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At only 23, personal trainer and health and wellness coach Brittne Babe is a force in the fitness world. She has more than one million followers on Instagram, partnerships with STRONG by Zumba, and a program called BrittCamp that offers training programs, healthy food tutorials and fitness challenges. In the process of building up her body, Brittne has built quite the wellness business over the last few years. And according to the New Jersey native, it all started when she woke up one Sunday morning, out of shape, unhealthy and tired of it, and made the decision to take better care of herself. The rest is history.

We talked to Brittne after an intense STRONG by Zumba class she hosted at 24 Hour Fitness’s luxe facility in SoHo, Manhattan. During our conversation she spoke on her own fitness journey, her favorite moves, the importance of balance so she doesn’t have to work out excessively and the key to long-term success when it comes to changing your body and lifestyle. Check out what she had to say.

MadameNoire: I read that after reaching out for help after gaining weight early in college, things didn’t go as you planned so you started doing the research and work on your own to get healthy. Where did that motivation come from? Because I think that’s what many of us are lacking when we say we want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Brittne Babe: People always ask me, “How do you find your motivation?” “What gets you up every day?” “How do you make time to work out and exercise?” Well, honestly, I literally woke up one day and I felt different. That’s literally how I can explain it. I woke up one day saying, “You know what? I gotta change.” And the reason why was because I wasn’t happy with my lifestyle. I was drinking — Thirsty Thursdays, Turn-Up Tuesdays, Flexin’ Fridays. Yeah, college! I was doing hooka. I was failing. I failed out of my first college. I’m actually a senior now. I’ve been in school for a while with managing the business and trying to start again after failing, stuff like that. So basically, you have to wake up one day and say, “You know what? I gotta change my lifestyle.” And that’s what happened to me. One morning it was like a Sunday morning and I said, “Let me write down my plans. Let me focus on me. Let me get right.”

How many days a week would you say that you work out now?

To be honest, I don’t work out that much. I work out probably three days a week. And I work out at home. I’ve had my times where I might work out every day, maybe I wouldn’t work out at all, or I’d work out sometimes. But my whole goal is to just live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I don’t have a super strict diet. I don’t have a super strict regimen. I just pretty much go about life the way that I want to and try to make healthier choices daily.

Is there a part of your body you’re currently working to build up?

As women we’re always going to be a little bit harder on ourselves, which we shouldn’t. We should just focus on being happy. But I would love to just continue to build and tone every day. About four years ago I was super skinny. I wasn’t really within a healthy weight range, so I’ve been focused on gaining, building, toning and balance.

What are your favorite moves for toning and building? 

My favorite moves overall are bodyweight moves. I can’t really give you a single move. I just love doing bodyweight moves that don’t require much equipment, or really, any equipment at all, and working out at home.

How did you get involved in Zumba like this, in particular, the new modality of STRONG by Zumba?

Well, actually, I, along with a few other trainers on social media were invited to go to Miami to work with the creators of STRONG by Zumba and the music producers, like Timbaland. So we were able to put together movements and routines and things like that. And we were able to offer advice for the program. So with my background in dance and music bodyweight workouts, who better to help advise STRONG by Zumba?

What is your advice for other people trying to have the good relationship with food that you’ve managed to foster? I’ve seen that you don’t shy away from indulging in the treats you really like, but we all know diet is probably the biggest part of healthy living.

My advice would be to just build a healthy diet. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t have a super strict diet or super strict workout routine, because when you’re super hard on yourself, it’s not realistic for the long-term. You want to set realistic and small goals day by day.


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