a good college if I want to be an anesthesiologist?

  • Caeias7

    A MEAC list

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  • Darkphantom0963

    where can ifind a hbcu with a great bussiness major

    • Daniel

      North Carolina Central University has a PHENOMENAL Business Program along with a #1 LAW Degree/Program as well

    • ERIKA

      Bethune-Cookman University has a great Business Program, as well. And even though my Alma Mater wasn’t on this list; I still feel that this was a great article and list that Madame Noire has published. We shouldn’t focus on who’s school didn’t make the cut; that’s not the main focus here. Focus on how far we have come from as a black community/movement when the world didn’t think we can make it thus far.

      • ERIKA


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  • JSU Fever

    Jackson State University, Rocks Da House!!!! JSU for Life!

  • Openmind

    The answer is simple, they did not make the cut!!!!!

  • cau04

    It is crazy to have Morehouse and Spelman on here and not my beloved Clark Atlanta University. The school that puts University in the name Atlanta Univeristy Center.

  • Brandon

    Its cool, they can be biased and leave FAMU off, it just shows the list is a complete JOKE! FAMU #1 in recruiting National Merit Scholars, and we are left off the list? Recognized worldwide for our Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Business, Journalism and Graphic Communications, and Architecture programs – named the #1 Institution in AMERICA by the Princeton Review, Rattlers, we dont need the Atlanta Post to recognize us, they know who we are by filling up the Georgia Dome EVERY year with the ATL Classic. We will continue to be us and STRIKE, STRIKE, AND STRIKE AGAIN!!!!!!

    On another note: Congrats to the other HBCUs that were mentioned, keep up the good work!

  • Apolo Kaggwa

    Well, I must mention that I am an African continuing graduate student at one of the universities which made it to the top 10. I spent 3 years at a "majority" college when I first came to this country so I have experienced the culture both here and there. There is one thing I would like to say: Whether a HBCU is first or last in ranking, what matters most is the education and personal development one ends up with. Numbers may be made to say this or that but they do not lie. The HBCU are getting the job done, despite their relatively meager resources. I am grateful to have been admitted to one of them, when there are so many other African-Americans in need of my spot. I know that I am getting an excellent education and will for ever be grateful for the help I have been given by the American people every where. May God continue to bless the United States of America.

  • Bradon

    I am a recent Tuskegee Grad and proud of it..but were ranked 7th on here but in US TODAY we ranked number 1 in AL and 5th in the Nation. No matter what each one of us are proud of our HBCUS and we as ALUM or current students will make a change or a better change in out Black communities but in the end TUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..UUUUUUUUUU KNOW

  • Herbert Dula

    US New has rated WInston-Salems State as one of the top HCBU'S in the country for the last 6 years. This list is bogus and had to be compiled by a non-HCBU grad.

  • michael
    to help with more of your research next time….

  • Just Moore

    Listen people, it's not about where you go, it's about what you do after you finish. I'm a proud alumni of Jackson State University… We graduate the most blacks in the country… College is what you make of it.. If you want success you have to be a go-getter…So in my opinion all hbcus are at the top because there is atleast one person from each school that's successful…

  • Ricky Pulley

    So how about we stop arguing about who should be on the list or who is on the list. How about we strive to all be on the list & make HBCU's so great that they have to produce an entire list of #1 schools. Stop tearing each other down & let's learn how to just build each other up.

  • aham


  • Tommie Young

    I taught at some of these schools. NCCU ranks among the ten. NCA&T that I love does not. Fisk must rank because of its history. I live down the street,. and it is suffereing. However, a critical majority of its grads go on for turther study.

  • Renee Hogan

    I love my HBCU! I know that is where I learned and lived and thrived. Thank God for all HBCU's. Especially SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY.

  • HBCU Alum

    While this is a list of very good/outstanding colleges and university's…..I wonder what the selection process was for compiling this list….Most of the list is private HBCU's…..There are some public institution out there that are just as outstanding as the institutions on your list…..

    Was there a survey of institutions or did some one make up this list off the top of their head?……

  • XU!

    This list is not bogus. Everyone should be proud because we all went or go to HBCU'S. A&T, TN State, Jackson, and FAMU are all popular schools, but just because they popular, doesn't make them better than a lot of these schools on this list. Yes they all have something that they are known for, but so do these schools. People think that just because they have never heard of these schools then they are are not great, but that is not the case. For example, XAVIER UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA IS #1 FOR SENDING AFRICAN AMERICANS TO MEDICAL SCHOOL, AND THEIR PHARMACY PROGRAM IS EXCELLENT (XU!). So maybe some of you all should stop looking at how big or small the school is, and start looking at what they have to offer.

  • FAMU

    This list is bogus……there is no way you rate the top 10 HBCU's and Florida A&M University is not on the list. We are the best that ever did it and will continue to be the greatest HBCU ever!

  • donna Hill

    I am thrilled that Hampton U is on the list. My son is scheduled to head off in two weeks. I love the faculty and the campus. And although he was also admitted into Howard, it was Hampton's warmth and timely responsiveness that tipped us in Hampton's favor.

    • D. Johnson

      I wish your son much success at Hampton. I actually am a professor at Hampton.

  • We love good news like this! We were actually surprised that NCCU was so inexpensive for in-staters.

    We know this article sent shock waves across the net and we just want to invite all HBCU Alumni, Students and Supporters to come and Share Their HBCU Experience with the world at our site.

    Your Family at HBCUInterviews[dot]com

  • peopleb

    All HBCUs are great. Get real people all colleges and universities have its own flaws (black or white). Having been a MSU Bear and then a DSU Hornet, I have great pride in myself first and then in both institutions. Remember, the student makes the college, the college does not make the student. The real lesson here is that no matter what college a black student attends, it should be celebrated. Every college student I know has great pride in his or her own institution. A top ten list does not change this. My personal feeling is that all HBCUs that are still thriving despite economic oppression and offering cultural/socioeconomic enlightenment deserve to be on the list due to the fact that they are still in existence!!! With that being said, there should not be a top 10 list (for all you smart guys out there), and my suggestion to the Atlanta Post is not to publish one. Especially, if bloggers seem to only bicker about which institution is best and, maybe unknowingly, discourage future HBCU student's from attending any HBCU at all. Wake up people!! In America, a quality institution depends upon how much money an institution has and how much it can continue to generate. This is why the Post would not dare compare a HBCU to say any other college. The revenues are not the same; hence to the broader masses, HBCUs are irrelevant. We as black people need to stop patronizing these ideaologies which continue to cause divide. And I know, everyone who has posted a comment has "school pride", but let us not forget the message we are sending to the greater masses. HBCUs were given this distinctive name for a purpose and it wasn't about "equality for all". Ask yourself this question, do you see HWCUs (Historically White Colleges and Universities) anywhere? HBCUs will continue to struggle and be looked upon as insufficient in the eyes of many until a nation changes its attitude toward black people in general. It is a known that HBCUs get less state funding than its counterparts who are not branded as HBCUs in the same state (student population is how they base the funding I guess). So wake up "educated people" all HBCUs are wonderful! Alumuni pride is great, but I know the real reason why they still exist and will continue to exist for many, many years to come. The question is, do you? And if you do know, why the label HBCU?

