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For the life of me, I can’t understand the urge to share every detail of one’s life, good, bad or ugly on social media. And perhaps it would be best to ignore the attention seekers. But their behaviors generally make for some good discussion and serve as a reminder that we too should be careful what we let the digital world know about our lives.

The most recent example of this is a man who believes he caught his wife carrying on an extramarital affair. He claims that she’s cheated once before and he decided to take her back and work on their marriage. When he did so, he found that she had been using the social media app, Glide, to correspond with men. (In the video he says that she deleted it but he re-downloaded it to see what she was doing.)

Instead of keeping the matter between the two of them, he recorded a video addressed to the presumed side dude.

The video is disturbing, to say the least. The “jilted” husband grabs his wife by the hair as he screams at her, telling her, among other things, that she’s going to hell because she’s a slut.

His wife is crying and trying to explain herself.

He’s hearing none of it.

Instead, he keeps cutting her off telling her that she’s caught and he’s done with her. But of course, he’s not done with her in that instant, he wants to publicly humiliate her first to teach her a lesson.

Honestly, the way he was behaving in the video, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did more than grab her hair. Someone mentioned that those tears and her body language seem to be more fear based than any shame or regret she might feel about being caught.

Still, there are plenty of people on the internet applauding the man for “taking his marriage vows seriously.” They feel that in his right to be angry, he also has the right to treat her however he sees fit.


If she was indeed cheating or sending inappropriate messages to men through the Glide app, she’s certainly wrong. But I don’t know what part of the marriage vows cause you to expose your spouse’s missteps not only in your personal social circle but for the entire world to see. I understand very few of us behave like our best selves when we’re hurt or feel like we’ve been betrayed. But there is something particularly callous and cruel about this video.

If she did cheat, both of their actions are vile.

If you don’t like what your wife has done, ask her to leave the house, divorce her. But don’t throw your problems out into the world for shine and sympathy. It’s pathetic.

Personally, I’m not here for any forms of public humiliation. I don’t particularly care for it when parents do it to their children. So I certainly can’t support a grown man doing the same to a grown woman he claims to love.

The video has since been removed from YouTube, but you can watch a clip of it, from Baller Alert, below.

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