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It was another pretty explosive #RHOA reunion on Sunday. Kandi was brought to tears while speaking about her wounded relationship with Phaedra, Cynthia and Phaedra threw their best shade about winning cases, plus size modeling and pipe dreams, and NeNe called Kenya everything but a child of God after being accused of flirting with Peter. Let’s chat about all the shenanigans we witnessed on the RHOA Reunion Part II!

Will NeNe Ever Donate To Detroit Public Schools? Probably Not.

One of the first questions of the night came from a viewer wondering why NeNe never stepped up to cut a check to the Detroit Public School Foundation. If you’ll recall, last reunion, NeNe said that she would cut a check to Detroit Public Schools, and Kenya would have to match it. We know that Kenya gave her check, and her donation was acknowledged, but when will NeNe?

“When I get ready…”

According to NeNe, she isn’t open to giving a donation because she feels “Kenya is trying to make a mockery of it” by posting her check to social media. After joking about being a “poor” rich b***h, Kenya scolded NeNe for going back on her word saying, “This isn’t about me and you, it’s about the kids in Detroit who need an education.”

What’s Up With Cynthia 2.0?

After years of being looked at as NeNe’s minion, Cynthia felt she had no choice but to stand firm and shut down any sh*t people were trying to feed her during this season. As she put it, “It’s important to be a b***h when you need to.” And according to NeNe (which was surprising), Cynthia had always been messy and outspoken, so, despite previous comments from this season, NeNe said that Cynthia hadn’t really changed.

But someone who felt Cynthia changed for the worst was Phaedra. And after the Mr. Chocolate drama was brought up, those two went at it with some lethal jabs. Phaedra said that she had jobs while Cynthia and Peter were struggling. Cynthia said that she’s doing just fine, and considering that no one knows a single lawsuit Phaedra has won, she needs to focus on trying to “win a case.” Phaedra said Cynthia was selling modeling pipe dreams to young girls and using Apollo’s struggles for a storyline. But Cynthia reminded her, “Apollo is your storyline, not mine, and now he’s gone.”

Damn! Talk about folks digging deep…

Who Is Really Responsible For The Breakdown Of Kandi And Phaedra’s Friendship?

Miscommunication. That seems to be the root of all the drama between Kandi and Phaedra. Despite Phaedra feeling like Kandi had not been there for her, and breaking down during the season while speaking of Kandi’s lack of support, it was Kandi breaking down during the reunion. Even though she told Kandi that things were okay between them, Phaedra acted as though Kandi had betrayed her in some way when talking to others. But considering that Kandi consistently defended Phaedra, shut down the lies Apollo tried to tell her about her friend, and didn’t get very much support from Phaedra when she was dealing with her own personal problems, Kandi felt Phaedra perpetrated most of the season.  She said she never got that “Ooooh Kandi was never there for me” vibe from Phaedra during their private conversations.

“If you was really feeling like that, you could have easily let me know.”

And if you ask Kandi, she honestly felt that their relationship became a very lopsided one.

Phaedra Finally Says, “It Was Miscommunication On My Part. I’m Sorry.”

As for Phaedra, she felt there was a lot of tension between her and Kandi. There were times where she reached out to Kandi and claimed she never received a response (But Phae Phae was allegedly sending messages to the wrong number), and where Kandi would have events that she wouldn’t invite Phaedra to. So with that in mind, she said, “I didn’t have time to run after anybody.” Considering that texting someone back “don’t take nothing but two seconds,” she felt Kandi wasn’t making an effort. But at the end of the day, Phaedra wants nothing but to maintain her friendship with Kandi. “I mean, I love her.”

How Could Phaedra Forgive NeNe So Easily? And Is Porsha Two-Faced?

While she tries to get her friendship back on track with Kandi, viewers wanted to know how Phaedra could befriend NeNe so quickly. If you’ll recall, NeNe acted as though she didn’t know Phaedra from Adam for years, despite both women growing up in Athens, and she called Phaedra a liar and head doctor. But once NeNe apologized, Phaedra was okay with letting bygones be bygones. Plus, NeNe could relate to Phaedra when others couldn’t.

“We have bonded based on where we are seated in life. She supported me because she understands the turmoil I’m in.”

Another interesting question brought up was about why Porsha seemed so hell-bent on talking bad about Kandi to Phaedra. This was especially confusing considering that Kandi was the one who gave Porsha a job in A Mother’s Love when Porsha was unemployed and labeled as a doofus. Porsha made it clear that her work in Kandi’s play had nothing do with anything. She said she auditioned and received her role in the play based on hard work alone. As for why she talked crazy about Kandi, “All I was doing was standing by Phaedra simply because she was going through something I was just going through.”

Why Can’t NeNe Keep Friends On RHOA?

When Andy Cohen tried to ask NeNe why her friendships with different women on the show always fall apart, NeNe made it clear that the only friend she lost at one time was Cynthia. She was closer to Cynthia than she ever was to Sheree Whitfield or Kim Zolciak. And despite starting over with Zolciak recently, NeNe said she would just run in the opposite direction if she encountered Whitfield again…

What Does Peter Think About People Calling Him Lupeter?

“I don’t give a f**k.” That’s Peter’s stance when it comes to all the shade he gets from people for constantly being involved in the issues of others. “I’m always going to say what I want to say when I want to say it.” But you won’t catch Gregg jumping in the cast’s drama on his lady’s behalf. As he put it, “I’m a man’s man. I work on swag. I don’t work on women’s business.” But if NeNe ever needs him to, he has no problem checking a mofo for her.

On All The African Princes

After Kenya dated an African man, she said it was the new hot thing all of the rest of the ladies on the show wanted to do. But who was really messing with an African man? Not Porsha.

“That was a lie brought to the group by those girls.”

And not Phaedra.

“I never did anything to compromise my marriage.”

But if she didn’t cheat on her husband, why was Phaedra so ready to bust Kenya upside the head with her purse during that confrontational dinner where Mr. Chocolate was brought to the table? According to Phae Phae, it’s because she was in her most vulnerable state after dealing with Apollo harassing her at their home and finally going away.

“I was at a breaking point. Everybody has a breaking point.”

“Everybody Fliiiiiiirts…Sometimes”

After Phaedra said Apollo lied on her about Mr. Chocolate, Kenya wasn’t feeling sympathetic. After all the lying Apollo allegedly did on her, which Phaedra believed, she felt Phaedra had no right to play a victim now. “Stop being a fraud.”

But Phaedra reminded Kenya that if she hadn’t behaved inappropriately with Apollo from day one, she would never have had a reason to believe that Kenya would try and sleep with him. Kenya said she apologized for her ill-received antics already, but said that plenty of women on the show flirted. In fact, according to her, NeNe flirted with Peter in the past. That set NeNe all the way off! As a married woman, she wasn’t going to be accused of behaving inappropriately with anybody else’s man.

“I don’t care what anyone says. I never flirted with Peter. Let’s be very clear. You’re not going to disrespect me and my husband. It ain’t innocent b***h! This ain’t Phaedra, b***h! You ain’t gon’ disrespect my marriage!”

Kenya messed around and brought NayNay out…

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