  • DBean1

    As a graduate and currently enrolled at Prairie View A&M University, I am happy that HBCU's are getting some kind of recognition beside partying!!! Even though my alma mater isn't on the list, I am happy that HBCU attendance is being encouraged and supported. These are institutions are critical in providing affordable education and cultural experiences for african american people who would otherwise not have the opportunity to get a quality education. When I researched going to school, I knew I would choose an HBCU, even though I had received full ride scholarships to some of the top non-HBCU's in Texas such as UofH, UT and Texas A&M. I hold my experiences at Prairie View near and dear to my heart… I hope that more african americans will consider HBCU for there post high school education. And we as alumni need to continue to support these schools.

    PV produces product people!!! To the hill!!!

  • Chris

    Instead of downing the schools who made the list, how bout congratulating them and then try to make a difference at your school so it could also make the cut. Thanks to those who had something positive to say not only about NCCU but to the other institutions who made this list. I am so proud to be an EAGLE (Which is no common ordinary Barnyard Fowl).


    NCCU CLASS OF 2011

  • GB

    Morehouse Grad, I just want to give a shout out to everyone who viewed this list as "wrong" because your school was left off. Can't we just be happy about our schools still being around, relevant, and providing us with our respective experiences? We all have school pride and rag on each other playfully, but saying one school DOESN'T belong on the list b/c yours isn't on there is childish (Looking @ You FAMU and A&T posters, lol) But seriously, ALL HBCU's are relevant in their own right, smh, if only Black people, (especially COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY educated ones) would stop concentrating on what divides us, and pay attention to what unites us, THE QUEST TO BE BETTER AND MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE IN OUR WORLD *steps off Soap box)

  • GSL

    I wonder what facts where considered when this article was produced. Fact: Are the people who conducted this list aware NC A&T graduates more black engineers than any other institution in the world?

    Aggie Pride!!

  • J Brown

    Are you aware that the Florida A and M's School of Business is up there with Harvard?

  • Teresa

    OMG! No SWAC Schools.

  • hmmmmm N.C A&T is definitely missing from this list!

  • Karen

    I am SERIOUSLY HURT that FAMU is not on this list, much less in its top 5!!! For those who say FAMU sells degrees–I didn't pay for EITHER of mine, so you can throw that out the window. And despite our intense rivalry, I must say I'm shocked to not see North Carolina A&T either. Prominent institutions indeed. I never even heard of Claflin before this list came out and, clearly, I haven't seen ONE post supporting their ranking here. If you're so great, WHERE ARE YOU???!!! But, big-ups to my Howard, Xavier, and NCCU colleagues in particular…I am proud and love being among the best and brightest–CONGRATS!

    • Adam

      Education is not about whether you heard of a school. It's about what do you produce? Claflin continues to grow it's enrollment and endowment in touch fiscal times. Some of the schools you asked about have been rocked by scandal, mismanagement, and poor alumni giving rates. Claflin has been around since 1869 and the fact you never heard of them is more a sign of you and what your institution did not teach you about the 105 HBCUs in our country.

      Learn your history, respect your culture and write a check to your institution. Just because your institution didn't make the list never disrespect another HBCU sister. The mission for our people is too great to divide us!

      I am a proud graduate of CLAFLIN c/o 1994!

  • Bleu Devil

    Please note that my gleaming white and spacious green is still an amazing asset to the collegiate community. The oldest HBCU in Louisiana big baby!!!! DDDDDDD U!! D! D! D! D! D-D! U!

  • Jenne

    I am not here to discredit any of the universities that made the top ten list. I congratulate the various colleges/ universities. I am disappointed to see that Johnson C. Smith University has not made the list, but it is fine we will be in the top ten very soon. JC-SU! ROCK THA BLUE AND GOLD ROCK THE BLUE AND GOLD!!!!

  • CAU

    I cannot take this list seriously when one of the faculty homes of WEB Du Bois and the alma mater of James Weldon Johnson, Ralph Abernathy & Marva Collins is not included. Clark Atlanta University, home of the only graduate school in the Atlanta University Center. CAU has been educating Morehouse & Spelman grads for decades.

  • PUnderwood

    Personally, I just graduated from Morehouse last May and the ranking we get, we earn because we bust our butts. Also, we don't need to have graduate programs because our graduates attend great schools after graduating. It must be the Morehouse Mystique!

  • ChooChoo

    TSU and the one and only school to be loved. Yes we are the real TSU. And who can forget the our new nick and is "Oprah U". Yeh, baby the that's where our rich black female graduated. Please do not hate, because we all (HBCU's) are great. Thanks for the love. One shout out to St. Paul's College. The College with a big heart providing opportunities nondiscriminantly. Thank God for Both Tigers.

  • Gwendolyn Young

    CONGRATS to DILLARD and XAVIER, we love you all.

  • fg

    How did you forget North Carolina A&T? The number one producer of african americans in engineering in undergrad, the most african american female engineers in undergrad, the most african american graduate students in engineering, and the number one producer of african american psychology majors in the nation. Not to downplay any other schools but it seems like STEM fields and state funded institutions got the short end of the stick in this consensus.

  • Jazzy Miss_Priceless



  • Cameron

    What crazy person dreamed up this list? Without FAMU on it, namely in the number 1 spot, it completely lacks credibility. I'm going to refer the author to the authorities, b/c they are clearly over there smoking something.

  • Will

    Is North Carolina Central the only school that has instate fees and tuition?

  • As a member of the administrative team at Fayetteville State University (FSU) in North Carolina, I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate all of the HBCU's recognized in this article and to also highlight FSU as one of the stronger HBCU's in the country. FSU is a constituent university of the Univeristy of North Carolina System, also recognized as one of the best higher education systems in the nation. With over 6,300 students, FSU has been recongized as one of the nation's most diverse campus communities. We offer 43 bachelor's degrees, 23 master's degrees, and 1 doctoral degree. It costs approximately $6,000 for full time, residential students per semester.

    Our School of Business is fully accredited by one of the most prestigious and rigorous accrediting programs. FSU became the home of a “state of the art” Electron Microprobe—a rare, high-powered, revolutionary microscope (Yale University also has the same model). This device supports important research by industry scientists as well as FSU faculty and students.

