She’s Only 16! NFL Player Comments On Malia Obama’s Body On Instagram

December 3, 2014  |  

A lot of people, women and men alike, have dismissed the whole movement to end street harassment, claiming that it’s not that big of a deal. It should be ignored. The comments strange men direct toward us women, about our bodies, on the street, are compliments.

But the problem is these comments in the manner and prevalence with which they’re directed to all women and apparently young girls, represents a sick type of entitlement. Men feel entitled to our bodies, to the point where they feel comfortable to say these things to a complete stranger, someone’s daughter, sister, friend.

You need look no further than football player Darnell Dockett’s Instagram page to see this entitlement. Against better judgment, Dockett posted a picture of the President Obama’s eldest daughter Malia Obama walking out of the Portrait Gallery. In the blurry image, you can see Malia’s shape. The image was circulated all over the internet, specifically Twitter with men well over 18 commenting on her behind, as if she weren’t still a minor…and the president’s daughter.

And Dockett posted this image on his Instagram account. Actually, it was a repost. Which is much of the problem. The original poster wrote: “When her prom?” Darnell reposted it with an “Lmfaooo.” 

Some of you might not consider that to be a major offense, but in Internet speak, an “Lmfaooo” is basically a cosign. So, no Darnell doesn’t get a pass for this one.

As you might assume, with Dockett being a public figure and all, his followers let him know this was wrong…and stupid.

He deleted the photo but not before someone had a chance to grab a screenshot.

Poor Malia. She has Secret Service Agents with her when she leaves the house and even she is not immune. And after the ridiculous and disgusting Elizabeth Lauten comments, I think we can all agree that she’s had enough, right?

What do you think should happen to Dockett? Should he be reprimanded by the NFL for this? Should he be suspended? After all, with sexualizing and sex trafficking underaged girls so common in this country, it’s not an attitude that should be taken lightly. Or should we ignore it since he deleted the comment, seemingly grasping the error of his ways?

As I mentioned before, Dockett wasn’t the only one. Should his status as a professional athlete/celebrity result in him being used as an example to discourage this type of behavior? How do we let men know that directing their sexual urges toward underaged girls is never appropriate? And more importantly, why don’t they know this already?

What do you think? Either way, Darnell needs to watch his mouth—or social media presence–before he ends up missing. Barack and Michelle don’t play that.

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