5 Silk Bonnets Bae Won’t Mind



It’s winter time, which means you not only need to be adamant about lining your wool hats with a layer of silk to protect your hair in the daytime, but you can’t go skimping on the silk bonnet at night either. Now it also happens to be cuffing season as well which means the goals of cuddling up with your boo and maintaining bantus may be at war with each other. Never fear, because we’ve found a few retailers whose silk scarf designs won’t totally run your man off. That way you can have your late not rendezvous and still look good the morning after too. Check out these options.


My Crowning Jewel

My Crowning Jewel created scarves to take the shame out of protecting your hair while you sleep. With their offerings, you’ll have bae questioning whether you’re going to bed or just taking a nap before hitting the town.

Sally Beauty Supply


Evolve has turned the beauty supply silk wrap scarf into a thing of art for under $10. This brand not only boasts scarves in cute modern patterns that are long enough to hold big curls and coils, it also has snug fit headbands perfect for those of us who just need to keep the sides of our updo or pixie cut smooth while we sleep.




There’s a reason this retailer uses the tagline, “Not Your Mother’s Silk Bonnet.” Between the patterns on Sharmooz’s boutique scarf collection and the silicon grip which provides sliding, you may never take off these SNOODs which can easily go from daytime to night wear. We’re sure your boo won’t know the difference either.




You can get away with a lot just by supporting a man’s favorite team. Let Ebonnet show you how with their bouffant bonnets which will score you major points.



$15 might be more than you’re used to spending on a silk bonnet but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. AuntiGodmothers offers two-tone customizable silk bonnets that come in reversible colors of your choice as well as an array of printed patterns from polka dots to camouflage for a more updated look.

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