    We are focusing on global opportunities for our students and faculty, recognizing over 50 partnerships with a variety of countries across the globe. I strongly encourage all of you to visit and learn more about what we have to offer. We hope to see our name on this list next time around!


    i am a freshman @ NCCu this year however i do want to attend howard for grad school congrats to both of the schools for makin this list… eagle pride.


    These "state" schools should have definitely been on the list – including Nos. 1, 2, and 3!!!!

    1. Florida A&M University

    2. FAMU

    3. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

    4. North Carolina A&T

    5. Southern U.

    6. Tennessee State

    7. Morgan State

  • J. Johnson

    Southern University and A&M College

  • DCole 06

    I agree that there a few universities missing from this list (Alabama A&M) being one of them. If you were to look at overall acredited programs and post graduate opportunities, I think a few of these schools listed in the top 10 would fall off.

    06 from 96

    99 AAMU Grad!!

  • Joe B

    It doesn't matter who or which university you graduated from…. on the job, your pay will be the same

    • BThomas

      but what job will you get?

  • R Akuffo

    This list was not meant to divide us, but to give future generations options that they may not have known about and encourage them to research schools. With so many graduates responding to this post, I was surprised to see so many childish comments. You're not in college any more. Be proud of each other and strive for excellence!

  • fisk graduate

    As a graduate student, I have received much respect for attending FISK UNIVERSITY with it's rich tradition of excellence. FISK FOREVER!

  • TJ

    Alabama state University Go Hornets #1

  • Megan

    @D. Johnson I'm aware of politics in the state of Florida. My point is universities like North Carolina A&T, South University and Tuskegee University for example have stand alone engineering colleges.

  • Jacob

    I am a proud graduate of Alabama State University and no regrets at all.

    GO HORNETS !!!!!!!!

    You are on my Top Ten Historically Blacks Colleges and Universities List.

  • Dr. Gale Frazier

    I am an alumna of Tennessee State University–I also attended Alabama A &M University. I graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. It was a great experience! Also, don't forget UAPB–the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. We must support our HBCU's–all of them.

  • Shelly

    All of our HBCU's are great institutions…..I am tied of this

    "Ranking" and "BEST Top Ten HBCU's".

    Let's embrace all of our HBCU's, no other college is better because it cost more.

  • D. Johnson

    Glad that you know so much about my alma mater. I happen to have an engineering degree from FAMU and took several classes at the FAMU/FSU school of engineering. The reason we share the school of engineering and the reason the law school is in Orlando has to do with politics in the state of Florida.

  • rattlerpride

    How can you not include FAMU? Our business school graduates some of the sharpest minds out there! At FAMU not only do you leave with a degree, but you also leave with a JOB at some of the largest companies in the world. Not to mention the Pharmacy, Nursing, and Engineering schools…which are also THE BOMB! GO RATTLERS 🙂

  • Spelman Alum 07

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the institutions that were listed!!! Fantastic accomplishment.

    Let's not degrade other institutions for the order of the list, let's get excited that more and more African-Americans are being educated.

    I am a proud Spelman Alumna. "Will ever faithful be…"

  • Siti

    I am happy to read how proud we are of our respectful schools, as we "all" should be. I believe the best way to demostrate our true pride via our pockets and community service to our alma mater. We should not compare our schools because each of us had a different experience based on the time of our attendance. We also should only state the truth when make comparisons. The fact is there is a difference between private vs public and college vs university. I attended a PW( Primary White) high school and college (freshman year) before transferring to NCA&T. Attending A&T help me to come to love myself and respect all my sisters and brothers of color. The fact is haters of HBCU, you can not get this at at PWI. I am not knocking PWI….the fact is we have to invest in ourselves, our beliefs and our communities as a people! GO AGGIES.

    Peace to all the HBCU alumni's, because you have to experience it to know what it is is all about!

  • Mac

    Wow folks…Is it really THAT serious. There are only 10 spots. If your school didn't make this list, that doesn't mean it isn't one of the best HBCU's. "One of the best" goes way beyond 10. Everybody calm down and be prideful of the fact that you even attended one of these great Black institutions. It's crazy what we can allow lists to do to us.

  • Megan

    Keep in mind that Florida A&M is a unique university. It is the only public HBCU in the state of Florida. That gives it a condition that does not exist in say North Carolina where there are a number of larger HBCUs. If NC had a single public HBCU as does Florida, NC would have a black university with over 30,000 students. NC A&T has reached an enrollment that ranges between 10,700 and 11,000. NCCU has reached to nearly 9,000. WSSU and FSU have both well over 6,000 and ECSU has over 4,000. We have to be careful when measuring FAMU to other states that have more than one public HBCU. Also, keep in mind some of the conditions behind FAMU’s programs. The engineering college is shared with Florida State University and the law school is housed in Orlando. This doesn’t take away from the good things FAMU does. But, it doesn’t make FAMU the tops because of its unique position as being the only public HBCU in the state. This also impacts sports too. FAMU has the main fan base in the state from blacks as a public HBCU. North Carolina splits its fan base at its public HBCUs between 5 universities.

  • Megan

    Keep in mind that Florida A&M is a unique university. It is the only public HBCU in the state of Florida. That gives is a condition that does not exist in say North Carolina where there are a number of larger HBCUs. If NC had a single public HBCU as does Florida, NC would have a black university with over 30,000 students. NC A&T has reached an enrollment that ranges between 10,700 and 11,000. NCCU has reached to nearly 9,000. WSSU and FSU have both well over 6,000 and ECSU has over 4,000. We have to be careful when measuring FAMU to other states that have more than one public HBCU. Also, keep in mind some of the conditions behind FAMU's programs. The engineering college is shared with Florida State University and the law school is housed in Orlando. This doesn't take away from the good things FAMU does. But, it doesn't make FAMU the tops because of its unique position as being the only public HBCU in the state. This also impacts sports too. FAMU has the main fan base in the state from blacks as a public HBCU. North Carolina splits its fan base at its public HBCUs between 5 universities.



    • D. Johnson

      I just thought you should know that FAMU graduates more people than any school on that list. Do your research!

  • Megan

    I wrote a detailed post and for some reason you didn't add my response. Why is that? It was a post that mentioned the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

    Not sure what was offensive about my post to why mine wasn't added?

  • Carole

    As as Tuskegee alum, congratulations to all of the HBCUs ranked here. However, I do strongly feel that FAMU should be included in the top 10 schools

  • Any Graduate from any HBCU should be proud of their school and all HBCU’s in general. We get too wrapped around the axel about school rankings. We are all number 1 as long as we contribute to our God, our Country, Our Communities, and To Each Other. I am a Graduate of Norfolk State University, and I have strived for excellence since I graduated back in 1987. I am so proud of all HBCU’s we are all number 1. Peace and Blessings!

