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Dating a younger man is a complex experience of trying to keep up with his generation, and trying to school him on your own. It can energize you at times, and exhaust you at others; it can boost your ego a bit, and make you insecure. Here are the pros and cons of dating a younger man.





Pro: Your friends are jealous

Your friends are so jealous that you’re dating a young hottie they’ll constantly immerse themselves in your love life, leading to plenty of juicy sex stories.



Con: His friends are freaked out

His friends, however, are a little freaked out about having a much older woman around. They’re not sure if they have to call you m’am and stuff.



Pro: It encourages you to keep in shape

You’re competing with young things with fast metabolisms now, so you’ll be encouraged to live a more active lifestyle and eat healthier.








Con: It pressures you to be in shape

Then again, your body isn’t capable at, say, 40 of what it was at, say, 20. You might get exhausted trying to be as active as your young lover, and you might get plain old hungry pretending you love kale.




Pro: He’ll want to have a lot of sex

You’ll probably never be left high and dry when you’re in the mood to get it on. Young men have plenty of energy.







Con: He doesn’t totally know what he’s doing

That being said, he doesn’t have the experience an older man does in pleasing a woman. It’s a quantity vs. quality issue.






Pro: You’ll take on his childlike wonderment

You probably stress out and worry too much. A younger man will still have that, “Everything will work out” mentality and those ideas about following your heart. You could use a little bit of that.





Con: You could become irresponsible

You do have responsibilities at this point in your life though, so taking on the “Everything will work out” mentality could be dangerous. For things to work out, you usually have to, you know, work.

Pro: He’ll help you love the simple things

He probably can’t afford nice vacations or fancy restaurants, so he’ll help you love the simple things again like staycations in your own house and hole in the wall restaurants.






Con: But you do like nice things

You’ve acquired a certain taste for the finer things at this point. Tablecloths that you can draw on and boxed wine is only charming within reason.






Pro: You can sort of mother him

Younger men date older women for a reason; they’re looking for someone to guide them and teach them. You finally have a guy who wants you to try to change him.





Con: He already has a mother

Don’t forget of course that he already has a mother and she’ll probably feel a bit threatened by another woman being around, especially one who is close to her age.










Pro: He won’t pressure you to get married

If he’s young, he’s probably just looking to have fun right now. He won’t pressure you to build a life together soon like a man closer to your age might.




Con: He won’t want to get married soon

On the other hand, if you’re in a rush to get married, a young man won’t be the guy for you.







Pro: You’re a novelty to him

It’s exciting to a younger man to date an older woman; he sees you as wise and experienced. He’ll probably respect you more than he does women his own age.





Con: You’re a novelty to him

Unfortunately, you might be just a novelty to him—perhaps all he sees is that you’re an older woman and he doesn’t see you for your unique personality.

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