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Terms of endearment. Baby talk. Nicknames. These are all such sweet things to have in a relationship. But a relationship cannot survive on sweetness alone. Have you ever overheard a couple arguing—really being completely blunt with one another—and thought, “they must not have a good relationship.” Not necessarily so. If you’re both comfortable with and aware of your little quirks and flaws, then there are times when it is beneficial to the relationship to point them out to one another! Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t want to ask for what they want. They think that there shouldn’t be head bumping in a relationship—that there should never be terse words or name calling. That a relationship with those dynamics is flawed. And so, to avoid further tension, when their man is acting in a way they don’t like, they silently swallow their thoughts, sulk away and just feel sad that they aren’t on the same  wavelength as their man at all times.

They don’t want to be the couple arguing the elevator. But you know what? That couple is healthier than the one that walks on eggshells for one another. And the truth is, most men like to be called out on their BS. They usually know they are about to be anyways… Here are some common instances in which women and men bump heads, and that’s 100% alright.

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