  • leyle

    where is NC A&T…i guess someone doesn’t realize they are the leader in producing African American engineers in the US.

    NC A&T should ALWAYS top the list!

  • jackie


  • Celia

    Woot woot! Go Hampton!!!! I'm sooo glad, I go to HIU….."

    My home by the sea.

    '07 Alum

  • Megan

    This list doesn't seem even near real. For starts……when you use the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education one sees right off that Howard, North Carolina A&T, Jackson State University, Florida A&M, Morgan State, and Tennessee State should be on the list. Then when you look at program offerings one might expect to see Tuskegee, Hampton, North Carolina Central and Alabama A&M on the list. You don't cross rank universities and college that are not in the same Carnegie Classification. Simply because those ones in the higher levels have more access to research facilities and graduate level resources. Then you have universities that have colleges of engineering, law schools, architecture schools, veterinary medicine, MBA programs. These can not be compared to colleges and universities that do not even offer such type of programs.

    When you look at the economic stabilities of some of the private universities and colleges on this list that too is an issue. Some really shouldn't be ranked high.

    All HBCUs are important and are all needed. But, to leave off key universities with technical Ph.D. programs and other major academic programs tells the read that the researchers did not do a good job.

    This list comes out of Atlanta so one expected to see 2 liberal arts undergraduate only colleges be in the top 1 and 3 spots.

    Don't even bother to take this type of ranking with any serious thought. This list was just created as a conversational tool. Most likely those who compiled the list have some ties to the universities with the highest rankings. Do some checking and I'm sure you will find some truth to this statement.

    • IloveSpelman

      I believe that this list is based on the undergraduate programs. Otherwise, they would not have included schools that do not have Graduate Programs.

      However, the fact that this list was created in Atlanta is irrelevant. Spelman and Morehouse consistently rank within the top 3 on all list. For Example US News rankings will give you the same results.

      check it out : )

    • Shei

      As a former Advisor for a Non HBCU, a son who attended a 98% caucasian HS. He chose to go to AAMU in Hunstville Al because of the quality of programs. I totally agree with you it is hard to compare schools who are not in the same category.

  • AAMU Til I Die

    I attend Alabama A&M University and I Will and Always LOVE my school REGUARDLESS of the ranks! I dont think we should be arguing over who should and shouldnt be on the list.. We all attend a HBCU and we should all be PROUD!

  • Miss state

    Where is Alabama State University?

    The school of Civil Rights Movement….

    This list is messed up!

  • damya lumpkin


  • IloveSpelman

    I have noticed that Top HBCU lists vary a lot.

    One thing that is pretty consistent is SPELMAN is #1 Howard is #2 and My Morehouse Brothers are #3. <3

    Proud of my school. : )

  • IloveSpelman

    Excuse me my future Morehouse Brother, I loved your comment and agree with it 100%. However, Spelman only has one L. lol

    Welcome to the AUC. : )

    • rashadmrt

      Oh, ha my bad I didn't catch myself when i was typing this up so I figured there might be a couple errors in there. I just didn't think that it would be for Spelman, but thank you for pointing that out for me and for you agreeing with me.

  • Dawn Warner

    No FAMU….This list is boooooooo

  • AAMU'77

    Why are we beating ourselves up over a list that has no meaning in the real world. Did your employer hire you because your school made the top ten? Why can't we all just be proud of our HBCU's and the education they provided us. Imagine if everyone who posted a comment here gave just $100 every month to their school or took 100 black students to visit an HBCU every year. I think the most important thing here for me is that I know you all graduated from college and that college was an HBCU!

  • Special Guest

    WHERE is Winston-Salem State University?!?!?!?! This list is BOGUS! >:( GO RAMS!!!!!!

    Those of you talking badly about HBCUs need to do a little research. The majority of AA students attend PWIs. But HBCUs produce the majority of graduates. HBCUs also produce the most AA doctors and dentists (70% to be exact), Ph.Ds, teachers, and contribute significantly to science degree holders (23%-50%). Also, research has found that HBCU grads tend to graduate with better confidence as a result of having greated leadership opportunities (such as student body president).

    Ultimately, it's the person, not the school that determines success. I know more than a few ill-prepared folks with poor speaking and professional skills who can't dress for a job interview who went to supposedly "good" schools, even a couple of jacked-up Ivy-League grads. WSSU made sure they groomed all of us sufficiently to that we represented ourselves as well as the school in a professional manner.

  • Andreea

    Where is Morgan State uNIVERSITY?? Yes, Morgan State University. This is some down south list,..Morgan state University has been around just as long as most and is more popular then most. Lol at who MADE this list. Yes MORGAN STATE SHOULD BE ON HERE!!! Thats One of the schools you think up when U think of a HBCU. sHM AND WHO GOT A PROBLEM WITH MORGAN…I WORKED VERY HARD FOR MINE, THANK YOU. Copping is a joke that just became a university… they are still on the college level.

  • Ricardo

    No Southern University, FAMU or Grambling?? Who does these rankings? These schools graduate hundreads of african americans a year.

    • HBCUwatchdog

      Southern U. is working to get back in the group. Surprised though that FAMU didn't make the list. Where's Tennessee State? North Carolina A&T? This list is suspicious.

      • Phillybull

        Congrats to Dillard and Xavier. Much love. Much love. However, Dr. Ronald Mason is going to help put Southern University and A&M college back on top – believe me when I tell you!

      • southernmight

        "HBCUWatch" With this "bogus" list aside I feel good about the academic changes happening at Southern. I think the administration that SU has in place with Chancellor Kofi Lomotey (BROOKLYN!) and the new System President Dr. Ronald Mason Southern's academic future looks bright. With our new leadership and our higher competitive admissions standards Southern will return! SOUTHERN U.!!!!!!!!

  • rashadmrt

    i agree with you a lot. you have made the most sense so far along with a few others that i have read today. i have not yet graduated from college yet but i am on my way seeing as to how i just started at Coppin State University and plan to transfer to Morehouse soon.

    even after doing so i will give back to both schools because i know that both of them will provide me with the tools and knowledge i need to pursue my dreams of being one of the most well-known black entreprenuers in america.

  • Remy

    Shameless plug for more kids to come in on the bus to Atlanta this Fall. Lose their way, get caught up with ghettocountry values and materialism. Send your kid to a university where they will graduate with career opportunities and an education without all the distractions.

  • Chermonica

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo00000000 spELMAN…Number one yay!! I can say Spelman is a wonderful school and is highly qualified to be the TOP HBCU!!!

  • MEJ

    I am excited that Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C. made the list, however whomever wrote this article failed to do their research, for the next door neighbor to Clafin, South Carolina State has always ,and will always be a top contender in HBCU's. Hail, Hail Dear Alma Mater, Hail, Hail Dear SCC. We'll defend and honor, love and cherish thee.

  • Nina

    I am a Hamptonion, so I am glad to see us on the list. I must say that I think we should have placed higher.

  • Leslie

    Idk who put together this list, but they need a good butt whooping. Don't make no sense. My school Tuskegee should be ranked higher than that. And how did Claflin make the list? See that's why I check out the Princeton List. Theirs is more accurate. And that $16,000 fees yall said Tuskegee charges are incorrect. It's $12,000 per sem. and $24,000 for the school year. Do some better research next time.

  • Alicia Durroh

    What about WSSU-Winston Salem State University. They have one of THE BEST Nursing progam, down in North Carolina…

    GO RAMS!!!!

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  • caprice

    Where the heck is FAMU??? I don't recall any of these universities bands performing at the first black presidential inauguration…. We also have one of the best pharmacies and nursing schools

    • LC

      FAMU was not the only HBCU band in Obama's inauguration parade. Hampton and Delaware State were also in the parade…

      • D. Johnson

        The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff was also in the parade.

  • LC

    There is a lot of pride with all the responses! First I want to know the criteria that was used to come up with the list. I did notice it was stated that Fisk was the oldest HBCU in the south. Now that is incorrect…..

    Last point – I'm surprised Shaw University did not make the list. By the way Shaw is the oldest HBCU in the south…

  • free mind

    I am a proud Spelmanite who proudly contributes to my alma mater. Funders do not look kindly upon requests from schools whose former students do not value their experiences enough to show financial support as alumni.

    Everyone here that boasts of being a proud alumna-please give back to your school fiscally. Even if it is only $10, you boost the percentage of alumni who contribute and make your school look like a better investment to all of those that the school approaches for grant/scholarship/endowment money! And you help build your school's resources so that, regardless of their presence and spot on these lists, the students of the future are receiving the best education possible.

  • PerrinBostic

    Where IS JACKSON STATE… JSU is the best hands down!

  • J's World

    JSU{Jackson State University} and Alcorn should be on the list. I wanted to go to an all black college but I go to an Ivy League school. Columbia University baby!!!


    This list is all wrong if there is no FAMU Dillard, Fisk and no FAMU come on who put this list together FAMU produces the best business students hands down any company you go to someone from FAMU will be there. Redo this list please.

  • At Like That

    This list is whacked!!! Howard should number 10 or not on the list at all!!! I was in one of their PhD programs and I decided to transfer to another university because I was not getting the support from the advisers as I was from previous schools. It is all about the name and not about the substance at Howard. Elizabeth City State, University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Bowie State should be on this list!!! These schools have come a LONGGGGG WAY!!!!

  • XU4life

    Proud to be a Xavier girl!! always reppin the gold and white!!!

  • Rattler

    RATTLER PRIDE! FAMU #1. This list needs to be revised ASAP!

  • Wyetta

    I am a Tuskegee University graduate and I am happy to see my alma mater ranked in the top ten HBCU's. Go Tigers!!!

  • No FAMU? Shenanigans!!! I declare this list fraudulent.

  • famu2014

    No FAMU??? This list is VERY messy

  • Marrissiaj

    Well i am proud graduate of Wiley College and it did not make the list- needless to say- I am proud to Wildcat -this particular HBCU has given me great hope for my future – like many i grew up in chicago and i never thought about going to college ,and futhermore higher education was never an option ,but i am glad that Wiley college gave me a chance. All of the those university and colleges are wonderful because it provides education for our people. To me that is what is important – getting a education it doesnt matter whose best. The one thing that these top university and colleges do teach us is to have pride in where we come from and more importantly make a difference in someone else life. So if we are living up to the creed or our school foundation and teachings there is no need to argue about who made the list and who didnt. Just be proud that you made it to college and more importantly you finished. God bLess

  • de

    kind of sad my school isnt on here but it's ok b/c i know it's a great school.


    panther till i d-i-e!!

  • CB

    You get real. How do you assume to know that all HBCU's are bad? I doubt you went to every one. I doubt you even visited all the ones in the top 10. The point of any institution of higher learning after high school is to gain valuable experience that will help you either excel in getting advanced degrees (Master's, Doctorates, etc) or enter into valuable corporate careers. Based on my experience HBCU's prepare their graduates for both. I know HBCU alum all over the country that were able to enter into Ivy League institutions and excel in higher degrees (MBA's, PHD's, etc). I also know alum that were able to get into very fruitful, high paid jobs with their HBCU degrees or were able to establish their own profitable businesses. That's what education is about, not pedigrees or national coverage sports teams. You need a reality check sir.

  • CB

    What?? FAM's not on the list but Fisk is w/ no Graduate programs? We have Engineering, Journalism, School of Bus and Industry, Architecture, Law School, Pharmacy….should I go on? I know we've had some shady leadership in the last few years but come on… We still deserve a top ten mention… RATTLERS!

  • Krystle

    Very proud of my alma mater North Carolina Central University as a May 2009 graduate I'm pleased we made the top ten list!

  • Jen

    Any ranking of HBCUs that doesn't include FAMU–and probably in the top five–is a terrible list. Great business, pharmacy and engineering programs. Some of the only Black-centered psychology and education programs in the country. Largest HBCU in the country. This was a massive fail.

    PV should have been listed, too, for its engineering and nursing programs, alone.

    I had never even heard of Clafin and I am Methodist.

  • Stephie19

    Great Point! I do contribute and am proud of it!!! Go Morgan Bears!!

  • Jimmy Edwards

    I have no doubt that morehouse produces great students who go on to do great things, but I'd really like to know where and how you are tracking these statistics you have mentioned in comparison between schools. Your statement lacks any source and seems opinion based only

    • epiphanie

      Wall Street Journal printed several of the statistics mentioned earlier. Seem like the article was printed in 2008 or 2009.

  • D. Johnson

    My place of employment is #6 (Hampton University) is on the list. I am really dissapointed that my alma mater (FAMU) is not on the list. You can't be serious. The #1 producer of black university graduates is left of the list

  • L Mar

    You sound so ignorant right now. You could have kept that ridiculous comment to yourself.

  • Justina


  • ikandii08

    THANK YOU!.. Prime example = Tuskegee University….

    These HBCUs are supposed to build character and preserve identity but sadly many have begun to engage in the continuation of the MISEDUCATION of our people. I'm not going to write a book – instead i'll encourage you to read one. "The Mis-education of the Negro" by Carter G. Woodson. Big thanks to Dr. Darryl Scriven, professor of philosophy @ TU. He opened my eyes….

  • KK

    Really, no FAMU? SBI, Pharmacy, Engineering, THE 100? Guess none of that matters. Hello!!!!!! Check our resume.

  • Billy Jack

    Fisk Forever! WE ARE FEW BUT WE ARE PROUD!!! FU!!!!!! FU!!!!!

  • Anthony

    how the heck is Morehouse # 3! we should be #1 on this list! Howard doesnt hold a candle to the candles in the dark. we are the light of the african american educational world!

  • Janae

    And technically NCCU is the number one Public School because the first nine are private schools.. Eagle Pride

  • SLIM


    • Stew

      The following schools should ALWAYS be on the top 10 list.

      North Carolina A&T State University (AGGIE PRIDE!!!)

      Howard Univ.

      Hampton Univ.




      The lesser schools can fill in the last 4 spots. o_O

    • bcamp

      you are soooooo right hopefully ncat is where i will be attending next yr!

  • Jerome

    I respect this list, however the best HBCU is TSU. The real TSU located in Houston TX. When you look at size (over 10,000 students), programs such as our Pharm.D and Law, and the urban setting of Houston no other HBCU comes close. I currently live in Atlanta and the AUC is cool but all four of them together aren't half the size of TSU.

  • @ Hubert Jones. Your point is well-taken. There is certainly a gap in quality between the best HBCU's and the best flagship school in their respective states. Clearly (for the most part) there is not a plethora of cutting-edge technology, nor the most recent body of knowledge available at HBCU's. But, you must ask what is the objective of some of these institutions (HBCU's)??? Is it to teach knowledge that can be regurgitated??? Or is it to BUILD individuals that "learn how to learn" and instill a level of confidence, security and character in them that was not given to them in the American educational system (public or private)??? I can REALLY only speak for Morehouse. As an African-American male educated in the public educational system, I never had one teacher/administrators (K-12) tell me that I was smart, that I could go to a top graduate school, and/or that I could do ANYTHING IN THE WORLD that I wanted to do until I got to Morehouse…and I believed it. Thus, I am living my god-given dream in significant part due to the supportive/Christian/educational environment created by administrators and faculty on that campus. Which leads me to my last point. If ALL HBCU's are soooooo bad, why did you work at one? Could you not get a position at a "pedigreed" institution of higher learning or were you just helping-out the "darkies"??? You sound "just a little" wounded. PLEASE!!!

  • Neicy

    Why the hell isn't Virginia State University on this list?! Claflin, which I have never heard of and NCCU before us? BS! FAMU or NC A&T didn't even make the list! BS!

  • JennyT

    I am happy to see to AUC school on the list. I am personally a third generation grad of Clark Atlanta University. I received an excellent education there and could not imagine going anywhere else. I married a Morehouse/Tech grad and we hope our children will choose Morehouse or Clark when it is their time because of our experiences.

  • James

    This is a bogus article. There is NO WAY that you can have a top 10 HBCU list and not mention FAMU!!! Are you kidding me? FAMU stand up and show that Rattler Pride!! Clearly this was written by someone who never attended a HBCU and just Googled a few institutions.

  • CurlsGalore

    Im ALWAYS still SO proud to say Im a graduate of Tuskegee University.No matter what HBCU you attended, we are all SO relevant today. Every chance I get, I encourage a HS student to seek higher education at an HBCU. The friendships and experiences are priceless

  • Stephanie J.

    I am a recent North Carolina Central University Eagle Alumni! So good to know that they made the top 10 list!

  • Lyoness

    Proud Xavier Grad!!! #1 for sending African-Americans to Medical School. The undergraduate science programs are stellar. The pharmacy program is AMAZING.

  • R Merrett

    Where is Prairie View A&M University?

    • downsizzouth

      LOL – Your'e joking about PV right?

  • Educated

    For my brother with the comment on Howard University. Howard is FAR from just a name. It is, as well as represents so much more than that. If you are one of the DC locals that chose to spend your time on campus recking havoc as oppose to doing something positive with your life, then I can understand why you would make such a comment. Universities acquire prestige not only by it's actions and accomplishments but by the accomplishments of the students that have graduated. As it pertains to the former and the latter, that list of accomplishments is incredibly extensive. I have now earned an Ivy League graduate degree but Howard still remains as the most quality and wholesome education I have received. To conclude, unless you went there or better yet graduated, please refrain from your senseless commentary.

  • BSmith

    As an HBCU Grad (NC A&T), I will never disparage another HBCU (well I do sometimes when joking with my friends who attended schools I didn't attend). However, I do have a problem with this article, every school with the exception of North Carolina Central, is a private school – this lends to a certain bias from the writers of this article. There's no way that North Carolina A&T, Florida A&M, or Southern University should be left off of any list purportedly naming the top HBCUs.

  • EAgle4Life

    NCCU is surrounded by other great colleges, namely, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University. Thus it attracts a lot of top flight students, particularly its grad' programs. It's an overall great school!

    • Chris

      Yes i do agree!!!

      EAGLE PRIDE!!!!!!!!!

  • Aggie-Engineer

    This is a weak article. Seem some of these top 10 HBCU's were based on popularity vs ranking top schools for certain degree programs whether it be undergrad, masters or Doctorial level. Rightfully so, the author lists Spelman and Morehouse in the top two spots but didn't establish the connection that many of these dual degree students who pursue more STEM degrees go on to top techinical HBCU's such as North Carolina A &T. (The # one producer of African American Engineering Undergraduates). FAMU could have been mentioned as well for their top notch Business schools & Pharmacy programs. HBCU's are positioning themselves to be more competive with Majority institutions so perhaps the next article could rank HBCU's similar to the rankings found in the US News & World Report.

    • VERY few dual-degree students from Morehouse and Spelman continue their education at HBCU's. More than 80% go to Georgia Tech to complement their BS (in math, chemistry, Physics, or computer science) from Morehouse or Spelman (requirements completed in 3 years). The other <20% go to University of Michigan, University of Florida, NCA&T, (and 7 other non-HBCU schools) for 2 additional years to obtain a BSE in the engineering discipline of their choice.

      • Aggie-Engineer

        Thank you for sharing these moving statistics. Perhaps when you take time to clarify posted comments you can indicate the source of your information. Again while I'm no admissions officer I would be remiss point out representation from Spelman or Morehouse students who elected to transfer to NCA&T to complete the STEM portion of their degrees. Not going to get hung up on whether it's VERY few or MANY. The
        point is that other Technical HBCU's should have been included in this top 10 List. AGGIE PRIDE!

  • GQ

    North Carolina A&T is missing even though we get the bad rep as just a party school but what college isn't anyway "AGGIE PRIDE" i was aggie born aggie bred and when i die i'll be aggie dead

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  • Spelman Woman

    Yay! im so glad my alma mater is #1! Yay Spelman!!!!!!! 🙂

  • liv4tda

    Hampton University should have been higher!

  • V

    how dare they put Howard at #2!..always #1….Spelman is just a college we are a prestigious university.

    • L Mar

      We may only be a college but we're still #1 which is exactly where we should be. So we must be doing something better than Howard. Spelmanite til I die!!

    • rashadmrt

      thats why they are called HBCU's… the C stands for college and it come BEFORE the U which stands for university…get it? i'm proud of my sisters at Spelman they just 2 above us at Morehouse and we both COLLEGES. we hold 2 of the top 3 spots.

  • Jonez

    Wow, FAMU didn't even make the list??? Losin out to Fisk? This list can't even be taken seriously….

  • Helga

    where is Jackson State!! JSU is thee BEST!!

    • OKAY

      honeeeyyyy. I went to Jackson State and I think that we both know exactly why JSU isn't on this list. It's party central that's why dammit! lol

    • Mariama Curry

      O.K. Guys glad to see you CHEERING ON YOUR SCHOOL!!!! YEAH H.B.C.U.'S., But!!!!!! Do you pay your Alum DUES? We, are in a SERIOUS CRUNCH for $$$$$! O.K. I've heard all the Horror stories, they all have them even the EuropeanAmerican Schools that some of us like to KISS UP TO!!!! Pay your Alum DUES, get involved in the Alum and change the issues that you may have. INVOLVEMENT IS KEY!!!! The Alumni is your controling factor.They control the school. The EuropeanAmerican schools some of us like to kiss up to all have STRONG ALUMNI!!! These schools are OURS and we need to Hold them up STRONG,Represent where ever we GO!!! and Simply Love and SUPPORT THEM NO MATTER WHAT! When something go down that's not correct, hold those persons accountable, take care of what's OURS.These are OUR schools and WE MUST SUPPORT THEM!!!! Check it+++ The POWERS THAT BE WANT TO CLOSE THEM DOWN!!!!! It's SERIOUS!!!!!

  • The Real HU

    I went to Howard for undergraduate film. When I attended grad school in LA for film, I was constantly bombarded with what black was and was not. I had to go against the grain just to be myself, and it was the HBCU experience that honed my identity and artistic vision. I will always be grateful for that, when you run with the wolves you step in wolf doo.

  • tony

    Where or were is Tennessee state University on this list my alma Mata the #1 in my book and grads all across the south and mid west anyway Fisk almost lost its accreditation 2 years ago

  • easemysoul

    Why are most of the schools in Atlanta? Where is Prairie View A&M University?? They have one of the best Engineering Programs in the country.

    • kita

      most in Atlanta??…it's only 2

    • Jlravin

      Your joking about PV right?

  • tfran


  • Rattler1

    What!!! Where is FAMU?!! This list is bogus…

  • Samuel Parker

    NCCU class of 2013 out here

  • Justin

    TSU Tennessee State U got the shaft on this list…

  • India

    Hampton University stand up!!!!!!!

  • LaBelleVie

    Spelmanite 'til the day I die!

  • While Morehouse is not the only HBCU to produce a Rhodes Scholar, Morehouse is the only HBCU to produce 3 Rhodes Scholars:

    – 1994: Nima Warfield

    – 2001: Christopher Elders

    – 2003: Oluwabusayo Folarin

    …and has had some finalist even in recent years.

    Bottom line…No other HBCU annually produces the sheer volume of students that go on to do graduate/Professional studies at "Ivy League-esque"/top programs in Law, Business, Divinity, Medicine, Education and the Arts & Sciences than Morehouse (and Spelman).

    • Jlravin

      Thats actually not true. Havard & Yale specifically hold graduate seats for Howard Students only. Secondly, we continue to produce elected officials nationwide( current mayor of atlanta).
      Howard Law is considered as competitive as top tier schools, if not better than most.( check the stats, Howard is next to Yale & Harvard in Big Firm Recruitment.
      Lastly, we've produced several presidents of African dominated nations in the world. 3 rhode scholars. The one of few black senators and American ambassodors in the country. The list is endless . We love all HBCU's but Spelman and Morehouse are the only
      schools running a extended second.
      Howard 06 ,
      Beta Chapter , Alpha Phi Alpha

      • rashadmrt

        I agree with you 100% my brother. I was saying the same thing on here just yesterday about Howard that you just said. thank you for enforcing that Howard is more than just a name.

  • Glad to see my alma mater on the list. Xavier really is a great school. XU!!!

  • MrsC

    What no FAMU? (Florida A&M University)


    WHERE IS FAMU, are you kidding me?

    We're THE BEST HBCU …. THE BEST Business school, THE BEST Pharmacy.

  • lu student

    ummmm what about LINCOLN UNIVERSITY????we are def. the first HBCU 1-8-5-4…..

    • Doreen

      Lincoln U. historically has been overlooked as an HBCU with an emphasis on the southern black schools below the Mason-Dixon line. As a graduate ('75) I am proud to have attended the only black school to have produced a US Supreme Court justice in Thurgood Marshall and many other prominent black judges, lawyers, doctors, professors, teachers, etc… Some consolation is my daughter graduated from Spelman this year!

      • Jimmy Edwards

        You skipped over the whole Justice Marshall graduated from Howard Law. Clearly that was an important part of his education.

  • Amara

    Proud recent graduate of Claflin University!! Claflin University is truly great University!

  • NCCU Graduate

    Good Job!!!! Im glad to see NCCU in the building. Glad to see a list representing and recognizing HBCU's period!!!!

    No need to hate on each others school (RAINNA) we are in it for the same reason, to educate our people to the best of our abilities…

  • Hadiyah Parker


  • Franck

    Howard actually has produced 2 Rhodes Scholar, Carla Joy Peterman(1999) and Marianna Ofosu(2003).

  • ok…seriously…where is FAMU?


    I feel as if I have jipped. As on of the previous post read "WHERE IS MY FAMU"!!!!! This is crazy.



  • A&T Grad

    Obviously, the person that wrote this DID NOT go to an HBCU. There is no way that you can speak of HBCUs and not mention NC A&T and FAMU. From prestige to recognition… I've never heard of Dillard or Claflin before I read this article. To all the ignorant folks out there, it's AGGIE PRIDE to the bone gristle terd.

    • XUite

      really?? You attended an HBCU and you've never heard of Dillard?? WOW

    • Dillardite

      Why does everyone keep yelling about Fisk or other schools? It's not about how big or how crunk your school was its about ACADEMICS! Dillard is the ONLY HBCU to produce a president of an Ivy League. Look her up please. And also type in Black Ivy Leagues Dillard is apart of that list also. And you say you graduated from college. Ha!

  • Joe

    No Florida A&M? This is completely inaccurate.

  • Adrianna

    Spelman is number 1……. 🙂

    • Fysha Saunders

      Yes ! Spelman Is Number 1 , I Plan To Be Atending there after I Graduate In 2015 !

    • Jeremy

      Howard Univ – Bison Pride!!!!!!

  • finepi08

    Yayy Fisk! But they know damn well Fisk tuition and fees is WAAAAAAAY more than $17k….smh.

  • Cromwell Crawford

    I graduated from 'Skegee in 1977 and still feel the pride which I felt when I first arrived there. KEEP IT UP GOLDEN TIGERS

  • KEKE


  • barbie101

    im a jounior in high school now and ever since i could remember ive alwasy wanted to go to a historicaly black college were my people can come together and be the majority not the minority even though i mixed i consider and my family considers are selves to be black and i cant wait till next year when i can send in my applicatons to howard and spellman

  • Heat

    Shout out to all HBCUs…..but sorry if you talking top schools and fail to mentions FAMU the list isn't legit.

  • Lane Alum 2008

    Lane College! Est. 1882!!! Jackson, TN. The Power of Potential!!!!! Go Dragons, Cardinal Red and Royal Blue all day!!!!!

  • LAW

    It's great to see some shine given to these HBCUs, as I believe they produce some of the world's best scholars. My experience at Spelman shaped a large part of my life! Keep it up…

  • cs

    Hampton ranking below Fisk and Xavier? What in the world was the criteria?

    • XUite


  • Oh Please!

    No Clark Atlanta Univerity?!?!?!?!? Who ever did this list, Please—–> Shoot ya self, slowly! You cant add Spellman and Morehouse and they are educated by the same professors and take classes and advantage of each others campus! Oh lets not forget how GA state! GTFOH with this oh sooooooooooo random, I needed someting 2 write, was bored and all my friends attend the schools I listed, list! SMDH

  • A Daughter on the EV

    FISK University REIGNS!!!!

  • Shannon

    wow 7 comments that says a lot about this site. Exactly what I thought. LOL!! BSU baby.


    Hampton #6…Really??? I am biased of course..

    ALL HBCU's are forever relevant!!!

  • St. Louis

    Lincoln University?

    • Taj

      Lincoln University? Are you serious? Now ya'll know ya'll weren't getting on the list!

  • Howard Grad!!


  • Tiger4GSU

    There were two schools from Louisiana, but I am sad you did not mention Grambling State University or Southern University.


    Not only should Hampton be higher ranked than #6 but you totally got our tuition wrong. Try adding about 10k to that. Who did this research?

  • Fisk Graduate

    I'm so proud to see my beloved alma mater on the list! FISK FOREVER!

    • Dr.Rubin Cockrell

      I am very proud to see Fisk University on this list. FU forever!

  • so, who is number [#] 1 one

  • SMH

    I find it very comical that FAMU does not appear anywhere on this list, but some other names do. Also, FAMU has produced a Rhodes Scholar as well. Please attempt to do some kind of research before publishing your future articles. You could have wiki'ed "Rhodes Scholars" and the site would have given you a list of schools that have produced Rhodes Scholars. So that shows me that you dont even have the foresight to use the lowest of research tools. Yet and still, you have a job in this economy. WOW

  • Jimmy Edwards

    Correction. Morehouse is not the only HBCU to produce a Rhodes Scholar. I know of at least one other- Marianna Ofosu, Howard University 2003

    • Q

      Morehouse has actually had multiple Rhodes Scholars, including the first HBCU Rhodes Scholar.

    • Sami

      Howard has actually produced 3 Rhodes Scholars. It's all about the BISON!

      • Jimmy Edwards

        That's awesome. I remembered her because she was an upperclassman while I was at Howard. Howard grad! '04.

      • Kayla


  • Rainna

    Where's Morgan State? We always get the shaft! And I know damn well that we are better than North Carolina Central!!! Oh and I am not trying to put Howard down but for those of us that live in the DC Maryland Area know that Howard is just a name.

    • Marcus

      Just a name? Are you kidding me? Morgan State can't be mentioned in the same breath as HU!

    • john

      You know what you sound like right now????? You sound like HATER!

      • Rainna

        No not a hater at all. I attended both schools and Morgan State had more to offer me than Howard. Howard is an excellent school but it is school that's solely based on its name. It has been built up over the years and to be honest Howard is just like any other HBCU and it is time that the other lesser known HBCU"s get noticed. Period point blank.

    • no way baltimore

      Are you serious? MORGAN? HELL No. Don't even mention Coppin State. Baltimore shouldn't even be allowed to have colleges.

      • Rainna

        I understand your contempt for Baltimore but B-more has a ton prestigious universities other than HBCU's. Hello Johns Hopkins!! B-more is not a very desirable city but it is known as a college town.

    • Eden

      Morgan is a horrible school….eww

      • Stephie19

        That is so untrue! Morgan is a wonderful school

    • Quillis

      I'm quite shocked that NCA&T and FAMU are not on this list. Those who are criticizing Howard University for it's #2 on this list should do some research before making bland comments. Morehouse is an excellent Liberal Arts College, but it's not a UNIVERSITY which confers multiple advanced degrees! i.e. (Masters, JD, Ph.D)

  • Ant c/o 96

    Somebody went to sleep at their keyboard. Where is my beloved FAMU?

    • Remanuel

      This is not a real list without FAMU high up on it!

      • T

        you got that right! where is FAMU on this list?

      • Nye

        Yea FAMU Rattler here…FAMU has been proven to be thee top HBCU…if it's not No. 1 on any list it def is Top 2…and it's no where here…where is NC A&T, Howard? This list has NO basis…on to the next!

    • rattlerqt05

      They sure did go to sleep! FAMU has one of thee best Pharm. D programs in the country, the School of Business and Industry is top notch, The School of Engineering is awesome!! FAMU is the largest HBCU in the country and we never get any recognition..well once in 2001 as Princeton Reviews best school of the year. Sheesh!

    • Rattler1

      thinking the exact same thing… No FAMU?!?… who compiled this list?

      • Denise.

        With FAMUs accrediation issues. No they will not be on the list when you sell degrees.

      • bW2011

        This is for only smart HBCUs lol

    • D. Johnson

      I seriously take offense to the person that just stated that FAMU sells degrees. I worked my tail off for my degree at FAMU. Before you make blanket statements, get your facts straight.

      • MsFAMU

        I agree re: the person that takes offense to FAMU "selling degrees". What the hell ever! I worked my behind off for mine and so did all of my classmates. Please dont' be mis-informed. And even with accrediation "issues" (which HAVE BEEN RESOLVED), FAMU graduates the most African American Baccalaureate degrees in USA….

      • Cam

        FAMU is probably not on the list because of there uncertain accreditation status, especially on the business 5-year program